Your 5-minute guide to love and money

It's hard enough managing money alone. Throw in another person and financial sparks will fly -- but these 24 tips can help.
By MSN Money staff

Thinking of marriage? Prepare to bare your financial soul. Experts agree that couples need to talk about money -- the sooner, the better.

Before you get to 'I do'
Consider a prenuptial agreement. It's not just a document detailing how to split the assets after a divorce. It can absolve you of your spouse's debts, maintain assets for children from a previous marriage, keep a family business intact and ensure that the family home stays in the family. (See "Do you need a prenup?")
  • Bring up the idea of a prenup as soon as the relationship gets serious. It can help clarify each other's circumstances and goals.
  • Allow at least three months before the wedding to work out the details. A valid prenup involves lawyers and full financial disclosure. (See "The prenup problem.")
  • Most prenups provide that whatever property or debts you bring to the marriage will remain yours if the marriage dissolves. They also protect what you don't have yet, including property you expect to inherit.
  • No state will allow you to waive child support, dictate child custody or otherwise impinge on the rights of your children.
Getting through 'I do'
With the average cost of an American wedding nearing $30,000, there's a lot to talk about. Even if your parents are paying part of the cost, you might have to let go of some dreams, including the one calling for a perfect wedding. (See "Your fantasy wedding for less cash.")
  • Lay down a budget and stick to it. Write it down so there's no question.
  • Pay for your priorities. Decide what's most important to you and do everything else on the cheap.
  • Take half-measures. Rather than a full reception, have a desserts-only affair. Instead of a full bar, offer beer and wine.
  • Do your friends and family a favor and register for gifts in multiple price ranges. Today's bridal registries include outdoor gear, jewelry, wine and home-office supplies. (See "13 thoughtful, offbeat wedding gift ideas.")
  • Get married in spring or fall and enjoy the lower off-season rates. Not only will venues be less expensive, but you'll score off-season travel rates for your honeymoon.
  • Don't let the honeymoon break your budget, either. Sign up with a honeymoon registry that lets guests buy portions of your honeymoon in increments. Consider a honeymoon close to home or bid on a trip in an online travel auction.
Weddings can be costly even if you're not the bride or groom. For members of the wedding party and guests, there are ways to stay within your budget.
  • Give what you can afford, based on your relationship with the couple.
  • For bridesmaids, the dresses alone can be a nightmare. Ask if you can rent the dress or use one you already own. (See "The bridesmaid's survival guide.")
  • Creativity and thoughtfulness ultimately go further than cash. The key is to personalize the gift. (See "6 ways to cut costs on wedding gifts.")
The honeymoon's over
Money and the expectations we bring with it become sources of friction for many couples. Even if you've married your financial opposite (and many of us do), you need to find a way to financially coexist. (See "Why we fight over money.")

If you didn't have the money talk before the wedding, have it now. Get down to details when you discuss your lifestyle and your goals. (See "5 steps to wedded wallets.")
  • Ask your mate about his or her financial upbringing -- and be willing to explore your own.
  • Pick a good time to talk about money -- not at meals, right before bedtime or when inebriating substances are flowing.
Once you're on the same financial wavelength, figure out where your money goes. Then set some goals, such as saving for retirement, paying off debt, preparing for children or buying a house. (See "Should newlyweds buy a house?")
  • Set up a budget. Even if you had one when you were single, you need a new one that includes both incomes, debts and bills. (See "Budget your way to smarter spending.")
  • Decide whether to use joint or separate accounts or consider having "yours," "mine" and "ours" accounts. Experts agree that if a couple can't share their money in a checking account, it's probably a signal that something's wrong in the relationship. (See "Love, honor and a shared bank account.")
  • If one of you brought debt into the marriage, it becomes a problem for both of you. Work together to figure out a plan to pay it off. But don't officially commingle your debt; keep existing credit card and loan accounts in the original holder's name. (See "Take control of your debt.")
  • Update your paperwork, including wills, 401(k) beneficiaries, life insurance policies and the withholding amount on your income taxes. (See "Marriage means updating vital papers.")
  • Assess your emergency fund. Every couple should have enough money to cover three to six months worth of living expenses.
Happily ever after?
Once you're cruising along on a shared plan, you'll need to pay attention to keep your financial boat afloat.
  • Put yourself in each person's shoes. If one person is generally responsible for the budget and the other does the purchasing, switch roles every three to six months. This way, both partners know your financial situation.
  • Don't begrudge your spouse small indulgences, but do agree to consult each other on big-ticket items. Put a dollar amount on what constitutes a big-ticket item now, so there's no question later.
  • Don't keep money secrets.
  • And finally, don't criticize your spouse about money in front of others. Ever.

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Increase Web Traffic

By Tim Ra Beachum

Everyone claims to know how to do it, but very few can.

I was told it was easy. You have probably heard the same thing. Then like me you took the leap of faith. You built your masterpiece. You submitted your website to the search engines. Then you waited... And waited... And waited.

The sales never poured in like most experts have told us that it would. Now it's time to go back to the drawing board. Maybe you should try Google Adwords. Or maybe you should try buying traffic. Those services work and they are effective. But what if you are operating on a shoestring budget.

You could turn to SEO marketing and generate free traffic. Although SEO marketing is extremely effective it is time consuming - but it works. Nobody wants to wait weeks or even months to increase there web traffic. You need traffic and you need it within minutes. What do you do?

That is the position that I found myself in when I first started. Out of stupidity I turned to black hat techniques, spam, and several other risky strategies. Did they work? They sure did. Did I generate any revenue? I sure did. In fact I made a lot of money. I achieved my goal and I did increase my web traffic. I even quit my job. I had become one of those so-called over night successes that I had once read about.

As fast as it all came... It all went away. My house of cards came tumbling down. I was spamming so much I had shut down entire companies. The lawsuits started pouring in. What seemed like a dream come true had turned in to my worse nightmare. A shortcut turned into a yearlong battle, and a mountain of attorney fees. Although I survived it all the scars still remain. But there is more...

During the battle I discovered Safelist. I wish I could tell you that I struck it rich again my first time out the gate. But I failed miserably. Then I discovered that Safelist marketing was a unique form of marketing. I couldn't approach it like I did with traditional forms of marketing. With a year or so and a ton of persistence I finally figured it out - the traffic began to flow. And more importantly it was all 100% legit.

Now when I launch a new website Safelist marketing is the first weapon in my arsenal that I pull out. It allows me to drive traffic to my website within minutes. If you do not remember anything else from this article - remember this. The most important thing outside of knowing how to write a good ad is being consistent.

