A Heartburn Cure For Healthy Bones

By Gilbey Scott

The body has wonderful way of curing itself. And when it receives healthy input, it does an even better job. Some of the results of this aren't apparent until later on in life. While the cure for heartburn and osteoporosis are both well known topics, there might not seem, at first glance, to be any connection between the two..

As we learn more about how the body works there is less mystery about what goes on inside. Although the general information links heartburn with certain foods and overeating, there is a bigger picture that reminds us of how interrelated overall health is.

Since the body is a very resilient entity, many of the results of poor health don't show up until much later. We have to look to older people to see hip and knee replacements, back problems and high blood pressure, and how they could be in our future. Conditions like these could have a much different ending if the warning came sooner. This how heartburn turns out to have an up side, if the message is taken.

There are other messages. The US Surgeon General recently announced that 10 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis and another 30 million are at risk. For heartburn, the number of those with symptoms, is also significant.

Diet is a factor that connects these two conditions. Essential elements like calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous play a big part in treating heartburn because it is the way stomach acid is neutralized. Bananas, beans, kale and lots of other vegetables and fruits have the calcium and other minerals that are essential for this.

To give the body what it needs, look to the basic building blocks of nutrition: It's in the food groups. The primary source of energy for the body is carbohydrates, which is eventually broken down into sugar. Protein is used to build tissue and muscle and another fuel source. Fat is necessary for the absorption of vitamins A, D and E. and is also used to store energy.

However, a look back will show a lot has changed in the last 30 years. Consumption of fresh produce is down, our menu of prepared foods is far greater than ever before. We consume 3-5 time the animal protein that we need, which all together adds up to a lot of acid in the diet. All this spells the need for more minerals in out daily diet if we are going to have a heartburn cure.

Minerals also go toward building an environment that makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to thrive. Mom knew what she was talking about when she made you eat your vegetables. Those same vegetables help ward off osteoporosis and build strong bones. Regular doses of calcium are needed, throughout life.

The workings of the body are very interactive. Calcium stored in the tissue and bones can be borrowed if the body needs it. For good bones, a high calcium diet is the answer. Along with vitamin D and sunshine to metabolize it.

So as you can see, this shared need for essential minerals points up the need for a balanced diet. Heartburn relief may be the pressing cause but later on there will be other issues that will benefit from strong bones.

And a heartburn remedy, using natural ingredients, can compliment a good diet. So look to healing herbs and calcium rich foods for a cure. This is another way to use natural ingredients to your advantage.

There are natural ways to remedy heartburn Learn about the foods that cause heartburn and the foods that treat heartburn. Fix your problem with a natural heartburn cure.

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Understand Your Dogs Body Language - What is Your Dog Saying to You?

By Mayra Alfonso

If you are owner of a dog, it is very necessary to understand your dog's body language. This will make you aware of what your dog's telling you. Regular interaction with your dog is very important to keep him happy and make him stay away from aggressive behavior. Remember that dogs depend on body language to express themselves.

Dogs possess a peculiar kind of body language of their own. You need to understand this vocabulary in order to have a successful communication with your dog. Here are some of the most common Canine body language messages:

a) Tail and ears down:
Whenever your dog wants to exhibit submissiveness, he will sit down with both his ears down and tail tucked between his legs. Here, he acknowledges you as his master and surrenders. Your dog will also sit in this position if he has done something naughty or done something that you don't approve of. He wants to curb your anger and hence sit in this position. Another situation where your dog sits with his tail and ears down is when he feels down, gets sick or injured.

b) Tail and ears up:
Whenever your dog approaches a new visitor, with his tail and ears up, he is excited and happy to meet this person. The body language is a way to express his happiness and gratitude. This is a playful behavior and you don't need to worry about the safety of your visitor in this case.

c) Play bow:
This is a body language your dog exhibits whenever he wants to play with you or his fellow dogs. He will lay his front legs flat on the ground and stick his back end in the air. This body language is followed by a happy bark. He will also jump towards his side. In short, this body language of a dog is to ask someone to play with him.

d) Whining:
Whenever your dog gets frustrated or angry it will whine. This behavior is common whenever your dog is tied to a leash for a long time or not able to do what he wants.

e) Growling:
This is a warning to you. Here the dog becomes aggressive and warn you. This is common when someone tries to invade his place or privacy. It is natural for your dogs to growl at strangers.

However, you need to know that dogs who growl at their owners have some problem. You should seek a professional help immediately. Growling is a sign that the dog is going to bite soon.
Hence, this behavior should be taken seriously.

f) Barking:
This is one of the most common body language for dogs. This can mean different things depending on the circumstance. Dogs may bark to greet their owners, warn someone, or indicating a stranger's entry to your home.

Pay attention to the body language of your dog will help you have a good relationship with your dog.

Dramatically increase the happy years of your dog by checking out our free report. I reveal all the secrets I've personally used to develop a happy, healthier dog. Go to http://www.DogNaturalHealing.com/83percent.html right now before change our minds and decide to no longer give this valuable free report!

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Meeting Girls in Brazil

By Bobby Rio

Meeting beautiful Brazilian women is part of the lure of taking a trip to South America's largest country. For years Brazil has been known as a place for single men to experience romance, explore sexual fantasies, and share memories with some of the world's most alluring creatures.

I've been traveling to Brazil for many years and have heard many different takes on the subject of meeting girls in Brazil. Much of the information is spread by people who have never even visited Brazil. Some of these people will claim that in order to have sex in Brazil you must pay.

Or they will say that you must be rich and promise the girls material possessions. These people are inaccurate. In this short article I want to discuss what it takes to meet women in Brazil.

I've put together a list of some of key points you will need to know if you are planning to visit the country and are looking to experience some of the storied romance that cities like Rio de Janiero, Fortaleza, Recife, Natal, and Sau Paulo are known for.

1. You must know a little bit of Portuguese. Most girls will not speak English. While Portuguese is not necessary in initially meeting them, it is crucial for setting up plans, making phone contacts, and for having an enjoyable time with your company. You don't need to be a master of the language by any means. You just need to know the basics.

2. You must bring your dancing shoes. Brazilian women love to dance. You must be able to go out onto the dance floor with them when the time comes. And you must be able to hold your own on the dance floor.

3. Don't be shy. Brazilian girls are used to aggressive, confident men. Be direct with the girls and let them know what you want. You don't need to play the sort of games you do with girls from the United States.

4. Be prepared to kiss a girl in a bar or club. When Brazilian girls go out for a night on the town it is very common for them to make out with a guy in public. In fact most girls will expect you to kiss them after twenty minutes or so of talking. Do not take this as a sign that they will sleep with you. Most non professional girls will kiss a guy the first night, but make him wait a couple days for anything more than a kiss.

5. Look your best while down there. The girls down there are very into looks. Make sure you are dressed nice, have a good haircut, cleanly shaven, and wearing accessories that the girls can comment on.

6. Be prepared for the stare. In Brazil it is common for a girl to stare at you if she is interested. If you are interested in her take this as a sign to go and introduce your self. And a similiar note, if you are interested in a girl it is not considered rude to glance at her numerous times.

