Productive E-book Income -- Generate Higher Income With E-book

By Sean R Mize

E-book writing is becoming a potentially powerful means for people to generate greater income. With the numerous and immense demands for e-books, sourced from companies which make e-books as their way to entice people to drive traffic on their sites. E-books have become tremendously in demand because of this. As such, there is basically the scarcity of e-book writers to produce the mass demand for such. In which case, an ensured higher generated income is in place.

a. Create an e-book which topic has numerous followers. In writing an e-book, it is important that you know the pulse of the selling market before you engage into finalizing your work. This means that prior to working on the e-book, you need to make sure that the topic that you are writing is what the consuming public demands. In addition, you have to make sure, too, that you get to consult your own self whether or not you are capable of writing it or not.

b. Enhance your knowledge by making sure that you get all the information that you need for the completion of the e-book. By immersing yourself with research, you can get to have more and more information that you ca use to make your e-book even becoming more informative, essential in contents, accurate, and validated. The information that you will get out researching, can invariably help your e-book and yourself as a writer.

c. Make sure that you conduct necessary checking in terms of grammar, coherence of ideas, punctuation and all others before you finally say that the e-book is a finalized one. Trying to ensure that the e-book is error free gives not only the writer but the company or the entity who will use it the credibility it deserves. The e-book shall earn a considerable amount of respect from people.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article marketing success, ‘Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide‘
Download it free here: Secrets of Article Promotion

Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published eBooks.

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Medical Transcriptionists - Protect Your Ears!

By Mary Ruff-King

If you are a new medical transcriptionist, it won’t be long before someone screams in your ears. Not literally, of course. However, it is a given that sooner or later you will be listening to a tape or a digital recording and someone in the background will be screaming or some other awful noise will accost your ears. This can actually be painful and quite startling.

Doctors are notorious for flipping x-rays around while dictating which can jar your ears. Also, a sudden ringing of the telephone or even the flushing of a toilet (!) can cause you to yank off that headset in a hurry. I think most medical transcriptionists agree that we have all suffered from aural fatigue at one time or another by having to transcribe dictation accompanied by noisy backgrounds and various god-awful sounds.

Medical transcriptionists can protect their ears to some degree by placing the earbuds of the headset over the tragus (plural form: tragi) of each ear and turning up the volume, if required. When working in an office environment, this is the best solution to this problem.

Those medical transcriptionists who work at home have the luxury of not wearing headsets at all and can turn up the volume without fear of disrupting anyone else, save their family and/or pets.

If this problem persists throughout the dictation, report the noisy dictation to your supervisor and play the tape/digital recording for him/her. The doctor can be apprised of it too, either directly by you or by your supervisor, depending upon your particular work situation. Sometimes that will help, at least for a while.

Also, you can go one step further and purchase a custom set of earplugs that can be worn when you are in a movie theater or a noisy place, such as a mall. Custom-made earplugs may be obtained at local gun shows, and they will serve you very well in your efforts to protect your hearing when you are not transcribing medical reports.

Medical transcriptionists need to protect their ears, their most valuable asset, at all times but especially when transcribing dictated medical reports.

Mary Ruff-King is an author who has worked as a medical transcriptionist for many years. Medical transcription is a field which is wide open for opportunity and advancement and offers flexible work opportunities. For further information on medical transcription and related articles/information about becoming a medical transcriptionist please visit

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How a Diamond Should Be Cleaned

By Thomas N

A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of love, devotion and a promise of a marriage and happiness. And it also probably one of the most memorable moments in someone's life
the sparkle of the diamond will take your breath away after viewing your engagement ring for the first time and the many times afterwards. An engagement ring is something that will be worn for many many years and possible handed down to the next generation. So keeping it clean and free from scratches is a must.

Because your engagement ring will be worn everyday products such as hair styling sprays, hand lotions and other house hold products can cause the sparkle to fade and the ring its self look dull so it's best that you keep the ring away from these products as much as you can. Over time you may find that gunk and grime will build up behind the diamond making it look dirty and unattractive but don't worry it can be cleaned. right from the comfort of your own home.

Although diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man they are often coated in a special substance to protect them and keep their shine, Using abrasive substances and by brushing the diamond with something coarse could potentially remove this protective coating making the ring more susceptible to dirt and grime.

You may find there are many products you can buy to clean your diamond engagement ring however this is not always needed. Although most of these products are cheap why waste money on them if you got other products that do the same thing laying around the house.

Steps on Cleaning

First remove the ring from your finger find a small bowl and fill it with warm water and some mild dish washing liquid, place your diamond ring in the solution and leave to soak for a few minutes, 2-3 minutes should be fine, but if using a not detergent soap you should let the ring soak for 10 minutes.

Remove the ring from the water solution and use a very soft brush to gently remove and dirt that is visible. Never use something that hard bristles as this can damage and scratch the ring setting, I find babies toothbrush works fine as the bristles are soft and the head is small enough to get into tight cracks. If you don't have a baby toothbrush a eyeliner brush should be able to get the job done.

Once you have removed any debris and dirt place the ring back in the water to give it a final clean. Remove the ring and rinse it well with warm water then dry the ring with a lint free cloth
if you are cleaning by the sink make sure that you cover the drain to avoid dropping and losing your ring in the drain. If you find that there is still some dirt or grim left on the ring try using a wooden tooth pick to gently easy it away then rinse again and pat dry with a lint free cloth. Don't press to hard with the toothpick though or else you might have small pieces of wood stuck in between the ring.

If you do decide to use a chemical solution to clean your ring and your ring contains more than one type of gem stone, always use the solution that is designed for the less durable stone or you could end up damaging the stone with the more abrasive and/or acidic solution.

The best way to keep you rings and jewelry clean and looking good is

*Remove them or wear protective gloves when you are using products that can damage them or working around the house.

* Keep you diamonds and pearls separate, as that diamond can scratch that pearl necklace.

* IF you can't keep jewelry separate wrap pieces of jewelry in velvet, paper, or silk.

* To reduce greasy build-up on diamond jewelry dip it in plain alcohol or vodka before soaking.
Original guide can be found on my site and for more how-to articles go to my daily updated blog

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How To Get Back Into Dating After A Divorce

By Clyde Lee Dennis

When a marriage ends in divorce dating again can be quite uncomfortable… In the beginning. After having been out of the dating scene for possibly years you may be somewhat intimidated about getting back in the game. Like anything else though, with a little of practice it won't seem quite so intimidating to you. The unknown is always uncomfortable or alarming, but do not let this stop you. Your confidence will develop with even just a little practice. Be patient and remember practice makes perfect.

You'll first want to prepare yourself mentally to increase your social life and to take new risks. Talk to those you're close to about your plans to begin dating. They can be a great source of information and support, and may even know someone you might like to meet. These friends will also be a great resource for finding out where to go to meet people locally, or on the Internet. Don't be embarassed to pick their brains on matters you're not yet caught up on. This will make it less intimidating.

To give yourself a boost, take on a positive attitude, and catch yourself whenever you start feeling negative. In the early stages refrain from being overly self-critical. Realize that everybody comes with a little baggage, mental scars, or other issues that make us all a little shaky about ourselves on occasion.

On a first date it's a good idea to plan on meeting in a public place. This allows both parties to feel more comfortable as personal safety is removed as an obstacle.

If the date goes well take the time to get to know each other gradually over time. There really is no rush. At this point you've been down this road before so you know what you want and don't want in a person and relationship. Now is the time to discover whether or not these characteristics are present.

A word of caution here, do not be in a hurry to introduce whom ever you're dating to your family. Doing this only adds unnecessary pressure to your growing relationship. When the time is right to exchange family greetings it will feel like a natural part of the process.

By taking time to get to know potential partners, and allowing yourself to become comfortable with each other before you know it you will have lost all of those initial dating jitters.
Jewish Dating

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How to Remove Spyware From My Computer

By Vanesa Ayala

Having spyware installed on your computer can have serious precautions for you and your computer. Spyware does exactly what it suggests, it spies on you. This can be interesting for advertisers. Because by spying on you they know what kind of sites and products you like. With this information they can show the most interesting ads for you.
Spyware is very powerful software, it gives full control over your computer to the developer of the spyware program. It is as scary as it sounds. Unlike viruses, whose goal usually is to damage your computer, spyware wants to gather information from you and your computer and remain undetected. Some computers run perfectly for years with spyware installed on them.

The more dangerous spyware variants can do more then just spy on your surfing habits. For example there are spyware programs that can detect when you are entering a credit card number and send the information to an anonymous server. Once they have your credit card details, they can do with it as they please. Also passwords from some sites are very interesting for these spyware developers. Can you imagine that they steal your paypal password? Your account will be empty before you know it.

