Blogging - How To Use Meta Tags To Boost Your Blog For Greater Traffic

By Fabian Tan

Even though meta tags are rarely used by search engines for page ranking purposes, they still play a role in the ranking of individual blog posts. In particular, you may find that meta tags are very important to your blogs ranking in various blog indexes. When used properly, you may also find that they will help you create and maintain the focus of your blog.

As may be expected, most search engines give little credence to the meta tags specified by webmasters. This occurred largely because websites incorporated meta tags that had little relevance to the content of the website. When you are listing meta tags, it is important to make sure that they match the content of your post. Ideally, you will select keywords that are found in your post, and are also relevant to your overall blog theme.

Today, some blog services offer a breakdown of all meta tags that you list in your blogs. This is very useful for evaluating if you are staying on focus with the theme of your blog. As an example, you may have a blog dedicated to laptop printers. If you don't see "laptop printers" listed often, you may want to consider amending that in future posts to your blog.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of tags related to video games, it may be an indicator that you need to change the focus of your current blog, or start a new one just for video games. That said, if you are generating a lot of traffic to your blog, you will also want to see what search terms are drawing the most attention. You can always create new blog addresses for less popular terms.

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