Pond Designs – Simple and Easy Waterfall

By Amy C

A pond is a beautiful thing to add to your yard or garden. You can enjoy the beauty that comes with a pond, the amazing wildlife, and you can threaten to throw your spouse in it when necessary!

If you already have a pond, or if you don’t, it’s not hard to come up with some great waterfall pond designs that you will love. Here are a few pond designs that look really beautiful.
If you already have a pond:

1. You will want your waterfall to come from one side of your pond. You need to build this side up around a foot higher than your water level. Line the area that you’ve built up with plastic liner. Depending upon the size of your pool, you can change your designs and the size of your waterfall. These pond designs are for a smaller pond, around 4 feet by 5 feet.

2. You will then want to attach a piece of plastic tubing to your pump, and bring it up the side that you have built up. Use large smooth rocks to build your waterfall.

3. Place the plastic tubing under the rocks to hide it. If you end the tubing around 6 inches before the top of the rocks, the water will trickle out from between the rocks, which is beautiful.

If you don’t have a pond:

1. Choose a great spot for your pond. Dig your hole to the size that you desire, and then build one side up about a foot higher than where the water level will be.

2. Line the entire pond and the side that you’ve built up with thick plastic liner. You can hide the edges with flat rocks, and place some heavy rocks in the pond to hold the liner down.

3. Place your pump and filter in the pump, and attach your plastic tubing to your pump. Bring this up the side that you’ve built up, and surround it with smooth and large river rocks.

4. Fill the pond with water and you’re good to go. You can add beautiful plants around your pond, and after a few days to let chemicals evaporate, you can even add some amazing fish.

Pond designs which include a gorgeous waterfall are simply breathtaking. It is something you can enjoy every day, and it’s easy to make as well.

Amy C is a pond fanatic. She created How to Build a Pond to share instructions, videos and supplies for creating your dream pond.

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Top 10 Dog Halloween Costumes

By Phil Sikes

At Halloween, kids aren't the only ones who get to dress up and enjoy treats. Hundreds of dog lovers get their pets into the act with dog Halloween costumes. The following are the top 10 costumes for dogs this Halloween.

1. Jailbird
The jailbird outfit with the classic black & white stripes will bring a smile to any dog lover's face. Make sure you get a funny hat to complete the look.

2. Angel
How cute would your little pooch be with a halo and a pair of silk wings? After all, aren't they all little angels?

3. Devil
Okay, maybe they're not all little angels. The bright red color of most devil costume is really eye-catching. Add a red cape or bow tie and a pair of horns and you've got the perfect little devil.

4. Superman
Or should that be Superdog? Put him in the red & blue tights with the big "S" on the chest and you'll have a dog of steel. Top it off with red boots or footies.

5. Bride & Groom
If you've got two dogs, bride and groom costumes are a great way to include them both. The groom costume is especially effective with a breed such as the Bulldog, which often looks a little unsettled anyway.

6. Pirate
Pirate costumes are popular right now with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and your dog can help you complete your outfit. A bandana and an eye patch will give your dog the necessary look, and he can replace the parrot as your trusty sidekick.

7. Clown
If you're lucky enough to have a dog that will accept a clown nose for more than two seconds, this is the perfect costume for you. Even without the nose, you can get a pretty good looking clown with a crazy wig and some bright, colorful duds.

8. King or Queen
Your dog probably already gets treated like royalty, so why not complete the effect? Velvet robes, crowns and jewel-studded collars will make your pet into a regal figure.

9. Animals
Maybe your dog would like to spend a day in your cat's shoes? Why not try dressing him up as a different animal even - pigs, cows, bunny rabbits and frogs are just a few of your options.

10. Flowers
If your dog is willing to put up with a hat for the night, there are lots of cute flower costumes you can get. Even if they won't go for the hat, you can get some costumes that have neck pieces made to look like petals or leaves.

Whatever costume you decide on, just make sure you try it on a few times before Halloween night so your dog gets used to it. The last thing you want is having the costume torn up when he's thrashing around trying to get out of it!

Are you looking for ideas for dog Halloween costumes? Check out the Get In Costume website for lots of fun & creative costume ideas. Plus, get a free copy of my special report "The Family Guide To Halloween Safety" at http://www.getincostume.com

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Here Are 10 Tips On How To Manage Your Home Based Business

By Bismark K Ampofo

Now that you have decided to start your own home based business, how are you going to manage your home business or work.

Project management is a very important skill for the home based business entrepreneur. Yet, most if not all home business entrepreneurs are untrained project managers, managing a business. Think about how cool that is.

My advice to you is if you’re managing a home based business, it would be a very good idea to build up your time and project management skills.

Here are some of the many guidelines that you need to follow in order for your home based business to be successful.

You should plan your routine. In order to have a real business you must have a vision and create a strategy to achieve that vision. And if you do this you’ll get better execution of your efforts and see better results.

Stop going around collecting tactics or secrets and only buy products and services that will support your strategy in achieving your vision.

Remember that you're your own boos:

This means the responsibility of ensuring it success rely on you. The very boss in your regular job (who is hated more than often) does a lot of work for you. Be it project management, disciplining or producing the necessary motivation for the required results. Now your run your own business, therefore, you must Study and use project management methodologies to grow your business.
  • Realize that your time is all you have therefore you need to know its current value and have a plan to increase it.
  • Always remember to build your home based business around scalability and leverage.
  • Study and understand how to outsource and build a network of relationships, so you have access to talented freelancers whenever you need them.
Use Process Mapping:

Process mapping is one the best ways to document the way work should be done and how it interrelates to other activities in your work at home business. When you start using process mapping, it'll be really easy to see why your current way of doing an activity is more productive.
Process map makes it easier to understand the interactions, flow, sub-process and activities that constraint your performance.
  • To manage your time working efficiently on your home based business, you have to delegate what hours are for for productive work and non-productive work. Explain to family — especially children — that you aren't choosing work over spending time with them, but that you have to work during work hours.
  • Productive Time is when you directly work on your bottom line that is generating income. It is time spent creating products, market products or website, improving your marketing process, managing money making projects, and creating scalability in your home based business.
  • Non-Productive Time is activities that distraction you from doing productive work.
Here are some examples of non-productive are: surfing the Internet, checking and reading email, answering your phone, studying and learning time, checking Web site stats, organizing your desk, and cleaning your office. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't spend any time on these activities. You need to spend time learning, and you do need to talk to your friends. I'm just pointing it out so you won't confuse that with earnings. Remember the saying that Knowledge is power, but it has no worth to your home based business unless it’s implemented and acted upon.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your income while reducing your stress and work hours.

"Much may be done in those little shreds and patches of time which every day produces, and which most men throw away." - Charles Caleb Colton

Bismark Ampofo is an internet home based business entrepreneur who likes to help newbie and intermediate online home based business entrepreneurs start and grow their own home based business.

Knowledge is Power - Learn how to start your internet home based business right! Visit us today at http://www.free-home-based-business-info.com

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Affiliate Businesses - Four Tips For Building Websites Around Affiliate Programs

By David Crosby

An affiliate business program is simply a program in which you earn commissions by selling someone else's product or service. Alternatively, you can also earn money by simply advertising for their site. If you choose to join an affiliate business program on the internet, it would be best if you had your own website, and ideally one that is conductive to selling the goods and services of your merchant partner. In other words, it must be a site that caters to a specific group of people, or a niche market. If people buy your partner's products through your site, you will receive a percentage of the sale price.

Here are four tips on building an online presence for your affiliate business program(s):

1. Hire a professional web designer and ask to see samples of their work. You want to see currently working sites that have been put together by the outfit to ensure that you like what the finished product would look like. It is too easy to be wowed by a web designer's low price tag only to later end up with a site that is either run of the mill - as it the case with many software programs that only offer for one or two variations on a theme - or so packed full of slow loading graphics and flash footage that some consumers who are still not up to date with computing items will be left out.

2. If you decide to go it alone, pay to have your site hosted. While a free host sounds good, your website will also become an advertising solution for the free host. Thus, you will have to display banners, ads, pop ups, and other undesirable bits and pieces in order to have that free site set up. Instead, purchase your domain name and pay for the hosting. An alternative is to create a free blog or squidoo lens which already has an organized system for you to add content and links. You can then simply drive traffic to your blog or lens.

3. Do not overproduce your site. This applies especially to first time webmasters. It is so tempting to add as many "drag and drop" elements on a site as possible. Resist the urge to have email buttons, counters, guest books, weather forecasts, map functions and other items on your site all jostled together. Instead, each page of your web site should be clear, concise, and quick loading. Furthermore, the less links you offer, the less chance there is for a broken link.
Consistently stay on top of your links to make sure that customers do not get error notifications.