Although I use several techniques to drive traffic to my website - I always start with Safelist marketing. Why do I do this? It cost little to know money to get started and it is effective. It allows me to test my sales copy for conversions. At the same time I am generating revenue, while I optimize my website for the search engines.

The bottom line is this... Regardless to what the so-called experts say, Safelist really do work. I recommend this strategy to those who are just starting out with online marketing. This strategy is time consumer, and is geared towards those with little to no revenue to invest.

Go join a couple of Safelist and take about 15 or 20 minutes to review the ton of emails that you are going to receive. Look at what they are selling. Take note to the headlines that catch your eye. Study their sales copy. Experiments and see what works for you. I ensure you that Safelist marketing will generate web traffic for you.

Will you have tons of traffic flowing to your site in the beginning. Nope! However you will open the floodgates of web traffic once you understand how the system works.

Tim Beachum is the creator of "The Ultimate Guide To Self-Promotion", "Money Making Secrets Vol. 1", and "The Quick Guide To Getting Rich". Mr. Beachum has also written hundreds of published articles and has been featured in national magazines

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Start Your Own Tradition of Wealth With Floor Clocks

By Andrei Myers

Have you noticed one of those floor clocks with their rather heavy price tags? Once you've realized the essence behind these floor clocks, you'd think they're actually under priced.

So what's Causing the Rave?
So what's with these long-case clocks that's been causing raves? Ever noticed that grandfather clock at your friend's grand mansion? The one that never seems to leave the ancestral home, even through the decades of your long friendship? But why, your friend even told you that the clock was already around when his great grandfather was still in his budding youth.

Destined to become Family Heirlooms
So what's with these floor clocks? They are not just another piece of home furnishing. They are actually made to survive several years of use. They are destined to become family heirlooms.

And have you ever wondered what the secret behind your friend's inherent luck, that luck of birth they like to call inheritance? Ever wondered what the secret forces are behind 'old money'? To answer that, you only need to look back at your friend's ancestors. They were men and women of vision. They did not only live for the present, but they had the foresight to think for the future.

You Can Start Your Own Tradition of Wealth
The old money they have was not always old and that stately grandfather clock they own was not always a family heirloom. There was once a time when money was streaming in at a normal pace, nothing extraordinary. There was once a time when the grandfather clock they take pride for was just another piece of family furniture, with no value just yet.

You are actually at that position right now. But just like his ancestors, you can look right ahead and design your future so that it becomes extraordinary. You can start the tradition of wealth yourself. You can make your grandchildren the next lucky heirs and heiresses. It all starts with a vision.

A Worthy Investment
So go ahead and think big. Do not focus too much on the unbelievable price of those floor clocks.

Think of all the wonderful things that await you instead. Think of the benefits you get from it.
Consider it a worthy investment.

Purchase one of those elegant and imposing floor clocks and start a long series of generations passing down a priced family heirloom with pride and honor. There is nobody else to leave such a valuable legacy but you yourself.

Shop for the Best!

It goes without saying that to meet such an end, you must have the impeccable taste needed to choose the right floor clocks. You can't possibly envision a future of stately elegance and purchase a floor clock that is below what you would consider a display of good taste.

Also, you might want to consider choosing something that's modern, that speaks of the present times. Keep in mind that what's vogue today is actually tomorrow's vintage. Again, always look ahead, always envision the future. And shop only for the best floor clocks!

Are you looking for floor clocks? You must also take a look at a contemporary grandfather clock. Or you might as well go ambitious and look into antique grandfather clocks. Whatever the case, visit today.

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How To Find Car Shows That Feature The Vehicles You Are Interested In

By Gregg Hall

If you are trying to find the car show of your dreams and want to put the ride of your dreams in it then you need to find the right one that is for you. Even though it may seem hard you should be able to find something along the lines of a good auto expo to you without trying too hard.
There are all kinds of exhibitions everywhere. All you need to do is get out and go look at some of them.

The best ways to find a good auto show is to look in your local newspaper or just hear it from around town or school. Usually if a town is having an auto show at a school it will posted at school and all around the area of the school. If the car show is just for the town then you will most likely see it in the newspaper and it will be most likely on the front page or around that area.

Maybe another thing that you can do is just gander around in magazines that you normally look at you will see headlines and listings for all kinds of expos that are probably in your area. If you cannot find or see that there is a car show in your area then you should just go online and look at expos and what the judges look for because you won't want to drive for an auto show and then not win or at least win anything.

You might belong to a car club so look for listings of auto shows from the club you're in but some clubs you might have to be a paying member to go to some of the events that are being hosted there. So know what you must do and have before you start looking.

The newspaper or newsletter is where you can find most listings of what is going to happen on most government property. If it isn't at your house then you will be able to find the listings of the shows in the newspaper no problem.

If you still cannot find an event to go to from the newspapers, magazines, school or wherever else that you looked then you need to just go online and look at some car show videos because it doesn't look like you are going to any events anytime soon if you cannot find any. Even if they are just a hundred miles away that's only like an hour and a half away if you want to go to one bad enough you will drive an hour to get to what you want. Besides it's probably not the farthest that you have drove looking for a automotive event that you heard about and got lost trying to find. So go out and start going to car shows today. You might just be able to find one in your area that you didn't see.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his 18 year old son in Jensen Beach, Florida. Find more about car shows as well as automotive accessories at

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Caring For An Oily Skin

By Anita R Choudhary

Skin care is essential to look nice and feel healthy. People have different types of skin, while some require intense moisturizing even in summers due to severe dry skin, other s are sick of the oil that surfaces on their face. People who have oily skin are more pone to acne while oily skin also needs more cleaning than any other type of skin. But there is one advantage of having oily skin- it does not shows signs of aging for a longer time due to intense moisturizing the oil glands provide.

Looking after oily skin is important to keep your skin looking radiant and beautiful. Acne can rear its ugly head if you do not take proper care. Due to over productive oil glands, removing excess oil becomes important otherwise, the grime collects on the face blocking the pores and leading to microbial growth that leads to acne.

Clean it with plenty of warm water to remove extra oil and clean your face with a gentle soap which removes the grime and dust collected on the surface of the skin. Rinse your face and apply an astringent or toner with upward and outward strokes. It is better to use herbal and gentle skin products that do not rob your skin of the essential moisturizer nor disturbs the pH balance of the skin. Harsh chemicals irritate the skin and can sometimes lead to Reactive Seborrhea, when the oil glands below the skin surface start over producing oil, to counter the loss of natural skin moisture. Thus, the skin starts dehydrating making the topmost layer to shrink and shrivel up, restricting the flow of oil and oil starts clogging the pores leading to acne growth.

