Apple iPod - You Can Play MP3

By Alice Erin

The Apple iPod from Apple Inc. is a portable media player that assures the users of perfect musical entertainment. The iPod was a result of Apple's research which resulted in the disclosure of the fact that the existing digital music players are "big and clunky or small and useless" with user interfaces that were "unbelievably awful". Apple developed the product in less than a year and unveiled it on October 23, 2001.

The name iPod was the contribution of Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter, who was called by Apple to figure out how to introduce the new player to the public. The first iPod kiosks were demonstrated to the public in New Jersey in March 1998, and the commercial use of it began in January 2000. The trademark was registered by the USPTO in November 2003, and Grasso assigned it to Apple Computer, Inc. in 2005.

The Apple iPod can play MP3, AAC/M4A, Protected AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible audio book, and Apple Lossless audio file formats ensuring the perfect musical entertainment. The iPod is generally associated with a host computer. Each time the iPod is connected to the host computer, iTunes are able to synchronise entire music libraries or music playlists either automatically or manually. Song ratings can be set on the iPod and synchronised later to the iTunes library, and vice versa. It is also possible for the user to connect the iPod to a second computer. Apple iPods generally function as mass storage devices to store data files. When the iPod is formatted on a Mac OS X computer, it uses the HFS+ file system format, which allows it to serve as a book disk for a Mac computer. The sound can be enhanced with the iPod's software equaliser (EQ) which has some EQ settings like R&B, Rock, Acoustic, indie, and Bass Booster which can result in fast bass distortion.

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Choosing A Paper Folding Machine For Your Church Office

By Jeff McRitchie

Paper folding machines are commonly used by all types of organizations. You might find a paper folder in a corporate mail room, a government office, a school, a church or a print shop. All of these organizations process large numbers of documents and can greatly benefit from the assistance of a folding machine.

However, each of these types of organizations has a special set of needs that need to be considered when choosing a machine. This article is designed to provide a list of five things that Churches need to ask themselves before they buy a unit for thier office.

1. What types of folds do you need to produce? This is the first and most important question that you need to consider. In general, most churches will need to fold their church bulletin and letters to congregation members. This means that they need to choose a paper folder that can do a z fold and half fold. However, some churches fold large format documents, legal sized church bulletins, tri-fold brochures or other materials. It is important that before you go shopping for a folding machine that you know what types of folds that you will need it to do.

2. How much folding are you going to need to do? This is an important question to ask when choosing a paper folder. More than likely the paper folder will be used to fold Church bulletins more than any other type of document. Ask yourself, "how many bulletins do we print each week?" If you are going to need to fold hundreds of bulletins every week you are going to want to make sure that you buy a paper folder that will hold up over time.

3. How often are you going to need to change folds? I know a lot of churches that very rarely ever change the settings on their folding machine. They use their machine for their weekly bulletins and nothing else. For these churches, a heavy duty paper folder with folding plates that are adjusted manually is ideal. However, other churches are constantly changing the settings on their machine to produce different types of documents (think back to question one). If you plan on folding lots of different types of documents or are going to need to change the fold settings more than once a week it would be a really good idea to get a folder that has either easy to adjust fold plates or is completely digital.

4. What types of papers are you going to need to fold? If you are going to need to fold heavy duty card stocks or glossy papers with your folding machine you are going to want to make sure that the folder can handle it. Many paper folders are not capable of handling heavy or coated paper stocks. In fact, even expensive folders often require card stock to be pre scored before being run. It is always a good idea to have your special papers tested in the paperfolder of your choice before you make your purchase. That way you will know for sure if they will work or not.

5. What sizes of papers are you going to need to fold? Again, it is important to try to anticipate the different types of documents that you are going to need to fold. If you think that you will need to make brochures out of 11" x 17" paper it is important to choose a folding machine that can handle this size of paper. Likewise, if the Church uses legal sized bulletins you will need a paper folder that can handle legal sized paper. Generally if you choose a folder that can handle 11" x 17" or larger paper then it will be able to handle all of the smaller sizes as well.

Jeff McRitchie is the director of Marketing for He has written more than two hundred articles on topics related to binding machines, binding supplies, presentation covers, ring binders, index tabs, laminators, laminating pouches, roll film, shredders and paper handling equipment. If you have any questions about Paper Folding Machines or Paper Cutters check out

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The Secrets Every Man Must Know Before Purchasing Lingerie

By Martin Blue

At some point in his relationship every man fantasizes about his wife, girlfriend or fiancé getting dressed up in sexy lingerie and showing off her body to him. Unfortunately buying lingerie for your partner can be one of the most intimidating purchases most guys will ever have to make as there are so many different variables to consider and even making a mistake on just on of them could ruin the gift for both of you. What size is she? What colors does she like? What style would accent her best body features? Where are you going to shop for lingerie at? These are just a few of the things you need to consider when selecting the perfect lingerie to be given as a gift.

The most important thing you need to know is of course size. This is always a sensitive topic with woman so you can approach it one of two ways. You can either be direct and flat out ask for all her measurements or you can go about it the stealthy way and inspect her underwear drawer looking for the different measurements you need to find the perfect fit. The worst thing you can do is guess as that is going to cause nothing but issues in the end.The next thing you need is to select a style of lingerie making sure to select a style that compliments what she thinks are her best body parts. There are many different styles of lingerie on the market including:
  • Chemise - A straight cut sleeveless gown
  • Negligee - A loose fitting style of gown that is usually sheer
  • Babydoll - Similar to a chemise but much shorter in length
  • Bustier - Form fitting strapless type bra the extends to the waist and pushes up the breasts
  • Camisole - Sleeveless tight fitting top that is paired with sexy panties
  • Teddy - One piece lingerie combining the camisole and panty
  • Boy Shorts - Form fitting and usually very short boxer style panties
  • Thong - A panty that provides full frontal coverage with only a strap in the back
Now that you know size and style you need to select a color. White, red and black are the most popular colors and most women will look exceptional in them. The other way to shop for colors is by her hair color as most blondes look great in pastels, brunettes need much stronger colors like deep blues and redheads look great in earthy tones. If you are still in doubt visit or call your local lingerie shop for color recommendations.

By now you should have her size, the style and the color all picked out and should be able to purchase lingerie that will flatter and compliment her body. The final thing you must remember to do is to have it professionally wrapped to make it look outstanding and then compliment the lingerie with a romantic CD, flowers or a great bottle of wine.