4. Last but not least, perhaps the most important tip on building an online presence for your affiliate business program(s) is to have content that is sticky and that will be so useful to your customers that they will either bookmark your site or come back time and again from memory.
The goal is to offer unique content, articles, news, and other web content related to your affiliate programs that your clients or customers will appreciate, use, and perhaps also pass on to others.

When promoting your affiliate business program(s) you will have to have an online presence to stay competitive. Of course, building an online presence to showcase, and make money, with the affiliate programs you promote is not as easy as it sounds, and the number one mistake made by those who want to make money with affiliate programs is to do it themselves and cut costs wherever possible. This leads to a host of sites that look or feel simply unprofessional.

Sticking to a certain niche per website is an important concept to understand. Many beginners to affiliate program promotion believe that they can just offer up any programs together on one site, drive traffic to the site, and expect money to start rolling in. But in order to get anybody to sign up or make a purchase you have to know who your audience is and cater to them specifically. There may be millions of people on the internet, but your site will not serve you and make you money if you treat is as a "catch all". Having a focus will give you a much better conversion rate than an unfocused website.

Do you already have a professional, fully-automated affiliate business website that pulls in HUGE PROFITS like crazy? With the Plug-In Profit Site(tm), you could have one in 24 hours or less! No tech skills required. You're ready in 3 easy steps. Visit this site for more info:
Home Based Affiliate Business

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How to Earn Extra - Make Money Online

By Jack Landry

There are thousands of people making a pretty significant income from the Internet every day. Some people want to make just a little extra money online, while others want to turn it into a full-time career. Both groups of people do at least a little affiliate marketing, so I'd like to explain how that can help you make a little extra money online no matter who you are!

See, affiliate marketing is a huge industry on the Internet. There are so many opportunities available that it can almost be overwhelming! The beauty of it is that you are able to make a hefty sum of money for successfully referring people to your affiliate product/service of choice, without having to spend a dime on product creation, customer support, and even advertising!

Now obviously, the catch to it is that your earnings will depend entirely on your own efforts. But that's a pretty good trade-off in my opinion, especially for the beginner who is looking to just earn some extra money online. Affiliate marketing teaches you everything you need to know if you want to develop your own products for sale later on, while keeping your investment costs pretty low.
Once you've found your products to sell, or better yet found a system that you can implement that has already been proven to work, your job will be driving traffic to the product's website. The general idea is to try and get potential customers that are targeted to your niche market. You don't want to just send random people to a website because they won't be interested in your product!

Remember, you need to take action to be successful. Just like anything else, you need to put a little elbow grease into it if you want to make some extra money online. But in the end, you'll be able to set up a system that will almost make money all by itself!

Are you looking for information about extra make money online? If you want to discover how to make $1000 a day working at home from your computer, visit http://www.wealth-package.info for more information.

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Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag - Finding An Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag

By Hahn Baker

These bag owners tend to cherish them possibly due to the quality, design and the value of one of these designer handbags. Many of these designer handbag owners refer to their bags as their 'Louis' and the bags are highly regarded in the world of fashion. The bags are considered a status symbol and they do have a special feminine allure about them. The materials used to create these designer bags are generally high quality .There are also many models of these designer handbags available from small to large.

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, LVMH or Louis Vuitton as they are widely known are the designers and manufacturers of the range. The company was founded in France in the year 1854 by Louis Vuitton who lived between 04/08/1821 and 27/03/1892. He was known as a Malletier which is what the French refer to as a trunk maker and he invented the first flat top trunk or 'Gray Trianon canvas which enabled the stacking of luggage. Louis Vuitton also created the first 'designer label' with their logo being an iconic monogram canvas created in 1896.

Celebrities who have been seen with an one of these designer bags include Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, and Lindsay Lohan to mention a few. One reason the brand is so popular is the fact that the brand is as highly regarded as Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Hermes. You will find the designs in the range to be constructed from a wide range of materials including denim, gold and brass. Some of the designs in this range of designer handbags have a lining made with a saffron textile and many other designer hand bags are unable to compare with this kind of quality.

With this designer hand bag range being so popular and luxurious, counterfeiting of the bags is common. Counterfeit Louis Vuitton products have accounted for as much as 18% of the amount of illegal goods found in the European union. Due to this, the supply of the bags is restricted to certain outlets. When you decide to buy one of these bags, you will want to be sure you are getting hold of the genuine article. The products in the range have features that are quite prominent and help distinguish between what they are and counterfeit products.

Still, finding the genuine article is certainly possible and the internet makes it possible to get your favourite one without having to make do with what is available in the shops. It even makes it possible for you get hold of these designer bags at a price lower than you would pay in in the high street. Another benefit is being able view the entire selection in the comfort of your home. For more information on these designer handbags, see the details in this review of the bags in the range.

Hahn Baker recommends the authentic Louis Vuitton bag selection of designer handbags as the genuine article is always better than a fake. For listings on where to get the real thing, check out this authentic Louis Vuitton bag

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Celiac - Discover The Link With The Obesity

By Cinzia Cervellini

Against the common believe, it's seems that there's a connection between the obesity and the celiac, even if today the scientific researchers are trying to find some confirms.

Most probably the causes that link these two diseases are:

genetic predisposition;
the malabsorbtion syndrome that cause a desire of the food, despite having absorbed enough calories. When the caloric amount is excessive the need of continuous eating, carrying the main fat through the body, so the pancreas's activity is reduced damaging the capacity of the cells to burn the fat stored provoking the weight's increase.

the celiac is much diffused disease, but still very little known because of the insufficient information's campaign about this issue, a digestive disease of genetic origin that provokes the malabsorption of the food, is caused from chronic inflammation of the tenuous intestine due to the immunity reaction triggered from a mix of proteins – gliadins – contained in the “gluten”, protein that is founds in the grain and cereals.

When it appears:

in pediatric age with the following symptoms:

1.weight loss;2.diarrhoea;3.low growth;4.anaemia;5.herpetiforme dermatitis.

It can show itself also in adult age, in some cases the patient doesn't introduce any symptoms, for this reason it's known of:

Silent celiac:
there are alterations in the patients intestinal mucosa, but the subjects doesn't show the symptoms, because it's interested only one part of the tenuous intestine, but the remaining works regularly. But it's possible that increasing the doses of “gluten” present in the feeding, they trigger the symptoms.

Latent celiac:
the patient shows the genetic sensibility to the disturb but doesn't have neither the intestinal mucosa damaged nor the symptoms. But it's possible that increasing the assumed doses of “gluten” with the feeding, because an important event, like a surgery intervention, pregnancy or childbirth, they trigger the symptoms.

a child who doesn't grow must be submitted to a pediatric visit and must have a test verifying the existence of the malabsorption syndrome. Blood exams revealing the responsible antibody presence of the disease. For a confirm of the diagnosis it's necessary to resort the intestinal biopsy and to state the damages provoked by the gluten to the intestinal mucosa.

If the child is too little it's necessary repeating the exam after 6 months of gluten-free diet and after others 6 months of diet containing the gluten. All this to establish that the damages to the intestinal mucosa is provoked from the gluten.

The treatment:
despite this is a disease much diffused that it can have serious consequences for the child's and adult's health, actually is possible to cure it just with a gluten-free diet for lifetime.

during the cooking of the meals, avoid accurately, to use the same cutlery stirring food for the family and the celiac subject, because you could contaminate the food of the patient rendering the gluten-free diet inefficient.

If the gluten free diet is not followed exactly it risks to develop the following diseases:
  • low height (most of all when the disease is developed in childhood age and so the malabsorption syndrome provokes denutrition);
  • abdominal pains;
  • delay of development puberal;
  • liver's diseases;
  • intestinal cancer (intestinal linphom, adenocarcinoma);
  • osteoporosis (provoked from a malabsorption of the calcium);
  • epileptic convulsions (caused from a deficiency of folic acid);
  • type 2 diabetes (youth insulin-dependent).

Try to get, through the celiac associations, the “manual” to carry always with you, a product list of which the industries warranty the absolute absence of gluten.

Who says that the celiacs are forced to deprive themselves of the pleasures of the table? The problem, following a gluten-free diet, can be afforded with much serenity without renouncing to the taste and the social life.

No to gluten, yes to the eating pleasures!

Cinzia Cervellini is a private article writer and owner of blog: http://defeat-childhood-obesity.blogspot.com a public space where she loves sharing with the persons who asking and looking forward the responses about childhood obesity, issue of critical and increasing importance.

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Arts and Crafts for Kids - How to Make a Glasses Case or Purse

By Lyn Bell

Whether you are a camp director, teacher, or parent looking for new arts and crafts for kids, try this idea – it’s sure to be a hit. The glasses case can be used, given as a gift, or converted into a necklace purse. The crafting idea can be used in a group situation or for individual children.

To make the glasses case, you will need some simple materials such as a square of craft foam, plastic or large blunt needles, lanyard lace or thick yarn and a hole punch. In place of needles you could use a bobby pin (hair clip or grip) especially for younger children it is certainly a safe alternative.