To protect yourself from spyware, you can simply install a spyware scanner. A spyware/adware scanner can scan, detect and remove any spyware/adware programs that got installed on your PC. Some of the more intelligent scanners can even scan your computer real time, preventing you from installing the spyware in the first place.
Learn more about spyware removers

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How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim

By Darren Faulder

Taking a holiday or business trip is usually quite straightforward. Most of the time, you buy your tickets, fork out a bit extra for travel insurance (because it’s just what people say you should do) and jump on the plane. But what happens when something goes wrong, and that safety-net insurance policy you bought actually needs comes in to play?

Many people’s first reaction to realising they have to make a travel insurance claim is slight panic – what evidence and documentation do you need? Does your situation even warrant a claim? What happens if it all falls through? Don’t worry – there are a few basic things you need to remember, and if you can do that, all should work out fine.

Who do I Contact, and When?
Depending on what it is exactly you’re claiming, you have differing amounts of time to act. Before you leave on your trip, you should take two copies of your travel insurance details, packed in separate places. This should contain the full name of the travel insurance company, the policy you chose, the dates you’re covered for, full contact details, and most importantly your unique policy number. More often than not, the company will provide you with a handy wallet-sized card with all of this information. If in doubt, take as much information as possible.

Generally, the sooner you contact your insurance company the better. In cases of medical emergency this is important. In non-life threatening cases, and where you don’t have full details of your policy with you, it might be best to contact the company to see if you’re covered before you opt for whatever insanely expensive treatment you may need. Due to the higher costs involved, your company needs to know ASAP. They will obviously also need to be contacted ASAP if you need to be evacuated home, such as from an area where you may not be able to get quality care.

If, on the other hand, you’ve lost or had something stolen, you generally don’t need to contact anyone from the company until you get home – and you often have up to a month to get around to this. What you do need to do, however, is report all theft to the local police, and obtain a report of the ‘crime’ in question. Be aware, in developing countries with high numbers of foreign tourists, this is seen by many police as a waste of their time - you might have to slip the officer in question a few bills to get anything done. (Incidentally, this won’t be covered.)

If you’re lucky enough to have your luggage lost by an airline, bus company or even hotel, try and obtain a report from them admitting culpability. Without this, your company may dispute your claim. The people who lost your goods may offer a private settlement themselves – get this written down as well.

Where’s the Proof?
Large numbers of people take out travel insurance, and, feeling slightly annoyed that they haven’t been the victim of a mugging or hostel robbery, attempt to claim that aging analogue camera as stolen. To claim, you must present proof of ownership. This is often easily done by showing the receipt for the item, but as many people simply don’t keep receipts that long, other methods are accepted; bank or credit card statements, warranty cards, even photographic evidence can be used to show that you owned a given item. If you can’t provide anything whatsoever, you may not be able to claim. Check your policy. And if they think you’re telling porkies, they might just investigate your case further – you’ve been warned.

In the case of purchases that had to be made (medical treatment, taxis when you missed your connecting bus due to a delayed flight, quick flight home due to civil war unexpectedly breaking out, etc), keep the receipt, and be prepared to present credit card statements and possibly contact details of the organisation in question.

How Long do I Wait?
Generally speaking, a simple claim on a stolen item should not take very long. Companies differ, but most will process a claim in around ten days if they have all the details they need, they will either say no, or send you a cheque. If your claim is, in their eyes, dubious for any reason, it may take longer. In cases where large amounts are to be paid out, such as those which have arisen due to medical expenditure, the gathering of all the relevant proof and information may itself take some time – you might just have to be patient.

This article has been brought to you by Travel Insurance Direct, providers of reliable online Travel Insurance for travelling Australians. Fore more information on seniors travel insurance and cheap travel insurance click the links.

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Work From Home - Customer Service

By Rebekah Mack Bono

Are you looking for customer service work from home? Work at home employment that is legitimate, is much harder to find online than one might think.

There are some, however, not nearly as many as you would think considering the amount of interest there is in working from home. Research is key in obtaining legitimate employment. You also must weed through the many online scams. Many people who locate customer service work from home start out working in an office, but are able to make arrangements with their employer to work some or all of the time at home.

We all know someone who works part-time from the office and part-time from home in order to accommodate their children's school schedules. People who have good relationships with their employers, are more easily able to negotiate flexible work schedules including at home employment.

There are companies that hire people directly to work from their homes. Many of these positions are those where you cover a territory for an insurance company or a consumer products or publishing company, for example, and spend some time on the road and some time in your home office. There are also jobs available in:

- Customer Service
- Recruiting
- Sales
- Technical Writing
- Telemarketing
- Virtual Assistant ...and many more.

In many cases, the jobs are commission based, part-time or pay a flat rate for a completed project. Full-time jobs that provide health insurance, vacation, a pension and other benefits while you work full-time from home are few and far between.

Finding them online is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Flexibility is one of the most factors in finding home employment. If you are willing to consider freelance or contract work, or are willing to combine a couple of part-time positions, you will have greater success in locating work at home employment opportunities.

Customer service work from home is really like any other work from home job. If you have the skills and the right mindset, you just have to get out there and give it a good solid effort. If you do your research, and truly dedicate yourself to your work at home venture, you will succeed.
Program yourself right here and now, that quitting is not an option, and in one year from today you will look back and see just far you have come.

You can do this! There is nothing holding you back but you, so go out there and find your perfect customer service work from home job, or whatever you feel would be the best match for your skills.

Rebekah Mack Bono is a specialist in the work at home field. She operates two successful online businesses.

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Communicating with Clarity and Confidence

By Sherry L. Read

What you say is only as important as what is heard and understood by the listener. Too often, our messages are obscured by the structure of the communication. Even worse is when we are unaware of the gap between what is intended and the message received.

Communication and language are a function of the environment you are in – your organization’s culture. In order to deliver your intended message with clarity and confidence, the structure and word choice should be consistent with that organizational culture. This article provides some suggestions on building awareness of how word choice influences how the message is received.
We will also look at how word choice influences perceptions, that is, whether the speaker is seen as credible and confident, or uncertain and evasive. By becoming aware of how language is used around you, you can begin to reduce the gap between your intent and the message received.

Build Awareness
Identify three or four business meetings or conference calls that you will be attending this week.
Ideal meetings involve people you perceive as successful in the organization. Focus on meetings where your direct involvement is minimal, or limited to specific agenda items. Teleconferences, where you can readily take notes unobserved, are particularly suitable for this exercise.

Create a form that captures the following information about successful speakers:
  • Does the speaker primarily use I, We, You, or They?
  • Are statements normally positive (“yes, and ...”) or negative (“yes, but ...”)?
  • What action words / verbs are being used to convey confidence?
  • How are concerns or issues raised?
By comparison, monitor the language and word choice of someone whose communication you see as ineffective.

Analyze the Communication At the end of the week, review your data and write out the answers to the following statements.
  • Successful speakers in my company speak primarily from a [first-, second- or third-person] perspective.
  • Successful speakers in my company speak about issues and challenges most frequently from a [positive or negative] position.
  • Successful speakers in my company use verbs and action words such as ....
Successful speakers in my company raise concerns or issues in the following ways:
  • By contrast, ineffective speakers communicate by ...

In the second week, continue to monitor the language and word choices of people within your organization.

  • Are you seeing additional patterns of speech that are effective and ineffective?
  • In what ways do you see clear and strong messages delivered?
Monitor Your Speaking Patterns
In this second week, begin to evaluate your language and word choices after each important meetings, teleconference or one-on-one conversation. Consider the following questions.
  • When did I believe my message was received as intended?
  • In those cases, what did I do particularly well?
  • In future situations, what patterns of language and word choice do I want to use more consistently?
Create an Action Plan
Once you have built an awareness of how messages are delivered with clarity and confidence in your organization, and become aware how you are delivering messages, it is time to create a personal action plan.

Complete the following sentences.
  • The change I will make in my choice of words to portray clarity and confidence as a speaker is ....
  • My messages will be clearer to the listener when I ....
  • I can measure the change in how I am communicating by ....
Finally, define the impact you will believe the change will have on your results and the perceptions of your capabilities in the workplace.

Change comes through awareness – of your environment and your self, gap identification, commitment and practice. As you move through the steps above, you may notice an immediate change in how you structure your communications and the words you choose. Creating the action plan, a measurement system and a goal for the change, will enable you to turn your newfound awareness into a habit; a habit that enhances your credibility and confidence.

Read Solutions Group helps people find solutions to being confidence and successful as leaders, particularly in multi-cultural settings. Sherry L. Read is the Founder and Chief Coach with over 20 years of experience solving business issues in technical, quality and human resources fields. Visit us at for free resources and to learn more about our services.

