Honda Leads The Way with Environmentally-Friendly Motoring

By Alan Granger

SUVs are out! According to a survey by Quality Planning Corporation to find out which cars are being driven by teenagers aged 16 - 18, the gas-guzzlers - once a popular choice for this age group - are no longer considered a 'safe' option by parents. No - Hondas are in! The Honda Civic and Honda Accord won first and second place amongst used cars, and first and sixth place amongst new cars.

Well, that may be no surprise - the Honda Civic is actively marketed to young drivers.

This news follows hot on the heels of a J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey in Germany. In this study - released on June 28 - Honda nudged Toyota aside as most popular car manufacturer, winning kudos across all categories including quality, reliability, running costs, and design. Germany's native giants BMW and Mercedes fared less well. Japanese manufacturers also bagged second and third place - Toyota and Subaru respectively.

Yessiree - Honda is on a roll...sales in America were up 7.3% in June compared to the same month last year, the biggest improvement being in CR-V sales - this redesigned model was also a top ranker in the J.D. Power survey.

Meanwhile, Honda's Civic Tour continues a tradition built up over the last seven years of presenting hot music while promoting awareness of the most pressing environmental issues.
This year the Civic Tour features the Fall Out Boys, the alternative rock punk-pop band from Chicago. Lucky fans have the chance to win customized Honda Civic Hybrids. More information can be found at Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz sums it up:
"It's so awesome that Honda is letting us give away eco-friendly Civics on this tour. The GX is the cleanest car on earth. Who wouldn't want that?"

Not content with spreading the word about eco-friendly motoring, the Honda Civic Tour created an "Eco-Village" in Buffalo, NY, where concert goers were treated to a crash course in how to live on respectful terms with nature, as well as the latest options in green technology, alternative transportation and energy.

Surely this makes Honda the most environmentally-friendly auto manufacturer today?
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