7. Rent a cell phone for the week. This will make it a lot easier to get numbers and stay in contact with the girls that you meet.

8. Rent a condo for the week rather than staying in a hotel. Most hotels in Brazil will not allow over night guests. If you do try to bring a girl up to your room they will try to hit you up with a hefty charge. It is smarter to rent a condo for your time down there.

9. Be careful of meeting to many girls from the same area. Many times I've gotten myself into trouble by showing up at a bar with a girl only to have another girl I was talking to show up at the same bar. The girls will not hesitate to make a scene.

10. Be the fun guy at the bar. If you want to get noticed be the guy in the bar commanding the attention. Talk to many people, be sort of loud, and be friendly with the bartenders. You don't want to be the quiet guy in the corner.

These are just some of the key points for maximizing your time in Brazil and enjoying the most of Brazilian nightlife.

Bobby Rio is the author of The Seduction Bible a blog about dating, relationships, sex, travel, nightlife, and self improvement.

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6 Ways To Have Virtually Happy Holidays

By Darrell Williams

How can a virtual assistant help me during this holiday season? What could someone half way across the country or halfway around the world do for me at this time of the year?

I have come up with a few answers:

Sending out Christmas cards/letters - Do you have a list that rivals Santa's for Christmas cards and letters? Why not let someone else get this done for you. For businesses, this is a great time to send out something to keep in touch with clients and customers. Personally, it is a time to reconnect with friends and loved ones.

Shopping - You can find every product online now which makes shopping a whole lot easier.
Have a virtual assistant find that perfect gift for that "hard to buy for" person in your life. Gifts can be purchased for you or your VA can locate that elusive CD, game, book, or technological gadget that you can't seem to find and then tell you how and where to purchase it.

Party planning - You can throw a great Christmas or New Year's Eve party this year without lifting a finger! Have your virtual assistant find the location, send out the invitations, hire the caterer, and get the entertainment to make your party memorable.

Travel arrangements - Whether you are going to see your Aunt Mathilda in Albuquerque or Cousin Donald in Dublin, a virtual assistant can help you with your travel plans. They can find you the best deals on flights and hotels so you don't have to sleep on Uncle Joe's lumpy pull-out sofa. Your VA can manage your emails and voicemails for you while you are away.

Appointment setting - How many parties and engagements do you have to juggle over the holidays? Have your virtual assistant manage your calendar and send you reminders to keep you on schedule.

Thank you cards - After you have been to all of those parties and received all of those great gifts, it is time to thank everyone. Handmade thank you cards are a wonderful way to show your appreciation. Your virtual assistant can order these for you and make sure they get to the right people.

I hope you have a happy, stress-free holiday season. Getting a virtual assistant to help you achieve this can be the gift you give to yourself.

Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services is a Multi-VA team practice which is owned and managed by Darrell A. Williams owns the multi-VA practice, Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services. Darrell has over 7 years experience in the administrative support field. He has worked for non-profit organizations in Canada, the US and the UK. He has also worked as an event planner and personal assistant. Darrell has not only been self-employed, but has also held management positions in several companies and has worked in private sales contracting.

Through our commitment of constant educational upgrading, Darrell recently increased our company's capabilities by completing a Legal Administrative Assistant training program.

Darrell's specialties include proofreading, calendar management, legal administrative assistance, editing, and document formatting.


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Part Time Jobs for Students

By Matthew Walker

If you're a student looking for a part time job then I've got a great option that can bring in much more money than working down at the mall or you're local Pizza Hut. Internet marketing; and it's much easier than many people think.

It is probably one of the best part time jobs for students around and a great way to bring in some serious income. The problem is finding out how to go about doing it. You can waste a lot of time trying to find out for yourself and still not make a bean or you can learn the real tricks of the trade. Enter, Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive tutorial based site that can, if you're serious, quickly take you from novice affiliate marketer to expert with an ever increasing bank balance.

Here's just some of what you get:

• Tutorials - Learn the proper way to make money online, no bull, no gurus, this is the real deal. You'll be taught the best methods, from beginner to advanced.

• Forums - These are invaluable for picking up tips and the more experienced guys here are more than willing to help.

• Marketing Tools - A great set of top quality tools that will make life a lot easier in generating a good profit.

• Personal Advice - Any time you need help you can get advice from the two guys who founded Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. This advice is priceless especially if you're stuck, and these guys make thousands from internet marketing every week!

• A Tool for Making Websites - Called "Site Rubix", this is the newest addition to the Wealthy Affiliate site. Make professional web sites quickly and easily without the need for know how.

Just couple of years ago, I was a second year student trying to find an easy way of making money online. To tell you the truth, before I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate I found it near impossible to make anything, but that's simply because I really wasn't clued up to the way it should be done. This is where Wealthy Affiliate really becomes a necessity. It was three months after joining that I started making some good cash. $70 a day! Those days of looking for part time jobs for students had finally come to an end and the income has been going up ever since.

Now, getting started in this is not easy, easy. It does require effort, patience and a certain amount of work, but when it does happen and you start making an income, the only way is up.
You keep learning, getting better and getting more successful. I now make around $200 a day and I'm a fairly small fish! I work nowhere near the amount I would if I worked full time and life is easy. It can also be for you!

Matthew Walker is successful internet marketer. Recently graduated from college he now makes a comfortable living of around $200 a day. Visit his site at QuitYourStudentJob.com to learn more about the best affiliate marketing tutorial site on the net.

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Spoilers - Wings, Lips, Hatchbacks and More

By Jessica S Taylor

Spoilers have a long tradition as a typical aftermarket customization. Typically, people that bought spoilers wanted to modify the look of their vehicle without drastically changing its performance or mechanical sanctity. People have now found new uses for spoilers.

Spoilers can have two unique benefits. First, and the typical reason for installing a spoiler, is to enhance the overall appearance of a vehicle, and second, is to enhance the driving experience. Whether you have an Acura or a Volvo, you can find the spoiler that is right for you. With a huge selection of spoilers on the market, one can have their choice of manufacturer, style and price range.

Some of the best spoiler manufacturers include, MimoUSA, JDM, Carbon Creations and APR Performance, and you can find them all with a click of your mouse. Most of these manufacturers create different styles of spoilers that are used for different reasons. For example, ARP Performance specializes in spoilers for the racer. Their Drag Style series is designed for the high speed racer that needs to reduce lift and keep power planted firmly to the ground. APR also offers the consumer a choice of carbon fiber or aluminum, depending on the look one is seeking to achieve. While the manufacturer of a particular spoiler may be important to some buyers, others are more concerned with the look that a new spoiler will create.

Similar to one's clothing style, when buying a spoiler, the spoiler itself reflects one's individual style and personality. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, wings, lips, hatchback and more, the different styles of spoilers can either minimally change the look of a vehicle, or create a drastic difference. The driver looking for a simple upgrade, with nominal change may choose to go with a lip spoiler. Lip spoilers have the potential to change the average looking sedan into an aggressive, sporty looking machine, without creating the extreme result that a wing spoiler generates.

