An Easy Understanding Of IP Security Cameras

By Steve Strong

Computer security cameras are the latest way of providing security to your home or business. Computer security cameras are very cost effective. For people, who have limited budget and do not want to spend much on security camera, computer security camera is a good option. Mostly, computer security cameras are used for home security.

Technically, computer security cameras send the images to a DVR hard drive with a recorder. The output produced by computer security cameras differs depending on the camera. Occupying hard disk space is one of the major issues in computer security camera. A computer security camera fills up the hard disk space very fast because it generates lot of files. However there are ways to lessen this problem. Computer security camera provides easy navigation in comparison to traditional video tape system.

If you are looking for reasonable computer security camera, then you should go for webcam. Web cam is inexpensive and easy to use. Web cam is used for general monitoring of a place. But the drawback is that it requires proper lighting condition. In low light conditions, webcam can become ineffective and provide low quality image. But for money conscious people web cam is a good option. Obviously, with a security camera, which is as cheap as less than $100, you cannot expect great performance.

Web cam is very easy to install. Anyone who has general knowledge of computers can install a webcam. Web cam installation requires connection of the device with USB port, configuration, and installation of the software. It takes few minutes to install a web cam. The advantage of web cam is if you are not at home, it enables you to scan the images later on. Web cam also has an email alert service feature which can be activated to incorporate images. And if required you can forward these images to the police.

The other types of computer security camera are IP security camera systems. IP security cameras provide better quality image and range than a web cam. IP security cameras are also very easy to install. The price differs depending on the level of coverage and quality of image.
But you can get IP cameras in less than 100 dollars also. IP cameras can be accessed from a remote location through internet. These cameras can be connected to the network and you can access them from a web browser. Additional IP cameras can be added to the computer provided your computer has enough storage space.

There are many other computer security cameras available with advanced features. These advanced cameras have many features like counting the number of people who have walked in your premises, or faster devices to take the snapshots after the motion detector finds some movement. These cameras are capable of performing many things other than monitoring. But these cameras are expensive than web cam and IP Network security cameras

Steve Strong's is an employee with Sun Security which is an innovative and growth oriented company who uses a fresh and new approach to meet the security needs of millions of consumers throughout North America. Sun Security supplies IP Network Security Cameras Visit us at:

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Repair Pro 2007 - New Revolutionary Online Repair Tool

By Evelyn Sims

XP Repair Pro 2007 is a revolutionary new product that is designed specifically to target areas of Windows that cause most software related system problems. XP Repair Pro 2007 is a one of a kind system utility and no other repair tool operates as efficiently and thoroughly.

There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that continually locks up or crashes right in the middle of something you are trying to do. Most software based crashes are caused by a single program asking the computer to do something. XP Repair Pro 2007 crash monitoring service can typically prevent these commands from being run, keeping the system stable.

No matter if you're a novice or a computer professional. XP Repair Pro 2007 is user friendly software designed to help your PC run its maximum capacity. XP Repair Pro 2007 also allows users to diagnose and repair system problems and increase system performance with no upgrades needed. If XP Repair Pro 2007 is purchased, it is for certain to work. The investment is a good one. The support team is worth the purchase of the product. I can attest to this because I have dealt with a slow running computer and loss of valuable information.

The software works and is worth the investment. However, it is extremely important to be sure that you back up important documents before installation on a separated hard dirve. This backup should be located on a separate hard drive, CD, DVD etc. that will not be affected by the repair installation.

Great repair tool. or

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Top 10 Ways To Get More People To Your Next Gig

By David Hooper

For an up-and-coming band every gig is a vital step toward your success. Your shows are where you get the chance to prove yourself. They are your opportunity to do what you do best. A good gig can also have a ripple effect, securing you a loyal fan base and ensuring good crowds at future shows. So when you land a gig, the key is to make it count. Hours of practice and rehearsal won't matter unless you have a decent crowd that can go back and tell their friends how great you are.

Your mission is not only to kick ass on stage-but to convince other people to come and see you.

Sure, it would be nice to be able to just focus on your music and let someone else handle the promotions, but few unsigned bands have those kinds of resources. It's up to you to get people in the door.

With that in mind, I've put together a list of ways you can make sure you have a full house at your next gig.

1. Start early.

Don't wait until a week before your gig to start advertising. As soon as you have a booking, sit down with the band and come up with a strategy for marketing the show to the public. Remember, you're competing with about a million other things someone can choose to do on a Saturday night-movies, other bands' shows, parties, sporting events. You want to get yourself on the calendar as soon as humanly possible, and give yourself plenty of time to remind people a few times before the show date.

