Top 3 Problems of Being Overweight That Could Kill You

By Ashley Mcallister

If someone came up to you and asked you if you wanted to live longer your answer would be of course I do. The way to do this is taking care of your body and that means if you have excessive weight it is unhealthy for your body and you need to get rid of it.

Excessive weight is a burden to your body because it makes your organs work harder, it is a lot of stress on your joints, and it raises your blood pressure and all this cuts down on your life span. You should try to make your body as fit as you can and that doesn't mean it has to be like an athlete's body for everyone it means the best shape that you can get your body into for you.

By losing weight your heart will pump slower and not as fast and your joints won't be hurting as much because the weight of your body won't be pounding down on the joints and with the weight loss your blood pressure will go down. Therefore being in this better shape will add years onto your life and you will enjoy life more with the newer you. So by losing this weight you keeping all your organs healthy you feel better about yourself and you enjoy life to the fullest. Also you will feel like a million bucks because all your organs are going to be in great shape and that is everyone's goal at the end of the day.

Excessive weight is also a burden on your joints and can cause obsessive pain in them. The joints of the body that excessive weight usually will affect are the knees, ankles, and toes. You don't want to go all through life having your legs hurting you and not being able to get up and move.
Ten years down the road you want to be able to move around and live your life and not be bed ridden.

Excessive weight will make your blood pressure go up and that is not good because you can die from it. Also with high blood pressure something that is right around the corner is diabetes and once you get that there is little you can do to get rid of it.

Those are some of the consequences that could happen to you if you don't keep your body in shape and put on some excessive weight.

For more information, you can check out: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

If you are wondering what Fat Loss 4 Idiots is, it has said to be a diet plan specialized to help people lose 9 lbs in 11 days.

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Spyware - A Hidden Menace

By Dylan Phillips

The internet age has brought us many wonderful things like shopping from home, unlimited research capabilities, and YouTube. However, this new era has also ushered in a hidden menace: spyware and adware now infect over 90% of the world's computers. The problem is that these digital viruses, like their biological namesake, change their structure just as quickly as programs can be written to detect and delete them.

These malicious files are also aptly named in regards to their effects on a computer's performance. This is due to the nature of how a spyware program operates: spyware is installed on your system without your knowledge, and does not leave an icon on your desktop nor can it be deleted using Windows' "Add or remove programs," feature. While you browse the web, listen to music, and chat on your computer, spyware runs in the background, keeping track of everything you do and type. This information is relayed back to whatever company caused the software to be installed in the first place. When multiple spyware applications have installed themselves onto a machine, they all continue to run at the same time on top of whatever else the owner is doing. This dramatically slows down even a very fast computer.

After talking with a few computer programmers and a friend of mine who is a software designer for a well-known anti-virus company, I have compiled a list of 5 easy steps you can take to prevent yourself from a potentially damaging infection:

1. Whatever you do, NEVER download an Internet Explorer toolbar from a site that you do not trust. While toobars from well-known companies such as Google can be invaluable tools, the majority of these are scams. The features will all work as advertised, but the software is likely bundled with massive amounts of spyware that is completely legal because you agree to install it in the user agreement (they count on the fact that nobody ever reads those things).

2. Install spyware removal software and be sure to run a full system scan every 1-2 weeks. It is amazing how fast unwanted malware can accumulate on a harddrive. If you are on the internet alot, you may even want to increase this number. Be wary of scams when searching for an antispyware program, as many programs available for free from various websites actually contain spyware of their own. This site has helpful information about spyware and adware as well as reviews of the top 5 scan and removal programs:

3. Stay away from file sharing networks like Kazaa, Limewire, and Morpheus. There is a reason these programs are free to download! The company makes money not by charging for the product, but by bundling it with various directed advertising components and spyware. There is also malicious software attached to many of the files hosted on the network.

4. You may want to consider downloading Mozilla Firefox to use as your web browser instead of Internet Explorer. Because the vast majority of internet users use Internet Explorer, most adware is made to work through this browser. Just by completing this step alone you can protect yourself from a large percentage of spyware programs before they even have a chance to enter your computer. Firefox can be found on the Mozilla website at:

5. Though skilled programmers can sneak many spyware programs past firewalls and onto your system by bundling them with legitimate-appearing software, it is still important to have a strong firewall. Anti-virus programs like Norton or Mcafee will protect you from large threats like worms and trojans, but the software you installed if you followed step 2 is specifically made to target spyware, adware, and any threats to your personal information. Aside from the scans you should be running weekly, you will be notified of new threats as they are detected on your system, giving you the option to delete them before they become fully operational.

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MacBook Air Vs ThinkPad X300

By Mike T Martin

Apple's MacBook Air introduced the world to the thinnest notebook to date. Released in January of 2008, it is known as "ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else." With the recent announcement of the new ThinkPad X300 from Lenovo, analysts are predicting that the ThinkPad will give Apple a run for it's money. The following is a brief review of each.

MacBook Air

The new Apple MacBook Air comes in a bit thinner than the Lenovo ThinkPad X300, measuring only 0.16 inches at its thinnest point. Steve Jobs actually introduced the new laptop to a crowd of onlookers at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco, by pulling the ultra thin notebook out of an office envelope. With a price tag of just under $2000, this notebook is a bargain in a class of laptops that are usually a bit more pricey.

Because the MacBook Air is so thin, the battery must be built in. Early tests are reporting about two to three hour battery life between charges. Other drawbacks include no built in GPRS/Edge etc, no optical drive, one USB port, and no choice of pointing device. Though it was designed for an SSD flash drive, it can also be purchased with an iPod drive, and Apple is expected to upgrade the drive by the end of the year. Despite some of these early drawbacks regarding features, overall this is a beautiful looking and very durable laptop, which Apple should improve upon over the upcoming year.