By visiting an online store like and armed with your new found knowledge concerning the purchasing of lingerie you will be able to pick out the perfect plus sized lingerie for that full figured woman in you life.

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Goal Setting for Kids

By James Robbins

Goal setting like many other valuable skills in life is usually not taught in school. This leaves parents the responsibility to pass on the great power of effective goal setting to their children. Of course one of the best way to teach goal setting to our children is to be modeling the process ourselves.

Children actually love to set goals. One time my family decided to do a little goal setting in order to make the house run more efficiently. We sat down and created some goals and the kids became contagiously excited. The key for kids, is that you need to make it into a game.

What we did to make the goal setting process fun for them was add a few important elements.
Here are a few tips for goal setting with kids.

1. Set measurable goals.

This is important for anyone setting goals, and it is a good thing to teach your children this lesson early. We had simple goals relating each week to completing chores around the house.

2. Create a fun way to measure.

Children need to visually see their progress. What we did was print out a large photo of a mountain and stuck it on our fridge. Our goal was to reach the top. Then we cut out little flag magnets so that as we completed our goals we moved higher and higher up the mountain. This made goal setting fun for the kids. You should have seen their excitement every evening, as we would update our mountain. We had kids running off to clean rooms, make beds, and sweep floors so they could move the flag higher up the mountain.

This tiny game we developed on our fridge eventually became the inspiration for building the online goal setting game The Summit.

3. Have a reward.

Rewards are important for goal setting. I cannot remember what the reward was but our kids were excited about it. We told them that if we reached the top we would get the reward as a family.

Day by day we moved up the mountain and our kids had a blast at the same time. It made our house cleaner, our children more motivated and it taught them some important principles of the goal setting process. You can make your own family goal game, just do what we did and cut out a picture of a mountain and tape it to your fridge, and you kids will have a blast. Goal setting can be a lot of fun.

And if you want to play the online goal setting game inspired by the events in this article then take the Summit Challenge. In addition to creating the Summit Challenge James Robbins also delivers keynotes on personal excellence and leadership. To find out more about the Summit Challenge, go to

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Self Defense Products - Who Else Needs Some Self Defense Products?

By Jack Krohn

Self defense products are non lethal by nature. Their purpose is to allow the user time to escape from a possibly life threatening situation and seek help not to injure or maim.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country, indeed the whole world, use a wide array of self defense products like stun guns, pepper sprays, tear gas, batons, and tasers. Tasers for example are used by over 11,000 law enforcement agencies as of November 2007.

National Guard forces and military units in the United States and military agencies throughout the world use self defense products like pepper spray, tear gas, batons for crowd control and general law enforcement.

WHY? It is easy to explain - THEY WORK.
Self defense products provide another alternative to deadly force. As such they save lives.

Crime is up all over the country. Law enforcement agencies are stretched way beyond their capacity due to a shortage of qualified personnel and in some cases financial cutbacks.

Here are some facts every parent of a college age child should know.

--One out of four women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus.
--One out of eight women will be raped while in college.
--84% of women who were raped knew their assailant.
--57% of rapes occur on a date.
--75% of male students and 55% of female students involved in date rape had been drinking or using drugs.

These are the reported figures. There is a lot of data suggesting that most rapes go unreported. One study showed that only 5 % of victims of rape or attempted rape report it to college police.

But EVERY woman is a potential target of these perverted assailants. An assault occurs every 29 seconds. Most sexual assaults can be avoided by using some common sense and being armed with knowledge of what to avoid and armed with some non lethal self defense weapons.

According to Bureau of Justice statistics 17 percent of women can expect to be raped in their lifetime. In 2004 for every 1000 people there is one rape or sexual assault, two assaults with injury and 2 robberies-that's a one in five chance that you are going to be next.

When you stop to think about how often an assault, sexual assault or rape occurs the statistics are amazing and scary.

Who do you know that could use a self defense product to defend yourself in the event of an attack? Your wife, girlfriend, daughter, aunt, YOU? The fact is almost everyone on this list could use some help.

Walkers, runners, joggers or anyone who loves to be outdoors. You place yourself as a potential target just because of what you love to do.

Shift workers, locksmiths, repo agents, fugitive recovery agents, or anyone else that might work unusual hours and leave themselves exposed to danger because of their work. Anyone who does offsite banking for their business, day and night managers, OTR drivers, delivery drivers, and anyone who drives for a living are all at elevated risk.

Education professionals, medical professionals, real estate pros, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, single working women, college students, all have higher than average risk because of their jobs and who they are-women.

Not everyone needs a self defense product. Only those who work or are retired; only those who own their own business or work for someone else; only those who rent or those who own their own home; only those who are single or those who are married need them.

Everyone else is probably okay.

Jack Krohn is the #1 author of Home Security Articles in the country. He owns SECURITY SOLUTIONS, a one stop resource that provides solutions and answers for all your self defense and home security problems.

Get yourself a
HIDDEN SPY CAMERA and find out what is going on when you are not there.

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How Do You Define Yourself?

By Betty Mahalik

How do you define yourself? When asked, who do you say that you are? I was recently talking with one of my brothers who told me about a person he knows that seems to have no life outside of his job. No hobbies, few friends and even when he would be wise to do so, he refuses to stay away from work to rest or recuperate. Now I don't know this person and may be mistaken, but it struck me that he might be someone who defines himself solely by the major role he plays in life--his job description.

It's so easy to get our identity tangled up in our careers, work, roles or job titles. We seem to believe that we are what we do. We define ourselves solely in terms of the role or roles we play in life. This, my friends, is a recipe for serious limitation and life trauma. What happens to your identity when that job or role ends or changes so dramatically you no longer identify with it?
You often hear of people (perhaps you know a few or are one of the statistics yourself) who reach a certain point in life--usually midlife--when suddenly they begin to question what they believe about themselves. Examples are the executive that loses her job with all its perks and benefits when the company is bought out, or the parents who never looked outside their roles as mom or dad, and found themselves depressed "empty nesters" when the kids leave home. The existential question "Is that all there is?" begins to rear its head, and there are no easy answers when you've spent years defining yourself primarily as the thing you do.

