Websites that Reward Users for Their Content

By Shawn Drewry

The internet is nothing more than a highway of information. What is ever so popular and has no signs of growth stints of social media networks. The minute someone says that phrase "social media", a light bulb automatically goes off in your head that thinks "MySpace". Well, MySpace is a very popular social media networking site, in which you can find real celebrities, CEO's, politicians and quality business, as well as people from the music industry you can network with. Although MySpace offer many options to users who sign up for free accounts, they do not reward them for their content financially.

YouTube, a company owned by Google, not only offers a free account, but allows it's users to upload their video content, whether it be for personal or business advertising, along with a link back to their website or blog. A lot of YouTube users sign up for free accounts and create very unique video content, in hopes that it may be deemed appealing to the viewer. Most people tend to judge their affiliation with businesses, whether it is on or offline by the businesses appearance.

People will also appeal to the business emotionally if the business creates videos blending them with certain colors, such as navy grey, orange & black, like Bloomberg Television does. In addition, YouTube now allows video content publishers who have Google AdSense accounts to embed the publisher ID number into their YouTube account, in hopes that they make money from sharing their YouTube online videos.

Flixya is a new site similar to YouTube. They have a logo at the bottom flush right hand corner of their website that says "powered by Google AdSense". They claim on their site to offer AdSense publishers 100% of the revenue from Google ads if they have an AdSense account and include their publisher number. On Flixya, you can create blogs, upload videos, and never have to worry about the placement of positioning your Google ads. Once you include your id number into the website, their automated software has already pre-configured the positioning of your AdSense, in addition to 1 link unit also, which is located underneath the unique video content you have created and newly uploaded.

Piczo is a picture sharing site, in which you can also embed any kind of online advertising into. The good thing about Piczo is that you can arrange the page any style you'd like, even with huge blocks to add multiple YouTube videos, large affiliate ads, and potentially RSS feeds in .php scripting. I haven't tried the .php script as of yet for RSS feeds, but I am definitely sure that the RSS javascript works, because Google ads are in Javascript and they work on it perfectly. Piczo is a site where it mainly caters to teenagers and those of the twenty one to twenty three ranges. I think that site would be good to create a page or pages and market not only Google ads with content, but affiliate ads for ringtones, video games such as World of War craft, Halo 3 and so forth.

Last but not least, a new site I recently discovered is Shareapic. Now, this one sounds really simple. All you have to do is sign up as an affiliate with few good affiliate programs, such as Amazon, AdSense, and PayPal. Upon your selection, simply sign up with a free account, upload pictures and embed your AdSense code, in addition to extra affiliate links around pictures you've placed on your free Shareapic page. Once that is complete, they have options to log into your MySpace account and post bulletins there. It's good if you have a large friends list on MySpace, because you never know where people's minds are at. Be mindful not to post too frequently on MySpace with your page, because you'll be surprised at how some of your friends on your own MySpace friends list will tell on you to try and get your page deleted. Shareapic also pays 22 cents per 1,000 pic views.

This is a very unique way for online publishers to diversify their online income, because not only can you go around and find many free sites as the fore mentioned and find ways to make money for next to nothing, but you also use them for back linking. Back linking is good if you have your own domain name and hosting account. The majority of online publishers like to focus on organic search, in addition to back linking as many sites as they can to help their search engine optimization efforts. The good thing about back linking sites this way is you're making money and boosting SEO. That's what I call killing two birds with one stone!

Shawn Drewry is the CEO of

He was born & raised in Brooklyn, New York & has been in the working world for 10 years, including corporate America. As much as he did well on his jobs, someone somewhere he worked with or even the employer themselves found some reason wrongfully to terminate him. He has learned the hard way to become an independent person, breaking the shackles of traditionally following the working class. His mother worked for The City of New York for 35 years and successfully retired in 1994 paycheck to paycheck and thus was never able to ever save a dime nor keep money in her small bank account.

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Don't Get Hosed Buying Jewelry Online

By Ronald Hudkins

When you do decide it's time to buy some jewelry I'm not saying it should not be purchased online. By all means virtual shopping for that special someone and finding that which glitters, glows and shines is the perfect and smart thing to do. First of all, the Internet jewelry stores often offer a much wider selection of merchandise then is available in a stores catalog or at their brick and mortar storefronts. Secondly, because the virtual stores have lower inventory and other overhead costs then your neighborhood outlets, these savings can and often are passed on to the customer. Also, there is the convenience of the in-home purchase and subsequent delivery to your front door. All I'm saying is before you hit that "buy it now" button do some serious homework first.

You're buying jewelry for that special someone, not for a garbage can so, do some legwork first. When you are out there driving around and stopping at the five or ten convenient fast food restaurants that happen to be in-between all the places you are heading to; you need to actually park somewhere other than a drive through lane, get out and go into a jewelry store. The professionals in these outlets will tell you what to look for when purchasing gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, platinum, gemstones or, how to get to the public rest room. Whatever your need, inquire up close and personal. After you're an expert on jewelry, go home and purchase your product online often for 50% or more less then the store you were just in retails it for.

Go home and get the same information being Internet savvy. The Internet is the planet's largest library of information. Whatever you are in the market for, there is information about the product in the virtual archives. When you use a search engine such as Google, be specific with your request such as "gold ring" or "diamond necklace". That query is going to bring up a million sites and the ones on the first few pages are normally there for good reasons. They are top quality generally and have a frequently asked educational series of pages.

Once you are all loaded with the information needed to make a smart online purchase and have found the virtual storefront that displays that perfect piece of jewelry, you're still not ready to hit the "buy now" button. Check to see if that online store offers a guarantee, a return policy and that the site has secure ordering. Make sure you know how many days you have to return something. Remember if you need to return something, shipping, insurance and handling charges are usually not refundable. Look for an address to send mail to or a phone number to call if you have a question, a problem or need help.

If you are buying some high ticket item of jewelry inquire about the manner of shipment. It's important if the store uses insured carriers like FedEx, Ups and that your shipment is insured for the full value of the package content. The store that uses insured carriers and insures its shipments should be highly willing to refund or replace any item lost in shipment. The ball is in your court, ask before you buy. Take the extra minute to call or Email the online retailer for any clarifications. You want to get exactly what it is you are looking for.

So when its time to hit the purchase button rather than paying by check, money order, cashier's check, consider paying with a credit card or PayPal, or use an escrow service making sure you check their policies as well. If you get a merchant that only deals with Western Union and other wire transfer services that is basically the same as paying cash. That should be a red flag and I'd highly suggest a different vendor. Even storefront agencies have on their envelops you remit payment in "please do not send cash". There is a reason for that. Course you are free to do as you will but cash is like throwing a wallet out the car window, pulling over a block later and waiting for someone to bring it back. Good luck with that human integrity exercise! So, with the tips provided about buying jewelry online, your shopping experience can provide great savings, service and delivery from the comfort of your computer chair. Be patient, be wise and be rewarded.

Ronald Hudkins is a published web author and an advocate for consumer awareness. He is an administrator of an Internet Shopping Mall (wholesale) and (Humanitarian) site

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Your African Style

By Adam Peters

The African style of decorating has seen quite an increase in popularity, due to the prevalence of home design shows, websites, and books. You may want to add a bit of African style to your own home, but are unsure of where to begin, but there are ways that you can add a touch of this style to make your room more visually appealing and interesting.

