10 Great Places to Visit in Alabama

By Sunil Tanna

Alabama, nicknamed "The Heart of Dixie" is known for its heritage as a key southern state. Today the state contains an exciting mixture of old and new. From traditional agricultural events to high-tech rocketry, there's something for everyone.

Some highlights to visit in Alabama include:

1. Ave Maria Grotto (in Cullman): Also known as "Jerusalem in Miniature", and constructed by Brother Joseph Zoetti, a Benedictine monk, the Ave Maria Grotto is a 4 acre park containing 125 miniature reproductions of famous shrines and historical buildings from around the world.

2. Battleship Memorial Park (in Mobile): Home to the battleship USS Alabama, the submarine USS Drum, as well as many tanks and aircraft.

3. Bellingrath Gardens and Home (Southwest of Mobile): A beautiful 65-acre garden estate that offers walking tours, cruises on the Fowl river, and is home to an award-winning rose garden.
4. Birmingham Museum of Art (in North Birmingham): Contains an outstanding collection of over 21,000 works of art.

5. DeSoto Caverns Park (Southeast of Birmingham): offers guided tours through the state's biggest cave which is 12 stories high and larger than a football field. There are also a variety of family attractions in the park outside the caverns.

6. Early Works Museum Complex (in Huntsville): An impressive complex of three history museums including a hands-on history museum for children and a railroad museum.

7. International Motorsports Hall of Fame Museum (in Talladega): This museum, next door to the Talladega Superspeedway records and celebrates the history of motorsports. Exhibits include the Budweiser rocket car which was the first car to break the speed of sound.

8. Noccalulua Falls Park (in Gadsden): A 250-acre public park containing a legendary waterwall, as wall caves, Indian and civil war carvings, a pioneer homesteed, a mini-golf course, a petting zoo, and more.

9. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail (throughout Alabama): A must for golf-lovers. The Trail is a result of the largest golf course construction project ever attempted. and contains over 400 holes spread across multiple sites around the state.

10. US Space & Rocket Center (in Huntsville): contains the United States' largest collection space memorabilia and rockets including the Pathfinder shuttle simulator and a Saturn V moon rocket.

You can find out about all these attractions in Alabama, and others in the state too, at: http://www.vacation2usa.com/p1_state_alabama_attractions.php

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This article is Copyright (C) 2007, Answers 2000 Limited.

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Nokia N95 - Excellence Personified

By Adam Jaylin

The mobile phone market is going gaga over the new Nokia N95 that created a lot of stir amongst the users recently. And it is rightly justified in this case. This gadget is perhaps one of the mightiest devices as is visible from its popularity. Nokia N95 has hushed its critics and made them eat back their scornful comments that had come forth in relation to this device.

Nokia N95 is a mighty handset that looks like any other handset on the face value. And it looks good as well. This slider shaped device looks displays over 16M colours in its TFT screen. So the exteriors of this device are nice. Technically, Nokia N95 is a HSDPA device that works on Quad-Band GSM network, which makes this handset work in every part of the world, in the American subcontinent as well. Other connectivity features include GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth. Owing to its HSDPA connectivity and its inbuilt Wi-Fi system, Nokia N95 enables web browsing and e-mailing at a very high speed. Thus, this device becomes fantabulous in terms of its connectivity.

Coming to its camera, Nokia N95 has a powerful and high resolution 5 Mega Pixels camera that comes with Carl Zeiss optical lens, which makes the photographic experience more delightful. As a result you can also get an impeccable picture quality. Further, the music player in this device is also very powerful with an ability to play music in MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC+/WMA file formats. The Nokia N95 has also been equipped with GPS (global positioning system) which includes the installed map applications over 100 countries, assuring that you don’t get lost if you are travelling anew to an unknown territory. And if you like keeping abreast with the latest happenings of the world, its FM radio would keep you entertained.

With its document viewer, the user can also get an access to all of the corporate data through this mobile phone. Thus, it can also turn into a business device. You can also view all of your clicked movies and pictures in your mobile phone through the TV out feature.

Thus Nokia N95 is fit to become a mobile phone that not only appeases you but also inspires you to think big.

Adam is a marketing expert who brings the relevant information on various themes through articles.

Nokia N95

Mobile Phone Deals

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Feel Free with Sim Free Mobile Phones

By Deshawn Jon

Sim Free mobile phones remain the most trusted and the most traditional method that a mobile phone user can rely upon, for the purpose of staying connected. We all thought that this trend had been lost in the oblivion with the advent of the more tempting offers like contract mobile phones or pay as you go deals. But the trend wasn't gone, it was working at its own pace, and always had its niche customers. However, the present times is witnessing a resurrection of this trend... all over again. The fervour about these sim free mobile phones isn't inexplicable, but it is greatly helpful for many, who find this as the most convenient method of communication.

The sim free mobile phones are actually bought directly from the mobile phone dealers without getting hooked in any of the alluring pay as you go or the contract mobile phone offers. The latter may look more exciting to you but they have their own drawbacks that always remain concealed beneath their perky looking forefront. Contrasting the above phenomena, sim free mobile phones look very expensive from outside but they have their unsaid advantages.
Perhaps, this has made them so much popular once again in the mobile phone markets around the world. Nearly, every player is coming up with their own sim free mobile phones.

Basically, sim free mobile phones are Subscription Identity Module independent that gives them freedom from the shackles of the terms and conditions of a specific service provider. They are also greatly helpful for those people who are frequently travelling abroad and they have to shell a fortune to pay their international roaming expenses under their service provider. Instead, they can directly make use of a local sim card and can easily end up saving a lot of bucks.

Sim free mobile phones wouldn't let you remain tied to a particular network for a particular period of time. You can easily switch over to the network of your choice according to your own need and suitability. Thus, allow yourself a breath of fresh air and release yourself from the bonds of your contract mobile phone deal. Enjoy the benefits of sim free mobile phones!

We at Mobile Phone Deals are offered free latest handsets as a part of contract like Sim Free Mobile Phones deals with lots of offers and free gifts.

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LG Prada - Hail Beauty!

By Alice Erin

Exuding a rare magnetic charm, the LG Prada is a mobile that is breathtakingly attractive. This stunning handset is a joint result of the leading fashion house PRADA and that of the manufacturer LG. Thus, what we find in LG Prada is best of designing excellence and ergonomics. No wonder this handset has taken the market by storm, ever since its launch. And that's the reason we find this handset at the top of the charts when it comes to 'gifts for women'.

Dressed in all black, the LG Prada is characterised by a bare look. The exterior is dominated by a large high resolution screen and that's about it. There are no keys, no short cut buttons, no flipping and flapping, and no hidden surprises anywhere. So, the first time onlookers become a little inquisitive to find out how does this phone operate. And the answer lies in their touch. Yes, the LG Prada is touch sensitive. The external screen displays a comprehensive keypad, when the handset is activated. The keypad includes each and everything needed and is highly responsive. Which means, a little touch can make the keys operational. And that's impressive.

