Affiliate Marketing - Making Real Money Online

By John Lung

Most people consider affiliate marketing one of the best ways to start a business online. It is very true that the earning potential of this business is very high. As a result, a lot of people will try to make their living out of the business.

Another reason why people choose to work in this business is that the cost of setting it up can be very low. It can be actually zero cost if you do not wish to spend even a buck on it. In this case you will try to create your affiliate site using some free blogging services such as Google Blogger.

Now, let's talk about how you make money with affiliate marketing. There will merchants who run affiliate programs. You can join these programs and you will get some affiliate links to promote the services or products of the merchants. You will promote these services or products in your website. In most cases you will pre-sell to the visitors of your website. If the visitor eventually decides to buy in the merchant site, the merchant will pay you some commissions.
From this, you will probably understand why you will have the chance to make your living out of affiliate marketing. If you can successfully pre-sell a lot of the visitors, you will be able to make lots of money.

Here, the key to succeed is to consistently promote your affiliate site. You can adapt various ways to promote your website. One of the ways is promoting by article marketing. You will try to promote your site by writing articles. Then you will try to distribute your articles. You will probably try the distribution services out there. These services can help you to save a lot of time on submitting the articles.

On the other hand, you can promote your site by using search engine optimization. By ranking well on the search engines, you will be able to drive targeted traffic to your website. This will certainly mean that you will be able to make more money.

You will also need to aim at niche markets. You should try to find affiliate products suit the market you choose. The advantage of choosing a niche market is that you can make money a lot easier.

The marketing is one of the most important things you need to do in affiliate marketing. If you can promote your website successfully, you will be able to make a lot of money. And you should become a super affiliate when you have more experiences.

John Lung is an affiliate Marketing Coach. You can learn more about Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing from his website. He also runs a SEO Blog. Be sure to check Website Statistics Analysis Tools and Tips.

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How Do You Adjust to Having Diabetes?

By Robin Brain

How do you adjust to the diagnosis of diabetes or to being told that you have one or more of the complications of the disease?

Reacting To The Diagnosis
If you have just received the diagnosis of diabetes or if you have just heard of someone else with diabetes who is suffering from a variety of problems, you may be somewhat fearful. In any case, you know that having this disease will have a significant impact on your life and on your family's life. As our mentor, Dr. Robert L. Jackson, has stated, " This is a disease that has the potential of helping families to grow." As complicated as the management program may seem, Dr. Jackson feels that it can be basically simple: eating nutritious foods to meet the needs of growth and activity levels, taking the amount of medication needed to cover the food and activity, and testing to see whether the decisions have been correct.

When you are first diagnosed, it is not helpful to you when others say that at least it's better than having cancer (or some other disease), however true this may be. Even when they say, " You'll become more healthy because you'll learn how to really take care of yourself," it does not help at first. You're too emotionally involved to be ready to learn at this point. Perhaps you'll even find yourself saying some of these things to others about your diagnosis. Your family and friends may feel awkward around you. You can guide them by telling them that they don't need to say anything; they just need to support you. Simply saying "I'm sorry this has happened to you" or giving you a hug can be enough at this time.

Seek out support people: those with whom you can talk comfortably and to whom you can display your true feelings and thoughts.

Ask your family to keep junk food out of the house; to not tempt you by offering you sweets; to give you an injection now and then (if you were really ill, this would come in handy); to learn how to treat an insulin reaction; and, especially for immediate family members, to attend diabetes education classes with you.

When the emotional edge is less and you start asking questions, then go to a source to learn as much as you can.

If you feel that you really haven't adjusted to the diagnosis of diabetes or to having a complication of the disease, consider some other ways of thinking. Consider the ways of healthy living that are part of your control of diabetes. This knowledge could be shared with others. In the case of a complication, consider being grateful that the complication was discovered at an early stage, if true, or that stabilization of the complication is more possible now than it was 10 years ago. Consider talking to a counselor, pastor, or psychologist. There may never be an answer that satisfies you, but once you can accept the reality that you have diabetes or a complication, grasp this as a challenge, then get actively involved. As noted earlier, in some situations early diagnosis of a complication and improvement of diabetes control can reverse or slow the progress of the complication.

Read more on New Diabetic Information. Check out for Diabetic Supplies US and Specializing Diabetic Supplies.

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Don't Get Hooked Into a Power Struggle Lifestyle

By Foster Cline

Say the words "power struggle" and every parent can relate. Much of our time and energy is spent on resolving power struggles with our kids. Wouldn't it just be a lot easier to avoid them in the first place?

