Platform for VOIP Solutions - Getting Innovative With Time

By Angela Hayden

The early adopters of innovative technology often set the pace for the next stage in the developmental process. These tech-savvy individuals - by their very nature - are fascinated with new and high-end products. They make these products an integral part of their lives and enjoy the benefits that they entail. These are the people responsible for the increasing popularity of IP telephony solutions and the providers of VoIP services, for instance. Acting as a catalyst, these futuristic users give the much needed momentum to new and innovative products and have a powerful role to play in the success of any venture.

Speaking about ventures, the VoIP services were originally seen as a replacement for traditional phone services, wherein users made long distance calls routed over the Internet using the services of an Internet service provider. However, with the passage of time, the way these products are positioned have undergone a sea change. As of now, solutions pertaining to VoIP come bundled with other services such as television and broadband Internet service. Potential users can now enjoy voice, data, video, and wireless communication by subscribing to one comprehensive package.

The importance of VoIP solutions and platforms pertaining to the same can be understood comprehensively in this context. The VoIP telephony solutions are easy to install; they can also be integrated with the existing infrastructure of an organization without causing any major disturbance to its day-to-day functioning. Moreover, the VoIP solution platform is flexible, robust, and secure - a fact that makes it all the more indispensable to users. Routers, Ethernet switches and IP telephones are used for incorporating these solutions in different domains.

A VoIP solution platform is used by different service providers in the VoIP domain. These platforms become indispensable to the providers wanting to deliver hosted PBX services to corporate clients with a global presence. Corporate users motivated with the idea of broadening their areas of expertise depend on these business solutions in VoIP to enhance their productivity quite significantly.

To know more about these solutions and platform, visit: VoIP Platform witnessing various enhanced quality VoIP Solutions.

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Enjoy the Precious Moments of Your Life - Be Happy All the Time

By Christina Sponias

When you must be serious because you are facing dangerous and painful situations, you cannot really enjoy anything until your problems are solved. Therefore, don't delay solving your problems! If your problems are not so serious and you only face the common problems of daily life in a city or elsewhere, you can always be happy by enjoying all the moments of your life.

You may dislike many parts of your daily routine such as when you are returning home from work and there is too much chaos in the streets, when you have to clean your house and whenever you do tiring things. However, you can surely enjoy the moments you do like and pay more attention to these, and also have an attitude based on humor and goodness that will help you positively face all the small problems of daily life.

Do you have the tendency to want to finish all your work first before you can relax? This is good because you must be organized and you will surely feel better if you can first finish with the obligations and then rest without worries. This is fine, but how long will you going to work non-stop and always be in a hurry to finish everything? Not to mention hungry and tired?

Wait a minute! If you are the type that even forgets lunch when you have too much work, when do you live? Do you have the time to live and to do several other things more important than that? If you have too much to do, take a break. If you are always anxious about when you will finally finish working, you don't enjoy your work and when you will finally be able to rest your back will be broken and you won't have any appetite to enjoy your food.

Enjoy everything you can! Enjoy your work, studies or whatever you are doing. Do everything in an enjoyable manner whenever possible and try to transform many silly moments of your routine into precious moments, even when you feel you cannot give them such a shape. In the same company, one employee works with a smile and is kind and friendly with the customers while another one works with his eyes on the watch, waiting to leave and always trying to avoid working too much. Who feels better? Which one of them would you like to be?

If you are the lazy type, make a plan and try to do many things you like during the day. Always keep yourself occupied with something important and nice, in addition to all the other things you have to do but you don't like. Organize your life, so that you enjoy all its good moments and try to have many moments like these, instead of simply passing through them.

How do you define happiness? Is it an eternal state of absolute satisfaction?

This is not possible on Earth. Happiness is a collection of many priceless moments.

Remember the best, funniest and most memorable moments of your life. Think about their importance in the history of your life. Without them, your life would be an empty tunnel without variation. However, only with them you would never learn the most important truths, which are very serious and demand sobriety from you.

Happiness is a puzzle of many tiny pieces that form a general picture, where suffering and pain also exist because they are important parts of the design. They give shape to the other parts that are free and have no meaning by themselves, unless you learn something with their existence. Accept suffering when necessary, but try to be happy whenever you can, for any reason you may find.

Be very happy when your coffee is just the way you like it, when you unexpectedly meet someone you knew on the street. Show joy, be warm! Make this moment important for you.
Don't be a cold person who has no time and doesn't remember anything. Be friendly! Be generous and kind! You'll like it very much yourself, besides giving joy to the others that will be well received by you.

Pay attention to the moments when you can transform routine into a precious time or transform something that could be good only if you would give it a special tune, into one of the best experiences of your life!

Whenever you can, do something special to make yourself happy. Everyday, think about the reasons you have to be happy. Everything can give you a little bit of pleasure and joy if you learn to pay attention to what is good and savor it. Mark this time in your life. Say to yourself, "Now I am alive!" "I'm going to remember this moment..." Sometimes, a very good meal, a very pleasant afternoon or simply a fine day without anxiety is enough to make you very happy.

Always pay attention to your happy moments! Moreover, if they are not so happy, give them another outlook with your humor and your good disposition. You can transform everything, depending on the way you judge your reality. Be optimistic, focus on what is pleasant and good and be very grateful for your precious moments when they appear in your path.

This way, when you put together all the pieces of the puzzle, you'll see that your life had many happy moments and that all the little happy moments together give you a very great happiness because of their existence!