Talking about touch sensitive screen, you might be worried about the maintenance of LG Prada.

But that has also been taken care of. The handset comes with a screen that is scratch resistant.

Fashion is incomplete without entertainment and thus the LG Prada comes with interesting functionalities to enrich your life. The phone comes with a 2MP camera for visual entertainment, and has a Mp3 player for musical spree. There are also host of wallpapers, games and ringtones that comes along with the handset.

For connectivity, the LG Prada has Tri-band GSM network. It also offers the versatility of Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE to add convenience. The phone comes with a memory of 8 MB, which is expandable further, and is compact to be easily carried.

LG Prada

Alice Erin is an expert Author.He has written several good quality articles on Mobile Phones .
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Bridal Shower Favors

By L Hayes

Bridal showers have such a fun, girly atmosphere that bridal shower favors should also follow the same theme. Your guests will remember the event as an enjoyable experience even before the wedding. Your shower favors do not have to be just a reminder, but also a complement to the theme. There are just so many possibilities today. You can easily buy matching shower invitations, shower decorations and also the favors that will look like one coordinated occasion.

One of the best bridal shower favors, especially for lingerie themed parties, are little bodice-shaped sachets that can be filled with bath salts or potpourri or also candies. These sachets look so cute and are perfect keepsakes for the girls. There are many other wedding type shapes like wedding cakes, miniature handbags, mini beaded purses, bridal dress sachets, etc. You can also get those Victorian organza sachets for your garden party that are tied with ribbons and topped with silk roses that remind your guests of old-fashioned romance.

Amongst all the pampering that you receive as a bride, giving back to your guests, especially all the women who spoil you, is a thoughtful thing to do. For example, makeup kits or little lotion bottles, bubble baths, and personalized lip butters as bridal shower favors is thoughtful payback that they will really be thankful for. Manicure kits and soap favors will also be bonuses as is a small vial of perfume or nail polish. Personalized candles in tins that are scented in lovely fruity or floral smells are also perfect guest-pampering wedding shower favors.

Your guests might love pink polka-dotted manicure kits, but what they will also love to dangle on their purses is a key chain. A very practical favor, a key chain with feminine charms like kitty charms and wedding charms is such a lovely addition to your bridal shower favors. If you like bling, then gift your guests a large diamond ring that acts like a key chain – totally glamorous.

If you plan to pack the pantry with baked goodies, then give your guests little personalized cookies in the shape of wedding dresses and wedding cake cookies. You can also gift your friends, monogrammed petit fours or just chocolates in so many fun shapes that are a scrumptious treat.

Even cookie cutters in various shapes, like hearts or other wedding shapes, are romantic wedding favors that are also a great practical shower favor.

If you are planning a very prim and proper tea party then, of course, tea coasters and tea infusers and heart shaped sugars or even tea blends are personalized and available in marriage themed tins. Bee Mine honey jars are just the perfect accompaniment to your tea table as are heart shaped tea tablets. Tea with cakes? Personalized mini cakes are just the thing.

Finally, putting thought and imagination in your bridal shower favors can really make your bridal shower a truly fun and unforgettable experience for you as well as your guests.
Remember the nicest way to say thank you is to return the favor, literally speaking.

L Hayes is a wedding professional and owner of Wedding Favors Emporium. They carry an extensive line of unique wedding favors. They offer many popular gift ideas such as place card holders, discount wedding favors, and bridesmaids gifts. For more information about bridal shower favors, wedding planning, or wedding reception ideas, visit their website.

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Candle Wedding Favors

By L Hayes

Candles make such wonderful wedding favors. Almost everyone loves candles, so they are very much appreciated by wedding guests. There are so many choices with candles, too, not just in the candles themselves but also in the presentation of them. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect candle favor.

Just in size and shape, there is a vast assortment of choices. Selecting candles according to a theme will help to narrow down the choices, but there will still be a lot to choose from. You could even choose several different types or designs so your guests won't all receive the same candle.

Tea light and votive candles are great for putting in a beautiful holder. Figurines that hold the candle inside and allow the light to filter out are very nice for wedding favors. Flower shaped holders with a votive set in them are also a lovely choice.

Pillar candles make great wedding favors. Three inch pillar candles are the most popular size for this. They come in so many colors, it will be easy to match them to your wedding colors. They can be designed with your favor scent or unscented. Presentation can be in a nice little holder or in an organza bag with a book of matches embossed with the couple's names and the wedding date and a ribbon used to tie the bag closed.

Sculpted candles are a beautiful and unique choice. If more than one color is used in the wedding theme, the candles can be sculpted with all of them. These candles can be pillars or tapers. Both make wonderful wedding favors. Some sculpted candles are made with sculpted flowers that are 'glued' on. These are very beautiful and will be treasured by all the wedding guests.

Shaped candles can come in quite a variety of shapes. They can range from simple, round candles to an ornate pair of cooing doves. These candles can be selected from ready-made options or special ordered for the exact shape and colors wanted. This is a good choice for the creative bride.

Simple tapers in an elegant holder are wonderful to give as favors for more formal weddings. Though there are various sizes, six inch tapers seem to be the most suitable. They are not so tall as to be a hindrance at the table when guests are carrying on a conversation. With tapers, it is often the holder that is central to the wedding favor rather than the candle itself.

Finally, when you choose candles as a wedding favor, you are choosing a gift that will be appreciated by all your guests. It is a wonderful way to show you care and to add light to the occasion.

L Hayes is a wedding professional and owner of Wedding Favors Emporium. They carry an extensive line of unique wedding favors. They offer many popular gift ideas such as wedding placeholders, discount wedding favors, and bridesmaid gifts. For more information about candle wedding favors, wedding planning, or wedding reception ideas, visit their website.

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Understanding Credit Requirements On Unsecured Loans

By Mary Wise

In order to get approved for unsecured loans you can benefit from knowing exactly what requirements you’ll need to meet so as to avoid an unsecured loan decline.

To understand the reasons why most unsecured loans are harder to qualify for than secured loans, it is important that you comprehend the implications of collateral on loans and how they affect the risk variable that defines most loan terms and requirements for all kind of loans. When it comes to any financial transaction, anything that affects the risk involved on it will modify the rest of the variables.

Unsecured Loans Credit Verification

Almost all unsecured loans have credit verifications as a step prior to loan approval. The only loans that do not require credit checks are certain cash advance loans and payday loans.

These loans are indeed unsecured loans but of a very special kind. They only provide small amounts of money that need to be repaid in a short period of time and charge a very high interest rate for the money borrowed. However, you’ll benefit from the fact that they are approved within less than 24 business Hs.

The rest of the unsecured loans require credit checks and ultimately need a good recent credit history for approval. This doesn’t imply that if you have stains on your credit history you won’t be able to get approved. But your recent credit history (the last six months at least) has to be free from critical delinquencies like defaults or bankruptcy.

