International Payment Processing - An Overview

By Sara K

Payment processing involves the exchange of payment, billing and transaction information between a customer, the payment gateway and the merchant. Payment processing may be local or international depending on the kind of business you have. Some International Payment Processing methods include:

1. International cards
2. Pay pal
3. E-wallets
4. Cash methods
5. Pre-paid methods
6. Check

Merchant Benefits with International Payment Processing With international payment processing merchants became capable of:

• Global acceptance
• Real-time confirmation of payment
• Processing speed is fast
• Internally accepted method
• Customer security
• Easy to use
• Can gain popularity
• Facilitate customers to shop without credit cards or bank accounts
• Excellent for small amounts
• No risk of any fraud or security

How Online Payment Processing Works? It may be tough to grasp how online payment processing is carried out. Various steps and terms might make this process even more complex to understand.

Once a customer has chosen a desired product, he will fill out the payment form with personal and credit information and submit the form after which a variety of backend processes are initiated.

• The Payment Gateway
• Payment transfers to Merchant account
• Payment Receipt and report
• Data transfer to merchant’s database
• Receiving the payment

Payment Gateway and International Payment Processing Payment gateway verifies the validity of the credit card. It manage the process of transaction, contacts to the bank, reports back the results and transfer the money to merchants account. A merchant account keeps the credit card payments. But merchants do not have the right to use these deposited payments until money is transferred to his bank from the merchant account. When the payment processing is completed successfully, then the customer receives a receipt and the report of transaction. All the payment data or record is then stored into the merchants database.

With Instabill merchant accounts you become capable of not just accepting credit cards online but it also allows you to offer various international payment processing options to your customers and provide safe online transactions.

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How Do I Know I've Found a Good Agent for My Book?

By Bill O'Hanlon

Two main ways:

1. Are they in New York? 99% of the best agents are in the New York area. Why? Because much of agenting is about relationships and most big publishers are based in New York City. The agents who live there lunch with editors, meet editors and publishers at literary events and often visit them in their offices to pitch books. There are a few exceptions to this general rules, but if you are a novice, I wouldn't take the risk without a lot of good reasons to make the exception.

2. You know someone who has used them as a agent and had a great experience.

Then look them up on the Internet and see what you can find about them.

If you get access to them, ask them for a list of books and authors they have represented.

Chat with them and discover whether you have compatibility with them and trust them.

It's still a bit of a crap shoot. You won't really know how they are until you deal with them for a while. It's a bit like a marriage (with kids, since if they sell one of your books, you're now joined for life, whether or not you move on to a new agent; they still have their 15% of the book they sold as long as it is in print and still bringing in income).

But, like a marriage, you can make changes, both within the relationship and by leaving it and finding another agent. So, if your agent wasn't that great, you can always move on, making it one of those ubiquitous "learning experiences" that life so often provides.

And an important note: In the publishing business, money always flows from publishers and agents to authors. An agent who asks you for money is almost never legit. Run, don't walk, in the opposite direction clutching your wallet or pocketbook.

Hope this helps in getting your book written and published.

Bill O'Hanlon, author of 28 books published by major publishers like HarperCollins, W.W.
Norton, Penguin, John Wiley and Sons, and other publishers. He appeared on Oprah with his book Do One Thing Different. His books have been translated into 15 languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, German, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Croatian, Arabic and Japanese. His latest book is Write is a Verb, published by Writers Digest. His writing and publishing information site is

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7 Ways To Get Your Adsense Account Terminated Instantly

By Brian Lam

Google as we have already know is the leader in the search engines arena. They placed extremely high importance on the quality and relevance of the results of their search.

For this reason, doing the wrong things in Adsense or any other advertisements that is related to Google, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will result in a severe consequence. It can even get you banned and have your account terminated.

So for those who are thinking of getting a career in Adsense, do not always think of increasing your earnings using different strategies. You need to consider the implications of things first before you actually get involved.

Here are seven different ways where you can get banned anytime by Google if you did not follow suit on their rules and regulations.

1. Hidden Text
Filling your page with text with font size that is not human readable, and making their color the same as the background. Or using CSS for loading rich keywords content will definitely earn you the red light from Google.

2. Cloaking
This is a very common practice. Your human visitors and the search engines bots are being redirected to different kind of pages. This is already tricking them to click on something that you want but they may not want.

3. Multiple Submissions
Submitting two different URLs for the same page is almost certaintly get you into trouble. Similarly, auto submitters can be a hindrance as you may need to check if your URL has already been submitted to avoid triggering the red light.

4. Link Farms
Be aware of who and what you are linking your Adsense to. Yes, you cannot control where your links are, but you can always control what you link to. Having more than 100 links on a single page will immediately put you in the Link Farm category.

5. Selling Page Rank
You can sell advertisement or gain the link. But selling PR links or trading them with other sites will get you a ban anytime in the future. This is a sure-fire way to get on the search engines bad side.

6. Doorway Pages
This is almost like cloaking pages. They are actually a "user-friendly" page with lots of choice keywords for which the redirected visitors will land on. Many SEO firms are offering this services but try to avoid them at all costs.

7. Same Multiple Domains
The search engines act just like any detective, they will look at your domains IP’s, registry dates and many others. If you have same exact content or domains with same content, you can't hide from them. This is true even for sub domains and forwarding multiple domains to same content.

Many of these ways apply to search engines in general and is not wholly for Google only. By building an Adsense site for the human users and not for bots, you can be assured that you will always be on the good side of search engines.

So do your best to avoid the wrath of the search engines termination risks as they are the lifeblood of websites.

Brian Lam is an experienced Internet marketing specialist. Get his FREE 13 part internet marketing training course which exploded his opt-in list by 1133% at internet marketing solution center plus 3 FREE bonuses. Check out his blog: The Internet Marketer's Life Exposed too. FREE Internet marketing course now at:

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Decorative Tiles In Designing Exceptional Bathrooms

By Tim Lee

Not all people can afford to alter the physical appearance of their bathrooms, totally. However, by simply pulling out the old tiles and putting up new ones, it can wrought big enough transformation in the bathroom.

Many can handle the expenses and costs needed in beautifying and reinventing their bathrooms by simply replacing their bathroom tiles. A simple and affordable yet elegant and classy bathroom or shower room can be achieved by having decorative tiles installed in the flooring and walls of the bathroom.

You may just utilize your being resourceful and innovative - making use of the other available materials and bits and pieces. Here are some points on how to obtain such.

1. Make a research on the latest and brilliant decorative bathroom tile ideas. You may check out this updates either through the Internet or through some other media of communication.

2. Plan beforehand and seek for some advices and recommendations on having such decorative and stylish bathroom tiles. The experts are the utmost people to be asked and consulted in these matters.

3. Canvass on the products and materials' prices. Never stick to only one store, look around and ask. There might be some establishments, which may offer the same merchandise or service with a cheaper amount of money but with the same quality.

4. Get your creative juices to flow. Be artistic, prolific, productive and resourceful. Take all the necessary means to make the most out of your skills and possessions.

These are just few of the many things to be considered in order to save money, time and effort in putting up decorative bathroom tiles. It is still the quality of the finished product and the outcome of the renovated bathroom.

Moreover, all of us can always come up with such desirable and attractive bathroom we all want to have. Imagine how an affordable decorative tile in your bathroom can transform it into something extraordinary and exceptional where you can experience and feel total satisfaction and fulfillment, which you never had before.

For ideas on bathroom tile design, visit

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The Best Internet Marketing Strategies That Are Free

By Brian Lam

Free internet marketing strategies are really the best when it comes to promoting your products and services to thousands of people. One very great way is through the use of free classified ads.

Most classifieds ads sites are free. Plus they give you marketing power such as ads submitter forms. All these enable you to get your products or services out in the market place very fast, allowing 24/7 access from anywhere.

It is totally free with no downloads, no sign up fees, no hidden charges, no annual or monthly fees and no sales fee.

These sites make it so easy for you that you can put up free ads on several high quality web sites whenever you want for free. That is the marvel of free internet advertising that is also one of the best internet marketing strategies.

By using free internet advertising because it is one of the best internet marketing strategies, you can be sure that your products or services will be known to millions of prospective consumers in the internet. The internet is so huge that the probability of someone wanting your products or services is very high.

If you would really like to know more about the other best internet marketing strategies, then you can still search for them online for assessment on how you can use them to advertise your web site for free internet advertising.

These free internet advertising companies allows you to use features such as classified ads submitters where you can get huge instant exposure that can boost your sales over night. You can build your business by collecting your opt-in emails which are interested and prospective clients.