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere. Learn more at: Click here and download your copy of the Free ebook
Beating Depression and Craziness

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The Month of Aquarius - 2008

By Sharita Star

Our Sun now moves into Aquarius, the last fixed air and masculine energy upon our Zodiac wheel. This organized sign asks us to improve and refresh our lives as we settle further into winter. Symbolized by the Water Bearer, Aquarian natives are the masters of invention that bring renewed life to wherever change is needed.

This tolerant sign has the guidance of the planet Uranus making its' mark upon their intellectual innovations, while being well-adept at dealing with the unexpected. The focus is typically the larger picture rather than intimacy in relationships, as the deeper concern is to wield beneficial transformations for humanity. Like all air signs, this element grants the Aquarian a friendly nature that seeks multitudes of liberal and experimental alliances.

Our Water Bearers are constantly urged to express their innate originality. Consciously aiming to seek the truth, Aquarians are driven by a deep sense of altruism. They instinctively turn obstacles into welcomed challenges, fostering success in the areas of science, technological advancements or anywhere they can apply their eccentric and insightful visions for the future.

Aquarians are rarely unsurpassed in their abilities to investigate, co-ordinate, brainstorm, synthesize, and plan, with the ultimate outcome being reform. At worst they can display personas that are opinionated, remote, agnostic, vast, tactless, unpredictable and obstinate. With the cultivation of warmth, practicality, along with the recognition that personal touch is essential for continued evolution, the Aquarian native finds the balance to attune their soul.

As our Sun transits through Aquarius, we all are offered the space to reflect and ponder the areas that need reform on a personal level. Ideally the coldness of Winter grants us this natural time each year as we await the rebirth of Spring. Thus here is the perfect opportunity to unleash our brilliant game plans not only for our own growth, but ones that shower the world at large with equal blessings.

Get ready for the Universe to intensify this reflective time as Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius upon January 28th. (look for our Blog Alert 1/28 for more details!) This month also sees Pluto starting a brief visit to its' new long-term stay in Capricorn up until April 2nd, where it will Retrograde at 01 degrees Capricorn, and reenter Sagittarius upon June 15th. Mars moves out of its' Retrograde period that began November 15th, granting drives within the Gemini and Cancer ruled houses in the individual birth chart, to return to forward motion again in those specific areas of the life.

As always upon an Aquarian New Moon, we ring in the Chinese New Year. 2008 marks The Year of the Rat, Earth year. In the legend of how the Chinese Zodiac Wheel came to be, the Rat was the first animal to come to Buddha. Interestingly enough, this Universal New Year of 2008 numerically reduces to a singular One vibration- and coupled with the Chinese Wheel starting anew- initiations and new beginnings are at an all time high to flourish. This 2008-09 Earth Rat Year marks a collective time of pragmatism, forethought and self-will. Material prosperity this year is highly protected when it is acquired through the means of integrity and hard work.

May your spirit excel in its' renewal, originality and benefit from the changes that are to come to both your inner and outer worlds.

Questions? Comments? Email me!

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: She resides in New York City and currently is working on her first book.

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7 Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Costs

By Ricky Figueroa

My friend, let me tell you this. No matter how much information you have read before about how to sell and make money on eBay, if you are doing even just ONE of the following mistakes... you are losing money! Straight to the point:

1. Don't use eBay's pre-filled information when creating your auction listings! This feature may save you time, but you have to know that your listings will look like everyone else's and you don't want that. You want to stand out from your competition. There are other ways that you can save time on creating listings--such as automation software without compromising their quality.

2. Don't use big type, lots of fancy graphics, and crazy colors! Especially if you are new to HTML, keep your description visually simple. Fancy description are not only hard to read, they can also make it look like you are trying to hide something among all the different type sizes and styles, graphics and colors.

3. Don't gloss over any defects in your product! Show images of any imperfections, describe them, and use them as an opportunity to reassure bidders of your honesty. You'll also save yourself all the hassle and negative feedback involve with selling people items with defects--feedback that can seriously hurt your chances of growing your eBay business.

4. Don't use a standard description copied from a product web site! You can use copy from elsewhere as the basis for a description, but it's much better to provide a link to a manufacturer's web site instead (as long as it's not a sales site) and use your own words to give your own auctions more individuality.

5. Don't discourage bidders! It's a bad idea to threaten potential bidders up front or generate negative feelings by saying something like " Auction winners who don't pay will receive negative feedback or be reported to eBay." You run the risk of scaring off bidders and eBay newbies, who may worry that the slightest mistake on their part will lead to negative feedback. Instead of treating everyone like a potential scammer, you should assume that your bidders are genuine. Invite questions as a way of avoiding problems later from someone who didn't read your listing properly.

6. Don't rely only on manufacturers' stock images! Take your own photos so bidders can see EXACTLY what they're bidding on. Good pictures also increase desirability. And don't forget to take pictures of any defects, too.

7. Don't make it hard work for people to read your description! If you write a long rambling piece of text with no paragraph spaces or line breaks -- as many eBay sellers do -- you won't get many people reading it, and you won't get many bids. By using some simple HTML, you can make your listing much more readable for your visitors.

It's vital to avoid all of these eBay "don'ts" if you want to create a successful eBay business. The good news for you, however, is that all this mistakes are made by thousands and thousands of eBay sellers every day.

That means learning how to write descriptions properly will immediately put you light-years ahead of your competition!

~Ricky Figueroa~ - Visit Here to Get Your Free Report!

