High School Musical Movie Success Paves Way For Sequel

By Zach Efron

The High School Musical Movie, produced by Disney became a run-away success when it was released for the cable channel a few years ago. The movie became a worldwide hit, launching its lead stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens to super stardom. The movie has also spawned a special DVD, a live concert and other products. The movie was also extremely
Because of the movie's phenomenal success, the movie's producers decided to create a sequel- High School Musical 2. The sequel was staged during the summer break and is set in Sharpay and Ryan Evan's golf club.

At the start of the movie, Ms. Darbus' drama class is shown completely bored as the teacher goes on and on about the idea of Summer. The students can't wait for the clock to strike three so that they can be dismissed and go on with their summer plans. All the characters break out into a song-What Time is It? This is the beginning of the fun movie that teaches about following your dreams without stepping on other people and the value of friendships and staying true to yourself.

The stars from the first movie reprise their roles in the sequel. Zac Efron once again plays the role of Troy Bolton while Vanessa Ann Hudgens play the role of Gabriela Montez.

In this second installment of the HSM movie franchise, Sharpay Evans (played once again by Ashley Tisdale) convinces the club manager Mr. Fulton to hire Troy Bolton for the summer.
Sharpay figured having Troy work for the golf club where her family spends their summers (her parents seat on the board of the club), will mean the perfect opportunity to catch his attention and his heart.

Unfortunately for Sharpay, Troy requested that his friends and his girl friend be employed at the Lava Springs as well. Sharpay can't believe that she still has to share Troy Bolton with Gabriela and the entire East High basketball team during her almost perfect summer!

Once again Sharpay and Ryan try to break the two lovers up. Sharpay successfully confuses Troy and alienates him from his friends but in the process loses the respect of her beloved brother Ryan. Ryan ends up making friends with the other teens from East High. The whole team practices for the wonderful production that is put up every year at the Lava Springs to showcase the talents of the Evans siblings. This time Sharpay and Ryan work separately as Sharpay has managed to convince Troy to sing with her.

The sequel also became a huge hit and now third installment is already in the works and will be the first HSM movie to be released in movie theaters worldwide. The first two movies were just shown in the Disney cable network.

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