Folks we are not things. But it's so easy to use such labels to describe ourselves or define others. We say them so effortlessly and often we come to think of ourselves and others purely in one-dimensional terms. "Oh, he's my CPA" or "she's a nurse." Even such descriptions as "I'm a Christian" or "I'm a Democrat or Republican" are seriously self-limiting. And think about those people we tend to label with negatives such as "he's a jerk," or "she's a b_____." Besides the obvious conflict and misunderstanding such labels generate, the danger in using such superficial labels is that we begin to see others as concepts or things and treat them as such. We are not our jobs, our roles, our positions in society, our bank balances, or any of a thousand other possible partial descriptors. We are human beings not human doings and we need to be constantly reminded to see ourselves and others in much larger, more generous terms.

This week I invite you to take some time to ask yourself, "Who am I?" See if you can define yourself in terms of something besides your job description or a certain group whose beliefs and members you identify with. And recognize that no label, however broad or descriptive can ever fully capture the unique, one-of-a-kind essence of you.

What's possible when we let go of limiting one-dimensional labels of ourselves and others? The answer to that was revealed in another example that came to my attention recently when I read an article about a man who had become a gifted potter, basket-maker and artist after having careers as a marine and police officer. Nothing wrong with either of those careers (marine or police officer) unless you attach your entire identity to them. Fortunately this man had seen beyond job description labels of himself and was able to tap into a deep, creative reservoir that had been bubbling beneath the surface for years. Imagine the gifts that might be unleashed on the world when we begin to see ourselves and everyone around us as unique, extraordinary creations with many gifts to share! Perhaps the most perfect gift we can give another is already right under our noses...the gift that each of us unleashes when we let go of self-limiting descriptions of who we are.

This week take a peek inside the box called "you" and see what unspoken treasures are waiting to be exposed when you dare to give up the "job description" version of yourself . Go ahead, the world is waiting for your gift.

And as always, enjoy the journey!

Quote of the Week:
"Up to a point, a man's life is shaped by his environment, heredity, and movements and changes in the world about him; then there comes a time when it lies within his grasp to shape the clay of his life into the sort of thing he wishes to be . . . everyone has it within his power to say, this I am today - that I shall be tomorrow."

~~Louis L'Amour
Betty Mahalik has been coaching small business owners, independent professionals and leaders who want to achieve more but stress less, since 1996. Her background includes several years in the broadcasting and public relations fields prior to starting her own firm in 1987. She is an accomplished public speaker and corporate trainer specializing in communications, goal-setting and leveraging your strengths. Since 2001, she has written a weekly motivational message, free to subscribers, titled Monday Morning Coach. To subscribe go to:

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The Need To Keep Your Website Evolving

By Rusty Campbell

I started developing websites in 1996. I wrote some software that I was selling over the net at the time. I had a simple 5 page site that was not particularly optimized or well marketed. Over time, the business flourished in spite of itself. I hooked up with a marketer, and by 2000 we had sold over a million dollars worth of software.

The business changed. SEO, search engine optimization, became the standard. The search engines became more and more competitive. Social networking and blogging grew to astounding popularity. As connections to the internet got faster, videos and other large bandwidth users became viable.

The web today is nothing like the web of the 90's. It is faster, more interactive, and easier to access. Most people research all kinds of things on the web. It's become such a major resource that I for one, can't even imagine doing without it. My wife even spends time on the search engines researching things she has questions about, and believe me, she is probably the most anti-technology being on the planet.

You need to keep up with the changes in website development. Yet you may want to stay back a bit from the cutting edge. I've always called it the bleeding edge because of the effort involved understanding and using new and buggy technologies, that don't have good documentation as yet.

Staying back a year or so, gives the newest technologies a chance to mature. That way you won't waste your time dealing with technologies that aren't ready for prime time. That said, you do need to be aware of what's coming. When the tools are built to use the new stuff easily, you'll be ready.

That said, it is disastrous to get too far behind. You need to gather up, and use new technologies, and ideas as they become reasonably easy to work with. You should keep an eye on your competition. Often, they will point the way to new directions you should be traveling.

There are many resources on the internet to help you stay current. You need to spend some time every day keeping an eye on advancements. A good way to keep up with what is going on in the internet is to subscribe to a few rss feeds from sites like Slashdot. There is a lot of noise, and you can't believe everything they say, but they do keep up with the newest technologies.
Another good feed is Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim. It's fairly general and self-serving, but he has a nugget from time to time that is valuable to the internet marketer, or website owner.
Check out the ezine articles as well, there is much about the current techniques to keep you abreast of the changing times.

Rusty Campbell has been involved in internet marketing and software development since 1996. He also makes marketing reviews at You can access his blog along with other valuable information at

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Wealth or "Wellth"?

By Betty Mahalik

I recently read a newspaper article about the West Virginia man who won a $300 million Powerball jackpot several years ago and the way that event had affected his life. Sadly it was primarily a story of all the ills that had befallen him since then. His wife left him; his own battle with alcohol had taken its toll; he lost a beloved granddaughter to a drug overdose and his daughter was battling cancer. He was quoted as saying, "I would give it all up (the wealth) if it meant I could have my granddaughter back or guarantee that my daughter would beat cancer."

The article gave me pause to reflect on how often in life we pursue wealth at the cost of "wellth", defined as our own health, relationships, well-being and other things we value. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having money. Interestingly, the man in the article was already a multi-millionaire at the time he won the jackpot. What struck me though is that wealth at the cost of "wellth" is a bad exchange.

I hope you're someone who has already learned that lesson. And I hope you didn't have to lose family members, your health or suffer other major losses in the process. But it's always good to take stock and ask yourself if you are in danger of trading your "wellth" for wealth or not living life according to your deeply held values.