I'm Ricky Figueroa! I'm the founder of where you can find receive a FREE REPORT that will help you discover the 5 internet marketing strategies that could take your business above & beyond any competition! I live in the beautiful Puerto Rico & I am a true believer in the power of the internet. It definitely takes determination,perseverance,& guts to see an internet project through from the start but I've done it,& YOU can too! The work it takes to run a successful internet business never really ends, but if you love what you do & become what you love, you have the opportunity to have what you love! If done right, you won't want it to end. It is possible for you to have a 100% online business; I can & will help you to learn how. Visit my website (find link above) to find that essential ingredient to happiness=financial freedom. You can also visit my blog to get the most up-to-date information & see what other people are saying .I wouldn't provide you with info that I haven't looked into or tried myself.

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Solar Lights Not Only For Gardens

By Armand Hadife

Indoor Solar Lighting
Some good ideas for indoor solar lighting include using it inside your home, sheds, garage etc... Setting up a solar light is easy and maintenance and running costs are very low. The solar panel which collects the sun's energy needs to be placed outside in order o receive maximum sunlight. Once the battery is charged, you can enjoy your solar light system all night long. You will have to find a solar panel that you can easily install on the top of your building or in the garden. Once the indoor light fixtures, solar charger and batteries are installed, lighting will be available at any time.

Outdoor Solar Lighting
Different types of outdoor lights use solar energy. You can find for example solar pool lights, solar garden lights, solar post lights, solar flag lights and other. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool or a pond in your garden, adding lighting using solar technology is very easy and safe. Everyone desires a well maintained and eye-catching garden and now by using solar energy you can illuminate your landscape the easy way. If you have a flag in your garden, you can only see it during the day. By adding a solar flag light your flag will be visible at all times. If your garden is too dark at night you can invest in some solar spot lights that will turn on automatically every night. You can also use solar path lights to delineate stairs and pathways.

Solar lights are not dim like in the past; thanks to ultra bright LEDs (Led Emitting Diodes) modern solar lights are powerful enough to provide decent lighting for almost all situations. Nowadays, outdoor solar lighting applications range from lighting gardens to lighting streets. Investing in solar lights can be a cost-effective and convenient option.

Armand Hadife is the owner of www.outdoor-solar-

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Discover How to Mix EBay, Google and Videos To Maximize Traffic!

By Ricky Figueroa

There have been some exciting new developments for eBay sellers in recent months.
Let's go over a few of them:

-eBay and Google are partnered and many eBay listings (especially "featured listings") are showing up ranked top 10 in Google for the keywords used in the title. This is producing a lot of traffic for those of us tapping into it!

-eBay classified ads are apparently allowed to have links to external websites in them (a big change for eBay) because 90% of them do and eBay doesn't seem to mind. I've yet to hear of a case where an ad was shut down because of an external link in it. eBay still has no official listed policy on this issue though. Please continue to send success stories to us (be confidential about the specifics if you'd like, but we won't tell others if you trust us with the details). We are still learning what works and sharing it with you as we learn.

-eBay is now promoting the use of video in auctions. This has been allowed for awhile, but the true potential isn't immediately evident until you add Google into the mix. Did you know that one of the best ways to get ranked quickly on Google is by using online video? I learned quite a bit about using video to rank high on Google at a conference I attended last weekend. I'll be sharing more about this in my site (see link at the bottom)

The conclusion I continue to draw from all of this is that eBay combined with the power of Google traffic is quite possibly the greatest untapped opportunity online. I'm astounded that only a few people are using eBay classified ads. ANYONE can drive a TON of targeted traffic (even simply to an affiliate link) once they know the system.

~Ricky Figueroa~ - Click Here to Get Your FREE REPORT.

I'm Ricky Figueroa! I'm the founder of where you can find receive a FREE REPORT that will help you discover the 5 internet marketing strategies that could take your business above & beyond any competition! I live in the beautiful Puerto Rico & I am a true believer in the power of the internet. It definitely takes determination,perseverance,& guts to see an internet project through from the start but I've done it,& YOU can too! The work it takes to run a successful internet business never really ends, but if you love what you do & become what you love, you have the opportunity to have what you love! If done right, you won't want it to end. It is possible for you to have a 100% online business; I can & will help you to learn how. Visit my website (find link above) to find that essential ingredient to happiness=financial freedom. You can also visit my blog to get the most up-to-date information & see what other people are saying . I wouldn't provide you with info that I haven't looked into or tried myself.

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Google AdSense Websites - Make Passive Income Without Any Clicks

By Chuck J Anderson

That is a pretty amazing statement! Just how can your AdSense websites make you any money "Before" you get any clicks? No, Google has not changed it's terms of service overnight and is now paying for ad views rather than ad clicks

A hot new program has launched that you can incorporate into your AdSense websites to ensure you 'Will" be making money before anyone clicks on one of your AdSense ads. That means you no longer have to wait until someone is bothered or motivated enough to click out before you can get some money in the bank. And making money, isn't that the whole reason you made an AdSense website in the first place?

This new feature that you can add to your website is a simple 5 second audio ad that plays automatically as a visitor enters your website and then shuts down just as quick as it started. It is so short it is being classed as unobtrusive however you can reap the rewards from those 5 seconds in the way of cold hard cash.

If this is the first time you have heard about this amazing new program called Pay Per Play then consider it to the first of many. Google AdSense is going to become an advertiser in the shadows, as Pay Per Play takes centre stage for 2008. It has already muscled it's way into a position where almost every second a new member is signing up. Considering the following AdSense attracted with it's offer of no profits without clicks, just imagine how large the following is going to be for a program that pays for every visitor.

If you have websites, are always looking to increase your profits and like to be a couple steps ahead of the game then Pay Per Play is something you want to be checking out right now.