Consequences of the Lack of Collateral

Collateral offers a lender a guarantee of repayment as the property used as collateral secures the loan with its value. In the event of default, the lender can take legal action directly against the property’s owner to recover his money from the produced of the asset’s sell. This action is known as repossession and is the main reason why most borrowers are afraid of secured loans.

However, the lack of collateral increases the risk on the loan transaction and thus implies harsher credit requirements for the borrower and less advantageous loan terms too. The applicant will need to have a good credit score in order to get approved and must also show proof of a steady source of income to confirm his ability to repay the loan.

Overcoming Credit Requirements

As regards to credit requirements, the need of a good credit score is essential because the lender has no other assurance of repayment than the borrower’s credit behavior. However, these requirements can be bypassed if the applicant offers a co-signer with a suitable credit score and history to reduce the risk involved in the transaction.

The co-signer takes the main applicant’s place in the event of the latter defaulting on the loan. Since the co-signer is also obliged to the loan contract’s terms, he runs the same risks as the main applicant, putting his credit history in jeopardy if he doesn’t resume the loan’s payments when the main applicant misses a payment or two.

Mary Wise, a professional consultant at Badcreditloanservices.com with twenty years in the financial field, prevents consumers from falling into the hands of fraudulent lenders. In her website you will find more useful tips and interesting financial articles on this and many other related topics.

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Skin Tags - Treat Them Yourself at Home

By Jason Montag

There are tons of medical things that can affect any number of us at any given time. Many of this diseases and conditions are well studied, highly documented and tons of things are known about them. There are many exceptions and one of these is the skin tag. A skin tag is a very common and is a harmless condition that is nothing more than a projection of skin on the body.
This description is what they have in common as they vary in just about every other quality from color to size and shape. Some individuals have ones that are small and smooth and other have large strangely shaped ones. Some are light in color just as the surrounding skin is and others have deeper and darker colors. Basically they vary in just about every detail except for on. The owners want nothing more than to get rid of them.

These fleshy growths can appear any where on the body though they have their own favorite locations such as the armpit, groin, chest and even the eyelid. The majority of the people that discover these on their body tend to be middle-aged folks, though it can occur in younger individuals. As for men versus women, ladies tend to get these more often than men. There are a number of methods that science uses to treat these things ranging form freezing them away, tying them off to reduce the blood supply and even cutting them off of the body. These require the time and expense of going to the doctor, plus they seem a bit archaic. You can treat them yourself in the privacy of your own home for little as long as you use the right techniques.
Eliminate your own skin tags at home for cheap.

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X Games Parties Bring Extreme Fun to Kids Birthdays

By Gail Leino

Extreme sports are a popular twist to conventional team sports like basketball, baseball and football; celebrate your favorite trickster by throwing them an X Games Party!

The first step in throwing an X Games party is to decide whether or not to focus on one event or celebrate the entire category of X Games. Does the child prefer skateboarding to doing bike tricks? If so, use one event as the theme, and use the remaining games as a backdrop to support your theme.

One great spot for an X Games party is to hold it outside at a local park. If bikes or skateboards are your child’s forte then invite the other children and their parents to come to the park and to bring their boards and bikes. This way the kids can show off their latest tricks for everyone present. Plus if the party is outside there can be other activities such as games and playground equipment to keep those who are not interested in X Games occupied.

Party ware for X Games can be purchased pre-printed and is found all over the Internet and at local party stores. If the party’s budget doesn’t call for spending money on party ware, just use any colored plates and cups. A cake can easily be made at home and be decorated with bikes, skateboards and motocross figurines.

Anyway you slice it X Games parties are very popular and are enjoyed by kids of all ages. Consider using these tips for your next gathering.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for X-Games party supplies and fun party games. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free holiday printable games and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Themes including X Games Party Supplies to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or "just because" parties.
Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

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The Paintball Marker Has An Interesting History

By Samantha Kay

The Paintball marker of today has definitely come a long way since the introduction of the Splat Master years ago. The term itself "paintball marker" is relatively new. It tends to be more marketable then the words "paintball gun" to parents who have teenagers begging to get started in the sport.

Funny though true, the first paintball markers where used on cattle ranches. In a large herd of cattle where cows all bare very similar markings, it can be very hard to single one out of the herd. This is where the paintball marker proved to be a valuable tool. This was done usually to separate a sick animal from the herd. Once a cow had been marked, it was easily picked out of the herd.

From cattle ranches to playing fields, the sport of paintball evolved and continues to do so.
The Splat Master was one of the first markers available. It was a pistol made totally out of plastic. It was powered by small 12 gram Co2 cylinders and could only hold ten paintballs at a time. The rate of fire was also slow due to the fact the marker first had to be tilted back so a paintball would drop into the firing chamber. It then had to be cocked by pushing a button on the back of the handle.

Although even playing the game with this type of marker was extremely fun, it wasn’t long before players wanted something better, and they got it with the creation of the pump action paintball marker. The pump marker had a much faster rate of fire and could be modified with upgrades to improve performance.

Another great change that came with the pump marker was the introduction of metal parts that could be replaced. With older plastic markers, when parts wore out, a new marker was needed. Also the upgrade of "constant air" came about. Instead of using the 12gram Co2 cylinder, which was good for about 15 shots, the gun was equipped with a bracket that held a 12 ounce Co2 tank which was good for about 200 shots.

Constant air was a real breakthrough for the sport and was no doubt a huge stepping stone for the next step in the paintball marker evolution, which was the semi-automatic marker.

Compared to the pump markers, these guns had an incredible rate of fire. A player with a good trigger finger could pull off nine shots a second! With fire power like that, the invention of large capacity electric hoppers came onto the scene. These hoppers were mounted on the top of the guns and could hold up to 250 paintballs. They also were equipped with a small rotating arm inside the hopper which helped feed the paintballs to keep up with the much faster rate of fire.

The semi-automatic marker was truly a groundbreaking event for the sport, but the question still hung in the air would there ever be full auto?

That was question was soon answered with a paintball marker called The Angel, but what made the Angel a real marvel is that is was computerized. It was equipped with a small motherboard inside the handle of the gun. This allowed the user to select several modes of fire, including fully automatic.

Today's markers have followed the same road map that the Angel laid out, and we can only wait to see what the next generation of paintball markers will bring.

http://www.paintballexcursion.com brings you the latest on paintball. Paintball is gaining in popularity, and we want to bring you the most up to date information online! Be sure to check out our latest information page on paintball markers

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The Truth about Over the Counter Medicines for Headaches

By Kristi Patrice Carter

Almost everyone has used over the counter medications at one time or another in their lives to treat headaches. Lets face it, when your head starts throbbing, the fasting thing you can to alleviate the pain is grab some over the counter ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen. These types of medications have become a way of life for many people.