It is best to use a cleanser which has a base of salicylic acid for cases when Seborrhea strikes and avoid using intense moisturizing creams. In case, you have a tendency to have scaly oily skin, you can use a cleaning exfoliate on a regular basis with a light moisturizing cream after that. Clay masks are good alternatives when you need to remove excess oil from your face. Sensitive skins need light colored clay masks. Wash your face with warm water to remove the mask and apply a non greasy moisturizer. Although oily skin can be irritating especially in hot weather, it does not show signs of aging for a longer time, so keep it clean to look radiant and attractive.

Anita R writes for onestoptreatment.COM that provides information on all aspects of finding oily Skin Care products. The information provide by our Skin Care EXPERT! You can find more details and tips about Skin Care Treatments in our education center.

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The Easy Approach To Training For Aggressive Dogs

By Taron Fox

The Easy Approach To Training for Aggressive Dogs
Puppies are extremely cute. Aggressive behavior from a puppy is often mistaken by the owner as playful behavior, but as a puppy grows into a dog aggressive playful behavior can become very intimidating and they need to learn, training for aggressive dogs techniques before its too late.

Not all-training methods suit aggression in dogs, some of these methods can make it worse. Obtaining the correct knowledge in dog training for aggressive behavior can turn an intimidating dog into a life long friend.

Training for aggressive dogs needs a professional approach, plus professional techniques. A good place to start is at veterinarians to determine the behavior is not medical or environmental.
Once these factors are dismissed knowledgeable proven techniques on how to treat aggressive dog behavior is the next step.

As an aggressive dog owner, always take into account the responsibilities and dangers while training for aggressive dogs. Be especially aware of the public and strangers that are unfamiliar to your dog and act responsibly by not putting others in danger, or by putting your dog into stressful or anxious situations. Socializing your dog with other dogs and humans can help tremendously, but precautions must be taken for example muzzles and strong leads that reduce the risk of injury to others.

A time-tested advice given by vets in training for aggressive dog behavior is to get your dog spayed or neutered, this can take a lot of the natural aggression away.

A lot of dog owners turn to punishment or confinement as a first reaction to aggressive dog behavior. Punishment only causes more fear and anxiety, leading to more aggression. An already aggressive dog further punished could attack.

Many owners ask how to help an aggressive dog. Aggression is usually learned and encouraged as a puppy, in games such as tug of war, when a dog can gain the upper hand over his owner. Its important to determine you are in charge right from the start.

A dog trained to act on command will often be more loyal and happier in his environment and is less likely to challenge his owner for dominance. Many owners see their dogs as equals this often gives messages to the dog to challenge for dominance, taking control of the owner if given a chance.

A really good way that is a great help in training aggressive dogs, is plenty of praise and compliments when he behaves correctly. Dogs love praise and take pleasure in pleasing their owners and following their commands when properly rewarded.

Training aggressive dogs is not an overnight task and can take time and patience. Persistence will turn an aggressive dog into a happy, well-trained loyal companion, which will make it worthwhile for both of you in the end.

Never give up on an aggressive dog. Click here to discover the easy approach to training for aggressive dogs.

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The Six Components of Chronic Pain

By Barry K Hughes

The 6 Components of Chronic Pain
When you think of your pain, you probably think of it as one uniform entity. You may think "My pain is worse today "or "I wish it would go away." In reality, what we call pain can be broken down into several different aspects. By looking at these aspect one at a time, you can better understand your unique situation.

The Pain Experience - refers to your personal and subjective experience of pain sensations. The experience is unique to each person, and can't be measured or confirmed by someone else. It is entirely what you feel.

Physical Injury and Damage is related to actual damage to tissue. In acute pain, this relationship is usually pretty clear (e.g., with a broken arm). With chronic pain, there is often less connection to physical injury, since the body may just be sending signals that have outlived their usefulness.

Medical Test Findings - refers to the results of medical tests like x-rays or MRI scans. This component is different than physical injury, since a lack of medical test findings does not necessarily mean there is not some undetected physical injury.

Suffering - includes not only pain, but all the negative emotional complications that can go along with it: depression, fear, anxiety, and anger. These do not always go hand in hand; it is possible to decrease your suffering even in the face of chronic pain.

Disability - refers to the interference of pain with things that you've liked to do in the past, such as work, play with your kids or grandkids, or engage in recreational activities. Level of disability is related to your actual pain level, as well as to complicating emotional factors.

Pain Behavior - includes the part that can be seen by others. Pain behavior may be a verbal expression of discomfort, limping because of back or leg pain, or just a grimace or wince when in pain. Pain behavior can effect how other people interact with you; for example, when a person exhibits little pain behavior, other people may not understand the degree of your pain.

Alternatively, some people find being around someone with a lot of behavior frustrating.

I strongly encourage you to think about where you're at with each of these components. Analyze the areas in which you feel you are having the most difficulty. Try to find areas where you can make changes that will improve the quality of your life.

As an example, you may find that while you can't change the fact that you're not able to work at this time (disability), you may, through exercise or hypnosis or yoga, improve your perception of the severity of your pain (experience).

You may not be able to have an impact on your experience, but by altering your activities and engaging in more things you find pleasurable, you may be able to reduce the level of suffering you experience in your day to day life.

Rather than being overwhelmed by your experience try breaking it down into these smaller pieces, and looking for ways you can make small changes that can add up to a big improvement in your quality of life.

Barry Hughes, Ph.D. is a psychologist and publisher of Chronic Pain Alternatives which provides "Resources and Information for People with Chronic Pain." He has built this site using Site Build It the easiest way to translate your passion onto the Web.

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Dressing For The Outdoors

By Eriq Powers

Have you ever been caught outdoors without an umbrella or raincoat? Do you remember how it felt? First you got wet, then cold, then miserable? Perhaps things became a bit more worrisome - your teeth began chattering, your fingers and toes got "frost nip," you began shivering uncontrollably. Every year thousands of people are caught unprepared by a sudden change in the weather. For many, the situation becomes even more desperate, leading to hypothermia, frostbite, and sometimes death. Following a few simple rules can make the difference between a fun adventure and a miserable and potentially dangerous one.

When planning your next outdoor adventure - be it a hike in the woods or a multi-day backpacking trip - keep these rules in mind:

Check the Weather- Before heading into the outdoors, it is important to check the weather reports for the next couple of days. Knowing what to expect will help you in deciding which clothing will be appropriate for your outdoor adventure.

Leave a Note- If you are planning to head into the wilderness (anything away from telephones and people) be sure to let someone know your plans - where you will be, what you will be doing, when you expect to return. In the event of an emergency people will be able to get to you quicker if they know where to look!

