Simple Audio Secrets - Choosing Winning Content For your Audio

By Virginia Culp

Internet audio comes in a variety of formats. And whether you have already started with internet audio you might be wondering "how can I use internet audio for profit?"

Here is a short list of some of the ways you can incorporate audio into your existing internet marketing mix.

• Viral E-books and Viral Videos – use audio and video to promote a product, service, or web site and promote it as a free giveaway or a bonus offer
• Web Site Introductions – bring the human element to your web site which adds more credibility
• Multi-media copy – use audio as the stimulant to guide your web site visitors through the copy on YOUR site or in your upsells, downsells, and/or one time offers
• Audio testimonials
• Music
• Audio E-books for sale
• Podcasts
• Webinars
• Recorded teleseminars
• And many others

It's not a question anymore of SHOULD you incorporate audio into your online marketing mix. Today it's HOW.

As for striking a winning chord with your content ... it still comes down to research (just like in any other venture.)

Has that light bulb gone off yet in your brain with what NICHE is all about? In audio it's exactly the same. Let me illustrate.

Let's say you decide you want to be a podcaster.

Your next battle is what to podcast about. THAT comes down to a combination of your expertise and WHERE the demand is. Find a hungry market and feed it! Find a problem, and solve it!
The unfortunate dilemma is that most internet marketers follow this principle backwards, and create their product and then seek its market.
Virginia Culp is the voice behind 3 Buck Audio

AUDIO BOOTCAMP: Make More Money by Mastering Audio

For free audio and PDF articles you can freely distribute, visit

Youtube video:

How To Turn Ebooks Into Money Makers & New Profit Centers

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How To Be Organized As A Work From Home Mom

By Cynthia Overfield

Women like me have many reasons for becoming work from home moms. There are loads of options for women to make a good living from the comfort of their homes while being able to spend time with their families. I can honestly say that becoming a work from home mom requires structure, but once you become organized, this career option is very easy. In this day in age with the computer technology that we have, you can start a home business and help your family out financially while still being around to raise your children. Because much of the workload is on the computer, moms can set their own schedules and manage their time to fit their own needs.

Even if you can only work a few hours a day on your home business, a comfortable income is possible. These few hours could bring in money, but the more hours you work the more money you could possibly earn. The key is to not work in large blocks of time everyday because you will be wasting the valuable time you spend with your family. Spending time with your family is the reason why as a mom, you want to work from home in the first place. Pace yourself. You do not want to wear yourself out as if you were still commuting back and forth to your outside the home job. You will not be doing yourself or your family any favors.

There are many things you can do to get and keep yourself organized running your home business.

1. Take full advantage of nap times. While your children are sleeping, you will have guilt free time for yourself. Spend time with your family in the evening then work on your business after everyone else has gone to bed.

2. Use your time wisely. Do not check your email every five minutes during the day. I used to do this and found that once I sat down to check my mail, I needed to do a few other miscellaneous items while I was online. I find that checking my email a couple of times throughout the day; answering anything that needed my immediate attention, and then saving the rest for when I could deal with all my mail at once was a better option.

3. Set up a voice mail system so you can retrieve your calls when you can sit undisturbed for a long stretch of time. It will be easier to manage each phone call and give it the attention that is required.

4. No one can tell you exactly how to manage your time because each individual is unique. I strongly suggest scheduling a coaching session with one of your up line or a professional coaching service. These people are time management specialists. Take advantage of their wealth of information. You will find that your life as a work from home mom will be ten times easier to manage.

Trying to simplify your family/home business is indeed one of the biggest challenges you may ever have to face. Many online websites are unique to home business moms. These sites can help you find other moms who want to, or are make money from home, and are willing to share their downfalls and success stories. You can learn from the women who have gone before you.
The fact of the matter is, running a home business is easy, but if you do not invest a small amount of time to get your home and work life organized, you may wind up putting more hours in at home, than you did at your regular job. That means less money per hour and less time spent with your family.

The bottom line: Get information from others in the know. Get organized. Use your time wisely and you will have the best chance for success with your home business.

Cynthia Overfield is a work from home mom. She lives in the wonderful state of Wyoming with her husband, daughter and her son who is Autistic. For information on home businesses and women specific coaching visit her website at: Work From Home on the Internet
The resource box must be included when reprinting.

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Your Guide to Importing From China

By Arthur Stoller

If you have an established source of sales that you are already selling into the market, and have a large volume, you might be thinking of trying to outsource your product.

China offers a vast array of products and to track something down that is suitable, you are going to need someone who knows the country well.He or she can advise you very quickly if you are likely to find a company where you could place your order and thereby increase your margins.

Here are some of the things that you will need to establish before working with an import agent:

1. Full product details with drawings / graphics

2. Packing & presentation details

3. Branding requirements

4. Certifications & Safety standards required

5. Date product is required

6. Quantities (min order quantities apply in most cases)
Considering the requirements, qualified suppliers will be selected by your agent and details sent to those who look the best prospect. From the resulting replies three are invited to quote.

A good agent will discuss quotes with the manufacturers, confirm their experience in UK / European markets and check their production capabilities.Your personal visit to China could be carried out to inspect the factory personnel, the manufacturing process and quality control systems. This process is often backed up by a team in Shanghai who should cover the whole operation.

1. Prepare a detailed report on all visits.

2. Quotations include manufacturing costs, branding, artwork and presentation of your product, method and cost of shipment, all duty and port dues plus haulage from port to your warehouse
3. Orders are normally quoted c.i.f. destination port. Estimated time of delivery is also given at this time and confirmed as more information becomes available about your consignment.

Choosing the right manufacturer, ensuring quality and providing an on-time delivery are all crucial business processes.Controlling production quality is achieved through scheduled inspections of all factory processes with final quality inspection and packing checks completed under the direction of your agent, before products leave the factory. Personal visits to factories are recommended in order for you to become more familiar with the overall process.
Appropriate packaging will have been agreed between all parties to ensure protection of goods with the details now being submitted to the shipping agents.

Shipping options will have been confirmed with you with all appropriate documents being completed. Customs clearance is completed and Duty plus port dues are often paid by your agent

* Work with a wide network of suppliers from numerous market sectors in China, and provide products that meet your requirements and monitor progress to ensure on-time delivery.

Sourcing your product in ChinaWhen you contact a few agents you will find sourcing requests are responded to fairly quickly. Normally an agent will have an extensive network of manufacturers, and can either source an existing product or customize to your specification, including bespoke items. They will often have a Chinese speaking team, both in the UK and in China to check requirements with potential suppliers and provide the information required to obtain costs.

You should expect a detailed written quote submitted for your approval with all costs, delivered to your warehouse. Where significant design work is involved, you can negotiate a separate fee.
Arthur Stoller operates his import agency from China to the UK and further details of his operation of importing from china can be viewed here

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

By Ryan Lewis

The difference between a successful blog and one that fades into nothing is in the number of readers visiting each day. If your goal is to create a large source of income from your site then attracting more visitors is key. This means that you need to increase both your new or unique traffic as well as regular readers.

Create a Loyal Readership

RSS Feed
This is one of the most basic pieces of the blog puzzle which creates a stable group of visitors reading each of your daily postings. An RSS feed notifies your readers that you have created another article and made a new posting on your blog. The RSS feed will also help create a stream of income as more visitors mean a higher page ranking and better search placement.

Social Networks and Engines
There are a number of social bookmarks and other networks available for blogs to utilize. Using a small piece of code on your website, each of your posts can be bookmarked, shared and voted on by readers around the world. Some blogger favorites are Digg, Technorati and

Friends and Family
When starting any new business you should first have the support of your family and friends! Let them know that you’ve started a blog and get them to visit on a regular basis. While this will increase your readership immediately, they can also support you by book marking your postings, referring their friends and talking about it with colleagues.

Increase New and Unique Traffic

Search Engine Optimization
The old saying, “it’s easier to keep a customer than find a new one” truly fits on the web. Attracting new visitors will be through a combination of regular postings, great content and search engine optimization techniques. When creating a new article, think about who will be visiting the site and what they will be searching for. Decide upon your main keywords and use them throughout the body of the post.

Niche Marketing
This technique requires a little additional work but it will pay off with a huge amount of traffic. By looking for optimized search terms with low competition you can direct a huge amount of free traffic to your site. The best part about niche marketing is that everything you do costs nothing and the traffic you receive will be hungry for what you’re offering!

Final Thoughts
Each of these tactics takes some time to implement on your site. The important thing to remember is that any source of residual income can only run on auto-pilot after the preparation work is done. By using these techniques within your blog strategy, you will find that your traffic will increase significantly and your increased income will follow!

Did you find these tips on increasing blog traffic helpful? You can learn more about making money online by visiting You can also receive regular posting updates and leave comments about current topics with the RSS feed.