Cut two rectangles from the foam, each 9 cm (3-1/2 inches) by 15 cm (6 inches). With the hole punch, make holes on three sides of each rectangle. Be sure to leave one short side un-punched. Make the holes 1.5 cm (1/2 inch) apart and allow at least 1 cm (1/4 inch) between the hole and the edge of the craft foam. The holes need to line up so that the two pieces can be laced together. If you are preparing the craft for small children, you should make the holes yourself.

The young crafters can then cut decorative shapes from other colors of craft foam, or you can buy sets of ready-cut foam shapes. If the craft is being done for a special event, choose shapes that echo the theme of the event. For example for a cowboy theme, you could find boots, cowboy hats, and stars that fit in well. Let the kids choose the shapes they like and glue on as desired. You might also like to provide beads or sequins to glue on as well, especially for older kids.

The kids will then need to thread the plastic needle or bobby pin with the yarn or lanyard lace. Yarn might be a little easier to handle, but lanyard lace is shiny and attractive. If the kids are using a bobby pin, loop the yarn through the opening and use the open end as if it were the point of the needle. The children can now begin to lace the front and back of the glasses case together.

To turn this arts and crafts idea into a necklace purse, simply attach a piece of lanyard lace to each corner making a long handle. Kids will enjoy using this case as a place to store secret notes and small objects. They can even give the glasses case as a gift to a parent, grandparent, or friend who wears glasses. Or they can sell the finished cases at the school fair to make some money for more craft supplies.

Arts and crafts for kids teach the children new fun skills and helps develop imagination or even the budding entrepreneur.

Lyn Bell has been in the finance industry for more than 30 years and is a Certified Financial Planner. Arts and crafts is one of her hobbies which she enjoys sharing with others. For other fun arts and crafts for kids ideas visit http://artsandcraftsforkids.weebly.com/ or http://craftideasforkids.weebly.com/

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The Truth About Forming Partnerships

By Thomas Kish

Working in partnership with other people is one of the most powerful forms of business leverage. The most successful investors in the world all work with a team of support people and partners. If it is a good idea for them to collaborate and work together - then why would you believe that you are better off in business alone?

The key to forming successful partnerships is in the understanding of how to structure them properly from the beginning. Partnerships need to be well thought out with the details clearly spelled out in order for them to run smoothly and generate the intended profits.
Forming profitable partnerships can be accomplished through successfully negotiating the following steps:

1. Locate potential partners.2. Form a business entity (LLC, S-Corp, etc.).3. Screen partners to determine their qualifications and assets.4. Create an addendum to the LLC that details the special rules and considerations of this partnership.5. Begin to practice the presentation you will give to potential partners.6. Script out this conversation in advance.7. Craft a clear message for your potential partners to hear.8. Show partners a written plan you will follow in making these real estate investments and remember to include your exit strategy.

The final consideration to be made when you finalize a partnership agreement is how the profits will be split among the partners.

This is a negotiation you will have with each potential member. The more they bring to the partnership - the bigger share of the profits they should expect.

Ultimately the decision to either accept or reject the terms agreed to between yourself and your potential partners rests with you. Clarify all questions you have about their intended level of involvement with your project and specify your understanding of this in the agreement.

Assisting individual small business owners to achieve their large corporation schemed goals through my partnership mentoring program is very rewarding. Yet, I continually find myself stressing the importance of keeping an open mind when considering both the pros and cons of forming any investment partnership. In doing so, you may discover it is actually the pros that far out weigh the cons. This is because professionals (pros) understand the many advantages to be found through partnerships.

Find out more about the mentoring work I do at http://www.shortcuttomoney.com
About Thomas Kish.

Thomas Kish is an author, speaker, business consultant and an active real estate investor. He is a national expert in the area of business credit and has shared the stage with best selling authors Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, and Robert Kiyosaki. Tom has bought and sold 8 million dollars worth of real estate using business lines of credit instead of using his own money.
And he has helped thousands of people change their lives with business lines of credit.

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Wild Encounters - Florida Attractions for Animal Lovers

By Fraser Hannah

Have you ever wanted to get face to face with a giraffe? Or observe a rhino in its natural setting? While Florida attractions like amusement parks with rollercoasters or water rides are fun, attractions that let you to get up close and personal with exotic animals from all over the world will provide a unique experience that you and your children will talk about for years to come. There are a number of Florida tours that will put you in the middle of all of the action!

Get Wild with these Florida Tours
One of the best Florida attractions for animal lovers to visit is Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens provides various adventure tours that remove the glass from between you and the animals and allow you to stare into the eyes of an antelope or touch the skin of a black rhino. Be sure your camera is loaded and ready because these Florida tours provide endless photo opportunities!

The Serengeti Safari is a 30-minute, open-truck tour that will transport you to another land! Get lost in the Serengeti experience as your Florida safari tour guide tells stories and shares captivating facts about the incredible wildlife. Observe the animals in a setting that mirrors the natural beauty of the Serengeti Plain, learn about the mysterious behavior of antelope and giraffes and experience the magic of feeding them with your own hands. Interested in Florida tours that teach about endangered species while helping to protect them? Busch Gardens and the World Wildlife Fund have combined conservation efforts to bring you one of the most unique Florida attractions, the Saving a Species Tour.

During a 45-minute tour, learn about the conservation projects that help protect rhinoceroses and the places they call home. Chat with the zookeepers who play a role every day in the effort to protect the future of these unique animals. Then, interact with the black rhinos and go on a Florida safari to observe the white rhinos in their natural setting. At the end of the tour, you'll feel great about the experience because you helped to protect these gentle giants--a portion of the proceeds from your ticket will benefit World Wildlife Fund's conservation work around the world.

More interested in aquatic Florida attractions? SeaWorld offers a variety of heart-pumping Florida tours for the marine animal lovers in your life. The Marine Mammal Keeper Experience gives those interested in a career with animals a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to work at SeaWorld's famous Florida attractions. On this nine-hour adventure, you will set off in a wetsuit and boots to get a realistic look at what it takes to care for SeaWorld animals.
Work alongside marine mammal experts, and get up close and personal with marine life. Help care for endangered manatees by preparing special food for their dietary needs with the Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Team. During these Florida tours, you will care for and interact with dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions and walruses. Guests must be 13 years of age or older to participate.

Want to get wet and wild while encountering one of the ocean's most feared predators? The Sharks Deep Dive is the perfect choice of Florida tours for you! Most people fear seeing a shark fin in the water, but the shark cage will enable you to safely come face to face with over 30 predators of the deep from more than seven different species in the SeaWorld shark habitat. Located at Shark Encounter, one of the biggest and most popular SeaWorld Florida attractions, you will explore the 125-foot long underwater habitat with one other guest while wearing an underwater helmet that allows you to breathe and communicate without scuba equipment. You'll be one of few people who can brag they were brave enough to enter the underwater realm of sharks!

SeaWorld's newest venture is called Discovery Cove. For 35 years, SeaWorld has provided guests with unique Florida attractions to watch marine mammals perform and play from afar. Discovery Cove was created to take guests out of the audience and into the habitats where they can interact more closely with beloved marine mammals.

The beauty of Discovery Cove is that the park only allows a limited number of people in at one time.

Guests are split into small groups, and there is no need to stand in line for every attraction, creating a more relaxed environment. There are a variety of animals to interact with throughout the park, including bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, sharks, colorful fish and exotic birds. Your admission includes a 30 minute swim with the dolphins, snorkeling in a coral reef, and complimentary admission to two other Florida attractions, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, where you can participate in any of the other adventure-style Florida tours offered. Since you aren't inhibited by a rigid schedule take time to explore the lush greenery and relax on pristine beaches. Discovery Cove provides a unique playground with animal interaction that your family will not soon forget!

Interacting with animals is one of the few experiences that children and adults enjoy equally. There are a variety of Florida attractions that will appeal to the wild or tame at heart. Take advantage of Florida tours that get you up close and personal with the animals of your choice, and you will be sure to take home memories that will last a lifetime.

About the Author
Fraser Hannah spent eight years working as a freelance television production manager and researcher before leaving to join his family's business working with the elderly. He founded Traveling2Florida.com in 2003 after purchasing his own vacation home in Florida and being frustrated by the lack of vision shown by many of the existing vacation rental sites.
Traveling2Florida.com, an online Florida vacation guide, now connects thousands of travelers directly with the owners of high-quality vacation rentals in Florida, from Orlando to the Florida Keys.

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Pond Designs – Create the Perfect Koi Pond

By Amy C

Koi pond designs are a bit different from your normal backyard pond. First of all, if Goldfish were the ‘normal people’ of fish, then Koi would be the picky celebrity.

