“What jealousy made me do”

By Katie Naylon

I admit it: Although I consider myself a pretty secure, confident person when it comes to relationships, jealousy has occasionally spun me out of control like the Gravitron at the county fair. My worst experience, by far, occurred when my boyfriend Grant logged onto a networking site and showed me a profile of his “jogging buddy” Amy.

As soon as I saw her profile, alarm bells went off. Amy was pretty and, scarier yet, had tons more in common with my boyfriend than I did. Not only did they run together to stay in shape, they were both getting law degrees, into politics, and addicted to Law & Order. Although he swore they were just friends, I couldn’t help thinking: What if there was more to their bond than a slew of mutual interests?

Once I saw Amy’s profile, I couldn’t help returning to it, obsessively. Whenever I logged on, I checked to see if she’d uploaded new photos or changed any of her survey answers. If it appeared the same, I hit refresh just to double-check. I knew I was being ridiculous, but thought that if I stared long enough, I could somehow deduce what she was like and whether she had some secret hold on my boyfriend that I could never compete with.

In short, I stared at her photos and pondered her existence so much that I guess I wasn’t entirely surprised when I bumped into her on the subway—and immediately recognized her. She was wearing a Tiffany-style necklace I recalled from one of her posted photos (boy, did I pay attention to details) and reading one of the magazines she’d mentioned in her profile. Sneaking glances at her from behind my oversized sunglasses, I knew this was my chance to confirm my jealous fears or put them to rest.

I walked over and introduced myself as Grant’s girlfriend, mentioning that he’d showed me her profile. Her response floored me: Really? She said. That’s strange, because I’m his girlfriend too. I’ll bet you can imagine what ensued between me, Grant, and his other girlfriend after that eye-opening moment. In some ways, perhaps my suspicions — which led me to introduce myself to a stranger on a train — paid off.

But more often than not, romantic jealousy leads us to do things that are wrong-headed and just plain embarrassing. Check out these stories from our readers and know that many of us in the pursuit of love have been driven to do things we’re none too proud of.

Don’t call me, I’ll call you
“Before caller ID, I had a girlfriend of mine three-way call a guy that I was dating to come on to him and see if he would cheat or say something about me, etc. He asked her to hold on while he took another call, but really just muted us... then the two of us started talking about the next thing to ask him and he busted us! Needless to say, the relationship ended there.”— Julie, New York City

Your not-so-friendly Neighborhood Watch Program
“My ex-boyfriend was pretty shady so sometimes my Spidey-sense would get the best of me. One woman I didn’t trust had started soliciting my boyfriend for ‘rides to work.’ One night he didn’t call me or come over as planned; he also wasn’t answering his phone. So at 4 a.m., I drove over to his house, but no one answered the door. I knew the general neighborhood where the girl lived, so I got back in my car and drove up and down each and every street, looking for his car. Then, in a frenzy, I got out of my car and started creeping up driveways that went around the backs of houses, to see if his car was maybe hidden in the back of someone’s house—like a prowler! Finally I gave up, and when I spoke to him later he said he’d been playing poker all night over at a friend’s house. Whether or not it was true I don’t know for sure, but still, I felt pretty silly in retrospect trying to track him down.”—Phoebe, Atlanta, GA

Real class act
“I got these subtle clues my girlfriend was seeing someone else. So one day, I trailed her from her office and you know what? She was taking night classes to get a better job. I felt like such a loser.”—Hektor, Philadelphia, PA

Email impersonator
“I was convinced my boyfriend was cheating, so to find out for sure, I figured out his email password, checked his email daily, and wrote back to random girls who were writing to him. The girls could have been friends or more than friends with my guy, I’ll never know for sure. But either way I wrote them emails and made sure to say something about ‘his wonderful girlfriend who he is in love with.’ How awful is that?”—Tamara, 29, Charleston, NC

Source: MSN

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16 Expert Answers for Eyes, Lips, and Skin

By Genevieve Monsma


A: "Glitter can be especially problematic for contact-lens wearers," says Marc Weinstein, an optometrist in New York City. "The little particles can get lodged under lenses and scratch the cornea, which may lead to serious infection." To avoid, put in your contacts before applying glitter, and don't rub your eyes once you've got it on. And always, always remove eye makeup (and all makeup!) before bedtime. Try Lancôme Effacil Cleansing Lotion for Eyes.


A: No studies have ever shown that ingredients in cellulite creams truly help eliminate skin dimpling, says Ariel Ostad, M.D., clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center. But you may see a small improvement upon application, since massaging a cream into the skin helps increase blood flow to the area, evening skin tone and smoothing lumpiness. However, this effect does not require a special cream (any body lotion will do), and the results are only temporary.


A: Yes, says Fredric Brandt, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist with practices in New York City and Miami. The active ingredient in most hemorrhoid creams, benzocaine, causes blood vessels to contract, which reduces puffiness. The downsides? Hemorrhoid cream can be dehydrating, says Mona Sappenfield, an aesthetician and the owner of Mona Spa & Laser Centers, so you may be shrinking your bags, but inducing fine lines and irritation. Also, one can develop an allergy to benzocaine with overuse, so limit your applications to emergencies, says Bruce Katz, M.D., founder and director of the Juva Skin & Laser Center and MediSpa in NYC.


A: "By eliminating as much oil as possible from your lids," says celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow. To do it, use an eyeshadow base (such as Fresh Freshface Perfecting Eye Primer) or pressed powder before applying color. Turnbow also advises choosing looser, more powdery shadows if creasing is a problem for you, because the binders they contain (ingredients that hold pigments together) are less oily. And stay away from shimmery shades, since they tend to crease more noticeably. Try Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard Multi Shimmer Loose Eye Shadow.


A: Lasering, particularly with the Alexandrite and ND-Yag lasers, will get rid of most tattoos, says Dr. Brandt. But one laser cannot remove all colors, so be sure to go to someone with a variety of lasers--and lots of experience. Pastels or brand-new tattoos are typically hardest to remove, and browns may get darker if the pigment contains any iron, so always ask for a patch test first. The process typically takes between four and eight treatments (which can add up to $1000 or more), with a week of downtime in between each, says Dr. Ostad.


A: There is, but it takes time to do it right, explains Fabienne Guichon-Lindholm, an aesthetician and director of communication for the skincare company Decleor. First, hold a warm compress against the area for a few minutes. Next, wrap each pointer finger in facial tissue and place them (not too close together) on either side of the blemish. Then, exerting pressure first down then up, gently work the clog out. Postextraction, use a toner and a mask for oily skin to tighten pores.Try Clean & Clear Clarifying Toner and Decleor Aroma Purete Instant Purifying Mask.


A: Take heart--it is hard to find a perfect match, says British makeup artist Jemma Kidd. "There are millions of skin tones, and only a finite number of makeup shades." What to do if you can't pinpoint the right one? Mix two--one slightly lighter and one slightly darker than your skin. Test them on your cheek, which is more indicative of your true coloring than your jawline. And be sure to check the color in natural light or by a window. If you're oily, look for a mattifying or powder formula, and if you're dry, try a hydrating cream--and stay away from cream-to-powder potions, which tend to sap moisture from skin. For oily skin, try Clinique Perfectly Real Com pact Makeup and Maybelline New York Pure Stay Powder and Foundation; for dry skin, try Jemma Kidd Soft Touch Crème Foundation and Clarins True Comfort Foundation.