Here are some ways to identify if you are truly living a life of abundance and not simply having lots of cash in the bank:
  • Do you know your core values? Although I've taken numerous values assessments over the years someone recently shared the simplest way I've heard of to identify those values that mean the most to you. Very simply, complete your responses to this question: What do I stand for in life? Take a few minutes and let that question sink in and see what responses bubble up to the surface.
  • Are you living them? If I followed you around for 24 hours what would I see and hear? Would I hear you say "I value my employees" but observe you treating them disrespectfully. Values are worthless if they don't inform your day-to-day decisions, actions, behavior and attitudes. It's easy to declare, "I stand for health," and much tougher to get out of bed in the morning and exercise or take other actions that honor that value.
  • Do you suffer from the "When-Then" syndrome? "When-Then" is that oft-used preface to those things we say we'll do "someday." Here are some favorites: When the kids are grown, then I'll go back to school. When I have more time then I'll exercise. When I have more money then I'll save or give some to charity." When-Then is an illusion. Just ask the person who has put off making an important phone call or seeing a doctor until it's too late. Give up playing the when-then game and start living your best life now.
  • Who would you be being if you had the million dollars? Notice the question was "who" not "what". The truth is you can start living a principle-centered life right now. Then when the million comes along you'll be better prepared to handle it.
I hope these questions have given you the opportunity to examine how you're living each day. Have you been choosing the pursuit of wealth over the pursuit of "wellth?" It's not too late to change. Identify your values, start building a life that reflects them, give up playing the "when-then" game and be the person you would be if you had all the material wealth you could want. And remember that when you live a life based on your values, your life becomes valuable to you!

Quote of the Week:

"Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live."

~~Margaret Fuller
Betty Mahalik has been coaching small business owners, independent professionals and leaders who want to achieve more but stress less, since 1996. Her background includes several years in the broadcasting and public relations fields prior to starting her own firm in 1987. She is an accomplished public speaker and corporate trainer specializing in communications, goal-setting and leveraging your strengths. Since 2001, she has written a weekly motivational message, free to subscribers, titled Monday Morning Coach. To subscribe go to:

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Increase Golf Swing Speed and Distance

By John Davenport

Most golfers are looking to improve their golf swing speed and power in order to improve their driving distance. In fact, the speed of your club face when it hits the ball has a direct bearing on the momentum it imparts to the ball.

Physical fitness and your golf swing techniques determine your club head speed. You have to be fit and flexible to get the maximum golf swing speed. If you are flexible enough, you should be able to pull up a back swing and let it go with all the potential energy and power it contains. Most golfers do not realize the importance of follow through in a golf swing sequence. In fact, it is a very important part because the faster you hit the ball with your club, the farther it will go. If you use a heavier club your ball will go farther, and with a lighter club it will not be able to go as far. So the first change you can make is to use a heavier club to drive farther.

There are other variables such as the loft of your club and the type of ball you are using which affect the distance your ball travels, but we shall assume that these variables are constant. As speed equates to distance, if you prepare yourself for a full follow through you will hit the ball with maximum speed. If you do not make an effort to follow through you will unknowingly pull back from the shot even before you hit the ball. So try to concentrate on where you want to end your golf swing sequence and not on what you are trying to hit. By concentrating hard on your follow through you can definitely increase your golf swing speed and distance.

Golf weight and training exercises are the best and the quickest ways to improving your golf swing speed and power. You should realize that your body dictates your golfing ability.
Therefore you should train to improve your flexibility. There are 22 types of muscles involved in the forward golf swing. If you condition these muscles properly it will definitely help you to increase your club head speed and you will be able to control your shot better.

Top golfers use rotational exercises to improve their flexibility. This primarily involves loosening the joints and strengthening muscles used in the golf swing drill. Here are some simple golf swing training exercises. Stretching exercises can range from touching your toes to twisting from side to side with a dumbbell. You can also exercise with your club round your shoulders with both arms resting on it. These exercises improve the rotational muscles and allow you to twist farther. Improve your fitness, strength and flexibility and it will improve your golf swing speed.
Click here for more golf swing speed and distance tips

To discover special tips to improve your golf swing, click this link: 10 Golf Swing Tips You Have To Know About.

John Davenport loves golf and writes extensively about how to help players to improve their game. To read his review about Golf Training Ebooks and Programs, click here:The Golf Ebooks Each Player Should Know About.

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Kinds Acts Promote Happiness

By Vince Chiles

Little things can and do make a big difference. It's often a thank you or please that can make someone's day. A smiling face can change a dismal mood, and a 'bless you' with a sneeze can remind us on what's really important. Little acts of kindness can change your world, and make it all seem better.

Kind deeds are good for the soul and spirit. When we routinely strive to be kind to ourselves and others we are investing in our happiness. People respond to generosity in kind. When you are regularly giving of good will, well wishes will be returned. Kind acts can be as simple as laughing when some one tells a joke, or letting some one in front of you while in line at the grocery store.

It is easy to be generous. Practicing kindness requires a willingness to give to yourself or others.
Tell yourself your plan or intention to be kind. Then act on your plan. If you follow these three steps everyday you will begin to find the rewards of giving - feeling good.

Caution, selfishness is not being kind to your self. Often we justify not giving as being generous to our selves, but this is just being stingy. You are kind to your self when you practice affirmative self-talk, take good care of your body through diet and exercise, and care for your spirit with hobbies, spirituality, or travel. Oh, and of course being kind to others is a form of self giving as well.

Vince Chiles, LCSW is the author of a self-published book Happiness in Five Minutes a Day which is scheduled to be released to the public 3/26/08. Information about Vince and his book can be obtained by going to

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Can You Move Your Balls?

By Jan Evensen

Your business, your success are like big steel balls.

Imagine there's a big steel ball, it's as big as you, and it's incredibly heavy. It's so heavy that it won't roll on the slightly uneven ground underneath it. It's just completely stuck.

Most people give up and walk away. They're the 98 per centers who will forever be the employees, the worker bees that our society needs, and they will never do anything "great" with their lives.

The other 2 percent try to push the ball anyway. Success depends on it.

It won't move. It just will not budge.

But you keep at it regardless.

Pushing, sweating, straining, and suddenly, it gives just a little and rocks back into place. Now you've seen it move, you've had your first success, so you strain against it again, pushing, pushing, and eventually it rocks again and you push harder and it starts to move.

Gradually, the huge steel ball that's your business starts to move. Now that it's moving, it's easier to keep it going, but it's still taking a lot of work. But you keep at it relentlessly, because you've seen that you can do it.

As the ball picks up speed, it's now easier to keep it moving, and it starts to go faster and faster. Now it's moving as fast as you can walk, and all you need to do is give it a slight tap now and then to keep it on track.

Eventually, you have to run to keep up. The steel ball is off on its own. It does not need you anymore, because along the way, other people (employees, contractors, etc.) have joined in, and they're pushing your steel ball for you.