Dress in Layers- Wearing multiple layers will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Remember the three-layer system - base layer, mid/insulating layer, and outer/shell layer. Adding or removing a layer helps your body adapt to changes in your activity level and temperature. Here are a few rules of thumb:

Base Layer- The base layer is the one next to your skin - your underwear. Although you might think it's relatively unimportant, choosing an appropriate base layer can make a huge difference in your comfort level. In winter, a wise choice for your base layer is non-cotton long underwear (tops and bottoms) made of either a natural fiber (silk or wool), or a synthetic fiber (polypropylene, nylon). The benefit of choosing non-cotton over cotton underwear is the way that the fabrics react to water. Cotton fibers are hydrophilic - they absorb water -- whereas non-cotton fibers are hydrophobic - they repel water. As more water is absorbed, less heat is retained, which translates to you getting colder faster. Choosing hydrophobic materials will allow both perspiration and rain to be repelled from the body - thus enabling your body to retain heat for longer periods of time.

Insulating layer- The insulating layer is the layer between the base layer and the shell. As before, choosing a non-cotton insulating layer will help to retain heat and wick perspiration away from the body. Two of the most popular choices for insulating layers are wool and polyester fleece. Not all polyester fleece is created equal! The thicker the garment, the more heat it will retain. For thicker garments, be sure there is some way to vent the heat, either through pit-zippers, front zippers, or both. There is such a thing as being too warm!

Waterproof/Breathable Shell- The shell layer is the first line of defense against the elements. Choosing a jacket that is "water resistant" will help protect you from an early fall shower but might not be as effective during a late spring deluge. Choosing a jacket that is "waterproof" (such as a PVC rain slicker or poncho) may keep the rain out, but without the benefit of breathability you could become soaked in your own sweat. Breathable/waterproof fabrics (such as the venerable Gore-Tex) will provide the optimum combination - both keeping the rain off and letting the sweat out. Once again, choosing a garment with vents (pit-zippers and front zippers) will provide better temperature control.

Protecting the Extremities- A wool or fleece hat will help with heat retention and can be easily removed to prevent overheating.

Wool or other non-cotton socks are a must for outdoor comfort. Warm even when wet, wool/poly-blend socks can be worn in winter or summer and can even help with blister prevention.

No matter what level of adventure you are planning, by using a sensible layering system and following a few simple rules you can avoid exposure and potential danger in the outdoors.
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Euro Vanity - Renovate Your Bathroom in Style

By Jason Delmar

A great idea to "class up" your old looking bathroom is to try the new styles of bathroom vanities that are available. One of the most popular is the Euro Vanity. However, up until now the Euro Vanity has been out of reach to the average spender. It is an expensive looking piece of bathroom furniture and its price justified the exquisite look. Unfortunately, if you go to the big box retail supply stores you might still be spending a lot of money for this new style bathroom vanity. Also, beware, these large home centers inflate prices and sell you vanities that are not made of wood. They may look like wood and might have a wood front; but the rest of the vanity is a little bit above strong cardboard.

Recently some large importers have brought in real wood cabinets that are not only of great quality, but are less money than the retail vanities. Going online to a kitchen and bathroom website will save you time and money. To further your savings, try an RTA cabinet. RTA stands for ready to assemble cabinets and they are fast becoming the best way to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. The Euro Vanity is available online at various RTA cabinets' sites for 30% to 40% less than buying it at a store!

The other amazing part of these cabinets is "the parts" themselves. The cabinet and vanities are made of solid wood, and they come with a specially designed sink bowl that extends out from the front of the cabinet (the curves in the front really helps to break of the straight lines that are traditionally found in a bathroom). You're getting a higher quality product at a better price. How can the price and quality be so much better?. This is because the cabinets or vanities are "RTA".

Don't worry, the vanities only have one sheet of directions and can be easily put together with a single flat head screw driver. They use a cam lock system that utilizes pegs and locking system that creates a snug fit.

So start shopping for your Euro Vanity online and you will see the savings. A modern look with a touch of sophistication that will dress up any bathroom.

Find out the secret to getting your dream bathroom without paying the high prices of retail. Whether you are looking for a furniture vanity, euro vanity, or a traditional bathroom cabinet, I can show you how to save hundreds on the bathroom of your dreams!

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Enjoy Yourself In A Sexy String Bikini

By Joel Semmel

If you are lucky enough to have a body type that works well in bikinis, you should look at purchasing string bikinis this summer. With many different prints and solid colors to choose from, this swimwear will definitely turn some heads. The prices on many string bikini swimsuits, won't break the bank, either.

String bikinis have been created with a wide variety of women in mind. Solids in basic black, pastels and bright tropical hues allow any woman to find something they will enjoy. Wild animal prints and patriotic designs give the purchaser the opportunity to find an outlet for how they feel inside. With several string bikinis in your wardrobe, you can find different outward forms of self expression each time you go to the beach or pool.

Including several different types of two-piece swimsuits to your wardrobe can add some variety to your beach attire. There is a wide assortment of tankinis, camkinis and clubkinis for all your beach and casual needs. The sexy string bikini can be your first choice when the day will start and end at the beach, while the other styles can be added on days when you party well into the night.

If you are thinking that this extensive collection of swimwear will cost you a fortune, you can think again. Quality string bikinis start at just $25! With sale items available constantly, it is easy to find a bathing suit that will fit your budget. With a price tag that competes very well with all other designer swimwear companies, string bikinis have a place in every woman's closet this summer.

When you purchase a string bikini this summer, not only will you look good, but you will feel good! When you wear sexy, attractive swimwear, confidence naturally follows. Having that added self-esteem will make others sit up and take notice.

Whether you are looking at the sexy string bikinis or gorgeous one-piece bathing suits, you will always find multiple pieces of swimwear that may fulfill your needs. Go online and look at the wide selection of swimwear today!

Joel Semmel is the President of JABS International Inc. JABS runs an e-commerce store that sells Junior and Missy swimwear, beach wear, and resort wear:

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What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

By Raynor James

There are so many different tips out there for home sellers, but most of those tips tell you what to do in order to make a sale. How often do you find an entire article dedicated to listing those things that you should not do when selling your home? Believe it or not, there are some common mistakes that home sellers often make, and these, seemingly, miniscule faults can really turn away your best potential buyers.

First, you have probably been told to remove any children and animals from your home, but many home sellers still feel as though "Fido" is entirely harmless. While your beloved best friend may be great with strangers, many people will become immediately turned off at the site of your dog running down the driveway, or meeting them at the front door. Instead, bring your pooch to a puppy pound for the day, and avoid making the first crucial home selling mistake.