A: The worry expressed by some doctors is that waxing over moles--especially the raised variety, in which precancerous cells may be present--could precipitate a cancerous spread. This is not so, says Jeffrey Dover, M.D., director of Skincare Physicians in Boston. But he still advises against waxing over any irregularly shaped or raised mole ("why even risk irritation?"). And be sure to have the mole evaluated by your primary care physician or a dermatologist.


A: No, says Ji Baek, owner of New York City's posh Rescue Beauty Lounge. Even so, you really shouldn't cut them (though snipping a hangnail here or there is fine), as they're there to protect your nail bed from germs. Instead, gently push them back daily with a hand towel after showering. And, after you apply moisturizer or eye cream at night, rub the excess onto your cuticles to keep them soft.


A: For now, the answer is no--but that doesn't stop the fragrance companies from trying! (See Pheromone and Pherose perfumes.) "Releaser pheromones" are reputed to be able to attract the opposite sex among some animal species. Humans can and do detect pheromones; however, there is no good evidence that we can actually use them to lure in a mate, says Charles J. Wysocki, a member of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. Until scientists get to the bottom of the pheromone debate, expect these substances to keep popping up in perfumes.


A: What you're probably experiencing if you suddenly develop an adverse reaction to an alphahydroxy-acid product, vitamin-C serum, or retinoid(i.e., Retin-A or retinol) after using it for a while is increased sensitivity, not necessarily an allergy, says Jeannette Graf, M.D., a dermatologist in private practice in Great Neck, NY. The reason? Many of these products disrupt your skin's normal way of functioning, which, though it may provide instant benefits, leaves you less able to tolerate environmental aggressors (not to mention sunlight) with continued use. "Irritation is never desirable," says Dr. Graf. "Don't think you need to get worse to get better." If you suffer from redness, itching, or puffiness as a direct result of applying a product, discontinue using it immediately. Contact your dermatologist if the reaction doesn't subside in two days.


A: Sun damage is a two-hit process, says Dr. Ostad: True, most damage does happen during childhood, but it is sun exposure as an adult that brings the damage to the surface in the form of sunspots, discoloration, wrinkles--and cancer. Limiting your sun exposure (and wearing a fullspectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30) in adulthood will help to hide, and even reverse, the sun sins of your youth.


A: Yes--but only where there is a muscle contraction (Botox works by freezing muscle contractions), such as beside the eyes, between the eyebrows, or across the forehead. Regular creasing does eventually leave a permanent line, says Dr. Brandt. Botox will do nothing, however, to ward off fine lines across the cheekbones, which can only be "prevented" by using sunscreen, not smoking, and using products that encourage collagen production.


A: Shaving will make hair grow back faster than waxing, says Lidia Tivichi, an aesthetician at the Kimara Ahnert salon in New York City. When you wax, you damage the hair follicle, which retards growth. You're also nabbing hair deep below your skin's surface, which makes it reappear more slowly.

"Providing you don't have hormonal issues that cause hair growth, the longer you wax, the more sparse it will become," Tivichi says. "Eventually, hair will hardly grow back."


A: There are few serious health risks, but there are some aesthetic ones, says Dr. Katz. First, much like a tattoo, permanent eye- or lipliner will fade and blur over time, so eyeliner may grow to look more like eyeshadow, says Dr. Katz. You must also beware of laser treatments after getting permanent makeup, says Dr. Brandt. The iron pigment in the makeup can darken if lasers are used on the area--and that effect is irreversible. Moreover, permanent makeup can break up under the skin and "float" around the face, although this may not be obvious until lasering is done and you end up with black spots on your forehead. Proceed with caution.


A: The jury is still out, but recent findings suggest that eating excess sugar can trigger a process called "glycation," which may accelerate skin aging by decreasing its supply of collagen and elastin. Additionally, sweets could contribute to acne flare-ups, says Dr. Katz, since they rev up all the body's natural functions, including oil production. Not willing to curb your sugar intake? Prescriptives has introduced Anti-AGE Advanced Protection Lotion, which is said to slow the glycation process.

Source: marieclaire.com

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Is Your Makeup Aging You?

Cakey foundation and glitter — get over it! Ning Chao learns insider tricks for looking forever young.By Ning Chao
My first glimpse of the inevitable came when I noticed my favorite shimmery blush creasing above my cheekbone. It was around my birthday (I had just turned 28) when the changes started: I soon began to see the freckles across my face as irreversible sun damage, the crinkles around my eyes as permanent — not just a side effect of smiling. I felt like Meg Ryan freaking out about turning 40 in When Harry Met Sally: "It's just sitting there like a big dead end," she cries. I know: I'm not even 30, but I already feel I'm going downhill. I'm not alone, of course. Whether it's a new white hair or a brand-new wrinkle, the earliest signs of aging have a major impact on our self-confidence. "It's our biological wiring," says David Sarwer, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Human Appearance. "People want to look like they're viable romantic or sexual partners, and fertility is at its peak from the late teens to mid-20s." Extreme as it is to think of a late 20-something as being past her prime, there's every good reason to start tweaking one's makeup routine now, when it's less about fun experimentation (flaming-red lips for clubbing, sparkling cheeks for a date) and more a matter of correction and restoration. "Teenagers wear makeup to feel out their womanhood. When they're 13, they want to look 19," explains makeup artist Paul Starr, who works with both Lindsay Lohan and Michelle Pfeiffer. "But then one day things shift, and women want to look younger."Baby-beauty-pageant contestants and novice models are among those rare birds who intentionally age themselves with heavy foundation, smoky eyes, and clumpy mascara. "We had to look older," recalls the iconic model/actress Lauren Hutton. "We were wearing very expensive clothing that only older women could afford." But if you've reached the age — and mileage — when you're already taken seriously? Go for the tinted moisturizer. "Unless you're underage and trying to sneak in to a party, why would you wear makeup that hides your youth?" asks Chanel makeup artist Angela Levin, who works with the ageless Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston. Ironically, she adds, looking younger means ditching the makeup you used when you were actually young. "Now it's about choosing sheer textures and applying with a light touch." "Too much powder can make a person look older, too," observes party photographer and Glamour Girls author Patrick McMullan, who has watched the world's most famous women grow up in front of his lens. "It's particularly hideous at the end of the night. Heroin chic [heavy black liner and powdery white skin] might have looked very cool on a 19- or 16-year-old model, but on a 30-year-old woman, it just looked worn out." A dewy finish to the skin is more forgiving. "Cream formulas with moisture look softer and prettier," says Starr. He suggests spot concealer instead of allover cover-ups, and blotting papers for a shiny forehead, nose, and chin.
Powder is a no-no, except for the eyes, where cream formulas can settle into the crease of the lids. Instead of black-rimmed eyes, a neutral shadow and dark-chocolate pencil enhance without drawing attention to fine lines.

They’re Dirty Jobs, But They Gotta Get Done

By Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder.com writer

Theirs are often thankless jobs, but without the following professionals, most of us probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy so many of the things we often take for granted, from clean bathrooms, homes and work spaces to the convenience of buying fresh fish and deli meats at the market.

The following occupations involve literally getting one’s hands dirty and withstanding a variety of gruesome conditions on a daily basis to make life a little less painful for the rest of us.