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10 Steps for Teens To Start Thier Own Business

By Lisa Di Clemente

Here are 10 really good tips for teens trying to make a few bucks and start their own business.

1. Get to know your neighbors. Make some flyers and walk around talking to people in your neighborhood. Most adults are looking for teens to do odd jobs for them. My dad lets the neighbor kid mow the lawn, my son walks dogs, my nephew babysits and my neighbor washes cars. A few years ago I was desperate for a babysitter, although I knew some teenagers, none of them were willing to work!

2. Be dedicated. Don't tell the lady down the street you will babysit and then decide you would rather go to the movies with your friends. Take your business seriously.

3. Take out your lip and tongue piercings, wipe off the black eye-liner, and pull up your pants so your underwear isn't showing. If you want an adult to take you seriously, look PROFESSIONAL!
4. Take your first $100 and open a bank account. Learn how to write checks and keep your account balanced.

5. Make a plan for the future! For every $5 you earn, put $1 in a jar for savings. Don't touch it! When it accumulates, open a savings account and let it accrue interest. When it gets large enough, open a mutual fund account! Be a millionaire before you are 30!

6. Read Robert Kiyosaki's book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” as summer or vacation reading.
7. Make a list of your goals. Don't let drugs, drinking, or serious dating get in your way. Stay focused, there is plenty of time to be an adult when you are an adult!

8. Make eye contact, shake hands, smile...and don't SULK! Think like a business person, not a teenager.

9. Get a cell phone. If your parents can't afford it for you, make that your first investment. You can pick up a phone without a contract now...use it for business purposes. If you have ringtone options, set it up so business calls have a different ringtone than your friends or family. That way, when a business call comes in you can turn down the music and put on your business voice.

10. Buy invoices at the office supply store. If a customer doesn't pay you right away you can write an invoice and let them know you will pick up the payment on your next visit. It lets your client know you are serious and not a pushover, and you have record of the service rendered. Be sure to mark the invoice paid in your records when they do pay you.

Lisa is a motivational single parent. She works at home and homeschools her children. She considers herself to be a pioneer in modern times.

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Blackberry 8100 Unlock Code Input - How To Unlock Blackberry 8100 Pearl by Remote Code

By Alex Karim

Blackberry 8100 is another super device in the Research In Motion's Blackberry arsenal. It is a device with a great IM client, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, thin form factor, and comes with one of my favorites, Suretype and EDGE.

Given below are the unlock code input instructions to unlock a Blackberry 8100 device so it can be used on any network. I am assuming that you have already obtained the unlock code for this device.

The first step to inputting the unlock code is to insert a sIM into the device. After doing that, power up the device and turn off the radio. It's very important that the wireless option should be turned off, otherwise the unlock code will not work.

On your device menu, select 'options'. Then select 'Advanced Options'. In advanced options scroll down and select 'SIM Card'. At this point, type "MEPPD". Please note that while typing MEPPD, you will not see what you type on the screen therefore make sure to type in the correct keys.

Type MEPPD, then press the Alt button, and then the numeral 2. Again the screen will NOT display what you are typing, therefore be sure to type in the correct entry.

Now enter the unlock code. After typing the unlock code, 'press Enter'. Once you have pressed Enter, reboot your device. Your device should now be unlocked.

Now that your phone is unlocked, you can use the phone on any network. There are times when a partial unlock may occur. In a partial unlock the device gets unlocked for certain networks, but does not get unlocked for others. In that case try performing the unlock procedure using a USB cable and a good unlocking software.

I have found that provides remote unlock by code services at great prices. On the other hand if you are interested in unlocking phone by software, the website has effective and late model phone unlocking softwares at reasonable prices. You could have an unlocked phone within minutes of visiting that website. For cellular phone ringtones, wallpapers, or for simply wapping to other mobile phones I found to be a great resource.

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How To Make Money Online Fast

By Bessie Johns

Have you noticed lately how many people are searching for how to make money online fast? There are many, many people, who are all making a very good living on the internet. Having said that, though, there are also countless others that are less fortunate and have yet to make a dime, much less a bundle.

Learning how to make money online fast can be as simple as doing what you love most. In other words what are your interests? When you answer to this question, you can usually find a way to turn this talent or interest into how to make money online fast.

There are lots of people who get on the internet hoping that they will be able to learn how to make money online fast, but most usually without a clue as to where to start.

It is certainly possible to learn how to make money online fast, but you need to be willing to put in the investment of time, patience and a little money.

If you want to learn how to make money online fast, then you will need to find a proven system that will give you the quickest return on your investments of time and money.

Regardless of what you read or hear, there is no way to get rich quick online, even though you will find many websites that claim that this is possible.

If you want to learn how to make money online fast, you will find that joining an affiliate program will always make you money much faster than trying to promote your own product. Getting referrals seems be a key factor for anybody seeking to make money online fast.
Since you have no products to create or ship, and no angry customers to deal with, selling other peoples products is the fastest way to start making money online. An easy way to learn how to make money online fast at home and almost anyone can profit from it, would be affiliate marketing.

Even though it can be quite a challenge to find a genuine opportunity to learn how to make money online fast, you can do it if you know all the right places to look. Bottom line is, you will need to decide fairly quickly if this is the opportunity for you or not.

Bessie Johns: Get your Free website ($299 value) with multiple income streams. visit: and start making money today!

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Internet Marketing - Key Principles

By George A Isaacs

Internet marketing or advertising online is based on the key principles of marketing in general, with the main difference between traditional offline and internet marketing being the techniques and solutions used. With a presence on the Internet, via a well designed website, the consumer (user) has a wider range of products, services and suppliers to choose from, unlike offline marketing where consumers are only exposed to a limited number of services or providers. Any company with an Internet presence should therefore focus heavily on online advertising, but should not neglect offline advertising.

With online advertising, consumers are attracted to your website through the use of words or phrases referred to as “keywords.” These keywords appear in links in search engine listings. Keywords should therefore be well researched and closely represent the search word or phrase used by the consumer in the search engine search box.

Attracting the consumer to your website is only part of the marketing strategy. Once at your website, you must convince the user to make use of your services and purchase your products. Ideally, you want the user to come back and keep coming back to your website, hopefully to continue using your services and buying your products. Also, you want them to remember the location of the website and to promote it to other users.

In the ever changing world of the Internet, to make the most of Internet marketing, you must use a combination of the latest available strategies and marketing tools and not stick to one major campaign only. This is essential as user behavior on the Internet is different and keeps changing. Your marketing plan must cater for all the search behaviors of the different users.

To make the most of online advertising, you need to take definite and important steps:

• Identify you target market
• Identify the needs of the consumer
• Identify the search behavior of users
• Research the major keywords and phrases
• Research the search methods used by users to locate information on the Internet
• Gain knowledge of how search engines work
• Plan your marketing campaign
• Execute your marketing campaign
• Monitor your marketing campaign

Whether you make use of a professional Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) company or do it all by yourself, is a matter of personal choice and the availability of time and resources. What is clear is that an in-depth knowledge of search engines, user behavior and Internet marketing techniques is required to launch a successful Internet marketing campaign.

Making use of a professional company may give you a competitive edge, but doing it yourself might be a more rewarding experience.

Remember though that Internet marketing starts with a proper well-designed website. Do not forget the basics when you design your website, as it will make your Internet marketing more successful if you pay close attention to the following:

• Optimize every page of your website properly, keeping both user and search engine friendliness in mind.

• Create content for both user and search engines through informative keyword enriched articles.

• Submit to the major search engines, but this is not the ultimate tool. Remember linking to other websites, making use of legitimate techniques only.

• Monitor and track visitors to your website. Use all available information such as what keywords were used to find your site, entry and exit pages identification, assessing the length of visits, how many users returned, how many unique visitors entered the site, what links were used, from where the users came, what browsers were used, time and days visited etc. This is important for adapting marketing to fit user requirements and behavior.

• Test search engine ranking and link popularity on a regular basis, preferably weekly.

The above techniques are important since 60 to 70% of users make use of search engines to locate information on the Internet.

As about 30 to 40% of the users make use of sponsored links and other methods for locating information, you should also include some of the following tools in your advertising campaign:

• Email marketing
• Pay per click promotions
• Affiliate marketing programs
• Mobile phone messaging (SMS)
• Link exchanging
• Animated banner adverts
• Viral marketing

Remember, visually attractive, content rich and user friendly websites, marketed correctly, will ensure high returns on your investments.

George A Isaacs is the CEO of Jorisa Business Online Advertising CC. Jorisa is involved in the online affiliate business, travel accommodation and online advertising. Visit one of our websites at and for more articles and resources to help you run your online business more effectively.