2. Posters, flyers, and cards.

You have to have them. There's no excuse these days not to have cards, flyers, and posters. With the online digital printing websites you can upload your own art, or use their existing art to create marketing materials that are professional and eye-catching. Remember, you're competing with professional bands which have marketing departments and public relations people, so put some thought into it.

One way you can get some great art done for little money is checking out high school and junior college art departments. Some of these young artists would love the chance to do your design work and earn a little cash-and they'll charge you a mere fraction of the amount that a professional graphic designer would.

However, even if you can only go the old-fashioned route of hand-drawing a flyer and photocopying it on eye-catching colored paper, do it.

Make sure everyone in the band has stacks and that they're giving them out, hanging them up, and making them available. Leave them at the record store hang them on community bulletin boards at schools, coffee shops, bookstores and libraries.

3. Get your family and friends involved.

These people can be your best allies as you start your career. People that love you are your cheerleaders. They are going to promote the hell out of your band even if they aren't particularly interested in your style of music. Maybe grandma won't come to a show, but she knows a lot of people and can help spread the word. She's just the type of person who would relentlessly hand out your flyers to everyone and anyone, just because she loves you. Take a stack of flyers to each of your friends and family, tell them how important it is for you to get people to your show, and ask them to spread the word. Unless they still haven't forgiven you for breaking their favorite crystal vase when you were eight-years-old, chances are they'll be happy to be part of your success.

4. Use Myspace, Facebook, and other online social networking tools.

Technology is one of the most powerful tools you have. If you are one of the last five people on earth without a MySpace or Facebook account, get one NOW. Make sure you regularly update the pages with news and show dates, upload MP3's or videos of your songs, and respond when people leave you a message. Look for bands on MySpace with a similar style to yours and go through their "friends" lists-and invite those people to be your friends. You can generate so much interest in your band with regular "farming" of these sites, even people who live in other cities and states can become fans and your impact can quickly go from being local to you having a national presence.

5. Create a press release.

This sounds more complicated than it is. Not just big names can create and circulate a press release. Basically, it is a formal description of something current-like a show or a new CD release-that you can give to different media outlets. Sending a press release doesn't ensure that you will get publicity, but it will definitely get you noticed and the media folks in your town are going to pay attention to your professionalism. Send your press release to entertainment papers; corporate, public, and college radio stations; bloggers and online communities that feature local events.

Check out this site for a description of how to write a professional press release:

6. Tell everyone you know-and don't know.

This is not the time to be shy. If you can get up in front of a crowd and pour your blood, sweat, and tears into your performance, you can strike up a conversation when you're out getting coffee and tell people about your show. Think of yourself as a really cool Jehovah's Witness. Have flyers in your pocket and be ready to hand them out any time any place. A personal connection with someone, even for a couple minutes, is more compelling than a thousand flyers stuck to the side
of a building.

7. Go to other shows and network.

Get out there and see other shows. Hang out before and after and talk to people about your music. The people you meet at a show are people you know are interested in seeing live performances. Again, making a single personal connection is one of the most effective ways you can generate interest in your music. You can be cool and still be friendly. This is not the time to be stand-offish. In the beginning you can't just rely on your music to attract people, because in the beginning, no one has heard your music. They're going to come to see you.

8. Offer to play a couple songs unplugged at an event to warm up the crowd.

In every city there are about a thousand things going on any given weekend. There are plenty of opportunities to warm up the crowd at a charity, a school play, an art show, or any other number of events. You don't need to drag all the equipment out. Go and play a couple songs acoustic.
Give away a couple CDs in a raffle at the event. Ask if you can leave some flyers on the registration table so that when people come in they can grab one with their name tag or program. There are endless possibilities for getting yourself in front of people and giving them a little taste of your music-plus, you might just get to support a worthwhile organization or event.

9. Advertise a giveaway at the show.

People love free stuff. It's just a fact of life. It doesn't even have to be good free stuff, but if you advertise that you are giving something away, there is a much higher likelihood that more people will show up. Give away a couple discs, a couple t-shirts. If you have the cash, give away an iPod Shuffle ($49) or some gift certificates. It is a small investment that will pay off in spades. Make sure you let everyone know-on flyers, on MySpace, and by word of mouth-what you're giving away and when.

10. Open for an established band a couple weeks before the gig.

Be a part of your indie community. Make friends and allies with other bands. If you can open for another band a couple weeks before your gig, you are going to give people a chance to see you in action. You'll have a ready-made audience you can pitch your upcoming show to. Hang out after your performance and work the room while you enjoy the main show and support your friends.
There are so many creative ways to promote your show, and these are just a few suggestions to get you going. Remember, if you don't promote yourself, no one else is going to. Be fearless and let the world know who you are and where your next show is going to be!