Get Paid Before Any Clicks by joining the Pay Per Click Advertising model as it launches in Feb 2008. No more going grey, waiting for people to click on your adsense to generate you profits. Automated system now makes it easy.

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The Best Flat Abs Exercises

By Andrew Hoffman

People all over the world desire to have flat abs that are both sleek and sexy. Studies have shown that the number one looked at body part at the beach is the stomach area, so why not be proud of what you have?

I am going give you a few tips on how you can get flat abs. I am also going to pass along some myths that keep floating around about the ab area. I will finish with a few of the top flat abs exercises.

Okay, first, you need to know that over 90% of people that want flat abs will not achieve their goal because what they are doing is wrong. The biggest part of getting flat abs is not doing countless crunches and sit-ups. These do help, but the main problem that is going on is the fat on the belly. That fat is hiding a beautiful core that you want everyone to see.

So, the first thing that you need to concentrate the most on is to get rid of the extra fat that is on your ab area. You may look awesome everywhere else, and even look good in your stomach area, but there is a little bit of fat there that is hiding the true beauty.

You need to be concentrating on an exercise and diet that targets the abdominal area, and that brings me to my first myth. People thing that all of the diet foods and foods that are low on carbs and sugars are good to lose stomach fat on......FALSE! These foods are full of artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, etc that are shown to increase the amount of fat on your belly, so you are fighting a losing battle when you eat this stuff.

Instead try to lower your carbs naturally, eat organic foods, and drink plenty of water each day. All of these will really help you to get the flat abs that you are after.

You also need to avoid any kind of pills that are supposed to make you get this wonderful body. Most of these drugs have not been FDA approved, and may not even contain anything that helps you at all. The safest thing to do is to avoid all of them at all costs.

Now, exercising your abs should not be limited to crunches and sit-ups. You need to start using an ab ball, doing air bike crunches, crunches with weights, leg pull-ups, etc if you really want to see some results.

So, if you want the top flay abs exercises to work for you, you really need to know Truth About Six Pack Abs. Know what 95% of people are doing wrong.

Flat Abs Exercises - Get the Truth Here

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Fat Burning - Carbs, Proteins and Fats

By John C White

How efficiently we burn fat depends on our energy sources, namely our carbohydrates, protein and and yes, fats. These sources determine your overall body function and, as such, play the single most important role in fat burning.

Success at burning fat not only relies on you following your weight loss plan, but also obtaining a certain mastery about details involved in the process. The more you understand what's going own, the more likely you'll stay motivated to stick with it.

So what part does energy sources play in burning fat?

The first thing that must happen is that they must be broken down into components before they can be useful to the body. This starts to happen when you first start to chew. Saliva in your mouth starts the chemical breakdown of the food through the use of enzymes. As you continue to digest, it goes to your stomach where the gastric acids take over.

Because of there different composition, however, carbohydrates, protein and fats are broken down differently. It takes proteins the longest to breakdown, while fats are the quickest. When the process has finished, a compound called adenosine triphosphate, ATP, is produced, which supplies energy to your cells.

The completion of this entire process requires energy that comes from the processing of the bodies stored fat. Thus, by simply eating you are aiding in your body's battle to burn fat. Contrary to the opinion of popular culture, you need to eat to lose weight. This is why it's recommended that you eat several meals a day to keep the process going.

Secondly, during the digestive process, insulin is released from the pancreas to control the glucose that comes from the carbohydrates you've ingested. carbohydrates come in two varieties, simple and complex. When your carbohydrates consists primarily of complex in an adequate amount, then the insulin release is normal.

However, if you overeat or the carbohydrates are primarily simple, then there's a spike in the amount of insulin secreted from the liver. This spike is a signal to your body to start storing fat. So to efficiently burn fat, or in this case keep fat from being stored on your body, you need to control your insulin levels and this is done by monitoring the type and amount of carbohydrates you eat.

So you see, by choosing the right kind of energy sources and making sure that your body has a continuous supply of them throughout the day, you are then able to efficiently burn fat. On the other hand, bad choices and bad eating habits will lead to more weight gain and further frustration with your body.

To learn more about how to burn fat and keep it off, go to It's your one-stop source for fat burning information. Be certain to check out information on some of the hottest selling weight loss plans and the right way to set fitness goals

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How To Handle a Panel of Interviewers During a Job Interview

By Carole Martin

The best way is to handle a panel of interviewers is to take them on one at a time. The board or panel is not one entity, but several individuals coming together with the common goal of hiring the best candidate for the job. At the same time, each person has his own agenda or department's interest at heart. For example, the HR manager will be checking to make sure you are a good fit with the culture and people working at this company. The hiring manager will want to know about your technical skills or business know-how. And the person from accounting will want to know if you are savvy enough to operate a business budget.

Board or panel interviews are usually rather formal and organized, using a standard set of questions for all applicants. This type of interview is typically used in academia, government or for high-level executives but can be used for any other type of position in any company.

Another multiple-type interview is the team or "good cop/bad cop" interview. The team is usually made up of two interviewers, one who asks the questions and one who takes notes. The two typically trade roles, which can be confusing if they have different styles. In fact, one person may be kind and gentle and the other more harsh or pushy. Just remember, these inquisitors are working together toward the same end. Treat them equally, not favoring one over the other.

Regardless of the type of interview, the best advice is to prepare and practice beforehand. When you have your script written and rehearsed your answers, you will feel prepared and more confident no matter how many people you have to face.

A good tip is to try to shake hands with each member of the panel before and/or after the interview if at all logistically possible.

Lastly, remember to make sure you get each person's business card, hopefully at the beginning of the interview, so you can address each person by name. And, when you write your follow-up/thank you note/email you can address each person correctly. When responding to an individual, try to remember what he or she was particularly interested in when they asked questions or received your answer.