You can easily make your room into a beautiful refuge by choosing an African-styled wallpaper border and choosing a coordinating paint color. If you are lucky enough to have walls that already mesh well with the border, then you will only have to put up the border. Simply adding this simple touch can give your room an entirely new feel.

Choosing Your Wallpaper Border
By selecting a wallpaper border that works well with your existing paint color, you will save yourself time and you will give your room an entirely different feel. If you have furniture that dominates the room due to a big print or wild color, then you may want to consider that in your choice of border.

Finding a border online may be the easiest when it comes to African design. One such website is African-Images.Com. This site has a wonderful variety of different African styled borders and wallpapers that can give your room a touch of Africa. From tribal masks to scenery and more, you are sure to find a border that expresses your individuality and your affinity for African style. They are easy to install, too, with their pre-pasted backing that only needs water to activate. Taking care of borders is as simple as cleaning with a damp cloth. You will be amazed at the style that a border can add to your room. Even though it is a small touch of décor, it can make a big impact.

Selecting a Color of Paint
If you want to paint the walls before putting up your border, you will want to be sure that you take a wallpaper sample that will enable you to match the colors carefully. If you cannot find your particular color in the pre-mixed paint, you can always have the color specially mixed.

Décor for Your Room
Where you put the wallpaper border is entirely up to you. You can choose to put it at the top of the wall, at the bottom of the wall, or at the middle of the wall near chair railing. It is up to your personal preferences. Paint your walls first and then install your border once the paint is dry. In no time at all, you will have a room with African style.

Adam Peters is the editor of You can find more information and resources on African style at his website.

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The Lone Wolf Versus the Pack - Which Are You?

By Claudia Brown

Gone are the days when businesses used to be all about a one man show. Today, responsibility is best delegated to people down in the hierarchy. With more focus being towards core competencies, all mid- and low-level work is gradually being outsourced. So, are you the lone wolf who hordes all the work or part of the pack?

Freelance sites
Today freelancers are all located over the world and they are readily available to take on work regarding specific projects. Depending on their specialized area of expertise, you can delegate all your non-core projects to them. The good thing about such freelancers is that they provide you with high quality services at a fraction of the cost. It's a win-win situation for all parties involved. You as a service buyer get good quality work at lesser cost. The freelancer gets paid a good amount for the project completed. There are plenty of freelance sites these days such as Elance, RentaCoder, etc. which all promise high quality talent.

Virtual assistants
Hectic deadlines, marketing initiatives, strategic business opportunities waiting to be tapped - does your calendar sound like this? If so, you are just like the many other entrepreneurs who are overburdened with work. To top it all, you also have to take care of essential yet non-value added work like maintenance and support, clerical jobs etc. If you wish to focus on your core competency and leave the burden of these mid- and low-level jobs to someone reliable, consider hiring a virtual assistant. You can avail a plethora of back office support functionalities at a fraction of the cost. Since all virtual assistants are self employed, any overhead costs they bear are at their own expense. So that also saves you considerable money. You only pay for the number of hours put in - unlike in your office where even downtime needs to be paid for. This saves you from a lot of overhead costs and unnecessary expenses. Many small businesses are slowly waking up to the tremendous benefits of such virtual assistant services online.

Product development
Nowadays many companies are even outsourcing components of their product development lifecycle activities. While crucial and company sensitive stages like architecture and conceptualization are still retained, the more non-sensitive steps like coding and testing have largely been outsourced. The reason is that the overall costs of custom development and implementation costs much less when compared to doing it in-house.

Delegation is the key
Today the mantra of success is to move away from micro-management and focus on the core areas. If you are a business owner you need to stop focusing on the entire daily nitty-gritty's of work and instead focus on more strategic business moves. Factors such as expanding into new territories, fine-tuning marketing campaigns, lead generation strategies etc. should top your list of activities, as opposed to activities like website maintenance, organizing and scheduling meetings etc. However, while delegation is important in today's world, every good manager knows that delegation can be recalled if the situation demands. That's why it is important to be on top of things and be aware of what's happening in every aspect of the business.

(c) 2007, Doug and Claudia Brown of All rights reserved. Reprint rights granted so long as article and by-line are published intact and with all links made live.

Doug and Claudia Brown use their 40 plus years of business building experiences to educate people and businesses on how to dramatically increase their revenues. Find out how you can dramatically increase your income or your company's revenue at their website which is at


Could You Become An Energy Assessor

By James Copper

If you want to be an energy inspector you would do well to turn too many of the environmental study programs at the various committed U.S. colleges and universities. Boston University is one of these committed to saving and improving our environment through the training of energy inspector professionals. Here is where you can learn the ins and outs of making money while teaching others about green energy and the path to an energy efficient lifestyle.

Lets take a look at what a would-be energy inspector could learn at Boston University.

Its Energy and Environment Studies centre prepares those who want a career as an energy inspector or other energy professional or those who simply want to commit themselves to doing their small or large part in saving our environment from fossil fuel ruin.

The Centre at Boston University engages continually in not only education but also research and professional training in the areas of energy-efficiency and environmental analysis. The Centres perspective is problem-oriented and multi-disciplinary. The philosophy that guides the program and the energy inspector training is that students must have a systematic and broad exposure to the nature of our environments problems. The centres research projects are designed to investigate some of the most complex and challenging of our planets environmental crises and problems and to educate the public about renewable energy and train tomorrows teachers in energy efficiency.

Boston Universitys energy centre is made up of faculty who also work for the schools Geography department as well. An advisory committee of faculty from many departments advises on the energy inspector training. They develop the curricula as well as teaching the courses that train energy inspectors and environmental researchers.

The environmental centre is under the auspices of the Boston University College of Arts and Sciences. Students and faculty are committed to making us all avid energy inspectors if only for our own homes. They also involve themselves, and hopefully empower students to involve themselves in the discovery as well as evaluation and dissemination of essential energy-efficiency knowledge. The College is made up of 23 related departments and over 90 different majors and minors, all of which can interrelate to the environmental purpose behind the centre.

Someone can train to be an energy inspector or other renewable-energy-related career in one of two Bachelors degree programs or three Masters degree programs at the school. The curriculum is innovative and quite challenging. Research studies from those who train each potential energy inspector include such projects as analyzing pollutants in the Boston Harbour, assessing how the worlds supply of oil will hold out for our future, and the study of the changing climate all over the globe. Classes that relate to the energy and environmental centre energy inspector program include courses in the geography and biology departments as well as those in earth sciences, the universitys centre for remote sensing, transportations studies, and the centre for conservation biology and ecology. The department of international relations also offers classes of interest to those pursuing an energy inspector career.

James Copper is a writer for where you can find out how to get energy assessor training

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Auto Accidents and Your Legal Rights in Los Angeles California

By Steven M Johnson

Have you been injured in an automobile accident? Do you know your rights now that you've been involved in an automobile accident? Your injuries may include brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, skull fractures, temporary amnesia, back and shoulder injuries, disk injuries, leg, knee and foot injuries, and whiplash. You may have suffered internal injuries including a torn spleen, injured bowels, liver, kidneys, lungs and heart. It is important that you contact a reputable auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California, specializing in personal injury law, to protect your rights in your unique situation.

Did the car you were traveling in, belong to you? Was the car a rental vehicle? Was the car a taxicab? If the vehicle did not belong to you, and you were injured in that vehicle, it is vital evidence in your case, and must be preserved as such. How do you proceed in executing this task? A personal injury lawyer knows just what to do. Leave all the legalities in his capable hands; it's futile to fight your case by yourself. You need someone on your side to fight for your rights, and to prevent the insurance bullies from trying to deceive you by making you settle quickly with an insufficient payoff. Unscrupulous insurance companies use this strategy before you have had a chance to think about seeking legal representation for your case.