Over the counter pain relievers such as these are made to obstruct the production of prostaglandins in your body. Prostaglandins are the source of pain in the body. They are a made up of a substance much like hormones. Prostaglandins play very important roles in the body and most people are not aware of exactly what those roles are. By blocking the production of prostaglandins, you can effect other parts of your body’s regular functions.

Prostaglandins help to keep your blood pressure regulated as well as helping your kidneys functions properly and the also with the gastric acid secretions. By using over the counter medications to treat your headaches, you are really in a no win situation. On one hand your headache is gone but on the other hand you can be risking complications with your blood pressure as well as your kidneys or possibly even your liver.

With repeated use of such over the counter medications you can run the risk of even greater problems including such side effects as: nervous behavior, breathing problems, high blood pressure, cramping, nausea, diarrhea and indigestion, tension, constipation and even more headaches. Many people overlook such side effects as they are only focused on getting rid of the pain.

Before choosing an over the counter pain management for your headache, be sure you know the side effects of the medications. You want to make an educated choice and weigh your options carefully. If you are looking for short term relief, such medications as aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be a good choice. If you suffer with headaches on a regular basis then you will want to talk with your doctor to find a better pain management plan.

It is better to find the cause of the headache and treat it rather then to just treat the headache symptoms. Once you and your doctor know why you are getting the headaches, you can begin to fix the real problem not just the symptoms. Perhaps it is stress that is causing the headaches, therefore if you help to alleviate the stress the headaches won’t be a problem. Some people can even suffer headaches from certain foods, so avoidance of those foods that trigger the headaches will keep the pains at bay.

Don’t live with frequent headaches any longer! Learn about more treatment options for curing frequent headaches at http://www.frequent-headaches.com .

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Product Creation Secrets - The Key To Creating A Successful, Profitable eBook

By James Penn

Product creation is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. In order to be a recognised success, you need to have your own information products, in the form of eBooks.
Many people go about creating their products the wrong way though. They make one fundamental error that ultimately contributes 100% to their downfall.

This one mistake is simply providing a poor quality product. A product that doesn’t deliver on its promises. A product that fails to teach the reader what it should. Ultimately, a product that is worthless and a waste of the customers’ hard earned money.

By producing a poor quality eBook, the publisher sacrifices the insane amount of profits they could be making in sales.

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, and without a quality product do you really think customers are going to recommend their friends and family? Do you think JV partners will want to promote your product? Do you think affiliates will join your affiliate programme and start generating you sales? Do you think anyone in their right mind will want to be associated with your product in any way whatsoever?

I’d be embarrassed to put my name on a low quality product, and hopefully, you would be to… so don’t!

Creating a quality product takes no longer than it would if you were to create a poor eBook, so get it right from the start and make your product stand out from the endless amount of other products already available.

James Penn is an experienced niche marketer who has developed and profitably marketed a library of niche eBooks and reports. To discover how to create an insane passive income online by creating tiny reports, visit http://www.shortreportprofits.com

He also builds and manages a number of niche opt-in lists using a systematic marketing process, find out the process at http://www.insanepassiveincome.com

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What Is The Best Medication For Acid Reflux?

By Richard Smith

Sufferers of this condition have sought the best medication for acid reflux. But what is it?
Firstly, let's briefly touch on what causes acid reflux. Acid reflux, also known as GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (a valve at the bottom of the food pipe) fails and allows stomach acid to escape into the esophagus where its presence is felt as a painful burning sensation.

So, the best medication for acid reflux should prevent acid from coming into contact with the esophagus.

In times gone by, medicines have achieved this in different ways.

For instance, antacids are made of chalk which is effective for "mopping up" and neutralising acidity so that if acid makes its way into the esophagus, it is nearly neutral in acidity (pH) and does not cause any bad symptoms.

Later, H2 blockers were developed and were considered to be the best medication for acid reflux. They worked by cutting down production of stomach acid and therefore lowering the severity of acid reflux symptoms.

In the past ten years however, H2 blockers have hardly been used due to a newer and better alternative - PPIs or proton pump inhibitors -- these are now considered to be the best medication for acid reflux.

PPIs are chemically very different to H2 blockers, though they also work by cutting acid production. Unlike their earlier counterparts, however, they cut acid production in the stomach by over 99%. Hence, their new title as the best medication for acid reflux.

Like various antidepressants, PPIs have become cash cows for drug companies. In 2006, Nexium and Prevacid were the world's 3rd and 4th biggest selling drugs, both of which are PPIs. Only cholesterol lowering drugs sold more.

Are you still searching for that elusive cure for heartburn and reflux? Discover the latest cures and information for GERD and acid reflux at Heartburn Cures.

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Essential Business Communication of Your Strategic Plan Delivers Ongoing Employee Motivation

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Would you stop watching a national playoff were the teams were tied before the winner was declared? Would you stop watching a horse race before the winning horse crossed the finish line? Of course not! Yet, many business leaders expect their employees to continue the game or the race without knowing if and when the game or race was won, loss or even a near win.

After 30 years in business focusing on performance improvement, I am still at a loss when companies do not regularly communicate progress toward the business goals as identified within the strategic plan especially when these same business leaders tell me that employee motivation is a problem. This attitude and behavior of not communicating business results negatively and directly affects the performance of all involved and is truly counter productive to achieving the desired results.

When we look at professional sports, everyone usually waits until the game is over because they want to know who won unless the game is a runaway. Even when teams are down in the last inning or in the last quarter, faithful fans stay at the arena or tuned into the television because one never knows when that grand slam or a 80 yard punt return might happen.

Is your business game any different? To ensure consistent and constant execution of your strategic plan demands essential business communication planning and skills. Business communication should be planned so that your employees are continually motivated toward achieving those business goals that you are the business leader have established.

To what purpose does it serve by not communicating the results of the current team's efforts? Are you afraid that someone may say something and reveal proprietary information? As the business leader, you can share information in a general way or use percentages such as:

This month’s sales figures show that we are on course with our strategic plan and business goals.
First quarter productivity is 10% ahead of our business goals

Your current efforts have us ahead of our strategic projections by 5%.

Top down communication from you, as the business leader, will go a long way to executing your strategic plan and motivating your employees. And if you are still resisting this strategy, then turn off the television the next time your team is barely winning in the final minutes. How do you feel not knowing what happened? Do you think that your employees feel any differently?

P.S. Read the 7 Top Tips on How to Execute Your Strategic Plan

Are you experiencing repetitive challenges? Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S., an Indianapolis business coach and Chicago business coach, helps business people just like you to turn these challenges into measurable outcomes using results driven leadership skills for sustainable transformational change.

One quick question,Are you where youw ant to be? If you could improve the leadership skills of your business, increase customer loyalty, what would that mean to your bottom line, your daily productivity or sense of personal achievement? Then, take a risk and call 219.508.2859 for a FREE telephone consultation.

Visit http://www.processspecialist.com/ and explore everything from free articles to learning the "Secret of Success."

P.S. Leanne also speaks to help motivate individuals from keynotes to full days workshops. She can quickly customize her presentations to meet your needs.