It's still your steel ball; it's just not your responsibility any more. And you have the freedom to go do whatever you like with your life, knowing the steel ball is being well looked after by other people.

That's your goal, that's what you'll achieve, just by being relentless and not giving in at the first resistance.

So give your ball one more push; eventually it *will* move!

Jan Evensen is selling Web Templates, eBooks and Software for Secure and Automated Downloading of Digital Files.

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Start Decluttering Your Home Today

By Lynn Cressy

How many possessions have you and your family accumulated in the past year? Whether you are a household of one or several family members, you no doubt have added "stuff" over a period of time. Webster's Dictionary defines clutter as "an untidy mess; a state of disorder; things left around untidily." Additional descriptions for clutter might include:
  • It is the wrong color or wrong size
  • It has been outgrown either physically or emotionally
  • It is not flattering
  • It is outdated
  • It is damaged or broken
  • It is never used
  • It has no useful purpose
  • It is too good or nice to use
Do any of these statements apply to your situation? We can all relate to at least one of them!

What do you do to remedy the situation to have an organized home? Consider these options:

If something is too good or nice to use, either give it to someone who would enjoy using it or have a change of heart and use it yourself.

Keep a "goodwill box or bag." Anytime you find something you are no longer using, put it in the box or bag. Make a trip to your favorite charity store every few weeks with your donation. This act alone will automatically help you declutter your home on a regular basis.

Make it a habit to spend 15 minutes each day clearing off tabletops, countertops and desks. This simple action won't give clutter a chance to set in and get out of hand.

Invite a friend to help you declutter. Having the support and encouragement of another person is motivation to get the job done.

For keepsakes that you are really sentimental about, use them and enjoy them rather than keeping them in a box in a storage room or closet. They will give you pleasure for years to come.

The most important tip for organizing your home is to always put things back where they belong when you are through with them. That eliminates much of the clutter that tends to build up on a daily basis.

To help keep your home organized, download a free copy of the ebook "The Essential Guide to Organizing Your Home". Download it free here: Organizing Tips.

Lynn Cressy has a love for decorating and shopping for home decor. She owns a home decor web site and writes articles on home decorating and organizing your home and your life.

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When Your Car is Stolen

By Levi Quinn

Knowing what to do when your car is stolen is important in terms of keeping a grip on the situation and coming to a reasonable resolution as quickly as possible. While there are many variables involved when your car is stolen, there are a number of things you can do to keep your cool and collect as much information as possible to file a complete claim with your insurance company.

Remain Calm and Ask Questions
Having your car stolen will doubtlessly produce a number of emotions, but you need to keep yourself calm so that you can think clearly. Think about any preventative measures you may have taken. Do you have copies of important documents in a safe place outside your car? This includes copies of your driver's license, vehicle registration information, and other documents. Having copies of these documents will make it easier to find your car or, at the very least, file a proper claim.

Do you have pictures of your car for insurance purposes? It's never a bad idea to have pictures of your vehicle to help with the process of finding your vehicle or putting together a solid claim. Pictures offer proof of value should you need to submit a claim. They'll also help police identify your car by using any identifying features or marks on the car.

Did you use any anti-theft measures and, if so, why did they fail? Car alarms and locking devices may fail, as car thieves are discovering ways to bypass the vehicle's security system to get what they want. Take stock of the anti-theft measures you have for your vehicle and volunteer that information to police, even if you're a little embarrassed that a car thief managed to get by your state-of-the-art security alarm.

The Next Step
After you have done a proper inventory in terms of your vehicle, remember to complete any instructions the police may give to you. Police will typically ask for any insurance documents, registration copies, vehicle pictures, serial numbers, and any receipts for car augmentations that may also be included. Always provide complete information to police.

Contact your insurance agency immediately after contacting the police. This will help in getting your claim processed and should also provide you with a rental car so that you can still travel. Always provide complete details with your insurance company and produce any documents they request. This will help in the overall processing of your claim.

If you happen to find your vehicle, take caution when proceeding. The thief could be nearby or you could be in some form of danger. Always call police when there are any changes to the case or if you made an error and discover your car has not been stolen. There are many embarrassing cases involving alleged car thefts.

Cooperation is Key
It's important to remember that police and insurance companies are there to help. Providing complete information is integral to getting a healthy resolution out of the problem. Be polite, patient, and kind when dealing with police and insurance companies and you should see rapid results.

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Fight Eye Fatigue And Improve Your Memory With This Little Blue Fruit

By Russ Anderson

I don't know about you, but after a long day at work staring at the computer screen my eyes are sore and my brain hurts. Until recently, I simply accepted these dull but throbbing pains as the rewards of working during the technology revolution of the 21st century. That was until I read an interesting story about World War II British Air force pilots who improved their bombing accuracy by eating blueberry jam on their bread. As I read the story I learned those pilots who ate the jam were far more accurate in their bombing missions than other pilots. I was intrigued to say the least.

I decide to conduct more research about the blueberry and see if any "real" research actually supported the experience and claims of these pilots from over 50 years ago. After a few minutes searching the Internet, I was amazed to read about the amazing eye and brain benefits offered by blueberries. This fruit has a well documented history of helping to reduce eye fatigue and irritation, night blindness and improving vision and memory.

Research has been conducted across the globe on this tiny blue fruit. Several studies from Europe document the benefits of bilberries, which is the European cousin of the blueberry, on improved eyesight. Japanese research has shown blueberries can help ease eye fatigue which is great news for the billions of red-eyed office workers across the globe.

What Makes the Blueberry an Effective Eye and Brain Food?
Research indicates the blueberry has high amounts of a natural compound called anthocyanins. In fact, anthocyanins is what gives the fruit is blue hue. These anthocyanins have an amazing effect in the human body such as strengthening capillaries and peripheral circulation. This may mean it helps to increase the blood in and around the eyes and this improved blood flow may be responsible for the countless claims of improved vision and the reduction of eye related irritations and problems.

However, the good news doesn't stop with the eyes, upon further research I also learned that blueberries help the brain function better too. In 1999 a study funded by the USDA and published in the September 1999 edition of Journal of Neuroscience indicated that a diet rich in blueberry extract improved short term memory and reversed some loss of coordination and balance in aged rats. In 2003, a study from Tufts indicated that daily supplementation of blueberry phytochemicals can improve age-related temporal processing speed in the primary auditory cortex. In other words, blueberries can improve brain function.