ThinkPad X300

Though not as sexy as the MacBook Air, the ThinkPad is built with the business user in mind. While the MacBook air is a consumer machine, this laptop is built more to be a business tool. The ThinkPad has a replaceable battery, replaceable optical drive, and three USB ports, compared to only one on the MacBook Air. The ThinkPad keyboard includes both Touchpoint and Touchpad pointing devices, a very durable / industrial strength built frame, a full set of management tools, and a more advanced flash drive. The ThinkPad also complies with EPEAT Gold, meaning it is one of the most "green", eco-friendly laptops on the market.

Which one is better?

Along with all of the executive minded features of the ThinkPad, comes an executive level price tag. The ThinkPad X300 will be initially made available for around $2,799. So if cost if your main bargaining point, then the sub $2000 MacBook Air is your best bet. Otherwise, your decision should be based on needs. The ThinkPad is designed for the top executive that is always on the run. ThnkPads have never really been known for being "sexy" products, but they have always been thin, while still being reliable. But if you are looking for something ultra thin and ultra cool, at a great price, and you don't need all of the high end business type features of the ThinkPad, then the MacBook Air may be your best bet.

Only time will tell which one comes out on top, but these are both great, innovative products that should spur the ultra thin laptop market for years to come.

Mike Martin is a computer programmer and website designer. Purchase discount laptops, including the MacBook Air and new ThinkPad X300.

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Article Marketing - Write for Quality or Quantity?

By Ben Ehinger

This is a question that is floating around many article marketing and internet marketing forums and it is very hard to find a clear answer. Should you be writing articles for quality or concentrating on quantity? Read on to find out if article marketing is better with quality articles or the quantity of articles.

Let us look at the quality of articles first. Writing for quality will allow you to create unique content that readers will want to finish reading and will be helped by your article. When you write for quality content you are looking to help your reader, but you have to be careful to leave them wanting more or you will lose out on what you are really after, which is traffic to your website.

So, now that we have mentioned a little about traffic let us move on to writing a quantity of articles. When you write articles for quantity you are looking to drive traffic to your website. You are trying to drive as much traffic as possible to your websites and you are not as concerned with how good the articles are. This is a type of writing that allows you to pump out articles like a machine. They are usually very much structured around keywords and you are more concerned about your ranking on search engines than how good your writing is.

Which one is better, Quality or Quantity? The best answer to this question is that you should combine the two methods. Never write specifically for quantity because your readers will not want to read your articles, therefore, they probably will not finish them and click to your website. You do not want to get too caught up with the quality though because you don't want to spend hours upon hours on each article.

Make sure you write for your readers and give them something that they want. Answer a burning question, give them a handful of good tips, or define something that needs to be defined. If you don't give your readers anything they won't read the entire article and won't click through to your site. You also have to make sure you leave them wanting more so that they will click through to your website.

Writing for quality is a good way to create good articles, but you need to also write for quantity because it is a numbers game and the more quality articles you have out there the better chances you will have to create a ton of traffic. So combine quality and quantity writing in your article marketing and you will see better success than just writing a few articles that are very good or putting out a ton of junk articles.

Ready to learn how to write faster and still put out great content? Get more Article Marketing information here:

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Vitamin C - Increase Your Muscle Mass Gains

By Sasa James

Do you sometimes feel your intensity and/or energy levels are going down? Your diet is good, you drink enough water, all other things seams to be perfect but for some reason you lack energy you had just recently. Symptoms of weakness and tiredness are very disturbing but worse of all, very much destructive for all building muscle mass attempts we may have. Good news here! Vitamin C is the answer. Muscle weakness is a common symptom of vitamin C deficiency.

Research showed valuable data. Functions of ascorbic acid indicate that any strength athlete needs to be consuming more than the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) because it has several functions that are important for building strength and muscle mass. Vitamin C is needed for maintaining the strength of tendons and ligaments but also it is essential for the adrenaline synthesis (the hormone crucial for intense training).

Physical training increases oxidative damage to cells in muscle tissue in our body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces the amount of oxidative damage caused by exercise. Proper amount of vitamin C ensures a lower release of cortisol. Why this cortisol thing is important? Being a catabolic hormone it does serve in other ways but its presence in the muscles promote excessive breakdown of muscle tissue. Therefore, lower secretion of this hormone should provide faster recovery and better performance. But here is a problem: vitamin C is not of the stable structure and it can not be stored it in our bodies. Therefore we need sufficient amounts of vitamin C everyday. You may know that RDA for vitamin C is 60mg/day. However, recent studies in people that are not athletes suggest that a good intake is more likely to be around 200mg/day.
And if you saw ours (or any other good) nutrition calculator you already know it is not too difficult to arrange. 8-ounce glass of orange juice will provide you with around 100mgs of vitamin C.

But it is very difficult to know the right amount your body will need. I must say it wouldn't hurt to supplement with an additional 250-500mgs a couple of times a day particularly if you are already feeling the "down phase" symptoms. I always take an extra 500mg dose with breakfast and before I train just to be sure. To conclude, vitamin C isn't advertised and glorified as so many "big" supplement labels. But despite that, it so important for building new muscle tissue. Fresh sources of the vitamin C like orange juice or lemonade are best in the sense. Adding extra vitamin C by supplementing your diet for most of us is necessary.