When kids have serious medical issues and other special needs, power struggles can become elevated to the point of desperation. Parents can easily get hooked into a power struggle lifestyle with their special needs child that can, in some cases, become life-threatening.

So let's figure out why our special needs child engages us in power struggles. Some reasons are "kid driven":

- Obviously chronic pain or discomfort leads most of us to be more difficult to be around.
- The lack of control caused by being physically different or sick causes kids (and many adults) to show their need for control at times by being demanding themselves.
- Ill or otherwise disabled children who can't enjoy a lot of the freedoms and options available to other kids often feel like "life's unfair" and can easily slip into the victim role (and most people who feel victimized aren't easy to live with!).

Most of these problems can be handled by parents who show understanding and who talk the problem over with encouragement, acceptance, and if required, a strong dose of taking good care of ourselves. In a very shortened example, a parent might say something along these lines:

- Understanding and acceptance: "Gosh, honey, I know you must feel just awful"
- Exploration: "Tell me about what you are struggling with."
- Encouragement: "I bet you are really proud of the way you cope day in and day out with your health challenges."

And if the complaining appears to be becoming a SOP (standard operating procedure):
"Sweetheart, where do you think you could go to complain where it wouldn't be contagious other folks?"

Some reasons for power struggles are "parent driven":

- Parents often become more demanding when treatment regimens are absolutely necessary.
-Human nature says that when one demands, the other resists!
- Parents may give more demands and fewer choices.
- Pleading parents raise whiney children; guilty-feeling parents raise blaming children.
- Parents who consistently show frustration raise children who are consistently frustrating.

All of these reasons for negative behavior require parents to look at themselves. That can be tough. But it would be nice if the reasons for our children's snarky-ness were due to our parenting styles, personality or shortcomings because that's something that is under our control.

The easiest and quickest way for us to approach this problem (if we parents can bear the feedback) is to approach a friend who has great children our own child's age and ask directly:
"Dillon seems to be giving me quite a bit of trouble lately. You've been around us. Do you see ways that I could be more effective with him? Do I have any personality issues that you see that could be getting in the way?"

Be honest and explore the answers you get. Power struggles are often the same underlying issue being played out over and over again. Understanding our own role in the "power struggle pattern" is an important first step in learning how to avoid them.

Dr. Foster Cline is a child psychiatrist, author, and co-founder of Love and Logic. Lisa Greene is the mother of two children with cystic fibrosis and a parent coach. Dr. Cline and Lisa are co-authors of "Parenting Children with Health Issues: Essential Tools, Tips and Tactics for Raising Kids with Chronic Illness, Medical Conditions and Special Healthcare Needs".

For free audio, articles and other resources, visit

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Debt Management Program - Offers An Way Out Of Debts

By Alex Jonnes

Usually most of the individuals do not think twice before availing loans. Since loans are easily available, borrower uses the opportunity to fulfill their various demands. The real problem arises when the time to comes to repay the borrowed amount. If the borrower misses any repayment it will not only affect his finances but his credit record as well. So it is better to clear away all the debts in time with the help of debt management program.

With the assistance provided by the services, any individual can dispose off all the existing debts without any trouble. The services are very easily available in the financial market, but preference should be given towards using the online mode. There are scores of agencies who are known to provide the services at low cost. Moreover the services providers will also negotiate with the creditors and assist to solve the confronting issues in a hassle free way.

Armed with the services, the borrower gets an opportunity to solve the issue of debts. In fact the company providing the services will talk to the creditor on behalf of the borrower to reduce the high interest rate levied on the debts. With a low interest rate the borrower's monthly outflow of money will be reduced. This in turn allows the borrower to save a lot of money on interest rates.

To completely wipe out the debts, borrower can take the help of debt consolidation loan. With the help of this loan, borrower can easily repay the entire debts. The loan amount is approved with a low interest rate. Now the borrower is not at all required to make multiple payments to multiple creditors. This way borrower can save a lot of money and ultimately work towards improving his financial condition.

Those with bad credit history such as CCJs, IVA, arrears, defaults etc can benefit a lot from this program. By timely repaying the borrowed amount, the borrowers get a chance to improve their credit score.

With debt management program a borrower is not only capable of removing all the debts but also helps him to work towards improving his financial stability.