Remember each person has an agenda - it is up to you to zero in on that interest and make the most of it.

Carole Martin is a celebrated author, trainer, and mentor. Carole can give you interviewing tips like no one else can. Get a copy of her FREE 9-part "Interview Success Tips" report by visiting Carole on the web at The Interview Coach

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Get Your Dream Jeans Body and Lose 10 Pounds

By James Penn

With the right kind, your jeans will be doing all the work of slimming you and showing your best features. Women want to lose pounds instantly and have great-fitting jeans. From strategically placed pockets to hidden panels, designers have made it easier to find your perfect pair while giving you a slimming effect.

Tummy Control
For tummy control, and who doesn't want a slimmer middle, get jeans with panels that are discreetly sewn inside. Macy's and other major department stores now carry tummy tuck jeans.

Celebrities love tummy tucks and you can find out more about where they are sold by searching "tummy tuck jeans" in your favourite search engine. The company guarantees you will look a size smaller. Lee jeans are also known for their stomach smoothing fit. For a sleek appearance and no lumps caused by bulky jeans, look for those with pockets sewn into the fly. And, be careful with a slightly elongated rise which can cause tummy spillover.

Trim Your Thighs
To trim your thighs look for a bootcut or straight leg style. This creates a long, lean line as does wearing a dark wash with no faded areas. To keep your dark jeans from fading all you do is add a couple of teaspoons of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. Wear stretchy, dark denims over your thighs to look sleek with a slimming effect, but make sure you have enough room around your thighs and knees. Stay away from clinging fabric because it can make legs look bigger. Riders by Lee jeans are only about $20 and give a leg slimming effect.

Flatten Your Hourglass Figure
Nothing is more upsetting than not being able to accentuate your waist when wearing trendy denim. You can try jeans with a bit of elastic at the waist...not the type that are obviously elastic. carries some styles like this. You can also opt for a contoured waistband that is cut higher in the back with a slightly scooped front. Adorn your jeans with rhinestones for a modern look.

Good Looking Derriere
For a better view, the trick is in the pockets. Wear jeans with curvy pockets for a beautiful shape in the back. For greater fullness, wear flap style pockets. To draw the eyes up, wear denim with fading at the back of the legs. Another trick for lifting your backside is wearing a belt that covers part of it to make it look shapelier. Try different sizes with different jeans and you will see which ones look better on you. Serpentine stitching also creates an uplifting effect.

When buying jeans, take your time. Most women try at least 10 pairs before finding the right fit.
To build your denim wardrobe, choose a darker jean for a dressy look and a lighter shade for casual days. It also helps to bring along the pair of shoes you plan to wear the jeans with so you can try them on and make sure the length is perfect.

You're now ready to show off your dream jeans body!

For a limited time only, natural health expert, James Penn, is allowing you exclusive free access to his no cost newsletter where he reveals top secret natural health therapies and remedies to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and revitalise your mind, body and soul. Subscribe for free at

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How To Find A Single Man - Every Woman's Guide

By Felicity Henderson

It seems that there are heaps of single men around, yet a 'gorgeous' woman like you can never find a good one! This is a cry that is often heard amongst single women, who are fed up with their lack of success in the dating game. The good news is that working out how to find a single man may not be as difficult as you think. It is simply of matter of being in the right place, having the right attitude and sending out the right signals.

So what is meant by being in the right place? Well, firstly you need to get out there! Staying at home all day and night will not get you a guy and, unless you are Angelina Jolie, or someone like that, men are not going to be turning up at your door step 24/7. You need to get out and go to places where people are interacting. Whilst parties and bars are good for this, so too are coffee shops, supermarkets and even laundromats! Let's face it, you can spend a lot of time in a laundromat and you need to talk to somebody - right?

If you are a little on the shy side, then why not try online dating. This has become a very popular way for people to meet, in recent times, and I am sure that most of us have either heard, or read, many successful stories about couples coming together over the internet. The range of single men, available, is much broader online as well.

If you are in a position to do some traveling, you could try going interstate to find your perfect man. California, New York and Colorado are just some of the best known places for single guys to hang out.

The right attitude simply means trying to meet some, but not all, of the criteria that men find attractive in women. And what men find attractive in women most are confidence and that they look presentable. Despite the popular assumption that men prefer women to be beautiful and 'ditzy', most men are really more attracted to women, who are confident in themselves, women who know what they want and are not afraid to ask.

The right body language can also play a huge role in your interactions with a single man. If you cross your arms, play with your clothes or not look at him directly then he will probably get the idea that you are not really interested in him. On the other hand, good eye contact, frequent smiling and leaning forward in conversation are the right signals if you are keen on pursuing a relationship.

Eventually, how to find a single man will become as easy as pie, once you get all these 'right' things down pat. Then you can go off into the dating scene, with confidence, and men will be drawn to you like moths to a flame!

By the way, you can discover some of the best secrets about how to find a single man and keep him by visiting

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5 Year Personal Development Plan

By Susan Velez

Why not sit down for at least 10 minutes today and create a 5 year personal development plan for yourself. Where would you like to be in five years? What do you want to have accomplished?
Visualize yourself as successful and write down your passions of what it is you want to be do have in your life. Remember you can do anything the only limitations we have are the one's we place on ourselves. Most people realize that personal development is a positive step in the right direction of improving one's life in any area of your life. However many people do not take control of their lives and have no idea of what they would like to accomplish in the next five years.