One of the best internet marketing strategies is really free internet advertising and this can be used to build huge traffic and huge opt-in lists.

People are always searching for free internet advertising for promoting their products and services.

And the best reason why this is one of the best internet marketing strategies is that in free internet advertising, promoting products and services is absolutely free.

Brian Lam is an experienced Internet marketing specialist. Get his FREE 13 part internet marketing training course which exploded his opt-in list by 1133% at internet marketing solution center plus 3 FREE bonuses. Check out his blog: The Internet Marketer's Life Exposed too. FREE Internet marketing course now at:

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Teeth Whitening- 5 Great Reason to Brighten Your Smile

By Harry Vandermeer

If you've ever though of having your teeth whitened, stop thinking and just do it. There's no cheaper, faster or easier way to makeover your appearance and start looking great. If you still have any doubts, here are five great reasons why tooth whitening is a great move for you.

Firstly, few other things do so much to boost your appearance as much as a radiant white smile.
If you look at the Hollywood stars, a major portion of their charisma comes from that glowing pearly radiance when they open their mouths.

And this radiance is a key part of the charming persona that so attracts the opposite sex. A a bright open radiant smile is immensely seductive. It adds immeasurably to your charm and makes you supremely kissable.

Yet another great reason is that white teeth allow you to radiate an ambiance of health. That great smile announces that you're clearly a person who takes care of yourself and cares about his body and appearance. And this is a very attractive feature in a person.

What's more, having a great smile will skyrocket your confidence. If your teeth are a little dull it tends to cramp your style. Perhaps you're a little hesitant and reluctant to open your mouth.
But with those glorious white teeth, nothing can hold you back. Whether it's at a job interview or in the disco, that smile will give you the confidence to do anything.

And finally having your teeth whitened is fast, painless easy and economical. You can choose from having it done at the dentist or do it yourself at home. Or the best option is to start off at the dentist and then continue treatment at home.

So go get that killer smile and blast you personality in high gear.

For the complete skivvy on tooth whitening, head over to

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Free Reverse Phone Directory - Can You Really Get Useful Information From Reverse Phone Directories

By Nikola Govorko

Not more then a few years ago if you wished to retrieve someone's phone number or place where they live you were required to rummage from end to end of a phone book, and if that phone book was not new the chance of obtaining the information you needed was low. Nowadays however, we have the choice of numerous many specialized assistance portals available twenty four hours per day, and the most modern is the free reverse phone directory.

All you must do is just search the web and in next to no time, you will acquire any type of information you were looking for, from someone's address and cellular phone numbers to outstanding warrants and previous employment information.

But, because of the cellular phones cost going down all the time, lots of people are simply not paying for landlines any more. And what is more, with the today's costs cellular phones are often cheaper then the standard phones, and with lots of us continuously moving, cell phones make more sense to buy then the traditional phones.

One more thing that, mobile phones technology can offer various additional benefits like for example sms, games, web browsing and mp3 which the traditional telephone technology simply can not offer us at this moment.

On the other hand, lately technology has led us to the point where we have virtually any type of wanted information presented to us right away. More and more telephones posses the info displays and you can right away check who is calling you, nevertheless it is not constantly the case with the cellular phones, and in particular with the prepaid mobile phones.

With all this a natural requirement for free reverse phone directory services occurred, and online directories with this type of information have emerged everywhere across the internet.
This is why now you have the option to discover the person behind the number that has been calling you, exactly as you can with the standard phones.

Logically, caused by the particular nature of the cellular telephones not every sort of information is available at all times, if the number you want to find comes from number that is not listed and the owner has been exceptionally watchful not to leave traces around, it is going to be incredibly difficult to uncover some type of information regarding it.

On the other hand free reverse phone directory is extremely straightforward to make use of, all you have to do is enter the number you wish to investigate in the search box. Furthermore, in large majority of look ups you will get a lot of information as generally most of the people for some reason simply do not pay heed to keep their delicate information secret.

Frequently you will discover information like addresses, names and from time to time private phone numbers, and you always have the option of paying for more information. If you should use that service you may get a hold of even criminal and prior jobs information, emails and a lot of further info. As a matter of fact, the quality and quantity of information available through paid reverse phone directories never ceases to amaze me, it is simply incredible what you can find.

It may not be perfect, but free reverse phone directory is granting us the method to keep up with the fresh and rapidly changing world of communication technology, and will no doubt prove itself even more useful in the future.

Discover where to find the best reverse look up phone number services and how to get all the info you need form them! Click here: Nikola Govorko has been a communication enthusiast ever he was a teenager, he has been employed as a consultant by some of the largest communication companies in the world. Visit us and get all the secrets of reverse phone look up.

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Data Recovery Software

By Dylan Vincent

Have you just lost some vital data, some work you have spent hours on or some photo’s you forgot you had on your camera? Have you accidentally deleted some critical information from your computer? Alternatively, have you experienced unfortunate, un-avoidable mechanical failure of your memory storage equipment? If so, consider using the expert services of a professional data recovery company to assist you in lost data retrieval.

Data recovery companies have the technical resources, software and skills to effectively retrieve your important lost data. Most professionals can deliver a more than 90% success rate. This means that if you have decided your lost data is vital or critical information, which needs to be retrieved, there is a good chance that a data recovery company can rectify your disaster situation.

The data recovery tactics implemented by these companies are usually to use modern and advanced data recovery software. In addition, because many of these companies will offer other related media and computer services, they can offer data recovery services by using the most reliable and cutting-edge data recovery tools and software.

Now, people can buy their own data recovery software to perform a series of “at home” data recovery techniques, however, it is advisable that you know what you are doing, and use good reputable software brands. This means that if you are unsure, and do not successfully retrieve your lost data, while using these softwares that the lost data may be over-written and rendered un-retrievable, even by expert data recovery services.

There is also free or very inexpensive data recovery software available to consumers. However, these are hard to find and we advise that if the lost data is important to you personally, or for your business, you should not take the chance of using this free or cheap software. Be careful if you choose to use the cheap software, that the installation of this software onto your system does not overwrite your lost documents, making the retrieval process harder, and possibly rendering your lost data un-retrievable.

It can be said that over 99% of all home recoveries are failures. So, if you think your lost data is important enough to pay for data recovery services, choose the safer route, get a professional company to retrieve your lost data. It is important for computer and media users to note that data recovery companies have more luck retrieving lost data on modern equipment when the user has not tried to recover the lost data themselves. If data loss happens to you, the best advice you can get is to stop what you are doing, take note of what you did, and call in the professionals to assist.

Dylan wrote this article for the online marketers at MVI Data Recovery a leading data recovery company.

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Website Promotion

By Dylan Vincent

In our modern world, businesses large and small will nearly always need to promote their company online and include a website as a corporate identity tool. If your business is a one-man operation or if you have a global corporation, generally companies will have a website where potential clients and customers can find information on your products and services and more.
There is a large and intense online market place called the internet. This is where companies can promote their products and services and allow customers to find their company information.

Many people are now on the internet, and experts have found that 80-90% of all website traffic originates from search engine results. This means that online users find their way through the internet via search engines. Search engines are a source of information, and a starting point for online users to find their selected products and services. People use the search engine as a tool to find what they need on the internet. Now, experts say that online users will further refine their search using terms and keywords, rather than browsing to the second page of search results.

For effective website promotion over the internet, your website listing needs to be listed near the top on search engine results. Professional companies who have the required technical skilled staff and software can achieve this. These companies are driven to provide effective website promotion by using a series of techniques to help popular search engines find and include your website on their listings. The result is not instant, this process needs to be done over a period of time, and maintained so that your website is eventually posted at the top of search result pages.

Website and internet promotion is said to be one of the fiercest means of promotion to customers. With people using the internet to find information on all types of things, including their selected products and services, companies can tap into a new form of advertising, ensuring a large portion of internet traffic is directed to their company website or listed products and services. The World Wide Web is potentially an advertising giant, and now with the skilled techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies, customers can be directed to find selected products and services, essentially promoting your website, company, products and services over other similar companies.

So, if you have a website for your company that you would like to promote on the internet, get expert advice and services from leading SEO companies, find out more information on what SEO tactics can do for your business, and harness the marketing power of the internet.

Dylan wrote this article for the online marketers at MVI Search UK a leader in search engine optimisation solutions.

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Benefits You Avail Through Pay As You Go Mobile Phone

By Lilly Sienna

Choosing an appropriate mobile service provider is the most important thing to consider while buying a new mobile phone. Buyers often get confused about thinking whether they ought to go for a contract mobile phones or simply they need to get an pay as you go mobile phone. You will find numerous buyers castigating the pay as you go mobile as a costly affair. Each scheme has their own benefits as well as disadvantages. And so it is with pay as you go mobile phones. Thus, it is more important that you discover all the advantages and disadvantages attached with both of it.