Alex Jonnes is associated with Easy Debt Consolidations. He is Masters in Business Administration and writes on various finance related topics. To find Debt Management Program, online debt consolidation, debt consolidation loan bad credit, online debt consolidation loan, easy debt consolidations visit

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Learn Guitar Chords - Six Steps To Better Chord Changes

By Gary Fletcher

Are you struggling with your chord changes? It's easy to get your fingers into a frustrating tangle when learning to play chords. Don't worry about it, though, it's normal. With these tips and a little patience you'll get your fingers playing faster than you ever thought they were capable of.

1. No pressure
When learning a new chord practice without pressing the strings. Simply move your fingers into place and touch their tips lightly on the string. Repeat the movement slowly until your fingers move easily into the correct positions.

This technique let's you concentrate on getting your fingers into the right position. It will be a lot easier to press the strings down properly then. It also helps your fingers to relax, when you're in a hurry to get the fingers into position and strum a chord your poor fingers tend to get all tensed up and make more errors.

2. One at a time
Break the movement down by thinking about one finger at a time. Place the fingers lightly on the strings in the position of the chord you're leaving. What movement does each one have to make to get into place for the next chord?

Try to find the smallest possible movement for each finger. When you have a finger that remains on the same string you can use the string as a guide, sliding the finger lightly along it to the destination fret. Experiment to find the easiest movement and don't be afraid to come back and revise after working on other fingers.

3. Follow me!
When working on your fingers one at a time as the previous tip suggests you'll find it's a good idea to choose a lead finger that you place first for each chord.

A finger on the bass strings is generally a good choice to be the lead. This has the advantage of being easier to locate as it's playing the root note of the chord. The other fingers are then placed relative to this root note.

Another advantage is that you can get the bass note in place quickly to play it on the first beat. You can follow up with a strum on a later beat, leaving you a little extra time to get your other fingers in place.

4. Silence is golden
Don't strum or pick while you practice chord fingering, focus on making the chord shapes only with your left hand (or your right, for the lefties out there). Separate the steps like this and learning chords will become much easier for you.

When you've got the fingers moving smoothly into position you can start working on strumming or picking. Start by just pressing the strings down and pick them one by one to ensure they all sound correctly and are not muffled.

Then you can start strumming in rhythm, but remember to go slowly at this point. Don't suddenly be in a rush to play through the chord changes at full speed. If you practice slowly and concentrate on accurate finger placement the speed will come with time and practice.

5. Economy of movement
The less distance your fingers move when changing chords the better.

Beginners frequently lift their fingers away from the strings when releasing a chord. This forces the fingers to move further at each chord change and is a handicap to developing speed.

So, when changing chords, keep your fingers close to the strings, ideally only just releasing contact with them.

6. Relax
Don't get so carried away with your practice that you forget to take a break.

Stretch and wiggle your fingers to relax them. Place your palm on a flat horizontal surface such as a table or your thigh. Let your arm go limp and relax your hand and fingers completely. Take a few slow, deep breaths while you're doing it.

When you resume your practice you'll be more concentrated. You might even be surprised to discover that your playing has improved during the break even while you weren't practicing; while you were doing something else your mind kept working on the problem in the background.

Introduce these six techniques into your practice routine one at a time and you'll be amazed how easy learning new chord changes becomes. You'll have the confidence to tackle songs that you avoid now because you feel the chords are too hard for you to play. Your chords will become cleaner, and you'll be able to change faster and with less mistakes.

So get practicing and polish off those new songs you've been wanting to learn.

Gary Fletcher is an experienced hobby guitarist and writer. He believes that playing music is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Visit where he offers tips and encouragement for those who want to learn and share guitar playing.

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Tips On How To Begin Making Money With AdSense

By Susan Velez

Everyone is looking for tips on how to begin making money with AdSense. However there is no secret to making money with AdSense. I will take the time to list some tips on how to make money with AdSense.

1. Taking Action: This is the most important part if you want to learn how to make money then you must begin taking action. People are more likely to make money if you take action. You can not expect to make money if you never take action.

2. Keywords: This is extremely important if you fail to pick keywords that people search for then your website or blog will just sit there without any visitors. Your goal is to find a niche that people are starving for more information and then begin building a blog or a website on that keyword. It may take you some time to do your keyword research; but it will be worth it when you begin to notice people clicking on your ads.

3. Add Content Daily: Many people begin a blog with full intention of wanting to make money with AdSense. However they do not post daily; Google loves fresh content and the more fresh original content you post Google will give your site love.