Next, clean up your basement. Many people feel as though a basement is, well, a basement, which means that it will remain wet, smelly, and moldy, even during an open house. People understand that basements simply look like dark caves, right? Wrong. Many prospective home buyers will not appreciate the sight of a dingy basement, so clean it up. If you can't find the cause of your wet and leaky basement, check underground drains, rain gutters, and downspouts.

Then, call the exterminator. If you are thinking, "what? I don't have bugs!" think again. Almost every home has some sort of insect living within the walls, and there is nothing creepier than witnessing a spider make its way across a kitchen table during a buyer visit. Play it safe, and call an exterminator before you put your home on the market.

Finally, leave your house. That's right, leave. During an open house, ask a friend or relative to sit there while people visit. Most buyers do not want to be bothered by home owners while they are viewing a house. Home owners tend to hover around buyers pointing out things along the way, which is really a nuisance for those people seeking to look in peace. Instead, leave your home and let buyers look around to their heart's content. If they want more information, leave a guest book out for them to sign, and return calls promptly.

If you abide by these rules, you can easily avoid making a giant mistake. While you may be told what to do in order to sell your home, pay closer attention regarding the things that you mustn't do, and your home will sell in no time.

Raynor James writes articles on real estate issues. You can list your home for sale by owner, FSBO, for 1 month free at her site -

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Make Your Passion Profitable

By T Dorsey

Once you have found your life purpose, how do you stay true to it? What if living your life purpose does not enable you to make a living? How do you stay the course of the journey when your purpose does not produce enough visible money to enable you to pay your bills?

Often people wonder how they can pursue their passion and meet their financial obligations with ease. One approach to achieving this goal is to begin doing what you are passionate about as a part-time venture while still maintaining your full time employment. Look for opportunities to free lance or do work on a contract basis. This way you test the waters instead of plunging headfirst.

Also, network with people already in the industry you want to enter. You can find out how others made their passion profitable. Do not be timid about asking others for advice. People like talking about their successes. You may also learn about opportunities you can take advantage of without 'quitting your day job' just yet.

As my business as a storyteller got more profitable, I stopped doing birthday parties, coffee houses and other small venues because the clients had limited funds and my work was shaping up to be more suitable for larger venues. At the time, I knew a budding storyteller and I passed those gigs on to her. Not only did she get an opportunity to make money at her passion, but also with a recommendation from me, clients who may not have given a newcomer a shot, were now ringing her phone.

Another approach to ensuring that your life purpose is profitable is to be certain not to narrowly define your life purpose. Brainstorm different ways you can do the work you love. Think about non-traditional avenues to pursue your passion. Explore unconventional methods. Let's say your passion is to have your own therapy practice. If you define your purpose that narrowly (own my own therapy practice) then you limit the opportunities available to you. Define your purpose more broadly such as:

"My life purpose is to use my skills as a mental health practitioner to help couples and families live happier, healthier lives."

Do you see how other avenues become possible with this broadly defined purpose? You could conduct workshops on parenting. You could write articles for industry publications. You could do weekend seminars on subjects related to families and relationships.

To assist you in defining your life purpose and to allow for maximum opportunities, you should write a mission statement. This statement should define what you want to do; for whom you want to do it; and why you want to do it. In our example above:
  • What = use my skills as a mental health practitioner
  • For whom = couples and families
  • Why = to help them live happier and healthier
Having a mission statement also gives you clarity about your life purpose. Your mission statement can be your beacon of light to help you stay the course on your journey to purpose.
To summarize, to make your passion profitable:

• Begin with a part-time venture
• Network to find out how others did it
• Look for unconventional methods
• Broadly define a mission statement of your purpose

Consistently apply these tactics. Stay positive. Keep the faith. Soon you will find that the profits begin to roll in.

T. Dorsey is an author, performing and teaching artist who uses stories, poetry and songs to inspire and heal others. After many years in corporate America working as a training consultant, she followed her heart and stepped out on faith. T. Dorsey's e-book, Journey to Purpose: Simple Guide to Discovering Your Life Purpose ( is powerful tool that can help you find your life calling. For more personal development tips, check out T. Dorsey's blog

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Market Your Home Like A Pro

By Raynor James

Professional advertisers tend to pull in excellent salaries due to the fact that they know how to sell anything. When it comes to selling your own home, start thinking like a pro.

Marketing is the key to selling your own home, and whether you work for a multi billion dollar advertising agency, or whether you simply want to sell your home, the tricks of the trade remain the same.

By now, you have probably heard all about posting flyers all across your town and placing a few signs upon your lawn, but there are some other advertising tactics that you may not have thought about yet. Sometimes, selling your home can border on the obsessive when it comes to marketing and advertising, but know this - those that go to all extents to market their home often come out on top. If you want to sell your home for the price that you have in mind, keep reading.

Let's start with the internet. There are MLS listings and other paid services that are certainly worth your time, and then there are those websites that many people don't seem to think about when selling their home. Free sites such as Craigslist, Backpage, and MyFizbo are all excellent ways to begin marketing your home. Posting on any of the above sites is easy and self explanatory, and in most cases listing your home will only take a few moments of your time.

Websites are a great place to start, but there are other tricks that any superb advertiser will have up their sleeves, and that excellent advertising guru is about to be you. Head to your local office store and order a set of business cards with all your home information listed on them.
Once your business cards are all ready to go, take the habit of putting a card inside of every piece of mail that you send out. The idea here is to generate "word of mouth," which is also known as "priceless, free, advertising." Love the idea of creating your own business cards? Just wait - there are a few more, excellent, attention grabbing tips coming up.

The next thing that you will need to do is to become an email pro. Use your email in the same way that you would use the post, and start to send out weekly email flyers. Think about all those people that you have emailed over the years - how many of them are looking for a home right now? Advertising is the key to selling your home, and though it may seem frustrating at times do not give up. Keep on thinking of new and inventive ways to sell your home, and you will have more potential buyers than you can handle in no time at all.

Raynor James writes articles on real estate issues. You can list your home for sale by owner, FSBO, for 1 month free at her site -

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Bill And Hillary - The Shame Of It All

By Richard Raciti

Bill and Hillary Clinton are often referred to as the "Clinton Machine" because of the guerrilla tactics they supposedly use on their enemies. Many in Washington suffer from the Clinton fear factor due to this political urban legend. The unwritten rule is that nobody messes with the Clintons. That is unless you want to have your badly beaten body discovered on the shores of the political cesspool that Washington becomes when a Clinton is in office. Bill Clinton is the only U.S. President in history that brought down the property value of the White House during his presidency. The neighbors couldn't wait for the Clintons to move out. Why anyone would want the Bonnie and Clyde of politics back in the White House is beyond my comprehension. Here are just some of the many scandals associated with the Clintons. After reading the following list anyone with the common sense of an ashtray could tell that they are not to be trusted and they should never be allowed to hold any political office on the United States. I would also like to further recommend that they be deported to China immediately and the Clinton Memorial Library in Arkansas be closed down and reopened as a Hooters.