In many cases accidents happen as a result of defective manufacture; therefore the body of evidence is the actual vehicle-and that vehicle has to be examined closely by an expert for any and all clues as to what caused the accident. The vehicle should not be handled or otherwise tampered with by anybody after the fact. An experienced auto accident lawyer is able to handle this situation with ease.

While you are in the hospital, your ability to support your family the way in which they have become accustomed; is drastically reduced or may even come to a sudden halt. As well as the household bills, there are now additional bills, ambulance and/or air-evac bills, emergency surgery and surgeon's bills, including anesthesiologists and consultant's bills, not to mention the thousands of dollars it costs per day while you are receiving medical care in the hospital.
Following discharge from the hospital, there will be physical therapy costs, pain management appointments, medication expense, specialist's fees, transportation costs, and constant calls and demands for overdue hospital bill payments. All of this, and more, while you are trying to reconstruct your life; trying to keep your family together, as well as worrying about the future and its, seemingly, bleak outlook.

Take a break from your worries, and consult an experienced auto accident attorney, ready to take your case, and fight for your rights. Your full recovery is paramount; your personal injury claim will be conducted in a most professional manner, thoroughly and with integrity.

Don't leave your future to chance; consult a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California, who will fight for your rights to gain full recovery, and make certain that you and your family have a sound, financial future.

For more information about your car accident case and injuries you may have suffered. Contact our team of attorneys for a free consultation about your case.

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Fall Fashion Items Every Man Needs in His Closet

By Tl Kleban

It's pretty difficult for men not to look good during the cool fall season. A simple white collar showing out from underneath a nice, neutral toned sweater looks clean, polished and professional. Just because the weather is getting colder doesn't mean the only clothes you need are last year's warm winter coats and snow boots. It's just the opposite. New styles and trends on classic fall season basics will almost guarantee you will be dressed to the nines.

It's easy to see why fall fashion collections are so highly favored by fashion experts. The clothes are rich in color and texture, cool enough for a mild fall afternoon and warm enough for a chilly autumn night. All of the colors are normally neutral, making it easy to mix and match with different styles and colors of your closet. Here are just a few of the hottest fall items you should have in your closet:

Pinstriped Pants - This classic look is perfect for formal occasions or times when casual will do such as work. It's the detailing of pinstriped pants that livens up an otherwise ordinary wardrobe. The best part about pinstripe pants is no matter what type of shirt you wear, they all match. For example, navy goes with gray pinstripes, gray with brown pinstripes, or black with any color of pinstripe. They all look great.

Striped Shirts - As I walking through the mall the other night I noticed something. It seems like nearly every major fashion designer has some sort striped shirt or another. This means that they are the new hot trend for this season and why you need to get one. Striped shirts can be worn with jeans, with a suit and under a sweater. The fall fashion season is about layering with using bold and thick stripes to thin ones.

Sports Jacket - A nice sports jacket is definitely one the hottest items on the racks this season and one look at the styles available show why. There are jackets with patch pockets and elbow patches, ones with big lapels and double-sided vents, and they are show how the retro look is making a come back. Choose a nice wool or wool and cashmere combination with three or two buttons when shopping around for a new jacket. Try to stay away from bold colors and stick with neutral tones easily worn with jeans or dressier pants.

Flat-Front Twill Pants - Next time you go shopping, you need to buy yourself a pair of twill flat-front pants, trust me. They look great and go with just about anything and everything. One more plus about these pants is that they are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. What makes this twill pants so great is they look good for a night out on the town or for a busy day of meetings at the office.

Jeans - Over the last few years, jeans haven become more and more of a staple of the fashionable man's wardrobe. In terms of color, jeans are available in everything from dark to light washes, but of all them the washed-out, worn-in look is the one that looks the best. They come in so many different styles that there really isn't a reason why you shouldn't own a pair that shows off your best assets. The best part about a really good pair of jeans is they can be worn with anything from dress shirts, button-downs, or t-shirts.

Rocawear defines the lifestyle for today's young hip consumer and provides the efficient business acumen to retail partners necessary to be successful. As the ad campaign tag-line goes......WE RUN THE STRIP. Check us out at

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Holistic Programs - Popular Studies

By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

Find Holistic Programs in the United States and Canada. If you're pursuing a career in the healing arts, it's time to explore some of the many holistic programs. In addition to holistic healthcare courses, students can apply to programs in natural health, energy healing, spiritual counseling, herbology, iridology, massage therapy, and more.

Some of the more popular holistic programs include training in herbalism. Typical subject matter involves anatomy, physiology, wild crafting, medical botany, herbal medicine formulation, preparation/dosing; ointments, lineaments, basic nutrition, Bach flower remedies, herb cultivation, diet and organic foods, supplements and minerals, aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, and first aid. These particular holistic programs are designed for treating the "whole person," often resulting in a certificate or diploma of completion. However, holistic programs in herbalism are frequently part of acupuncture and Oriental medicine school curricula, as well as naturopathic studies.

Other popular holistic programs include hands-on training in various massage therapies. These courses are usually between 300 and 500 hours in length; but in some healing arts schools, advanced massage programs run well beyond these training hours. General education entails anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and the history and philosophy of massage. The difference between massage courses is each one of these holistic programs covers its own set of bodywork modalities. In standard massage programs, students will learn massage techniques like deep tissue massage and Swedish massage; in more comprehensive curricula, students gain practical training in these disciplines, as well as geriatric massage, Trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, infant massage, and Thai massage, among 80+ additional methods.

Some compelling holistic programs focus on nutrition and wellness. In a holistic healthcare practitioner program, students learn about herbal remedies/therapies, bodywork techniques, ear candling, iridology, spiritual counseling, meditation and visualization methods; energy healing therapies (i.e., Reiki, chakra balancing, harmonic balancing), and other mind-body-spirit medicines.

Generally, holistic programs involve natural healing therapies designed to help support and enhance the body's self-healing mechanisms. Students who fulfill all educational requirements of the respective course are awarded a certificate of completion, and in some instances - as with massage therapy - graduates can become Nationally certified upon meeting all eligibility requirements. In addition, there are a number of holistic programs geared toward the professional medical provider, like holistic nursing. These courses involve aforementioned studies, in addition to other relative subject matter; and specifically created for nurses and nurse practitioners seeking to broaden professional healthcare treatment options.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding holistic programs, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore holistic programs near you.

Holistic Programs - Popular Studies
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Bound NetworkAll Rights Reserved

NOTICE: Article(s) may be republished free of charge to relevant websites, as long as Copyright and Author Resource Box are included; and ALL Hyperlinks REMAIN intact and active.

Resource Box: CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd - Freelance Writer and Web Consultant for, in association with - Educational Resources for Holistic Programs, Holistic Schools, and other Healing Arts.

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Decorating Your Kitchen With Vintage Retro Style

By Adam Peters

Decorating is a favorite activity for many people and the kitchen is the most popular location in the home by far. The kitchen is the center of the family in many cases, so it is important to make it inviting and fun for the entire family.

One popular way to redecorate your kitchen is in the vintage retro style of decorating. This style helps to give you a wonderful outlet for all of those retro pieces that you can find at tag sales and it can make the room fun and welcoming.