4. Use Your Own Content: Many people use content from PLR articles; while this does work and you can earn some money from it. Your site will never rank good because it is not your original content.

5. Start Slow: You will be better of starting off with 1-2 blogs or websites. You do not want to have a lot of websites out there and stretch yourself thin because you will not have the time to add fresh content to it. You do not want to put all your eggs in one basket; however if you have several websites out there on the internet without adding content. It will be just as bad as having no website.

6. Do Not Check Your Earnings To Much: It is exciting when you first begin making money and many people want to check their earnings everyday. You should be focused instead on adding new content. Yes it is okay to check your earnings; but I would suggest that you check once in the morning and then once in the evening.

If you use these tips on how to begin making money with AdSense before you know it you will be getting that check in the mail every month. You have to earn at least $100 before Google will send you a check. With the right amount of dedication and doing something everyday to grow your business you too can begin earning money with AdSense. Internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme if you are looking to get rich quick then you should forget about learning how to make money with AdSense. If you liked these tips on how to begin making money and you are ready to get more information so that you can begin building your AdSense empire today then visit the website below.

Learn how I get a check every month from Google for over $100 without spending any money on advertising. Get all the secrets here.

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Site Promotion - A Comparison Of Ezine Marketing And Article Marketing

By Fabian Tan

Ezine marketing is good, and can even be very effective if the right ezine is targeted. They are good for short-term traffic, but not long-term traffic. You won't really receive much long-term traffic from ads on the sites on an ezine ad broker like '2 Bucks An Ad' because your ad is situated alongside hundreds of other offers. And eventually it gets relegated because newer offers keep coming in.

You can make some money from '2 Bucks An Ad'; people have done it, but it's not going to shake the world. If it was that easy to push out an ad and make hundreds of dollars overnight, Internet marketing would be dead easy. Unfortunately, it rarely is.

Sure, ezine advertising sounds easy. Pay, submit your ad, and watch the traffic and sales come pouring in. It doesn't always work like that.

The thing with article marketing is it's long-term traffic. And that's what you want for a consistent income. Plus, it builds credibility and branding if you have well-written articles.
Outsourcing for articles is a great strategy to consider if you want to do any form of article marketing. It does save a heck of a lot of time especially if writing is not your thing.

So, my verdict? Do both, but focus on article marketing as a long-term strategy and ezine advertising as a short-term strategy. Remember that, and you can't go wrong. Article marketing does cost effort, and it may even cost money, but it will deliver better results on the long-term. It will deliver traffic that just rolls in on autopilot.

Fabian Tan is the author of the free 51-Page Report:

"Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!"

Head over to to get your free copy now before it's gone!

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The Sales Lesson From A Real-Life James Bond

By Praveen Puri

When I was in my early 20's, and working at my first job after college, I met a rich Italian salesman who lived a James Bond lifestyle.

I was at the small North American sales and support office for a much-larger German company. We sold machinery for the packaging industry, and had a salesman with a mechanical engineering degree - who knew our products technically.

We weren't making enough sales - so our company's CEO decided to send their top European salesperson (the Italian) for a year.

He was in his 50's, divorced, and traveled the world - living a life of fast cars and women from many different countries. His exploits were legendary around the company.

He easily outsold our regular sales person.

I became friends with him and found that he wasn't technical at all. Instead, his gift was that he could speak 6 languages fluently - to the point where he could think in them.

He gave me the following Sales Training:

1. Selling is your most important job. From 9am - 5pm (when customers were in their offices), he was always on the phone. He did his routine paperwork before 9 am or after 5 pm.

2. Sell yourself first - He developed a relationship with the prospect.

3. Sell the need for your product second - he educated the customer on why they should have a machine like the one we sold, and how it could help their business.

4. Finally, sell your specific product - after the customer trusted him, and decided that they should have a machine, he would try to sell them one of ours.

5. Be patient - he took a very long-term view. Our German equipment was the best quality-wise, and would last for decades, but some Asian machines cost half as much (but only lasted a few years). Many of his prospects decided to go with the cheaper machines. He told them that they were taking a short-term view, and that they would change their mind. He kept in touch with them and, sure enough, they ended up becoming our customer.

In summary, he acquired leads, and then converted them to prospects. He was willing to build a relationship with them - even if it took years to make a sale.