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Hectic World, Much to Learn

By Fabian Toulouse

People seem to be running in circles. There are the kids to taxi around town, work deadlines to be met, endless errands to run, and social engagements to honor. Sure, it would be great to switch gears and go back to school, or even get some career training to improve your marketability, but it’s the same old question: who has the time? This is where distance education and correspondence courses come to fruition.

This university has been offering distance learning opportunities to millions of students over the past two decades. Indeed, Internet classes have opened up a world of learning and studying possibilities, with extensive course materials and accessible online tutorials available around the clock.

Since 1987, the distance education opportunities offered by Ashworth University’s parent school have expanded from one single trade course in real estate to dozens of programs to help students at all levels. Regardless of age, Ashworth University students can finish their high school degrees, get hands-on career training, or earn a college degree at the associate, bachelor, or masters level.

No matter how busy you are, Ashworth University can fit your schedule. A major advantage of distance education is the ability to budget your time accordingly. There are no deadlines or course schedules to adhere to – you simply work at your own pace. Snatch time to work whenever it suits your schedule—right before heading off to work, in the middle of the night, or while the kids are sleeping.

This university is a globally accredited school whose students can take their diplomas and compete in any market for better careers and higher paying positions. Without a good education it is virtually impossible to improve your financial status. Ashworth University puts you on a fast track for completing your education, and there is no deadline for enrolling. Interest-free monthly tuition payments make it far more affordable than traditional colleges and trade schools. Distance education through Ashworth University provides a world of opportunity and advantages with none of the hassles associated with traditional schools.
Fabian T.

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Quick Tips on Interviewing - The S-O-A-R Technique

By Robert Taub

Your stories should tell about actions that you took to bring about positive change. The "SOAR" story technique does just that: A sure-fire method for bridging your qualifications and successes to the needs the targeted company.

One of the most important tenets in product marketing applies here in career planning:
Differentiate your product from others in the marketplace.

John Folcarelli, Labor Attorney and Human Resource Manager for Laidlaw Education: "Most people involved in planning their career tend to fly by the seat of their pants rather than exercise control over the process as it unfolds. For instance, in the interview, instead of simply reacting to questions imposed by the interviewer, the job candidate can and should attempt to take on more responsibility for influencing the direction of the interview.” The story technique does just that. It is a method for bridging your qualifications and past successes to the needs the targeted company.

Your stories should tell about actions that you took to bring about a positive change. Story techniques cover the "before", the "action" and the "after." You can begin by first explaining what had existed that required your attention: Situation. Next consider how this new challenge may benefit the enterprise and you: Opportunity. Briefly describe what you did: Action. Lastly, describe the outcome and its benefits to you and the company: Results. Here are two examples of the use of the story technique or “S.O.A.R”:

Example 1

(S) I was selected by top management to lead a corporation into the US market and…
(O) I recognized an opportunity to have a big impact on operations at a wholly owned subsidiary.
(A) Over a two-year period I developed a cohesive staff which went on to develop 1.5 million square feet of office properties at $350 million which…
(R) Produced over $25 million of net operating income and $4 million net cash flow for the corporation resulting a promotion to President of the wholly owned subsidiary.

Example 2

(S) The ownership of a physical therapy and sports medicine company recruited me to…
(O) Lead, grow and concurrently stabilize a $4.7 million health systems company staffed by 85 professionals.
(A) I developed and executed all business plans and opened new markets in industrial and corporate health promotion, …
(R) positioning the company for its very profitable $6.6 million sale, $2.5 million more than the ownership had anticipated.

A strong, well-articulated philosophy, sound success concepts and persuasive examples of your successes using the Story Techniques (SOAR) are essential for securing a quality position.

Rob Taub, a 21-year veteran in the career consulting field who heads the RLS Executive Group, N.E. for RL Stevens & Associates, has also been active as a fund-raiser for Technology in Education, an auctioneer with WGBH Public Television, a debate moderator with Community Access Television, an instructor for Junior Achievement and a youth sports coach. He has also been a guest speaker for community organizations, chambers of commerce and alumni associations on a wide range of subjects including Education, Technology, Career Management, Marketing Communications and Direct Selling.

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Saving for Retirement – Are You Choosing Not to Save?

By Harold L Lowe

Losing half of my income by going into retirement was a really shocking eye-opener for me. I had obviously not done enough saving. How could that be? I felt terribly. I felt that I was a failure in some way. It only dawned on me later that I could only have saved more by earning more or by reducing expenditures in other areas; in other words, by adopting a lower standard of living while working. I also realized that millions of other people were facing those same kinds of choices all of their lives; eat healthy or eat poorly; raise the children in poorer, rougher neighborhoods or in nicer, safer neighborhoods; send the children to inferior schools or send them to better schools; take vacations to new, culturally stimulating places or go to see the same relatives every year.

I want to be very clear. If you or other people eat poorly, rear your children in rougher neighborhoods, send your children to inferior schools etc., by choice, that is perfectly all right.
One of the wonderful things about this great country of ours is it does provide us, all of us, the freedom to choose. Does that mean that we prudently exercise our right to choose? The answer to that question is a resounding NO! Do I believe that most people choose not to save? My position, and you will see it again and again throughout these articles, is that paycheck-to-paycheck employees do not earn enough money, so I certainly do not blame them for the situation in which most people find themselves come retirement time. Remember, I was in the same situation.

In the United States today, inequality in wealth, wages, and income are historically high. About 95% of the population retires to levels 20 to 50 % lower than their pre-employment income.
That new, reduced income level generally becomes fixed, with the exception of occasional “cost of living” increases from Social Security. Only about 5% of people in the United States retire financially independent. I define financial independence as having income from assets that provides levels of income sufficient to support your living standards whether you work or not.

Expanding global competition, changes in the nature of work, the out-sourcing of work, out-of-control un-documented immigration, and rapid technological advances are altering economic reality. Yet many of our policies, attitudes, and institutions are based on assumptions that no longer reflect real world conditions. One constant, however, is the fact that most people who work for a paycheck do not become financially independent, even with the aid of the best financial planning. Another major question for you to answer for yourself is: Can you even survive mergers, down-sizing, lay-offs and other adverse factors and maintain your present or a comparable job until retirement?

Remember, you do not have to live on less in retirement. No matter where you are right now financially, you can build and enjoy a retirement lifestyle you desire. Peace.

Harold L Lowe retired at age 62 when his six-figure income position eliminated. He shockingly found a 50% reduction in his (combined pension and Social Security) income. He’s since learned that income reduction is faced by most paycheck-to-paycheck employees. You can get a copy of his Free, eye-opening Report “Financial Planning for Retirement is not Enough!” at

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Champagne Delivery - Perfect For Every Occasion

By Bethany Isabell

One of the hazards of modern day life is the acute shortage of time. So much so that a stage today has come when one rarely gets time even to meet the closest of relatives and friends. It is because of this ultra busy lifestyle that services like home delivery came into existence. Today, when people don't even have time to meet their relatives, even on occasions, which are of significant value to them, it is this home to home delivery that comes to the rescue of people and ensures that they can at least send their gifts to them. Needless to say that such a services as this is widely accepted and welcomed by people all over the UK.

And when it comes to the products that are ordered for home delivery, then one of the products, which is forever in demand is champagne. It is not difficult to understand why champagne delivery is so popular in the UK. Whatever the occasion might be, a bottle of champagne is always welcome. Whether the occasion is that of the birth of a child, a marriage anniversary or any other event, champagne is just the right gift to kick start a party.

And if the need is to win over the upset girl friend, then one can be rest assured that there can be no gift as perfect as champagne. Not only this, it also sets up for a perfect date. Order a champagne and see it weave its magic.

With so many outstanding features, it really should not come as a surprise to anyone that champagne delivery is so popular in the UK.

Bethani Isabell is an expert author in the domain of various types of online gifts such as champagne gifts,champagne delivery, chocolate delivery etc. She has an amazing charisma in her write-ups as she possess the capability of presenting the beautiful and 'emotional' aspect of gift items. This appeals to people from every section of the society.

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Comments On Creativity

By Terry Weber

What does age have to do with creativity? You may think you are too old to do anything creative with your life. If so, read the following facts:

GIUSEPPE VERDI wrote Falstaff when he was eighty – his best opera.
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN invented the bifocal lens when he was seventy-eight.
FRANK LOYD WRIGHT completed the Guggenheim Museum one of his masterpieces, when he was ninety-one years of age
MICHELANGELO was painting and striking frescoes in the Pauline chapel of the Vatican at eighty-nine.

SO, the ability to change things around us and thus contribute to the culture may actually increase in the later years.