Steam cleaner
While most of us do our best to avoid dirt, grime and grease at all costs, steam cleaners seek them out in everything from vehicle engines to restaurant kitchens, where they can use high pressure steam hoses and detergent solutions to remove the offending substances.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $25,859/year

Leaving work in blood-stained clothes would be a serious HR issue in many offices, but the practice is nothing unusual for a butcher, whose grisly work involves cutting and washing the innards of slaughtered animals to create sides of beef, steaks, sausage and ribs in slaughterhouses and meat-packing establishments. This job is not for the faint of heart.
Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $25,961/year

Farriers inspect horse hooves for defects, trim and shape them and remove worn or defective shoes. Aside from the strain of shaping shoes with hammers and bending or squatting for long periods of time, farriers must also deal with unpleasant odors emanating from the horses and risk stepping in any number of “surprises” the horses leave behind.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $31,604/year

Slime line worker
Working the “slime line” at a fish processing plant is just as gruesome as it sounds. Slime line workers withstand the horrific smell and feel of blood and entrails in order to clean, de-bone and fillet fish in preparation for packaging, selling, cooking and serving.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $9.87/hour

Proctologists diagnose and treat diseases and disorders related to the anus, rectum and colon, a labor of love that involves getting up close and personal in order to inspect these areas frequently and even performing hands-on work to repair or remove the affected body parts.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $388,734/year

Livestock breederLivestock breeders raise livestock, such as cattle, goats, horses, sheep and swine, for the purposes of making meat, riding, providing working stock, showing or using for products like wool, milk and hair. They can’t be afraid to do a little dirty work, especially when it comes time to clean barns, stalls and pens, attend to animals in labor, treat ailments, brand, tag or butcher.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $31,495/year

Building inspector
For building inspectors, who complete assessments and determine insurance rates, squeezing into small, dark, hot crawl spaces and encountering such unpleasant things as vermin and pests, dirt, dust, dry rot and mold are all in a day’s work.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $55,245/year

Real-life coroners, who direct the investigation of suspicious deaths, suicides, homicides, vehicle crashes and drug overdoses, know the work isn’t nearly as fast-paced or glamorous as it may be portrayed on TV. Performing autopsies is just one aspect of the job, for which they need to have a high tolerance for handling the smell, look and touch of body parts, bones, organs and fluids at all times.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $44,932/year

Coal miner
The demand for coal has increased over the past few years, thanks in part to its potential as an alternate energy source at a time when oil prices are skyrocketing. Assuming they can withstand the grueling conditions of working in dark, tiny tunnels as small as five feet high and often more than 500 feet underground where coal dust cloaks the air, those with the proper training and experience face favorable job prospects in coming years.

Average salary with benefits and bonuses: $38,353

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10 Turnoffs that Make Great Gals Wave Goodbye

By Jeff Cohen
Special to Yahoo! Personals

Most guys know from the get-go whether or not they see potential in a woman. There's that inner voice that tells you this is someone worth pursuing.

When the first date ends, you're not even thinking about playing games. You know you want a second date. You wait your standard two days, call to set up that date and get the dreaded voicemail.

You leave a heartfelt message, but after three days it becomes clear this great gal is not calling you back. Where did you go wrong? Were you the only one feeling sparks over lattes?

Top 10 turnoffs for women
Maybe the answer is to learn the top 10 turnoffs that make great gals wave goodbye. If any of these fictional guys sound like you, it's time to change your approach.

Great Gal Turnoff #1: Showboat Sammy
Maybe he owns a yacht off the coast of France. Maybe he has a timeshare in the Hamptons. Maybe his annual bonus is bigger than most guys' salaries. That's all well and good, but does it really need to be divulged on the first date?

Great Gal Turnoff #2: Messy Melvin
A-list celebrities can pull off the unkempt look. First-daters need to pay attention to shaving, clothing and bad breath. If the guy can't even put in the effort for a first impression, it doesn't bode well down the road.

Great Gal Turnoff #3: Rude Ricky
"Where's our drinks, lady?" If a guy treats the service staff with a lack of respect, a great gal will likely assume he'll do the same to her someday. The last thing anyone wants is to be talked down to or disrespected.

Great Gal Turnoff #4: Cheapie Charlie
There will always be debate about who should pay on a first date. Some guys are traditionalists and want to foot the bill; others expect a 50-50 monetary split. In most cases, offering to pay is the way to go. Let her pick up the tab on a future date.

Great Gal Turnoff #5: Still-Married Michael
Marriage, separation and divorce are pretty cut-and-dry terms. If a guy says he's separated when he really means he's cheating on his wife, it's going to cause trouble. Be honest from the get-go and let the dating chips fall where they may.

Great Gal Turnoff #6: Hands-On Howie
Guys need to read the signals before assuming hand holding, massaging and other touchy-feely activities have the green light.Jumping too quickly to any form of intimacy can make any guy seem too aggressive.

Great Gal Turnoff #7: Stereotyping Stephen
"Oh, you're one of those types of women." Jumping to conclusions about a date from the way she answers one or two questions is a definite mistake. Let the date unfold before making assumptions about someone you just met.

Great Gal Turnoff #8: Distracted David
His cell phone is ringing constantly, he's popping away from the table every 10 minutes, and he keeps interrupting the conversation flow. First dates require focused attention -- that means putting the phone on vibrate, making eye contact and being present.

Great Gal Turnoff #9: All-Business Barry
Some guys are great salesmen or outstanding negotiators. But there's a time and place for business and a time and place for leisure. Guys who treat first dates like business transactions will never close the deal.

Great Gal Turnoff #10: Nervous Ned
He can't sit still, he's banging his fork on the table, and he won't make eye contact for more than three seconds. Nervous antics are a real turnoff and make a great gal think a guy has something to hide. Work out the nervous kinks before the date starts.

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The Simple Secret for More Sex

When women are rushed, sleep suffers -- and so does your sex life
By: Geordie Brackin in Men's Health

A recent survey of American women confirmed what most women already knew (and men suspected): They're so rushed during the day that they don't get enough sleep, and that means less sex for everyone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, women who are short on time first cut back on sleep and exercise. Next to suffer cutbacks: social life, healthy eating...and sex.

"This is the largest survey in the U.S. of women in all stages of their life," says Dr. Meir Kryger, director of research and education of Sleep Medicine at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT. "It's one of the first to take into account both biology and lifestyle.

"If poor sleep patterns are a daily occurrence for women, it severely impacts their energy towards sex in the bedroom -- which is going to then affect men. It's all interconnected, and recognizing the problem will help any relationship."

We turned to Men's Health's expert, Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., our Bedroom Confidential columnist, for help.

Does this explain the "I'm too tired" excuse?

Clearly some women and men do say "I'm too tired" when they mean "I don't want to", "I'm too stressed", "I have other things on my mind", or "I'm annoyed with you". What it means probably depends on the person. Often it is a way of getting out of sex without a confrontation -- she could just be mad that you came home late and didn't call or didn't empty the dishwasher.

But the take-home message from this study should be that women (and likely men) are not getting enough sleep, bottom line, and that there are ways men and women, as partners, can improve this. Sleep has a very important effect -- including having enough energy for sex as well as sexual performance, meaning
orgasms for women and men, and erections for men.

Guys can always find time for sex. Why not women?
Men do not always
budget time for sex, either; they may say that, but research shows that they don't. Fatigue is a common reason that both men and women opt out of sex. Many people who deal with fatigue instead try to have sex in the morning when they may be less tired, if they tend to get more tired in the afternoon or evening. This may be a good solution for some men and their partners, too.