For more information about Real Estate Investing, please visit Real Estate Start to

Lewis is an Author and Real Estate expert with years of experience, research and training in Real Estate Investing, Wealth Creation and Goal Setting. Dynamic, intelligent and exciting, Lewis holds a bachelor of commerce degree and years of experience in Consultative Sales, Web Development, Internet Marketing and Business Start-ups.

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Why Buy A Pontoon Boat?

By Kristy Bateman

First of all, it is the only boat that is known as a “Party Boat”. However, if you need additional reasons there plenty. This type of boat offers many attractive features; the low price, plenty of extra room for stretching out or taking a group of people for a ride. They are also easily customized to specific needs, and come in various models. Some pontoon boats are intended for fishing, others for cruising, and some have a dual purpose.

What can I do with a pontoon boat?

There are a wide variety of uses for a pontoon boat. The biggest perk that I know of is that you can fit a lot more people than on most other types of boats. The more, the merrier. Right? There are many accessories available that can be added to your pontoon boat to customize it for your use. You can have bench seating all around the sides, in rows, or just use lawn furniture and tables. Adding a camper enclosure can make most all pontoons suitable for spending a night on board. Attaching a canopy makes your pontoon boat ready for an afternoon cruise with family and friends by providing shade from the hot sun. For the fishermen; you can get built in livewells, rod holders, and bait buckets. The deck of a pontoon boat also makes a great platform for fishing with the buddies. It is also an ideal boat to use for scuba diving. Some models are even fast enough to pull the kids on water skis, wake boards, or tubes.
These boats are also available with freshwater and toilet facilities.

What is a pontoon boat made of?

A pontoon boat is a lightweight vessel. The hull of the boat is constructed of tubes called pontoons, which taper in at the front of the boat. This allows for better movement and speed in the water. An aluminum frame attaches the pontoons to the deck platform. The deck of a pontoon boat can be made out of wood, aluminum or fiberglass. There is a railing all around the deck for safety. This comes in useful for the occasions when the boat is used for party cruising.
Where should I take my pontoon boat?

The best place to cruise on your pontoon boat is in a lake, river, or other calm water. They are not made for the sea because of its shallow hull. Waves over two feet will be washing on to the deck of your boat. So I would stay away from the rough waters of the ocean.

Pontoon Facts:

Depending on the size of the Pontoon boat; it can hold anywhere from 6-17 people.
The sizes range from 14 to 28 feet.

The average price of a pontoon boat is $11,000; with prices ranging anywhere from $7,000 - $30,000 new. A used pontoon boat can range from $1,000 - $15,000.

Pontoon boats use an outboard engine and stern drive; with horsepower ranging from 10HP to 135HP.

Kristy Bateman is the writer for Earl's Blog on These articles are unique and helpful to anyone interested in learning about boating and or fishing. Please visit to view various unique articles from Kristy Bateman. is The Simplest Solution to Buying and Selling 'Ur' Boat.

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Discover Munich - The Most Famous Landmarks Of Munich

By Kim D

Munich is the capital city of the state of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany. It is well known for its culture, architecture and the "Okoberfest" (the annual beer celebration). Getting around is easy because of its modern and efficient public transport system. On all major streets there are bike lanes, so it is safe and easy to travel by bike through the city. In Munich there are several interesting landmarks to visit like a large number of museums, art galleries, concert halls and historical buildings.

The most famous attractions in Munich are:

The Alte Pinakothek is one of the largest museums in Europe. It houses a large collection of paintings. This collection contains 800 paintings by European painters from the 14th century till the 18th century. Famous paintings in the museum are: Dürer's "Four Apostles"; Rogier van der Weyden's " columba-altar "; Altdorfer's "Battle of Alexander at Issus"; Botticelli's "Pieta" and Rubens' "Self-Portrait with his Wife". The Neue Pinakothek is Munich's museum of 19th century painting and sculptures. The collection consists mainly of German Romantics and French Impressionists. Goya, Manet, Renoir and Cezanne are some of the painters which works are on display.

The Deutsches Museum contains over 13 acres of exhibitions containing invaluable original machines and equipment, models and reconstructions, from classical mechanics to telecommunications, from a full-size reconstructed coal mine to space travel technology. Making the museum one of the largest museums of technology and natural sciences in the world. You can see airplanes, submarines and the first X-ray machine among other things. The live demonstrations and hands-on instructional aids are fun and informative for the visitor.

Built for the Olympic Games in 1972 with its tent-roof covering 75,000 square meters,the Olympic Park had become a well known landmark in Munich. This landscaped park contains sport facilities, lakes, bicycle paths, concert venues, restaurants and a football stadium. Don't miss the fascinating BMW Museum across the street, right next to the companies headquarters - which was constructed in the shape of a four-cylinder engine.

The Oktoberfest takes place every year late in September and runs to early October. The duration of the festival is two weeks. Located at "Theresienwiese" you can drink beyond your limits, meeting folks from all over the world. All beer tents close at 11 p.m., so make sure you start your trip early enough. About 30% of the yearly beer production of all the big breweries in Munich are consumed during these two weeks. You can also visit a giant fun fair, side shows and souvenir stands. Every year the Oktoberfest welcomes nearly 7 million visitors. This makes the Munich Oktoberfest the largest festival in the world.

Munich hotels offers a list of hotels in Munich, online availability searches and other useful information about Munich.

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Bijan - An Accomplished Designer

By James Philips

Bijan, whose full name is Bijan Pakzad, has been a major force in the world of fragrances since 1981 when he developed his first perfume for men. He further drew attention to his product when he offered his perfume in Baccarat crystal flacons that were signed and numbered. As a result, a 6 oz. Bottle of this perfume is now worth approximately $3,000.

After immigrating to the United States from Iran in 1973, Bijan wasted no time getting himself established in the world of fashion and design. In fact, by 1976, he had set up an exclusive boutique on the legendary Rodeo Drive. His store, which could only be visited by appointment, was considered by many to be “the most expensive store in the world.” Bijan still currently resides in Beverly Hills, though he also has homes in New York, Milan, and Florence.

Today, many of the most powerful men in the world can be seen wearing clothing designed by Bijan. His clients include President Bush, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Anthony Hopkins, President Ronald Regan, Jay Leno, and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In addition to his clothing, Bijan continues to create fragrances. His current line includes fragrances for both men and women. In both cases, he presents the fragrances in globally patented circular glass flacons that have an open center as well as a dividing web. When the fragrance is half full, the two chambers fill on their own accord by following the scientific principle that liquids seek their own level. His flacons are so intriguing that one is even featured as a permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute.

Bijan has won numerous awards for his efforts. In 1988, his Bijan for Men fragrance won the FiFi award for “Most Successful Men’s Fragrance” from the Fragrance Foundation. His Bijan for Women fragrance took home the “Best Women’s Fragrance Package” award that same year. His Michael Jordan Cologne won “Men’s Fragrance Star of the Year Specialty/Department Stores” in 1997 as well as “Best National Advertising Campaign - Men’s.” He also received the Ig Nobel Prize in chemistry for his DNA fragrance in 1995. He was also included on the “International Best Dressed List” by Vanity Fair in 1989.

Find Bijan perfume and colognes on sale at Perfume Center. Read more about Bijan perfumes

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PSP Games and Movies

By Patrick Bankay

If your looking at this article then you are obviously looking for PSP games and movies. Well I can assure you, that you have came to the right spot. What I am about to reveal to you will more than likely bring a smile to any PSP owners face, or maybe even entice someone to get a PSP for what I am about to write about.

Did you know that it is possible to obtain free PSP games and movies in a totally legal way. Yes it is possible and I bet you can guess from where. You got it, the internet. The world wide web has become an unlimited resource to everyone in the world, and almost anything and everything can be found on the internet. Luckily for you and me, you can also find free PSP games and movies.

Off the bat, one thing I should mention is that when I say free, I am saying that you can find a site that offers tons of PSP games and movies ready for download absolutely free and unlimited, meaning you can download as many as you want, when you want it. The only catch is that to find a site that will offer this in a legal and legitimate way, you will need to pay the site a one-time membership fee for access to the site.

There are sites out there that charge a monthly membership fee and a per download fee, these are the sites you want to stay away from, because by time your done you end up paying the same amount as you would in store for each game or movie. There are also sites where you do not have to pay anything but when you do download there are viruses, spyware, malware and all that you can name getting downloaded to your computer as well, and believe me it is not worth it since you will have to fork out money to fix your computer afterwards.

The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to find a site with a one-time membership fee, and in most cases they cost less than the price of a PSP game. Once a member you will have access to many PSP games and movies that can be downloaded whenever wherever and completely at your disposal.

For a review of the number 1 PSP download Site check out the authors PSP Download Blog Review for the most current and up to date PSP downloads.

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Study for That MBA - With Online Distance Learning

By Keith Evans

Distance learning is not a new concept among various modes of study. Management colleges also realize the importance of these courses, and as a result most reputed management institutions now offer you this facility. In fact, there are many institutions that offer only distance-education courses.