When planning your decorating, you want to be sure that you include all of the different facets of the room. This includes window treatments, floors, cabinets, wall color, furniture, etc. You want all of the pieces to mesh well together to create a room that is a cohesive whole, rather than the pieces detracting from each other. Popular colors in the vintage retro style of decorating include pink and blue, red and white, and cream and green. Even the retro 1970's colors are not off limit, so you may want to consider orange, harvest gold, or even avocado green.

The window treatments that you choose can either enhance or detract from the rest of your décor. That is why it is so important to make your choice carefully. You can even find curtains that are original to the era that you are recreating if you are willing to hunt and spend the money. If you cannot find any, then you may want to consider vintage napkins, tablecloths, or towels that you can create curtains from.

Accessories are another great way to add that vintage retro style to your kitchen. If you cannot afford to redecorate the entire room, then just consider changing the accessories. You will be amazed at what a difference these small touches can have. Focus on choosing items that you love and that fit the style of decorating that you chose. Yard sale finds and online auction finds are a great resource for these types of items.

Displaying your accessories around the walls will give you a vintage retro style without having to redo the whole room. By putting them on shelves, you will be able to create displays of different heights and sizes to make them visually appealing and to enhance the décor of your room.

You don't have to blow the budget to add retro style to your kitchen. By making your choices carefully and searching for those special pieces, you will find that in no time at all, you will have a kitchen to be proud of.

Adam Peters is the copywriter of Find more publications about vintage retro style at his website.

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3 Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars Each Year

By Connie Barker

Let's face it; it is very hard to save money. Everyone would like to save money, but it always seems like there are urgent expenses and bills to pay. Many people are forced to spend all their money and have little or no savings to show for their hard work. While it is no doubt hard to save, anyone can save with just the tiniest amount of discipline. Here are three easy ways to save hundreds of dollars each year.

Invest in a 401KIf your employer offers a 401K, you should invest in it immediately. A 401K plan is just about the best way for an individual or family to save for the long term. You can choose the amount of money to save each pay period and unlike placing your money under your mattress, the money you save is invested, so that it grows over time. 401K plans are free to join and you usually have the choice of investing your money in a wide variety of opportunities.

Divert a Percentage of Your Paycheck to a Savings AccountAnother great way to save each pay period which is not very common is to divert money from each paycheck to a savings account. If your employer offers direct deposit, they usually always offer the option to send money into not just one account, but several. This way you can siphon money off at the moment you get paid. If a large chunk of pay goes straight into your checking account and only a small percentage goes to your savings account, you might not even see the money you are saving. This ultimately means out of sight is out of mind, helping you to save a few bucks a month very easily. It should be noted that diverting a percentage of your paycheck to a second account is usually free.

Pay Yourself First Once You Get PaidEveryone has expenses and once you get paid, you probably spend a good portion of your money on bills, purchases and necessities. While you may easily pay off your cable bill, the most important bill that never quite gets paid off is your savings. Make sure you pay yourself first- before anyone else. Just as you always have money to pay your cable bill, you can always find a way to save a small amount each pay period. The amount that you save each pay period can be $50 or a percentage, such as 5%. In a few short months, you will be amazed at just how much you were able to save.

Connie Barker is the owner of several financial websites including those dealing with Bad Credit Personal Loans

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Chocolate Delivery - Courting Just Got More Innovative

By Bethany Isabell

Chocolates have got to be one of the most desirable ingredients for a happy tummy, wielding enough capacity to tempt the best of abstainers. In fact, even the season of Lent fails to bring down the temptation level to its baseline as helpless victims inadvertently fall prey to the sinful delights of chocolates. Matters go out of hand when variety rises up to such an exotic level that a bite into these dark blocks seem too good to resist.

The present day world is such a fast paced one that people hardly manage to afford much time to engage in leisurely activities from their busy professional schedule. Under these circumstances, it sometimes becomes almost next to impossible for workaholics to meet up with external commitments, let alone indulge in celebrations. In a bid to waylay this handicap, the concept of delivery service was brought to the forefront as a potential solution, and the move has been more than successful if statistics are to be believed.

Taking the cue from the success, the online arenas in the UK and other countries have applied the concept to make chocolates accessible to a further extent. Consequently, people can now opt for a chocolate delivery service to send these dark desires to friends and family in spite of a crunch schedule prohibiting their actual presence with the goodies. All they need to do is merely place an order over the Internet for one of the many options available and have them delivered to anyone they desire, whether it's an occasion or not.

Chocolate delivery service has caught up in a big way, especially in the UK as more and more deliverers have displayed their enthusiasm for the act. There is also a visible trait of innovation in this concept as customers can now avail combination packages, such as flowers and chocolates and champagne and chocolates.

Bethani Isabell is an expert author in the domain of various types of online gifts such as champagne gifts,chocolate delivery, flower delivery uk etc. She has an amazing charisma in her write-ups as she possess the capability of presenting the beautiful and 'emotional' aspect of gift items. This appeals to people from every section of the society.

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Secret Service Much Too Careful - Hurt President's Image

By L. Winslow

It is risky business in this day and age to be a politician, no mater which country you are in. If you are a member of a legislative branch or the leader of an entire country, there is a trade off between security of self and being one with the people. If you are loved and respected things are much easier, but you will never be loved by all and thus enemies are made, whether you like it or not.

Often in the United States our secret service is way too careful and this can hurt the image of a President, in their hyper vigilance to play it safe and keep the leader out of harms way. If something happens by accident or due to some nut case out there, either way, the entire nation is a risk of losing confidence in the government, leadership or ability to run the nation.

Public perception and public confidence can make or break markets, economies or the backs of nations, that too is a fine line. If the Secret Service is too careful the President misses opportunities to be one with the people, if they are too lax and do not do due diligence, then there is personal danger or risks of upsetting the people's confidence.

Better safe than sorry, seems to be a very good policy, but it is not always what is best for the nation. Being a leader means taking some risks and thus, more discussion on what's good for the nation needs to enter the frame work of the complex decision matrix on these issues.

If you are a leader you must take risks, for your future and the future of the nation. No, I never said it would be easy, I am just an observer, observing the reality, behind the methods, that bring us to where we are today. Think on it.

L. Winslow is an Economic, Political and Technology Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur . Currently Mr. Winslow is planning a bicycle ride from Canada to Mexico and in Spring across the US from San Diego to Virginia Beach to raise money for charity. Previously he was a track star athlete, private pilot, involved in politics, community volunteerism and a Franchising Founder. Mr. Winslow has choosen 100 titles of Books he wishes to write and has completed ten thus far. The subjects include; Community Planning, Future Tech, Franchising, Small Business, and Third World Issues.

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The Description Of Affiliate Marketing

By Hooshmand Moslemi

If you have been involved in Internet Marketing, chances are that you have heard about Affiliate Marketing many times. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced marketer, you have to know the description of affiliate marketing first.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of descriptions; however all have the same meaning. Simply, you promote and market the merchant´s products and services and will be compensated for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer that you provide through your marketing efforts. So, the commission you will earn is based on that specific action and could be measured as Pay Per Click (visiting the merchant site), Pay Per Lead (joining the merchant site or taking a trial and subscription) and/or Pay Per Sale (purchasing a merchant´s product or service). Since Pay Per Click action does not give a reasonable amount of commission, it is not normally categorized under the term of affiliate marketing. So, whenever we talk about marketing as an affiliate, we mostly mean Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sell actions.