MADELINE L’ENGEL (a writer) said her personal credo is well summarized by these few lines, which reflect the stubbornness that has stood her in such good stead so far:

“Human beings are the only creatures who are allowed to fail. If an ant fails, it’s dead. But we’re allowed to learn from our mistakes and from our failures. And that’s how I learn, by falling flat on my face and picking myself up and starting all over again. If I’m not free to fail, I will never start another book, I’ll never start a new thing.”

The ability to discover what one can do well, and enjoy doing it, is the hallmark of all creative people. After you make that discovery you will never work again. Pray and ask God to help you discover your truest interest.

To be human means to be creative. Living creatively links us with God in whose creative image we are made.

HOW YOU CAN BE CREATIVE:Find out what you like and what you hate about life.Start doing more of what you love, less of what you hate.Develop what you lack.Find ways to express what moves you.Look at problems from as many viewpoints as possible. Most important in life are: Love and Work.

Did you know that even a brain specialist could not tell Einstein’s brain from yours or mine? In terms of capacity for processing information, all brains are extremely alike.
attention or time left over to learn about anything else or to approach the world creatively. Will creative goals dominate your thinking today so you can contribute something worthwhile to those around you?

Terry Weber is a retired advertising/direct mail sales letter copywriter and inventor of several useful items. Terry and his wife Doris are Habitat For Humanity, RV Care-A- Vanners who, for the past eight years have volunteered to help build more than 39 houses all over the USA. They travel to and from the 2- week long builds in their RV. The money they make on their Crafty-Ones website helps them pay their expenses to and from those volunteer Habitat builds.
P.S. Due to the high cost of gasoline we can no longer afford to drive the RV to Habitat builds. The RV is parked until gasoline prices come down. (4/28/06)

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Does God Care For The Under Dogs As Well As The Celebrity Heavyweight? Learn More

By Simeon Johnson

Too often society overlooks the hotel maid, bus driver or the building superintendent. But the author points out that without these essential people who keep society functioning, our lives would come to a grinding halt.

By telling the story of "the average Joe" the reader is forced to acknowledge the importance of their jobs. The reader is implored to ask themselves about their treatment of these people, the bellhop; the waiter or the coat check person. Are we snide, entitled and obnoxious? Or are we grateful and appreciative of the jobs they do for us? And while you're at it, ask yourself, how do you show appreciation for such people? Do you tip them properly or even better thank them for their service?

This book gives us all something to think about regarding the position we play in society. It also serves as recognition of sorts for all men and women who go about their daily lives and go to their jobs that often provide little or no recognition, appreciation and often times fairly low compensation.

You're a Worthwhile Person is the equivalent of "This Bud's For You" the beer commercial, instead Johnson intimates "This Book is For You." Hail to the cooks, cab drivers, subway operators, electricians and plumbers and countless other thankless jobs ordinary people do to provide the grease that keeps the wheels of society going.

In one chapter, for instance, Johnson lauds a New York City Transit bus driver, Gloria Valez. Johnson describes how Valez cares for the safety of each passenger. She is patient with the elderly, tolerant of the young and the restless and polite to lonely people who talk to her despite a posted sign that advises against it. Valez is not just working for a paycheck or any sort of recognition, and outside of this book she will probably receive none, even from her employer.
But, while standing at the bus stop on a miserably cold day you sure are glad to have her pull up and open the door of the warm bus and drive you to your destination.

Other examples, when the air conditioning unit in your home goes out on a 90 plus day, you sure are glad to see the repair person come in to solve the problem and get you cool once again. And while you're in the hospital suffering from an illness or recovering from major surgery, you're surely too glad to see the nursing assistant who sticks around to comfort you after the much lauded nurses and doctors have gone home.

Yes, there are many ordinary people who do their jobs diligently while they are overlooked by the people they serve. Read this important work and when you're done you are sure to have a new found respect for the everyday people who do so many important jobs--including yourself.
Simeon W. Johnson

About the AuthorProlific author Simeon W. Johnson is a successful author of five books: an entrepreneur With a book and gift boutique: A former Radio and television electronics technician... He received a master's certification in radio and TV electronics From National Technical Schools, Los Angeles, CA ... He also earned his FCC First Class General Radio and Telephone License

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How To Place An Embroidery Order

By Matthew Hurst

How do I place an order for embroidered goods? Seems like a simple question, but with words like digitizing, conversion software, custom logos, typeset logos & stock designs it can be a bit confusing. Hopefully after reading this article you will fully understand how this process works.

The first thing anyone should do is secure their logo and or design. This could mean many things. Do you have a company logo? If so is it in vector format? Is it on a business card or a website? As discussed in a previous article vector is by far the best format. But, if you only have a bitmap image this will work as well, provided a couple of things are adhered to. If your logo is on a business card or a website try to provide as large of an image as possible. This image will have to be remade to work with the digitizing software. Also try to provide the best quality image as possible. If you already have your art work digitized then that will save you a step, but has this artwork been tested with a sample and sew out? Many digitizers do things differently so it is our suggestion that you get your digitizing done at the same place you get your embroidery done. This will ensure a great finished product without any complications. The third option here is to use a "stock design". This does not mean any old image you find on the Internet or clip art found in many pieces of software available for web design or print work. Stock designs like the ones from are made with embroidery in mind. These designs are pretested and sewn out to ensure their compatibility with digitizing software and embroidery machines.

With any of the three options above it is essential that we understand the differences in print work and embroidery work. Artwork that is to complicated or with small lettering will simply not turn out well in an embroidery design. This should be thought of when working with a logo anyways. I firmly believe in the K.I.S.S. method, keep it simple stupid. What you are trying to accomplish is logo recognition. You really don't need to have all the information about your company within a logo. When you see the McDonald's arches do you need to be told within the logo that its McDonald's logo? Of course not. This is advertising in one of it's simplest forms, logo recognition. So keep your logo as simple as possible, as it will be small on a shirt or hat and will be hard to read at a glance. Also text that is smaller then 1/4 inch in height will not look good at all in your finished product. Bottom line is artwork that may look good on a computer screen may not look as good in the sewn format. So think about this as you are designing your logo.

The second step is to determine what type of apparel this embroidery work will be applied to.
This in my opinion is just as important as determining your logo. By selecting your apparel and logo you will be starting your corporate identity, so it is of the utmost importance to begin this on the right foot. First question to ask is what type of business am I running? This will determine what type of apparel your employees will be wearing to show off your new logo.

Colors are also of great importance. I cannot say how many times I have seen a great logo that turned out horrible because of the color or style of apparel it was embroidered on. Thats right its time to get the old color wheel out. Remember this from grade school? We have contrasting colors, complimenting colors and one of the newest trends tone on tone. Of course there are many other design possibilities in fact to many to mention in this article. Tone on tone seems to be very popular for a subtle corporate look. This style is done with a solid color shirt or other apparel with the logo being the same color with a slightly different tint. This may seem like it would not show up very well. In all reality the slightest difference in the colors can make the logo stand out. This will provide a very professional look.

Ok so now we have our apparel and our logo. The next step will be taking your logo and your apparel to your embroiderer (eg Contract Embroidery by Nu Emage). Depending on who you are using these two steps may be intertwined within the process.

The next big step is to get a sample sew out if this is a first time logo. Most all embroiderers will provide a sample to cover themselves as well as the customer. This sample can be done on a scrap piece of material or on an actual piece of apparel. If this will be done on the actual apparel please remember to provide one extra for this purpose (if you are buying your apparel though the embroiderer then please let them know that you will need a sew out sample. They will more then likely cover the cost of this). There will more then likely be many sew outs while the digitizer is attempting to make your logo work. The final one will be the one needed to be approved.

Once your sew out is approved the job can begin production. Production can take days to weeks depending on the size of the order and the complexity of the logo. Please allow adequate time to allow for a quality product.

And that's it! This is not a simple process but that if professionally handled can be as painless as possible.

Contract Embroidery in the Atlanta, Ga area

Matt from Nu Emage Embroidery

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How to Add Humor to Your Wedding with Funny Wedding Vows

By Kristie Leong

Who says a wedding has to be a somber and serious occasion? More and more couples are expressing their humorous sides at their wedding by writing their own funny wedding vows. Funny wedding vows run the gamut from personal little phrases cleverly inserted into their vows such as “I promise to always make chocolate cake for you” to wedding vows inspired by humorous writers, witty quotes and even Dr. Seuss.

There are some advantages to writing your own funny wedding vows. If you’re a light hearted, humorous couple known for your quick wit, why hide it just because it’s your wedding day? A somber wedding ceremony may not express who you really are. It’s your wedding day and you should have it the way you want it as a couple. A humorous wedding can create beautiful memories that you’re cherish for years to come and you’ll be able to say you had a truly original wedding. A wedding ceremony with a bit of humor is likely to put everyone in the ceremony and in the audience more at ease. It’s also likely to ease some of your own prenuptial jitters.