If more sleep equals more sex, what can men do to help women get more rest?
We know from years of research that even when couples start out in "equal" relationships, they tend over time to settle into more traditional roles, with women taking on more home and family tasks like homework, cooking, and cleaning, while men serve as breadwinners. Men may be able to ease their wife or girlfriend's burden -- and help her get more sleep -- if they work with their partner to make the last few hours of the day more peaceful.

Such as?
Here are some ideas:

1. Hire someone to help cook meals for the family, at least once in a while. Personal chef services are available but it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Some families make meal preparation part of babysitters' responsibilities.

2. Hire a babysitter -- maybe even one that takes the kids out, while men and their partners stay in for a romantic dinner.

3. Go on a walk after dinner. This calms the kids, provides family time, gives everyone exercise which makes us tired enough for sleep but overall more healthy and active for sex.

4. Give her a massage.

5. Offer to draw her a warm bath.

6. Give the kids chores to take some of the burden off of her.

7. Hire someone to clean the house, either a professional service or local college student.

8. Take the TV out of the bedroom. Many women in the survey were watching TV before bed, which can make for restless sleep and less sex.

9. To help relax women and to set the mood, men can work with their partners to decide on a decent and early enough bed routine for the kids, give their wife or girlfriend space to get any work needed done before bed, and then still have 30-60 minutes of down time before sleep.

It sounds weird: to get more sex, we should encourage her to sleep more.
I would encourage men to strive for quality over quantity when it comes to sex. If they can make her day-to-day life easier and more restful, then when they do have sex it should hopefully be more enjoyable and something she WANTS to do, rather than feeling obligated to.

"Giving in" to sex when one is tired can set up a cycle of dreading sex but having it anyway. Having sex only when you want to, and have energy for it, is likely to make it better and set up a cycle of desire rather than obligation.

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6 Signs She Might Be Cheating

...or perhaps thinking about it
By: Brooke McIntyre in Men's Health

1 - She's accusing you
"Often, when a woman accuses her mate of having romantic feelings or involvement with others, she's projecting her own feelings onto him," says Susan Heitler, Ph.D. If your girlfriend lacks trust in you, she may not trust herself.

2 - She wants more
If she's telling you she needs something else from the relationship, whether the request is for more intimacy or a stronger emotional connection, listen. "A woman really lets you know what she's thinking about," says Al Cooper, Ph.D., director of the San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre. "If she tells you she's feeling unappreciated or unimportant, or wants more intimacy, it can be the last-ditch effort before she embarks on an affair."

3 - She's online
If you're hearing "You've got mail" more than "I love you," she may be spending time searching the Web for someone to talk to. "Even if she doesn't want to cheat, the Internet is particularly seductive for women," says Cooper. "It makes men have to talk, and women want a communicator."

4 - She's looking hotter than ever
If she's started something on the side, sudden changes in behavior or appearance (for the better) are common.

5 - She's sappier than ever
"If she's watching romantic movies and reading romantic books, the feeling she's getting from them is feeding something inside of her," says Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a relationship expert who's online at perfectmatch.com. If your mate's not expressing these emotions in your direction, she might be looking for a new leading man.

6 - She's more attentive to you
A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that when a man's girlfriend is cheating, she'll start to make obvious attempts to increase his satisfaction in the relationship, as well as say derogatory things about her paramour. It's a misdirection ploy to lessen your suspicions.

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Can Cheaters Change?

Is cheating an inherent personality trait or a controllable behavioral one? Can a guy -- or gal -- who strays learn to be a house cat?
By: David Zinczenko

We'd all like to think that people can make changes, learn to compromise, and make their relationship stronger.

Unromantic men can learn to buy a card every once in a while; women who nag can learn to stop themselves at least a few times they see toothpaste in the sink, or whatever it is. But those are small changes.

The big changes -- the changes that can make or break a relationship -- are the ones most of us are really concerned about. And perhaps the biggest question of all -- when you consider that 25 percent of men admit to cheating in relationships and about 15 percent of women do -- is this: Can cheaters change? Is cheating an inherent personality trait or a controllable behavioral one?

Can a guy -- or gal -- who strays learn to be a house cat?

For these purposes, we'll consider cheating full-on sexual contact -- not only sex, but also its close relatives. (I fully know that 60 percent of men say that even having drinks with an old flame is cheating, 50 percent of men say visiting strip clubs is cheating, and virtually all women say emotional betrayal is worse than physical betrayal. So I know cheating is complicated, but here, we'll go with the traditional "Where did my underwear go?" definition.)

The average woman says that the No. 1 reason for divorce is infidelity -- so that indicates to me that for women, their answer is no, cheaters can't change (or if they do, they don't believe he deserves a second chance).

After I give you my take, I'd love to hear your thoughts about this very question, because I think your perception of this issue may very well depend, in some major way, on whether you've been burned -- or have done the burning.

Can Cheaters Change? Not a Chance!
Once someone crosses the line in the relationship (again, that line being different things to different people, but for argument's sake, we're talking here about the horizontal hora), it's like a seal being broken on a pill bottle.

Though some of it may depend on whether it was a drunken fling or an ongoing stealth hookup with someone at work, the fact is that once that trust is compromised, the offender will have a hard time resetting the relationship to its startup condition. Even if the victim accepts the offender back into the relationship, the offender will be likely to stray again -- because he knows he's already gotten away with it once.

The bigger picture, really, is the fact that he (we'll assume the cheater is a he; sorry, guys) cheated for a reason -- that something in his current relationship -- for example, one study showed that couples with infidelity issues showed greater dishonesty, arguments about trust, narcissism, and time spent apart -- made him explore other options. And that's ultimately what makes him prone to do it again.

But...Can Cheaters Change? Absolutely!
Just because someone has cheated in one relationship doesn't mean that he's always a cheater in his next relationships -- for the very same reason.

In the relationship where he cheated, he was willing to gamble it away. So if he enters a committed relationship where he feels there's much more to lose, there's a less likely chance he'll want to risk it.

Does that mean he won't, or that he couldn't succumb to the temptations of the tight-topped bartender? Of course not. Cheating certainly can make some relationships impossible to continue, but some infidels can indeed change -- that is, if he hopes to make other relationships even remotely possible.

Can't we all (both men AND women) just get along?

Source: Mes's Health


5 Women She Hates

Manage all the women in your life.
By the Editors of Men's Health

Jealousy on the part of your significant other can sabotage your best female friendships. Here's how to smooth over your relationship.

1. The Leggy Coworker

Why she's worried: Your sexy office gal pal has unfettered access to half of your weekday, and your girl fears this face time can spark a cubicle romance.

Ease her fears: Play show and tell. Give your girl a guided tour of the office, introduce her to your coworkers — including Legs — and end at your desk, where she'll find a prominently displayed picture of herself. It's a talisman that wards off flirty office workers, says Dorian Solot, author of I Love Female Orgasm. "It shows her she's on your mind while you're on the clock."

2. The College Cohort

Why she's worried: You spent 4 boozy, sexually charged years with this girl, who knows the secret handshake and dated half of your fraternity. What's more, unlike your girl, she has a standing invitation to game day and poker night.

Ease her fears: Paint the friend as a mascot, not a romantic interest, says Susan F. Benjamin, author of Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People. And invite your gal to a few college game parties, so she'll see that the cutie sits squarely in your "like-a-sister" category.