David Hooper is a music business expert based out of Nashville, TN. He is host of the syndicated radio show, Music Business Radio. For more on David, visit him at

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Relaxation Techniques - A Simple Trick For Stress Reduction!

By Carol Pounds

Are you sick and tired of being stressed out?

If you are stressed, you literally are sick and tired. You are in a constant state of hyper alertness.

You feel like your mind can't quit thinking! You're tense, erratic, and feel like you have a hundred things to do all at once, and if you quit thinking about them for one second, you'll forget something.

Or you have a big project due at work, and it's got you on edge.

Whatever it is, long term stress can make you physically ill. Often headaches, stomach pain, back pain or other more serious illnesses are caused by stress.

Although it's impossible to eliminate all stress from your life, you can change your reaction to stress.

It's time for a change, don't you agree?

I finally found a trick that will help you overcome one of the situations that stress causes.
Proper breathing!

Some of the greatest minds in hypnosis agree that one of the easiest and most effective stress reduction relaxation techniques is based on the simple notion of proper breathing.

Most of us are shallow breathers and when we're under stress; our breathing becomes even more erratic and shallow. When you slow down and control your breathing, you immediately reduce your hyper alertness. And in turn you reduce your feeling of stress.

Use this trick to dramatically reduce your stress level:
  • Sit or lie down and close your eyes
  • Place your right hand on your stomach and your left hand on your chest
  • Imagine a blue balloon in your stomach
Breathe slowly ten times using the following technique:
  • Breathe in through your nostrils and imagine the balloon filling up in your stomach
  • Exhale and allow all the air to flow out of your body
  • Repeat silently to yourself "relax, relax, relax" and say the number ten
Repeat this relaxation technique again by breathing in, filling the balloon, and slowly exhaling, repeating "relax, relax, relax" again and say "9". Repeat the exercise again saying the number 8 and so forth until you get to number 1.

This exercise should take approximately 3 - 4 minutes.

This simple program of slowing down, breathing deeply and slowly, and repeating relax; will bring you peace and calm. When you combine this breathing exercise on a daily basis along with self hypnosis techniques for relaxation, you are on your way to reducing much of the stress in your life.

For more information on stress reduction and relaxation hypnosis, visit my website.
Carol A Pounds

I have twenty years experience in teaching and education, twelve years working the in health care profession, and am a certified hypnotist. My goal is to help people keep their minds and bodies in optimum condition as well as give them the ability to achieve any goal they truly desire through the power of their subconscious mind. More original content on achieving your goals posted on my website.

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Which Is Worse For You, Cigarettes Or Cigars?

By Darren Williger

If you have ever smoked and even if you have not, we are all bombarded with warnings, commercials, and other media advertising telling us how bad cigarette and cigar smoking is for us and others. They can both cause cancers and other lung problems. Also, we have all heard too that secondhand smoke is bad for others as well. Is either one of these worse than the other though? Are cigars somehow better for you because you do not inhale them, unlike cigars? As it turns out neither is good for you and both can cause the same problems.

As with anything, how much you smoke either cigarettes or cigars will determine the increased health risk. There was research done at the national Cancer Institute that has shown that the health risks that cigarettes and cigars created is linked to how often you smoke either of these or both. If you smoke on a daily basis then you are going to run a higher risk of developing cancer or other diseases than the person who only smokes occasionally. However, there is evidence that cigars actually much more carcinogens then cigarettes. Also, cigar smoke has been shown to be much more toxic than any secondhand cigarette smoke. Much of the reason for this is that cigars are larger than cigarettes and then produce more smoke.

There have also been many other debates concentrated on the issues of inhaling nicotine while smoking cigarettes or not inhaling cigars. Very dedicated cigar smokers will argue that cigars are not as dangerous as cigarettes because they are not inhaling the smoke and so then they are not getting as much of the toxins. However, The National Cancer Institute's research actually shows that both cigars and cigarettes have carcinogens and anyone smoking is then exposed to them.
This is whether they inhale or not. Even if you are not inhaling you are still exposing your mouth, gums, tongue, and teeth to the same toxins. The carcinogens are part of the cigarettes and cigars and so when you hold them, these toxins are escaping. Then when saliva touches either one of these there is transfer and the toxins are still swallowed. Once swallowed your throat, larynx, and esophagus are now exposed to the carcinogens, toxins, and irritants. Whether holding, lighting, or smoking a cigar or cigarette both appear to give off approximately the same amount.