You can build up Massive and Strong Body fast, without risking your health. Sasa's advices saved time, money and good health to many Athletes. His dedication, profound experience and personal example are causing the difference. Feel free to visit his web page , claim your Free e-Book's and Video's and learn more on Fast Massive Muscle Building.

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The Complete Guide To Start Your Own Ecommerce Business And Fire Your Boss

By Mark A. Abrahams

Starting your own ecommerce business is one of the best ways that you can build a business from home. However, it can really be expensive if you are not sure of what you are doing. In this article I would like to go through some ways that you can start your business with minimal cost.

The first two things that you need to get sorted out are your website and autoresponder. These two are critical and you need professional versions to take advantage of both. Once you have set this up you need to do some market research and find a hot market. I suggest that you do some research with the PPC adverts and see what keywords people are paying for advertising. This usually is an indication to see if the market is profitable.

Once you have done this you basically have two choices. You can either sell digital products for download or setup a physical store. The physical store is more work as you need to worry about shipping. Also make sure if you do decide to sell physical products that you choose a market where the items are not available in stores.

Once you have decided this it is time to setup your physical store or web site where you will sell your ebook. If you do not have any web design skills I suggest that you outsource this and get a professional to do this for you.

Once you have this setup the best way to market this and generate traffic that will create sales is to write articles and submit them to the major article directories. Include a link to your website in your resource box.

Are you really interested in driving massive traffic to your website?

Here's the answer:

Secrets Of Article Marketing - Download your free ebook now.

Mark Abrahams is a full time internet marketer who has helped others to earn a living online.

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Is the Successful Sales Person Made Or Born?

By Margaret Norton

Many times when we think of a salesperson our mind brings up images of being locked in an office at the automobile dealership or held captive at a timeshare presentation. But all sales jobs are not like this. It is true that it takes a certain type personality to succeed in sales. A career in sales can offer you the opportunity to earn an above average income and unlimited potential for growth.

When I majored in marketing many years ago we were taught that everyone is selling someone something all the time. You can have the greatest product in the world but nothing happens until someone sells it. As people we are always selling ourselves to others. I think one of the main things needed to succeed in sales is a love of people. A sales person is always out there, always meeting people, and always networking. So, just what does it take to succeed in sales?

A sales person must have a positive attitude. Sales probably more than any other occupation involves rejection. With most products you have to ask a certain number of people to buy before the sale is actually made. Years ago when I sold life insurance, I eventually figured out what my sales ratio was. I had to ask about 10 people, in other words get 10 no's, before someone agreed to set an appointment with me. You must have a positive attitude to digest that much rejection day in and day out.

A sales person must have a plan. There are some jobs you can do that do not require a lot of planning. But when you are asking someone to spend their hard earned money you need to have a formula. You need training, sales materials, a presentation, and a system. Some companies provide leads or territories but typically most sales people are responsible for locating their own prospects. Sometimes people in sales have difficulty managing their time. Particularly ones that are outside the office all day. A successful sales person must be able to manage their time.
Having a plan is the best way to do this.

A sales person must be committed to their success. It has long been argued if a salesperson is made or born. My opinion is that you are born with a certain personality type and certain types do better in sales. Typically the more outgoing person ends up in sales but it really depends upon the product you are selling. An introvert can become more outgoing and can succeed in sales. But it can be more difficult for them. To be successful in sales a person must be willing to learn everything about the product they are selling, sales techniques, and how to get along with others.
This can take time. It takes 10 years to become a doctor, 5 years to become a lawyer, and 1000 hours to become a barber. Many times those in sales give up after just a few weeks or months, before they have had time to learn what is needed to be successful.

A sales person must be willing to continue learning and growing. Sales people are typically expected to be knowledgeable about their products and their company. They have to stay on top of what is happening as products change and situations change. Because they have so much contact with people they need to be aware of what is happening around them. Herbert Hoover said "the super-wise man learns from the experience of others." Top sales people attend meetings, read books, and associate with others in the sales profession.

A salesperson must know how to set goals. Some jobs just happen whether you do anything or not. But sales do not just happen. You have to make them happen. It is critical that a salesperson know how many sales they need to make to meet their quota, how much money they need to earn to maintain their life style, and what they need to do to make this happen. The best way to do this is to set daily, weekly or monthly goals.

A salesperson must be enthusiastic about their product. It is difficult to sell something you do not believe in. When you really believe in something, the other person can see and feel your passion. If you don't like the product or the company, the sale will be more difficult. It has been said that nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm.

A salesperson must work hard and smart. Sales jobs are not easy. Much hard work is required if one is to be successful. But working hard is not enough. One must also work smart by managing their time and resources well, being disciplined, and following the example of others who have been successful. When I was in sales we followed the principle of "and then some." I didn't just give it my best, I gave it my best and then some. At the end of the day when I was ready to go home I would make one more sales call. Often that call would be the one that produced a sale. By giving just a little more time and effort you could propel yourself from an average salesperson to a super sales person.

All of the above tips have little to do with age, education, background, marital status, or sex. Some types of sales require specialized education or training but not all of them do. For the most part, success in sales is determined by the individual, by their attitude. Anyone can succeed as a sales person, if he or she wants it badly enough.

I am a personal life coach, writer and speaker. As the owner of Life Transitions, I specialize in helping the abused rebuild their lives.

I am passionate about women's issues and especially enjoy helping them develop their full potential. Life gives us many chances to start over again, like a cat with nine lives.