Pay as you go mobile phone allows you facility to choose the mobile service provider you wish. Through it you are free to switch to other service providers if you are not happy with the service of current network provider. In contract mobile phones, you do not have such facility, as once you have availed the service, you are fixed to use their service forever. Unlike it, pay as you go mobile phone service gives you freedom to switch to any other network you wish. This way you can have a better network service of your mobile.

The next advantage of having a pay as you go mobile phone is that it is cheaper than contract mobile phone. In fact, technocrats advice that for mobile phone users who are not heavy caller, this phone is best to avail. This service lets you avail a plan among many of plans available which keeps your budget totally in limit. The another advantage of having this mobile phone service is that you can buy the mobile handset at economic rate. Cheaply available in the market, these phones are compatible with any SIM card you wish to have. Thus plenteous of benefits attached with this phone make it very popular among mobile users in UK.

Lily Sienna worked as a sales manager in a mobile retail store in the UK. She has an in-depth knowledge about various makes and models of mobile phones, iPod and their accessories. The article given here covers the arena of pay as you go Sim cards and O2 Pay As You Go Sim Card

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Quit Smoking - What Do You Think About the New UK Smoking Ban?

By Mark Goodworthy

A controversial new law in the United Kingdom, particularly in England, will be implemented beginning summer of 2007. The new law totally bans smoking in every public place and actually follows the ban passed in Wales and Scotland. This smoking ban has already been imposed in countries like the United States, Spain and the Republic of Ireland. The voting to pass the new legislation actually took place last February 2006 and has received much attention ever since.

The smoke-free legislation is expected to have an effect on businesses whose regular customers are smokers. The places that will be hit by the new law include enclosed and substantially enclosed public and work places. Many residents are worried of the general effects to the economy that will result from the ban. But overall, many experts believe that the smoking ban will have very little impact on the nation’s economy.

Almost 75 percent of the United Kingdom’s residents are non-smokers and businesses are actually going to benefit from the new law as more non-smokers will now to go to place previously frequented by smokers. On the other hand, businesses like pubs and clubs will be the hardest hit. For every violation of the smoking ban law, owners will be fined 2,500 pounds and in addition, they are also afraid that they will lose customers if they asked their regular clients to smoke outside. No smoking signs are also required in these places and failure to display one means more fines.

All smokers can still smoke outside as long as the area is not enclosed and are considered to be private such as care homes, hotels and even own residences. If they are caught smoking in places included in the ban, these smokers will be fined 50 pounds.

And it does not stop there. The UK government believes that the imposition of the smoking ban on the first of July is just the start. They are hoping to also target parents who smoke in front of their children, even if they are inside their homes. The government is also targeting a reduction in the number of smokers from twenty-five percent to five percent.

Smoking advocates, meanwhile, consider the new law as a violation of their civil rights and would cause non-productiveness in the work sector since employees will now have to go to authorized smoking places in order to smoke.

Are you ready to quit smoking? We can take this quit smoking journey together and make real progress to a healthier life.

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Squeeze the Page to Build a List

By Sean R Mize

The Squeeze Page is one of the best and most effective methods used by many advertisers to build a list. The reason for having said this is because of the high turn out in the building list compared to the pop up and simple opt in form to generate and built a list. A squeeze page is a page that is designed to serve one purpose only – that is to get your visitor’s information. So how are you are going to really “squeeze” for your client’s information?

• Your squeeze page must contain a powerful and potentially stronger headline driven at identifying the benefits. This powerful headline will usually catch the attention of the reader.
You might also want to identify the good things about your site and do not forget to include a call to action statement.

• Make sure that your squeeze page is not too lengthy. People who read the page will not be scrolling the page up and down to make sure the opt in box appears.

• You may want to include your personal information and some photos of yours to add a sense of personal touch on the squeeze page.

• Make sure that the squeeze page is giving your prospective clients enough information in order for them to entrust their e-mail address and relevant information on the opt-in box. I would suggest, to attract them to do that, to give some freebies or gift of any sort for entrusting the information on the box. Do not make hard sell on the squeeze page.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article marketing success, ‘Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide‘

Download it free here: Secrets of Article Promotion

Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published ebooks.

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The Next Twenty-Three Years

By Ron Piner

For The Next Twenty-Three Years

I have been a practicing public accountant for twenty-three years. I can’t think of anything I would rather do to make a living (except for professional golf maybe) and consider myself quite fortunate. The one thing that I have come to dislike is the way people act. This will include clients as well as other accountants practicing in the trade. Accounting firms are very cheap these days and beat their staffs unmercifully. Eighty-five hours plus a week are the norm during tax time with a stressful killer schedule for the rest of the year. As for the clients, they wine and complain and expect to be treated as if the accountant is the indentured servant. Never again will I put up with cheap owners and overbearing and demanding clients.

The fees at the se firms are too high relative to the benefit received. Tax preparation has become a compliance exercise with very little time given to being proactive and planning one’s financial future. When I was reviewing returns at my last job, I would often make suggestions on steps the client could take to save more on taxes and strengthen their respective portfolios. “Oh My God” I thought as my opinions and concerns fell upon deaf ears. My colleagues, the very people I thought would share my enthusiasm for practicing our noble trade, tossed me to the side and told me to stick with the routine. People want to be dealt with on their time tables and it is more important to meet this goal than it is to offer major tax planning ideas. I think some clients just like to watch their accountant bow and jump through hoops when they come-calling.

I once had a colleague tell me that he would bleed for a client. Not this boy. I know that high fees are frustrating, but the client should take a more active role in his or her tax planning and preparation and be willing to go on extension to encourage proper planning. As for the heads of these accounting firms, cut back on your client base maybe to match with the manpower on hand. There are fewer people going into public accounting and this will be a fact of life for the next generation. As for the $125 bonus my last firm gave me after tax season, it in no way rewarded me for the lack of work life benefit that was promised.

For the next twenty-three years, I am going to revolutionize the way we deal with getting accounting help. I am taking my message to the people on radio and will tell you want you want to know and how to do your own financial and income tax planning. I will help you run your business, educate your children, build your portfolio, and save for retirement. There will be no wining tolerated by the listeners and no bowing from me. I will encourage the people to prepare their own tax returns and to seek help from me when they are stuck. This is how I intend to practice the trade I so dearly love over the next twenty-three. My guess is, many would like to see a change in the way they receive financial guidance.

Ron Piner, CPA Host of “Better Business” Saturday Mornings at 10ET On WBIS AM 1190

Discover Breakthrough Technology in the Top 5 Wireless Laptop Adapter Cards

By Terry Price
Laptop adapter cards are becoming much more critical for mobile workers when it comes to taking advantage of Wi-Fi Internet access in airports, hotels, train stations and other hot spots.
Face it, working on the road is sometimes not a lot of fun, especially when connectivity problems are your main issue. If you're struggling with connectivity issues or you are simply looking for purchase information, here are the top 5 wireless laptop adapter cards.

The Linksys WPC54G Wireless-G Notebook Adapter is compatible with all versions of Windows and comes with a one-year warranty. This exceptional wireless adapter can work with both B and G networks and will give you the best connectivity option available. You will pay between $45 and $100 and get a simple way to add or upgrade wireless connectivity in your notebook computer. All you do is slide it into your notebook's PC card slot to enjoy high-speed wireless network access and still retain the freedom of your true mobility. You’ll enjoy the way this unit overlays the signals of two wireless GE compatible radios, the multiple in and the multiple out technology. It will effectively double your data rate. It actually uses these reflections to increase the range and reduce dead spots in your coverage area.

Adaptable to Windows 98 and more recent operating systems, the D-Link DWL-G650 Air Plus Xtreme G Wireless Card Bus Adapter comes with a user-friendly setup guide and software.
Complete with a three-year warranty and 24/7 toll-free customer support, this adapter comes at a nice affordable price range between $25 and $65. This adapter delivers lightning fast performance, up to 15 times faster than 802.11b. Excellent and consistent data rate delivery will allow you to operate at the highest possible speed, especially when it comes to seamless access to the wireless network in a homogenous environment.

The easy to install Proxim Orinoco 11a/b/g ComboCard Gold comes with a three-year warranty. You will be able to connect to any wireless network you may encounter when traveling and work up to a distance of 200 feet in wireless G mode. In addition to lightning access, it delivers proven high performance for a broad range of applications and host computer systems. Quick simple connection provides for easy installation. You'll pay between $50 and $75.