On the downside, a marriage is a serious commitment and you don’t want to downplay that in your wedding ceremony. It’s probably best to have short humorous clips in your wedding vows rather than making the entire ceremony funny. Make sure the humor is appropriate and unlikely to offend your guests.. This is not the time for raunchy, off color jokes, vulgar language, or inside humor. Be sure to select jokes that the audience can easily understand and appreciate.

If you want to write your own funny wedding vows, what’s the best way to approach it? The best strategy may be to sit down with your future marriage partner and recreate some of your most humorous moments together. What are your favorite jokes as a couple? What makes you laugh? Write any phrases or situations that come to mind that you’d like to share with your guests. If there are humorous books and movies that you both enjoy as a couple, consider using a quote from one of these in a clever way. Once you get started, the ideas will start flowing. If you need additional help writing your own wedding vows, there are kits and resources available online that you can help you with the writing process.

By following a few simple guidelines, funny wedding vows can help you create a meaningful and memorable wedding that will be appreciated by all and remembered for years to come.
Would you like to write your own wedding vows? You'll find the resources you need to write wedding vows you'll remember for a lifetime at

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Branding - The Way To Customer Loyalty

By Andy Lomax

The average consumer is hit with 1800 marketing messages every day in the offline world alone. This means his personal spam filter works overtime to keep out the barrage of advertisements that he doesn't need. So how does your product make an impact in this crowded arena? Effective branding is one way. Once a consumer has accepted your brand, your products will have the status of a trusted friend.

A brand is defined as a combination of symbols and values that lead to a successful business. In other words, your corporate and product symbols in the form of logos and slogans will become associated in the consumer's mind with satisfaction. So how do you go about branding your company and its products?

Corporate branding depends on clear, consistent communication of your corporate culture. This communication is effected through your logo, slogan, web design and content, service standards, products, and advertising. In fact, it should be apparent in every contact your company has with the marketplace. Brand development is an ongoing process which has to be continually managed like any other company asset.

So bear in mind that brand effectiveness is a dynamic concept. The time may come when an reformulation, redesign or a total overhaul of your brand is needed. Fads and fashions change fast in the wired world. New products and ideas can appear in the market out of the blue together with new channels of distribution. Your brand must adapt to keep up.

If you want to develop a new brand or change your current brand status, you might want to call in a firm of brand development consultants. These firms offer a range of brand development services. The first thing they'll do is to carry out an analysis of your brand to determine its current effectiveness. They'll also analyse the prevailing culture of the market. From this information, they'll advise on the best brand development solutions for your situation.

Other than helping your company or product stand out, branding offers many other benefits. For one thing, clearly defining your brand gives focus to your advertising, in fact to your whole marketing process. What's more, you spend less money on promotion for a product with a strong brand name. In some cases, a famous brand name is all it takes to sell the product.

Ultimately, brand development is about stamping your identity on the clutter of the marketplace and so attracting consumers. A number of brand development agencies exist to supply the brand development solutions that your company needs. Building branding loyalty translates into superior market competitiveness and ongoing repeat business.

Andy Lomax owns and runs Kudos Web Design one of the Leading Web Design companies in Manchester. He has been working within the internet industry for over 10 years and has advised hundreds of companies about their websites and online marketing strategies. Kudos Web Design provides Corporate branding.

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Student Car Loan - The Power You Need To Get Your Car

By Saurabh K Jain

A student who does have any income of their own or have less income that does not allow them to take a car on their own can take a student car loan. There are many types of car loan programs available to students. It is very important for a student who wishes to take a student car loan to understand the concept of car loans and the difference between one program and the other. You should pick out the program that is most suitable to your needs and present income. You can take the help of the net to find an online car loan lender who is offering flexible student car loan with easy repayment options.

Check All Important Issues
You can easily find a lender on the net who is offering lower interest rates than others are. Check out and see if the new car loan rates offered by the lender, matches with some other lender as well. If they do, then find out the other terms and conditions for student car loan, as the maintenance charges and insurance cover. In addition, also confirm that if they are going to pay these charges, initially, and if yes, then for how long. It is very important to see all the terms of the student car loan to see for any hidden costs or penalties, which are usually not given in the advertisements.

Keep on comparing all the important issues that are raised, like the repayment period, can it be extended later, and can you afford the repayment installment of your student car loan, which is being offered. Look for a car financing company with a good record of accomplishment in the past and has a list of happy clients. Auto loan financing companies and lenders with a good reputation care for their clients and do not want a blotch against their name. So, do not go for an unknown name in the field and search for an authorized dealer to take your student car loan.

You also have to pass the eligibility criteria to qualify for a student car loan. First, you have to be an American citizen. Second, your credit history will be checked to see your past record with regard to repayment of loans. All students usually have some form of bad credit against their name. This is because they are students and currently cannot engage in full time employment.
Students having bad credit usually get higher rates of interest for a student car loan than those who have a good credit. You can get car loans even if you have bad credit, albeit at a higher rate of interest. However, at the same time it also gives you an opportunity to improve credit with regular repayments.

Student car loan can give the power of finance to the students to help them get the car of their choice. With many companies competing to offer car loans, it is necessary that you compare new car loan rates before finalizing on any auto loan financing offer.

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Why You Should Wear A Proper Respirator For The Job

By Henry Dickinson

Many jobs carry a variety of risks, among them hazardous materials in the air that make breathing difficult or pose a health risk from inhalation. In such situations, good respirators are of vital importance. 3m respirators can be counted on in any situation where the air quality may be compromised. 3m respirators are available for a number of uses, both on the job and in the home. Both economical and practical, 3m respirators offer reliable protection against a wide variety of vapors, gases, and particles in the air.

In the home, 3m respirators protect from some of the same dangers encountered in hazardous work situations. Metal particles from welding and torch work pose a danger without proper protection. Also, no paint scraping or heat stripping on older homes should be conducted without protection from lead particles. Vapors from stripping furniture and other similar chemical projects can be hazardous as well. 3m respirators are so inexpensive that anyone can afford to keep one at hand in the tool kit.

Work hazards can come in the form of metal particles, oil particles, organic and inorganic vapors and gases, and other dangers such as lead, cadmium, asbestos, and arsenic. 3m respirators provide protection against immediate health risks such as poisonous gases and slower, more insidious culprits such as asbestos. There are 3m respirators designed to protect against any impurities.

In addition to protection, 3m respirators also offer flexibility. Drop down face pieces, for instance, are designed for use with hardhats. Some workers may require frequent removal of the respirator, and the drop down face piece is convenient to use.

3m respirators are designed with comfort in mind as well as protection. No protective gear is any good if it is too uncomfortable to wear, and nothing is as distracting and annoying as a hot, uncomfortable face mask pulling at your nose. 3m respirators are designed to be lightweight, soft, and well-balanced. They come in three sizes so you can get a perfect fit, too. You are much more likely to protect yourself with 3m respirators because they feel more comfortable than other masks.

Never undertake a job where the air quality is potentially a safety issue unless you are wearing a proper respirator for the job. 3m respirators offer reliable protection and solid value.
Henry Dickinson is a writer and DIY expert, based in Alvord, TX.


Shopping in Italy

By Tatyana Kogut

Among the things you can buy in Italy there are: leather footwear, jackets and bags, designer clothes, knitted wear, millinery, china, crystal, jewellery and knick-knacks, souvenirs and old-fashioned frames

Advice on how to shop: -Shops selling manufactured goods are usually opened Monday – Saturday from 8 am till 8 pm, with a break from 1 pm to 3.30 pm. Each season is ended with sales periods. -The best place to buy elite clothes and footwear is Rome, with its famous Via del Corso shopping street, Gucci and Armani boutiques by the Spanish Steps and Valentino boutique on Via Condotti. Best leather jackets and coats are sold in Florence (not far from Santa Croce church). In addition to designer boutiques there are lots of fine stores found on Italian coast. Better not shop at flea markets since the quality of goods is much worse and you might be swindled. Italians do not usually cheat, but a foreigner should always be beware of shortchanging etc.

Tuscan wines are among the best in the world. The most popular is Chianti. Veneto is famous for its Cabernet. But the main Italian wine-making region is Lazio, renowned for its Frascati wine. If the label is marked with a DOCG sign, this means highest quality is guaranteed.

If you buy things in Europe Tax-free Shopping stores, you may be able to get some of your money back in the form of a VAT (value-added tax) refund (if the goods are new, of course).
The procedure is rather simple. When making a purchase ask shop assistant for a Tax-free Shopping Cheque. When leaving Italy you will have to go to Customs office in the airport, show the goods you buy, Tax-free cheque and a receipt from the shop. After that go to Tax-free Cash Refund office (usually situated in the airport Duty Free shops) and get your money in cash.