For more information see my Web Site http://www.margaretnortonlifecoach.comBlog with me about abuse at

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Peanuts Just Beneath The Surface

By Margaret Norton

Today was the first warm day in many months. I decided it would be the ideal time to clean my flower beds. Usually I do this at the end of the fall season or early winter, but this year it just didn't get done. Gardening has always been therapeutic for me. When I'm outside planting seeds or pulling weeds, I am totally consumed with what I am doing. My troubles temporarily float away as I connect with God's wonderful creation.

The most rewarding part of gardening for me is to plant a seed or bulb. Months later, as they poke their heads from the soil, I feel as if I've created something beautiful. Tulips are my favorite. Each side of my house has different type flowers planted. That way I can enjoy a variety of plants for almost nine months out of the year.

In addition to the perennials which come back each year, I have flower pots scattered throughout my yard. These are for my annuals. Bright purple petunias are my favorite. They remind me of the quote from the movie The Color Purple, "God gets pissed off when you don't notice the color purple." When possible I recycle the soil to save money. I leave the old soil in the pot and each year place new soil on top of that. I make sure to surround the flower with new soil and fertilizer. At the end of each season, I remove the dead plants and prepare the pots for the next time.

I've been doing this for awhile. Once I've removed the dead plants nothing else grows there until I put in something new. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered peanuts growing in my pots! I didn't just find one peanut but I found a lot of peanuts. They were fully developed and edible. I thought back to when I was a child living in the country. Sometimes I'd walk to my neighbor's field and pull peanuts from a bush. Or was that just my memory fooling me?

I can only assume that somehow peanut seeds were in my flower pot. I'm not even sure they grow from seeds. As I harvested these unexpected jewels my spirit was encouraged. Expect the unexpected. Miracles do happen. Believe. I know that when I put petunias in my pot they will grow and bloom. But I did not know that peanuts were growing beneath the flowers. It was as if God was telling me that all things are possible if I just look beneath the surface.

I am a personal life coach, writer and speaker. As the owner of Life Transitions, I specialize in helping the abused rebuild their lives.

I am passionate about women's issues and especially enjoy helping them develop their full potential. Life gives us many chances to start over again, like a cat with nine lives.

For more information see my Web Site http://www.margaretnortonlifecoach.comBlog with me about abuse at

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Start Small If You Are New to Ebay

By Lisa Page

I recently had someone tell me they were brand new to ebay. They wanted to know if they could make three thousand dollars a month right away. Three thousand dollars a month is a lot of money to start making right away. I told them maybe in 3 to 6 months time when they get the hang of things. I gave them the tip of starting slow and making three thousand dollars a month will just happen as you stick with it.

The more you do something the easier it becomes. You can't expect yourself to list one hundred auctions a week right off the bat, if you don't understand ebay yet. You could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in auction fees. You have to do extensive research to know what sells. Then you have to find some good products to market. You're better off learning the ropes slowly on ebay these days.

I always say; start off by selling an item each night. Something around your house that you don't need anymore. Believe it or not; ebay is a great place to sell used items. Especially if you can't acquire that item in a store anymore. Instead of throwing away something you thought was junk, ebay would be a great place to get rid of it. You will learn a lot as you make each transaction on ebay. As easy as ebay sounds to use, there is a lot to learn.

Take a look in your attic, basement, or garage. I am sure you have something to sell on ebay. At the same time, you will be learning at your own pace. That's what it is all about when you first start on ebay. Don't worry about what other people are doing on ebay. Do things at your own rhythm until you get the hang of it. And most importantly; stick with it or you will forget what you learned.

Buy a few things on ebay. Get to know the other side and how things work in opposite shoes. Then you can see how other sellers do things and pick up some pointers from them. I know sellers on ebay that have never bought an item there yet. All they do is sell. You guessed it, those are the ones that still don't have a clue. Ebay is a great place to buy something and catch a great bargain. Just check out the sellers feedback and make sure they have a good reputation.

If you're new to ebay, don't worry about buying anything wholesale right now. Don't worry about having items drop shipped yet either. As I said, just make some transactions on ebay with items around the house you don't want anymore. Buy some items. Make at least 10-20 transactions on ebay before you try going all out. You need to learn by hands on experience, before you jump in with both feet. Ebay isn't the same place it used to be. You have to know all kinds of tips and tricks to avoid high auction fees now.

What if you spend four weeks on ebay and you end up owing over five hundred dollars in action fees with no profit? It happens to new ebayers that take things too fast all the time. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone tell me they owe more than they made on ebay this month. It's sad that people think they can jump right in and start making money.

Ebay used to be that easy. Back when I started selling on ebay in 1998, it was very easy to make a living there. There wasn't much competition as a seller. You could list a bunch of items and they would all sell with little, to no competition. It was you and maybe another seller or two that were selling the same item in that category. Three other sellers was a lot of competition back then, lol. Now there are millions of ebay users that sell the same item. So ebay is not all it's cracked up to be anymore.

Ebay has television commercials and the reputation to back it up. But with higher ebay fees and lower prices by scammers, ebay could be going downhill. Ebay has been an auction marketplace monopoly for about ten years now. Users have always looked for other auction marketplaces to move to- Amazon- Yahoo Auctions(doesn't exist anymore). But there is no other place like ebay that will bring you traffic and sales without marketing something.

You can make a lot of money on ebay. And ebay is very easy to use. But it takes years to master and make a living on ebay. Ebay has changed a number of rules, countless times as the years have gone by. I remember when you could list any item for under a dollar. I don't think you could even spend two dollars to list an auction in 1998. Ebay has become too commercial to make a living on, unless you know the ropes.

There are other places on the internet that are trying to become auction marketplaces like ebay. We, the users have to make that change if we want ebay to change their ways. Ebay knows they can raise fees and get away with it. They know they can get away with things some place like Amazon couldn't get away with. Is traffic and instant marketing that important to us? And let this auction marketplace giant called ebay walk all over us.