They’re gorgeous and amazing to watch, but they require a bit more care than Goldfish or other pond fish. You will need a large enough area for the Koi to swim in. This requires a larger and deeper pond than you would otherwise need.

You will also need better filtration, because these picky guys are sensitive and won’t be able to survive in a pond that doesn’t have filtration. They also require deeper water. For your Koi pond, you will need to use smoother rocks on the sides and bottoms, because your picky fish are also curious and rooting fish. They have a big risk of getting injured if you have sharp or pointy rocks.

Smooth rocks will help them keep from getting injured when they are rooting or spawning on the bottom of your pond. You will want to take some sort of precaution against raccoons, as they will happily stand in your pond and munch on your beautiful fish. There are all sorts of things available for this, such as nets or motion detectors.

One of the most popular Koi pond designs is a Japanese or Oriental design, although there are many different kinds of pond designs you can go with. The shape, style and surrounding plants are all up to you. Some people choose to get an architect to draw plans for their Koi pond designs.

It’s essential to make sure you get it the way you want it. Koi will live for decades, and you want to have your pond the way you want it so you don’t have to change it.

A Koi pond that features a waterfall can be very beautiful. There are different options you can go with for your Koi pond designs, and many different waterfall or fountain options as well. A few other things you want to make sure of is that you feed your Koi on a regular basis.

Unlike goldfish, Koi will not survive if they are not fed daily. You will also want to maintain your pond a little more regularly, and keep it free of leaves or floating debris. Your picky celebrity fish so cannot have trash floating in their home.

Keep these things in mind, and your Koi will live and thrive in your pond.
Amy C is a pond fanatic. She created How to Build a Pond to share instructions, videos and supplies for creating your own dream pond.

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Turning your Passion into a Business

By Sandy Fowler

Turning Your Passion Into a Business How many times in your life have you, or someone you know, had an idea for a new business and quickly dismissed it? Have you ever seen a new product and thought, “I had that idea or Why didn’t I make that?” Have you ever gotten excited or passionate about something and then talked yourself out of doing anything about it? Have you let someone else talk you out of it? Were you afraid it wouldn’t work? Did you think it wouldn’t pay the bills? Don’t feel bad, you are in good company. Every day we hear people talk about the idea that never panned out, or the business they never started.

What if you could find a way to live your passion, and what if that passion could generate enough income to pay the bills? So often the single biggest obstacle that keeps people from realizing their dream is that they let “what if” and “I can’t” have too much power. What if you could turn the corner and not allow your fears to keep you from living your dream. The key to success in any new business venture is believing that you have the ability to make it happen, and then doing something about it. It may not be easy, but there is a plan you can follow. So go ahead and dream. Then take action. Start turning your passion into a viable income stream.
  1. Identify and understand your passion. Your passion is something that gives you energy. It makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. When you talk about it your eyes light up. So what do you love to do? What do other people tell you that you are good at? Now write that down, whatever it is. Don’t judge it or try to figure out how it will create income, just write it down.
  2. Be open minded. When you keep an open mind ideas will flow to you. You will start to see things you never saw before and you will open up to new possibilities.
  3. Find a business coach. Now it’s time to get some advice from an expert. A business coach can help you bring your idea to life. They can help you streamline your ideas and identify possible methods for turning your passion into a business. Then they can help you create an action plan to make it happen.
  4. Join a networking group. No one starts a business alone. We all have strengths and weaknesses. A successful business owner works in their strengths and hires out their weaknesses. A networking group is a great place to start making contacts and building relationships. You will find people who can help you, and people who you can help. It is also a great place to get support. We all have dream stealers in our lives - people who will try to protect us by telling us this isn’t a good idea. You need a supportive group of business people to strengthen you when you are scared or when things get tough.
  5. Take action. We’ve met a lot of people who decide to make a change in their lives. They get some training, possibly meet with a networking group….and that’s it. Taking action is the make or break step that every successful does consistently. If you stop in the idea or planning phase, you will never achieve your dream. You must take action. Go ahead, make a plan, get prepared, then do something. You can always adjust your actions for the next go around, but if you never do anything you can never succeed.
  6. Don’t give up. Creating change in your life is not easy, and it is not always fun. It involves a lot of learning which will come through trial and error. Watch a baby learning to walk. There is a lot of trial and error, and a lot of time spent falling down. The key is that they grab onto something, pull themselves up and do it again. If they just sit on the floor they will never experience the wonder of that first step, or the thrill of walking across the room for the first time. So when you fall down, don’t just sit there – pull yourself up and do it again!

Copyright 2007 Sandy Fowler, P.O. Box 138, Clarkston, MI 48347. If you would like to have Sandy speak at your event or teleconference email sandyfowler@ReclaimU.com
For more information on making a positive change in your business or life visit www.ReclaimU.com

Sandy Fowler, Co-founder of ReclaimU, LLC is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and coach. Prior to starting her businesses she worked as a Statistician at Ford Motor Co., was a stay-at-home mom, lived in a foreign country and held leadership positions in her community. She has started three businesses of her own and her passion is helping others as they move their own business forward, while maintaining balance in their life. Sandy’s down-to-earth, practical approach to living, working, and prospering lets people find a way to create the change they desire.

1. Strategies for shaping your life Series (available as individual or combined talks)

Strategies for shaping your life: Through your Priorities

Strategies for shaping your life: Through your Calendar

Strategies for shaping your life: Through Goal Setting

2. Business Coaching: Sandy will help you explore various & innovative ways to enhance and grow your new or existing business. Her ability to troubleshoot, enhance systems and focus on new possibiliites is second to none!

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Depression in Children

By Gus Hoover

Because normal behaviors vary from one childhood stage to another, it can be difficult to tell whether a child is just going through a temporary "phase" or is suffering from depression.

Sometimes the parents become worried about how the child's behavior has changed, or a teacher mentions that "your child doesn't seem to be himself." In such a case, if a visit to the child's pediatrician rules out physical symptoms, the doctor will probably suggest that the child be evaluated, preferably by a psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of children. If treatment is needed, the doctor may suggest that another therapist, usually a social worker or a psychologist, provide therapy while the psychiatrist will oversee medication if it is needed. Parents should not be afraid to ask questions:

What are the therapist's qualifications?

What kind of therapy will the child have?

Will the family as a whole participate in therapy?

Will my child's therapy include an antidepressant?

If so, what might the side effects be?

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has identified the use of medications for depression in children as an important area for research. The NIMH-supported Research Units on Pediatric Psychopharmacology (RUPPs) form a network of seven research sites where clinical studies on the effects of medications for mental disorders can be conducted in children and adolescents. Among the medications being studied are antidepressants, some of which have been found to be effective in treating children with depression, if properly monitored by the child's physician.

Until the next time,
Warm regardsGus Hooverhttp://www.resourcefordepression.com
Gus Hoover is an expert on depression who has over 10 years of personal experience. Visit http://www.resourcefordepression.com and get a free copy of his eReport “Guide to Depression” and subscribe to his online newsletter to receive his latest tips, methods, and insight regarding depression, its causes and the treatments available.

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Teens And Drugs

By Tara Leigh

Teens and drugs is nothing new, as a matter of fact many parents will admit that they themselves used drugs in their teenage years. Teens, who are depressed, have a low self-esteem, or feel ignored by their parents are more likely to turn to alcohol and drugs. The federal government spend millions annually to promote abstinence via education campaigns in the media as well as in our schools.

Discussing Drugs
Children are being exposed to a constant stream of misinformation about drugs. Studies have revealed that 1 in 10 Internet messages were sent by teens seeking advice from their peers on how to take illicit drugs.

When discussing drugs with your teens it is necessary to be open and honest, young people need to be made aware of the dangers and exactly which drugs pose the most risks, they need to fully understand that certain substances can be lethal.

If you don't have a lot of knowledge on the subject, it would be wise to educate yourself before discussing it so that you are armed with the answers to any questions they may have and also avoid finding yourself in an awkward situation where your teen seems to know more about drugs than you do. The more you know the better equipped you will be to be able to offer advice and help.

Many parents are afraid that if they broach the subject with their teens, it could possibly lead to experimentation and so choose to avoid the topic.

The effects of drugs
Drugs destroy part of the brain that is still developing.

Nowadays, drugs including marijuana are much more potent that they were 15 years ago.
A rise in the number of school dropouts, teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, criminal behaviour, suicide and death by drug overdoses has been linked to drug use.

Youth is often thought of as a time for experimenting with new things, however experimenting with alcohol can be considerably more dangerous than you may anticipate. Alcohol abuse is becoming more and more prevalent and it's not isolated to any one country in particular, it is global. Alcohol is the drug of choice amongst the youth today and sadly the consequences can be devastating. Alcohol is one of the leading contributors to injury and death and is the leading cause of death in people under the age of 21.