3. The Matriarch

Why she's worried: Your woman feels resentful about her own need to impress your mom.

Ease her fears: Ship your ladies off to a wine tasting together (find one in your city at localwineevents.com). Each wants to win the other's approval, which can lead to insecurities and false perceptions, says Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., author of Disagreements, Disputes and All-out War. A retreat with some vino will melt away any hangups.

4. The Facebook Fox

Why she's worried: You've dutifully declared you're "in a relationship" on your MySpace or Facebook profile. But she worries it means nothing to the harem of cybervixens on your friends list.

Ease her fears: Let her plant a flag in your digital world. If they're not online, too, girlfriends and wives place these sites just a notch above porn. Help her create her own page and bump her up to the top of your friends list.

5. The Gym Goddess

Why she's worried: Your trainer is single and oozes sexuality from every pore. You may say her post-workout chats are harmless, but your girlfriend knows better (and so do you, playa).

Ease her fears: Play matchmaker and set her up with a friend, says Solot. Face it: You're taken, and she's a temptress. Best to try this under-utilized brushoff, which will allow you two to still chat at the gym. The move takes her off your gal's worry list.

[via: MSN]

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Health-Medicinal Benefits of Garlic May Not Include Prevention of Heart Disease

By Patsy Hamilton

For thousands of years, physicians have been aware of the health/medicinal benefits of garlic. But, today, the popularity of garlic supplements is related primarily to decades of research concerning the health benefits of garlic in lowering cholesterol, thus improving the health of the heart and possibly reducing the risk of heart disease. While no one disputes that there are numerous genuine health benefits of garlic, the most recent research conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) casts doubt on garlic's cholesterol lowering effect and its benefits to heart health.

Over a period of six months, 169 people with moderately high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol were given three different formulations of garlic supplements. The trials were double blinded, randomized and conducted using placebo controls. Older research supporting claims of the benefits of garlic to heart health were not always conducted in this manner. Some research was conducted using laboratory animals. Some research was not blinded or placebo controlled, meaning that researchers or participants knew they were receiving actual garlic supplements. The problem with non-blinded studies is that the results are sometimes skewed towards what the researchers want or expect the results to be, plus, the placebo effect is well documented. When a person believes that they are receiving a product that will help their condition, any substance will return positive results 10-20% of the time.

NCCAM research concerning the cholesterol lowering benefits of garlic supplements was also controlled so that no other changes in diet or exercise regimens were made, because the primary question is whether or not garlic supplements alone actually have a beneficial effect on LDL cholesterol. If the NCCAM results are accurate, then garlic supplements have no effect on LDL cholesterol levels. Thus, the benefits of garlic to heart health may have been overstated by previous researchers or simply blown out of proportion by the media and supplement companies.

The undisputed health/medicinal benefits of garlic are mostly related to a component known as allicin, which is released when fresh garlic is crushed. Louis Pasteur, the father of modern antibiotics, noted garlic's antibacterial activity in 1858. It was used to prevent gangrene during World Wars I and II. Other health benefits of garlic include the treatment of various infections, such as upper respiratory infections, fungal infections and infection with intestinal worms and parasites. The garlic must be fresh and crushed in order to be effective. The allicin is lost if garlic is cooked.

NCCAM researchers made note that all of the health benefits of garlic were not studied in this trial. There could be other factors of heart disease that garlic supplements address, such as high blood pressure or anti-clotting effects. Garlic supplements alone are not your best insurance policy against heart disease.

Patsy Hamilton was a health care professional for over twenty years before becoming a health writer. Currently she is writing a series of articles about heart health. To learn how best to protect yourself from heart disease, visit Heart Health Diet Tips.com, a collection of scientific research and advise concerning the prevention of the nation's number one killer.

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How To Create A Hidden Office

By Penny Day

Choose decorative storage
A dining room can be quickly transformed into a place to do paperwork. Store supplies in a smart cupboard that doesn't look like typical office furniture and use attractive storage boxes that can be displayed neatly on shelves overhead.

• Be sure to include good task lighting for doing paperwork, with ambient lighting for dining.

• Unless you're working, be scrupulous about keeping the dining table free from books, paper and clutter.

• Use subtle colour coding rather than labels to distinguish your tax files from your bank statements.

• Check that you have a telephone connection nearby.

Create a special area
The key to incorporating a workable home office in a bedroom scheme is to make sure that the desk or work area is concealed. A clever shelving unit can be made to hide a neat study area behind it.

• Create a calm rather than cluttered space by reserving some shelf space for favourite pieces of art or craftwork.

• Paint walls and shelves in a pale neutral shade to give the room a spacious feel.

• Consider covering the partition wall with felt so it can double as a pinboard.

Conceal Shelves and Filing
Create neat hidden storage with two false pillars that also serve to divide an office area from the rest of the room. Shelves can be tailor-made to suit your particular requirements and positioned so they are within easy reach of the desk.

• Paint the pillars and shelves the same colour as the walls of the room to give the scheme a cohesive look.

• Keep the room streamlined with a contemporary desk and fit a letter rack along its length to hide wiring and provide handy access to stationery supplies.

•Add a strong aesthetic element, such as the blind used here or a painting, to soften the office feel.

You can find more information on home office ideas and home office products at house to home, helping you create a look you'll love

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Villas For Rent In Cyprus A Great Holiday Get Away

By David Peters

Villa - the word itself would build up some imagination in your mind of an exotic place having a palace like look and feel. You are right to your imagination, since villas are meant to make you feel at home. Villas are famous for their luxurious bedrooms and living rooms, all well equipped and properly fitted with air conditioners and other modern facilities. They are also famous for services and the familiarity.

The choice of Villa For Rent In Cyprus can be a bonus for people looking to rent out villas as well as those looking for hiring a villa on rent. You can choose a good Villa For Rent In Cyprus amongst the thousands available. Properties are available all over the island along the coast and in the villages too. Most of these places are picturesque too. These luxurious villas are ideal for couples and for large groups or families too. Since these are comfortable for large groups of people, they turn out to be very affordable. One can easily split the cost between people willing to rent out a villa.

A Villa For Rent In Cyprus happens to be a correct choice to spend the holidays and is available both in the East Coast as well as the Western Coast. Some villas are also located near the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. Most of the villas are positioned within easy walking distance or a few minutes' drive from the main town. Many villas are also located in the tranquility and peace of Cypriot countryside. So you have a large variety of Villa For Rent In Cyprus.

Coral bay is one of the most popular places and is located around 15 to 30 minutes away from Paphos. This area has villas that provide all the facilities for a perfect holiday. It is located in the centre with bars, restaurants and shops line along side offering visitors all the necessities.

Capital of Paphos is just a short drive away. Capital of Paphos has various historical sites located around. It has a livelier nightlife too. Peyia is another place in Cyprus having great villas. Great villas for rent are available here, which offer a perfect place to sample Greek Cypriot Meze in a traditional tavern.

So if you want a Villa For Rent In Cyprus other than these places you also have many other options to choose from. Many Villas for Rent in Cyprus are also available near Aphrodite Hills, Latchi, Polis and Pissouri. All these rental villas again come with different options and budget. You can arrange for self-catering villas, luxury villas, holiday villas or a vacation villa. All this depends upon what you are looking for, what is the need at the particular moment and you're your pocket has to say without putting a drill in it.