I love ebay, don't get me wrong. But in the past two years I have seen ebay make some really bad decisions. Usually the type of decisions being made like this lead to the company not being around very long. Someday, as silly as it sounds; ebay won't be the same auction marketplace giant it has become. Someone bigger and better always comes along. You'll see, history always repeats itself

Learn how to start your own home business by following this amazing step-by-step guide. Want to be an Ebay Powerseller? This guide will help you. Check out my Daily Blog.

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10 Tips to Help Your Small Business Web Presence

By Bryan Kress

If your a small business owner and are wanting to gain a large presence across the globe you know that you need to improve your online visibility. Offering another place for your customers to see your product is a great opportunity to gain valuable business, but if someone is looking for a product and doesn't know were to go how will they find you?

New business owners need to add SEO to their vocabulary. That is Search Engine Optimization, which means being visible through organic content on search engines. You can also gain visibility by advertising through keywords on certain sites like Google. Being on the first page based on your particular keywords is a necessary if you are trying to gain web traffic.

How can you make your site more efficient when it comes to SEO? 10 tips for small business owners to optimize their site

1. Build keywords into the title of each one of your pages, don't put welcome to...
2. Make sure you have meta tags on each one of your pages.

3. Make sure your headlines in your site help summarize your article and make sure it helps draw out keywords for your site.

4. Make sure you submit your site to google, msn, & yahoo in their submission galleries. This will allow them to crawl your site.

5. Have a blog on your site that allows people to comment. This blog should be daily or weekly tips to your customers.

6. Write articles and submit them to and These are free places to submit your articles.

7. Have press releases sent out over the web and locally with your site address on the release.
8. Digg your articles or have someone stumbleupon your site.

9. Create a myspace and a facebook to gain customers in the social networks.

10. Write a monthly newsletter and send it out through your email list. Make sure you have a place for people to get on the email list.

These little tips are just a start to help your business website, but i suggest you checkout Also, checkout

If you have any questions or need advice on getting a consultant please email us at

I am in my last year of Accounting and Economics & Finance. I have worked for any industry out there from farming, fast food, retail, cold calling, personal lending, and consulting. I am young in age, but experienced well beyond my years. I now own three companies and I host my own radio show while wearing many other hats throughout the community.

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High School Musical Movie Success Paves Way For Sequel

By Zach Efron

The High School Musical Movie, produced by Disney became a run-away success when it was released for the cable channel a few years ago. The movie became a worldwide hit, launching its lead stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens to super stardom. The movie has also spawned a special DVD, a live concert and other products. The movie was also extremely
Because of the movie's phenomenal success, the movie's producers decided to create a sequel- High School Musical 2. The sequel was staged during the summer break and is set in Sharpay and Ryan Evan's golf club.

At the start of the movie, Ms. Darbus' drama class is shown completely bored as the teacher goes on and on about the idea of Summer. The students can't wait for the clock to strike three so that they can be dismissed and go on with their summer plans. All the characters break out into a song-What Time is It? This is the beginning of the fun movie that teaches about following your dreams without stepping on other people and the value of friendships and staying true to yourself.

The stars from the first movie reprise their roles in the sequel. Zac Efron once again plays the role of Troy Bolton while Vanessa Ann Hudgens play the role of Gabriela Montez.

In this second installment of the HSM movie franchise, Sharpay Evans (played once again by Ashley Tisdale) convinces the club manager Mr. Fulton to hire Troy Bolton for the summer.
Sharpay figured having Troy work for the golf club where her family spends their summers (her parents seat on the board of the club), will mean the perfect opportunity to catch his attention and his heart.

Unfortunately for Sharpay, Troy requested that his friends and his girl friend be employed at the Lava Springs as well. Sharpay can't believe that she still has to share Troy Bolton with Gabriela and the entire East High basketball team during her almost perfect summer!

Once again Sharpay and Ryan try to break the two lovers up. Sharpay successfully confuses Troy and alienates him from his friends but in the process loses the respect of her beloved brother Ryan. Ryan ends up making friends with the other teens from East High. The whole team practices for the wonderful production that is put up every year at the Lava Springs to showcase the talents of the Evans siblings. This time Sharpay and Ryan work separately as Sharpay has managed to convince Troy to sing with her.

The sequel also became a huge hit and now third installment is already in the works and will be the first HSM movie to be released in movie theaters worldwide. The first two movies were just shown in the Disney cable network.

More updates, significant stories, musical tours and concerts about high school musical movie could be found at

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How To Have A Picture Party At Your Apartment

By Jeff Swett

Want to have some cheap fun in your apartment without causing too much destruction and havoc? Have a picture party!

And by party, I don't mean inviting tons and tons of people. I'd advise, for your sake and for your neighbors' sake, limit your guest list to 5-8 people. Also, be sure that the ones whom you invite are creative and good with cameras. At the end of this event, you want to come away with hundreds of really great photos from a variety of different eyes that will immortalize your apartment and help you retain those often awesome, yet fleeting memories.

And if you take some really awesome pictures that feature your sweet looking sure to share them with your apartment manager! Maybe they could use them to show how great and fun their apartments can be...Just a thought.

There are two ways of having this event.

Got Digital? - Have each of your guests bring their own digital camera and the cables or card readers they'll need to transfer any pics to your computer. Schedule some board games or other fun activities as well as place a number of fun, cool looking objects around the apartment. Of course, you will want to have a few snacks and refreshments available. (Remember adult beverages should be for adults only and handled responsibly)

You'll want to have a timer that goes off at a set time every couple of minutes or so, which will be time for every guest to take a picture. Doesn't really matter of what as long as it's a cool pic!
Then after a couple of hours, transfer all of the pictures over to your computer, have a slide show, and a ton of great laughs!