Affiliate Marketing is the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to make money on the Internet compared with other forms of online businesses. You don´t need to create and manage your products or services, you don´t need to handle customer orders and support, you don´t even need to have your own website. On the other hand, if you don´t know exactly what to do, you will never make money as an affiliate. Getting the needed and updated information and taking action are the most important steps of this process.

One of the common misunderstandings that are being linked with affiliate marketing is selling. It is true that selling is an important activity of affiliate marketing and the core function of a business operation. But, in affiliate marketing, you are not selling; you are pre selling. Another is that affiliate marketing is commonly linked with advertising. While the importance of advertising in marketing a specific product is not to be underestimated, it is not a part of the many functions of affiliate marketing.

It is not too hard to become an affiliate. There are literally thousands of programs and networks out there where you can join and get started. In most cases, you are provided with tons of guides, tips and marketing materials in order to start marketing the products or services. You can generate a full-time income as an affiliate marketer. So, whenever you hear somebody earning over $1000/day, don´t get surprised! It can be true.

But affiliate marketing is not an easy task to accomplish. The affiliate needs to have a better understanding with the merchant´s products and services, what the commission will be, expected payment method and time involved in the agreement. Also, it is too vital to select a product or service that has a good reputation on the Internet. In other words, marketing a website which has a lot of negative feedback on the Internet would only be a waste of time, money and effort. Affiliate marketing is a great choice for everyone who wants to make some extra money from Internet. It is simple and inexpensive to get started and you can be up and running within a few days. But there is one thing you have to consider, it is how to market on the Internet despite the heavy competition.

Have Not Earned any Money Yet as an Affiliate?! All Right! You Need Affiliate Training and Coaching. That´s It! Find Out the Top Affiliate Training Programs Right Now!

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How to Choose the Right Virtual Assistant

By Crystal Redhad-Gould

As with almost anything, all Virtual Assistants are not created equal. Unfortunately many small business owners have had to learn this the hard way. Virtual Assistants come in all shapes and sizes. There are those who are new to this industry and while that may not be a bad thing you certainly do not want to be stuck paying someone to learn on the job.

I have outlined some steps that you can take to help you find the right match for your business.

Put your tasks on paper.
Spend a few days writing the tasks that you do daily. Go over the list and check off the ones that need to be delegated to your Virtual Assistant. You may hesitant to delegate your task but remember the more tasks you assign the more time you will have to dedicate to revenue producing tasks.

Consider your budget.
Now that you have outlined your tasks, you need to work out an estimate of the time required to get the tasks completed. Once this is done you can now look at your budget in order to shortlist proposals for your tasks. Virtual Assistant services range from $25-140 per hour. Rates are based on the level of experience and type of skill required. Administrative tasks fall in the range of $25 to $55.00 per hour. When looking at proposals remember you get what you pay for, so do not be tempted to go with a proposal just because the cost of service is the lowest.

What was your first impression of the Virtual Assistant? Did she have a professional website? Was the proposal presentable? Were your questions answered in a timely manner? How were you greeted for the first conversation? Pay close attention to the manner in which the virtual assistant presents herself and her business; remember she will be a representative for your company.

Services Offered
Sometimes you will be required to hire multiple virtual assistants in order to meet the variety of skills required to operate your business. For example you may need to hire a Virtual Assistant for bookkeeping, one for marketing and one for administrative functions. You can save a lot of time by hiring a virtual assistant who offers a variety of services. Many virtual assistants work as a team or outsource work in order to offer multiple services to their clients. Also consider the length of time the virtual assistant has been doing the tasks that you need done.

You may want to ask your Virtual Assistant about her work style. How does she keep organized? Will she be able to meet your deadlines? Handle your tasks in addition to those of her other clients? You may want to discuss the importance of priorities and deadlines.

Working virtually is all about technology. What software is required to efficiently get your tasks completed? You need to ensure that your virtual assistant is proficient with the software required. You also need to ensure that you are using the same versions of the software in order to facilitate file sharing. Many virtual assistants will suggest additional software that can be used to make the job easier on both of you, pay attention to this.

Work Times
When do you need your virtual assistant to be available? This is necessary for tasks that you may need done at specific times, eg, answering incoming calls etc. Ensure that your virtual assistant is available at those times to prevent surprises later on.

I have found that I work best with clients who have a similar personality to mine. Again I will emphasize the importance of discussing work styles. You will want to ensure that your work styles and personalities complement each other. This facilitates a tension free and cooperative environment.

Ask the virtual assistant to provide you with a few people that she has worked with in the past.

Be sure that your virtual assistant is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your trade secrets.

Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best decisions that you can make for your business. Know that finding the right one takes time and effort and though you may not get it right the first time, keep trying, ask around and you'll eventually find the right match for you.
To your business success!

(c) Five Star Executives. All Rights Reserved.

Crystal Redhead-Gould is the managing principal of Five Star Executives a Virtual Assistant Practice that specializes in Internet Marketing and Graphic Design. She is a pioneer for Virtual Assisting in the Caribbean. She serves as President of the Caribbean Association of Virtual Assistants. Crystal draws on over 15 years of experience in the industry and seeks to help small and medium sized businesses with their marketing tools in order to increase profits.

Crystal is a frequent speaker at small business forums across the Caribbean. She is also author of Unwritten Rules: Become an In Demand Virtual Executive. Feel free to visit her online at or pop in on the Caribbean forum at

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Moving & Relocation Company - Tips in Hiring

By John Groth

After you have made the decision to relocate the business, you will want to consider hiring a moving and relocation company. If you have a simple move or you have done it before several times it may be an unnecessary expense. But for the vast majority of relocations the "do-it-yourself" approach may be a mistake. Relocating can get complicated very quickly. In order to assure a smooth move a better idea is to hire a moving and relocation company. However, it's vital they understand exactly your specific moving requirements. Of course it's you're responsibility that you hire the relocation company that is right for the scope of the move.

The right relocation company to hire can be somewhat of a research project. Once you've put together the basics of you moving plan now you need to find the right partner to help you with the moving project. There are many moving and relocation companies that seem to offer similar services. One may specialize in corporate and office relocations. Others offer more general services and can do more. Others may have the ability to move sensitive equipment and electronics. In addition if you have a specific need, such as an international relocation, or moving into a metropolitan high rise, you can narrow your choice between the specialized and generalized relocation companies. So to start with you have to isolate your special needs so you can better make the final decision.

Price is always important, but hiring a moving and relocation company on that factor alone can be shortsighted. Some specialized services are very expensive, such as moving servers and other electronic gear. However, if done wrong or equipment is damaged and your company has a shortfall in service the costs to the business can be devastating. The answer to selecting the right moving and relocation company is to find one that is affordable, will resolve all the details and take care of all of your special needs.

An additional help is to get bids from various companies. Ask for their suggestions on how to handle your special needs. Once you have a good understanding of your options the bids can be evaluated. As you narrow down the list, study the testimonials and speak to former customers.
Did the moving and relocation company follow the company instructions, were there any problems, how were they resolved, and special needs the company had and would you use the company again? All are questions that need to be answered. There may be more areas to explore but these are basic for you to help arrive at an informed decision.

Once you've make the final decision, be sure all the special needs are clearly spelled out, the timetable is set and you have a complete understanding on how issues are to settled. From here on you should have a smooth move.

John Groth is a Relocation Specialist. Go to Business Relocation and Moving ideas and find valuable resources, a free money saving relocation guide and informative articles about business and individual moving and relocation. For a Smooth Move we have all the information to help you in planning your move.