Having said that, taking up a distance learning course and moreover, completing it is not so easy. In fact many students leave it half way and completely waste their money as well as precious time. So before taking up any distance MBA course, you should keep some things in mind.

The first thing that you need to do is check your preparation and dedication to this. Like whether you will be able to complete the course on your own. This is extremely difficult because you do not get a fixed routine like that of a campus program. Therefore, your dedication level will need to be extremely high.

The second thing that you need to look out for is the accreditation of the course that you opt for.
This is absolutely necessary as your degree would be of no value if it does not have accreditation from a statutory body recognized by the state authorities. Also check whether the course has the same value as that of a regular campus course in terms of employment and future opportunities.

Another thing that you need to look for is the technology applied while teaching. An MBA course is quite rigorous and also a tough one. You will require a lot of academic help. So check whether the institution has the facility of an online instructor for 24 hours or not.

You should see whether the course has the provision of discussions between the instructor and the students. Many institutions also have forums where students from around the globe can contact each other and the alumni for academic help. These are a couple of things that help a student in the long run, so you need to look out for these facilities

Distance learning MBA programs are gaining popularity and as such, seats are few. So the next thing that you need to do is some proper research on the institution, fees, course structure and also the credibility of the course that you plan to take up. The best way to do it is to take the help of internet.

Finally, another important element that you should look for before taking up a distance learning course is Live Interactive Television. Through this, students and instructors can interact in live mode. It is just like a class, only on screen. The teacher here addresses a larger audience, and students can get immediate help with any problems they may be having. Having a choice of Live TV renders great academic help to the student, and should be an important factor while selecting a distance education course, especially one as tough as MBA.

Keith Evans owns and operates and Mba Online

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Pentagon Admits 190,000 Weapons Are Missing In Iraq

By Gita Smith

The Independent, a newspaper based in Britain, published the following report Tuesday from its correspondent, Rupert Cornwell, in Washington. It is follows reports on CNN and other media outlets that the Pentagon admits losing track of 190,000 assault rifles and pistols supplied by the US to Iraqi security forces in 2004 and 2005. The Pentagon further states that the weapons may have fallen into the hands of insurgents.

The disclosure, by the watchdog Government Accountability office (GAO) means that the Pentagon does not know what happened to roughly a third of the arms it has provided to train and equip Iraqi forces - an effort crucial to restoring some semblance of order in Iraq.

The unaccounted-for arms include 80,000 pistols plus an estimated 110,000 Soviet-made AK-47 assault rifles. Amnesty International reports that, during the same years of 2004 and 2005, more than 350,000 similar weapons were removed from Bosnia and Serbia by private contractors working for the Pentagon and sent to Iraq.

In addition, 135,000 pieces of body armour and 115,000 helmets have also disappeared, again perhaps to insurgents. To date, the US has spent more than $19 billion on developing the Iraqi security forces, including almost $3 billion for weapons. (I can't help thinking how much health care, school books, bridges and clinics that money would have bought the taxpayers of the USA.)

According to the GAO, the distribution of the weaponry was "haphazard and rushed,"
accusations the Pentagon does not dispute. Ironically, during the years under scrutiny, the weapons program was headed by General David Petraeus.

He's the man whose report we all await with bated breath in September -- the man whose version of the success or failure of the Iraq war is the axis on which we tilt.

Our Congress, reluctant to end the war thus far, keeps waiting for a "watershed moment."

How many such moments have already passed while this country sat lulled by the lies on Fox News? How many such moments have been ignored by the Pentagon and the Congress, when any competent group would have said ENOUGH, THIS IS THE TIME TO END IT, once and for all?

In my view, missing 190,000 weapons is not the performance of a military in control. It is the type of mistake made by incompetent, panicked, disorganized amateurs.

Gita M. Smith is a journalist living in Alabama. Her blog may be seen at

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Addiction Treatment Australia

By Robert Mittiga

At one time or another, most of us feel some degree of emptiness, loneliness, inadequacy, idealism, or spiritual longing. We recognise the discontent, the desire to escape pain, and the tendency to seek answers in activities, substances, or relationships. This sense of restlessness and the spiritual longing is familiar to many of us. Over the many years of treating addiction and co-dependency I have heard many people talk about a non-specific hunger for something that seems to be missing in their lives. They describe a gnawing emptiness within that is never filled.
This insistent stirring from within is so intense that it can, at times, be painful. It seems to originate at one’s very core, and for some of us, it feels even stronger than our sexual drive or our hunger for food.

I was aware of it as a child, and I tried somehow to fill it by spending hours and hours playing pinball machines and snooker, watching television and listening to music on my transistor radio, or participating in sports. I struggled with it as a teenager, I felt it as a young adult when I looked at a particularly magnificent painting, read an eloquent poem, or watched an exquisite dance. And it manifested during a multitude of other restive moments. The pit of my stomach felt empty, my heart hurt, and my entire being aspired toward something I could not identify.
As I grew, the ache in my soul increasingly permeated all aspects of my life. I felt monumentally homesick for something undefined, for an unnamed entity, place, or experience. Nothing I did seemed to alleviate the yearning within me.

There are, I am sure, some fortunate people who feel this longing but do not act upon it in painful ways. However, many people identify the spiritual yearning as a persistent voice in their lives, one they often confuse with their everyday aspirations. At first, they identify it as the desire to excel on the playing field, to develop their intellect, to get into the right university, or to meet the man or woman of their dreams. Perhaps they feel an overwhelming craving for a certain model of car, for a new outfit, or for sexual contact.

This fundamental appetite might manifest in the abuse of food, alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs. Some people feel a general dissatisfaction in their marriage and find themselves longing for something more: a new house, a baby, a significant change in their partner’s behaviour, or a completely different relationship. They feel discontented, as though something is lacking.
Perhaps more money would bring happiness, or a better social position, or a new job.

I loved my wife and kids, was satisfied with my business, and felt reasonably good about my accomplishments. But something was missing. I found myself thinking about moving to another state or country and even trying another line of business. I soon began to gamble too much, as well as abuse various mood altering drugs. After a while, I realized that none of those things would help my feelings of emptiness, and in fact, they had begun to cause more problems than they would solve. I felt stuck.”

The irony is, no external activities or substances satisfy the initial craving or the feelings of emptiness. Many people attain the object of their desire, and the incessant ache remains. One person may win the lotto or player-of-the-year award for football, another earn an advanced degree from a prestigious university. Someone else might capture the heart of a perfect mate, make enough money, and live in the style he or she has always wished for. Yet, even in the midst of the bounty that is meant to bring satisfaction and fulfilment, the yearning persists, perhaps even magnified by the achievements, which only remind us of the emptiness within.
Many recovering addicts and alcoholics report that once the physical craving for the drug or behaviour is eliminated, a deeper craving still remains.

As a culture, we do not have many sanctioned frame-works in which to deeply experience and satisfy the yearning for wholeness. As a result, people of all ages distort and misdirect this immensely strong impulse into addictions of all kinds, and co-dependency, not only addictions involving the use of chemicals (alcohol & drugs), but also eating disorders, sexual and love addictions, and addictions to power, money, relationships, gambling, and countless other addictive activities.

What is this free-floating yearning? I believe that Jung was right. This intense and at times painful craving is deep thirst for our own wholeness, our spiritual identity, our divine source, or God.

This place of wholeness we seek is our spiritual core, an essential component of our nature. Development of a relationship with this inner source is a common, and necessary, aspect of human existence. I believe that this thirst for wholeness is the main driving force in the ever increasing rates of addiction in our society. Unless this factor is addressed in recovery and addiction treatment, the individual is always going to remain at high risk of relapse or in danger of switching addictions. Simply stopping our addictive behaviours or replacing them with legal substitute drugs is not enough and doesn’t work.

Robert MittigaProgram DirectorGATS Counselling & Treatment Services
P.O. Box 6411 Halifax Street SA 5000Ph 0400 801 557 (7days)

Robert Mittiga is an Addiction / Codependency Specialist and The Program Director of GATS Counselling & Treatment Services in Australia. A cutting edge wholistic addiction treatment program/rehab.

Primary care at GATS….Is personalized to treat each individual using programs that integrate MIND, BODY and SOUL. GATS’ programs are enhanced by highly effective group therapy processes as well as individual therapy and extensive aftercare assistance.

ALL clients are thoroughly assessed by a highly trained and experienced GATS therapist as well as the GATS medical officer. Clients may also be referred to psychiatric assessment if needed.
GATS’ programs combine several effective therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic, experiential, grief & loss, trauma, family of origin and shame reduction work. GATS programs also include spiritual components in the overall treatment process.