Most of Clinton's involvement in the Whitewater scandal took place while Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Whitewater is the name given to the alleged banking and real estate scandals of Clinton and his friends. After money loss and a failed real estate venture, an illegal method to recover the losses was conceived. The scandal involves Clinton allegedly pressuring Arkansas Small Business Administration (SBA) worker David Hale into making an SBA loan to Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. The money from the loan was then funneled out with cashier checks and personal accounts (many under false names) to pay for Clinton's debts from the failed Whitewater land project. In other words, tax dollars bailed Bill and Hillary out of a financial crisis after illegal means were used to acquire them.

The President's friends and land deal associates, Fmr. Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Jim and Susan McDougal, who were involved in Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan and the Whitewater land deal, were recently convicted for their involvement in the scandal. Subpoenaed billing records of the Rose Law Firm, which Hillary Clinton worked for and which is involved in Whitewater, mysteriously showed up in the White House in January 1996. Among the finger prints on these records were those of Hillary Clinton. While this case has been open for several years, facts are still being revealed. President Clinton testified on behalf of his convicted friends during their trial. After countless trials and hearings, Susan McDougal refuses to speak on the issue, though a bailout check signed by her, and with Clinton mentioned on it, has been displayed as evidence Mysteriously, few reasons exist for her to remain silent except what many allege to be pressure and/or threats from Bill Clinton. This scandal is still under investigation. Over a dozen convictions have come from it thus far.

This scandal involves Hillary's investment of approximately $1,000 in cattle futures. Not much later $100,000 had been "earned." In other words, Hillary invested a small amount of money and made a several thousand percent profit from it under very questionable circumstances.

The Clintons fired seven white house travel office employees in favor of hire cousins and friends. The employees were lifelong employees in good standing. After stating no other reason for the firings than the employees were viewed as disloyal to the administration, officials began to question the White House. Soon after the firings were questioned, the White House allegedly used the FBI to investigate the employees then attempted to ruin the worker's reputation by making the fact of an FBI investigation public. Travel employees ended up spending their life savings defending themselves in court against the false charges. Further investigation revealed that former travel office chief Billy Dale's FBI file was among the nine hundred plus requested files of Filegate.

Gennifer Flowers:
In 1992 Clinton denied a 12 year affair with Gennifer Flowers. She taped phone calls with him but he claimed they were false. After appearing on television branding Flowers a liar and strongly denying the relation, Clinton has again changed his story. Now he has admitted to at least some of the affair. It ironically turns out Clinton is the liar.

Vince Foster
Soon after Clinton lawyer Vince Foster committed suicide in a Washington park under mysterious circumstances, his office was cleared out. Along with his office went the Whitewater billing records and several key pieces of evidence. Evidence suggests that Clinton associate Bernard Nussbaum purposely delayed access to the office to investigators. Not to mention the mysterious suicide in which there is some hint that evidence was tampered with. Witnesses have testified they saw Clinton aides clearing the supposedly sealed office.

Years after they had disappeared from Vince fosters office, subpoenaed Whitewater billing records appeared in the White House. In January of 1996 an aide stumbled across them sitting on a table in the White House. They couldn't have been sitting their all these years unnoticed. Hillary's finger prints were on them.

Paula Jones
Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton after alleging he exposed himself to her in an Arkansas hotel room. After inviting her to what was supposed to be a promotion. Jones claims she was pressured by Clinton as he made advances on her. Though the administration has fought the entire way, refusing to cooperate with investigation while constantly attacking Jones's credibility, the case has been successful in revealing many more scandals of the Clinton presidency. Although the case was thrown out, it was successful in uncovering several other of Clinton's affairs as well as declaring that the president is not above the law (supreme court). More may come of this one with an appeal. Now that the Supreme Court has specifically defined sexual harassment, the Jones case has a good chance of coming back! Clinton has also become the first US president cited for contempt of court. His testimony under oath was ruled as both false and designed to be evasive and obstruct the course of the Paula Jones case. Clinton faces being disbarred and a potential of over a million dollars in fines due to this contempt charge.

Lincoln Bedroom:
DNC donors were allowed to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom for a contribution of $150,000. Make your reservations now by contacting the Gore 2000 campaign. I'm sure Bill will help out his friend on the campaign. This just proves that the Clinton White House is for sale...or at least for rent by the hour.

Attempts were made by Communist China to funnel money to the Clinton campaign and influence elections in 1996. Charlie Trie, one of Bills trusted DNC fundraisers, attempted to funnel this money. When faced with indictment he fled to China for refuge. Another money funneler for the communists and Clinton campaign, Johnny Chung, is now in jail. The funds came from divisions of the Chinese army, one of which had been caught only months earlier while attempting to smuggle AK-47's to LA street gangs. This is the government of CHINA! Amidst the sex scandals another DNC fundraiser scandal, Johnny Chung, openly admitted to knowingly taking funds from the Chinese government. Chung also testified that the DNC knew the source of this money was communist China. They accepted it anyway. The money is said to have been funneled through Chinese government official Liu Chao-ying then Chung and then to the DNC.

Even more revealing was that Liu Chao-ying, daughter of Liu Hauqing (recent head of the Chinese military and top official of the Chinese communist party) and a Peoples Liberation Army and Chinese space agency official, attended a DNC fundraiser. Here she was photographed with Clinton. Chung also visited the White House over 45 times. Chung took several thousand dollars from China and contributed them to a partisan candidate for President of the United States and leader of the free world. Johnny Chung testified under oath to Congress on his admitted relations with the Chinese government and the ties to the President. Ironically Chung is one of a very small number of people who had greater White House access than Monica Lewinsky!
Chung is said to have made over 50 visits compared to Monica's 39! Even better, only a week later Charlie Trie entered a guilty plea for his fundraising crimes and agreed to talk with investigators! Who next? Well it happened to be John Huang! Huang, another Clinton cronie, pled guilty to funneling Chinese funds less than a week after Trie!