Disposable Disco- This one is more for those who are less concerned with perfect pictures and more concerned with the element of surprise. Supply each of your guests with a disposable camera as soon as they walk through your door. Follow the same activity and time guidelines as above, but every 10 minutes have everyone put all the cameras into a bag, shake them up, and then pull out another camera. This really mixes it up!

You could then take a group trip to your nearest one hour photo lab and see if they'd be able to actually print all the pics within an hour. If so, kill some time shopping or grabbing a drink while the pictures are being developed. After you pick them up, take them all back to the apartment and spread them out all over the floor.

You'll come away with a bunch of great pics and possibly some great new decorating ideas with all the excellent photos.

Quick tip: If you keep your apartment well lit, make sure that you don't use the flash. Flashes have a tendency of really white washing out pictures and if you can get around using one because your room is really it!

Either way you decide to do it, if you end up hosting one of these picture taking events, post your pictures on an account at Flickr and post a link to your pics in a comment on this blog. I'd love to share them in our blogs!

Check out for more info on apartment living and the apartment lifestyle.

Jeff's just a regular guy with a funny goatee that really enjoys people and life. On top of that he is a bit of an expert on apartments, living in them, and getting the most out of the apartment living lifestyle.

As a Managing Partner of Apartment Home Living, Jeff wants to help you find the right apartment by getting to know you. Not only where you want to live & what you want to pay, but what you like. This way, we can help you find an apartment that fits your personality, not just your budget.

At AHL Apartmentites have a platform to share their own stories, get great info & tips on apartment living, read Jeff's entertaining blogs/stories, find Answers to a wide array of apartment related questions, and have a ton of fun sharing their love of apartment living with others.

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DIRECTV or Dish Network - Which is Best For You?

By Whitney Alen

Most of us have found the benefits of satellite television. Cable providers are expensive, their range limited and, let's face it; their programming is less than it should be. Ditto for air to ground TV (do people still watch that?). So, that leaves hungry TV viewers with the only viable option: satellite television providers. There are two providers of note, two powerhouse corporations battling for supremacy and prominence on your TV. Which should you choose, though, DirecTV or Dish Network?

The answer to that depends on your particular needs. Both satellite providers offer wide coverage, both providers offer DVRs and HD TV programming. So, which is better? Which one will fill that empty, dark television screen with sports action, drama and comedy? Who should you choose to fill your home with the "life" that only television can provide?

To start off let's establish that the technology behind providing digital broadcasting and delivering a solid product is fairly even between the two. Both providers offer great deals with the exception of their exclusive programming. They are both arguably better then the cable providers in terms of depth of programming options, technology and value.

So let's compare DirecTV to Dish Network shall we? Let's consider the contenders. In this corner, we have the still reigning, heavy weight champ, DirecTV. This company is the largest, both in terms of channels offered and in number of subscribers. Almost 300 channels of television programming are offered through DirecTV and over 90 HD channels. In addition, you have your choice of DVR platform. The Plus HD DVR is one of the most innovative devices out there right now and can even be made to work in tandem with your PC, storing and playing music and pictures from your hard drive.

In the other corner, we have the challenger, the "underdog" if you will. Dish Network is younger than DirecTV, with fewer channels and fewer subscribers. In many senses of the word, they are "less" than the competition. Dish Network, however, is the fastest growing satellite provider in the nation. They currently offer far fewer channels (both standard definition and HD) than their competitor does, but will that change? Dish Network is definitely making strides to keep up with heightened hardware deals. Should you bank on the underdog simply because they are the underdog?

While this might work well in sports, horseracing and boxing, it probably isn't a good idea where your television programming is concerned. Just because Dish Network has more potential, more growth opportunities, that doesn't mean that they are the best choice for your home. Why, you ask? Why subject yourself to a lower quality offering simply because they may or may not be the winner in years to come? DirecTV offers the best range of channels, the best HD programming and the best options where DVRs are concerned. In addition, DirecTV boasts far more exclusive programming, from insanely popular sports packages, such as NFLN (NFL Network) to March Madness coverage.

The benefits to DirecTV don't stop there, though. They offer more channel packages, a la carte programming for those "special" situations and the most forthcoming packages (case in point:
The MTN. coverage coming this fall). So, we have established who beats out the competition in every sense but growth potential. Even that is simply a numbers game, though. Growth is not necessarily indicative of true potential or even quality programming for that matter.

Whitney Alen is a DIRECTV expert and has over 10 years experience in the satellite Television industry.

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Four Major Tips on How to Eat and Live Healthier

By Jason Hunter

Maintaining a healthy weight and enjoying a long vibrant life all depends on how well you balance the foods you eat on a daily basis. Have you ever heard of the term "you are what you eat?" If yes, then you must know that junk in equals junk out when it comes to diet. A healthy breakfast could mean the difference between having energy throughout the day or crash and burning before lunch. The body needs certain vitamins and minerals to perform at optimal efficiency throughout the day. When you deprive the body of these nutrients, it can be dangerous.

Below are the four major tips that you can follow to assure a healthy eating lifestyle.

1. Skipping meals is a big no!

Three meals a day is the best way to go about eating right and maintains a healthy body and weight. Skipping meals lead to what I call "grazing", this is when you go around eating any and everything within reach. Many people skip breakfast, but by lunch they have already raided the snack machine for two bags of chips, a candy bar, and a soda pop. If they had eaten a good breakfast, those empty calories would not have entered their bodies. When we are hungry, we are more likely to eat the wrong foods. Eating three meals a day preferably at the same time everyday is a big step to having a healthy eating lifestyle.