Parents who are struggling with troubled teens and drugs can find help, support and advice at: Parenting Troubled Teens.


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An Analysis of HBO Performance Music Specials - Britney vs Justin

By Kathleen Patalsky

Justin Timberlake's HBO Special “FutureSex/LoveSounds” ran for the first time on HBO last night, Labor Day 2007. In the show Justin proceeded to perform hits from his first two solo albums. The music portion of the show was on par. However, the performance also included two finger flip off’'s directly to the camera from Justin, about four or five lingerie prancing dancers in his song "Damn Girl", a segment where Justin proceeds to do a round of hard alcohol shots with his performers and the audience, one shot of a slimy sucked-on finger and more than a handful of F-word quotes. Yet, today in the news all I can seem to find are rave reviews of Justin's artistic skills as a musician. Oh, and one article blasting Britney Spears for using the F-word in a few of her leaked songs.This is a double standard. Is it fair for Justin to go unpunished while Britney's already highly stressed image is torn to tattered pieces by smiling news anchors reading day-old copy of news stories only written to get ratings. Is the music industry plagued with bias?

First off, the sex issue. I don't mean gender, I mean sex, as in sexual references used by musicians. Ever since Britney was in her teens, the media has been telling us that she is too sexy. Posing in her bra and boxers for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine at age sixteen, she made headlines for this “inappropriate” behavior. But the fact is, there is more damage done in Justin's demeaning of women that Britney. Britney is the headliner, she can wear whatever she wants-it is her gamble to take. She loses if the tickets don't sell. But Justin chooses to use his sidekick dancers to pump up the sex appeal. There's nothing like a few scantly clad dancers crawling on the floor to get peoples attention.

Now the cursing. The facts are that Justin said F-**k many times in his show and it goes unnoticed. Britney's new song leaked this week has the same curse words, yet is written up as headline news by FOX in an article titled, Britney Uses F-word on New Track. There is no clearer example of a double standard for Britney, and perhaps all female musicians. Perhaps we should take a deeper look at the gender bias in the music industry before we judge performers by their on-stage acts.

For more analysis of the gender bias in the music industry visit the unofficial Britney Spears comeback website at www.britneyscomeback.com


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An Apple a Day - Fun Apple Activities

By Jolanda Garcia

Fall is just around the corner and what better way to mark the season than with a month of apple-related activities? It’s the time of year for freshly-baked apple pies, apple festivals, and Johnny Appleseed’s birthday! Take a trip to a farmer’s market or to an orchard to pick your own apples. Have a party to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday. Serve apple pie and apple juice and plant apple seeds in his honor. These activities will also partner up well with your fall, farm, or harvest themes.

Apple Tidbits
Relate these interesting facts about apples to children to pique their interest and get them excited about apples...:
  • Apples come in all shades of reds, greens, yellows.
  • 2500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States and 7500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world.
  • The pilgrims planted the first United States apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
    Apples are a member of the rose family.
  • The most nutritious part of the apple is the skin.
Make Your Own Applesauce
Applesauce is easy to make. Five pounds of apples makes about 2 quarts of applesauce. Peel, core and slice apples into quarters. Put slices in a pot and partially cover with water. Boil apples until they are soft. Let children use a potato masher to mash the apples to make applesauce. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste.

Dried Apple Rings
First, peel, core, and cut apples into chip-sized circles. Then, dip the circles in fresh lemon juice. Use a wire cutter to cut a clean, white-coated clothes hanger. Next, decorate the hanger with some apples made out of craft paper and add the apple rings. (Don’t let the apple slices touch each other.) Finally, hang the apples in a dry, airy spot and let them dry for one to two weeks.
Tip: Rotate the apples every day.

Apple Tasting
Next time you go to the grocery store with your child, point out all the different kinds of apples. Tell your child their names. Buy a few different kinds, and when you get home, let your child try them. Ask your child how each one tastes, how each one is different, and which one is his or her favorite. To add to the fun, purchase or make different things that are made from apples, such as applesauce, dried apples, apple pie, apple butter, and apple cider. Let children sample the treats.

Apple Toss Set out a laundry basket or a bushel basket and red bean bags or small red balls. Use masking tape to tape a line on the floor. Place the basket a couple of feet away from the line. Have child stand behind the line and try to toss the balls or bags (apples) into the basket.

Plant Apple Seeds
Talk or read a story about Johnny Appleseed and how he planted apple seeds. Provide children with small paper drinking cups, apple seeds, potting soil or dirt, and water. Have children first fill their cups with soil. Then, have them place finger in the soil to make a small hole. Next, have them drop in a seed. Dampen the soil with a small amount of water. Place cups in a well-lighted area and water occasionally.

Apple Relay
To play, you need one apple for each team. On the word "go," a team member places an apple on the back or hand of the first player. The first player races to the end of the course and back without letting the apple fall off her back or hand. If the apple falls off, that player has to stop where she is and put it back on. Once the apple is back in place, she keeps going from where it fell off. When the player gets back to her team, she puts the apple on the back or hand of the next person in line. The first team to finish wins.

Apple Smile
Cut an unpeeled red apple into wedges. The wedges should look like a smile. Spread one side of an apple wedge with peanut butter. Add three or four miniature marshmallow “teeth” along the edge. Spread another apple wedge with peanut butter. Place it on top of the marshmallows for a big, toothy grin.

Visit www.KidsSoup.com to find a bushel full of other terrific apple-related ideas.
Jolanda Garcia is a former teacher and educational content designer. Her goal is to provide parents and teachers with quality resources to promote their children's development and creativity. Visit her websites at: Preschool activities and crafts, and www.eartwiggles.comfor resources and activities to promote healthy eating habits in young children.

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Prepare The Car For Sale, Get The Most For Your Car

By Khalid Mustaffa

Every person prefers more than less. This certainly applies to selling your car. Needless to mention, just like everything in life, there is certain footwork that you should do to ensure the best possible outcome. The most critical step in selling a car is the preparation.

You need to have your car looking as attractive as possible, this would increase the chance of making a sale, and would speed the overall time needed to turn the car over to it’s new owner.
The first thing that you need to do is cleaning the car thoroughly, both the interior and exterior.
Now, if you don’t enjoy cleaning cars, you may consider paying for a professional to do it. Hence, to match the results of the professional, you are looking at about $50 in materials, and about 5 hours of labor. On the other hand, if you choose the professional route, you are looking at anywhere between 15 to 55 dollars for the exterior, and depending on the condition of the interior up to 150 dollars.

Next, you need to obtain a copy of the history check, print out a couple car fax report, and have it ready to present to potential buyers. This will increase the credibility of the car and will demonstrate how confident you are about the car you are selling, which in itself is a good selling tool.

Last but not least, invest around a hundred dollars into having the car inspected by a brand name mechanic shop. Depending on the outcome of the inspection, be ready to compensate the buyer to fix the problems presented, furthermore, either the inspection turned out clean or with problems, it will proof to the buyer that he or she is about to invest into a reliable car. For more information about selling your car, check out the car selling checklist

© Copyright - 2007 Khalid R. Mustaffa The owner of cars in Houston The website is dedicated to serve the Houston market needs pertaining to houston used carsThe website dedicated a page to Prepare the car for sale, get the most for your car

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What Makes A Woman Happy During A Date

By Pauline Go

Often men do not understand what a woman likes even after numerous meetings. Men find women interesting and mysterious. But women do like certain aspects about their men, and here are some of them.

Confidence – This is the most important aspect that can be portrayed in different ways. However, it is more important to show a woman that her man is strong, reliable and independent.

A gentleman – A good guy often finishes first. Women love men who are courteous; open the door for them, walk on the right side of the street, carry their shopping bags, offer their jacket on the days that are cold and have immense respect for women in general.

A good sense of humor – Women feel comfortable in the company of men who are witty and intelligent. Apart from making the woman laugh, a good sense of humor also helps in avoiding getting bored.

A good listener – Women do have the habit of talking a lot. They want their men to listen attentively to their conversations apart from replying and expressing opinion about certain topics.

Sensitive – Women admire men who treat and cherish them like a precious jewel. Women are sensitive and like to be treated like queens.

Faithful – Another important feature that women appreciate in men is being trustworthy. Often those who can stick to their relationship are admired. However, men should always avoid speaking anything about their past relationships at the time of discussions.

A friend, not just lover – Women often look for a good friend in their men. They like their men who can be there when required and who is attentive to the girl’s needs.

Apart from these, girls also appreciate men who can spring surprises, gift her lovely presents, who are physically appealing, stylish and those who are financially sound.

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Dating Advice Remaining Cautious During A Date

By Pauline Go

Dating is all about building a relationship that could last forever. However, one should be careful while going on a date as one might end up facing various unknown situations in unforeseen circumstances

Conversation: Women do not always like men who are not careful about their pace. Men should never ask any questions which a woman might hesitate to answer. A few questions that are safe include details about her hometown, her profession, her education, friends, habits, hobbies and favorite tourist spots.