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Build Your Credit

By Justin Scarborough

When your credit is is below 620 it can be a real pain! Credit problems are embarrassing and will effect your quality of life. If you cant get a car loan you have to drive a hunk of junk. With bad credit you cant buy a house. You will have lots of problems with bad credit.

So what the heck can you do? Well you have several options. You can say screw it and never use credit. Could use someone elses name to buy the things you want a friend or family member legally of course. Or you could get your credit up to where it should be and stop the embarrassment. The best option is to fix the problems. Pay EVERYONE back. That way you can move on and live the life you always wanted with a nice car. You could get out of that apartment and own your own home. Get that great credit card so you can Buy that new tv!
I'm no expert but I will tell you what worked for me. Step by Step

1. Pay down all credit cards. do not cancelle cards that will negatively effect your credit

2. Make ALL payments on time

3. Get a copy of your credit report and make sure everything on it is correct

4. Always have at least 4 credit reporting loans or bills. You can have more if you wish but dont over extend yourself.

5. If you cant get approved for a credit card get a secured card

6. Need a new credit Card?

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Top 5 Link Building Expert Strategies

By Paul R Krenke

Link Popularity is a greatly misunderstood subject among webmasters and online business owners. The major search engines have developed complicated algorithms that rank web pages for relevancy and quality. In determining relevancy, the search engines tend to measure on page factors such as relevant content. For determining quality, the search engines have moved towards inbound links and their quality as a measure of a website’s importance.

The rise of link popularity, as a measure of the links pointing to a website, is founded on the belief that great sites will naturally attract many links and content poor sites will have difficulty attracting any links. While Google is the front runner in giving importance to link popularity, other major search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and AltaVista have also given importance to link popularity, making it a critical component of your search engine strategy.

1. High Page Rank – While Page Rank has been somewhat discredited among the elite of the search engine optimizers, the fact remains that Page Rank is by far one of the most viable methods of determining the importance of a web page. Page Rank remains an important, but not a defining element towards establishing link popularity.

2. Permanent Links – Google puts a small restriction or penalty on new websites. This penalty, in part monitors the “age” of the inbound links of a website. This draws on the importance of getting permanent links to increase your link popularity. It will work on eliminating your Sandbox penalties while maintaining the reputation you have built.

3. Site Quality – The quality of a website, as determined by the search engines, is a major factor, along with Page Rank, in establishing the importance of a link.

4. Reciprocal Linking – This is definitely the fastest way to get a ton of links pointing to your website. As long as your link directory is broken down into themed categories, you should most definitely trade links with the other website. You should always trade links with another website no matter if they:

• Have a PR0 page. If you trade links with them, chances are, they’re also actively building links, so this PR0 page will soon be a PR3, PR4, and even more.

• Over 30 links on a links page. Any link will help your rankings, as long as the website you’re exchanging with is not banned. (Gray Google Page Rank).

5. Natural Link Building - The building blocks of site to site linking, as search engines understand and define it. Search engines justify using link popularity as a ranking tool with the idea that good quality sites will naturally attract links.

Learn more about our Link Building Strategies at

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Retaining Organizational Character in a Crisis

By Daniel Reilly

Thomas Paine once said, "Character is much easier kept than recovered." This dovetails with being prepared for an emergency. Planning to keep a reputation can help the organization avoid suffering a devastating loss. When the plan laid out in advance is to admit any faults and err on the side of honesty, the credibility of what is admitted will garner more respect than when an attempt to back-pedal is made.

How can management and decision makers control a crisis? The answer is simple. A crisis cannot be controlled, but the consequences of the crisis can be managed, mitigated and/or prevented. The first order of business is to know and understand the hazards that threaten the "business." An effective organization must conduct a hazard vulnerability analysis that ranks threats. Dealing with threats against organizational character must be one of the threats considered.

Many disaster preparedness programs consider the traditional natural and manmade hazards, but a class of hazard often overlooked is related to business continuity, especially public relations. Public relations incidents raise concerns, and if not handled properly, can elevate to the level of a crisis. If the crisis grows large enough, it can threaten the very existence of an organization.

Crisis Response Begins With an Admission
The most critical part of crisis response is admitting that you are, in fact, in the midst of a crisis. It is only at this point that the consequences of a crisis can be managed. Following a predetermined action plan and set of organizational morals can guide the response. A public information campaign addressing the situation and describing what the organization is doing to rectify the problem is activated, and a trained public information officer addresses media and public concerns.

How To Be Seen As Responsive
* Be proactive in the approach, viewing the problem from the eyes of the consumer.

* Do not try to utilize the science of the issue to prove a point.

* Do not use the engineering aspect to explain that a repeat of the event is not possible or is incredibly remote.

* Do not try to utilize the facts as your defense.

* Remember that the public does not want to hear about the science, the engineering -- or, at times, even the facts. The public wants to hear that you understand their concerns and that the organization sees the issue from their perspective.

Managing and Maintaining Character
Management of character is easy when your organization has chosen in advance to do the right thing. Warren Buffet once said, "First, state clearly that you do not know all the facts. Then state the facts that you do know. One's objective should be to get it right, get it quick, get it out, and get it over. You see, your problem won't improve with age."

Preparing for a crisis allows the "if-then" thought process to occur in advance of an issue.
Decisions can be made in advance, not under duress. Preparing to have an open and honest response to a public relations crisis in advance of an onslaught of reporters and public scrutiny (when your legal counsel is attempting to persuade you to limit your liability exposure) will prevent senior management from being led astray.

Waiting until the disaster occurs puts forces upon decision makers that may change their perception of reality. "Groupthink is a mode of thinking within a cohesive group that is engaged in by people who so strongly seek consensus that there is no realistic appraisal of alternative courses of action," stated Michael C. LeMay in Public Administration: Clashing Values in the Administration of Public Policy. "A drive for consensus at all cost completely suppresses dissent."

Crises easily can become a groupthink phenomenon. With prior planning and decision making, you can avoid having your values go sideways during the crisis. Follow the advice of Warren Buffet by engaging in public transparency that will save the organization time as well as its reputation. It's easy when the direction has already been established from the executive level to "do the right thing."

All aspects of a successful emergency response are contingent upon planning. A successful outcome is achieved by doing the right thing at all turns, not solely attempting to protect the organization from legal liability. Organizational character can be maintained if advanced planning and training ensures that all parties understand the organization's policy is to be open and honest. This will maintain the integrity of the organization, ensuring that organizational character is valued and protected.

Author Bio
Mr. Reilly is the President of Emergency Solutions Ltd. His credentials include Certified Emergency Manager from the International Association of Emergency Managers, Certified Business Continuity Professional from DRI International, and he is a Master's Degree candidate in Public Administration.

Mr. Reilly can be reached through his companies website.

Visit to see how he and his associates can help you prepare you business, school, or hospital for a disaster.

(c) 2007 Daniel J. Reilly. All rights reserved.

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How RFID Technology Will Invade Your Life

By Arthur Stoller

With RFID technology a store owner knows everything about the item you take to the checkout including price, color size etc.

The USA now wants to put this technology into passports which would allow people to be mass processed through custom control, without having to form queues. You know what it is like when you arrive home late and there is a queue of 200 people in front of you at the Passport desk.So a convenience would be faster people handling.

Credit card companies would be able to read your card simply by you waving it near a reading device. So we face a revolution in the use of RFID technology.But security on terrorist activity may be compromised because he could alter his passport to get though without an official actually seeing the falsified document.

And then there is the issue of personal privacy. You buy an item using RFID and for the rest of the day a scanner could pick up the fact you just bought it and how would this compromise you if you are holding a RFID credit card.

Also consider the supply chain structure. Now thieves could know what's being held in premises and what its value is.

There are some solutions for specific cases. So for example when you buy something, there should be a tear off section your ticket to remove the device. So you will not be readable after you have bought your items.

Credit cards are a different consideration.

What would be the diving line between being close enough for the scanner to pick you up but not close enough for a thief to scan the card in your handbag?
An unacceptable situation would be where thieves could wander around shopping centers and simply get close enough to your wallet to scan your card. Clearly there is some extra thinking to be done here and it may be some time before this is solved, where convenience is improved but your privacy is secure. Maybe aluminum wallets are the answer? Time will tell.

Counting devicesClient counting solution to the retail sector offers a system is aimed at providing pertinent management information on client visit habits and related transactions.The system comprises client movement logging hardware - deployed in-store and a software suite which would typically run within head office and provide web browser access to count statistics.

Benefitso Sales to look into conversion rate analysis to ascertain sales effectiveness and help improve Average Transaction Value and Unitso Marketing to assess the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaignso Operations to provide insight into the effectiveness of staffing levelso Security and exceptions will note movements after-hours and differences between people entering and exiting the storeo Environment to look at through-store footfall to ensure appropriate floor layout andcustomer awareness of in-store departmentso Low impact and quick installation

Management informationA simple to use browser-based software suite provides immediate access to management information right across your enterprise.Integration with management data allows automated linking with transactional and staffing data so you can see how wisely or not you are spending you money.