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Using the Private Student Loan

By Ken Golden

There is a variance between federal student loans and private loans in the sense that federal loans are underwritten by the Federal Government. They offer scores of desirable terms like very affordable interest rates, postponed repayment, subsidized interest payment as well as longer payment provisions.

On the other hand, private student loans can be obtained from banks, credit unions including other financial institutions, and are based not on financial need, but on creditworthiness including capability to pay back of the borrower.

The private student loan may act as a supplement to federal loan programs and may perhaps be in support of several distinct purposes related to education such as instruction, books, living expenses as well as computer equipment. Interest rate percentages as well as payment terms will fluctuate from lender to lender including being based on the credit history of the borrower.

Occasionally, it is similarly possible for a co-signer to receive a private loan, although this is not needed, principally if the student has a sufficient credit report, is employed full time and is a US citizen or permanent resident. If the student fails to meet minimum eligibility requirements they might petition a private student loan with a co-signer who does meet the minimum requirements.

The rates of interest for a private student loan can be different in line with the special aim of the loan, and for private loans for undergraduates; the rate of interest would be LIBOR plus 4.65 percent.

With college costs steadily escalating and the number of applicants ahead of you for federal loans also rising, it is no surprise that private Student loans are fast becoming the most rapid growing source of funds for U.S. college education.

Several families notice in the private student loan, a fitting as well as effortless way of obtaining the capital vital to pay for college education costs. Applying for a private student loan is very simplified and the complete process can be over in as little as fifteen minutes.

Alternative or private student loans usually source their funding from private financial organizations and are not subject to Federal orders.

The cash obtained in this manner can be used to pay for tuition expenditure including many other costs related to education.

Private student loans can frequently be used to complement the federal student loans, specially when federal student loan funds do not cover the entire cost of education.

Find more credit and loan information at FinanceCreditPro.com, including advice on mortgage financing with bad credit.

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Five High Schools Seniors Get $123,000 For College

By Adekunle Oduye

Five graduating seniors from Nanaimo District secondary school earned $123,000 in scholarships for college this fall.

Stephanie Robinson, the career counselor for the school, said that students are having better opportunities getting scholarships because universities and colleges are making information on scholarships easier to access.

Kulveer Parhar, the top senior of the graduating class is going to University of British Columbia in hopes of becoming a doctor. Parhar received $65,000 in scholarships. His major scholarships were a $40,000 UBC entrance scholarship and a $20,000 national Millennium Scholarship. He also won some other small awards. Parhar was very involved in activities during high school which included being a big brother, coaching soccer and basketball and helping out in the hospital.

Brendan Boere won a $20,000 Millennium scholarship for his part to raise money for sustainable programs for the youth on Gabriela Island. He is also planning on going to University of British Columbia to study medical sciences.

Heidi Granter is heading to Queen’s University in Ontario with a $10,000 scholarship. Granter said she will be studying political science and economics but does not have an idea about she wants to do for a living.

Hayley Sedola will be earning a $12,000 scholarship and is also going to Queen’s University. She is studying to become a biomedical engineer.

Andra Jakobson is going to University at Ottawa with a $16,000 scholarship over four years. During high school, Jakobson helped raise funds to help children with AIDS at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Jakobson wants to study international development and globalization in hopes of joining politics and fighting for resources for third world countries.

Adekunle Oduye is a freelance writer from New York. For more information on scholarships and financial aid please visit http://www.Freescholarshipguide.com

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The Single Parent Strategy - How to Successfully Pay for College - FamilyVision Column

By Daryl Green

Beth found herself in a hopeless situation. She was divorced, the sole provider for her family, and the mother of three little kids. Although she was determined to make it, every step she took ultimately meant trouble. Beth knew that a college education would afford her with more opportunities. She didn’t have the money. She wondered if her life would change.

Impossible Dream
Are you pursuing your own dreams or the pipe dreams of someone else? Do you want a college education but it appears impossible? Do you feel it is already too late? If you answer “yes,” this report can assist you in fulfilling your dreams by completing college. As a personal coach and online advisor to families, I frequently get questions from single parents on paying for college.

However, it is really more than getting the money. How does a single parent get the emotional and physical support for completing college? The college experience is a challenge in itself; single parents also have to consider their children and in many cases, working a day job to make ends meet.

This article provides single parents with a proven method of getting financial and emotional support for obtaining a college degree. This strategy will be helpful to most individuals.

However, if you want more details, I highly recommend you review my special books for a more comprehensive analysis. I have spent countless hours reading books, searching websites, and reviewing past advice to clients to provide my readers with credible solutions to paying for college. Let’s explore this matter more closely.

The Financial Aid Mystery
Understanding the process of federal financial aid can appear like a jigsaw puzzle. The first step for most federal financial assistance begins with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at your local college or high school. You can apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

You should complete this form even if you feel you don’t meet the financial need requirement, based on your income. The U.S. government financial aid program includes Federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Loans, Plus Loans, Federal Consolidation Loans, Federal Supplemental
Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Perkins Loans. Scholarships and grants are not paid back by the student; however, loans are expected to be repaid by the student to the lending institution. It is important to work with the financial aid office where you plan to attend college. Remember, the process can appear to be difficult. However, it is to your benefit to be patient and follow through with the process.

The Single Parent Strategy
To be successful in obtaining free money, single parents need to develop a strategy. However, the problem is that many single parents get discouraged in the face of their hectic life and the additional stress of embarking on a college education. If a person had his or her own personal planner, life would flow a lot easier! In the absence of this assistant, having a strategy for college becomes even more crucial. After conducting extensive research and providing personal coaching, I have come up with a simple strategy for addressing these problems:

Check out www.fastweb.com to set up a profile for possible scholarships.

Contact your potential online college or a local college in your area for financial aid advice.

Check out the latest college scholarship books at your library, such as Peterson’s Scholarship.

Check out more non-traditional colleges. Go to Jonnie’s Distance Learning Website at http://www.geocities.com/liu_jonathan/dluniv.html.

Submit at least 100 scholarship applications.

Send letters for financial help to friends, co-workers, and other key people.

Write a letter or call local community groups in your area and ask them about scholarships.
Be persistent and patient.

The Path Forward
Paying for college is possible for the single parent if he or she is committed to his or her goals. The process of attending college is not an easy one. However, you have determined that you need additional education to improve the quality of life for yourself and your child or children.

This is one of the biggest decisions that you will make. With my approach you have a simple strategy for success. Do you have the energy and the desire? This is the critical question you must ponder now. Start today and improve the quality of your life.

Daryl and Estraletta Green, who have been noted and quoted in USA Today and AP, provide personal advice all around the country. Want a better life? Get a copy of My Cup Runneth Over:

Setting Goals for Single Parents and Working Couples at http://www.lulu.com/content/609612.
You can also contact them at http://www.darylandestraletta.com.

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The Secrets Of Clear Acne-Free Skin!