If you're a mobile Mac user, you are going to enjoy the wireless connectivity benefits that the Airport extreme card can provide. It operates on the 802.11 G standard and is backward compatible with the 802.11 G. You will be able to do data transfer rates of up to 54 Mb per second and it's a snap to exchange files or play multi-user games. Prices range from $50-$100.

The fifth one is the SMC SMC2835W EZ Connect G. also compatible with old wireless GE. With these standards this laptop adapter card can handle bandwidth intensive applications such as Web conferencing. It comes with an easy to setup CD, which installs the software automatically.

According to the manufacturer, it will operate up to 1155 feet and will support both WEP encryption and Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA). It's possible that with this exceptional product, you will enjoy 50% higher performance than what you’re achieving now. The smart router automatically detects and configures your cable or DSL Internet connection, which can be very handy. Expect to pay between 50 and $100.

As a mobile user and one who demands the fastest and best connectivity possible, you're advised to consider one of the above products to deliver what you're looking for when you want it!

Terry A. Price is a regular contributing author to the expert author community and is committed to bringing quality useable content that you can take to the bank now. Discover more amazing breakthroughs in laptop technology on his website at:

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Choosing the Right Type of Article Writing to Generate More Traffic

By Sean R Mize

No one would dare to contest the fact that one of the best tools used by marketers and advertisers to generate traffic on one’s site is by unleashing the powers of article marketing.
Thru article writing, a site owner is capable to penetrate various “holes” on the net where they can advertise and promote. Sadly, not many of these people are able to maintain that drive because they are unable to sustain the necessity of article materials to continue with this mission. Below are some tips on which type of article writing material will best fit an event so it can generate more traffic.

• If you are targeting to publish your articles on sites that are relatively providing contents on a listing some tips, then it is best that you write a list type of an article. This type of article writing is one of the most common and easiest materials to do. All you need to do is to come up with a powerful introduction, then enlist the items, then conclude it.

• If you are targeting to publish your articles on a site that are working on giving contents on a trivial perspective, the HOW TO article is the right type to use. This type of an article primarily explains the steps or series of steps to accomplish a process.

• If you are targeting to publish your articles on a site where products are being sold, the REVIEW article might be the best type of article material to use. It gives the consuming public some overview on which product is wiser to buy and purchase.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article marketing success, ‘Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide‘

Download it free here: Secrets of Article Promotion

Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published ebooks.

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Cinnamon And Heart Health - What's The Connection Between This Tasty Spice And Heart Health?

By Cindy Amorin

Is there a connection between cinnamon and heart health? Indeed, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and many people are looking for preventive strategies to "stave" off cardiovascular disease. As such, there has been an explosion of interest in wanting to learn more about cinnamon and heart health.

Indeed, cinnamon is most known as one that has ability to destroy fungal infections, prevent ulcers, soothe indigestion, and fight tooth decay and gum disease.

So, what's the connection between cinnamon and heart health? Before we delve into what might possibly be the connection between these two, let's go over the controllable risk factors of heart disease.

  • High LDL "bad" cholesterol.
  • Low HDL "good" cholesterol.
  • Diabetes.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Tobacco.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Unhealthy nutrition.
  • Overweight/Obesity.
  • Heavy alcohol intake.
  • Stress.

Now, without further adieu, let's discuss what might be a possible connection between cinnamon and heart health.

In recent years, some studies have shown that this aromatic and tasty spice supports healthy blood sugar levels, which may be helpful for type 2 diabetes sufferers. In addition, cinnamon has shown to improve cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. As such, the connection here between cinnamon and heart health is that diabetes and cholesterol are risk factors of heart disease.

According to a study published in the December issue of Diabetes Care (Diabetes Care 26:3215-3218, 2003) who states:

"In conclusion, cinnamon reduced serum glucose, triglyceride, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Because cinnamon would not contribute to caloric intake, those who have type 2 diabetes or those who have elevated glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, or total cholesterol levels may benefit from the regular inclusion of cinnamon in their daily diet. In addition, cinnamon may be beneficial for the remainder of the population to prevent and control elevated glucose and blood lipid levels."

It's important to note that although the studies are indeed interesting, more studies are needed to prove cinnamon's effectiveness in treating diabetes. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to use more of this spice in your diet. However, keep in mind that the amounts of cinnamon used to provide the glucose and cholesterol benefits was much larger than what is typically used in cooking and seasoning.

For example, the aforementioned study involved six groups. "Groups 1, 2, and 3 consumed 1, 3, or 6 g of cinnamon daily, respectively, and groups 4, 5, and 6 were given placebo capsules corresponding to the number of capsules consumed for the three levels of cinnamon. The cinnamon was consumed for 40 days followed by a 20-day washout period." ((Diabetes Care 26:3215-3218, 2003 Study.)

Is there any other intriguing possible connection between cinnamon and heart health?

In fact, there actually is another intriguing possibility in regards to cinnamon and heart health. If you suffer from high blood pressure, it wouldn't hurt for you to use more of this spice as Japanese researchers report that cinnamon helps to reduce blood pressure.

Cindy Amorin is the chief editor of, an information-rich site that discusses nutritional, dietary, and herbal supplements and their potential therapeutic value. She is the editor of womens and mens heart health, a section of Nutritional-Supplement-Educational-Centre discussing preventive heart health strategies, dietary supplements, and tips on how to buy a quality supplements. She is also the editor of cinnamon health benefits.

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Russ Shining Stars - What are They?

By Mikey Simms

Russ Shining Stars have landed under the radar. Many people have no clue as to what a Shining Star is and Part of that reason is because Webkinz has taken the toy market by storm and has gathered about as much attention as any toy possibly could. Russ Shining Stars are similar to Webkinz in many ways. However at the same time these toys are nothing alike.

Webkinz are a plush pet that allows the buyer to log onto the internet with a secret code that activates a virtual world (much like The Sims but with a pet character instead) where they can play numerous online games and earn prizes. Meanwhile a Shining Star by Russ is a plush pet that looks in many ways much like Webkinz or vice versa. You can also log onto to the Shining Stars Website and play games and win prices etc. The main difference is a unique feature where you can take a code from your Russ Shining Star plush and actually name a star in our real galaxy and is listed by the International Star Registry® which allows the registration. So essentially when your child uses their shining stars plush they are also buying a star of their own. You are then able to print out a star registry map which actually shows where in the universe the star exists.

These two very similar toys are also very similar in price and probably looked at as just as cute from both sides of the spectrum. Russ Shining Stars have not harnessed the arsenal that Webkinz by Ganz has yet as Webkinz have many plush pets that they have retired and are worth in the high Hundreds of dollars. Good however for Shining Stars is that none of their plush so far are even over $20. So if you are having trouble deciding which to buy there are reasons for owning both and reasons to pick one of the other. As far as fun factor it all depends on what your child likes as far as their toy selection. Keep in mind that both sides offer very similar pets in fact some are nearly identical. The choice is always up to you as the parent and what you'd like your child to own. Whether you decide you want a Webkinz or a Russ Shining Star you are sure to bring amusement to your child's life much as video games did for the 80's and 90's.

michael s brown Russ Shining Stars Where to Buy Webkinz Buy TMX Friends Webkinz and Singing Pizza Elmo


Websites - Is Your Business Running Low?

By Ujwala Bapat

Markets are like a roller coaster ride, one day they are up and the next they are down, this the reason all business require taking action against any of the market movements so that their business is not affected.

There is a certain limit to how many businesses you can reach with, your regular marketing strategies. Your search for prospective clients through the regular time tested methods remains limited only to a certain geographical area. This in turn will again affect your business when you have done business with almost all clients in your area.

If you want to expand your business it is always necessary that the business should have the flight of an eagle. That is, it should be able to fly high and keep and eye on a larger area, so that any opportunity in view can be grabbed at once. Well, keeping your altitude and attitude high enough is not an easy task. This might require you to spend millions to keep your campaigns going over a large geographical area.

Well, this problem can be solved today in a much more simplified manner and you can also find overseas clients for yourself. All you will require is to start a website which will highlight products and the achievements of your business.

There are several people whom I personally know who wished they have started website for their business earlier, there were better chances for them to earn more and more clients and therefore a lot more chances for expansion of business. They were skeptical as well as reluctant regarding launching of their business websites.

However, the results were astounding; they were getting more enquiries about their products, than they ever had. Good business and great deals followed and made it possible for them to expand business. This also helped them spread the company’s portfolio over a large number of people.

There are certain rules a business website must adhere to:

1) Care should be taken that there are no overt marketing campaigns running on the website when the client comes to check out your products

2) Graphics should be very limited, a single logo which is displayed at the beginning would be enough, and too many graphics might put your client off.