The rising cost of gas often forces consumers to purchase aftermarket accessories based on price instead of their favorite manufacturer or preferred style, so finding the best wholesaler in the business, with a price match guarantee is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Jessica Taylor enjoys upgrading her vehicles, shopping writing and many other activities. One of her favorite websites is http://www.captwholesale.com

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Eating Organic - If You Don't Care At Least Give It To Your Babies!

By Sarah H

It is not a dirty word as some people tend to think like they do with vegetarianism. It's a healthy choice and one that must be made consciously. The benefits of eating organically grown food, be it vegetables, fruits or meat are too numerous to mention. They range from less doctor visits to having beautiful skin and a healthier sex life.

What's the connection I hear you ask? It's simple, would you put dirty petrol into your gas tank and expect your car to work perfectly. It's the age old principle of the computer, GIGO ( garbage in, garbage out ). The same is true of our bodies. Sure the produce does not look as colorful and huge and shiny as chemically grown food but it is tastier and better for you, what more can one ask for.

Well, at least do it for the little ones. There are organic baby food available in most supermarkets now and health food shops. These fruits are better for your babies overall development both physically and mentally. From organically grown fruits to vegetables like carrots, squash and broccoli. You will even find organic meat in abundance in a lot of places.

The bottom line seems to be that more and more people are turning to organic food as their choice of diet and this is good news for our health care system. Maybe future generations will put less burden on the system and Michael Moore will have to remake his "Sicko" documentary.
Buy why stop at just ourselves and our babies, we must not forget our pets. In almost every pet shop and grocery which value their reputation you will find organic dog and cat food. Hey come on they deserve to be healthy too no?

Sarah Harrigan has been enjoying an organic lifestyle 8 years now. You can read more of Sarah's rantings at http://www.whyeatorganic.net/ and discover some of her favorite organic recipes like cucumber dill tea sandwiches or maybe organic beef stew anyone?

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Journaling for Stress Relief

By Valerie Dansereau

Journaling is a great way to deal with chronic stress. It is one of the most powerful tools for self growth and can help you release negative emotions, clear confusion and sort out puzzling or traumatic events.

The best way to begin is to set a time to write and put down whatever thoughts and feelings pop into your head. Your journal can be used to reflect on the events currently affecting you that are particularly traumatic or overwhelming. It can also be used to process other things, such as dreams, childhood events, and long and short term goals. Research has shown that writing not only about your feelings but also your thoughts about your feelings is more helpful than just venting your feelings. In other words, write from both an emotional and an intellectual angle,
Don't worry about spelling or grammar. The purpose of what you're doing is to relieve stress and release pent up emotions, not to cause yourself more stress by censoring your own writing.

Keep what you've written private. If you think privacy is an issue, keep it under lock and key. If you're journaling on a computer, password protect your file.

A journal can be written on lined or plain paper, in a special bound book or a plain spiral notebook, or you can use a computer. The important thing is to make a commitment to write for 10-20 minutes each day if you can. Schedule a time to write, whether it's first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed, preferably a time when you're free from interruptions. Experiment with writing at different times of day and in different locations.

Don't think of journaling as a chore. If you miss several days of writing, simply pick up and write again when you can. Chances are the more you practice journaling, the more you will look forward to it. Your journal can be thought of as a friend who is always willing to listen. In a journal you have the freedom to express deep emotions that you may not be able to share with anyone. No one will be affected by what you write. If you review what you've written over time, you'll be able to see your own growth. If you're processing a traumatic event, you'll be amazed to see how far you've come and how much you've healed.

Journaling is a lot less expensive than most other methods of stress relief. It's a great tool for self-knowledge and emotional healing. Like other healthy habits, you will improve with practice, and the benefits you attain from journaling will build the more you work on this life-changing habit.

Valerie Dansereau is the mother of two and grandmother of one. She is the webmaster of http://www.work-at-home-parenting.com.

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Finding Discount Travel Deals

By Jonathon Hardcastle

Traveling has been an industry, which has seen tremendous growth in recent decades, as more and more people take the time to explore the world in which we live. Off the back of this growing trend, travel companies are expanding and making healthy profits in the process. However, with the introduction of the Internet as a widespread and accessible feature of our daily lives, the industry has suffered, and has had to think of innovative and clever ways to maintain margins. Fortunately, this is great news for the consumer, who benefits from increased competition and reduced costs on traveling.

There are numerous ways to pick up discount travel deals, both online and off. Of course, in the offline environment, travel arrangements are largely conducted through agents, which incurs a commission or margin on top of the individual cost of each aspect. This means that theoretically, you are paying a premium on someone else's premium for your holiday, which is obviously not desirable. However, with the introduction of the Internet, savvy travelers have been able to take advantage of booking directly through suppliers, which cuts out the 'middle-man' and the costs associated. This has been devastating for the travel agents, who have had to reshape their settled business model to remain competitive.

Another good way to benefit from cheaper traveling costs is to remain as flexible as possible to take advantage of last minute deals. By waiting till the last minute, you can benefit from massive reductions in the cost of your holiday, without sacrificing the quality.

The Internet has also given rise to the low-cost, 'no frills' approach that many travel companies have adopted. By passing on savings resulting from operating solely online to customers, these companies manage to retain their margins in a lower selling price, thus increasing efficiency without sacrificing profitability. This has caused further problems for travel agents operating out with the virtual environment, who have found it hard to compete profitably.

Either way, this is a highly beneficial state of affairs for the consumer, who can now find cheaper deals on traveling online and offline. Whether its as a result of travel agents putting together more attractive packages to remain competitive, amazing last deal offers, or benefiting from online savings, there are a wide variety of discounts for the would-be traveler, which can vastly reduce the overall cost of exploring exotic locations.

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Recreation, Cooking, and Travel

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The Law of Attraction Made Easy

By Tim Buist

Inevitably when people learn of the law of attraction for the first time, two things often happen.
One, they learn several different takes on the fundamentals of how to use the law of attraction, and before long they are confused and a bit overwhelmed at how many things they must "think" about, or practice to get it right. Or two, they read a brief overview of the premise and miss the most important aspect of the law, then wonder why it doesn't seem to work for them.

Actually, it can be made easy, if you are focused on the core concept and learn to master it. As they say practice makes perfect, and it's no different here. So here is the whole lesson, and not in a nutshell, I really mean the whole lesson!

Whatever you feel, you attract.
Did you get that? That's all. It does not need to made any more complicated than that. That is the core point, so focusing on all the points around this point, can lead to frustration. If you want to study the topic more, there are tips and tricks you can learn to feel the way necessary for attracting what you want.

What about your thoughts?
Do your thoughts impact what you feel? Certainly. Do your beliefs impact your thoughts and vice versa? Sure do. So you can knock yourself out learning about how to master your thoughts...but don't lose sight of the crux of the entire law of attraction. You are a universal, energized being that sends out vibrations, based on what we call "feelings" in this existence. What you feel is truly up to you. It sounds easy, and it is. But only when you absolutely accept and believe, in other words - truly know, that your thoughts determine what you feel. It was a thought that put you here in the first place. If you didn't first think about coming to this place called Earth with all its wonders, you would not be here. You created it, the moment you thought it. Of course this was at a time when you were a non-physical being, and thoughts were instantaneously your reality. But now that you have dreamed up this place with space and time, you have a buffer between the initial thought and the manifestation here. Good thing too, we all have thoughts every day, which if were made to be instant reality...look out!