Once I learned this amazing blueberry secret I soon became my local grocery store's best customer. I bought all of the blueberry products I could find and I must say my eyes and brain did feel better. However, my waistline soon began to suffer. The reason for my increasing belly size was I was eating blueberry jam, frozen blueberries, blueberry syrup and nearly anything else that was made with blueberries. I soon realized I needed a more concentrated form of blueberry without all of the added sugar and I soon found it.

A friend recommended Fruit Advantage Brain Support formula made from 100% Wild Blueberries. Each daily serving of Fruit Advantage Brain Support delivers a 10 to 1 concentration of wild blueberries. This means it would take a whooping 10 lbs of fresh wild blueberries to make just one pound of the blueberry powder used to make the blueberry capsules. Fruit Advantage Brain Support delivers a highly concentrated form of the phytochemicals naturally found in the blueberry. My eyes, brain and waist line has thanked me since I started taking these blueberry supplements.

So the next time you visit the grocery store, make sure to pick up some fresh blueberries to fill the candy dish next to your computer instead of the sugar-rich candy. Or if you can't find fresh blueberries locally contact Fruit Advantage toll-free at 1-877-746-7477 and order some of the Fruit Advantage Brain Support. The company will even ship the product to you free of any shipping and handling charges.

Tony Anderson is a entrepreneur and fitness and nutrition writer.

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5 Tips on Car Maintenance

By Thomas Clakins

When it comes to your car, it deserves nothing short of the best. Every car community expert will tell you that maintenance is one of the key things that will keep your car going for a long time to come. Here are some handy tips to help in the upkeep of your car.

i. Oil checking
Your car runs on oil and hence while you need to refill oil every now and then, you also need to make sure that the oil remains clean. Otherwise you risk spoiling the engine. Most car community experts will suggest that you change the oil on a regular basis to prevent the engine shards from getting mixed up with the oil. Make sure to keep a tab on leaks as having a leak can mean running without oil, which can be disastrous for the engine of your car! Ideally as every car community site will tell you, you need to change oil once in every 3 months and completely replace with brand new oil.

ii. Tire pressure
The next thing you need to keep a close watch on is the tire pressure. Regular checks on tire air can help you save on costs associated with fuel expenses. As any car community expert will tell you, ideally you need to keep your tires filled and inflated, even if you feel they are not that squishy. You can easily procure a tire gauge yourself and keep checking on the air pressure. Even too much air can be bad so make sure to remove the excess also. You will also need to regularly keep a watch on tread wear on the tires.

iii. Wiper blade
Usually wiper blades give way when you need them the most. That's why you need to regularly keep a close tab on them. Make sure to check if they're working fine, on a regular basis. Every car community site and expert says that this is most neglected part of the car and it is high time owners gave it more attention. By keeping them in good order you save yourself the trouble of being stranded in rain due to bad visibility!

iv. Vacuuming
When you regularly vacuum your car you not only preserve its beauty but also pave the way for a good resale value later on. Every car community site will quickly tell you that regular vacuuming can take years off your car! If you are feeling a little lazy and don't want to do the vacuuming yourself just take it to a nearby vacuum station! You can use their vacuum machines by paying one or two quarters.

v. Washing underneath
Your car goes through a lot while you ride it. Right from mud, corrosive salty water to even snow - a lot gets accumulated on the underside of your car. This can erode at the vital mechanical parts on the bottom of your car, which is why every car community expert will advise you to give it a wash regularly.

Thomas is a car community expert with that is an online car site includes auto pics, auto community and more.

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Cruise Activity - What Kind Of Activities Are Available On A Cruise?

By Ann Richter

When you get the information about your cruise, you will be given a list of practically every cruise activity imaginable. If your cruise is like most, you will not be able to do them all. There are two good ways to choose. One is to do all the activities of one kind, and the other is to do one activity of each of several different kinds.

Physical Activities
If you are an energetic person, you may want to take all your activities from this category. If you just want to keep in shape, you might try one. Sports on cruise ships are usually fairly laid back. People do not tend to be as competitive when they are surrounded by the beautiful open sea. However, your experience may be different.

A sports cruise activity can be anything from basketball to ice skating. You can play golf on many cruises and also get lessons from a golf pro right onboard. Many of the newer cruise ships have rock climbing walls built in for your use. Some of the physical activities are strictly for exercise. These may include Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, and any other type of exercise.

Fine Living
A more sophisticated person will want a type of cruise activity that will include the arts and fine living. Even if this is not your only choice, you might enjoy a taste of luxurious living. Some of the activities are wine tasting, art auctions, and painting lessons.

There are also afternoon high teas, cigar and cognac hours, and a cocktail party with the captain. Dancing is encouraged, and there are many opportunities to learn a number of dances, from Latin dance to waltzes. Some ships have guest lecturers, while most will offer theater, possibly Broadway productions. Music varies from disco with a DJ to a stringed quartet.

Jewelry seminars are held to prepare buyers for the market where they may purchase gems. These are held by experts in the field. They give the buyers a chance to see up close the aspects of the gems they should be looking for before making their purchases.

Cruise coordinators come up with dozens of crazy games every year. They are designed to create a party atmosphere. They also help people get to know each other better. One example is a take-off on an old game show. The cruise game is called: What's My Job? People ask the subject questions about his or her job. When they get the answers, they try to guess the job.

Of course, if you like casino games, you are in luck. Not only is the casino open all the time the ship is at sea. It is also filled with dealers who love to teach the games. This makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Take your choice of the different types of cruise activity, or choose some from each. If your cruise is like most, you will not have trouble finding something to occupy your time.

For more cruises from New York secrets try visiting, a popular cruise website that offers ratings, reviews, tips and advice on beating the winter chill on a Royal Caribean cruise lines cruise

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What Is The Social Anxiety Disorder Cure?

By Ray Andrew

More than 19 million people in the United States have a social anxiety disorder and any one, including celebrities, can have it. Many people don't ask for help because they are embarrassed and afraid of asking for it.

The usual symptoms are: being afraid of meeting people, afraid of talking to strangers, avoidance social activities, wanting to be alone most of the time and life seems like it's a struggle every day because they don't know who are they going to have to talk to.

However, there is a cure for the disorder. It consists of changing your thought patterns for new ones and also changing your behavior to accept social interactions. Its not always easy but it can be done, you just need professional help and cognitive treatment.