Sales season is called "Saldi" and lasts in Rome from the middle of July till the middle of September plus during the period from Christmas till the first week of March. This is the time when leader designers cut prices for their goods. Most cheap clothes are sold in shops under the less known brands; footwear and accessories are also on sale. Mind that each cut-price article should have a price label with its original price mentioned on it. Total sale, Liquidazioni, usually means the lowest prices. Other signboards like Vendite promozionali (promotional prices) and Sconti (discounts) are usually placed in a storefront just to attract buyers. Entrata libera signboard means “Just drop in”.

the city centre, where the quality of goods is also high, but the prices are lower. There are also shops selling last season’s “pret-a-porte” goods, sometimes even designer ones. Those are also cheap and nice.

Milan suburbs. One of the most famous Italian shopping centers is found in Serravalle Scrivia, 108 from Milan. Designer McArthurGlen is a huge outlet 32 thousand sq. meters big. The outlet is filled with about 150 shops selling last season’s designer clothes and accessories for cheap.
Rome. McArthurGlen outlet in Castel Romano is the second Italian largest outlet in Italy, and the thirteenth in Europe. They sell trendy clothes, underwear, accessories and what not.

You can go to Rome hotels reservation to book a room in Rome hotel. Milan hotels - Milan hotel reservation.

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An Honest Coastal Vacations Club Online Business Review

By Susan Parker

Coastal Vacations was founded by a successful businessman and entrepreneur by the name of Fred Combs. Mr. Combs saw an incredible opportunity in the quickly growing industry of Travel and Leisure and moved on a lifelong dream to seize a vast amount of the arising market.

Vacation and Travel has become the third largest retail industry in America (alongside Europe, Asia & Latin America), and is expected to continue it's rapid growth as the wealthy Baby Boomers retire and continue to take more vacations.

Coastal Vacations offers unbeatable values on incredible vacation packages at wholesale prices. For more than 10 years, Coastal Vacations has been offering comprehensive travel packages & providing their club members with amazing benefits and services that are unmatched in the travel industry.

Based in Kissimmee, Florida, Coastal Vacations offers a home business opportunity by marketing their vacation packages through the direct selling industry. The Coastal Vacations product line consists of three (3) different levels which offer many different vacation packages that offer travel to select destinations around the world. Level one (1) has a starting cost of $1,295.00.

The Coastal Vacations business opportunity uses the 2-Up compensation plan. At the Level 1 Club Membership, the earnings for a Coastal Vacations Club qualified affiliate is $1000 for every $1295 sale made. There is a requirement of two sales (hence 2-Up) before a personal commission can be earned. So, to get started with Coastal, a new person must first pay $1295 to join to become a representative. Then they must pass along $2,000 ($1000 x 2) from their first two qualifying sales to their qualified sponsor. In essence, they must give up $3,295 before they can earn any money with Coastal Vacations. The 2-Up program is well-liked by many, however, if you join Coastal Vacations and bring in someone who makes a sale or two per day, keep in mind that you will only only get their first 2 sales and then you will no longer get paid on their efforts. After your newly trained affiliate passes you their first two sales, they will then breakaway from you (their sponsor) and actually end up becoming your competition. This doesn't give the qualified Coastal sponsor very much motivation to help the new associate since they will ultimately become their forever competition.

On a more positive note, Coastal Vacations does offer an optional call center (at an additional fee) that will take calls for the busy vacation business owner. The sales reps are well trained & work hard to close sales for the Coastal Vacation Club Business owners. This method is more professional when a marketing lead calls in, and it gives the home based business marketer time to focus on advertising to send leads to the call center.

As a fair review, Coastal Vacations offers a nice variety & selection of vacation destinations. However, the compensation plan doesn't make room for team synergy and you can't leverage the affiliates you bring in. Many people struggle with a 2-Up program while waiting to make that third & fourth sale just to break even. If you are a seasoned Internet marketer and you don't mind spending $1,295 and then passing up your first two $1,000 qualifying sales, then the Coastal Vacations Club business might be an okay fit for you. Besides Coastal Vacations, there are many other online business programs that do not require you to give up two sales before making money. Remember, the best way to make money online is to learn how to drive massive traffic to your website and then offer the best program and training available. A program that makes complete sense & entices the majority of people searching for an online business to join with you.

Susan Parker is a top Internet marketer and trainer. She works with industry leading marketing experts from around the world. To learn more about Susan or to receive her Perfect Wealth Formula Newsletter, Click Here

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Get Off The Sun Lounger - Adventure Vacations Are All The Rage!

By Russ Pooley

For some people a holiday is all about relaxing and doing very little aside from laying by the pool and chilling out. But for the adrenaline junkies of the world this is all a little, well, boring. And that’s where adventure holidays come in.

There are several adventure holiday providers, each offering various thrill seeking activities. If it has always been your dream to fly a plane then an adventure holiday could bring you one step closer to achieving it.

You can book a trial flight where you will have the chance to take the controls and actually fly the aeroplane and explore your surrounding with a birds eye view.

If flying isn’t your ambition, how about skydiving? You can make your first jump attached to an instructor or on your own, depending on how brave you feel!

Or how about paragliding? Described as “the art of soaring like a bird above the countryside or sea without a care in the world” paragliding is something everyone should experience. Courses are available for both beginners and pros.

One of the ultimate adventures is on a scuba diving holiday. Tours range from beginner to advanced, so whatever your level of experience you’re sure to find a group that accommodates your needs

If you still want to spend your holiday on a beach but want a little more activity than just sunbathing then why not try a surfers holiday. You’ll be taught the basic skills you need to ride the waves and impress your friends.

For an adrenalin-fuelled break that will really be an experience to remember, try a thrill- seeking adventure holiday.

Russ Pooley writes for Drake & Cavendish who provide a luxury hotel research directory featuring over 5,000 luxury hotels in over 700 resort locations around the world. As a content provider we are committed to developing entertaining and informative travel related information. You can read further articles and details at

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Dreaming Of A New Banjo

By Bryan Dix

I have one banjo and having just the one, I can't help but to want one more. I wouldn't get rid of the one that I have now though. It was my first one, a gift from my wife, and it has an awful lot of sentimental value.

It came from a pawn shop and was a Christmas gift. It plays really good but looks kind of used. I don't get to play out in public or even with a band because I am no where near good enough for that yet so it isn't like I really need to upgrade for the sake of image or anything. I just want one.

I have had my eyes on the Gibson line of banjos but I have to keep my dreams realistic. Wait a minute, it's dreaming and in dreaming you can dream as big as you want to. Okay then, I want to get a Gibson Granada Hearts and Flowers model. It is one gorgeous instrument. I also love the Gibson Earl Scruggs models and the J.D. Crowe as well but there is something that really gets me about the Hearts and Flowers model.

Now if I can wake up from this dream for just a second, and the $5500.00 price tag on the Hearts and Flowers Gibson, I will make some more achievable plans for another quality banjo that is more attainable with my finances.

I think I would probably like to have a Fender or a Deering banjo. They both have really nice instruments and their price range is from around $500.00 and up. That is way better than $5500.00 for little old me.

Now since I am not fit for public consumption yet,(my playing I mean) I am not going to rush out and buy a new banjo yet but if I find myself in the very rare situation of having a little extra money in my pocket, I will probably be very tempted to drop some money on a new banjo. Fender has several models like the FB 59 that is around $900.00 and is very nice. It has a rose wood finger board with beautiful mother of pearl inlay.

A lot of banjos do have mother of pearl inlay in the finger board but the one I have now only has the little round dots and it has one star on the fifth fret which looks okay but I want my next one to be mor ornate. Also gold trim would be nice. The FB 59 has that.

Well, I'm going to dream till I can make it happen.

My blog about banjo, bluegrass music, bluegrass musicians and whatever else comes to mind. Banjo3 Blog

Shop for banjos, banjo cases, strings and other banjo stuff.

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Japanese Tattoo Art, History and Such

By Tim Amlong

The decorative and symbolically rich body modification of Japanese tattoos has been practiced in Japan for the last 10,000 years. Many Shogun rulers outlawed Japanese tattoo and were only used in marking and punishment of criminals. Polynesian locals have been getting intricate armband tattoos since the 17th century with a primitive and very painful process involving soot and a bone needles. Traditional Japanese tattoos may be a thing of the past, bu their appeal is timeless. Japanese tattoos are still very popular choice and are some of the coolest tattoos you can get. .