The Quitting Stage of Smoking

By Shareen Aguilar

Smoking is a deadly habit. Maybe it may not be for now, but smoking's health hazards may develop in a person's later years. The trouble with it is it could already be fatal and it might be too late for the victim. It is a very scary scenario but it does happen. Smokers who completely ignore giving up this terrible trait doesn't realize yet what can possibly happen to them many years from now.

Smokers who have been hooked to this addictive habit surely experiences difficulty in letting go of it. But people who have never seriously considered to quit smoking doesn't realize what fatality they are leading themselves in to. Only those who have really done and faced the serious consequences of how to quit smoking truly understands the difficulty in having smoking in their system and the aftermath if they maintain it in their body.

Putting yourself and your health at risk are the collateral as long as you continue to smoke. Health problems such as having a bad breath, gum disease, constant depression, high blood pressure, heart problems and the deadly lung cancer are all in line for you to absorb. Each of this health hazard are just waiting for the cue to hit and when it does, it is fatal.

But you can still avoid having any of this health problems from happening to you. What you need to do is to prepare yourself from expected withdrawal symptoms from the moment you quit smoking. Some quitters do find that to quit smoking would mean a really difficult stage. The cravings to smoke again is always there simply because of the fact that you miss smoking. A smart way to completely forget about smoking is to keep yourself busy.

Amuse yourself, go to the movies or visit friends and tell them that you are trying to quit smoking. This way, you'll get extra help from them whenever you feel like lighting a cigarette stick. Using nicotine patches and others are also a good alternative to giving yourself in for a craving. You may not be able to conquer your craving immediately but you can at least give in to it without having to light a cigarette stick again.

Think about the benefits that you will gain when you quit smoking. No matter how difficult the stage that you are going through now, tell yourself that you will gain an even bigger benefit once you have come clean from smoking.

Click Quit Smoking to find out more about how to quit smoking.


Free Ipod Video Converter - The Real Truth

By Chris Sinclair

Interested in converting the videos from your DVD collection to your iPod so that you can view it anywhere? If you have been searching online for information on how to convert your DVD videos to your iPod, you probably know by now that it's not possible. Not possible with the package bundled with your iPod when you purchased them but with a third party software, it's possible. Video to iPod converter tool is never part of your iPod package. I can imagine the disappointment as I too had the mindset that I can have my movies with me wherever I go. You still can as long the videos and movies are downloaded from iTunes . But what about the collection of movies and DVDs collected through out the years you ask? Well, let's just say they won't be able to keep you entertained while you are on the go.

As the saying goes, for every problem, there's a solution; especially when consumer-savvy software companies realize this. You can rest assure that there will be a solution real soon. Before you know it, there are iPod video converting tools popping up all over the internet. In fact, as of now, there are quite a few on the market and then come the next problem, which one is the best? Now, to make things worse, there are even free iPod video converters . Of course, natural instinct would point you towards the free ones but are they good and worth your time?

For every software, there's a learning curve. While it may be easy to use with this type of softwares but free iPod video converters tend to lack behind when compared with commercial converters. With this in mind, it would be time consuming to test a software and then to look for another one to try when one is not up to expectation.

Most free iPod video converters are not exactly free. The word FREE is a strong attention grabber and is a marketing ploy used by companies to attract consumers. Most free iPod video converters are free but for a limited period of time only. Once the trial period is over, you will have to pay. Some have no trial period but with limited video converting features . And you guessed it; the advanced features will be made available once payment is made. To truly enjoy and to have a decent video converter, you do need to invest in a converter that gives you the convenience and the quality and support that comes with it.

A commercial iPod video converter does not really cost much and in fact it is really quite affordable . Most video converters are available for a price below $30. These video converters are able to convert most PC video format to your iPod. Again, what about the DVD collection you ask? Well, now most video converters have the feature to rip or convert videos or movies straight from your DVDs to your iPod.

Ipod Video Converters

Finding the right video converter is not easy. For a list of the best iPod video converter....
iPod Video Converters Review

The Best Video Converter Goes To...

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How To Raise Kids Who Read

By Madonna Camille Mamuri

Who doesn't want their kids to read? Know how to make your kids love this excellent hobby.
Jim Trelease said in his book, "The Read-Aloud Handbook", that readers have become endangered species. But as a parent, you can make a difference. You can make your kids love reading-a skill that will prove to be a valuable asset in education and in life. Here are some tips to instill in your kids some book lovin' traits:

Read to your children.
Set a regular reading time with your kids. Ideally, it should be before bedtime.

Make books available.
Think about this, if you do not have any books around, how will your kids cultivate their love for stories?

Visit the library
Make your kids experience going to the library. This is will be an educational trip and will be the foundation of his reading values.

Be a good role model
From time to time, show your kids that you too, read. As they say, you should always set an example.

Cut Back on TV
When television is not available, your kids will turn to other things that will entertain them. And the most possible of which is reading.

Reward Reading.
This is self explanatory. Rewards system with kids usually work since they have something to look forward to. Reward them with something that drives them.

Support reading programs in school.
There is no better way to show your advocacy for reading than by supporting their programs in school. This way, you help children other than your kids, you show a good example and you help the world have more readers!

For more information regarding parenting, discipline and other related subjects, please visit and
Thank you.

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Free Wedding Speeches Can Help Novice Speakers

By Mike Selvon

If you have been called upon to make a wedding speech at an upcoming marriage, or if you just want to be prepared with a good wedding toast, then you may be happy to know that there are some sources of free wedding speeches to help you out.

While these free speech resources might not turn you into a polished public speaker, they can give you some pointers and tips to on how to make your words more refined.

For the marriage reception, most couples plan for three people to give a speech on the special day, although it is up to the couple's discretion to ask more or fewer people to speak.

Traditionally, there are father of the bride speeches, best man speeches and the bridegroom speeches given as part of the reception. At times, siblings, the father of the groom and even the maid of honor are asked to speak, as well as anyone the couple feels can add a special sentiment to their day.

The vast majority of people never are called upon to speak in public, so giving a speech on the special day can end up being a very nerve-wracking proposition for most. The many stresses that the couple and the whole marriage party experience during the days leading up to the special day can add to this nervousness.

This is why accessing free wedding speeches can really help because the more prepared you are, the less nervous you will end up being when it comes time to give the speech. Having the structure of a free wedding speech can help you focus and will give you an outline or framework with which to start.

It is a simple fact that free wedding speeches, which can be obtained online, can significantly help to eliminate the fear of public speaking. They can also help to solidify your thoughts, which is particularly helpful for those whose minds go completely blank when faced with the task of saying something meaningful at an event so important as a marriage.

Free wedding speeches are basically simple, pre-outlined orations, humorous thoughts and jokes and even poetry that you can use to give your marriage speech a framework to start with.

While a free wedding speech will obviously be generic, it does give you a place to start so that you can insert specifics about the bride and groom to make the comments more customized and personal.

The more you are able to interject interesting tidbits of information and insights into the speech, the more meaningful it will be to everyone in the group.

Downloading your favorite free speech from a helpful website will get the ball rolling. At this point, you can add your personal commentary, put some effort into memorizing and practicing your speech and then you will be ready to make your marriage speech debut.

Some of the best advice you can follow to make the most of the speech on the special day you have prepared is to say it out loud over and over again as you memorize it.

This will help you find just the right voice inflections and help you naturally know when to pause and what words to emphasize. With daily practice before the event, by the time the special day day arrives, you will be calm and confident even if you are a novice at public speaking.