By David Rambai

In this article you will find out the secrets to achieving beautiful clear skin without any acne.
These are the secrets the greedy acne industry doesn't want you to know about!

DO NOT expect me to recommend acne cleansers or 'miracle' acne pills. I spent thousands on these and they didn't help cure my acne in the slightest.

These three simple steps can result in acne free skin in a matter of days...

Step 1: Avoid vegetable oil. It causes hormonal imbalance that results in acne and should be avoided like the plague. Cooking oils like sunflower oil are the most commonly consumed vegetable oil in western diets, but you should also check the food ingredients labels on foods like sauces to make sure it doesn't contain any vegetable oils! IF you want clear skin there is no getting around the fact that you must avoid vegetable oil...

Step 2: Get plenty of acne fighting nutrients into your body. These are vital to clearing your acne. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are the most important ones and you can get them in abundance from wholefoods, vegetables and by taking quality supplements.

Step 3: Check for and eliminate candida. A dead giveaway of a candida infection is a white coating on the tongue. To kill candida (which causes acne) then simply avoid sugar, eat plenty of vegetables and take probiotics. Beating candida isn't the easiest thing to do, but I managed it and so can you! There are even some advanced ways to kill it if the basics aren't enough.

The 3 secret acne killing steps just outlined are the exact natural prescription for acne you need. Take action today and start clearing your skin now!

David Rambai has written a free e-course for you called "Acne Cure Secrets"...which can be found at http://www.mrxacne.com.

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Cure Your Acne Naturally Today

By David Rambai

In this brief article find out how you can clear your acne naturally and with the minimum amount of fuss and hardship. Many acne cures exist but some fail the majority of acne sufferers.
The 3 simple steps I recommend not only cured my acne but have worked for many other acne sufferers.

Don't expect me to recommend any of the usual 'cures' such as zinc supplementation or fasting on apples...

...neither do I suggest spending lots of money on expensive acne products like cleansers or 'miracle' pills.

So onto what I consider to be the most effective acne cure anywhere...

1. Avoid eating vegetable oil. Vegetable oil causes hormonal imbalance that leads to nasty cystic acne break outs. IF you want clear skin DO NOT eat vegetable oils like sunflower oil. Found mostly in cooking oils and sauces, be on the lookout for these and find non-vegetable oil alternatives. You will see a major clear up of your acne by simply avoiding any consumption of vegetable oil.

2. Get lots of nutrients into your body. Modern food is generally depleted in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Having a deficiency in any of these causes acne. To solve this problem simply eat more wholefoods and vegetables and take some quality supplements. Getting lots of quality nutrients into your body can often clear acne outright.

3. Check for any fungi infections. These can cause acne even in those people who are not genetically prone to having acne. When I got rid of my infection I found my skin cleared up completely and never came back.

These three steps are natural, safe, easy-to-do, effective at clearing acne and work quickly.

They really are the secrets to curing acne and should be adopted right now. To clear your acne educate yourself on the above three steps and you will find acne is actually very easy to cure.

David Rambai has written a free e-course for you called "Acne Cure Secrets"...which can be found at http://www.mrxacne.com.

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Is Your Soul Broken?

By Cassandra George Sturges

What is a Broken Soul? Your soul is broken when who you are on the inside, doesn’t match who you are on the outside.

A broken soul is related to how you feel about yourself, your truest, deepest and most honest beliefs; your philosophy about life; your original ideas and sincerest thoughts, feelings, emotions and sense of what is right and wrong. Your soul is who you are when no one is looking; where no one else can see. Your outside persona includes your physical body, spoken and written words, habits, actions and behaviors.

How can a person break their soul?
Every time you lie to yourself, go against your own sense of fairness, compassion and integrity; fail to follow your dreams and utilize your gifts and talents, hurt someone you love consciously or unconsciously you detach the spiritual bond between your body and your soul. When you believe in one thing and you act and behave in an opposite manner, you become an empty vessel, a shell, a person without substance. Your physical body is alive, but it is hollow and vacant because it lacks integrity and meaning. Many of today’s young celebrities such as Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, Nicole Richie and even the late Anna Nicole Smith may have broken souls. These young, wealthy, physically beautiful women have the outside appearance of prosperity, but their actions and behaviors do not exemplify inner peace.

We live in a culture that tells us that when ever something is ailing us; we can fix it with a psychotropic drug, weight loss or cosmetic surgery. The other portion of society tells us that we need to join organized religious communities. None of these suggestions are wrong depending on the individual’s personality and emotional needs; but it is essential and crucial that each person learn to take an honest look within them selves to determine if they are doing everything within their own power to their best of their ability to promote health, wealth, peace, love and happiness in their own lives.

The only way that you can re-attach your soul to your body is by aligning your thoughts, words and actions into one being.

Is a broken soul similar to a broken heart?
A broken heart can cause a broken soul when you continue to repeat the patterns that caused your heart to break. For example, continuing to pick the same type of guy without looking within yourself to analyze why you are attracted to certain types of men. However, a broken soul does not typically lead to broken heart because it is impossible to deeply care about others when you don’t truly know, love or care about yourself.

Examples of Broken Souls

Scenario A Fidelity

1. Beliefs, personal moral code of right & wrong, honest emotions / feelings You believe in fidelity. You want to be in a relationship with a person whom you can trust.

2. Words, what you tell others orally or in writing. You make a vow to be faithful. You tell your mate that you are faithful.

3. Actions, behaviors, habits- What you do You cheat on your mate.

Scenario B Education

1. Beliefs, personal moral code of right & wrong, honest emotions / feelings

You believe that education is important. You have always wanted to practice law.

2. Words, what you tell others orally or in writing.

You tell everyone that you are going back to school to earn your degree.

3. Actions, behaviors, habits- What you do You watch television and hang out with friends in the evenings. You picked up an application once, but never filled it out.

Scenario C Following your Dreams

1. Beliefs, personal moral code of right & wrong, honest emotions / feelings You feel happiest when you are singing, dancing or involved in any type of performance. You love music with every cell of your heart, mind and body. People tell you that you are talented and gifted as a singer.

2. Words, what you tell others orally or in writing. To impress your parents, teachers and naysayers, you tell everyone that you are going to college to be a doctor.

3. Actions, behaviors, habits- What you do You are enrolled in a pre-med program. You try to ignore the pain in your stomach, your headaches and the deep misery that you feel inside. You rationalize your unhappiness by telling yourself that doctors make good money and your family will be so proud of you.

Scenario D Being true to yourself
1. Beliefs, personal moral code of right & wrong, honest emotions / feelings

You love to write.

2. Words, what you tell others orally or in writing.

You tell every one about the book you are going to write some day.

3. Actions, behaviors, habits- What you do You never write because you are tired when you get home from work and exhausted from the daily demands of taking care of your family.

Scenario E Being true to yourself

1. Beliefs, personal moral code of right & wrong, honest emotions / feelings

You want to lose weight to improve your health.