Sales transaction data should be automatically imported on a daily basis and the system database should be queried by third party products for further integration/analysis as necessary. Client counting can improve your operational cost-effectiveness, improve your advertising impact on sales and enhance the customer experience by ensuring staffing levels are appropriate to customer flow.

Arthur Stoller advises customers on the use of retail technology. Find out how you can implement protection for your shop by visiting

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Positive Thoughts

By Marc F.

Positive Thoughts
A lot has been written about the effects of our thinking on our life. By now many people know that in some way or another their thinking affects their life.

We hear things like: “Think positive, there are two sides to the coin, the glass is either half empty or half full”. Does this sound familiar? And yet, how many people, including yourself, have you encountered who you would truly classify as positive thinkers? Probably not many, right?

As soon as we get up in the morning we usually get busy doing things and let our thoughts flow freely as the day unfolds. The amount of information our brain processes in a day is unbelievable. Therefore, it is not easy to constantly monitor our thoughts and make sure they are always positive. Unfortunately, reality is such that not everything we see and hear is positive, even if we’d like it to be.

Where we can make a true difference, however, is in the way we process both positive as well as negative information. Try and be more conscious on the effects information has on you. For example, if you see a beautiful tree, flower, car or whatever it is that strikes you as being beautiful, acknowledge it and make a conscious positive comment to yourself. Something like:
“Wow, what a beautiful tree”. Every time you see something you like, make a positive comment about it. Try and do this for a week. This will create positive energy and make you feel good.

But what do we do with negative information? Let’s acknowledge that this or that happened and make a conscious decision on how much energy we want to invest in processing the information.
For example, the less energy we put into thinking that Mr. Rude insulted us, the weaker the effect of the thought on our life. Every time you notice that you’re about to process negative information, make a conscious decision on how much energy you want to put into it and stop the thought process from affecting you. Try and do this for a week too. It will minimize the amount of negative energy in your life and leave more energy for positive thoughts.

The kind of information we’ll encounter during the course of a day is sometimes hard to predict. The way we process information, however, is under our full control.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Published with permisson of Inspirized - ©2007 Inspirized ®,

to learn more abut how to use the power of positive thinking visit

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No Credit Check Payday Loan - Fast Cash for People with Bad Credit

By Jeff Plante

If you are facing an unexpected situation where cash is needed in a hurry, a payday loan might be your best option. Payday loans are specifically designed for these types of unplanned situations where money is needed quickly. A traditional bank loan is usually not an option because it could take weeks before you see any money. If you are in need of some fast cash, and have a bad credit record, you should consider getting a no credit check payday loan.

These bad credit payday loans can be obtained online. In fact, the entire process can be done from the convenience of your home. From the initial application to the payday loan company deposited your loan amount directly into your checking account. If time is of the essence, you can get up to $1000 deposited directly into your bank account in as little as 24 hours from the time you apply.

As the name indicates, bad credit is not an issue with a no credit check payday loan. Your credit will not be pulled at all, so your credit history will have no bearing on whether or not your loan is approved. While credit is not used to approved your loan application, there are other requirements you must meet in order to be approved for a payday advance loan.

The first qualification is that you need to be a US citizen. You also need to be over the age of 18 years old. The last qualification for a payday loan is that you are employed with a minimum monthly income of $1000. These requirements may vary slightly from one lender to another, but they are the standard qualifications for the payday loan industry.

If you are need of extra cash and your payday is still weeks away, a no credit check payday loan could be your best bet. Bad credit will not keep your payday loan from being approved. There will be no credit check, as the only verification needed by the payday loan lender is that of your employment record. An online payday loan company can approve your application and get you the money you need on that very day.

Learn more about how you can get a No Credit Check Payday Loan, even if you have terrible credit, from the convenience of your home. Visit to discover helpful tips that will save you money on a payday loan.

Online No Fax Payday Loan

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How To Be The Master Of All Trades And Jack Of None - Achieve The Impossible

By Pushpa Pal Singh

You might say no human being is perfect but you need to take one thing into consideration that nothing is impossible. Everything on this planet is possible and achievable provided you use the right steps and tools to achieve it. In this age of high technology and spontaneity things have become easier than ever before. Most people do not utilize these high tech resources to their advantage. Read on to discover how you can achieve the impossible and challenge the best.

Listen - The very first step to becoming a master in any trade is listening and listening to the right people. As humans we are shot at with millions of messages and information from all ends. It is upon us what to accept and what to reject or ignore. Therefore you should observe all successful and great people who did manage to achieve the impossible and became great.

Push against self doubt - Most people wait for others to tell them what to do or to judge them.
No one can be a better judge than you yourself. No one understands or knows your needs and desires more than you yourself do. Therefore do not wait for the judgments from the world and other people to tell you what to do. Push against your self doubt and try to overcome all fears and barriers in life.

Persist through failure - All great men have been known to persist through failure to achieve the impossible. It's not necessary that you have to succeed on your very first attempt. More than 90% of the people fail in almost anything they try to do at first. But this should not put your spirits down. Remember life is all about chances and you do get a second chance every time.

Practice helps - The best way to master anything is by the way of practice. Someone has very rightly said that practice makes a man perfect and it is indeed a fact. The more you practice the better you will be at performing.

Hard work is an old concept - Hard work is an old concept and does not apply to human beings anymore. With new innovative ideas and technology this is age of smart work. Therefore learn to work smart not hard and try to find alternative solutions to a single problem using creative and innovative techniques.

But there is much more to success than only this. There is a secret which has been hidden from man kind since ages. This is one of the most shocking truths ever made public. You are one of the few people who are being introduced to this great secret. Read on to discover- The Great Secret

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Home Business - Making Money With Membership Websites

By Jo Han Mok

A home business is a business that you can run from home. One way that is gaining in popularity is using the internet to make money. Here we will look at combining the internet and membership products to make money at home.

The dot com bust of a few years ago is over and people all over the world are basing their income on running an internet business from home. One way to do that is to create a residual income by selling products that pay you over and over for making one sale.

The power of this is some day you will make money even when you do no work. Insurance salesmen have been doing this for years. So have network marketers except they get paid on the efforts of many people and not just themselves.

Membership products make great residual income products because as long as people are a paid member you are making money. Private Label Rights programs would be an example of this.
You join a PLR program that pays a 50% commission to it's members to recruit new members.

The cost is $99 a month, so you would earn $49.95 on the first sale and $49.95 every month thereafter as long as the member is active. In this example you would need around 100 sales to be earning $5k a month.

Residual income programs are very possible to do from home. This type of home business really only requires a computer and internet connection. Maybe a phone or fax machine.

You spend all of your time selling to new customers while getting paid over and over for your old ones. How does that sound? It sounds pretty good to me because I like getting paid over and over for doing my work one time.

So where do you find private label rights programs to sell. You can start by Google searching the words "private label rights" or plr affiliate programs or any variation of these. It is a good idea to be a paying member yourself and some programs may require it before they will let you earn money on your own sales.

Private label rights are just one example of a home business you could run online to make money. Any type of residual income program could be good because you are shooting for that walkaway income and this is a way to do.

If a home business on the internet appeals to you then hopefully this article has given you some ideas.

Jo Han Mok is the author of the #1 international business bestseller, The E-Code. He shares his amazing blueprint for creating million dollar internet businesses at:

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What's Hot This Fall - Belts and Bags

By Elli Rose

With summer quickly coming to a close, fall is right around the corner. So, what's hot this fall?

Accessories! Lots of belts, handbags and shoes in the lines. With designers like BB Simon, Robbie French and Kippys, who can help but want some of what they've got? Every designer has their own twist, but the trend is definitely sparkly and bold.

BB Simon uses the finest Italian leather to create what have become some of the most sought-after belts in today's market. His unique collection of accessories, adorned with authentic Austrian Swarovski Crystals will bring out an "ooh" and an "aah" whether you are an average kind of girl that appreciates pretty things or a member of the elite group enamored with haute couture.

BB Simon has belts with crystals in a variety of tints for every conceivable occasion or season; if you don't like what they have in their line-up, you can custom order your own belt. All said, these are some of the most unique belts out there; similar to Kippys, but different.

Kippys belts are unique in that you can specify how wide you want them to be. Whether you're looking for a thin quarter inch or you'd rather have a bold belt that measures an inch and a half, Kippys will aim to please. Their belts give more of a naughty cowgirl feel when you slip them on. Adorned with crystals as well, this line sometimes skips the crystal-encrusted buckle that BB Simon is famous for and instead goes for a simple and understated solid centerpiece.

Loop one of these through your favorite pair of jeans - maybe even a pair from Kippys - and you'll have flash and sass all night long! And don't worry, you can shake it like you love it because Kippys guarantees both the crystals and the craftsmanship for the entire lifetime of the belt.