Although there are some who are simply naturals at giving a marriage speech, the majority of people need a little help along the way to feeling confident about giving wedding speeches and toasts in front of a gathering of family and friends.

Using free wedding speeches can help you avoid embarrassing comments and will make you more assured and comfortable.

Wedding Speeches is a memorable act that newly weds treasures for life and Mike Selvon's portal will expand your horizon on free wedding speeches. Visit us to receive your free gift and leave a comment at our wedding toasts blog.

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All The Teacher Jobs Waiting For You

By Beverly Maniago

With just one click of a button, all the teacher jobs that are waiting for you out there are within your reach. Teacher jobs are now one of the most sought-after jobs around. The high demand for teachers is caused by a society's need to develop. As the government seeks to improve the state of education, the need for more teachers increases. This is because teachers play a key role in the overall development and improvement of the society. The better skilled teachers are, the better education the children will get. We all know that the development of children nowadays have a direct effect on the future of every society.

There are a lot of teacher jobs around. There are primary teacher jobs, wherein an overall knowledge of the major subjects is needed. That, plus plenty of patience, of course, since primary teachers handle younger students. There are also secondary teacher jobs that require a different set of skills, but are more focused on a single area of specialization. Aside from these two kinds of teaching jobs based on the education levels, the teaching profession also has its own set of hierarchal levels. There are teaching assistants or assistant teachers, who are not considered as fully qualified teachers and work under supervision of qualified ones. Then, there are senior teachers who act as supervisors, but for specialized areas. These senior teachers are also like the department heads. This means that there should be senior teachers in Science, Math, and the like. The difference is that there should only be one department head.

Aside from more senior teaching posts, there are also senior non-teaching positions in the teaching profession. These non-teaching posts include the head teacher job, or the principal post. These positions are already relieved of their teaching responsibilities. Some head teachers may still carry a teaching load, but most of them don't. Their focus is shifted to managerial and operational responsibilities. Such responsibilities are already directly connected to the state of the school.

There are also teachers for special education. Special needs teachers handle children with special needs, as the term implies. Such teaching positions naturally require a more complex set of skills. With all the teaching jobs available out there, if you are planning to enter the teaching profession, you might find it hard to choose which position is best for you. The best way to make the decision is to consider the things you enjoy, and the skills you possess. These will be your best judge of which teaching position you can fill.

Whatever kind of teaching job you can get, you will surely be handsomely paid. And that is true not only in the financial sense. You will also get a lot of opportunities to further advance in your career. Once you get a teacher job, a lot of doors will definitely open up to you. The hierarchy in the teaching profession also gives assurance that the teaching profession is an active profession. As you teach, you also learn. As your students grow, you also grow.

Advance with a rewarding teacher job. Don't miss out on your chance to start a fulfilling career, so find the best teaching jobs near you only at

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Gift Ideas For Your Lady Love on Christmas

By Jacob Marshal

The festive season is round the corner and the markets have started flowing with a lot of gifts and other such stuff. Its still time for Christmas, but the enthusiasm of the town can be discerned as everyone has planned some or the other for Christmas. And when you want to buy something for your loved ones, there is a lot of confusions as there are a lot of options and to figure out the most appropriate gift for your loved one seems like one big task. However, here are a few gift ideas for all who cannot figure out as to what would be the perfect gift for your own people.

Girls are always more moody and emotional in nature, so it is always safe to give them something that matches their mood. Nothing can beat a shopping spree for the lady of your dreams, but that would cost you a fortune and surely you have to act a little practical to fetch her the gift that she would like. You can gift her the romantic and traditional gifts like a bunch of her favourite flowers, teddy bear and lots of chocolates and see the tears in her eyes ... because you touched her heart. If your sweetheart isn't one of those mushy women (which is practically impossible), you can probably gift her a pair of jeans, or a formal suit.. or may be one of those dresses which she loves. And your beloved would be more than happy.

If you don't like playing conventional at times, then there are a lot of unusual gifts which can make her surprised and very happy. You can name a star on the name of your beloved.. it is possible to find one of such websites on the World Wide Web. You can find one of the stars and choose it for the star of your life and give it her name. Else, if you have an adventurous streak, another gift would be to buy some land on the moon and gift it to the lady. It would not sound strange but it would also be great for the future investment!

Jacob Marshal, a dedicated writer of which provide information on gifts Ideas like Christmas Gifts and Gifts Flowers

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Internet Dating - Testing Internet Dating Sites

By Michael R White

After much experience with various Internet dating sites I have decided to coin the term "profilebot". This term is used to name small computer programs that are written to either create Internet dating profiles or to send emails en mass to trial members on the site.

Since the annual amount spent on Internet dating is increasing each year lots of people want to get a slice of that profit margin pie. The problem is competition. How can a new Internet dating site compete against the bigger more established ones? Getting clicks is only the beginning.
Having a large member base is an important element so why not create a small piece of software that trawls the Internet for profile information and copys it to create hundreds of profiles to increase the size and therefor strength of a new site.

I strongly believe that this practice although misleading is common place on some Internet dating sites. One of the major problems for new sites is the lack of "women seeking men" profiles and the influx of "men seeking women" profiles. This is common on most Adult Sites. So the profilebot technique is fast and efficient way to remedy this and even the apparent stakes for the potential market of male paying members.

Also because so many sites can be a complete waste of time most guys who don't have money to burn will sign up for the free trial and see if the site looks promising. But what next? If a guy is not getting any emails from the female members why would he become a full paying member? He would not, but if he started getting emails from all sorts of interesting and sexy women then he would probably sign up straight away.

This being said imagine the temptation of a site owner who has poured all of his/her money into a site in the hope it yields a slice of that huge annual Internet dating market pie. But it's sitting there without many paying members.

Wouldn't it be tempting to create a profilebot that starts emailing seductive messages to all those lonely guys in the hope that they sign up to respond. They would sign up immediately and begin responding to those messages! And the cash would start pouring in.

The way to test it is to simply open a free trial member account. Don't fill out any of the fields at all. Just enter a user name, age and city. No photo, no blurb. Leave it for a couple of weeks. If the site in question is using a variation of the profilebot technique then in a few weeks you should have a bunch of emails from supposed female users. I have tested this on a few sites and found that this or a similar variation must be true.

Another question to ask is can you reply to paying member without signing up if they contact you? The most reputable site allow this function because they know their system works and they are getting good business due this very fact.

In most cases these "female users" will be hot to trot and totally gorgeous. To good to be true in fact. The funniest part is when the email says " I really like your picture" thats when you know the message has been falsely generated. Because there's no picture on that profile.

If you understand all the different time wasters in the Internet dating world then you have a shot at making it work for you If you use this test on an Internet Dating Site then you have a better chance of finding the site thats going to yeild the best results for you!

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Helping Around the House - Starting Your Child on Chores

By Lily Morgan

Chores are something every child dreads doing. How many TV sitcoms have you seen with a parent hounding a child to do his chores? While this scenario is played repeatedly with older children in houses across the globe, smaller children actually enjoy helping out around the house. But when is it time to introduce a few household chores to your child, and what tasks can a toddler or preschooler accomplish?

You can start educating children about chores as soon as your child is able to follow simple directions. As you start feeding your baby table food, you can have him pick up food from his tray and put it back in his bowl. This enforces the idea that he has to pick up his messes. Be sure to praise him for his efforts, even if he ends up making more of a mess than he started with. The point is that he is trying to help, and he needs praise for that.