3) Take away attention from snazzy website and put in more and more efforts in the content of your website.

4) You will require making a great portfolio of your products. Try and put in all photographs or web shots of your product, so that people will find it easy to understand and identify.

5) You can make a separate web page to showcase your achievements and awards.

6) Your website is also your advertisement therefore, you should also showcase unique products, those which are your brainchild and not to be found anywhere. But be careful to protect these from being copied anywhere else.

7) Lastly, please keep your website easy for the user.

Find more business and build greater business relations with websites. You can even open multiple numbers of websites for your business.

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How to Prepare Your Home for Sale at Tampa Real Estate

By Eliza Maledevic

Selling a home in Tampa real estate is not just by posting a ‘for-sale’ sign outside your home. It requires time and effort in order to make a quick sale.

Yes, you really have to advertise your home and posting a for-sale sign is one of the ways to do it. But before posting for-sale sign, you have to look at your home first. Look at it as a buyer and not a seller. Does your home look good enough to attract buyers? You have to be honest in answering this question.

Look at the outside of your home, is it appealing enough to catch the attention of the buyers and will take time to visit it? If not, you really have to give some of your time and effort to do some improvements. Repaint it. You do not have to spend too much, cheaper paint will do, and all you have to do is clean up the walls first with soap and water before painting. In choosing color of paint, earth tone color is better. Since in making improvements, you do not have to base it on your on taste, you have to think of the buyers. Definitely, your goal is to attract buyers, so you have to consider the buyers and not your own taste. Usually, cream paint is better inside the house since it can make each room look wider and bigger.

You also have to look at the yard. Can your yard attract buyers? Definitely, you know that this is the first thing that buyers can see, so you have to make sure that your yard is attractive enough to catch buyers’ attention. You have to clean up your yard by trimming the grass and trees. Better to plant some flowers.

You have to clean each room of your home. Remove the mess. Check the kitchen and the bathrooms. Look at the faucets, are the faucets functioning well, if not, better to replace with new ones.

Free your home with unpleasing odors, since this can make buyers move away. Clean the towels, curtains and carpet, to make them free from any unpleasing odors.

If you have pets, better to put them on the right place, do not let them roam around your home. Not all are pet lovers, so you have to be careful in order to attract buyers.

In decorating your home, make it simple but modern. Again, do not use your own taste, since it is possible that your taste can’t be pleasing enough for buyers. Do not over decorate your home; it will just look too crowded. Make it spacious and comfortable place to live in. But never make it empty, you still have to put furniture and equipments that can help in attracting buyers.

These are few of the things that you should do and look up when you plan to sell your home in Tampa real estate. All of these can help you to prepare your home well in order to make a quick sale.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson

Eliza Maledevic writes for - SEO Company

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Secured Loans UK - The Loans For All

By Peter Taylor

If you are looking for an external finance to meet multiple demands by paying low rate of interest then consider secured loans UK. The secured loans UK are one of the most highly acclaimed loan policies in the world of loan. The terms and traits of this loan are simple and can be availed by person from all financial community. In the present society, the secured loans have been performing reliable services by providing financial aid to persons.

As it carry the features of secured loans, so the applicants have to place their property in the form of security. Land, estate, house, car and other assets which have a monetary value are readily accepted as collateral by lenders. The most beneficial point for borrowers in this scheme is that the applicants need not have to move house though they place it as collateral. Based on the equity of the collateral the borrowers can obtain the loan amount. If the collateral has a higher equity, then lenders generally allow borrowers to obtain more loan than mentioned, which is between £5,000 and £75,000. Secured loans UK are long term loans which grace from 10-25 years making the repayment easy and affordable for all.

In a single loan amount of secured loans UK, the borrowers can execute multiple demands.
Among the numerous ends buying a car, going for holidays, weddings, decoration of house, higher education, debt consolidation are some which are given preference by borrowers. All the wishes can also be fulfilled by the bad creditors with the help of secured loans UK, who are advanced the same proposals and offers if they apply with accurate data of personal and credit profile.

The applying and approval process of secured loans UK is easy and incomplex, as lenders show no sign of hesitation to approve loans to individuals because they are secured against their property. The applicants can apply through conventional and online application process, but the later is more convenient as it provides instant results. So, secured loans UK is like a friend indeed by providing the financial support when required to the UK citizens.

Peter Taylor is a senior financial analyst at LoansX with an acumen for finance and insurance. In recent years he has taken up to provide independant financial advice through his informative articles.To find Secured Loans UK, Online Personal Loans UK, Personal Loans UK, Bad Credit Loans, Self Employed Loans, No Equity Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans visit

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5 Web Site Development Tips to Turn the Tide In Your Favor

By Theresa Cahill

It always pays to be on the alert for sage advice from others, and recently I found something that got me thinking... and now sharing... with you.

In a nutshell, say you want to put together a website of any type - affiliate, shopping, books, clothing, retail, wholesale, etc.

Before you start ask yourself this most important question, "Who will be my competition?"

The answer is simple. Online you are up against the Barnes & Noble's, the Amazon's, the Wal-Mart's... the list is endless.

Will your little website scarf the business away from these biggies? Of course not. Don't even dream.

So what can you do? Here are five ideas to get your web site designed in the right direction:

1. Develop a website designed to draw your visitors in. Since you can't be the best in terms of traffic and pricing (not up against the giants of your industry) you need to come at your business from the opposite direction. For every customer you draw to your site, give them a reason to stick around and then come back for more. Free stuff works like a charm. But make sure it is quality free stuff or you're missing the point.

2. Pick a niche. Versus trying for a conglomerate of everything do your homework and research specifics! Be the only one on your block that provides CDE (not ABC) widgets. If they can only get them from you, or you have the best source, they must come to you. The narrower you focus your site, on keywords and terms people are searching for, the greater you up your odds of being successful online.

3. Speaking of keywords, pick the right ones. If you go to great lengths to design and develop the prettiest, best, etc., website all about XYZ widgets, but no one is looking for them, what good will that do you? Not a darn lick of good. So do your homework first, then set to the task of developing your website around searched-for terms.

4. Maybe you're coming at making money online from the wrong direction. Versus products and stuff, where once again people can go to Barnes & Noble or Wal-Mart, what the internet provides is the perfect arena for savvy marketers to develop informational websites. Think about it... students, teachers, your mother and aunts and uncles all get online to LOOK THINGS UP right? Why not develop first a site that supplies that searched for information and then, on the side, suggests products and services to further that cause? It's easier to get someone to first come read then to come buy - especially if you're an unknown starting out.

5. Have a plan and set aside a budget. Most people love the idea of having their own spot on the web, but if it can't be found among the billions (yes billions) of other web pages, what good is it? Marketing and advertising takes money, patience, and persistence - in that order! - to develop website recognition. Think about these costs before you pour your heart into your design. To "break even" online means covering your hosting, your design (time or hired help), product inclusion, research (again time which is money) and marketing and advertising. Too often hundreds if not thousands of dollars are spent up front only to leave the proud but now poor website owner without the means to market and advertise. A website gathering dust is no website at all.

Having your own spot online - and making money from that spot for some - is the goal and dream of many internet users. The reality is yes your dream can go from rambling around inside your brain to a "physically virtual" place online. Just be sure to do your homework up front to develop that website you've been dreaming about!

Theresa Cahill and her partner Jeff Greer invite you to make wise decisions when planning your next online move. Marketing strategy is a skill not luck. Come visit us at Molten Marketing for more information.

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Online Dating - Is this a Good Way to Meet Your Soul Mate?

By Nathalie Fiset

Online dating is getting more and more popular as the internet grows. Online dating is a good way to be exposed to millions of single persons. There are some rules to follow when dating online in order to not get repeatedly disappointed.

First, people considering online dating have to realize that there is a lot of lying on the internet since people are hiding behind their computers. There are paying agencies on the internet that check the profile and data of their customers and guarantee that they are exact. Most of the time, these service will require that the persons pay to get into a membership.

The free online dating services will display profiles that have not been checked so carefulness is the first very important rule to follow. This being said, browsing through the online dating profiles and using this to make first contact with potential dates is a great way to meet singles in your area.

Dating online can be a way to spend time chatting with people and spend a good time. For more serious dating, an official date in the real world has to be set. The buffering zone before going into the actual would be to call each other on the phone. Calling from a phone booth can be a good way to avoid repeated calls if the person turns-out to be not what you expected or need.

There are different online dating sites devoted to all kinds of interests such as religion based dating, same sex dating, dating for companionship, etc

If all goes well and a real date is desired by both parties, a public place such as a restaurant should be chosen. There will be plenty of time later on in the relationship to get intimate moments once you know and like the person you are dating.