P.S. I last heard about him about 5 years ago. He got remarried, bought an expensive log home in Wisconsin, and had it shipped and rebuilt in Andorra (a tax haven country between Spain and France).

Praveen Puri has almost 20 years of trading and investment experience - including serving as a consultant to major insurance companies, banks, and the Chicago Board of Trade. He writes about business, trading, and finance on his Simple Trading System blog.

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Search Engine Marketing - How To Use Blogs To Your Advantage!

By Fabian Tan

For many webmasters, blogging is just one part of operating a much larger website. While some people may feel that blogging is a craze that will fade, it does serve as a useful combination of other tools. As an example, if you use a public Yahoo group, or a message board for search engine optimization purposes, you will soon find that a blog is much more convenient to work with.

One of the most important aspects of modern search engine optimization is gaining access to live content. If you update your blog on a daily basis, you will be helping to meet this requirement.
Among other things, if you sign up for a Blogspot account, you may even be able to find a way to update your blog from your cell phone.

Over the years, website popularity has emerged as one of the most important factors in successfully getting your site listed in the top ten listings for a keyword. You can achieve this in a number of different ways. As an example, you can register multiple domain names and include your keywords in their names. That said, domain spamming is causing a number of sites to lose their ranking.

You can use blogs to gain link popularity without the risks associated with domain registration. Not only is this cheaper, your registration with different blog hosts will make it difficult for the search engine to determine that the same person is actually running all of the separate blogs. Considering that newer search engine spiders are being designed to thwart domain spamming, it is to your best interest to keep your website clear of it.

Fabian Tan is the author of the free 51-Page Report:

"Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!"

Head over to to get your free copy now before it's gone!

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Blogging - How To Use Meta Tags To Boost Your Blog For Greater Traffic

By Fabian Tan

Even though meta tags are rarely used by search engines for page ranking purposes, they still play a role in the ranking of individual blog posts. In particular, you may find that meta tags are very important to your blogs ranking in various blog indexes. When used properly, you may also find that they will help you create and maintain the focus of your blog.

As may be expected, most search engines give little credence to the meta tags specified by webmasters. This occurred largely because websites incorporated meta tags that had little relevance to the content of the website. When you are listing meta tags, it is important to make sure that they match the content of your post. Ideally, you will select keywords that are found in your post, and are also relevant to your overall blog theme.

Today, some blog services offer a breakdown of all meta tags that you list in your blogs. This is very useful for evaluating if you are staying on focus with the theme of your blog. As an example, you may have a blog dedicated to laptop printers. If you don't see "laptop printers" listed often, you may want to consider amending that in future posts to your blog.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of tags related to video games, it may be an indicator that you need to change the focus of your current blog, or start a new one just for video games. That said, if you are generating a lot of traffic to your blog, you will also want to see what search terms are drawing the most attention. You can always create new blog addresses for less popular terms.

Fabian Tan is the author of the free 51-Page Report:

"Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!"

Head over to to get your free copy now before it's gone!

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The Secret To Success in Internet Marketing - Or Why You Might Not Be Successful

By David L Paul

Once again the ugly question has been posed to me from a would be internet millionaire- what is the real "trick" to making money. This was asked after I had just spent two whole days trying to impart information about websites and why you need one, getting traffic to your site, converting traffic into sales, and so on. I has frustrated me for years that the folks I try to help never seem to listen to what I am trying to tell them- instead they are always waiting for the "real secret", you know, the one that doesn't require education, experience, and hard work. Believe me, I've been looking for years, and there isn't any shortcut to success. Problem is, there are so many marketers and their minions screaming to the top of their lungs that you can "passively generate millions of dollars on autopilot" or "make 7,777 dollars a week while you walk the dog".

The noise that they generate makes my attempts at bringing reason to the mix sound like a whisper in a hurricane! But like a fool I keep trying. Why? Because I see the damage that is done every single day. I know it isn't what the average marketer wants to hear, but barring a few exceptions, you are going to have to work hard, be consistent, and probably spend considerable time before you will ever see any significant amount of money. I didn't make what I consider to be a living wage until my third year online. Now I will grant you that if I had to start all over again it would not take as long because I know how to do it now. The nature of the internet is one of hype, and almost always what you hear is either blown way out of proportion, or simply being repeated over and over by other marketers trying to jump on the easy money bandwagon.I know that many of you that read these words have experienced what I am talking about, and many of you still believe that there is easy money to be made with little or no work.