Toddlers can help mom or dad set the table. Give your child unbreakable items to take to the table, like silverware and napkins. While he may not get the items in their perfect location, he will gain a sense of accomplishment from helping. At the end of the meal, have an item or two that the child is responsible for putting away. Many kids enjoy putting their milk or juice cup in the refrigerator when the meal is done. This enforces the idea that they do not jump up from the dinner table without helping with the clean up.

Another task a very small child can do is bringing in the mail. While you will have to get the mail out of the mailbox physically, you can hand it to your toddler to carry inside. Again, she will feel great accomplishment from helping. Be sure to teach her the importance of not opening other people's mail.

Children who have pets at home can help with care of the animals. Toddlers can bring pet dishes to mom or dad to be filled when it is mealtime. Older preschoolers can fill the bowls or feed smaller pets themselves. Because large pets like dogs often get excited around food, an adult should always be present at feeding time.

The most important thing to remember when introducing your child to chores is that praise is the best way to reinforce the idea that helping is fun. Instead of hounding your child to do what you want her to do, praise her when she does it.

Should you reward your child for doing chores in other ways? You may want to avoid giving tangible prizes to your children for doing chores every single time. This fosters the belief that children are only doing the chore because they get something for it.

A system of rewards can be set up where the children earn points for doing chores willingly, and the points are turned in for rewards. This teaches children the value of hard work, and the fact that sometimes the reward for their efforts comes a little later. With these suggestions, you can help your children develop a sense of accomplishment, pride, and belonging in your family by introducing them to the world of chores in a positive, uplifting way.

Find helpful and creative ideas for parents and grandparents while you shop our great selection of kids furniture (including our popular wooden toy boxes) and classic toys. Visit today!

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Wear Jewelry Like Eva Longoria

By Cathy Pitts

Okay, so we know that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is gorgeous no matter what jewelry she wears. In fact she could probably dangle a pair of old sneakers from her ears and get away with it. but we're willing to bet that that's because she knows how to make those tennis treads look their best, and not the other way around. Keep a few simple tips in mind and we'll double our bet that you can make the most of your jewelry too.

1. Settle on a Hairstyle
Have you ever seen Eva unclip an elegant updo mid-red carpet? Or swoop her locks into a ponytail halfway through a Spurs game? Neither have we. Nor do we expect to anytime soon, due to a fact that the rest of us fidgety, hair band-toting ladies seem to have forgotten: To settle on a hairstyle before you leave the house means that not only will your hair-free hands convey confidence and allow you to hold a cocktail or two, you will also have the advantage of choosing jewelry for that hairstyle in front of a mirror. While we're at it, may we suggest that when your hair is down, feel free to wear something a little more shiny and showy, so that it is not lost underneath the tresses. On the other hand, err on the simpler side when your ears and neckline are exposed. Too much bling will take away from the real gem (you).

2. If Going Big, Go Beautiful
Eva's prominent cheekbones and oval face shape combine to create negative space along her chinbone where long dangles and big hoops can hang free. Here, bigger earrings lend length to her face (where shorter ones would have the opposite effect), but there is a risk in that any large piece of jewelry inevitably draws a lot of attention. Thus, we doubt that Eva ever just throws any old earrings in and goes. Rather, the earrings she chooses have three things in common:

they are confident, graceful and of earthy stones like chalcedony and citrine...characteristics that many would also attribute to Eva herself. This combination results in accessories that complement, not overwhelm, the face they hang from.

3. Simple Can Be Striking
Recently, Eva was photographed wearing a large Green Quartz and layered gold chain pendant necklace. Pendant necklaces provide an opportunity for personalization that other necklaces don't because gemstones come in all shapes, sizes and colors. So if green makes your skin look sallow, choose coral or topaz instead. If you prefer a single, sterling silver chain, go for it. The point is not to copy Eva exactly, but to embrace the elements that make it work - the bold grace of a single, visible stone, enhanced but not overwhelmed by a delicate chain, will only be outdone by your own radiant face.

4. The Engagement Ring
Just to be clear, we doubt that many of our readers are about to receive a ring made of 148 diamonds, or for that matter, marry an NBA star. But we do expect you to feel like a celebrity during your engagement, and we think the trick is making the bling as personal as Eva and Tony did. Eva's darker toned skin cries out for diamonds, so it makes sense that the ring would boast so many. Another option would be to choose a light metal, like sterling silver or platinum, for the band. If your skin is already white enough, then flank the diamond with a couple of small, darker gemstones and a gold band. This will make the diamond pop, no matter its size.

To take it one step further, Tony's handwritten message was engraved inside the shank of the ring. We suggest a comparable, but less pricey italicized inscription on the inside of the band. Think of it as a private message that your finger can read day after day.

Cathy Pitts founded Dasha Boutique, which features customizable, handmade jewelry, in 2003. Go to today to see artisan-crafted designs that can be tailored to specific stone, metal and size preferences. Orders ship in 2-3 business days.

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Challenges of Mental Nurse Jobs

By Beverly Maniago

It is quite easy to understand why mental nurse jobs can be considered challenging by most. A lot of nurses may not be too keen to enter the mental health field as an area of specialization. However, some do find it quite fulfilling despite the challenges. Truthfully speaking, though, mental nurse jobs may not be for everyone.

The mere fact that you will be taking care of a mentally challenged person is apparently a very challenging aspect, and the core challenge, actually, of a mental nurse job. These people do not have the same mental faculties as a normal or average person, and thus, needs extra understanding and care. The need for a long rope of patience is also the key to becoming successful in a mental nurse post.

The mental problems that mental nurses can encounter also vary in form and in degree. Some mental disorders may be acquired for one reason or another, while some are inborn. Some may be temporary, and some may be permanent. The effects of every kind of mental problem on the behavior of the patient can also vary in degree, of course. Some patients may be largely lucid, while some may test a mental nurse's patience.

A mental nurse's job is very important. The growing number of mental health patients is causing alarm in various countries. This shows that the need for people who can dedicate themselves to patiently care for those who really need it is also huge. A mental nurse should be highly skilled so he or she can properly provide care, help, and treatment for the mentally ill. This field is more baffling than any other field of medicine. Since cases do not always adhere to hard and fast rules about which treatments will work and which medicines are necessary, being a mental nurse is not simple. However, it goes to show that mental nurses are highly redeemed as professionals in the medical field, as they deal with special cases and are in a position that requires more effort than most other nursing jobs.

Since mental nurses are due to face a lot of challenges, there are certain characteristics needed before one can be deemed fully prepared to become one. Mental nurses should have the perseverance and dedication that the job requires. If not, the challenges may bring them down.
Most health providers and institutions require candidates to undergo strict filtering before accepting them. This is yet another challenge that is linked to mental nurse jobs: the challenge of qualifying for the job. Many mental nurse job postings already specify that they prefer qualified, experienced, or dedicated nurses. The nurse's personality is also a big factor in whether he or she can get a mental nurse job. A mental nurse should be enthusiastic and should be aware of the challenges that he will be facing. Most importantly, he or she should be ready to face these challenges.

Although mental nurse jobs are undeniably challenging, there are many avenues if you are up for the challenge. You can choose whether you feel more comfortable working with older people with mental disorders, or mentally challenged patients in general.

Do you have what it takes to apply for mental nurse jobs? Then go ahead and look for one in the wide collection of nursing jobs only at

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