2. Words, what you tell others orally or in writing.

You tell every one that you are on a diet.

3. Actions, behaviors, habits- What you do You don’t exercise. You make unhealthy food choices.

Scenario F Having Faith
1. Beliefs, personal moral code of right & wrong, honest emotions / feelings In your heart and spirit, you believe in God, a Superior Being or a Higher Power bigger than yourself. You feel that your deepest dreams, desires, wants and needs will manifest in your life.

2. Words, what you tell others orally or in writing. You tell everyone about your amazing faith, trust and belief in God or a Higher Power. You tell other people to have faith and believe.

3. Actions, behaviors, habits- What you do You cry yourself to sleep each night because you are worried about your bills being paid and how you are going to provide for your family. You haven’t looked for a new job, or started your own business because people say, “the economy is bad.”

If you do an honest assessment of what is really bothering you and all of the things that you can start doing at this very moment to change your life, you will begin to heal your soul. Guaranteed.

10 Signs of a Broken Soul

1. You have a drinking or substance abuse problem.

2. You have been depressed for more than 6 weeks

3. You feel no enjoyment for life.

4. You are in a sexually, physically or psychologically abusive relationship.

5. You are actively involved in criminal or illegal activity.

6. You have reoccurring suicidal thoughts

7. You have an eating disorder

8. You are abusing someone else physically, psychologically or sexually.

9. You are not doing anything productive with your time.

10. You constantly complain about hating yourself or your life.

Techniques to heal a Broken Soul

1. Validate yourself. Start exactly where you are. Call your self beautiful. Start your business. Do not seek external validation from any one.

2. Go on a journey of self-exploration. What is your favorite color, food, song, movie, day of the week, holiday. Everything that you love is a clue to the mystery of who you are. The things that you love are internal pieces that create the external picture of who you are.

3. Forgive everything and everybody. No exceptions.

4. Practice random acts of kindness. Put a dime in an expired parking meter. Pay for someone’s breakfast, dinner or lunch without revealing yourself. Put toilet paper in a public restroom for the next person. Shovel someone’s snow or rake their leaves without them knowing who did it.
Leave a tip on some else’s table. Find unique ways to put a smile on other people’s faces. Their smiles will make you smile.

5. Ask for forgiveness—it doesn’t matter if they accept your apology. This gives them the opportunity to heal when they are ready. Forgive yourself for past mistakes.

6. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself. Read the self-forgiveness letter to yourself each night until you are able to let go. You can’t forgive yourself until you are emotionally ready to forgive yourself.

7. Give yourself 6 months to make one change. Don’t try to change too many things about yourself at one time; this is overwhelming. If you try to stop smoking, don’t include losing 50 lbs, and find a cure for cancer. Take it slow and steady.

8. Watch Shawshank Redemption, the Pursuit of Happyness or any other movie that gives you hope.

9. Find one thing that you absolutely love about yourself and think about it once a day, all day long.

Cassandra George Sturges MA, MA, Psy.D is a mother of two teenagers, a full-time psychology instructor, advice columnists for Today's Black Woman Magazine, Seminar facilitator, author of "A Woman's Soul on Paper" ISBN: 0595171435. Dr. Sturges is the author and publisher of Authentik Beauty Magazine. A 1 year subscription to Authentik Beauty Magazine is only $49.99 for 6 issues; mail request to: Authentik Beauty Magazine, P.O. Box 980679, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.
Caution: Articles and clip art are sensuously and beautifully designed for a mature audience only. We accept cash, checks & all major credit cards. Http://authentikbeauty.blogspot.com

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How to Give a Funny Best Man's Wedding Speech

By James Nardel

This is the one time in your best friend’s life when you have to make things memorable for him.
This is your job as his best man. What better way to make his wedding memorable than to dedicate a funny speech for him? After all, weddings should be fun, shouldn’t they?

This is the time to send off your friend and his partner as a married couple so make sure you tell them, “Take care, you’re on your own!” Just kidding. But hey, best friends kid a lot don’t they?

Some people would love this comment. After all, when a couple decides to get married, they’re usually ready. A big emphasis on the usually ready part, there are a lot of couples, especially young ones, who change their minds on their wedding day. So to make doubly sure that this gets the desired effect, follow up by bringing up pleasant memories the couple have shared, make a joke or two about them to lighten the mood. As the couple’s best friend, for sure you’ve heard tons of them. By doing this, you promote a warm feeling of comfort, drawing the couple closer, as well the people around them. It doubles as an invitation to everyone else to express his or her support at the reception.

Getting married also means less time for hangouts with friends and more time for the missus and the kids. Usually guys take it badly so as the best man, you should find a way to make light of this. Say something like, “We were wondering when you’d get hitched, I guess you took your sweet time finding the perfect bride. She’s so unlucky to have such an ugly husband like you.”

By telling someone how lucky he or she is, even by irony gives that person pride. This is another way of reminding people that they have more reasons to be happy than to think of things that they may no longer be able to do. Again, the most important thing is to make the couple feel that they have your support.

These are but a few of the possible things you may say as the best man during a wedding. Use caution, these are just, but examples. They may work in some cases and sometimes they might not. It all depends on how the best man knows the couple. One only has to take into consideration that this is a day a friend and his partner will start a new life as a couple. As the best man, your duty is to express your support to help them leave their doubts behind and look forward to this new life.

Instantly download over 100 complete Wedding Speech Templates plus 200 Toasts, Wedding Jokes and Quotes or get Absolutely Free Wedding Toasts and Speeches at http://www.FreeWeddingToasts.net.

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How to Weight Train for Maximum Gain

By Ken Wilssens

Weight trainers want to make the most of their workouts. Therefore, the question for them is how to weight train for maximum gain. The best way to make the most of weight training exercises is to use free weights. When weight training, the main types of equipment consists of barbells and dumbbells as well as machines that use cables and pulleys. The barbells and dumbbells are called free weights. They help to stimulate the muscle fibers.

When you use a bench press, you work out the maximum number of stabilizer muscles. Along with synergist muscles, stabilizer muscles are the main supporting muscles used when doing lifts. You don't need any stabilizer assistance if you bench press on a machine, but with free weights, this targets the muscle mass effectively. If your muscles are already weak, using a machine won't help them grow.

Free weights put a lot of resistance on the muscles. This is the reason you get tired faster when using them and think they are not working as well as a machine. However, they will help you gain muscle mass quicker and gain the strength you need.

When beginning a weightlifting regimen, you should start out using a combination of machines and free weights. You should become familiar with the proper way to do each exercise before you move on to harder and more complicated routines. For working the large muscle groups, you should use multi-jointed exercises. These involve the movement of many muscles at the same time. A typical routine would consist of:
* Bench press

* Overhead press

* Pull ups with barbells

* Squats

* Deadlifts

* Bar dips

Thus through the process of your workout you target all the major muscle groups in the body.