Robbie French spent 10 years in the mix of haute couture running some of the hottest bars in LA before she decided to start her own design company. Thank goodness she did because this girl has what it takes to dress A-list celebrities like Madonna and Nicholas Cage! If you've never taken a look at her buckles, you're missing out on a gem.

Ranging from pirate skulls to a Crucifix belt buckle, Ms. French has everyone covered. On a simple leather belt, these buckles make a statement that will have everyone looking your way - and asking where you got your great accessories!

Now that you've got your buckle down, what are you going to carry on your arm? Fee'fe Footwear has some of the hottest bags this season. In dark chocolates and black leather, they will go with anything and carry everything! It looks like the trend this season is headed back towards leather, so get ahead of the curve and grab one of these great bags now.

If you're looking for something larger than a purse to do work and social duty, try the new messenger bag from French & French. Accented with ostrich skin and littered with inside pockets to hold your cell phone, pens and files, this bag might just be your new carry-all. Bring out your inner rock star and carry the Volcano leather handbag by BB Simon; just like their belts, their bags are accented with colorful Swarovski Crystals.

If you do just one thing this fall, grab a great belt and wear it with everything! Enjoy the trends this upcoming season and if you're wearing one of these designers, anticipate lots of attention!
Elli Rose is a fashion industry insider who writes about the latest trends in clothing, makeup and accessories. Love to be noticed? Find gorgeous fashions and helpful advice at Amore Fashion.

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1031 Exchange - How to Acquire Properties

By Ellen Gentry

This article will focus upon the use of a qualifying intermediary and identify the work which is done by these companies. It will also give a short and simple breakdown on the fees most often charged by qualifying intermediaries.

This paragraph will explain the technical work of a qualifying intermediary. The qualifying intermediary prepares the legal paperwork related to the 1031 tax exchange as well as documents related to the transactions: both the selling of your old property and the purchasing of your replacement property. These documents can also be used to properly structure the 1031 exchange. The qualifying intermediary is also the escrow agent in this process as the company will receive and hold your funds from the sale of the old property until you purchase the new property. The company will also act as a consultant due to helping you meet the guidelines for purchasing your replacement property. This is a great deal of responsibility for one company so be sure to choose wisely.

This paragraph will focus upon fees which may be charged by your qualifying intermediary.
Doing a simple 1031 tax exchange will normally be the cheapest with fees normally between four hundred and six hundred dollars. With your 1031 exchange, you are allowed to buy up to three properties and the second and third properties will often incur a fee of roughly a couple of hundred dollars each. A quick turnaround time may cost money and a 1031 reverse exchange often is the most costly with a fee that can run into several thousand dollars.

Hopefully this article on a 1031 exchange and the understanding of the technical side from the qualifying intermediary gives you a sense of what must be done from their end as well as the types of fees you can incur. This should give you a good sense of what to look for when choosing a qualifying intermediary as well.

Ellen writes for Great Hawaii Real Estate where you can find Molokai real estate listings to great Molokai homes, condos and land.

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The Avian Influenza Virus

By Anthony Benjamin

Avian Influenza: A Great Concern - Avian influenza first occurred in Italy, but has spread around the world. It is an infectious disease caused by strains of the influenza virus. Avian influenza viruses are easily transported from farm to farm even to new geographical areas by migratory birds and by contaminated people, vehicles, equipment, feed, and cages. Viruses survive for quite long in both low and high temperatures. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) recommends vaccination against outbreaks. Control measures are for all infected or exposed birds, proper disposal of carcasses, quarantining, rigorous disinfection of farms, and the implementation of strict sanitary or biosecurity measures. Human avian influenza victims usually develop fever, sore throat, cough, severe respiratory distress and viral pneumonia. The people which are affected are of all ages in different states of health. There are rapid tests for diagnosing all influenza strains. Antiviral drugs have limitations, although they are effective in the treatment and prevention of influenza A virus strains. If a new virus subtype occurs, it takes some time to produce a new vaccine that is efficient.

However, with birds the avian influenza virus develops and spreads differently. All birds can carry the avian influenza type A virus inside their intestines and distributes it in the environment through bird feces. These highly contagious forms results in severe epidemics and rapid death.

For more information about avian influenza virus prevention visit:

Avian bird influenza affected Australia in 1997 but, was eradicated. However, eradication has not been successful in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia Thailand, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Egypt, China, and Iraq people have died as a result of having been infected with the avian influenza virus.

Help make you community safer and healthier by taking these simple measures: Do not allow your chickens to roam freely, do your part in advising the public not to catch, get near or keep wild birds in captivity. These simple but very important measures are just a few things you can do to help prevent a catastrophical pandemic. ~Anthony Benjamin~
Anthony Benjamin is an avid world traveler, lover of nature and animals. He loves to write and share his wealth of information and adventures in his writings. His favorite place to retreat and write is his summer home, secluded high on a mountaintop in the Great Smoky Mountains. A visit to his website is a true delight:

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Setting Career Goals - 12 Questions to Consider

By Kaleb Jones

When it comes to landing the perfect job, most people have in mind what they would consider their "dream job." It may include the lifelong dream to become a firefighter and follow in your father's footsteps or perhaps you've always loved to paint and wish you could make it a full-time career. While the majority of people have dreams for themselves, it is less often that individuals actively pursue these desires.
This is why brainstorming to set career goals is a great way to further yourself in the world. First, grab a piece of paper and a pen, so you may take down the answers to the questions listed below. Some people find that additional questions may arise during this process, which you can easily add to your list and answer as well. In the end, you will be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of your potential career paths.
1) What Is Your Dream?
This may seem like an easy question to answer, but some people have never stopped to think about this subject. For some, the question is easy to answer and may include more than one dream. Individuals having trouble coming up with an answer to this question should brainstorm about the interests and hobbies that cause enjoyment in their life. This may help come to a conclusion.
2) Is Your Dream Practicable?
Your dream may include climbing Mt. Everest, setting up your own daycare center, or visiting a foreign country – but can it become a career? It is important to categorize your dreams as either a career-bound journey or something you can turn to for fun.
3) Do You Have Any Problems That Threaten the Pursuit of Your Dreams?
There are certain medical or physical impairments that cause a person to hang up certain dreams because the probability of achieving a particular desire is far too great. This may include dreams that are limited by others and not by determination or motivation. This may include the dream of flying fighter jets overseas, yet the dreamer lacks the eyesight needed to fulfill requirements.
4) Does the Dream Require A Certain Degree of Education, Time, or Money?
In order to achieve some dreams, there is a certain amount of education, time, and money needed to make things happens. If you want to become a doctor, you need to attend medical school, which includes many years of study. Perhaps, you want to open up your own dance studio. This means you need enough money to rent out a building and pay for supplies.
5) Do You Have Any Skills That Will Aid Your "Dream" Job?
Sometimes, the journey towards achieving your dream job is softened when you possess additional skills to make the path much easier. An example of this includes possessing a degree in Spanish when pursuing a photojournalist job in Puerto Rico.
6) Are You Financially Able to Pursue Your Dream?
Your finances will affect your ability to pursue your career dream. Some people need to take out a student or personal loan, while others may rely on a savings account.
7) If You Are Unable to Quit Your Current Job, Can This Dream Be Achieved On a Part-Time Basis?
Some people do not have the luxury of quitting their current means of income and must find other ways of coming closer to their dreams, such as attending night classes or taking a second job.
8) What Makes Your Dream(s) So "Ideal"?
When you are able to pinpoint what makes your dream so appealing to yourself, you may come up with similar ideas that will better fit into your current circumstances. It is important to find what drives you.
9) How Would You Feel If You Achieved Your Dream?
In other words, how important are the goals you will set for yourself – will you find true happiness, assist your family in enjoying a better life, or feel good that you were able to help out your community? Will your dreams boost your self-esteem and confidence and place you where you want to be in life?
10) What Are the Negative You Automatically Feel About Your Dreams?
Some people automatically gain a bad feeling about their dreams for many different reasons, which only decreases the chances of achieving goals. Perhaps you feel your goals will take too long to accomplish or you are depressed about your current financial situation. These are the types of things you need to overcome in order to succeed.
11) Does Anything About Your Dreams Scare You?
Overcoming the things that scare you about your dreams is an important part of the process. Some people avoid setting career goals because they fear rejection, failure, or what others may think.
12) Do You Have Outside Support For When You Attempt to Pursue Your Dreams?
Individuals are more likely to achieve their dreams if they have the backing of family and friends. It is pretty hard to overcome obstacles, internal fears, and reach goals when there are negative voices whispering in your ear. This is the time when you jot down some of your main supporters.
After you have completed your brainstorming list, you have entered a process that should have enlightened your prospective regarding your future. Overall, you should be able to better set the goals that help you achieve the kind of career you wish to pursue.
Get smart goal setting tips and strategies to help you achieve more success this year than the last 5 years combined - visit today

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Three Ways to Make Money with Get Paid To Programs

By Terri Tutten

There are many reasons that people decide to make money online. There are those who have lost their jobs, and need to find a way to earn some money, and be their own boss. There are stay at home moms who want to bring in some extra income to help out with household expenses. There are students who want some extra cash, and find it easy to earn money online.