The Lewinsky affair:
Monica Lewinsky made 37 visits to the White House AFTER she left to another job. She admitted in taped phone calls to a long affair with Bill Clinton in the oval office. Her account has only been reinforced by an immunity agreement in which she gave testimony of the affair. Also suggested was that Bill Clinton gave her instructions to hide the matter. A Secret service agent testified of escorting her to Clinton. Lewinsky turned over a stained dress from which DNA has positively traced the stain to Bill Clinton. Also turned over were answering machine tapes and a photograph. Bill Clinton admitted to a relationship, one he long denied, on August 17, 1998. In doing so he destroyed his credibility and let down all who had spent the previous seven months defending him. It takes a great arrogance to think of oneself as above the law. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying in grand jury deposition and for obstruction of justice in attempt to cover-up as a direct result of this scandal.

Along with the Lewinsky scandal comes evidence that she was instructed how to hide the affair by Clinton and offered a job by Vernon Jordan - as an "incentive" to remain quiet. It's kind of stretching it to think of this as all a mere coincidence. Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice surrounding the job offering.

Bill's Plan to Distract the American People: Bomb Somebody Although the following military actions may have been justified their timing has been staged as a shameful political diversion from Clinton's headline making scandals.

Three days following a disastrous attempt at apology on August 17, 1998 Bill Clinton launched a missile attack on several facilities in an attempt to halt terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Though this attack was necessary, Clinton seems to have purposely delayed it for political reasons. The attack on Bin Laden had in fact been proposed over a week in advance but was delayed by Clinton. Clinton then acted when he felt it was politically appropriate.

The day following a settlement with Paula Jones, Clinton made an aborted strike on Iraq.
Clinton acted at an excellent time for press coverage. He successfully kept the Jones settlement off the news for an entire weekend.

One day before he was to be impeached, Clinton called an uncharacteristic suprise air attack on Iraq. Though the stated reason was refusal to allow UN weapons inspections, one must note that Saddam Hussein acted no differently than he had in the preceding six months. Though Hussein's actions have long warranted a military strike, Clinton prevented any action until the time suited him. To delay his inevitable impeachment, Clinton put American lives in the line of fire by striking Iraq. This action alone constitutes one of the lowest forms of political manipulation and abuse of power that America has ever seen.

Looting the White House:
Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House with their pockets full of silverware, furniture, and pretty much everything else they could grab that wasn't theirs. Included was a multi thousand dollar furniture set belonging to the interior department, which the Clintons had tried to claim as a gift before being forced to return it under pressure and outrage. I'm surprised they didn't rip the copper piping out of the walls.

Pardon Me:
On the night before and morning of his departure from office, Bill Clinton made several controversial "midnight" pardons. Aside from pardoning political allies and scandal co-conspirators such as Susan McDougal, Henry Cisneros, and his brother Roger, Bill pardoned fugitive criminal millionaire Marc Rich. Rich was charged in the early eighties with several felony offenses but fled to Switzerland to avoid facing trial. Among Rich's crimes were oil deals with Iran during the hostage crisis and ties to arms smuggling. Amazingly, Clinton completely disregarded pardon protocol in the Rich case and failed to properly inform many authorities in the justice department of Rich's fugitive status. The story becomes more interesting considering that Marc Rich's ex wife Denise, who fought for his pardon, is a close Clinton friend and DNC donor. Denise Rich gave $1 million in contributions to the DNC, $450,000 to Bill Clinton's library fund, and $70,000 to Hillary Clinton's senate campaign according to the Washington Times (2/22/00). The Rich pardon appears to be a political pay off and, though the president may constitutionally pardon anyone, it appears he abused his authority in exchange for political donations. Clinton's pardon of Rich has prompted criticism from even the most liberal Clinton defenders and several prominent Democrats. Former President Carter called the pardon "disgraceful" while Senator Tom Harkin and even Rep. Barney Frank criticized it! But that is by no means all. Hillary Clinton's brother Hugh Rodham was paid over $400,000 dollars for successfully fighting for pardons and commutations for criminals Carlos Vignali and Almon Glenn Braswell, two included in Clinton's last minute pardons and commutations list. Upon the eve of this story breaking, Hillary and Bill denied any knowledge of Hugh's involvement and, under pressure, called on him to return the money. Translation: they got caught. Again.

Richard Raciti

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New Arrival Baby Gifts To Make Them Go Ga-Ga

By Brian Connors

The unique episode in life involving the birth of an innocent child changes one's perspective on what is truly important. It's a cause for celebration to be shared by others who wish the parents and the infant only the best. New arrival baby gifts is a way to express one's joy and best wishes regarding these life changing circumstances.

One option to consider is the mailing of Baby Gift Baskets to send your message of congratulations and support. There is a variety of such that can contain both practical essentials for the parents and cuddly cute stuff for the new prince or princess to play with. This new arrival baby gifts option also has an efficiency involved that can save you valuable time. How so?
The internet is a vast pool of information as known by most active people. The use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc gives people the option to search for information regarding specific themes, people, events and products such as Baby Gift Baskets. The magic begins when one finds the gift from a worthy online purveyor that would best send the right message in their right price range.

The next step is simply to use one's typing skills to fill in the necessary spaces for shipping, billing and safe credit card entry. There's also a space in which the purchaser can place a custom message of best wishes for the family regarding its newest member. The entire effort can take only a few minutes allowing you to circumvent the traditional burden of the voyage to and fro the hectic mall scene.

This new arrival baby gifts strategy is a win-win-win situation. The parents of the newborn are granted a most welcomed treasure to use on behalf of their beloved addition. The baby is bestowed precious items to make better what being a baby is all about. Lastly, your economy of effort to bring about the situation will leave you time to pursue other matters in your everyday life. The Ga Ga's would be felt by everyone involved!

Take the advice of and make the move to welcome a new baby to the world in the most efficient way. Make others happy while keeping your life at the pace you desire and deserve.

Brian is the owner of Gift Basket Paradise and offers his advice on the way to send new arrival baby gifts. He invites you to visit his webpage for Baby Gift Baskets ideas to consider.

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For Better Pictures - Put Your Camera Down

By Thomas T. Dean

Sometimes you have to put your camera down to make a great image. I know what you are saying. How can you make a great image by putting your camera down?

First, putting the camera down and walking around your subject area gives you time to get to know the area. It gives you the opportunity to look at your proposed subject from different perspectives. This is especially important if you are shooting in a new area.

Secondly, putting the camera down lets you become comfortable with the environment of the area you want to shoot. The best images are conceived in your mind and then are captured by your camera. You should take your time and explore all the possibilities.