It always comes back to how you feel.

So getting back to the purpose of this article...your thoughts create feelings, your feelings create magnetic vibrations to attract like-thoughts and feelings, and since it is your mind that creates your experience in the first place...it is law that your experience will indeed become that of your thoughts.

So if it's really your thoughts that create your life, why do I say that it's your feelings that determine what you attract. Well, try to monitor your thoughts for just one hour...every thought you have. Yeah right! If you can do this, congratulations...but as the law of attraction states...creation can (and should!) be effortless, that's why your "bigger", wiser self, created feelings, or emotion to guide you.

So what are you thinking right now? Well, it's simple, how do you feel right now? Are you relaxed, joyful, excited, engaged, or peaceful? You can name any number of feelings but they can all be classified as good, or bad. I will not go into the bad list, for that would not serve those that want to focus on good thoughts, to create good feelings...but you know what the not-so-good ones are. And if your thoughts are not in agreement with what the real you wants, you'll be getting those bad feelings...and the law of attraction works just the same for all feelings, bad or good.

So in conclusion, there is much that you can study to help master the law of attraction and become more knowledgeable on the subject...if that's your goal. But, if your goal is only to master the law, it is as easy as feeling what you want. Expect it, believe it, and act as if it already is reality...because if you feel that way....it IS reality! Soon, your physical environment will come to resemble the way you feel...to come into line with reality (which is your thoughts and feelings). Most folks go through life trying to do exactly the opposite...working on their life situation in the hopes it will make them feel they way they want.

So there you have it...now go start feeling the life of your wildest dreams!

Tim Buist is a student of the law of attraction among other spiritual quests to support the new age of consciousness. Broaden your knowledge of the law of attraction by visiting: http://learn-law-of-attraction.blogspot.com/

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Easy Cardiovascular Exercises

By Jonathon Hardcastle

If we want to live a healthy life, largely free from disease and illness, it is essential to maintain two factors: a healthy diet, and a course of exercise. Within the diet criterion, everyone knows we should be eating fruit rather than a fruit pie, or potatoes rather than chips or fries. Everyone knows we should swap fizzy soft drinks for water, and we all know we could lose the odd bottle of beer here and there. But what about exercise? How should we go about exercising for the best results? How can exercise improve our fitness?

Exercise can be largely broken down into two classifications: cardiovascular training and strength training. If you want to improve your fitness, you must absolutely focus on cardiovascular training. Cardiovascular training is designed to get the blood pumping through your vital organs, leave your lungs gasping for air and increase your heart rate to its training RPM. This will all in turn burn through excess calories, and leave your physical condition in a much-improved state after time. If you're not a health fanatic and are just looking to shift a few pounds, you too could really benefit from cardio exercise to improve your physical capabilities and significantly reduce your chances of heart attacks and strokes in later life. So, now it's simply a case of fitting some cardio in around your busy daily schedule, which needn't be as hard as it sounds straight off.

If you work or go to school, how do you get there in the morning? If it isn't by foot, you could be missing out on a great way to cram in your daily exercise. If you work too far away to walk, try parking your car in a different parking lot, and walking a couple of blocks to get there. Small steps like these every day can have a great effect on your well-being. Another great idea is to ride a bike. Ride a bike to work instead of driving, and you're not only helping yourself, you're also helping the planet. A win/win situation.

You don't have to devote hours to going to the gym or the pool if you don't want to. There are loads of simple exercises - even doing housework - that can improve your cardiovascular fitness and help you lose weight. If you continue to push yourself, going that little bit further every day, you'll find in no time that your health will have seriously improved, in this will also show as lost inches round your waist and thighs.

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Arts, Toys, and Arts

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jonathon_Hardcastle

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Flirting Techniques

By Jonathon Hardcastle

Flirting is an essential social lubricant that allows us to interact on many different levels with members of the opposite sex. Whether as a joke or driven by intention, flirting is an essential social skill if you want to be popular and to find romance. And we all do it naturally anyway - it's no great mystery or secret. In this article we'll look at some of the most powerful techniques that you can implement to improve your relationships, whether it's for fun or for real.

Of all the powerful actions of the human body, nothing is more poignant than direct eye contact. Direct eye contact normally occurs during conversation in spates of about two seconds unbroken. The speaker in any conversation normally makes less eye contact than the listener and these roles are naturally reversed as the conversation progresses. Direct eye contact can also be used as a great way of flirting, particularly across a room or bar. Making direct eye contact with someone for a prolonged period is a great way to let them know you're interested, and you should easily be able to see by their reactions whether they're interested too. Looking directly into someone's eyes for around five seconds is long enough to let them know something's up, and if you quickly look away straight afterwards, you'll have done enough to cement the deal.

Another great way of flirting is through conversation itself. Be wary however. Rude or vulgar conversation is not to everyone's taste, and it might not be the best way to get you involved.
Flirting through conversation should comprise largely of listening. People love to talk about themselves and their own experiences - it's in our nature. Ask people open questions that allows them to elaborate, and try to be a witty as possible whenever the opportunity arises. A good way to do this is the subtle tease, that is to say making a subtle joke at the expense of the other person. Again, you should tread carefully - just use your common sense, and you should find the moment to come in with the one liner.

Whatever you do, don't use chat-up lines. They're one of the worst approaches to take. Be original and be yourself. Make sure you're interesting and have interesting conversation, but also watch your step, especially if you're talking with someone you don't know. Most of all, have fun with your flirting exploits, and use these skills the next time your in a social situation to try your luck!

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Weather, Education, and Health

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Psoriasis Disease - Information

By Elijah Bitson

Psoriasis is one of the diseases that science has yet to find an answer to it and is a problem for a lot of people especially in the Western world. It is a skin disease that affects all part of the skin and the scalp. It is believed that this disease is an immune-mediated one whereby the immune systems began to attack it. Although the cause of psoriasis is unknown it is thought that the disease has a genetic component.

The disease manifests itself in the form of red scaly patches that appear on the whole body and the scalp. These patches are called psoriasis lesions or psoriasis plaques. These patches cause inflammation of the skin where skin rapidly multiplies itself and form white patches which are scaly and dry. People suffering from psoriasis try to ease the effect of the dry skin by using oily products topically.

These plaques appear mainly on the elbow, knees and the scalp but can cover any part of the body including the nails both fingernails and toenails). Careful care should be taken not to confuse psoriasis on the scalp with dandruff. Dandruff will go away with some ordinary shampoo but not psoriasis which requires further treatment.

Psoriasis can have different degree of severity which can range from some localized patches to whole body coverage. Although psoriasis is not contagious it can cause some devastating effect on the morale of people suffering from psoriasis

People suffering from psoriasis will try to avoid contact with other people in order to avoid some awkward questions on their diseases. In order to find a possible cure, many researchers are working worldwide in order to find the cure that will relieve a lot of people.