Many great and long-lasting relationships have started online. When done securely and properly, online dating can be the gateway to fulfilling relationships and romance.

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The Suzuki Method - Learning to Play the Violin or Piano

By Corinna Chang

There are certain techniques that are used to help the education and appreciation of music and the instrument. Tonalization is a word that is central to the Suzuki method and is purposely very similar to the word vocalization that singers use. Instead of warming our voices up we are warming up our instruments. Tonalization defined means that the student has the ability to produce and recognize the beautiful ringing tone quality of their instrument. Though this was first developed for learning the violin, it has been incorporated to learning the piano as well.

I also use sound recording to help my students learn how to play the violin and piano. Records, tapes and CDs help the students learn notes, phrasing, rhythm, dynamics and a beautiful tone quality by ear. It is important to know what music should sound like before you play it. Mozart himself was surrounded by wonderful high quality performances from birth and with the technological breakthrough of sound recordings made it possible for people of all walks of life to be able to enjoy music, so that even children whose parents were not great musicians, such as Mozart’s father, were able to be surrounded by rich music.

It is important that the instrument a child is going to use is adapted to meet their needs and demands. This is most often seen in the string instruments, where the instrument has been scaled down to child size. For the piano there are height adjustable chairs, benches and foot rests. It is an important part of the Suzuki method to make sure the student is not intimidated by the instrument they are learning. The more comfortable they are from the start, the more easily they will learn.

I also have students play together, this helps build a common repertoire between the students.
This allows the students to participate in small groups which help to foster the musical community that is essential to learning to play an instrument. The camaraderie that then develops helps to motivate each student to learn new music while perfecting the old pieces that they have learned. We have found that this is especially beneficial in increasing the speed and ease of learning for all students.

There are many more imporant considerations when deciding which instrument your child should pursue with the suzuki method. Come find out what they are right now at

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Advantages of Bankruptcy

By Debbie Dragon

Consumers who are considering filing bankruptcy are faced with a lot of questions and are often not sure what the advantages could be- if any. Besides the obvious advantage of not having the debt that hangs over their head everyday, are their any other advantages of potentially damaging your credit report for 7 to 10 years by filing bankruptcy?

There are many different aspects to consider before making a final decision. There are always options, but choosing the right option is not always easy. Below are some of the advantages that can help the consumer make thought-consuming decisions that are right for them. The advantages are not always the deciding factor but they can sure help you make a wise decision.

The Automatic Stay
One advantage is when the consumer files for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a petition is filed and there is what is called an automatic stay, which requires the creditors by law to cease all activities of collecting the debt. This means that they have to stop calling, leaving messages, or mailing you notices when they are notified of your intentions. Creditors can be penalized by the court system if their efforts continue. This type of situation is best handled by an attorney. Bankruptcy Attorneys are available for a free consultation to answer any and all questions that you may have. They will help you see the advantages that can be offered by Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Each type of bankruptcy has it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages.

A Fresh Start
The advantage of obtaining a fresh financial start is another major benefit that a consumer should consider when deciding if filing a Chapter 7 is the best choice for them. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a better option for debtors who have little or no property and mostly unsecured debts. You can choose what debts you wish to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This includes both secured and unsecured debts. Unsecured debts are those like medical bills and credit cards. A secured debt is when you have decided to use collateral that can include your home, car, or other major assets you have ownership of. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also referred to as liquidation.

Possible Disadvantages
Chapter 7 is not a perfect solution, however, as there are some unsecured debts that do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy- including most school loans. Please ask questions of your bankruptcy lawyers. Consumers who are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be discharged or forgiven from most unsecured debts. With a secured debt the creditor is entitled to collect the debt by seizing and selling certain assets of the debtor if payments are missed.

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a better solution for those consumers who have a regular income, secured debts and do not which to loose their property. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows the consumer to submit a plan, to the bankruptcy court to repay the debts that are secured in a three to five year period of time. This means the consumer does not have to lose ownership of the items used to secure the debt. Each individual’s situation is different though, and must be evaluated before deciding which type of bankruptcy is right for their particular situation.

Learning Opportunities
When a consumer decides to file for bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the consumer is required to take some classes. The consumer is required to attend classes pertaining to credit counseling and debtor education. This is an advantage that not only helps you figure what had went wrong, but it will also help you find new ways of budgeting, paying bills, and spending your funds so that you do not run into the same financial difficulty in the future. The classes also teach you how to protect yourself against identity theft and also how to read and monitor your credit report.

Employment After Bankruptcy
Consumers that are concerned about being dismissed from a job due to the fact that they are filing bankruptcy should not be worried. Another advantage is that employers are not allowed to dismiss an employee based upon the fact that they, the employee, are filing bankruptcy. Keep in mind, however, that it may affect your ability to obtain new employment for a few years after filing bankruptcy.

Destroy Debt offers tools and advice advice to help you reduce debt.


Making Your Own Floor Plan with a Floor Plan Software

By Ilse Hagen

You don't need to go to college and study architecture to design a floor layout – in fact, you don't even need to know how to draw. A floor plan software allows you to become your own interior decorator or “architect,” or simply help you explore your options when planning or designing your home or commercial establishment. A good floor plan software is also a valuable tool for interior decorators and architects because it makes their job a whole lot easier.

What’s in a floor layout software?

A floor plan software usually allows two- or three-dimensional viewing of space layouts, so you can see the top view, side view, and side cross section view. With some advanced floor layout software, you can even print, upload, or send your designs via email and get the opinions and suggestions of others.

The great thing about a floor plan software is that it contains a large database of objects such as windows, doors, tiles, and even furniture, so that you can make your layout as detailed and as realistic as possible. All you need to do is drag and paste the desired object onto the floor area and replace it if you think it doesn't suit the over-all layout.

This software is very addicting especially for first-time homeowners. Dragging and pasting allows you to find the perfect furniture size, wall color, and room flow without ever spending money or ever sweating). Floor lay out software comes in different types, and some are more extensive and detailed than others. Generally, you have a choice between a standard software or a deluxe software.

Types of floor plan software/ More information

A complete Guide to FLOOR PLAN SOFTWARE is available in Picky Guide, one of the fastest growing online magazines giving free consumer advice and product information.

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Guide to Headache Migraine Treatment

By Juliet Cohen

Migraine headaches are repeated or recurrent headaches, possibly caused by changes in the diameter of the blood vessels in the head. Migraine headaches are often classified in two main types — migraine with aura (formerly called classic migraine) and migraine without aura (formerly called common migraine). Most people with migraines do not have any warning before it occurs. However, in cases of "classic" migraine headache, a visual disturbance called an aura happens before the headache starts. Classic migraine is different from "common" migraines (which have no warning sign or aura) or "complicated" migraines (which occur with speech, movement, or other problems in the nervous system). Auras usually last less than an hour. The headache typically begins less than an hour after the aura ends. About two in 10 people who have migraines experience auras, which are sensory or motor disturbances that precede the actual headache. Most auras consist of visual disturbances, such as a blind spot or a flickering zigzag line or crescent in your field of vision. Another type of aura involves unusual sensations, such as numbness and tingling of the lips, lower face and fingers. A third type affects motor function, causing problems with movement or speech.

Migraine headaches are a common type of chronic headache. Migraine pain can be excruciating and may incapacitate you for hours or even days. Some people do experience a variety of vague symptoms before common migraines - mental fuzziness, mood changes, fatigue, and unusual retention of fluid. Migraines occur in women more than men, most often between the ages of 10 and 46 years. In some cases, they appear to run in families. Migraines without aura strike without the unmistakable warning sign of disturbed vision or sensation. Still, some people say more subtle symptoms, such as mood changes and loss of appetite, alert them to oncoming migraines. True migraine headaches are not a result of underlying brain tumors or other serious medical problems. The pain of a classic migraine headache is described as an intense throbbing or pounding felt in the forehead/temple, ear/jaw or around the eyes. Classic migraine starts on one side of the head, but may eventually spread to the other side. An attack may last one to two pain-racked days. Influences in a person's life that tend to overload the nervous system are risks. Once identified in your life, you can counteract the negative effects of risks with the positive results of protective activities.

Migraine headaches constantly accommodates changes in hormones, emotions, and thoughts as well as the many chemicals in our food and beverages. Migraines are the most studied of all headaches, and there are various competing theories about what may actually cause them.
Hormones seem to influence migraine development. Some women who take oral contraceptives or estrogen experience worsening headaches while others improve. Similarly, some women have an increasing headache pattern during pregnancy while others have diminished headache intensity. Other women develop migraines for the first time when they are pregnant. Headaches may increase in some women in the days before their menstrual period. Women who do not have migraines may develop migraines as a side effect to using Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP).