Online Dating: Online dating is always a tricky affair. If the online dating leads to conventional dating potential problems can be avoided if the meeting is fixed during the day at any public place such as a restaurant, coffee shop, shopping mall or multiplex. While dating online, one should never provide any private information including residential address, occupation, account details and telephone number. One could ask for snail mail as an alternative.

Unclear Communication: Any relationship can only blossom when the communication is clear. However, one should get cautious if the other person gives vague answers or avoids giving his contact number.

Desperation: One should never enter into a relation out of desperation or just for the purpose of preventing loneliness. It is always better to relax after a breakup. Also, one should avoid men who are abusive.

The most ideal way to find a right man is to have firm belief in your instincts. Usually, women do have a strong sense of intuition. However, it is sometimes useful to take along a trusted friend while going on a date with an unknown person so as to avoid any pitfalls.

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Make Money Online Selling Other People's Products

By Martin Thomson

Every year customers spend millions of dollars on the internet purchasing different products. Entrepreneurs everywhere have been racking their brains to develop their own merchandise to sell on the internet. But how can you make money online selling things if you don’t have your own product? Now, thanks to affiliate marketing programs, you can make money online selling other people’s products.

In order to understand what affiliate marketing is, you should imagine that you are having lunch with a friend and admiring his briefcase. You compliment him on the briefcase and he, of course, offers information about the store where he purchased it. Affiliate marketing is simply making those types of referrals on the internet through a link on your web site or blog.

As an affiliate marketer you are provided links created by the advertiser, or company that is selling the product. You then insert these links into your web site. As visitors to your site follow the link to the advertiser’s web site and purchase the product you earn a pre-determined commission. The process is as simple as that.

As an added bonus, affiliate marketing makes it possible to make money online selling products that you are passionate about. For instance, perhaps you enjoy crafts and have a web page that displays content related to sewing or crafting. One article on your site may discuss your favorite brand of sewing machine. A well-placed link to the web site that sells that same machine would allow visitors to your web site to click through and purchase the sewing machine for themselves.

Consider signing up for one of the affiliate marketing programs to increase your income. Affiliate marketing programs are wonderful opportunities to make money online. By helping to drive traffic to advertisers’ web sites, you can share in sales revenue without ever having to design, create, or ship a product.

If you would like to discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the following link to learn how you will begin compounding your capital right now. click here to learn about the EasyCorporateMoney.com program Copyright Jack Reynolds - Syndicated with rights to reprint, the only condition is you MUST print this author resource box as part of the article. You may not alter the point size or edit in any way.

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Coaching 101 - Coaching Core Values

By Lisa Van Allen

I am drawn to coaching for many reasons, but the core values and beliefs that drive coaching top the list. Coaching is so different from anything else I’ve ever done, including counseling, consulting, training and mentoring. There are similarities and overlaps – but very distinct differences.

Co-Partnership in coaching places the client and the coach on an equal plane. There is no expert, no authority, no controlling or manipulating the relationship. The coach comes alongside the client to support his/her agenda and goals. This role is very unique. When I worked as a psychologist, I was expected to be the expert, to lead the relationship toward a healthy result.
As a consultant or trainer, I usually set the agenda and kept my clients on track. As a mentor, I shared my expertise and experience with someone younger or newer to the profession. There is nothing wrong with these roles – they have their place. But coaching recognizes the value brought to the relationship by the client. Two equals are working together, creating a relationship that fosters growth toward the client’s vision and purpose.

Relationship stimulates growth. When people come together to work toward a common goal, something powerful happens. They are able to achieve more together than the combination of what they could accomplish separately. They each grow and learn and spur one another on to creativity. A trusting, supportive relationship is the catalyst to transformation.

Responsibility and Stewardship for one’s own life is fostered in the coaching relationship. A client’s freedom to manage his/her own life is nurtured. The coach empowers the client through accountability but does not assume to tell the client what to do.

Believing the Best about the client, his/her intentions and goals is one of the most empowering things a coach can do. Clients are affirmed, believed in, built up rather than assessed, diagnosed or judged.

Unique Design has been built into every individual. A coach will honor the gifts, talents, personality and abilities of the client in a way that encourages them to find and fulfill their life purpose.

Exploration and Discovery takes place in an environment that is safe for the client to learn and grow. Personal values, passions and dreams are nurtured; solutions and strategies are generated.

Integrity, Authenticity and Sincerity are essential characteristics of every coach. The coaching relationship is based on honesty, reality, and transparency. Other professionals offer their clients integrity, but few can offer the level of transparency a coach is able to share.

These are the values I aspire to bring to each coaching relationship. They are the tools that enable me to help others find and fulfill their life purpose. What an incredible job!!

Lisa Van Allen, MS, PhD is a personal and executive coach with a background in clinical psychology and healthcare administration. In her forthcoming book, "POWER-Filled Living", Lisa provides a process for finding and fulfilling life's purpose. Excerpts of her book and additional articles on life and leadership can be found at http://www.vanallencoaching.com.

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Best Practices to Selling a Financed Car

By Khalid Mustaffa

You initially financed the car that you are about to sell. If you are wondering about the steps you need to take in order to legally, and safely turn your car over, then you are reading the perfect article for this sake. Now, if the lean has been released, and you are the sole owner of the car, then reading this article would be additional information that you may not need, rather pass onto friends and family.

In case you still owe money on the car, then you need to start by contacting the lending bank or dealer to discuss the best way to pay off or close out the loan. You also should inquire about the necessary requirements to obtain a lien release, or a statement stating that the remaining obligations on the car if any and if not also stating that it has been paid off.

If you find out that you owe more money than you can pay prior to selling the car, consider mediator service that would facilitate payment to the lien holder during normal escrow. There are such services on the internet easily found using search engines, or visiting my website for an analysis of these services. If you are not able or not comfortable with the above mentioned methods, consider closing the sale deal at the bank, credit union, or the dealership that holds the lien, this way the buyer can payoff the balance, release the lien, and pay you the remaining agreed upon amount. Make sure you contact the lending entity prior to setting up such arrangement, and schedule and time and date.

The last and most complicated situation is when the lien holder is in a different state. In this case you would need to obtain a bill of sale from the local department of motor vehicles, and then obtain a temporary permit for the buyer to drive the car. Once the loan is paid off, the buyer can then transfer the title ownership. For more information about selling your car, check out the car selling checklist

© Copyright - 2007 Khalid R. Mustaffa The owner of cars in Houston The website is dedicated to serve the Houston market needs pertaining to Houston used carsThe website dedicated a page to Best Practices to Selling a Financed Car

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Home Entertainment Systems Closer Together

By Julia Hall

There's an interesting new type of gadget that is specifically designed to bridge the gap between the home computer an the home entertainment system. This is a gap that the computer industry has been trying to bridge for years- at least since the early nineteen nineties- and maybe before in some way or another. In the past these efforts have failed for a number of reasons. For one thing, many people believe that the home office is where the computer belongs while the living room is where the home entertainment system belongs and the two shouldn't mix. While some of us might like the idea of being able to relax on the couch or in our favorite easy chair while typing emails and getting work done, most Americans seem to want to keep their work and relaxation separate. Of course, computers have increasingly served as sources of entertainment, but people are still unwilling to bring their computers into the living room, and the cabling and other complications of bringing the content of computers from the office to the living room- without moving the actual box of the computer- has proven to be too difficult for most casual users to manage. Recent developments in technology have been paving the way for the computer's entrance into the living room though. For example, it's already their in the form of digital TV receivers, DVD players, Digital Video Recorders, and video game systems. While none of these devices has the outward appearance of home computer systems or the same type of interface, they do utilize computer technology nonetheless. The increasing number of multimedia applications on home computer systems are also paving the way toward the computer's acceptance into the living room as well. For example, most of the newest operating systems come with software for editing digital photos, recording video, editing video, and ripping CD's. All of this media could easily make its way to the home entertainment system, and would be much more enjoyable there for whole families than it would be on the home computer system hidden away in the office.

Now, while most people still seem unwilling to accept the home computer into the home entertainment center, there are a variety of newer gadgets that will bring the contents of home computer systems into the living room while leaving the actual computer in the home office where it apparently belongs. The newest example is the Apple TV which is a set top box that can wirelessly receive a variety of different media from an Apple or Windows computer. This media includes digital photos, music, and video with resolutions of up to 720p- which is high enough to qualify as HDTV. The main problem with the Apple TV is that it will only feed files from the iTunes folder on the computer and it's difficult to add files to the iTunes folder without downloading them directly from the iTunes website.

Fortunately the Apple TV isn't the only answer as it is also possible to do similar things with newer versions of TiVo and Amazon's Unbox service. The TiVo system uses Ethernet cabling instead of a wireless connection.