Elijah is the webmaster of Psoriasis care where he writes about this incurable but controllable disease. You can visit his blog here: Psoriasis Facts

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Ornamental Grasses - Their Place In A Dry Climate Garden

By Jonathan Ya'akobi

The use of grasses and grass-like plants in garden design is well established throughout the world. As they can solve a variety of design issues they are to be found in many different types of garden. While not specific then to dry climate gardens, ornamental grasses nonetheless provide the dry climate gardener with a number of exciting design options. These can be summed up as follows.

*Whether very low growing or billowing to 2 meters in height, they provide a sense of movement in the garden and a very definite vertical accent.

*By virtue of their feathery growth habit, a very clear texture is created in the garden composition, allowing ornamental grasses to function amongst broad-leaved plants as an emphasis element, or as a transitional element between fine textured plants, and courser textured ones. When placed amongst fine textured ornamentals which are not grass like, a subtle variation on the theme of delicate texture is created. In this way, two principles of good design are addressed - namely unity on the one hand (feathery texture) and variety (grasses and broadleaved plants) on the other.

*In dry climate regions where water is at a premium a few grasses can be dispersed in a bed of ornamental pebbles or wood chippings. With the addition of some stepping stones, such a configuration could replace a thirsty lawn and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

*They associate excellently with narrow leaved plants of outstanding sculptural value such as Yucca, Nolina, Dracaena, Phormium and Dietes. Therefore grasses of varying heights and shades can be massed to form the basis of a composition, playing a supporting role to a few special plants which function as emphasis elements. As the mass of grasses share a common leaf shape with the sculptural plants, the criteria of both unity and variety are again satisfied.

As previously mentioned, different species of decorative grasses vary greatly in terms of size and color. Here are a number of examples.

*The Pampas grass, Cortaderia selloana is suitable for large scale situations only. The real beauty is in the massive plumes that billow spectacularly from the foliage. The leaves of Pampas grass are serrated along their entire length, making the plant potentially dangerous. It should never be planted close to paths and entrances. A safe alternative to the Pampas grass could be the giant sedge, Cyperus papyrus

*Fountain Grass, Pennisetum setaceum grows to almost 2 meters, and also sports beautiful flower plumes. The main drawback is its tendency to disperse seed profusely, thereby becoming a noxious weed in certain circumstances. The purple leaved variety of the same species, 'Rubrum', does not seed itself and its foliage color is magnificent providing the plant is not over-used. It needs to be cut to the ground a couple of time a year and sometimes degenerates after a few years, but can nevertheless make a stunning contribution to the design. P.s.'Rubrum' covers about a meter in width, and therefore tends to smother neighboring flowers in an herbaceous border.

*Of similar size and habit is the Silver grass, Miscanthus sinensis. A number of varieties of the species have been developed, the most famous being the elegant M.s. 'Gracilimus'.

*There are a large number of low growing grass-like plants to choose from which are suitable in a herbaceous flower border, and indeed "hold" the bed for the period of time when annuals have to be replaced, or perennials cut down and rejuvenated. Examples are Liriope, Ophiopogon, the ever dependable Festuca, and various species of the sedge, Carex. Care should be taken though in choosing species that do not spread vegetatively and become a weedy pest. Some 5 years ago I added the cute and delicate Bulbous Oat Grass, Arrhenatherum elatius bulbosum to a flower bed, only for it to totally take over the border. It looked very nice, but my customer had enjoyed her flower color and so we had to spray the grasses to eliminate them before replanting the border. You have been warned!

About the author - Jonathan Ya'akobi. I've been gardening in a professional capacity since 1984. I am the former head gardener of the Jerusalem Botanical Garden, but now concentrate on building gardens for private home owners. I also teach horticulture to students on training courses. I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with you. So you're welcome to visit me on http://www.dryclimategardening.com

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How To Use A Cooking Recipe

By Elsie Shan

A cooking recipe is a series of instructions on how to prepare a meal. It will list down the ingredients required as well as preparation instruction and other useful information to make your cooking a success. By following the instructions the cooking recipe, you will be able to come up with new dishes. Cooking recipes are used not only by novice but by professional chefs around the world.

In order to take full advantage of the cooking recipe, it got to be used in the right way. Many people do not know how to use a cooking recipe correctly. They usually jump right in and before you know it, faces problem with their cooking.

Browse Through The Cooking Recipe
The right way is to browse through the cooking recipe briefly from the beginning to the end. Familiarize yourself with the methods or processes involved and try to visualize it in your mind. After you have understood what is needed out of you do you start it. By taking this initial step, you will save yourself from trouble because you can give the recipe a miss if it's too difficult to cook. It will spare you the embarrassment of failure. You will also be able to plan what to buy before actually starting to cook. Therefore it is important to browse through your cooking recipe before you actually begin cooking.

Preparing The Ingredients
After the preliminary reading of the cooking recipe you will have a general idea of how the dish is cooked and what ingredients to buy. Make sure that all the ingredients are ready before you begin your cooking adventure. It is very frustrating to realize that you have run out of the ingredients half-way through your cooking. You will loose all the momentum and enthusiasm once this happen.

You will also need to have the right type of ingredients. For example, if the cooking recipe says prepared mustard, do not assume that you can substitute it with dried mustard. They are two completely different ingredients and substituting one for the other will have disastrous effect on your cooking. Another thing worth mentioning is make sure you have enough of the ingredients. Double check to ensure that you have enough of everything before you starts to cook. Imagine what will happen if you don't have enough flour when baking a sponge cake!

Have The Equipment/Utensil Ready
Just as important and often overlooked is to have all the equipment and utensils ready before cooking. If you do not have the equipment or utensil, try borrowing them from your friends. You might only need to use the utensil mentioned in the cooking recipe once and so it is cheaper to borrow. If your friends do not have the items you are looking for or if you foresee that you are going to use it more than once, then buy it. Also, check that the equipment or utensil is in working order before starting your cooking.

Cooking is great fun for many people. It can foster relationships and improve family bonding. In order cook great dishes, you must make sure that you have followed the cooking recipe closely.
If you need more information on Cooking, please visit my website at
http://www.outdoorcookingclasses.com. Some of my latest articles includes Outdoor Cooking and Cooking Classes.

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Some Praise And Some Complaints About The Breadman Supreme Bread Machine

By Robin OBrien

Soon after its launch the Breadman Supreme TR2200C was the winner of the Good Housekeeping 'Good Buy' Award as well as the Consumer Digest 'Best Buy' Award. High praise indeed. And, in fairness, it's well deserved; however, the appliance isn't without its problems.

So, what's good about the Breadman TR2200? Well, it has a traditional or horizontal shaped pan - this type is always preferable to vertical or hybrid designs - and is capable of making 1, 1.5, and 2lb loaves. It also comes with a pretty comprehensive list of preset programs. There are ten basic programs: basic bread, basic rapid, whole wheat, rapid whole wheat, sweet bread, batter bread/cake, French bread, dough, pasta dough and jam.