Furthermore, all research to date shows the health risks that are associated with cigars and cigarettes could be reduced by less smoking and less inhalation when you do smoke. Since, most cigarette smokers typically inhale deeply while smoking and smoke on a more regular basis they usually show up with a higher risk of developing health problems. One study by The National Cancer Institute showed that smoking one pack a day of cigarettes was equivalent to smoking five cigars a day.

Either way really we all know smoking anything can be bad for you. It is not good for your health regardless of how often or when you smoke. Deciding to quite all together would probably be a better idea.

Darren Williger is an over-caffeinated, low carbohydrate eating, winemaking sales maker who writes for,, and

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Ways To Design An Original Wedding Invitation

By Jerry Leung

Most couples know that the wedding invitation will set the tone of their wedding. As a matter of fact, a badly designed invitation will make the guests have a bad impression to the wedding. As a result, it is very important to have a really high quality wedding invitation.

However, what does the notion of high quality here refer to? Does it mean that the paper chosen should be very expensive? Or is it necessary to put very fancy ornaments onto the invitation? In most cases, if a wedding invitation reflects the wedding theme, as well as the personalities of the bride and groom, then it is an invitation card of really high quality.

This may explain why couples want to personalize the invitation. They want to make it as unique as possible. Yet some couples will find that it is not easy to make it really special and unique. Of course there is no a single formula which can make your invitation totally unique. However, you may follow some easy steps so that you can make it more special.

As discussed, your invitations should reflect your personality. If you are a person who does not really like something formal, you should not make a formal invitation card. And it is highly probably that you will host a less formal wedding as well. Of course the card may also reflect your hobbies. For instance, if both of you and your spouse love pets very much, you may take a photo with your dog and home and put it on the wedding invitation. Your guests will certainly know it is you when they receive the card.

If you are going to hire a designer to do the design, make sure you will work with the designer. You will give the designer some ideas on what you like and dislike. Of course you should also let the designer know your wedding theme otherwise he / she will not know how to design the card.
Remember not to instruct your designer. Design is a process of inspiration and exploration. The interaction between you and the designer will certainly lead to a unique and perfect design.

The wordings in the invitation are also very essential. There will be no invitation card without the wordings. When this issue is concerned, you basically have too choices. You can either use some traditional wordings or write your own. Yet in most cases I bet you will write your own since you would like to make your wedding invitation more special.

Jerry Leung has great interest in Chinese Wedding Customs. He runs a website on Funny Wedding Cakes. Be sure to check Unique Wedding Favor Ideas.

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Using A Spyware Removal Program

By Jason Hobbs

A spyware removal program is, naturally, a program designed to remove malicious spyware from a computer. Unfortunately we live with an online world where innocence and trust struggle to exist. There are many who would rather take what they can in any way they can. One way they do this is to spy on you from inside your own computer and steal whatever they can find. You may be surprised at just how easy it can be too.

Most of us with computers are connected to the Internet all the time or at least part of the time. This makes us potentially vulnerable to outside threats. Most of us know this so we install a firewall and email virus protection. For many of us that's enough. We don't have a spyware removal program. Occasionally the firewall tells us it has blocked a threat, and occasionally the virus protection picks up something nasty too. We feel safe.

Meanwhile, completely invisible to us, a spyware program has managed to intrude. It may be one of the less harmful ones, or it may be a very nasty one. Let's imagine it's a Trojan that can record every keystroke you make on the keyboard, and completely unaware of the situation you have decided to check your online bank balance...

You trust your online banking facility. You have a good username and password that no one is ever going to guess. You're right, but with a Trojan successfully implanted in your computer, they don't have to guess! When you type in your details the spyware program records it and passes the information to the owner of the program. Next time you check your bank balance you are in for a shock!

You need a spyware removal program in addition to a firewall and virus protection. In fact, you need several different spyware removal programs. Each one should be good at picking up different things. No one program is perfect, but several together can complement each other and pick up most of the spyware.

The best way to use a spyware removal program is to let it scan the system and report on what it finds. Expect it to find some spyware. It will probably be fairly harmless stuff, but get rid of it nevertheless. Then re-boot your system and scan again with the same program, deleting whatever it finds again. Do that until it reports the computer clean. Then start up a different spyware removal program and do the process all over again.

Yes, it takes a lot of time, but buying a new computer and setting it up the way you want it will take even more time and expense. That's what you'll end up doing if you let spyware run rampant, and it will if you don't do something about it.

None of the protection you have on your computer is perfect. The firewall will occasionally miss things. The virus protection will miss things too. It happens. You can help these programs by keeping all the definitions completely up to date at all times and scanning the system at regular intervals of no more than a week apart. It really is worth it.

If you would like more information on Spyware & A FREE Scan then visit the authors site here't Risk Being Infected Get A Free Scan Today.

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