One alternative to these devices is to get a media center. Media centers are essentially home computer systems that pretend to be home entertainment equipment. They're primarily sold as high end, stand alone DVR's, but they also have all of the functions of home computer systems built in. Right now they're available with Windows and Linux operating systems.

With gadgets like these, perhaps we'll soon see the home computer merge with the home entertainment system.

This article is for consumers looking for information on new technology. It provides a resource for finding the Best Direct TV Deals, and any great Direct TV Specials that are currently available.

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Procrastination And Your Success - Facing The Challenge

By Sylviane Nuccio

Procrastination is usually the result of emotional issues. It is an emotional reaction. Most of the times, people suffering from it are NOT aware of it, and if they are, they feel stuck and don’t know what to do about it.

If you feel that you are procrastinating, don’t despair. The reason you might feel stuck with it is just because you do not know the source of the problem. All you can see is the result, and the result is procrastination.

So, how does procrastination show its ugly face? Well, it is very simple. You are NOT taking actions that you know you should be taking to go from point A to point B.

I have been victim myself of procrastination more than I would have wanted to.

They are different reasons why people procrastinate, but it is always an emotional issue. The most common emotional factor for procrastination is: “Fear of Success”. Yes, you read well, fear of success. That was my personal problem as well.

Now, why does anyone in their right mind would fear success? Of course it is not something we do consciously. It’s a subconscious reaction. Subconsciously we are avoiding the way we are going to feel or even the way we THINK we are going to feel once we have completed the task.
The next obvious question would be: who wouldn’t want to feel successful?

Again, consciously, everyone wants to feel and be successful, but subconsciously it is an all different story.

A very important thing we need to understand is that the subconscious mind does not “think” or “react” logically. Our subconscious mind reacts in accordance to what it was taught or better said, to what it has learned.

Our subconscious “blueprint” is shaped early in life through 3 main areas:

1. Verbal programming; what we “heard” 2. Modeling; what we “saw” 3. Specific incidents; what we “experienced”

What was learned subconsciously throughout our youth doesn’t have to be true. True or false, it is true for the subconscious mind.

Let’s take the case of verbal programming for example. If you heard the phrase: “Money is the root of all evil” over and over when you were growing up, chances are that you subconscious mind believes that money is BAD and it will protect you from it. As a result every time you might get closer to financial success, your subconscious will restrain you and you will translate this by procrastination.

Here is a very common illustration that I have been victim of and seen happening many times:
You are starting your home based business and you have all the tools and systems you need to get started and become successful. All you need to do is take action. Here is what happens: You are NOT taking action, you are procrastinating because you subconscious firmly believes that success is BAD for you and it will stop you before you could go much further.

Somehow you will find a way to do the things that will have the less effect on your potential success. Sometimes, you will even fool yourself in doing things that you make yourself believe are important when they really are not, but you are not taking action.

These are the symptoms of procrastination.

Once you know the signs, however, and have accepted the fact that you procrastinate, you can fix it.

A good way to start is to take a small none important task in which you know you procrastinate. Let’s say for example, cleaning your desk. You know your desk is a mess. Every time you look at it you’re thinking: “This desk is a mess, I’ve got to clean it”. However, you don’t. Everyday your desk is the same or even worse than the day before.

Here is something that will help you. Seat at your desk and close your eyes. Take a big breathe and see your desk all cleaned up. Once your desk is all cleaned up in your mind’s eyes, concentrate on what you are feeling. Ask yourself: “How do I feel now that my desk is all cleaned up?

Most likely your feelings will be a sensation of accomplishment and well being. As you are in this state of mind, talk to yourself like this: “Ok, my desk is now clean and I feel good about it. That is my result feeling. Therefore if I clean my desk I will feel good. This simple exercise will help you to clean your desk.

You can apply this exercise to everything. Close your eyes. See the results. Check your feelings about the result. Tell yourself about the result.

Don’t forget; procrastination is an emotional block. Many time it’s fear of what you are going to feel like. All you need to do is prove to yourself, prove to your ego that the result feelings are not that bad after all, until your ego understands that they are even GOOD.

They are some deeper techniques that can relieve this kind of emotional blockage as procrastination, but it will be the subject of another article.

Sylviane Nuccio is a trilingual professional interpreter who is realizing her goals of a better future with her over achieving wellness network marketing company. http://www.freewebs.com/livetraining

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Bakers Rack – A Furnishing Perfect For Your Space

By Jennifer Akre

When it comes to your kitchen or dining area, there is only so much room to store and display different items. So, if your cupboards are full and you want to add a piece of furniture to your space that is not only functional, but beautiful all at the same time, then you need to purchase a bakers rack. It is a lovely furnishing that would be a nice addition to your space.

A baker’s rack gets it functionality from its simple design. Generally, one will be between four and five feet in height and will have three to five shelves where you can store and display anything that you would like. Sometimes this furnishing can be narrow and long, other times it can be wider and not as long, and you can even get one that is designed to fit in the corner of a room. Basically, it comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and over the years, some modifications have been to this design and now some are available with drawers built right into them along with cabinets, making it pretty easy to stow away any items that might not fit in your cupboards. And, you can even get ones that have glass racks along with wine racks.

Along with being practical selection, a bakers rack is also a furnishing that is extremely appealing to the eye thanks to the different materials that it can be crafted out of. For example, you can get one that is made out of eye-catching wrought iron that features elegant scrollwork and a smooth, oil-rubbed bronze finish. Or, you can get one that has a base crafted out of wrought iron that is beautifully complemented by glass shelving. There are also ones crafted from wood and other materials as well like stone or marble. All of these materials create
stunning furnishings that are sure to please.

Now since they are both practical and appealing to the eye, a bakers rack would be a great addition to any kitchen or dining room space. You could use it to display any decorative kitchen items that you might have, like ornamental plates or fun shaped cookie jars. You could also store things in one or just use it as a way to spruce up the look of the space. Other places that you could put one include a pantry or in a living room as a nice change from other storage units. If you are interested in purchasing one, one of the easiest ways to check out all the different options that are available is by turning on your computer and browsing all the online stores. You can compare prices of what you are looking for just by the click of the mouse and when you find it, it is shipped right to your front door.

In your kitchen or dining space, there is only so much room to store and display items. A great solution to adding both, is with an eye-catching bakers rack. It is a lovely furnishing that is sure to please.

Being a business owner of many indoor and outdoor home decorating sites, Jennifer Akre shares comments and reviews on wine racks and invites you to learn more about baker's racks and pot racks. Enhance the spirit of your home. Shop today - Click: dining tables.

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Relationships - Where Did the Love Go?

By Susan Derry

It seems safe to assume that most marriages do not begin with divorce as their goal. For the most part, those who chose to marry are very much “in love.” Yet way too often, months or years down the line, many couples find themselves wondering where their loving feelings have gone. They just can’t seem to find them anymore. She no longer feels attracted to him or he no longer feels attracted to her.

What went wrong?

You may have heard the song, “Love Hurts” and the reality is that this is only too true. We inevitably hurt the ones we love at one time or another, usually and hopefully unintentionally. But intentions do not make the hurt any less painful.

When we hurt each other a common human response is to withdraw and withhold. We may withdraw and start building a little wall to protect ourselves from getting hurt again. We may begin to withhold a part of our affection for our partner, since we don’t feel they are particularly deserving of our love. The problem is that when we do what comes naturally we create a gulf between us and loving feelings can start to fade.

Chances are that couples with strong, loving relationships also hurt each other at times. Yet somehow they weather these stormy grounds with their relationship intact. What can we learn from these couples? There are differences in their attitudes and approach to their relationship, which make it possible for them to get past hurts and disappointments.

Attitudes of Lasting Couples

Valuing Each Other and Their Relationship
They consistently pay attention and communicate with each other. First of all this means that they will be aware of hurting the other and it also means that they can learn something from the experience. This greatly reduces the accumulation of resentment in the relationship and reduces the chance of those resentments later exploding all over everyone.

They think more of their partner than they do of themselves. In other words they are more concerned with, “What am I doing to make my marriage work?” than they are with, “What am I getting out of my marriage?” This unselfish attitude makes them more willing to apologize and find ways to make things work for both. There is far less blame throwing and much more cooperation.

They work things out rather than withdrawing and withholding. They allow themselves to remain vulnerable with each other and build bonds of trust. They understand that although they may be frustrated with each other, working it out is more important than getting even.


They always treat each other with respect and consistently allow the other to retain their dignity. They build each other up rather than tear each other down. They can express frustration and criticism without resorting to name calling or belittling. They attack the problem rather than attacking their partner.

The absence of these four important attitudes will lead to a loss of love. Taking each other for granted, being disrespect, selfish, and guarded will gradually drain the loving feelings from even the best relationship.