Many scientists now believe that migraines arise from problems within the central nervous system. These problems, which tend to run in families, affect the chemical messengers inside your brain — making you more sensitive to the types of triggers that can cause migraines. Many internal and external factors can trigger migraine such as ,Common foods — aged cheese, red wine, caffeine, chocolate, dairy products, pickled foods, lunchmeat, aspartame, MSG, peanuts, lima beans, bananas, raisins. Physical factors — fatigue, hormonal changes, missed meals, decreased sleep, oversleeping, stress

Guide to Headache Migraine Treatment Tips
1.Many medications can reduce the frequency of migraines such as ,Beta-blockers (e.g., propanolol) Anti-depressants (e.g., amitriptyline) Anti-convulsants (e.g., valproic acid) Calcium-channel blockers These medications are less useful and tolerable to patients with infrequent headaches.

2.Other medications are taken when there is the first sign of an impending migraine attack. In the case of classic migraine, Ergots (e.g., DHE-45) Serotonin agonists / triptans (e.g., sumatriptan) and Isometheptene.

3.Other medications are primarily given to treat the symptoms of migraine. Used alone or in combinations, these drugs can minimize pain, nausea, or emotional distress caused by the migraine.Anti-emetics (e.g., prochlorperazine) Sedatives (e.g., butalbital) Anti-inflammatories (e.g., ibuprofen) Acetaminophen Narcotic analgesics (e.g., meperidine)

4.Most patients with migraine can identify certain foods that are closely associated with their migraine headaches. To find out which foods are responsible, avoid all of the above-mentioned foods and then gradually work each food back into the diet.

5.Hormone therapy may help some women whose migraines seem to be linked to their menstrual cycle.

6.Stress management strategies, such as exercise, relaxation, biofeedback, and other therapies designed to help limit discomfort, may also reduce the occurrence and severity of migraine attacks.

Juliet Cohen writes health care articles for health doctor and health disorders.

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Millionaire Mind - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Reason(s) for failure

By Leo Foster

In this article we will discuss the Millionaire Mind, the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and reason(s) for financial failure.

There is ONLY ONE REASON for financial failure: an inadequate financial Self-Image (what some refer to as Money Blueprint)

There is ONLY ONE REASON for financial success: a positive, winning Self -Image with the Millionaire Mind beliefs, values and rules of the millionaires.

You have an inadequate, defective financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint) because

1. You definitely have conflicting, limiting Beliefs, Values and/or Rules.

And you also have ANY or ALL all of the following:

2. Lack of knowledge and techniques to identify and eliminate conflicting, limiting beliefs, values and rules from your Subconscious mind.

3. Lack of knowledge and techniques to program into Subconscious new useful beliefs, values and rules that will support your financial goals, NOT oppose them.

4. Inability to use Subconscious mind to GUIDE to take the proper steps and to the right type business

5. Inability to use Subconscious mind to help create the best possible plan of action;

6. Lack of self-belief, self-confidence and FEAR (beliefs of failure, rejection, humiliation, etc.)

7. Inability to program mind to take ACTION

8. Lack of knowledge that the VERY FIRST thing that MUST be done when setting a NEW goal (financial or otherwise) is to analyze your financial Self-Image (beliefs, values and rules) that will undertake the new goal and CHANGE it if inadequate.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Let's add some items cited by many, and which exist in your world because of your DEFECTIVE, INADEQUATE Self-Image (Money Blueprint) . Even though they may be contributing to your failure, they are not the PRIMARY cause of it.

Everything always begins in your mind. The Law of Belief (= Law of Attraction) will "materialize" in your reality the EXACT match to your deeply held beliefs, values and rules.

"What you deeply believe at the Subconscious level will materialize in your life", "It is done unto you as you believe", "You get exactly what you deeply believe".

Even Napoleon Hill, in his best-selling book "Think and Grow Rich" invokes the Law of Attraction by stating "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE, it can achieve".
Notice very carefully that Napoleon Hill's statement would be incomplete without the verb BELIEVE included.

The PRIMARY, ORIGINAL, father/mother CAUSE of your financial failure is -- ONE MORE TIME -- a defective financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint). The
REST is consequence of such limited Self-Image.

The CAUSE of your financial failure is ALWAYS a defective Self-Image (limiting, conflicting Beliefs, Values and Rules) which activate the Law of Attraction (=Law of Belief) to bring you limited, undesirable financial results which are in perfect harmony with the conflicting, limited beliefs, values and rules you hold.

So, here we may cite some CONTRIBUTING factors -- keeping in mind that they are consequence of a defective financial Self-Image, and NOT the CAUSE of it. Most people believe the EXACT opposite and have NO CLUE about their own limited, defective, inadequate financial Self-Images (Money Blueprint).

1. You do not know how to handle money. You have limited knowledge of to how handle, manage, save and invest your money.

2. You do not have specific, clearly defined WRITTEN goals and WRITTEN plans for their achievement.

3. You are too lazy or afraid to take the time and educate yourself regarding financial matters.
4. You always jump into action (try to invest in real estate, stock market and commodities, work from home, open a new business, sell on ebay, just to mention a few possibilities) without EVER looking at the financial Self-Image (Money Blueprint) of the fellow who is going to achieve all that -- YOU!.

5. You are always into those "get rich quick" schemes without the proper financial Self-Image and without the proper knowledge of the business you are getting into.

6. You let others manage and invest your money instead of learning the most you can about the process.

7. You avoid making investments because of your lack of knowledge and expertise. And you compound the problem by refusing to educate yourself about financial matters.

8. When you decide to make some investments, you do it in things and areas about which you do not have any knowledge or understanding -- or only limited and erroneous knowledge. It almost looks as if you are setting yourself up for failure. (Let me tell you the real SECRET: You ARE because unknown to you, your Subconscious is already set up for failure due to so many limiting beliefs, values and rules)..

9. You do not even make any efforts to handle the limited amount of money you may have right now.

Now, add other contributing factors that come to your mind and/or applies specifically to your situation..

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

But . . . unless you understand that everything BEGINS AND ENDS with your financial Self-image (Money Blueprint), you will NEVER have any great and/or lasting financial success.

Billionaires Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bill Bartmann and multimillionaire Harv Eker, author of "The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" will tell you that you may know everything a human can possibly know about how to handle and manage money, how to invest in real estate, stock and commodities, you can be a financial genius. . And still, unless you have that Millionaire Mind (= winning financial Self-Image, winning Money Blueprint made up of the right beliefs, values and rules) you will still FAIL miserably the moment you go into business -- no matter what type of business, no matter how smart you think you are , no matter how hard and how long you work..

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Leo Foster believes being a Millionaire should be EASY and FUN Contact him at -- Millionaire Mind Secrets - Be a Millionaire - Money Magnet - Make Money Fast -- where he is designing the "Millionaire Mind Reprogramming" Courses with the fastest techniques to download directly into your brain cells the Millionaire Mind and make you automatically think and achieve like the super rich.

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Choosing Domain Names – Hyphens or Not?

By Daniel Moro

Choosing a good domain name is one of most important steps in setting up your online business, but it’s getting harder and harder to find good names that are still available. You could use a domain name with hyphens, but is that really a good idea?

Let’s quickly review what makes a good domain name. A domain name needs to be relevant, easy to remember, keyword optimized, and free from trademark conflicts. It should also be shorter. Although seven characters or less is ideal, you may have to settle for a domain name that’s a little longer.

So you’ve just set up your new barbecue grills business and now you discover that is already taken. Should you consider hyphenating the domain name to or should you go back to the drawing board?

The first choice should always be to take the name without a hyphen. Having established that, there are some exceptions. Let’s look at hyphenated domain names and when they are might be good to use.

Domains with hyphens can sometimes be a good idea if you really want certain words in your domain name but all the domains without hyphens are already taken.

Another reason to use a hyphen is when the words you plan to use are harder to read without the hyphen. The domain is harder to read than That is not necessarily a great domain name but it does serve to illustrate the point that some domains are easier to read with a hyphen.

You might also consider using hyphens for search engine optimization. Some people suggest that using hyphens helps the search engines to distinguish your keywords better. This may be a good option for webmasters whose primary goal is to optimize their sites for traffic from natural search engine rankings. The only catch here is that this could change over time since search engines are constantly adjusting their search algorithms.