Get Paid To (GPT) Programs are very popular with good reason. They’re easy to get into, most of them are free to join so there’s no financial risk, and there can be some good payouts.

There are three different ways to make money with GPT’s. You can be the person who is taking the surveys and completing offers, you can be the middleman who is promoting the company and getting referrals, or you can even start your own Get Paid To site.

If you’re the person who is taking the time to complete the surveys and offers, it’s very easy to get started. Most of the sites have great forums with very active members to help you out with suggestions, and in most cases the person who referred you will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you.

A lot of times the companies that you’re completing the offers for will give you incentives to complete their offer, in addition to the cash you earn. You may receive free samples of their products, thirty day free trials, and gift cards with cash values. I’ve received many Circuit City gift cards which I’ve used countless times.

It’s so easy to complete the offers, too. You can sit down and relax with a cup of coffee, log onto your Get Paid To site and choose your offers. Just be sure to be very organized, so that you can keep track of which offers you’ve completed.

Your earnings will first go into a pending state; after the company confirms that you’ve met their requirements, they will notify your GPT site and the earnings will move into an earned state. After you’ve earned the minimum required for payout, you’ll receive your cash!

So you can see that it’s very easy to get into the Get Paid To market, and start earning some decent cash online. There is no investment required for most sites, and personally I’ve never paid to join a site in order to take a survey or complete an offer.

Be sure to read all the rules of whichever site you join, participate in the forums, and you’ll have found a great new way to make extra money, or even a full time income on line.

Terri and her husband James are working to pay off their debt by the end of 2008. They intend to use their online earnings to accomplish this goal; read their daily online progress at Our Debt Free Lives

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10 Reasons Diets Fail

By Pat Barone

For every 100 dieters, one will maintain their weight loss after 5 years, which is the marker determining permanent weight loss to the medical community. Research indicates diets actually add pounds in the long run.

Why are diets so destructive to our weight and health? Here are some of the reasons.

1. Severe food restriction causes real hunger.

It's a fact that most diets last less than 72 hours. Hunger is a basic human urge. Man continues to survive (and has for thousands of years) because of the ability to cope with famine and scarcity of food. Hunger has been the powerful motivator for that survival.

2. A diet is an artificial plan which is different from your lifestyle.

Your new diet book has pages and pages of special recipes but you don't like to cook. Your diet says you must prepare all your food, but your job requires you to entertain clients. Only you can set the boundaries around eating and make them work within your lifestyle.

3. A diet is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

The diet industry makes billions (yes! over $42 billion a year) by convincing people to follow a diet for a few weeks or months to solve lifelong problems of emotional eating, eating for the wrong reasons or eating food that is nutrition-less. Once a diet ends, the weight comes back because the problems and behaviors are still there. Maybe you squeezed yourself into the bridesmaid's dress in time for the wedding, but you still have the rest of your life ahead of you.

A first step toward success is to accept that there is no free ride. If you lose weight on a strict diet, you will always pay for it later.

4. A diet doesn't take into account your likes and dislikes.

If your diet prescribes cabbage soup and you don't like cabbage, you are in real trouble. Or perhaps it limits you to high protein foods but your body doesn't digest protein easily. Should you really eat in an artificial way that causes you pain and suffering?

Look at the big picture and make the choices that support your goals. Following someone else's rules can also put you at risk for new health problems that you don't need.

5. A one-size-fits-all diet cannot possibly be useful to everyone.
You are unique. Different people need different amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat to feel and perform at their best. No diet can guarantee that you will feel good while following it; no dietician or nutritionist can figure out what makes you feel energetic and balanced. Only you can determine what pattern of food intake keeps you feeling great.

6. Cravings are real.

The body produces cravings for a reason. There are real, productive cravings for things your body needs (like water), and there are self-defeating cravings that come from psychological causes. It's not hard to train yourself to recognize the differences and act accordingly. A little moderation goes a long way.

7. Diets set up feelings of deprivation and punishment.

The psychological aspects of dieting can be devastating. Diets are often used as self-torture, to "validate" deep-rooted negative feelings or chip away at your sense of worth. Remember, it's the diet that fails, not you.

8. Dieting puts the emphasis only on food.

A 1995 Baylor University study followed three groups of participants who wanted to lose weight over a two-year period: (1) the Diet Only group; (2) the Diet/Exercise group; and 3) the Exercise Only group. After 3 months, the Diet Only and Diet/Exercise groups had lost more than the Exercise Only group. The Exercise Only group showed a smaller loss of 4-8 pounds.

At the 12-month mark, the Diet Alone and Diet/Exercise groups again had lost more total weight than the Exercise Only group BUT they had gained back some weight from their 3-month mark. (In simple terms, they lost all the weight they were going to lose very quickly, in 3 months, and were now regaining the lost weight weight.)

At the 2-year mark, the Diet Only and Diet/Exercise groups were back at their original weight or MORE. The Exercise Only group was still losing weight. It's a variation on the Tortoise and the Hare. A good question might be, "Where do I want to be in two years?"

Putting the emphasis on food allows us to believe food is the issue and that, if we change food, we'll achieve permanent weight loss. This simply isn't true. Changing our behaviors with food is the key.

9. Dieting promotes weight loss, not fat loss.

The number on your scale may be going down with a severely restricted eating plan, but it is only a temporary change of the non-fat elements of your body (water, muscle, interstitial and organ tissue, and even blood volume). The real issue: Do you want lower the number on the scale or permanently burn fat?

Long-term health lies in fat loss, which can only occur at 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. This is why quick weight loss is always followed by quick weight gain.

10. Dieting leads to new problems or compounds old ones.

If you are concerned with your weight and health, you don't need new problems. Many popular diets cause fatigue, low energy, loss of sleep, depression, stress and erratic mood swings. Who needs that, especially when the dieting effort doesn't solve the weight issue in a permanent way?

Your best indicator that you are eating well is how you feel. Your best approach to weight loss is an individual one that takes your preferences, lifestyle, needs and attitudes into consideration.

Be kind to your body. It's the only one you'll ever have. Give it the fuel and exercise it needs on a consistent basis -- and it will stabilize at a comfortable, reasonable weight.

Pat Barone earned her title "America's Weight Loss Catalyst" by coaching thousands of clients toward permanent weight loss. Her status as an expert is heightened by her own personal weight loss success. Receive her free newsletter "The Catalyst" by visiting


Data Entry From Home For Money

By Michael Comeau

We have all seen the ads. Type Data Entry for dollars, Typing Simple Data Entry from home, Data Entry Income and more. Can Data Entry from home really earn real cash?

If you are comfortable typing on a computer then Data Entry Jobs may be for you. There are misconceptions when doing data entry that you will be typing endlessly to earn nothing. The truth is data entry is an easy work at home job if you feel comfortable on the computer. If you can type at a good speed and be accurate this can be an easy source of income. Of course today with the tools available like spell check, grammar check etc, it makes it a lot easier. In fact it's possible to earn over $40 per hour doing data entry jobs on line.

Another misconception is that data entry jobs are scams. This is probably the "too good to be true" adverts with promises of overnight riches working from home. A few people will join a Data Entry program and think that the money will start flowing in. If it doesn't then they call the program a failure. Like most things in life, you won't get something for nothing. There are legitimate data entry work programs available. One simply needs to narrow down the field by choosing from the best programs available with a money back guarantee. When doing this it's a win - win situation. It's nice to know you have the protection if it's does not work out for you. It is not very expensive to get started in one of the programs so the risk / reward is very good in my opinion. So what do you have to do to get started?

1. Review the available Home Based Data Entry Programs2. Narrow down the choices to 1-3 programs3. Find out which ones have a money back guarantee4. Use your charge card if possible for further protection5. Sign up & start making money!

It may be that it is simply not a good fit for you. Everyone has different skill sets, but you don't know if you don't try. Always remember that behind every successful person are a lot of small failures. You have to try to have a chance at success or failure.

There is enormous potential in the data entry arena. There are many companies worldwide that outsource data entry. Many people are making $1000 - $3000 a month additional income. In order to get to this level of income it is important that you understand the skills that you'll need and where to look for data entry programs. As I mentioned earlier, you need to research the Top Data Entry programs and don't be afraid to give yourself a chance. The fee's to get your Home Based Data Entry Business going is very low in my opinion.

Please feel free to visit my web page for product reviews. If you decide to try one of our programs, please let me know your opinion of the whole process. Your opinion is important to me. I also have a FREE Email Newsletter series, which gives you the Top Rated Programs.