If you're an expert user, you'll want to use your own bake cycles and this is the biggest selling point of the Breadman Supreme breadmaker. There are two ways you can define your bake timings; you can select an existing cycle and modify it or you can define your own bake cycle from scratch. If you choose to modify an existing program, the machine will automatically factor in the variations for the 1, 1.5, and 2lb loaf with the light, medium, and dark variations for that cycle. The 'Personal Recipes' mode is extremely powerful allowing you to create your own cycle from start to finish. You define pretty much all aspects of the process from when and if to use the extras dispenser, the pre-heat time, knead 1 time, knead 2 time, rise 1 time, punch down, rise 2 time, shaping, rise 3 time, baking and keep warm times. This allows you to create more ambitious breads like sourbread that require kneading and rise times of up to 2 days.

Another big plus is the length of the timer delay. Most other brands come with a maximum of 12 or 13 hours whereas the Breadman bread machine allows you to set a maximum delay of 24 hours.

The 'extras' dispenser was just mentioned above and is also something that is nice about this machine. You can add in your extra ingredients in the dispenser right at the start along with all the other ingredients. This means you can turn it on and walk away; there's no need to come back later to add nuts and fruit etc. This is a very handy feature that isn't available with the majority of other brands.

But not everything is perfect. Let's start with some minor complaints that are really more of a wish list than genuine complaints.

There's no option to use the delay timer with the dough cycle, which is slightly annoying. Also, you can't use the 'extras' dispenser with the dough cycle either. So, if you want to make dough with fruit and/or nuts, you're going to have to mix them in by hand. The dispenser could be a little bigger as well.

Strangely, there's no on/off switch. If you punch in the wrong setting there's no way to turn of the bread machine except by unplugging it.

Getting a little more serious; the Breadman Ultimate is one of the noisiest bread machines you will come across. One hopes this is because it has a powerful motor.

As stated, this Breadman is a horizontal breadmaker. However, it comes with only one mixing paddle - unlike other horizontal bread makers like the Zojirushi that come with two. This can cause incomplete mixing of the ingredients, leaving unmixed flour in the corners of the pan. This doesn't happen every time - it seems more prevalent on heavier mixes - but it does require you to intervene and help mix the ingredients properly.

Another serious complaint is about the quality of the pan - or rather lack of it. The Breadman is an expensive bread machine, so why it's supplied with a cheap, thin pan is anyone's guess - cost savings perhaps. However, there are many reports of customer having to replace this in a very short period of time, and costing around $40 each, it's expensive.

Despite some shortcomings, it is a very nice appliance that does an excellent job of baking bread. I would recommend it and the vast majority of those who bough it are very satisfied with its performance. Most reviews of the Breadman Supreme bread machine give it a high rating.

Follow the links for the Breadman bread machine and bread machine reviews on leading models like the Oster, Cuisinart and Zojirushi bread machine.

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How to Achieve Good Life and Fitness

By Anna Dewsberry

How do you know if you have a good life and a fit body? When you visit your doctor, do you ever bother to ask him that question? Good life and fitness are somehow synonymous, but not all people will agree to that. If you're fit, then you're bound to have a good life in terms of being healthy and not being prone to illnesses. If you have a good life, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're already fit, because chances are, you're one of the many people living an unhealthy lifestyle.

So how will you find out if you have a good life and fitness altogether?

First, define what good life means to you. For some people it may mean having all the luxuries in life or having lots of money. Other people may think of good life as living a healthy life. If the latter is your definition of good life, regardless if you have lots of money or not, then you chose the better one. If this is your life's belief, then you might be physically fit as well.

So if you have a good and healthy life, you will have the chance to earn more money because you seldom get sick. You can work for long hours if you like, and you can buy all the things that you want. Whereas, if you're not healthy, you will always get sick and most of your expenses will be for medications and other medical costs.

Therefore living a good and healthy life will always mean that you're into fitness activities.
Fitness exercises are great ways to stay physically fit and healthy. You can join health clubs or fitness gyms if you like, if you think that is the way to stay on track. Some people prefer to do their exercises at home, and that is quite convenient because you can do it at any given time, and on any part of the house.

So the next step is to assess your lifestyle now. you should ask yourself these questions to determine your physical shape.

Are you currently involved in fitness exercises?

Do you have vices?

Do you often get sick?

If you think that you're not having a good healthy life, then don't you think that it's high time that you change your unhealthy ways?

How will you go about the process? Well, it may sound easy to say that you can start any time you like. But this can happen especially if you're really determined to go for a good and fit life.
Start changing your unhealthy ways gradually because it's quite impossible to change overnight.
Little by little, you will notice the changes taking place, and you will thank yourself for it.

If you have difficulty in changing your eating habits, you can seek the help of a dietician so that you can be provided with a sample of healthy menus that you can eat everyday. Purchase cookbooks and it would be more beneficial to prepare your meals if you have the time.

I have been interested in keeping fit all my life and want to pass on to other the joys of working out.

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For 24 hour fitness visit HERE

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The Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike Gives The Best Aerobic Workout

By Robin OBrien

The stationary recumbent exercise bike is becoming more and more popular as real people are discovering its comfort and cardiovascular benefits. Upright bikes can give you a sore bottom, painful wrists and lower back; treadmills are high-impact, causing painful joints; and you can fall off an elliptical trainer. If you want safe, comfortable and low-impact, go recumbent.

Uprights have been around for years but it's only recently that the stationary recumbent exercise bike has become popular. This is surprising as it's been known for years that road models are more comfortable and faster; in 1938, a Frenchman, called Francis Faure, became the first cyclist to exceed 30 miles in one hour - a record that stood until 1984 when the record was finally beaten using an upright with special aerodynamic disc wheels in the thin air of Mexico City.

So, why haven't we seen the recumbent exercise bike until recently? The answer is probably complacency and because the industry was obsessed with the bike instead of the user.
Thankfully, things are changing as now more emphasis in placed on the benefits of the cyclist rather than the bike.

And recumbents aren't just a passing fad; they're here to stay. The real benefits enjoyed by real people will see to that. Fact: most people who use a stationary exercise bike aren't the well-toned, young athletes we see in the ads but real people who are getting on in years, or have never exercised before, or who are over weight, or have physical limitations. Cycling in a reclined position while seated in a chair is more beneficial for most people.

When cycling on a recumbent you don't get saddle sore. Even the best seats on the best upright get to be uncomfortable after a little while. Also, as head and feet are more in-line it helps to keep blood pressure low, ensuring a safer overall workout. You can also good bye to sore or numb wrist and fingers like you do on an upright. It is more comfortable for those who suffer from lower back pains as the back of the chair provides support.

The recumbent stationary exercise bike is also more ergonomic than its upright counterpart. It's been found that people who use a recumbent get a gentler, longer workout, which is the best form of cardiovascular exercise for the majority of people.

A recumbent bike is one of the safest pieces of gym kit to use; you can slip and fall off a treadmill; you can loose your balance and fall on an elliptical trainer; you can even fall off an upright bike, but your chances of falling out of a chair in a reclined position are minimal.

One last point: a recumbent works the gluteal muscles (buttocks) more than an upright, so by using one regularly you'll get that perfect pert butt.

If you are thinking of buying a piece of exercise equipment and aren't sure which offers the best in terms of comfort, safety and cardiovascular workout, then get yourself a recumbent stationary exercise bike. You won't be sorry you did.

Follow the links for a stationary exercise bike like the ProForm exercise bike, the Lifecycle exercise bike and many more.