When taking long trips or going on vacation, you should take your meals with you, or purchase meals from health food stores in the area you are staying. I know it can be hard, especially with a fast food restaurant on every corner, but this is what you have to do in order to stay in tiptop shape. If it were easy, everyone would be slim and trim.

2. Learning to prepare foods is another great step in the right direction.

When it comes to cooking, many things can be done to ensure you are preparing the foods in a healthy way. Instead of frying, you should be boiling, grilling, or baking. In addition, you should try using fresh and dried herbs for seasoning instead of salt and other high sodium seasons. Finally yet importantly skin and fat should be taken off all meats before you prepare them.

3. Sugar is your enemy; it is not your friend!

Avoiding sugar is sometimes not that easy, but if you put your mind to it, you can do it. Soft drinks and juices contain nothing but sugar, and should be avoided due to their abundance of empty calories. Empty calories are calories that contain no nutritional value and are easily stored as fat. Sodas and juices should not be a substitute for water. Water is the only liquid you should drink on a regular basis. The others can be used as a treat, or once a day, but do not overdo it.

4. Avoid diet fads like the plague.

Diets of any kind should always be avoided. Fats and carbs have their places in a healthy diet. Moderation is the key, not fad diets. Limiting your carbs and increasing fats and vice versa could be dangerous. Another thing to look out for are pre-packaged diet foods, although they may be low in fat or carbs most of them are high in sodium. Therefore, eating different foods with fats and carbs using moderation and not overdoing it -- is just as good as or even better than fad diets.

The majority of people who get on these diets gain the weight back within a year. Not only do they gain back the weight they lost, but also they gain even more. Eating healthy and exercise is all you need for a healthy lifestyle. Following these four tips will have you on the right path in no time.

For more information on healthy eating and lifestyles please visit this web site. Healthy Eating Plans and Healthy Eating For Teenagers and Healthy Eating For children

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The Truth About Credit Repair

By Jada Thomas

Credit, if you're not a "cash & carry" individual, is one of the best assets to your personal profile. It can work for you or against you depending on how responsible you are or how irresponsible the credit bureaus and your creditors are (perhaps a little combo of both). One of the most fatal fallacies that has impregnated and plagued the minds of consumers world-wide is that blemished credit cannot be corrected.

Besides the obvious seeds of fear, the credit bureaus have seemingly black-balled the novice credit repair community with half truth's and served the have nots (in knowledge that is) a fresh hot platter of discouragement as a token of their appreciation. There are cases where consumer's have succeeded at the D.Y.S. approach but the overwhelming number of failures exceedingly surpass the victors. We all have to have the wisdom to know when something is beyond our expertise or time. I do ok when I try to style my hair myself but I prefer a professional to my own moderate skill anytime.

The credit bureaus and some of the governmental agencies that oversee them (the credit bureaus are not government entities and are all listed on the N.Y.S.E.), have put out strict communications warning consumers about credit repair companies. They speak of scams and emphasize that it can be done yourself. While it's true that scams exist in the credit repair industry (as in all industries), the casual notion that consumer's are able to easily "do it themselves" speaks volumes to the deceptive practices at the bureaus. A simple Google search about lawsuits against the credit bureaus more than justifies this point.

Simply put, they meet their payroll by collecting and selling your information to subscribers world-wide. Thus reviewing and correcting your credit file becomes more of a nuisance to them than providing the quality that the law binds them to maintain. Your lack of knowledge becomes their leverage and you're ultimately forced into "statutory prison" for 7-10 years provided that you can avoid bankruptcy and serve your term. What's worse is that the day you think you'll be free from that awful blemish you're likely to find out that it stays on your credit report 7-10 years "from the last date of activity". Which means, if you've made any payments to those particular accounts, made adjustments or updates, the item will off 7-10 years from that date.

So a person can have a collection account from 2001 that's due to fall off sometime in 2008, make a payment or payoff the account in 2008, and have that account show on their credit file until 2015. Where is the fair in that?

While the tips and tricks of the credit bureaus are many, our expertise combined with our proven experience = results you can use. All of our credit products have a 100% money back guarantee and our prices are economically in your favor. It is up to you to decide how much this is worth to you. Our professional credit repair specialist are eager to service you. If you are looking for a company that delivers the "total package", visit us on the web today @ $59.99 SEVEN DAY SPECIAL

J. ThomasCredit Promotions (Licensed by C.A.M Group LLC)

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Getting Paid For Surveys - The Easy Way To Make Money

By Mark Bray

If you are looking for an article that lists information for every work at home opportunity on the Internet, you would probably find an articles that is several pages long and wold take a lot of time to read. So here is an article for that will focus on the simplest work at home opportunities, Paid On line Surveys.

In order to gather vital information that is provided by consumers, market researchers offer surveys that people can participate in. due to the importance of this information, these companies are more than willing to offer incentives for the participants. Every one of us is a consumer, this great knowing that as consumers we will find companies that more than happy to include us as members.

There are literally thousands of companies that are seeking new members to participate in their surveys every day. It's great because in order to earn large amounts of cash, you will need to join many companies and take as many surveys as you can.

By going through the directories and joining a paid survey site by paying a small fee, is the
quickest and easiest way to get started making money taking surveys for money. By joining one of these sites, you will be provided with lists of directories of other survey sites, where you can participate in other surveys. It is a good idea to research these other sites as not all of them are worth joining. Find out for yourself which ones are worth and not have an unbiased opinion.