Michael Comeau has been owner of many successful businesses over the years including his current online business which can be viewed at

You may also find more articles by Michael Comeau at

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Satellite TV For PC - A Review

By Mark Pat

It seems hard to believe but in fact a new technology has allowed satellite TV to be streamed onto your computer. Even as I tell you about this new technology there are thousands of people watching amazing television channels on their computers. With this new technology, many scams are arising, so what’s a scam and what isn’t?

Satellite TV for PC runs on a brand new technology. To use this technology you will need to download and install a software program. Once the installation is complete you would be able to view over 4000 channels and find them nationally or from the countries Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands and Norway. This kind of service is similar to the normal TV you get from your local provider.

Instead of only being able to choose from 50 – 100 channels from your local provider you would be able to choose from a variety of channels.

One disadvantage for satellite TV for PC:

-It is not Mobile as data packages could cost very high amounts.

Also, instead of having problems of reception or setting up your dish or reception lost when a storm arrives, you would have instant TV access with Satellite TV for Pc.

Your probably wondering what is the price for this software. It is actually much cheaper than your local provider’s satellite service. It costs only around $50-$80 as a one time fee This is much cheaper than the hundreds of dollars it costs to maintain and service a normal Satellite TV.

As you can see, Satellite TV for PC is an excellent way to cut expenses and improve entertainment.

Visit Satellite TV For PC Now

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Like It Or Not The Web 2.0 Revolution Is Here To Stay

By Milton Reid

Web2.0 is still maturing and changing even now. The web today is no longer a static one-way system. Once visitors went to a site just to look and to read. Well that has all changed. What we have now is users participating in the millions, by using services, that allow them to connect to each other, rather than just being a visitor on a web site.

We now have sites that are interactive. Users of the Internet are no longer sitting at their computer watching, they are in it participating. Many are finding that the content, though it may not even be theirs, can be manipulated and it all happens instantly.

So really, what is WEB2.0? The answer can be a little confusing, if you were to ask 10 different web authorities what WEB20 is you are likely to get 10 different answers.

It could be defined as an incarnation of the World Wide Web typified by the transition from the typical website hosting pages, to a platform that provides a point of presence, know as web portal. From here several interactions occur.

Even the experts can't seem to agree, how are we the users supposed to understand how it works. There is still much disagreement, as to what actually defines Web2.0 it has been described as a marketing buzzword, with little meaning, yet many accept it as newer conventional wisdom.

There are many aspects of Web2.0, from the construction of the web page, to how the visitor interacts with it. This has all been brought about by the continuing development of Internet technology. We now have such magic as, XML edging out HTML making Web 2.0 a key element in the accessibility of your site.It is now the force that governs how the Internet works. You ignore it at your own peril.

Milton Reid "There's more to your web page than meets the eye!"Find out more at

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Blogging - What It Is and Who's Doing It?

By Jesse Miller

Yes, you can find several that tell you how to create a blog, but few discuss the culture of blogging itself. Blogging is a good way to meet people. Blogging is about the process and not the result. Blogging is a wonderful tapestry of creative artistry from many different artists. Blogging is all About bloggers that are interested in creative personal expression, and many blogs share practical knowledge or skills with others. Blogging is one of the newest Internet trends and is beginning to develop a cult-like following. There's no doubt that blogging is here to stay. For most people, blogging is a career-booster, both in their current job and when their looking for your next one. After all the very basis of blogging is the immediacy of thought being put forward. To some blogging has become a daily activity. Just like when we use Microsoft Word to type or email a letter, or like the computer you’re reading this on … blogging is a tool to be leveraged and used effectively to do your work easier and faster.

Bloggers also tend to be a creative bunch. Blogs are the voice of the computer and internet using community. Blog tools exist for every level of technical ability, and the options for subject matter are limitless. Beyond the most clearly political or issue oriented blogs, there are millions of other very personal and often mundane blogs that people maintain for various reasons. They offten focus on what is called the A-list bloggers who successfully attract thousands of readers per hour or day. Many of these A-list bloggers definitely challenge establish media. The influence is not just how many hits one individual blogger receives. It's more so about what is called the "aggregate effect," which is the power of bloggers discussing the same issue or story on any given day or week. So the audience for bloggers are not just reading what someone else has to say, but many in the audience will pick up the story or issue and write about themselves.

Warning: You should be aware of who and what you children are blogging. There are preditors out there watching and waiting.

Spybot There are hundreds of Adware deletion programs on the push. Your best bet is to go to a place like Spybot Download It lists the best Adware Removers presently on the push. Or just google the speak "adware remover". Like I said, you'll find hundreds. Some are good, some aren't. Free Spybot is a great situate for you to see which ones work, but I know some of you just like to google, and that's approval too ;). Just get one, I feel bad having to current so wholly for something so nominal.

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Have You Climbed Seven Summits on Seven Continents?

By Paul Vann

Last week I attended Robert G. Allen's, Enlightened Wealth Retreat in Washington, DC. I was learning how to become a millionaire and in the process I was inspired by a man who climbed seven of the world's highest mountains on seven continents.

Robert Allen introduced this world class athlete to the audience and the speaker simply blew us away with his testimony. Want to know what he said to inspire me?

I am glad you asked. The individual that spoke is named Werner Berger, this gentleman is 70 years old and is the oldest person in North America to have climbed seven summits on seven continents.

Let me give you a synopsis of what Werner recently accomplished as a climber. On May 22, 2007 Werner and their climbing expedition departed their camp at 9:30pm at night in their attempt to summit Mount Everest.

For those of you not familiar with Mount Everest, it has an elevation of over 29,000 feet above sea level. Werner stated, 'My body is fined tuned and was ready to go forward, however I was having doubts and fears about the last leg of the climb."

So how was Werner Berger able to overcome his doubts and fears and successfully climb to the summit of Mount Everest? Werner stated and I quote, "I made an adjustment prior to the final leg of the climb, it resulted in my mind and body becoming one. Once I became one, I was not to be denied climbing to the summit of Mount Everest."

Perhaps the mountains standing in your path are not as steep as Mount Everest, yet you still have to climb them because it involves your livelihood. I say to you, put one foot in front of the other, align your mind and body so it will become one and reach the top of your summit in life.

There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from living your best life possible, all you have to do is remain focused and never retreat. I know you can do it because you were born to win.
Paul Lawrence Vann is a motivational speaker and author of the book, Living on Higher Ground.
He leads Fortune 500 companies, associations, government agencies, and educational institutions to achieve higher levels of excellence through his leadership and diversity strategies. Hos clients include MasterCard International, United States Air Force Academy, USEPA, National Military Family Association, Toastmasters International, John Hopkins University, and numerous other organizations.,,,
(800) 476-8976.


Antique Wood End Tables - A Great Way to Add a Decorative Touch to Your Home

By Jennifer Akre

A few days ago, you decided to take a walk through your home and take a good, long hard look at how it was decorated. Overall, your were pretty happy with how things ended up, but there were still some empty, dead spots that you are not quite sure how to fill up. The solution to your problem is simple, just turn to magnificent antique wood end tables, which would be a lovely
addition to any room in your home.

Antique wood end tables have a beautiful, sophisticated look to them that would really enhance the appearance of any room that they are placed in. This look comes from their lovely design and the wood that they are crafted from. This design will usually feature a table top that is supported by four sturdy legs and will have intricate scrollwork and detailing, along with other decorative accents like hand painted designs, which makes it very, very pleasing to the eye.
Sometimes, they can come with drawers and extra shelving options so you can easily store and display any items you might have. Some of the woods that one can be crafted from include oak, maple, pine, and cedar that can be finished in many different ways. For a quick and easy way to see the different options that you could choose for your home, forget about getting in the car and driving to your local furniture store. Instead, hop online and do some online comparison shopping. Browsing all the online stores is a breeze and along the way, you will end up finding the best prices and the best quality products.

Now, antique wood end tables would be a nice choice for any room in your home. One great place that you could put one is in your living. Like, if you have a huge wall or something. It would be a nice way to break up the space and you could display a family photo on it to really give the space a homey feel. Another great place that you could put one is in a formal dining area. You could put it in the corner of the space as a nice decorative accent that could put an exclamation point on the room. Plus, along with being decorative, it would also be a nice place to store extra dining items, like silverware or linens. Really, one would be a nice choice for any room, including a bedroom, entryway or foyer area, and even at the end of a long hallway.

So, for the most part your home is looking pretty good. It is decorated how you want it to be, but there are still a few dead spots that need filling up. A great option for you then are beautiful antique wood end tables. They are a fabulous way to complete the look or your space and would be a fantastic addition to any room throughout your home.

As an owner of many indoor and outdoor home furnishing and design sites, Jennifer Akre, discusses valuable product information and comments on end table and end tables Learn how to decorate your home or office with style and elegance. Click today - Shop for: antique wood end tables

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