A great armband tattoo to get is of a dragon or a snake, encircling the entire arm. Chinese reflected that the Japanese men, young and old, all tattoo their faces and decorated their bodies with designs. Not so much the style of tattoo that differed from so many other cultures, but the subject of the design of Japanese tattoo, makes them some of the most sought after around the world. Masked people, warriors, ladies, young girls, geisha, samurai, and the ancient gods and goddesses make popular appearances in Japanese designs.

Chinese and Japanese writing tattoos that incorporate other symbols of Asian art are very tasteful and a great choice. Unlike Chinese tattoos who started practicing the art as early as 2000 BC, Japanese tattoo art did not reach its peak till sometime in the 1800's, so Japanese tattoo art came about quite a bit later, comparative speaking. Japanese written language much like Chinese has a very distinct visual style, that has the design elements of tai chi chuan into the look of every character. Japanese tattoo design has a very distinct style that has been very influential on Western tattooing since the 1960's. Regardless of the popularity in its native land of Japan, traditional art of Japanese tattoos is making leap and bounds of popularity in the US and other western countries and cultures. Translating you name into Japanese writing is very beautiful and is a very good starting point for obtaining a cool tattoo design.

A large commitment of time, money and energy is required of Japanese tattoos that cover the entire back and arms, but yet the long process is looked upon by many to be a trial worthy of the samurai's of the past. There is such a delicate beauty that makes it an inspiration for Japanese tattoo art. Making a particularly good visual reference found in modern books of Japanese tattoos appear in visual style and coloring to be older than many other images. It has been said,, Japanese tattoos have been considered to detain a special magical and or religious factor to their owners. Other terms for Japanese tattoos are Irezumi, and Horimono are considered to be very beautiful, the intricate detail can cause complication to understand because of no actual alphabet for the Japanese language. There are a lot of online tattoo galleries that have a wide selection of Chinese or Japanese tattoo to choose from, the biggest problem is finding someone you trust that can re-create the designs and the intricate work involved to getting a quality tattoo of this nature to be applied.

I have a blog that is about custom design tattoos that I have posted a few articles on. If you are interested on getting a new tattoo or your first tattoo go to my site and you might get some good ideas. Also there are a couple of Tattoo Gallery sites that I have links to that offer some very good information that would be very helpful in making an intelligent decision before getting your next or first tattoo. Also I have a link to a very good book that gives a lot of the history behind Japanese tattoos that you can check out on my site.

Website address is:
Tim Amlong

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Article Resources for Traffic

By Bruce Swedal

What is the reason you’re writing the article? The point is to get visitors and traffic to your website. The only place you can provide a pathway to your website is within your articles resource box. So you need to write one that will get a click.

One way to do that is to give the reader a reason to click. Maybe you just wrote a Pulitzer prize winning article on stock car racing, but you need more than a URL in the resource box to get them to continue to your website. Readers need a reason so give them one. Tease them with additional articles or tools, such as “For 10 Things You Must Know About…”

You can offer visitors free gifts. That word free is still an attention grabber so offer a free link, free report, newsletter or list of something.

It does not matter to the reader how great and wonderful you are so don’t brag about your accomplishments. Just keep your comments about yourself to a minimum with a hook. Something like Jim Doe won 2006 Realtor of the Year. Learn how he did it at….

Use the resource box to link to a useful piece of information or resource on your site. It does not have to go to the front page. If you land the reader in a place where can find what they are looking for and search around from there they tend to stay longer. Link to what is most relevant to the topic the reader expects to find.

Linking to pages within your website also allows you to optimize the pages with the links. The anchor text should relate to the contents of the landing page. This will help in ranking your website for various terms within your niche.

For example if you have a website dealing with sports fishing and a page devoted to bass. By linking with a bass fishing anchor text to an interior page of your site that deals with bass fishing, it will help the search engines to recognize the various topics your website covers. Plus improve search engine results for those broadened terms. Directory submissions also assist in targeting keyword traffic.

Understand that articles will only bring you traffic if you provoke an interest in the reader to click. The links will help improve search engine results to get you noticed for those keywords and topics. So keep both of these factors in mind when writing your own resource box.
There are several additional on topic articles published at the Authority Web Directory. Visit today and while you are there you can submit your websites’ listing at Authority Directory Submissions.

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Millions Of Opportunity Seekers Join Network Marketing Business

By Nicholl McGuire

The unemployed, retired, homemakers, students and more are joining from the United States to India a networking business being described as "great, credible, honest and the best!"

Strong Future International(SFI)a division of Carson Services, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska USA was founded in 1985, by Gery Carson. According to the website, Carson is an entrepreneur who has been written about in Money Makers Monthly, Upline, Opportunity World Magazine, and other books and videos. He has authored several marketing tools and has been featured as an expert guest on live call-in radio shows.

So what exactly is SFI? The site reports that it is an "exclusive marketing arm for the IAHBE (International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs) and Veriuni™, a line comprised of nutritional, cleaning, personal care, pet care, telecommunication products, and more."

Opportunity seekers are drawn to the site for a number of reasons some of which include:
membership and training is free, the company is established in over 200 countries, they keep in contact with everyone who joins on a daily basis, they have many products to choose from and will dropship to customers without additional cost, and they provide business tools to affiliates to promote their products and services for various fees.

Affiliates are also attracted to the company's promise to provide residual income. This means that an affiliate would market his or her link to a prospect who would either buy a product or join the company and then he or she would refer someone and so on which would potentially give the affiliate income for years to come. Affiliates make money from the products sold through their individual url links assigned to them by the company. They are responsible for marketing those links that will connect the prospect to services and products at the site.

In comparison to other networking businesses, SFI seems to have everything that any opportunity seeker would want. Unlike others, they are listed in the Better Business Bureau and can be contacted to answer questions. According to SFI representatives, SFI is not a pyramid scheme. The SFI website reports "they do not generate income solely on the process of recruiting others into a pyramid who pay a fee to get in. Instead there is no cost required to participate, and affiliates are paid only on product movement never on recruiting. And, unlike illegal pyramids, in SFI, no matter where you're positioned in the network or when you join, you can advance to the very highest income levels and even earn more income than those above you in the network."

If you would like more information, click on the link that appears with this article. Sign up for top-rated Affiliate Program with SFI Marketing Group (SFI). Join over 8 million SFI affiliates worldwide! FREE sign-up at:

Nicholl McGuire is a freelance writer. She enjoys writing about topics that can assist people with making and saving money. Feel free to stop at for realistic ways to make money without having to ask for a payday advance, use a credit card or file for bankruptcy.

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Is Your Phone System Killing Your Business?

By Brandi Cummings

I am always surprised when I call a company and get a scratchy voicemail message, a computer voice telling me that the wireless caller I am trying to reach is out of their calling area, or a fax tone screaming in my ear. When this happens, my first impression of that business, right or wrong, is that they are unprofessional, a fly by night operation, not established, and I am frankly not comfortable doing business with them.

The reason that it continually surprises me is because it just doesn't need to happen. Here are 3 simple and inexpensive things that you can do to make sure that the image you are presenting when someone calls your company enhances your professional image, not takes away from it.

1. Marilyn Monroe or Olive Oyl- Some of us were blessed with wonderful phone voices. They are warm, have wonderful intonation and exude confidence while putting people at ease. Some of us were not so blessed. You know which one you are and should take that into consideration when creating outgoing messages that your callers will hear. If necessary pay the money to have someone professionally record your messages for you. It will pay for itself in the confidence you give to your callers.

2. Fax Tones Cause Irritation- In the year 2007 you should no longer have a fax machine that shares your phone line. If you have to say, "Okay give me a few minutes to turn my fax machine on before you send the fax," and then give anyone else that calls during that time a piercing scream to the ear, it is time to upgrade. There are internet fax options as well as virtual phone numbers that allow you to still have the one number for phone and fax, but will also allow both kinds of calls to come in at the same time without having to flip any switches.

3. Cell Phone Voicemail Is A No-No- In today's world, it is not unusual for people to work on the go. Most people you see nowadays have a cell phone held up to their ear, and it won't be long before they are surgically implanted at birth. All the world's an office. However, you don't want your callers to think that you don't have one. If you want to take your business calls on your cell phone, get a virtual number that will forward your calls to you there. That way if for some reason you can't answer the call, or were abducted by aliens and are now out of your service area, your virtual number will handle the voicemail.

Image is so important in the business world. The first impression people will get of your company is what they hear when they call you. Are your callers left with a warm and fuzzy feeling of "mmmm" or an icky feeling of "eeeww"? Take the few extra steps to make sure your phone system is not killing your business.

Brandi Cummings, an expert in the field of virtual telecommunications, recommends checking out, a leading provider of virtual pbx systems designed to enhance the image of small and home based businesses.

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