Susan DerryProfessional Counselor & Life CoachCo-author of Marriage Prep: Beginnings a downloadable marriage preparation course. Co-author of Intimate Sex: Manual for Lovemaking, a sex manual for couples Offers a free Nurturing Marriage Ezine

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Where Can a Restaurant Find Free Advertising?

By Jeffrey Hauser

I've been in advertising for over 35 years. I began with an advertising agency and then started by own. Later, I became a sales consultant for the Yellow Pages. Most of my accounts were the smaller, family run businesses. Many were restaurants. Yet they all had one thing in common. They wanted either very low-cost advertising or free advertising. So I had to explain about the, "there's no free lunch," concept. They would be in denial and explain how they were going to use the referral idea, or WOM, which I call free advertising idea number one.

That’s right; they were talking about that good old “word-of-mouth.” But that’s not exactly traditional marketing. It relies entirely on someone telling someone else. The problem is that no one has control over what is said be it good or bad. So WOM can be as much damaging as it can be helpful. Even after that is explained, they feel it’s better than no advertising at all, which is typically a high-cost item. After all, they had already bought expensive equipment, furnishings, paid a store rental, hired employees, and retained insurance. Now, nothing was left. Wouldn’t that great large sign above the door be enough? It was their version of free advertising. Of course, if someone weren’t walking or driving by, they would never see it. So much for free advertising number two.

Then they might also tell me about their ten year old that could bike around the neighborhood and place flyers on local car windshields or in house doors. They could print a homemade colored sheet right off their computer printer for virtually nothing and little Jimmy was paid a few bucks here and there. And then I would try to clarify that those same flyers might make people mad because of the intrusion or annoyance factor. I know I hate to get something on my windshield. Sometimes they didn’t get my point, but then I was trying to sell them something.

Finally, they might suggest that another friend or relative walk up and down the street with a placard, offering a free dessert or something to entice the patrons in. I rolled my eyes and they finally got the message. Nowadays, I write on-line articles and read others about where you can get the best free advertising on the Internet. It seems that no one wants to actually pay for anything of value anymore. So, for those restaurants that now turn to the web for freebies, I will write this as a public service. If they have neglected to design and post their own website, here’s a free alternative.

Menuelephant.com is a completely free site for restaurants to post a menu and all their other information. Then a Google map is attached to show their location. In effect, it creates a web page for the individual restaurant even if it has multiple locations, and all for free. It’s also entirely free to the user and makes its money from Google ads instead. It’s a good place to consider for a restaurant that desires free advertising that works. And isn’t that what every business wants?

Jeffrey Hauser was a sales consultant for the Bell System Yellow Pages for nearly 25 years. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Advertising and has a Master's Degree in teaching.
He had his own advertising agency in Scottsdale, Arizona and ran a consulting and design firm, ABC Advertising. He authored a book about his directory years, "Inside the Yellow Pages" which can be seen at his website, http://www.poweradbook.com and he is currently the Marketing Director for http://www.thenurseschoice.com a Health Information site and http://www.menuelephant.com which posts restaurant menus on the "site you'll never forget."

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Easy Steps to Attract Viewers for Your Articles

By Jo Mark

Attracting viewers is the reason that most of us write articles. The most important component of your article is the title. It is the one factor that determines how many readers will see your work. If you write a great article and add an uninteresting title, you will generate very few readers.

In order to generate page views, you must first write a quality article that people are interested in reading. The subject of your work is also of great importance. If you write an article on the geological make-up of the Peruvian mountains, I can almost guarantee that few people will read it. There are not that many readers who are interested in the subject. It is important to write articles on subjects that have an audience.

The number one factor in reaching viewers is your title. It is the advertisement for your article. Most people will just skim through the various titles until they find something of interest. It is your job, to design title that satisfies their interest.

Your title can make or break an article. It is the packaging that entices your readers to buy your product. Brick and mortar companies use colorful packaging to entice customers. In the article-marketing world, we do not have that luxury. We must attract readers with the title alone. Your title must interest readers and draw them in. It has to stop them from looking at other titles and compel them to click on your article.

According to published research, longer titles attain greater numbers of readers than shorter titles. This goes against the grain of what we learned in school. Many of us were taught that good writing is short and to the point. In article marketing, just the opposite is true. A longer title gathers more viewers.

Certain types of articles do better than others. “How to” articles do particularly well. If you’ve written that type of article, make sure to use the words “How to” or “10 ways to” in your title.
Certain words and phrases naturally attract attention. Make sure you use at least some of them in your title. Some of these attention-getting words are: free, easy, secret, and money. Of course, there are many others. One easy way to find them is to look at the most popular articles from several ezines. You will begin to see a pattern of certain words that appear repeatedly.
Consider using some of these same words for your title.

As mentioned previously, the subject of your article is of great importance in the number of viewers that you attract. In order to find subjects of current interest, research keywords that people are currently using in their Internet searches. This information tells you what people are interested in today. If your article and title satisfy that interest, you will attract readers. There are several websites that provide this sort of up-to-date information. One that I find very helpful in this area is:
http://www.milliondollararticle.com We offer tons of information on generating income by writing articles. Visit us today!

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What Men Expect During A Date

By Pauline Go

Many times people wonder about the expectations of a woman from a man. However, even men do have certain expectations from women. Most importantly, in order to get a perfect man, a woman should also be perfect. Listed below are some of those qualities that men usually search in a woman.
Honest and Trustworthy: Men are extremely possessive about their woman. Often men do not like women who still think about their past relationships or those who have a flirtatious nature. They want their partner to be completely committed to their relationship.

Matching interests: Men prefer those women whose interests match with their own. It would be easier to carry on the relationship with a person who has similar interests.

Appearance: Men are seeking a woman who is attractive to them. A good appearance and a healthy toned body is always the most preferred feature in a woman. Hence, women should always be dressed for the occasion in a way that turns heads

Personality: Men admire women who are caring, gentle, supportive, intelligent and have a positive attitude. However, men also dislike those women who are dominant. Hence, one should learn to adopt a balanced approach in order to have a successful date. Another beautiful way to tame a guy’s heart is to have a good sense of humor. A woman’s laugh could make an everlasting impression. Apart from this, men also appreciate women who are wise at spending money and are good at managing finances.

Sexuality: Sexuality is another aspect that men often look into. Creating an aura of ambiguity is important as men get attracted to women who are intriguing, mysterious and alluring. They want their woman to become passionate and turn into a wild horse while making love.
Check Out More Articles:

French Kissing Techniques, How To Be Build Up Self Confidence, Flirting Tips On How To Flirt

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How To Get Your Ex Back - Learn Mistakes of Your Love Life

By Michelle Jordan

How to get your ex back is most common question after breakup but one of main mistakes most people do is not learning from their mistakes. First thing that comes to mind after hearing those "I need some space", "Can we be just friends?" and many other variations of how our beloved ones decide to breakup with us is usually "Why does this keep happening to me" or "What have I done wrong again?".

If this is something you have ever experienced then I have great news for you. There is a way to stop such situations happening again and if done correctly even get your ex back. Possibly even any of those ex lovers that rejected you at some point and you might just need to decide which one best choice. In most cases you will favor most recent romance partner which is quite obvious choice but let me tell you that chances are much greater if you try someone who you haven't seen for a while and those negative feelings you ex had at the time of breakup might be forgotten already and proper approach could lead you back in very good relationship.

But before understanding how to get your ex back first you need to understand why this keeps happening to you and what to do about this. Here are few things that you should avoid doing if you are trying to get your ex back on your own or by advice of your friends:

1. No begging - Don't even think about this one and it includes trying to call or any contact at all. Right now your presence for your ex will just decrease your chances of restoring a relationship and especially begging will be turning off even more that will kill any future chances for getting ex back.

2. No promises about changing - This might seem the obvious solution at first to ask your ex what exactly went wrong and promise that you will not be doing that anymore but in reality even discussing this will make things worse let alone solving the problem. Actually such behaviour will make your value as lover even lower in eyes of your ex.

3. No ultimatums - This possibly could be the worst mistake usually done before the breakup if you engage your ex and give an ultimatum like choose me or that other thing you are so obsessed with because of which you don't have time for me anymore. If at this point your ex didn't yet have courage to breakup with you then this is perfect reason to just do it and make your chances of fixing things miserable.
use to learn how to get your ex back and it doesn't matter if it's your girlfriend you recently lost or your boyfriend that possibly found new person more interesting than you.

What I found very helpful was "Don't break" ebook that I found on the internet. It also included checklist of possible reasons why relationships go wrong to help analyzing my breakup reasons, audio instructions on how to plan my comeback and members area where I could share my problems with other people in similar situation and author of this program who helped me individually which possibly was a turning point for me to actually try this out.

Visit "Don't break" to learn more about how to get Your ex back!

How To Get Your Ex Back

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