An Exciting and Pleasing Second Honeymoon

By Kirsten Suttin

Although there are numerous beaches from Hawaii to the Bahamas that would be perfect for a relaxing second honeymoon, perhaps the best option would be a challenging adventure that unites the pair together. Switzerland provides plenty of adventure, paired with scrumptious food, shopping, and international delights. This picturesque country showers travelers with home-style hospitality and awes them with looming mountains surrounded by ice, meadows, and crystal clear lakes.

Never a dull moment, Switzerland offers bustling cities such as Zurich that offer the shopping and clubs of Paris, but also has the formal international relations of the city of Geneva. So you can spend the day exploring and spending money and party together at night.

Besides the fun of the city, it can also teach you a history lesson. Switzerland is home to numerous art museums, including the Musée de l'Art Brut, as well as looming cathedrals like the impressive Rathaus. There is plenty of culture to explore in this country. Discover your spouse's art tastes and expand your minds together.

For music enthusiasts, Lucerne hosts the famous International Music Festival each year. This is a great way for a couple to experience a new culture together and enjoy the music and dance the night away.

Hiking the Swiss Alps is probably the best reason to travel to Switzerland for your second honeymoon. There are numerous guided hikes that take you up the mountains next to the famous Matterhorn. Hiking is a perfect adventure that any couple can tackle and overcome together. Plus you can relax in the inns along the way, a perfect bed-and-breakfast for a relaxing night. With homemade meals for dinner and breakfast, you will have plenty of energy to hike.

What better way to bond than overcoming a mountain together? Hike the Swiss Alps and explore Switzerland for your second honeymoon adventure.

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