A 5 year personal development plant will help you map out areas in your life that you would like to improve. What is it right now that you would like to change in any area whether it is a relationship, business, career. Are you stagnant in any of those areas and would like to see yourself somewhere different? You can sit down and make some long term goals of where you would like to be in five years. Your 5 year personal development plan will help you identify the the means to accomplish your long term goals. It will be like a map that you can keep in front of you at all times to constantly remind you of what you want to be do have, and will be a map for you to follow. It will map the steps you make along the way and you can evaluate the progress that you make.

Another thing that will help you keep track of your progress is a journal. When you take the time to set the goals you would like to achieve whether long term or short term; you should write down your progress in your journal. This will help you keep on track and stay motivated towards working towards what it is you desire. Plus when you reach your goals you can go back and read what it took you to reach your goals. You should always rewards yourself positively for sticking to your 5 year personal development plan and doing whatever it takes to reach them.

However when you reward yourself make sure your reward is not negative. If your goal is to lose weight and you have dropped the amount of weight you wanted to, do not sit down and eat a big piece of chocolate cake. This would hurt you in the long run; instead do something else that you would enjoy doing like going to a movie.

If you currently know what you would like to be do have in five years down the road, and have your goals written down then you are way ahead of the game. Most people do not know what they want to be do have and most of them are just content with their mediocre life. The complain about their life however they really do not know what they want to accomplish; if you do not know where you would like to be chances are you will not ever accomplish anything different.

Get all your free tips on the importance to personal development and receive free techniques to utilize as meditation, visualization and lots of other wealth generating techniques Plus sign up for the free Powerful Living Newsletter.

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FM Radio for iPhone - Will There Ever Be FM Radio for the iPhone?

By Star Smith

By now everyone knows that the iPhone is way more than just a cell phone, it's a multi-media communications and entertainment device. I mean, the iPhone is not only sleek and beautiful in design, but it's loaded with the latest Web 2.0 interactivity.

The iPhone is a cell phone with an mp3 player, a digital camera, real time video, Google Maps, photo storage, email and internet access. Gee, it seems like this smartphone has just about everything anybody could want, that is . . . except FM radio.

There used to be a time when the portable transistor radio was the only way a person could take their music with them wherever they went. Back in the day, this was a major attraction, because radio was king and everybody could get at least two or three stations whether they were sitting in the park, hanging out at the beach, or listening in while they were at work.

The problem with the old style transistor radio was that it wasn't very personable. Everybody could hear what you were listening to, which could be disruptive in certain situations. Then Sony comes along with the Sony Walkman.

Suddenly, we could all listen to our favorite music on cassette tapes while on the go. Actually, this was pretty revolutionary back in the day because most people had a decent collection of albums, but you couldn't listen to them anywhere but on your home stereo. The boom box was in, but that was big and cumbersome.

Sony made it popular to carry around a collection of select music, in a compact unit, that didn't rely on what your local DJ was playing on the radio. As the Walkman became more popular, the less convenient portable radios became a thing of the past - almost. Sony does make a portable radio that's pretty cool.

The lack of a radio on the Walkman personal cassette player is directly linked to the iPhone of today. There is speculation that manufacturers do not include radio on CD, mp3 players and the iPhone due to technical restraints and wanting to keep the units compact.

However, if the iPhone can access the internet, why is it so difficult to include radio access as well?

A multimedia device like the iPhone should definitely include some kind of streaming FM radio service. Even though radio has been marginalized by mp3 downloaded content, there is still a large group of people who desire to have the option of listening to their favorite radio stations as well.

Apple does have iTunes radio that you can easily listen to on your computer. If you've been there, you know how great the selection is. We now have more access to radio stations than ever before, yet, we still can't easily get radio on our ipod or iPhone.

I have to admit that there must be a practical reason why Apple did not include FM radio as part of the iPhone applications, but so far, there's no explanation for this to the consumers.

Hey, but maybe there is reason to be hopeful that this feature will be added in the future.
There's already a rumor that the next generation of the iPhone may include an application that can stream FM radio. For now, our iPhone FM radio dreams are just wishful thinking.

#1 Rated iPhone entertainment downloading service - fast, easy-to-use, unlimited movies, TV shows, games, and music. Take your iPhone to the next level now!

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4 Ways to Save with Your Business

By Tom Tessin

Whether you own a home based business or a business that employs 1,000 employees, your goal is always to make as much money as possible. This is exactly why you're in business. Just like your home expenses, a business is no different and in order to save money, it requires motivation and a lot of smart purchasing and negotiating.

If you're like most business owners, your drive to cut costs on every end is always on your mind and in order to do so, there are many ways to save money. From saving money on gas to saving money on your employees, the list could be endless. Below are a few ways you can start saving money instantly with your business.

Research is key
Every time you make a purchase, you should be doing your research. IF you have a purchasing department, make sure that they know exactly how to buy an item and how to get the best price. If you have relationships with vendors, make sure you check out other prices every once in a while. Whether you buying a stapler or a thousand computer desks, make sure you check at least five places before you make your purchase.

See if leasing helps
Depending on your business, see if leasing your equipment will save you more money. If you use a lot of technology and you find yourself upgrading every two years or so, it might be better to just lease your equipment instead of flat out buying it. If you're going to go this route, make sure that you check prices from at least five different sources.

Monitor the use
Everyone hates a stalker but when it comes to a business, sometimes you may have to go this route. If you have employees, they are there to make you money, not have fun and get nothing done. If you have the internet in your office, see if you can get filters to filter out the entertainment, etc. Make sure that you monitor your employee's productivity. Studies have shown that this type of monitoring can increase ones production by fifty percent.