There are people that use medications as a cure for their anxiety and depression, however those are just short term remedies. If you want to really get over this mental disorder, you need to put effort in to it. You need to try to meet new people and face your fears. If are too scared to do this on your own, then is better to go with a psychotherapist who he can help you and guide you.
Famous people have had social anxiety as well. Kim Basinger had a few panic attacks due to her anxiety problem, but after getting professional help she was able to overcome it.

If you really want to have a normal social life, then you need to seek help. Drugs, alcohol and anti depressants are not going to do you any good.

If ou want to know the ultimate social anxiety treatment and how you can overcome your problem visit: Medicines for social anxiety disorder at
You can also read about: help for Christians with social anxiety disorder

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New Year's Resolution

By Rebecca A Rengo

Just when you're almost recovered from the holidays, already it's time for your New Year's resolutions.

It's common to beat yourself up because you wanted to lose 20 pounds last year, and now it's time to resolve to lose it again. Or, you wanted better health, less pain, more wealth, more happiness, more something and you're still in the same place you were this time last year.

Then this year, try something different. Reflect on your 2007 and focus on what was positive. If you want to lose weight, did you think about eating healthier, read some labels or try walking? It doesn't matter if you did it consistently or even saw any results. It matters that you tried.

Wherever you are, now is your starting point. Gently build on it. If you are only able to walk for five minutes, once or twice a day, do five minutes consistently. Then, as you are able, gradually add a minute or two. If your health or pain is too severe to do even that, do what you can.

You get the idea. Gradually shift to achieve whatever New Year's resolution you want. Be very good to yourself along the way. When you find yourself derailed, tell yourself how wonderful it is to have the insight so quickly that you are getting off track. Reward yourself with positive self talk for the good things you are doing. It really is more about direction than speed. The better you feel about what you've done, the better you feel about what you're doing, the easier it becomes to stay on track.

Find a friend. If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider pairing up with a friend, join an organization or hire a coach to support you in establishing this new way of thinking and living.
You can do it. No matter where you are, it is within reach. You can feel better, live happier and have the relationships and life that you want. It starts with one step and success is realized by taking that one step each day.

Good luck and may all your New Year's resolutions and dreams come true.

Rebecca Rengo, shows you how to improve your health & decrease your pain. She is giving away FREE pain relief Secrets. To get access to these powerful and practical secrets that can help you transform your life - go to now.

Rebecca Rengo, MSW, LCSW, is author of Beyond Chronic Pain: A get-well guidebook to soothe the body, mind & spirit. She has been a Pain Relief Coach, Author, Speaker , Psychotherapist and Educator for over 25 years. She has presented internationally and been featured on television and radio and in publications. Rebecca is current president of the Missouri Pain Initiative and on adjunct faculty at Washington University. For more information visit: or

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The Virtue of Thongs

By Gayvin Powers

I confess. I've loved thongs ever since my ultra hip mom told me I needed to get out of the Dark Ages and wear a pair. Prior to my intervention, like most women, I was afraid of the horror stories that thongs were more like an invasion of dental floss.

All dental visits aside, thongs have gotten a bad rap, making women avoid them like the plague instead of embracing the comfortable, sexy, sleek panties. Keep in mind that there is always a positive side, even with thongs. Over the years I've learned to love them, favoring them over other styles. Here are some of the Thong Virtues that I've found:

Thong Virtues

1. Hides unseemly panty lines
2. Panties don't bunch up in the back, making you look like there's a wad back there
3. Bought in the correct size, they can be very comfortable (I always buy a size larger than my normal size--this keeps me from having the "Dental Floss Effect"
4. They can be extremely sexy, especially with a bow or detail in the back
5. Lightweight
6. Easy to travel with (they take up little space in a suitcase and dry quickly after washing)
7. Great to wear during a massage (if you don't want to go "au natural")
8. Comfortable to wear during pregnancy (they don't touch your belly and your still feel sexy)
9. Shows off your legs and bum
10. They can give you a free, confident, sassy feeling that full cut styles don't

If you're ready to have a mood altering experience with some priceless panties, try a thong!

Gayvin Powers is a writer and lingerie guru. I've been addicted to finding gorgeous lingerie ever since I bought my first hideous training bra. If I'm not dreaming about lingerie, I'm perusing stores for it, seeking it online or designing it. I just can't get enough!

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Getting to Know About Payday Loans

By Max Alan

If you have any problems with money or any emergency has happened and you are in a severe need of money Payday Loan will help you to hold out till your next payday. There are a lot of money loan companies that offer various types of Payday Loans with different interest rates.
Cash advance is also available in big stores. But such type of loan is not very convenient as you should stay in a queue and fill in numerous forms. It is time consuming and not very efficient.
Modern technologies help us to get a loan without leaving your house. All you need is to apply for a loan online and a necessary sum of money will be deposited on your bank account. And when the time will come for a payback the money with interest will be wired from your bank account on the account of a lender. Another advantage of payday loans online is that you can get another loan with a good discount if you have a good credit history in a money credit company.

Some of the Money Loan Companies are offering many attractive offers which they claim 1-2-3 steps system. By this system, they claim, you have to fill the application form online and the money will be wired to you within an hour or two (although literally it may not be true) to relieve you of your immediate financial commitment. And, the money is debited from your bank account on a stipulated date. The following basic advantages are claimed by most of the Money Loan Companies:

" No faxing will be required" No Charge of fees for the application form" No hidden fees of any kind" The system will keep all information private and secure in all respect" The system will be fast and hassle free" Once loan amount paid back fully and duly, one can ask for fresh loan
Payday loans are short term cash advance to meet any emergency needs. The fees or interest rate are pretty high as one may see in various companies Ads. Normal rate will be around 25% of the principal amount taken as loan for a period of two weeks generally.

To apply for a fax free payday loan, you'll have to fulfill several requirements: one must be employed for at leas 6 months, must have a bank account for at least of 3 months, and a minimal monthly income of $1000. Usual wiring process will take from several hours till 1-2 bank days.

It's not very difficult to understand the principle of payday loans. Once the loan is approved by a company, the money is wired on your bank account. On the due day, a necessary sum of money should be wired back to the company. You may also apply for a bad credit payday loan, the rates for such loans are higher but you don't need to have a good credit history. Later you may take another loan with smaller rates.