A. Discover the high areas and low areas.
  • Should you shoot from a low perspective?
  • Should you shoot from a high perspective?
  • Should you shoot head on?
B. Find where the wildlife is.
  • Is there an opportunity to get closer to the wild life if you wait for a while?
  • Does the wildlife have a pattern of movement in the area?
  • Are there noticeable pathways such as deer trails?
C. See the way the light plays across the landscape.
  • What does the landscape look like at morning light or evening light?
  • If you shift your perspective, does it affect the light?
  • Are there opportunities to shoot after sundown?
D. Find the best side of a building if you are shooting architecture.
  • What if your photograph parts of a building rather than the entire building?
  • Is there a better side to the building other than the front?
  • Does time of day change the way the building looks because of heavy shadows or lack of shadows?
Perhaps the greatest advantage of all is that you open yourself up to more images than you originally anticipated. The obvious image is not always the best image. When you put the camera down and walk around you expose yourself to all the opportunities.

Thomas T. Dean has been an avid photographer for over 30 years. Visit his website for more information and photographic examples.

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Bathrobes - Completing Your Bathing Experience

By Niall Roche

Christmas is right around the corner and you're stuck for ideas on what to buy for all those people on your shopping list. What gift idea can you come up with that is useful, budget friendly and actually appreciated by the recipients? Bath robes are a wonderful gift option that work for anyone who enjoys taking a long relaxing bath.

Womens Robes
Any woman will appreciate a luxurious plush white bath robe - it's a classic gift that never goes out of fashion. If you add a small basket of bath products to that you'll have given her a gift she'll remember all year. If the woman you're buying for loves specific colors then consider shopping for a colored robe instead. If you aren't concerned about shopping for absorbent terry cloth robes, you may want to take a look at cotton or polyester women's bath robes that come in almost any conceivable pattern.

If you aren't concerned about looking for discount bath robes, you can shop for silk models or robe and nightgown sets. Shopping for these robes can be much trickier, since they tend to have very different styles and you will need to know the size of the lady you're buying the gift for; always go a size up instead of a size down when choosing items like this.

Mens Robes
The basic mens bath robe tends to come in two basic styles - short or long. If the man you're shopping for spends a lot of time hanging around the house in his boxer shorts you'll probably want to go for the short style. Of course, just like women's bath robes, men's robes also come in other fabrics. You can find checked and striped robes if you think the solid terry models everyone seems to have are too boring.

Kids Robes
Are you worried that robes aren't exactly the most exciting gifts in the whole world? They can be if you shop for the standard terry cloth bath robes that are commonly available. There are many designs and styles that will be popular with children, too.

For starters you can buy character bath robes with almost any popular cartoon character on them. From Spongebob to Disney princesses, you can find a robe that is sure to be a hit with whatever kid you're buying for. Matching slippers are a really great addition, especially since the slippers usually look like stuffed toy characters.

One other really cool bath robe idea for children is the hooden animal bathrobe. Your child can snuggle up in a warm and cozy duck or dog robe after a bath. Once he or she is dry, you'll probably have a bit of a struggle convincing your child that the robe has to hang back up on its hook until the next night's bath!

There's nothing better than stepping from a relaxing bath into a luxury bath robe. Nothing completes the bathing experience quite like your favourite bathrobe.

Find a huge rang of bathrobes online:

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Advantages Of Do It Yourself Complete Home Security Systems

By Caroline Bourke

As technology advances and the cost of technology drops more people are starting to do their own do it yourself complete home security systems. With the products that are available do it yourself complete home security systems are not a bad idea and you not only save yourself money on installation costs but you can also rest assured knowing that a group of strangers did not install your homes security, you did it yourself with one of the many do it yourself home security systems people are creating these days. You just need some basic components.

Door Bolts And Window Locks
The first part of a good do it yourself complete home security system has nothing to do with electronics or cameras. Securing your home is the first step towards good home security and putting in sliding bolts on all of your outside doors and locks on all of your windows will help a great deal in that area. It also makes them more effective if you use them so make sure you lock up your doors and windows every time you leave the house or you lock up for the night.

Lights Outside
No do it yourself system is complete without good lighting. Even the cameras you will install will benefit from good lighting so make sure you install motion detecting lights around the outside of your home and on the perimeter of your property if you are able. The more light you have the more you can see and that is a huge advantage over the intruder that is trying to sneak in under cover of darkness.

You can get wireless, internet ready, stand alone security cameras for $100 each or less that will broadcast a signal on the internet for you to monitor. It is hard to imagine a complete home security system without video surveillance and now you can have video surveillance that is accessible by any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world. It makes any security system simple to set up and use.

All you need after that is a quality computer with a lot of storage space for video surveillance digital images and you are set. Make sure you load a good home security software on that computer and make sure you learn how to use it. Once you realize how powerful your DIY home security system really is you will wonder how you ever felt safe without it.

Caroline Bourke is a full time therapist in Florida. Check out these great Home Security Systems resources and articles or the more general Home Security advice.

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Budgeting Your Money When You Own A Business

By Cl Ang

One of the most difficult things to do when you start a new business is putting together a budget. Without any financial history on which to base income and expenses, it may seem like guesswork, but as part of any business plan a tentative budget can be established with some thought and anticipation for the future.

In most businesses there are two main categories, income and expense. Under your expense category there can be several sub-categories often falling into two main areas of controllable expenses and uncontrollable. While many business owner claim they can control every expense involved in their business, they are simply kidding themselves as some things such as utility cost, the amount of rent and other so-called fixed costs can, and do change, with the owner having no control.

Other expenses such as payroll, insurance and advertising can be subject to a budget, but they are considered controllable expenses. If the business begins to fall off, you can control some of these expenses by laying off employees and cutting back on advertising. However, living by a budget will help maintain profitability in many respects but can also turn against you in the long run.

Depending on the viability of your business it often is a better investment to bite the financial bullet on employee wages and still provide good customer service to the remaining customers until business picks back up. By trying to everything yourself not only will you burn out quickly, but is no one is taking care of the customers, it will not take long until there are no more customers to care for.

There are two ways to budget your business money and that is through set dollar amounts and percentage of income. Many businesses will budget their controllable expenses by the dollar and non-controllable by percentage of income. Obviously a good part of the owner's time is going to be based on bringing money into the business and how much they have to spend on controllable expenses will be in direct relation to income.

For example, a company earning $20,000 a month in income has budgeted six percent for payroll, providing $1,200 for payroll. If the income level rises to $50,000 the budgeted payroll percent does not change but the dollars available for payroll climbs to $3,000. With an obvious increase in business to create the additional income, the owner will probably need the extra help to take care of business.

There are many other expenses that fall into the payroll account such as worker's compensation charges, Social Security tax paid by the employer and paid vacation time or other perks determined by the employer. While a budget may be difficult to establish for a new business, it is a necessary evil for all business owners.

Cherie Ang is the owner of To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:

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