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Wanted - Physical Fitness Trainers

By Anna Dewsberry

These days, not only movie stars could afford them. No, we're not talking of designer clothes and shoes. We're talking about personal fitness trainers that only movie stars and millionaires could afford in the past. But not now. These days, anyone who's a member of a gym can have a personal fitness trainer who creates a routine workout just for them.

People who are serious about their fitness plans would insist on the services of a trainer on the grounds that a personal trainer provides the proper guidance and advice the individual of the needs in his/her exercises. He/she prepares a set of exercises that you can do in the gym and even at home. With a trainer, the individual is more focused on his work-out goals. There is someone who will encourage him/her and help point out the parts of the body that needs work-out and toning.

In many cases there's the issue of money. Sessions may range from a hundred to a thousand bucks, depending on the extent of services to be provided by your trainer. While others may charge a certain fee for a set number of work-outs, others charge for individual sessions.

The market for personal fitness trainers has significantly expanded with the increasing number of fitness buffs and health enthusiasts. As a personal trainer, your market would be professionals, athletes and people who want to get fit and stay in shape. There's also a potential market for people undergoing therapy, those with high blood pressure and diabetics who needs to have a physically fit body to maintain their health. There are also those who need a trainer or coach for specialized sports related skills like aerobics and karate.

Si if your thinking of a career as a physical fitness trainer you should be equipped with the basics of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, metabolism, design and implementation of fitness plans, health safety and first aid - topics which are taught at fitness training schools. These training schools may also provide specializations in different types of physical activities like yoga, strength training, running etc. There are also lessons on designing programs for people with special health needs and issues - the diabetics, heart disease patients and patients with back injuries.

Personal Trainers can earn as low as $16,000 to as much as $80,000, depending on their experience and skills. Of course, personal trainers to prominent personalities like athletes and movie stars earn more.

If you're thinking of making this a career, remember that a physical fitness trainer provides more than just exercise and work-out plans. A physical fitness trainer is responsive to the needs and conditions of his client. They are good motivators who can effectively encourage and promote healthy living and fitness to his clients. The reason why most solitary fitness buffs fail in their work-outs is because of the lack of motivation from a companion. The fitness trainer fills in this role of motivator - one who will keep them going even when they think the work-out's not working.

With a career as a physical fitness trainer, you get more than just a healthy and fit body. You may get to rub elbows with the stars too!

I have been interested in keeping fit all my life and want to pass on to other the joys of working out.

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For 24 hour fitness visit HERE

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The People The Business And The Profits

By Emmanuel Sodipo

One management rule is this: do not send eagles to dog's school. Why? Because Good people are discovered they are not transformed. They can decide to transform themselves, but you can not make the decision for them. If you want good people; you have to search for them. If you want inspired people, you have to find them, not motivate them.

Imagine running an advert for your business with this headline: "We Do Not Teach Our People To Be Motivated - We Hire Motivated People"

Inspiration is a mystery. Why some people are motivated and others are not? Why would one person walk out and says, 'I'm going to change my life.' And the other walks out and says, "I've heard all this stuff before? Why does one marketer see his first prospect at six in the morning while the other sees his first prospect at ten in the morning? Why would one start the day at five in the morning and the other start at nine? Why wouldn't everyone strive to be wealthy and happy?

Call it mysteries of judgment. Very few people take the necessary actions needed to transform their lives, I said to a class of five hundred people "I read this book, and it started me on the journey to success. Two people got the book and only one read the book. Why wouldn't everyone go get the book?

Mysteries of the judgment...
Do not waste your time trying to transform eagles into dogs. Let the dogs be and let the eagles soar, hire people who already have the motivation.

Learn to Evolve then to Attract
Great marketing generates lots of interest and clients. If your people, your systems, and your customer service are mediocre, then those clients will turn into your worst nightmare. Word-of-mouth can be both positive and negative.

I offered consulting and marketing advice over a few years. I thought I understood how businesses worked. It seemed at the time it could not be that hard to run a business.

I was wrong. I had been doing personal development for many years before I started business. I exhausted everything I have ever learned and more.

The more I discovered what it takes to become a successful business leader, the more I realized just how many of the great business leaders evolved as people. I honestly believe that the most important part of growing a business rapidly, predictably, and consistently over a long period of time is becoming the person who can lead that growth.

At first business leaders evolved in many ways that are not obvious to the average person. They then slowly transform into very mature, ethical, intelligent people. To become a person who attracts, who keeps, and who develops great people, you must first develop yourself in many ways, and then hire good people to develop your systems.

When you start hiring people, you will begin to realize that these are actual people with families, mortgages, pets, friends and their own ideas about life. You better be intelligent, mature and ethical enough to have a profitable plan for the business and a plan for the people. You must learn how to periodically evolve if you plan to grow a large and a successful business.

Emmanuel Sodipo is a consultant managing several successful online businesses you can download a Free book at http://www.emmanuelsodipo.com

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The Tempur-Pedic Slipper - Using Space Technology To Comfort Tired Feet

By Robin OBrien

When did you ever hear of a mattress manufacturer making footwear? Well, Tempur-Pedic has created a slipper that incorporates the same viscoelastic material used in its memory foam mattress. Thinking about it, it makes sense; tired feet deserve the same support as the rest of your body.

Just in case you don't know, viscoelastic foam is a new product that differs significantly from ordinary polyurethane foam. This unique material reacts to both pressure and temperature and conforms to the exact shape of whatever is being placed on top of it. A bed mattress that uses this type of foam distribute weight evenly and so help to significantly reduce pressure points and provide the best possible support and alignment of the spine and neck. The Tempur-Pedic mattress was the original and still remains the market leader. It offers a number of models of differing configurations and budget.

The company also makes pillows made of viscoelastic foam, which seems logical. Again, there are different configurations and prices.

However, not many would think that Tempur-Pedic also makes slippers. But why not? After all, if a memory foam mattress gives you the best possible support when lying down, why shouldn't this foam also give you the best support when walking around your home?

The Comfort-Step slipper is the company's latest design. The slipper comes with a very tough sole, suede uppers and comes in blue or brown. They're not cheap, costing around $50. There's been mixed reviews about them. Some have complained that depressions quickly appear on the memory foam sole (usually the heal) and that the uppers (outer lining) wears out too quickly. I also wish that there were more styles and colors available. However, most really liked the comfort of the slippers and highly recommend them.

One word of warning; you can never, ever get them wet. So, they're only suitable for wearing inside the house - you can wear them outside but you should avoid walking on damp grass. Obviously, you can't machine wash them either.

You used to be able to buy Tempurpedic inner soles as well but they are no longer available. This is a real shame as many people have problems wearing shoes and traditional inner soles don't always do the trick. However, the good news is that there are other brands on offer. And, there are now even shoes being made with inner soles using viscoelastic foam.

Modellista Footwear manufactures shoes with memory foam inner soles - the company acquired a license from Tempur-Pedic to use its foam. Interestingly, the company had to devise a new way of shaping its shoes as traditional methods use steam - contact with steam causes viscoelastic foam to collapse. Its shoe designs range from traditional clog shapes to sling backs and open-toe sandals and are available nationwide.