One can also rent a villa on the east coast of Cyprus. The east coast has got everything. It has got vibrant and lively nightlife as well as long and tranquil beaches. All these are located within very small radius. All these villas are fun for family, couples as well as children. They are located very closely to places like airport, Famagusta region and Cape Greko National Park.

Villas for rent in Cyprus are in fact second properties owned by private individuals in Cyprus. These are meant for their personal use. However, they rent these out in order to earn their bread and livelihood. Hence, they are always well equipped and provide better convenience as compared to the hotels. Booking for such villas as well as renting out these villas is easy too.
Internet is the best medium to book as well as to let out. It cuts the middleman and gives you the best deal at best prices. Look at what others have to offer and design your offering accordingly.

Villa For Rent In Cyprus can be a perfect solution to all your stay related queries and needs in Cyprus. These can make you feel better and chill out in the amazing Cyprus weather round the year.

Cyprus Informer - Grab All The Latest News And Updates For Anyone Who Is Looking For A Holiday, Rent A Villa Or Live In Cyprus.

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Stop The Dangerous Games Under Your Roof With Video Security and Surveillance

By Nahshon Roberts

So much for liberalism. Kids are taking the fun to a dangerous edge with their drinking. If your kids are starting to drink, better step in even when you're away with home video security and surveillance.

Cat and Mouse Game
Mom and dad goes out of town for the weekend, leaves the house to their high school kid, comes back to find a wreck - broken vases, trashed sofa, broken beer bottles! How many times have we heard this story? If you do not want this to happen to you, install video security and surveillance in your home. This way you stay in charge, even while you are away.

House parties can be fun for teenagers. After all, there are no adults. Teenagers are left to do what they want to do. There is bottomless beer to consume, young girls to flirt with, and other guys to show off to. Without video security or surveillance, all you can do is imagine what could happen under your roof while you're a hundred miles away.

Without adult supervision, fun can turn into disaster in just a snap of your fingers. Drunken conversations can easily turn into fist fights and harmless flirting can turn into unprotected sex. What about drunk driving and possible car crashes? All these things can happen in one night - without your knowledge.

Fun and Disaster
What starts out as fun drinking can end in disaster. If you can remember, there was the death of a 16-year-old girl who drank herself to death just to win an $80 bet in 1997. This could happen to your kid if you don't warn them of the dangers of alcohol.

Perhaps you need to know that a third of high school teenagers are binging whenever they can. That number may include your kid. Educate your young now on the dangers of drinking - and remember there is no safe drinking.

Drinking and smoking are the paths to addiction. Before you know it, your kid may be arrested for smoking pot. This is not only embarrassing, but is also painful to parents who have thought all along that their teen was safe from the clutches of addiction, as he was only drinking occasionally with friends.

Other risky games kids play are the thrill games online, which are also addictive. One child already lost his life by hanging himself for the painful thrill of it and on the last time did not survive. This was shocking news to his parents who said their son was not into drugs. True, but he was into another thrill. Had his parents installed video security and surveillance in his room, they would have known his dangerous activities.

Teen Monitoring
Parents are now faced with the difficulty of raising their teens. Working parents are hit hardest with this problem. What can they advice when they suspect nothing? The help of video security and surveillance can provide them a means to keep tabs of their children.

A neighborhood organization to keep an eye on young drinkers and collaborating with the local police to help curb this dangerous predilection are good ideas. But as a concerned parent, stop the dangerous games under your roof with video security and surveillance.

Your home video security has uses like that of security camera and wireless cameras you see in public places. Visit Video-Surveillance-Guide.com now for your security needs.

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Free Gifts With Mobile Phones - Making the Deal More Creamier!

By Cera Paul

One of the main factors which is responsible for the increase in the sale of the mobile phones is the free gifts which come as a part of the mobile phone deals which are available in the market.
The mobile phones are sold with a certain deals that are pretty beneficial at their face value. The most lucrative amongst them is the contract deal, which is one of the best offers which are available in the market.

The contract phone, as the name suggests, is a phone deal which is signed under a particular contract. The length of the contract varies, it can be from 6 months to 12 months to 18 months depending upon the suitability and the requirement of the user. The deal demands a specific some of money which serves as a fee to the contract. Then, the user is given a lot of incentives in terms of calling benefits like discount on the talk time, discount text message and so on. Plus, the choicest handsets like HTC Touch Dual, Nokia N95, Samsung G600, Sony Ericsson V640i etc.
come as a part of the deal, to be given away with the whole package. Plus, there are a lot of free gifts which also come as a part of the offer. These free gifts include Sony PSP, xBox 360 Elite, Nintendo Wii, iPod, laptops, free accessories and so on. Thus, these free gifts with mobile phones are pretty lucrative.

You can look for the free gifts in any of the phone shops on the World Wide Web. The online mobile phone shop would not only offer you the free gift but also some of the most perkiest deals. However, it is better to check out the various mobile comparison portals in order to get the most creamy deal out of all that are available in the market. Thus, phones with free gifts could be easily found from the internet.

To get some of the best deals and free gifts with mobile phones like HTC Touch Dual and Sony Ericsson V640i in UK, please visit the site.

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Self Catering - Self Service Is the Best Service

By Terry Pinto

The idea of enjoying an outing has undergone a huge change. Things which were considered as comforting earlier are seen as an irritant and invasion of privacy these days. Unlike earlier times, people these days don't want to be surrounded by waiters, stewards and home service.
Instead, their wish is to be left all alone with no one to bother them, to the extent that they would be allowed to prepare food themselves and at any point of time. It is due to these demands of modern travellers that self catering destinations have come into existence. Their popularity can be gauged from the fact that these self catering centres have left hotels and rest houses far behind as places largely favoured by enthusiasts.

There are plenty of advantages that these self catering centres offer to guests. First of which undoubtedly is the fact that they are less expensive as compared to hotels and rest houses, and they come with very good facilities. Also, there is abundance of space here which makes it just perfect not only for couples but also for families with kids. The greatest advantage that these centers offer to them is that they are allowed to cook their own food and that too at any point of time.

These self catering destinations are also in great demand by business units who often arrange their official parties at these places. Most of these places are set in less urban areas, so they are perfect for get together and actually go a long way in developing team spirit amongst colleagues. Also, over achieving employees are gifted these trips as reward by their employers.

With people exhibiting sharp change in their taste, it can well be said that these self catering centers will slowly clamp their authority over traditional choices like hotels and rest houses.

Terry is a globe-trotter specialising in travel writing. Having toured all over Britain, he has a fair idea of the best resorts, Self catering, hotels, and other places of accommodation and entertainment, including self catering cottages services in the British Isles. He has been using his vast knowledge of geography and languages to guide tourists and holiday-makers to enjoy their touring time.

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Diamond Rings

By Uladzislau Suski

Diamond rings are used in a variety of ways. You can find many stores which will sell you the diamond ring that you can most afford. These rings that you can find are designed for both men and women of all ages. The colors of the diamonds which are used are sometimes based on popular demand. Regardless of these colored diamonds, the styles which can be seen in diamond rings have the look of simple elegance that is a trademark of diamond designs.

You will find that the diamond colors which are used for rings are white diamonds, pink Argyle diamonds, blue diamonds and yellow diamonds to give you a few examples. The rare red and pink diamonds look really fabulous in modern classic diamond ring style. The current traditional use for diamond rings is that of engagement rings.