Go paperless - use the internet more often
If your business is still mailing out thing via snail mail, maybe it's time to start either faxing items or possibly e-mail clients. Now, we know that some people can't access a computer, that's fine. Maybe offer some sort of incentive to people if they opt to take paperless billing, etc like a coupon offer or something to your liking. If you cut your mailing by half, just think of how much money you can save.

These are just a few ways to save money with your business. The list could go on forever. It's your job to track your expenses well and not spend like a mad man. If you become creative with your spending and you stretch your dollar further, you will see so much more progress with your business. Remember a business that saves is a business that will succeed.

Tom Tessin is an author for that is geared toward businesses looking to save on gas with business gas credit cards.

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Invest 1 Million Dollars That You Don't Have - Using Other Peoples Equity

By Martin Thomas

They say it takes money to make money, the idea that you need a million dollars in the first place to get rich is one of the most mis-understood concepts in financial circles. It is true it is easier when you have money to make money, but there are business tools and financial instruments one can use in place of one million dollars. I explore one such tool in this article.

If you have ever tired to sell your home, you would have come across this investment tool. The listing agent will more times than not try to get you to sign an "exclusive agreement" This document legally obligates you to hand over financial control of your property to the selling agent, typically for 90 days.

I say financial control, because this agreement clearly gives the agent and only the agent the right to sell your property. If your neighbor approached you the very next day and made you an offer on the property, and the agent has done absolutely nothing to sell your property, with this agreement in place, you must still pay them the agreed commission.

An exclusive agreement is one way to control an asset that you yourself do not own. Can you see how this can replace having a million dollars in the first place? If you did have one million dollars, you would use it to snap up under-priced property or other assets for quick resale in the hope of making a profit. This kind of business tool allows you to control assets temporarily, giving you the exclusive right to sell the asset over a given period of time.

What more do you need? You don't even need to offer a deposit. In fact, you need not risk any money at all in the asset. If it doesn't sell, you move on and let the agreement expire. You need only the agreement stipulating the mark up or percentage commission you will take. The buyer, the new buyer you find for such assets, need not even know about the exclusive agreement. All they see is the sales contract.

Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program.

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Investing $20 Dollars - Can You Double It In A Week?

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Lingerie Uncovered - A History

By Marie Wakefield

Lingerie-- the word suggests lovely, provocative outfits. But lingerie came from lowly origins.
The word "lingerie" is from the French linge, or linen referring to the material from which underwear was normally made. By the late 1800's, lingerie had become a familiar term to depict underwear that had moved beyond sensible function to be used as an erotic accessory. At first lingerie was created for all sizes- including plus sizes.

Lingerie was supposed to only be used by women within the confines of a blissfully married life in the early years; with strict controls. One female journalist penned in 1902, "Lovely lingerie does not belong only to the fast. . . . dainty undergarments are not necessarily a sign of depravity." As time passed, lingerie's attractiveness to the general population increased along with decreasing adherence to Victorian morality, and the increasing social status of women.
Lingerie was freedom from the practical and flagrantly straitlaced undergarments advocated by the Victorian era. For example, a doctor of that time period recommended wool as the perfect underwear for sanitation and wellbeing.

At first, lingerie was a sign of social status, handmade and afforded only by the very few. Of note were those fashioned by the English couturiere known as Lucile (Lady Duff-Gordon), who created camisoles, peignoirs, and petticoats using lace, chiffon, and crepe de chine, deliberately appealing to the sense of touch, and evoking a new eroticism for the twentieth-century woman.
Although synthetic fibers such as rayon and nylon were developed and sold in the 1920s and 1930s as luxury fabrics through the use of the name "artificial silk" their development led to a democratization of lingerie.

WIKIPEDIA SAYS-Some major rayon fiber uses include apparel (e.g. blouses, dresses, jackets, lingerie, linings, scarves, suits, ties), furnishings (e.g. bedspreads, blankets, window treatments, upholstery, slipcovers), industrial uses (e.g. medical surgery products, non-woven products, tire cord), and other uses (e.g. yarn, feminine hygiene products).

The more body-conscious fashions of that decade also led to a new item of lingerie, the teddy, named after its inventor Theodore Baer, who combined a chemise with a short slip or attached panties. The camisole, originally derived from a decorative waist-length garment with an embroidered front and shoulder bands that were worn over the corset for warmth and modesty, became a essential piece of lingerie, later transforming into an item of outerwear by the 1970s.
Similarly the slip, a standard piece of lingerie from the 1950s was used by a number of fashion designers as outerwear in the 1990s, most notably John Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana.

Pajamas, designed after the loose pants worn in Asia, gained popularity as female attire in the late nineteenth century, but long nightgowns remained popular, even after women's skirts shortened in the early twentieth century. By the twenties, straight-cut silk and rayon nightgowns in delicate colors such as orchid , rose and snow were popular, while the mid-century favored gowns with strappy tight fitting tops over flowing skirts. Mixtures and superimpositions make lingerie an item of clothing in itself, so that fusion costumes like chemise jackets and wide legged pants make up an unexpected wardrobe. During the twentieth century, glamorous and lavish lingerie grew ever more available and affordable.

Today there is a continuance of the lingerie revitalization started in the 1990s, with both male and female consumers. Lingerie's status as an appealing, emphatically visible component of a woman's outfit has kept sales on an upward trend. It seems that visible lingerie has become a strong style. Redefined lingerie is a reasonably priced luxury item with a powerful appeal for the style conscious plus size consumer.

For more plus size fashion with flair visit a trendy plus size clothing website.