Signing up with enough companies, you can make more than a fair amount of money. Proving to be an active member can usually be done with the completion of around 2 or 3 surveys. Once the site has established you as an active member the amount of pay for the surveys will be improved.

For the best results with paid online surveys, find one that offers a great guarantee that they can back up with a low refund rate, usually 3 - 6%. pay the fee to join their site and share their list of other sites to get the maximum amount of money available for participating in paid online surveys. You will find that nothing that the simplicity of taking online surveys for money can not be matched by any other online opportunity. This is a great way to boost the income for the people that are looking to make extra cash. You will not find a better opportunity.

For more information about paid surveys, please visit:

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The Melting Belt Of The Antarctic

By Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal you will see climate change as the End of the world coming. You will be interested in the discovery that the West Antarctic is melting much faster than it has for thousands of years.

When the glaciers melt, they leave behind rocks. Rocks the size of soccer balls are showing scientists just when the glaciers retreated. It is one of the only ways to measure the melting since the area is quite inaccessible. When the rocks are exposed by the retreat of the glaciers, cosmic rays bombard the rocks and certain elements are created in the rocks that can be analyzed in a laboratory. This shows how long the rocks have been hit by the cosmic rays.

And that shows how long the rocks have been exposed instead of locked in the ice. The glaciers have been retreating for a long time. In the past 5,000 years they have melted at the rate of 2-4 centimeters per year depending on which glaciers are measured. The Pine Island glacier has been melting at over 4 feet (1.6 meters) per year since the 1990s when the measurements began. This is much more than the 4 cm per year it melted for the past 5,000 years.

The Amundsen Sea Embayment is on the edge of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The bedrock beneath the ice is below sea level and that means much less melting is needed for the ice to slide off into warmer waters and melt quickly.

So scientists think it may be unstable and if it did melt soon it would cause a rise in sea levels around the world at 1.5 meters, or over 4 feet. When will this happen? Scientists do not know.
But they do know that sea level rises might be even more than projected. The scientists do not stand alone in predicting the widespread catastrophe of sea level rises. Jesus predicted the End of the world too. He taught the parable of the fig tree: when the fig tree blossoms you know that summer is near.

That "summer" is the Way Jesus described the End of the world. And now the scientists agree the End of the world is coming like a summer. Each year the other seasons become a little more like summer.

The fig tree is blossoming. Summer is approaching. But Jesus also predicted the End would come with flooding. He said the End would be like the days of Noah, when the flood destroyed everything else in the world except what Noah had saved in his ark. In the days of Noah people were not listening to the warnings about the coming flood. They did not care. They were going about their lives as usual. But most of them were dishonoring God.

And God changed His Mind. He was sorry He had created people. So He wanted to destroy them. This is not quite happening today. God promised never to destroy the world again. And today it is not God destroying the world.

Today people are causing global warming. Greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) are heating up the world like a greenhouse traps in heat of the sun but does not let it escape. The End is coming because of the activity of people. God is not causing the coming catastrophes. He will be saving His chosen people from the coming tribulation.

When you are sealed you will get much closer to God. God will save you from the coming troubles of climate change. You will have an eternal home in Heaven much better than a temporary home on this earth when you receive the Seal.

And now Jason would like to invite you to get your FREE report Are You Making These Mistakes as a Christian? and Get God's 'Seal of Approval' and Show You Belong To Him
Jason Witt

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Never Ask An Author

By Monica F. Anderson

The life of the typical author revolves around nonstop promoting and marketing with bookstore signings, book club meetings, online/telephone chats, seminars, booths at conferences....We're on the road almost every weekend.

I turned my oven on yesterday just to make sure it still works. In the past three months, I've been to twelve states and I've taken pictures with everybody and their mama--literally. This is my fourth book so I know to expect certain things. For example, during a two-hour signing at Barnes & Noble, I will repeat the synopsis of my book 20-30 times. I don't mind. I will answer questions on every subject from my make-up to my age. I don't mind. My feet will hurt no matter what shoes I wear. That's life. I just wish people would not ask me the five following questions over and over and over again...

1. Is that you? (Pointing to my photo in the book.) You look different in person.

Answer: Thank you. With a lot of make-up and good lighting, you too can appear almost attractive. Sorry, to disappoint you with my age spots and wrinkles.

2.Is this a true story?

Answer: It is a novel. Novel means fiction. Fiction means I will not admit it has elements of truth, therefore, I will not subject myself to a potential lawsuit. And, I might actually have an imagination though it's hard to believe me after seeing that re- touched photo.

3.What do you do with your royalties/profits?

Answer: Why? I pay bills. What do you do with your paycheck?

4. Will you read my 800-page novel for free and tell me what you think I should change?

Answer: First, that's called editing and people make a living doing that full-time. Honestly, I'd love to help you immediately after I write my next book, work at my day job, take care of my family, update my website, pay bills, go to church, tour at my own expense, do interviews, volunteer in the community and write press releases. Yes, I do want to assist aspiring authors, but I cannot give away hours of my time and experience. Most writers have another job for a reason. I recommend reading books on the craft of writing, going to workshops, taking classes, or hiring a writing coach. Invest in yourself. That's what I did. I'm not mean. I'm tired.

5.You should go on Oprah!

Answer: Oprah doesn't interview fiction writers with novels that have happy characters, but if you can change her mind... Call me! We'll talk all day. And you can ask me anything. Absolutely anything.

Monica "Dr. mOe" Frazier Anderson
Bestselling Author and Speaker.