The Tempur-Pedic slipper is very popular and a number of other memory foam brands are now available. Over the next few years I believe were going to see viscoelastic foam being incorporated into many slippers and shoes.

Follow the links for the Tempur-Pedic slippers and the Tempur-Pedic mattress as well as other best mattress brands.

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Dangers of Being Obese

By Ashok Manikoth

I have a lot of relatives who are obese, and all of them did not take it seriously till some problem took them to the door of a doctor. This article is just to create some awareness that a time bomb is silently ticking for people who are obese.

A great person once said "people think that if they feel good they are healthy but there was no such thing as a healthy fat person only a fat person who has not fallen ill yet".

So let us look into the factors that can cause damage for a person who is obese. When a person is obese the chances of developing diabetes and hypertension are very high and together this deadly quartet leads to a condition called metabolic syndrome (MTS). People with MTS have very poor metabolism which could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

The main cause of MTS is obesity, especially deposits of fat around the internal organs.

The fat gets broken down into free fatty acids that blunt the action of insulin, which the pancreas produces to keep blood sugar levels constant simply put, it can lead to diabetes.

When the amount of fat in the blood increases, deposits build up in the arteries. Both diabetes and obesity raise blood pressure, thus increasing the chances of a cardiovascular disorder or even heart attack.

A crude way of measuring ones risk due to obesity is to measure the waistline if the waste line is more than 102cm in men and 88cm in women then the chance of danger lurking round the corner is very high.

There is no miracle diet for obesity. Moderation in intake of food and taking unsaturated fat instead of saturated, making fish as an item in ones weekly menu. Eating a lot of green vegetables and roughage with a little amount of fruits will help a lot. Oats are a good item to add to the list as they have a high quantity of soluble and insoluble fibre which does wonders to control cholesterol and also induce a good free motion.

Exercise, long walks which extend more than 40 minutes are also helpful. It has been found that any exercise to start breaking down fat i.e. use ones body fat as fuel should be more than 20 minutes. The first 20 minutes the body gets its fuel for energy from the muscles only when it finds that the activity is longer does it start using fat for its energy source.

A little bit of common sense and getting lucky in starting the counter measures in time can save a lot of heart ache in the coming days. Live life to the hilt; just see that the sword is not thrust in a lard of fat.

I am involved in outsourcing home based on-line projects and web designing. Through these articles I would like to share what I have learned with the rest of the members.

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Dangers of Being Obese

By Ashok Manikoth

I have a lot of relatives who are obese, and all of them did not take it seriously till some problem took them to the door of a doctor. This article is just to create some awareness that a time bomb is silently ticking for people who are obese.

A great person once said "people think that if they feel good they are healthy but there was no such thing as a healthy fat person only a fat person who has not fallen ill yet".

So let us look into the factors that can cause damage for a person who is obese. When a person is obese the chances of developing diabetes and hypertension are very high and together this deadly quartet leads to a condition called metabolic syndrome (MTS). People with MTS have very poor metabolism which could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

The main cause of MTS is obesity, especially deposits of fat around the internal organs.

The fat gets broken down into free fatty acids that blunt the action of insulin, which the pancreas produces to keep blood sugar levels constant simply put, it can lead to diabetes.

When the amount of fat in the blood increases, deposits build up in the arteries. Both diabetes and obesity raise blood pressure, thus increasing the chances of a cardiovascular disorder or even heart attack.

A crude way of measuring ones risk due to obesity is to measure the waistline if the waste line is more than 102cm in men and 88cm in women then the chance of danger lurking round the corner is very high.

There is no miracle diet for obesity. Moderation in intake of food and taking unsaturated fat instead of saturated, making fish as an item in ones weekly menu. Eating a lot of green vegetables and roughage with a little amount of fruits will help a lot. Oats are a good item to add to the list as they have a high quantity of soluble and insoluble fibre which does wonders to control cholesterol and also induce a good free motion.

Exercise, long walks which extend more than 40 minutes are also helpful. It has been found that any exercise to start breaking down fat i.e. use ones body fat as fuel should be more than 20 minutes. The first 20 minutes the body gets its fuel for energy from the muscles only when it finds that the activity is longer does it start using fat for its energy source.

A little bit of common sense and getting lucky in starting the counter measures in time can save a lot of heart ache in the coming days. Live life to the hilt; just see that the sword is not thrust in a lard of fat.

I am involved in outsourcing home based on-line projects and web designing. Through these articles I would like to share what I have learned with the rest of the members.

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Feeling Good Versus Working Hard

By Karen Nierlich

This week's topic has long been an interest of mine - and the interest stems from my Cross Country racing days. I was one of the fastest female runners in Los Angeles, but I had a tendency to "psyche myself out" during the season semi-finals and finals. In thinking about, evaluating, and preparing for these races, I focused too intensely...and sometimes sabotaged my own performance through over-analysis.

A relaxed but focused state of mind is a much better place from which to compete, work and think. Getting agitated or amped and focusing harder, does not lead to better, clearer or more creative thoughts.

It's clear that this awareness is part of a paradigm shift in our society. We've spent the last several generations with our work closely tied to Puritanical values, suggesting that we needed to buckle down and devote our lives to our work...but it seems more and more common for people to respect the work/life balance, and to follow a "feel good, work smart" model.

This model was even suggested in the movie The Secret. In this movie about The Law of Attraction, writer and marketing guru Joe Vitale says something along the lines of, "It's all about feeling good as much as possible. You can get more of what you want when you are feeling good."
This "relaxed focus" is a tool that athletes use to excel, and even corporations such as Pixar and Google have discovered that happy employees are productive employees.

Unfortunately, it can be easy to revert to a centuries-ingrained Protestant model...and work harder than you need to for less then you could have. If you're having a hard time remembering that feeling good is a part of productive work habits, think about integrating some of the habits below into your daily routine.

Some ways that I use the "feel good" approach while working:

Routinize the little stuff. I made a list of little work tasks I need to do daily. I do them first. Record receipts, check balances, and make calls. By making them into a simple routine, what was a chore that bogged me down became a 5-15 minute routine.

When writing, plan to do 3 or more drafts. I let time do half the work for me. Meaning I write without effort accepting whatever I get. Then I read it once and put it away. Then I come back the next day and work on it again. This is not a formula, and there are ways I probably vary it each time. But I don't work at writing, I just take what I get and keep trying.

Write down questions I have about projects, work or other doings in my life and the accompanying thoughts. I revisit them later. Answers often just come.

Make my workspace comfortable and attractive.

Use silly pens. My daughter received some pens in bright colors with feathers on the top and she gave them to me.

Exercise at regular intervals and more when stressed.

Take frequent breaks.

Walk outside or change projects or go do something else when stuck, rather than continuing to plug away at it.

Of course, this is not a prescription. Getting to the relaxed, but focused state of mind is an individual thing that must gel with your personality and learning-style.

Some things, however, are universal. Eating frequently and lightly, getting plenty of sleep, and spending time outdoors seem to apply to everyone, but after that it's pretty individual. For some it's knitting, for other's it's throwing a baseball. Some people relax by cleaning. Others watch TV.

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