Incidentally, if you decide not to use hyphens in your domain name, watch out for any unintended double meanings that might be embarrassing. To illustrate this point a couple of fairly suspicious domain names are and In case you are wondering the latter was reportedly the domain for the Mole Station Native Nursery based in New South Wales, Australia, although it seems, fortunately, to have moved.

Whatever reason you have for using a hyphen in your domain name, it would be good to remember one thing. Some people will forget the hyphen when they type your domain name. So whenever you invest in promoting your site, some lucky webmaster who owns the un-
hyphenated version of your domain is going to get some free traffic, courtesy of your hard work.

As you can see, there are some situations when using a hyphen in your domain name may be a good decision.

Daniel Moro has been successfully building online businesses for ten years. Download your free report on '10 Remarkably Effective Traffic Building Techniques' at

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Honda Leads The Way with Environmentally-Friendly Motoring

By Alan Granger

SUVs are out! According to a survey by Quality Planning Corporation to find out which cars are being driven by teenagers aged 16 - 18, the gas-guzzlers - once a popular choice for this age group - are no longer considered a 'safe' option by parents. No - Hondas are in! The Honda Civic and Honda Accord won first and second place amongst used cars, and first and sixth place amongst new cars.

Well, that may be no surprise - the Honda Civic is actively marketed to young drivers.

This news follows hot on the heels of a J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey in Germany. In this study - released on June 28 - Honda nudged Toyota aside as most popular car manufacturer, winning kudos across all categories including quality, reliability, running costs, and design. Germany's native giants BMW and Mercedes fared less well. Japanese manufacturers also bagged second and third place - Toyota and Subaru respectively.

Yessiree - Honda is on a roll...sales in America were up 7.3% in June compared to the same month last year, the biggest improvement being in CR-V sales - this redesigned model was also a top ranker in the J.D. Power survey.

Meanwhile, Honda's Civic Tour continues a tradition built up over the last seven years of presenting hot music while promoting awareness of the most pressing environmental issues.
This year the Civic Tour features the Fall Out Boys, the alternative rock punk-pop band from Chicago. Lucky fans have the chance to win customized Honda Civic Hybrids. More information can be found at Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz sums it up:
"It's so awesome that Honda is letting us give away eco-friendly Civics on this tour. The GX is the cleanest car on earth. Who wouldn't want that?"

Not content with spreading the word about eco-friendly motoring, the Honda Civic Tour created an "Eco-Village" in Buffalo, NY, where concert goers were treated to a crash course in how to live on respectful terms with nature, as well as the latest options in green technology, alternative transportation and energy.

Surely this makes Honda the most environmentally-friendly auto manufacturer today?
Need a GPS tracking device for your vehicle? Visit now

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Religion - Most Misunderstood Concept

By Arvind Katoch

Religions are being made on this world for helping a man in attaining godhood. At different locations and under the direction of different philosophers or Gurus, we all accepted the different paths for realization of God. We gave different names to these paths and in this way different religion of the world came in front of us. Initially, people were living in small geographical locations and independent of each others, therefore these all religions flourished in this world.

Today, we all are living in a mixed world where people from different religions are coexisting with each other. However, in this coexistence, we are also facing religious intolerance for the others. Many followers of the respective religions are busy in creating atmosphere of fear and hate among the peoples of other religions. People from all the religions are responsible in this matter. Today we all have become more near to our religions but away from the God and its teachings.

Racism, suicide bombings, terrorist acts, killing of innocent people on the name of religions are some of the ugliest approaches taking by religious fanatics which are creating problems for the common followers of the God. Question of superiority of religions never arise because religions are not more than just path of attaining God and nothing else. If we go on fighting on the names of religions and killing innocent peoples then we are really disobeying the real God which is much ahead and more powerful than any religion.

By Arvind Katoch

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Anchorage Alaska

By Ronald Dorfcob

The city of Anchorage was originally laid out by city planners in the year 1914 and it was originally intended to be a railway construction port for the Alaska railroad. During the initial period, the city’s economy was dependent on the railroad for its survival and growth. However, between the 1930s and 1950s the city saw a surge in air transportation. The Merrill Field opened in the year 1930 and Anchorage International Airport opened in the year 1951. With the construction of Elmendorf Air Base and the Fort Richardson in the early 1940s, the city’s importance as a military base increased manifold.

The city was hit by a massive earthquake on March 27th 1964 that had a magnitude of about 9.2 on the Richter scale that claimed the lives of 115 citizens.

The city’s fledgling economy received a massive boost in 1968 when oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay. In the year of 1975 the Anchorage was merged with Girdwood, Eagle River, Glen Alps and many other communities. This merger expanded the city which is now officially known as Municipality of Anchorage.

People of Anchorage enjoy short cool summers- the average daytime temperatures in the summer range from 55-78 degrees of Fahrenheit. However, average daytime temperature in the winters can drop down as low as 5 degree Fahrenheit. The city gets a fair amount of snowfall in the winter, and it may range from several feet of snow to just two or three feet that gives rise to accident prone conditions in the streets.

According to the 2000 census the city has a population of about 260,283 and the population of the Anchorage Municipality comprises forty percent of Alaska’s total population. This city is ethnically diverse and has a harmonious blend of different cultures- the majority being the white followed by the native Alaskans and a few other ethnic groups.

There are total 94,822 households in this big city and the houses are moderately priced.
Anchorage is a major port city that receives about 95% of all major freight supplies entering the city. In addition to this, the city is also a major railroad hub. Major industries include Petroleum and Tourism- nearly every tourist must pass through Anchorage at some stage of their journey in Alaska. Summer is a busy tourist season and the city becomes crowded with tourists during this period.

The city is well connected to the rest of the world via air, railroads and the sea. The city is just six miles away from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, and is served by several well known airlines. The city is also well connected by efficient rail services and bus lines.
Various freeways crisscross the city connecting to distant parts of Alaska.

The city provides great housing options with homes that suit all kinds of pockets. The real estate industry has witnessed a big surge in the prices and the land prices are expected to rise by the end of this year.

If you plan to get your dream home in this city, do not waste any more time and get in touch with the local real estate agents to make your dream come true. Additionally, be sure to speak with a mortgage professional to ensure that you are looking for homes that you can afford! offers an extensive amount of Anchorage AK Real Estate information. Search for Anchorage Borough AK Real Estate or get preapproved for a Alaska Mortgage today!

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Do You Need to Lose Weight?

By Howard Haines

Are you a woman? If you are and if you are like many other women, there is a good chance that you are concerned with your appearance. When it comes to appearance, there are many women who are concerned with their weight, namely the weight that they would like to shed or need to shed. Unfortunately, many women believe that they need to lose weight when they really don’t.
To determine if you should seriously think about losing weight, as it is an important issue, you may want to continue reading on.

When it comes to determining if you should lose weight, there are a number of important factors that you should consider. Since many women are concerned with their appearance and the way that they look, you may want to examine your appearance. Do you think that could benefit from a weight loss? If you are currently unhappy with the way that you look, it may be something to consider. Of course, it is also important to make sure that you don’t lose too much weight, as it can be harmful to your health. For that reason, you may want to consult with your doctor to determine if weight loss is an issue that you should work on.

Speaking of consulting with your doctor, your doctor may have recommended that you lose weight, with their own fee will. If your doctor has suggested that you lose weight, it is advised that you take his or her suggestion into consideration. What many women fail to realize is that their healthcare professional isn’t as concerned with their appearance as they are their health.
So, if your doctor recommends that you lose weight, even just a little bit of weight, he or she may be concerned with your health and the possibility of you developing any weight related
health complications.

The two above mentioned signs are two the most common signs that you may want to think about losing weight. Of course, it is important to remember that the decision to lose weight is yours to make, as it is an issue that you have to deal with. With that in mind, it is important to also remember that carrying around excess weight is more than just carrying around excess weight. There are many women who are constantly stressed out about or concerned with their appearance. If you would no longer like to spend every day in front of the mirror ashamed of your body or hiding your body from those and you know and love, it may be time to take action.

If you would like to lose weight, you may be pleased to know that you have a number of different options. Many women are able to develop their own weight loss plans, which often include a regular exercise plan, as well as eating healthy. You also have the option of joining a local weight loss program or an online weight loss program. These types of programs are nice, as you often get professional advice as well as support from group leaders and other weight loss program members.

See the more article at:

For more information on lost weight,do visit Lost weight a website that specializes in providing lose weight and other related Information, Advice and Resources.As a reminder, it is advised that you take the time to speak with your physician, regarding your weight loss plans or goals. This is especially important if you plan on creating your own at-home weight loss plan. In addition to giving you the go-ahead, your physician may also offer you a few weight loss tips, tricks, and techniques, ones that you may find helpful.