Max Alan is a successful webmaster and author. He writes about Payday Cash Advance and Debt Consolidation Loan. Visit my sites about that.

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How To Get Pregnant Naturally

By I Moore

Trying to conceive can be an extremely frustrating experience and in most cases for those that don't conceive they start questioning there own fertility but very few will actually have a fertility issue and will be able to use natural methods to increase their fertility, so now how to get pregnant naturally.

The best starting point is simply to adopt a healthier lifestyle than that you currently lead, the healthier the better. Research has shown that both overweight and underweight individuals are not as likely to conceive so eating a balanced diet is as good a place as any to begin.

In your balanced diet try to include plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods. These foods are high in the vitamins and minerals that help you to conceive and what those that struggle to conceive are usually low on.

You can take vitamin supplements that can supply your body with the supplements they need as well. Problems in getting pregnant usually are as a result of iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin b 12 deficiencies so taking to supplements to improve your levels could help you to conceive.

Exercise should also be added to your lifestyle along with your new well balanced diet. This isn't simply for the purposes of getting into better shape but because exercise will also improve the circulation of blood and help to regulate your menstrual cycle.

Be careful not to overdo it on the exercise front however as overdoing it can actually have a negative effect on your cycle so if you already do exercises then don't had to it unless you only do very little.

Mental well being is also just as important as being physically fit because stress can effect both the females ovulation and the males sperm count. Try to relax as much as possible as ultimately getting stressed out and depressed will lower your chances of getting pregnant.

Apart from stress levels males should also try to wear loose fitting clothing as opposed to tighter clothing. The reason for this is that the testes need to kept cool to have the sperm count achieve its best results.

Vices should also be avoided if possible. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and caffeine all have been linked to fertility problems and can also cause problems during the pregnancy if you do conceive.
Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to get pregnant naturally. These are just the very basic tips but they are very useful and if you follow the advice it could save you thousands of dollars on fertility treatments that you may not even need.

For more information and tips for getting pregnant take a look at my blog here

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Home Improvement Loan - Enlightens The Spirit Of Your Home

By Dina Wilson

When your home is in need of some renovation or badly needs to be repaired, you do not change your home. This is because you share a very emotional bond with it and lots of memories are involved. But renovation or rebuilding cost a lot nowadays and the finances from a fixed source of income is not that sufficient enough. In such cases, you can apply for a home improvement loan. This loan is meant to provide sufficient which enables you to incur the cost involved while renovating your home.

A home improvement loan can be used to carry out any major or minor changes in your home. With the help of the amount derived under this loan you can construct a new room, extend the kitchen, erecting a swimming pool in the courtyard, fixing of marbles or tiles, renovation etc. By doing so you are not only enhancing the beauty of your home but also increasing its equity value.

This loan can be availed from the financial market in secured unsecured form. Secured form of the loan can be availed by pledging any valuable asset such as home or real estate. This loan option is preferable where the cash requirement is bigger as it a source of bigger loan amount.
The amount here is approved on the equity value of collateral. By placing the asset as collateral, you avail the amount at very cheap interest rates.

While the unsecured option of the loan does not require any collateral as such. This loan is beneficial for those who do not have any or do not want to attach any as collateral. However the interest rates for the loan will be comparatively higher. This is done to cover the risk factor associated with the lender

To get the best available terms in the form of low interest rate, higher amount and instant approval it is preferable top use the online mode. With so many lenders present, there is a chance that you will get a chance to avail these loans at cheap interest rates and flexible repayment schedule. Various confusions regarding the loans can also be sorted out with the help of experts and counselors based on line.

With the help of home improvement loan, you can rekindle the spirit of your home and enhance the beauty which ultimately benefits you.

Dina Wilson is an expert loan advisor at online home improvement loan. She has done MSc Management and Finance from University of Whales.To find Home Improvement Loan, home loans, home equity loans, online home loans visit

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Home Theatre Design Ideas To Save Money

By Shrinivas Vaidya

Any home theatre has two aspects attached to it. The first one is the electronics equipment you use, that actual stuff that makes a home movie theatre and the second one is the location or the space in your home where you will position the system.

Many people think that setting up your own movie system is expensive and only rich people can afford it. But that's not true at all. Let's have a closer look at two types of home theatre systems. This will help you to make a decision on which is best fro you.

A typical system has only 3 basic components.

1) Television to view the movies
2) DVD player to run the DVD/VCD
3) Speakers to create a good real theatre like effect.

When it comes to locating these three in a home there are two straightforward options available.

1) Locate them in a separate room
2) Locate them in an existing room with other things occupied

If you go with the first option then one great recommendation is that you hire a home theatre designer to do the job for you. This will ensure that you get the best possible design ideas to generate that dramatic effect.

A professional designer will help you on every aspect of the design process, including design ideas to which electronic equipment to buy (or not to buy). A professional designer will also help you on certain interior design aspects such as flooring patterns, acoustic treatments using acoustic panels on interior walls, placements of speakers, TV unit etc for better viewing, seating arrangements and their design. So it becomes a fairly good experience and you get the best quality theatre, the way you want it to be.

However if you are tight on budget, then you can always convert a space in an existing room into a mini home theatre. Living room or a family room is good choice for this. In such type of setup you do however have certain limitations such as placement of speakers to create a "surround sound effect". This will have some limitation because design wise the living room is a part of the entire home plan and has it's own functional demands.

For a mini theatre a TV with 27-inch screen, a DVD player and at least 3 speakers is fair enough for creating a good effect. Now in most cases you probably already own the TV and DVD player, so the only thing that remains is a nice speaker system that is compatible with the output of your TV and DVD player is necessary. Always remember that when you buy speakers make it a point to test the speakers in your home. Ask the store owner to play the speakers in your home because sometimes some speakers only sound good at the store but when you play then in your home, you may get a different effect because of the surrounding furniture pieces in the living or family room. There is an acoustic component attached to this whole experience, which must be taken into consideration.

All in all home theatres are easy to set up when you know how are you willing to spend and what kind of effect you are looking for. Many options are available today in the market. A little research can easily save you time and money when it comes to home theatre design ideas.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

Want to read the best selling home theatre reviews and ratings? Visit to grab the insider secrets to selecting the best home theatre system of your dreams. Read real reviews by real people and save money.

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