You will see that diamond rings are used for wedding rings, men's signature rings - although the diamonds which are found on these rings are of the small variety - and fancy diamond ring designs. The shapes of these diamonds are designed and chosen so that they enhance the wearer's finger. By choosing a ring shape which complements your finger you will find that diamond rings make a statement about the way that you feel about yourself.

Depending on the ring which is chosen your state of mind will also be revealed. For instance the main idea of diamond rings which are used as an engagement ring is that you are well loved and your fiancé has felt that you are worth the purchase of a diamond. Since the saying diamonds last forever is true you can expect that this ring that you have chosen represents the level of commitment in a relationship.

For other people who like the idea of wearing diamond rings these rings are the perfect complements to any outfit. The choice of diamond that you choose will in some cases limit what types of clothes that you wear. For instance you can wear a yellow diamond with colors that will not make the diamond ring look garish.

Besides buying natural diamond rings there is another type of diamond that you can buy. These diamonds are synthetic diamonds. These diamonds have been made so that they closely mimic the brilliance of these faux diamonds. The prices of these diamond rings are not as expensive as your ordinary diamond ring.

Now unless you have some experience with diamonds there is no way that an ordinary person will know if you are wearing a real diamond or a man made diamond rings. The best thing that you can do is to enjoy the pleasure of wearing one of the timeless beauties.
Learn all about Diamonds at this Great
Diamond Site!

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Outdoor Water Fountains

By Uladzislau Suski

Outdoor water fountains will provide an atmosphere of elegance to any place where these fountains are found. While it is possible for you to find many different styles of water fountains there is something wonderfully calming about indoor water fountains. The different styles of indoor water fountains can be changed to suit the environment where these fountains are found.

You will be able to decide if you want to have a designer water fountain for your garden or if you would like to buy one that is already made. Since this is a choice which can affect how your garden looks you should look at the different styles which can enhance the looks or change the way your garden's atmosphere is like.

There are various magazines that you can use to see the way that these outdoor water fountains are used. Taking some of these ideas you can transform any garden into an enchanting oasis of peace. The soothing sounds from the flowing water will help to relax you.

These outdoor water fountains are usually made from hand craved granite or slate, and sometimes they are enclosed within a glass container. You will also find some styles of garden fountains which show a clear glass sheet upon which you will see an endless flow of water running down.

The different outdoor water fountains will include styles that we are familiar with. For instance you will find water fountains which are encased in glass. The water which flows down the inner side of the glass pane will allow you to see the changing patterns which form on the glass as the water runs down the pane.

You can choose to have this type of outdoor water fountain. The different styles in this range will include one which is found standing in a shallow bowl. The water from this fountain is allowed to fall into the bowl. As the water enters the bowl it is recycled back into the fountain.

These types of outdoor water fountains provide people with the chance to enjoy the quiet and peace of being outdoors. The patterns and the soothing sounds of the fountain are perfect for people who want to relax and achieve a state of meditation.

By using outdoor water fountains as a place where you can practice meditation or Feng Shui in your garden, you can have a place where negative energy is displaced and you are able to de-stress. The resulting atmosphere from using outdoor water fountains will make you feel happy and able to accomplish anything.

For more competent info about Fountains please visit us out Resource at www.fountains.extrafindouts.com!

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Online Marketing and Affiliate Business

By Joe Palladino

Online marketing can be a really lucrative business if you know how to work it the right way. If you can get all the inner workings and patterns down then you will never have a problem being successful. If you are looking to make a little bit of extra money in order to boost your income then the internet is certainly a great place for you to start. There are so many different kinds of opportunities for you on the internet and you just need to do a little bit of research in order to find out about them for yourself and to start using them. If you have an online business then the way to get organized and start forming a network is by using affiliate sites so that you can gain marketing experience and online credibility. Even if you are not a business owner you can still use affiliate sites to your advantage by making them just a little boost to your salary through marketing them in various ways on the internet that you have begun to learn so much about.

Even if you have already had experience, the internet can be a little bit scary and intimidating and you will feel really overwhelmed by the whole situation. So, you should definitely look into helpful methods and systems that will allow you to become successful while learning about different ways in which online marketing and affiliate sites work. So, you are looking for this new way of making money online but also of a way that will be the best for you and be a guide to the steps necessary to become successful. Well, a great system is the Pro2 system because it combines all of these things. You can make money while you are still learning about how everything works because this is a step by step guide that will show you the way to success. It will teach you how to work with affiliate sites such as the ClickBank cyber mall. This cyber mall has hundreds upon hundreds of products that you will be amazed by. You will be able to pick out the items that customers really go for and you can then focus yourself on selling and marketing those items out so you can get the most sales. You can choose to market whichever items you feel most comfortable and confident with so that you can learn about them even more while you sell them and make money.

One of the tricks that you will learn is to do everything in moderation. You have to set small goals for yourself at first so that you do not obsess about reaching a goal without really taking in all the information that the Pro2 system has to offer. The most important advice that can be given to you is to really take it slow and retain all the knowledge that you learn about the internet and how it works. You can be on your way to making money online right now if you go do a little bit of research online.

Visit http://www.Market-Affiliate.com right now in order to make money online by using different affiliate sites that will teach you about online marketing and help you to gain a little bit of experience. You can learn about affiliate sites.

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3 Big Mistakes Made By People When Applying For a Job in Nigeria

By Oluwatoyin Omotoso

Have you ever applied for a job with the hope that you have the necessary qualifications but you were not able to get the job? This might be due to one of the following mistakes:

"Read this and pass it across to others"

1. Not specifying the position you want in your Resume.- A lot of people apply for jobs using the same unedited Resume they used in getting their former job. Some also forget to specify the position they are actually applying for in their Resume. Watch out for this when next you are applying for a job.

2. Not distinguishing yourself from other applicants- A lot of people are applying for that Job you are applying for. How do you make yourself different from them? Always put expert touches to your documents (Cover letters and Resume) Also print it on High quality papers.

3. Not knowing anything about the position ( Company) It is disheartening that during interviews, most people show that they do not know much about the job they want to get? Who would employ someone like that? Before going to the interview, read everything you can find about the job you want to get.

4. Not dropping a thank you note- Do you know that a lot of Nigerians do not know anything about "thank you notes" This simple idea can hook you up with even unbelievable Nigeria Jobs.
Start right now to examine yourself and take note of all these mistakes the next time you are applying for a job. I wish you success.

Free Special Report Reveals "7 Proven Strategies guaranteed to help you get a good job in Nigeria in 21 days or less.
Get it at

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Mortgage Broker Services

By Alex Zenden

Mortgage brokers own direct access to hundreds of loan produce. Being of this, they are the sans when sound comes to providing consumers cost-trenchant and efficient options that ration to their specific loan needs. The broker evaluates and provides assessment based on the capital details which the customer gives.

Using this information considering influence, the mortgage broker would then search wrapped up the hundreds of sage rates string order to bonanza the peerless one for the customer. Esteem this plan, not unparalleled do they lend their customers reserve expertise and convenience, but choice now wrapped tight.

Mortgage lending is a complicated engagement. They act in that guides for consumers, division them completed the entire performance. When confusion sets prestige, they cure dispel this by offering extensive choices and advice to succour the consumer preserve his monetary invoice suppress his limit. When customers hold a bad credit or a less-than attractive credit history, mortgage brokers utility them bend loans by looking for lending companies that are ready to lease these types of consumers borrow money.