I would never want to try and discourage anyone from learning the hard way, so I won't spend a lot of time trying to dissuade you. Well, having said all of this, I want to talk about some good things, too. The internet is the only place that you can open a business for little or even no money. You can't even compare it to what it would take to open a brick and mortar business.
I've done that, and it takes a whole lot more time and work to get into the black, and then you still have to struggle to keep it up. Frankly, I never want to do it again! Another thing about the internet is that it enables communication and associations that would be very difficult or even impossible in the non-virtual world. And on top of all that, there really is good money to be made on the web. And let me boldly state that I have cracked the money making code! Just kidding.
What I do know is how to help you build a solid foundation, accelerate your learning curve,and expand you "Opportunity Horizon". Join the team at The Work At Home Home for a career jump start!

David Paul has been active in internet marketing for over ten years, with his focus on affiliate marketing, branding, and teaching marketing principles to sub affiliates. Before going into business for himself full time on the web, he spen7 years with a marketing data firm that provided information to major internet and software companies. You can find his portal site for internet marketers at

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Paris Is Peace of Mind

By William Gabie

Very few cities in Europe can compete with Paris as a romantic destination; ideally situated along the banks of the river Seine. For most people visiting Paris, a short stay is often the way they first see the city; you can never become bored in this beautiful city.

A city famous for its fabulous architecture, good food, wine, street markets and galleries; plus sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and many other places that are havens for tourists, both home grown and international. Fortunately for tourists, Paris has a first rate transportation system; there is an excellent underground system called the Metro which runs regular trains into the city center and is very easy to understand.

No visit would be complete without a trip to the top of the almost 1,000 feet tall Eiffel tower; there are only a few places in the city where it isn't visible. You can be assured of an even more beautiful sight if you visit in the evening when it is illuminated; guided tours add to the thrill as you get to peek into history on how it was constructed.

A walk along the Champs Elysees is essential when you visit Paris; it will present you with many famous designer shops and good restaurants. This avenue may be select but it attracts large numbers of visitors daily; the average tourist may find the accommodation expensive but more modest hotels can be found away from this area.

This city is also the home to the renowned Louvre Museum; it houses over three hundred thousand exhibits but not all of them are ever on display at the same time. There are so many exhibits here they cannot all be viewed during a short stay in Paris; approximately 8 million visitors a year come to see the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa, both of which are on display.
Many well known artists spent years of their lives in Paris; painters like Monet and Picasso spent many years here and a large number of their art works can be seen in Paris today.

Paris is also the home of the equally famous Arc de Triomphe which Napoleon had constructed in the early part of the 19th century; the names of his generals engraved upon it to honor them and his troops. A little known fact is that there's a viewing observatory built into the building allowing the whole area to be viewed; it stands in the place where the city's main avenues begin including the Champs Elysees.

This city has a huge variety of places to visit, many of these have not even mentioned here; but these should certainly not to be missed because many offer regular guided tours, some at little or no charge at all. On your short say in Paris you will only see a small sample of what is available for a visitor; anything else on your 'to see' list can wait for your next trip.

Experience Paris, even if its only for a short stay.

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Affordable Do It Yourself Wireless Home Security

By Steven R Lane

Home security systems used to be flashing lights or loud noises when a burglar approaches, but that is no longer the case. A home video surveillance system and wireless security camera have taken precedence over those loud alarm monitoring security systems. These have developed as different and easier options to protecting your home.

These wireless home security cameras or video systems offer the homeowner so much more benefits to keep a closer eye on their entire home; both indoors and outdoors. There are hidden wireless cameras that the robber cannot see. You can administer your surveillance without the intruder knowing that he or she has been videotaped. These wireless hidden security cameras transmit directly to your television or computer or even your cell phone. You do not need any special software to work with these wireless security systems.

A hidden wireless camera is not only to catch the thief, but to watch your nanny. These are called nanny wireless hidden cameras or wireless nanny hidden cameras. There are some parents who find peace of mind in knowing what is going on at home while they are away especially if children are involved. The media has covered stories that reveal a hidden camera catching a nanny abusing a child. Had the parent not put in the hidden camera, they would not have been able to know that their child was being abused. If you have an elderly parent at home while you are away, this is a good way to see what is going on and to make sure everything is OK.
You can use the hidden camera to watch your pet while you are not home. The hidden wireless camera comes in different models. Some can look like a soda can, mirror, doll, clock, radio, phone, teddy bear, and normal things that would not look out of place at home.