For lots of information on bodybuilding routines and other bodybuilding related topics, visit Your Bodybuilding Guide at http://www.yourbodybuildingguide.com

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Tuberculosis, What Is It?

By William Weaver

Tuberculosis ( abbreviated as TB for Tubercle Bacillusis) is caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB is most common in the lungs but can affect other areas of the body such as bones, joints, the circulatory system, the nervous system and the lymphatic system.

Tuberculosis, what is it and what are the signs and symptoms of the disease?
For most people that have the TB bacteria in their bodies, their immune system has encapsulated the bacteria so that it doesn't affect the body. This means that you can't infect others with the bacteria. The bacteria could lay dormant in the body for years and years. Since you may have the bacteria in your body, it's important to keep your immune system in top shape in order to keep the disease at bay.

Approximately a third of the worlds population has the TB bacteria in their bodies. However, not everyone that is carrying the bacteria will get the disease. About one in every ten people that are carrying the bacteria will get the active form of TB. About half of those that get the active disease will die from it. More and more people in developed countries are getting TB because their immune systems are compromised by HIV/aids or by drugs they are taking both legal and illegal. There are new strains of TB that are showing up that are resistant to the common drugs used for treatment.

There may not be any symptoms of the disease until it reaches an advanced stage. Some of the symptoms that you may have the disease are: unexplained loss of weight, no appetite, loss of energy, cough, a fever and night sweats. These symptoms are the same as other diseases so your doctor will have to run tests and a chest x-ray to see if these symptoms are the result of active TB. Tuberculosis can also occur in other organs of the body such as the genitourinary tract and lymph nodes. There are several types of skin tests that are used to screen for TB, it takes 48-72 hours for the results to show up.

If you have these symptoms be sure to see your doctor immediately. It may not be TB, but you will want to know for sure. In any case you will want to know whatever it is and get it treated. I hope that this information helps you answer the question, Tuberculosis, What Is It?

Here is a very good article directory to do your research or website promotion, it has a wide variety of articles and other information, plus a dictionary, Todays birthday, article of the day and a game to play and lots more. If you are promoting an affiliate product you can include your links. Come and browse. http://www.uncommonreads.com


How To Find Cheap Dental Coverage - Right Now

By Joe Stewart

Are you looking for cheap dental coverage? If so, here is an inexpensive solution that you may want to look into. The solution is called a discount dental plan. Dental discount plans are not insurance, but simply a membership service that allows you access to qualified dentists within a network that are willing to perform dental procedures for a substantial discount in exchange for being paid cash at the time of service. That way they don't have to wait to be paid by insurance companies, make payment arrangements, etc..

You can actually save anywhere from 10 to 60% on every day dental procedures by becoming a member of one of these plans. You can take advantage of all services provided such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, root canals, crowns, dentures, x-rays and much, much more. Here's an example of how dental discount plans work.

You choose an available plan in your area and then make your annual payment, which can be as low as $79.95 for an individual or $149.95 for an entire family per year. After completing your membership application your paperwork will be processed and you'll receive your membership information within one to three business days, after which you can begin seeing any dentist and within the network.

Pre-existing conditions are covered. This means that, unlike dental insurance, where you can't have any current problems fixed as a new patient without going through a waiting period, you can have your issues taken care of right away. This means that if you have a toothache, need a root canal, need new dentures, need braces, or whatever other dental procedure you may need to have performed, it can be taken care of for you. The only thing that you must be prepared for is to pay for the discounted fee at the time of your visit.

So if you're looking for cheap dental coverage it's possible that discount dental plans may be your answer.

Do Dental Discount Plans Really Save You Money or is Dental Insurance The Way To Go? Find Out The REAL Truth by Visiting Discount-Dental.net or by clicking on Cheap Dental Coverage . Joe Stewart is a former Life And Health Insurance Agent that now works for himself by providing solid, expert information to consumers.

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Garage Storage Ideas

By Ken Wilssens

You may need some garage storage ideas if your garage is cluttered and you can’t find the things you need. More and more people are using the garage as an extension of the home and are spending more time in the garage. Therefore they need the garage to look neat and tidy and have the tools they need at their fingertips when they want to use them.

Wall mounted shelves in a garage are a great idea for storing everything you need where you can easily see what is on each shelf. Some shelving units can cover the entire back or side wall of the garage and you have nothing scattered on the floor when you have the shelves organized.
You can have the shelves labelled so that anyone will be able to see where something needs to go when they put it back and it is much easier to find what you need. There are also free standing shelving units that are suitable for garages. You just have to make sure that the floor in the garage is level and the shelving unit will stand on its own. The benefit of using this type of storage is that you can move it around the garage when you need a certain part of the garage to store something else.

Other storage ideas for your garage include having hooks and brackets on the walls where you can hang work clothes, shovels, gardening tools, bicycles or even your golf clubs. There are special units you can purchase that will safely store sports equipment, such as tennis rackets, baseball bats and balls and even snowshoes.

If you have dangerous chemicals and pesticides in the garage, you do need to have storage cabinets with locking doors. This prevents any children from gaining access to these hazardous materials. A pegboard installed above your workbench will easily accommodate your tools and when you have the outline of the tool drawn on the board you know exactly where to put a tool when you are finished using it. You can also consider overhead storage units that hang from the beams and do not take up any of the workspace in the garage.

For lots of information on garage storage solutions and other garage remodeling related topics, visit Garages Spot at http://www.garages-spot.com

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Using Federal Government For Small Business Loans

By Patrick Zanders

When you are in business for yourself, you need to realize that you have to take full advantage of EVERYTHING that is available to you. I understand that locating money for your business needs is not as easy as ordering a grant book from a guy on television with question marks all over his suit, but the truth is YOU CAN INDEED use the federal government to grow your small business.

The government backed loans that you want to look into is the Small Business Administrations (SBA) GAAP loan used for business expansion. Now, you may be thinking that obtaining Federal Government small business loans through the SBA would be terribly difficult, but what if I were to tell you that 99.9% of EVERYONE that applies gets the loan immediately? Truly amazing isn’t it. For many years, the Federal Government small business loans have been granted to the general public, it’s simply a matter of locating the one that is best for you.

Getting back to the GAAP line/loan, there is not a better or easier way for you to fund your business. Here are a few of the points why it is such a good thing to go after.

1. It is an unsecured line, which means that there are no assets or collateral needed to obtain the loan.

2. It is quick. The approved funds can be in your account in 10 business days.

3. Extremely low interest rates , because they are government backed.

4. Almost everyone is approved.

The trick to obtaining these loans is to find them. We have made our business out of jus locating these sources and you would be surprised at just how many government backed programs are available. All are nationwide and you simply have to know the right
person to contact and let them know what you need.
So to wrap things up….Can you locate and use the Federal Government to fund your small business in the form of a loan? Yes indeed you can.

Patrick Zanders is an author, expert financial consultant, real estate investor, managing partner of http://www.ezunsecuredcredit.com and is available via email at pzanders@comcast.net

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