They also habit novel loan packages to grant customers veil low to moderate income appreciate the benefits of home retention.

They aid consumers save on their shift, money, and attempt. For mortgage brokers stake assessment on their clients fiscal rank, they liability easily target lines which aggrandized or less cover and fit plant the clients needs. This makes the job easier and less clock-consuming. They preserve contacts camouflage several lending companies. This allows them to gratify the cheapest loans for their clients.

Top Business Finance - We will have to learn and study the details

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You Better Do It Before You Lose It

By Vanessa Brown II

We all constantly hear over and over, that it is so important for us to exercise. But so many of us do not. My wake up call was when I started getting arthritis at the age of 25 in my wrist. I was a Secretary at that time. I type all day long, and also I typed on a typewriter. Some of you may of heard of those things but never seen one. Back then they did not have all the wrist supporter things they have now. My wrist hung down, and was in a bent position, while my fingers stretch upward. Therefore my wrist started bothering me real bad, started swelling.

The doctor to me I had arthritis and there is nothing they can be done about, told me to take aspirin or Tylenol when they bother me. That will help the swelling go down. That this was a slow progression, but it was inevitable. So that what I did, took aspirin when ever I had pain.
Then the knees started going around 30. I wore heels all the time. I mean I even wore heels in shorts. My knees started swelling.

Went to the Doctor, this time the doctor simply told me to stop wearing heels. (What, What Stop Wearing Heels, I thought The Doctor Had Lost Her Mind) she said I was putting too much pressure on my knees. I listen , but however I still wore my heels on certain times. The next day, my knees would be so sore. Well this went on for awhile. Finally I gave in, you have to understand, I had light blue shoe, dark blue shoes, red, purple, brown, green, pink, (a lot okay) of shoes. I gave them to my friend, she didn't seem to be having any knees issues. She kept telling me how happy she was about all the new shoes she had. I was so upset, so I started researching arthritis. Found out it was the inflammation of joints. The gel between your bones is leaving your body and the bones are hitting against one another. And the reason for arthritis is that you are missing certain minerals out of your diet. And also if you keep your joints moving and are lubricated then they work a whole lot better. I started taking a joint supplement (glucusomine) and started exercising. I no longer have problems with my wrist or knees. I still don't wear the high high heels, but I do wear heels.

If I don't exercise for a couple of days, my body feels like it needs to be stretched. If you can imagine that. I know now as you keep getting older which we all are going to do. The movement of our bodies with exercising the less likely we are going to need the canes, walkers and wheel chairs. Even if you walk daily, that is indeed exercise. However a brisk walk would be so much better.

I blessed to say, I don't have the wrist or knee problems. Actually this year 2007, I started a progressive running program for myself. I know now, the only limits, are the one that you place on yourself. That was several years ago when I had all my aches and pains. If I had pursued a serious workout plan, I possibly could have kept my shoes.

Vanessa Brown II A native of Camden, Delaware enjoys skating, swimming and bicycling. Her motto is live life to the fullest, look back only to learn. Always move forward.

Top 4 Tips to Finding Your Unclaimed Money

By Nicole Anderson

There are BILLIONS of dollars in Unclaimed Money in the Country. Unfortunately, that money is recording in 60+ databases in the country. So how do you find your money? Then what do you do when you find it? This article will tell you!

Find Your Unclaimed Money

When searching for your unclaimed money there are a few things you should know to ensure you FIND ALL the MONEY owed to you:

Most unclaimed money searched are conducted by entering your name and searching to see if there is money reported as unclaimed money under your name. Search by your legal name AND variations of your legal name. Bradford Jones may be listed as Brad Jones or B. Jones. When you search a good database they will do this for you automatically.

Don't Look Only in Your State!

Many people look only in their states database for unclaimed money. The problem is, companies do not always report your money in your state of residence. This is especially true if the company that turned over the money did not have an address for you or it is an inheritance. Search in a database that has money from ALL STATE and FEDERAL databases This will give you a wide search, without you having to individually search 60+ databases!

Don't Be A Selfish Searcher

Search the names of family and close friends to see if they are owed money as well! Chances are they haven't looked for themselves.

Use a QUALITY database when you conduct your search

A "quality" database is a database that
- Has money from ALL STATE and FEDERAL databases
- Searches your name AND name variations for you
- Updates its database frequently
- Provides information on claiming your unclaimed money
- Offers you a Free Search
to see if there is any money owed to your name before you have to enter the database

Searching for your unclaimed money does not have to be difficult. Following the above tips will help ensure you find the unclaimed money owed to you and your family!

Then all you have to do is claim it and you will have a check in your mailbox before you know it!
Nicole Anderson offers additional information about unclaimed money at

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Biodiesel Production Companies

By Munyaradzi Chinongoza

There are many companies around the world that are involved in the production of biodiesel. The Biodiesel Company which is privately owned is one of them. They have many years of experience in the fields of sales and distribution. Based in Toronto Canada, this company collects and renews fuel from the waste of cooking oil, non vegetable oils and also related feed stocks and then process them into biofuel.

When they are finished the product is then marketed. This company is always looking for new joint ventures and wants to expand from the Toronto area. They are currently working with researchers for new technology and in production so that only the best quality maybe available for sale on the market.

Grease Brothers make theirs from vegetable oil and change it into fuel, the ultimate biodiesel guide is a company that sells instructions on how to make so that you will be able to heat your home. Tree Hugger is a new producer that produces this alternative fuel through algae which has been found to be a more efficient. They found that algae can produce 30 times more oil per acre than the current crops being used.

Other companies include Agra Biofuels which produces over 3 million gallons every single year. Bently Biofuels, produce it from the oils of seeds and restaurant grease. Biodiesel production companies are the new solution to the rising prices of fuel. The fuel can be used in any diesel engine without having to convert it which makes it quick to disintegrate.

The majority of production companies use canola oil. The majority also make it so that it always meets regulatory specifications and can therefore be certified for use in the engine. Although there are many producers, most use the same raw materials. These companies are a savior to the environment.

If you want more information on biodiesel production companies, please visit our website: http://biodieselcorner.com

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Hand Painted Furniture

By Anoop Kumar

Furniture is important in a home to make your home stylish and neat. Furniture can change your house's or room's or kitchen's appearance. Select your home furniture based on your room size and color and timber quality. When you are going to buy or modify your home or kitchen always select suitable furniture set. Always looks its color and check whether it suits your room or kitchen and also checks the size of it to suit your room. The main thing to notice is the quality of the product. There are lots of shops available to buy your furniture. But it's important to check the quality of the furniture that means mainly timber quality.

Once you decided to modify your home or kitchen then its better to go for handmade furniture. Because this type of furniture always keeps quality and they are ever lasting also. You can select any color, size you want. Different types of timber furniture available like oak, pine, cherry, ash etc. Most of the shops provide furniture, but the main problem is the rate or amount for the furniture that you need to pay. There are companies who directly in to furniture business and they give you the product with a budget that you can afford.

When you directly contact a company who are in the furniture business you will get the advantage of getting your own designs in perfection with affordable prize. Here experts do the work for your furniture by step by step. Firstly they make a rough sketch and they will contact with you for your approval. After that only they will get in to the real work. Then you will get it with hand painted, so you will get the one that you wished. Here you can select your color, timber, design and size of it. The handcrafted designs makes your eyes delighted and you will get the frame you want with satisfaction.

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