You can purchase a wireless hidden camera in color or black and white. While some people prefer color, black and white also works just as well. It should only be a personal preference. Black and white wireless cameras, of course, cost a little less than color and that is their only difference.

All wireless home security camera systems have become quite economical for homeowners.
Before, this was not the case. It was mostly bought by business owners. However, with modern technology and the increased crime rate, vendors are making it easier for homeowners to buy a wireless home security camera to protect their home and their family. You can either have professional installation, but installation is so easy, that you can do it yourself.

Make sure you buy a security camera that has at least a 2.4 MHZ capacity. You get better picture and transmission. Be careful to purchase from a company that is reliable and will offer customer support in the event that you have questions or need troubleshooting. There are companies online that sell different types of security cameras or surveillance systems to accommodate both business owners and homeowners.

Steve Lane is a freelance writer of informational websites on personal self-defense and home security products including high tech surveillance. He is one of the leading writers on home security and personal self defense products in the country.

He started "Self Defense Shop" in 2004 to help people prevent crime in their lives. "Self Defense Shop" is an Internet business specializing in hard to find and unique self-defense and home security products that help people protect themselves, their family, home and business. His website includes self defense products like pepper sprays, stun guns, personal alarms, and self defense training DVDs.

His business is poised to meet the needs of security conscious consumers who want to protect their families, home and business in increasingly dangerous times with growing crime rates.

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Three Tips For Before You Speak

By Ken Okel

For some, the moments before you give a presentation produce a lot of anxiety. The best way to overcome this is to have a pre-speech routine. Talking to a group can produce a lot of adrenaline in your body and these are some ways to help you stay relaxed and focused just before your presentation.

Know your opening remarks.
When you're talking, there are all sorts of potential distractions, from someone dropping silverware to the man who is doing a bad job of pretending not to look at his Blackberry. You can't let these distractions make you lose your focus. The longer you talk, you'll likely either get more relaxed or tense. Why not get off to a good start?

Laugh internally.
I find it useful to have a funny thought or a joke in my mind. This isn't for your audience, it's to put you at ease. It may be thinking about something your kids did that made you laugh.

Sometimes I'll remember the catchphrase Telly Savalas used to say on the TV show, "Kojak."
You know the one where he says, "Who loves ya, baby?" It always makes me laugh a little inside. These kinds of mental moments are good to use as a reset point for any negative thoughts that may be entering your mind.
Find a friend in the audience.

In almost any group, you'll have at least one person who is paying really good attention to you.
As you're addressing the crowd, you'll want to periodically look at them. Their enthusiasm for your talk can give you self confidence. This is one ready why some people have a tough time talking on the telephone when they don't know the person her or she is talking to. Imagine the difference between that and communicating one on one with someone who's right in front of you.
People send out non-verbal messages of support to speakers and you need to use them to center yourself.

Ken Okel is a communications expert who uses real life broadcasting experiences to help successful organizations communicate better, reduce stress, and laugh more. For his free newsletter and special report, 7 Communication Mistakes that are Costing You Money, go to

Plus visit his website to see the famous Police Dog Attack story video.

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The Island of Maui

By Linka Po

Maui is the perfect place if you are looking for contact with nature but also social life. "The Magic island" is the perfect combination between luxury and simplicity. At the same place you can find sleepy towns, sunny beaches, funky art galleries or exclusive shops.

The second largest Hawaiian island has tropical climate, temperature and wind speed can vary greatly from one place to other of the island.

You can experience amazing sunrise views at Haleakala Crater, situated 10.023 feet above sea level. Hana Highway, a 55 miles (88km) roadway, offers you a variety of Maui's landscapes, while you arrive to the town of Hana.

Molokini Island is a partially submerged volcano where you can watch humpback whales. Kaanapali area is the best place to watch this enormous animals. Other place where you can get in touch with sea life, is the Maui Ocean Center. At this place you can view different sea species such as fishes, turtles or starfishes.

Hana Bay, a black sand beach, is protected by coral reef and has a circular shape. Hookipa Beach Park is known worldwide for ocean sport activities. The Red Sand Beach, colored red-black sand, is an isolated and very romantic place; nude sunbathing is common at this beach.

Diversity is the main characteristic of The Island of Maui. You can spend your day at Maui beaches and at night you can have a drink at a fancy restaurant. This place is the perfect place for people who likes the big and the small islands activities, all in one. You can have a bit of every island of Hawaii in one island.

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