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Invest $700 Dollars Using Economies Of Scale - Building a Soap Business

By Martin Thomas

Economies of scale is a very interesting business term that refers to the deep discount one can receive for purchasing something of anything in bulk. By splitting it off into more appealing retail chunks, when all is sold, the return is double or triple what you paid for the larger quantity.

This is a typical business concept and nothing knew. When you buy a large lot of anything, you are entitled to and usually receive a deep discount. Whether its land or cars or consumer items or soap. One thing about soap is that it is a re-sellable item.

Unlike other types of products which you can typically sell only once to a consumer and you never sell them anything ever again. Soap is a renewable business product. If your soap is good, or the deal is good or what ever the reason is, that people will continue to buy from you, it can potentially turn a majority of customers into life time customers.

One idea is convenience. With only $700 to invest, you need to look at these types of products because they are within your investment budget. If you purchased for example a drum of dish washing liquid for $200 and purchased 1000 blank plastic bottles that can be filled. You could potentially price them way under what a retailer may charge. On top, to get your life time customers you provide convenience by going door to door.

Once you have 1000 of these types of customers buying from you dish washing liquid every month, you could expand your range and also replace the manual delivery with a phone call and a mail order set up. This type of investment takes some time and energy to set up but over time it becomes more and more passive.

Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program.

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Investing $20 Dollars - Can You Double It In A Week?

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The Growing Trend of Home Nursing

By Clyde Lee Dennis

Home Nursing is a discipline of nursing in which trained and highly qualified nurses provide nursing care to a patient in the privacy of his or her own home. Affording greater flexibility for both the patient as well as the nurse. It is supported by providing aid in operations clients can't do without assistance. Tasks such as shopping, cleaning, supplying the meal preparation.

As an industry it is regulated by the Act of health services in the municipalities that prescribes professional nurse services. Home Nursing is also sometimes provided by the patient's family or friends. These individuals are widely known as caregivers, primary caregiver, or voluntary caregivers who give informal care. It has become a very good option for a lot of traveling nurses and is in many cases conducted by specialized medical care staff.

In-home nursing is an environment in which the nurse needs to be willing and able to handle various situations on his or her own. This element of the profession makes it one that is not for everyone.

As many have learned, at home nursing is draining and exhausting to relatives who try to care for loved ones, and there is no alternative, except to pay for part time home health care as best one can. Often, the term home nursing is used to distinguish non-medical care or custodial care, which is care that is provided by persons who are not nurses, doctors, or other licensed medical personnel, whereas the term home health care, refers to care that is provided by such licensed personnel.

The demand for home nursing is increasing as a result of shorter periods of care in the hospitals. In the case of the elderly person, for whom home nursing is needed, cares considering problems at the medical treatment practitioner side, those of the patient and the nursing person, those of the nursing force in the region are necessary. Most commonly, home nursing is used for the postoperative patient who need intravenous hydration or narcotics for a short period of time.

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What To Do When Your Adsense Earnings Have Become A Joke

By Sarah Jane Smithfield

Far too many people try their hand at adsense and then get so discouraged because they make only a few dollars a month. It is such a shame to hear those stories, but at the same time, who could blame anyone for not wanting to invest more time and energy into something with such little reward.

The most disappointing thing is you cannot get back that time and energy you have already put into building your websites. In essence, you have already done all the hard work, so why is the money not rolling in?

Well thankfully a new program called pay per play has been created and you can very easily start automatically earning from those websites you have already created.

Like with adsense, all you have to do is add a piece of code to your website, but the BIG difference is that this program pays you for EVERY visitor that you get to your website.

How can this be? The beauty of this fresh new program is the code that you paste into your website causes a five second audio ad to start playing as the visitor enters the website. As everyone hears the ad, you get paid for everyone. Nice hey!

It is any wonder that website owners are jumping right on board. They already have the websites and traffic so they can count on a very quick boost to their income as the program goes live in February 2008.

It is free to join and also comes with an affiliate program that pays on three levels. After close examination it appears to be well structured to make the very most of leveraged income.

And leveraged income means that wonderful thing called passive income. Your direct referrals and their direct referrals need to do very little just like you, but all the same you will benefit from their efforts.

And imagine if they already have lots of websites and traffic. Those audio ads are going to be firing 24/7 putting funds into your growing account.

My prediction is that 2008 is going to see some amazing growth in profits for anyone from the mom at home to the superstar internet gurus. Taking advantage of this system, particularly if you are already armed with websites, could be the smartest move you have ever made.

Make the most of 2008 and join the Pay Per Play program. It's just like adsense, only automated, so you get paid for everyone that lands on your website. It's free to join so check it out now.

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How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks

By Vitaliy Gershfeld

If you've ever wondered how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks without using diet pills, doing rigorous workouts or depriving yourself of foods most diets require you do, then I commend you for coming to this page because here you will find out just how to lose 20 pounds or more in 2 weeks and keep it off for good!

There are many safe ways one can start to lose weight quickly without resorting to common tactics. Several of these ways are:

1. Eat grounded flaxseed's after each meal and eat a teaspoon of coconut oil (It's really tasty so don't be disgusted!). This helps digest the food you eat much better and increases circulation which improves metabolism.

2. Walk at least 30-60 minutes a day out in the sun. No need for power walking. Just a steady pace. Research has shown that walking out in the sun helps improve your mind and body and can normalize your weight.

3. Walking up stairs. This is a GREAT way to lose weight even quicker. Not only does walking up stairs train your legs and improves muscles but it also increases your calorie burn and metabolism. Generally speaking if you can walk up a few flights instead of taking an elevator, do so. It's a great workout and it will help you lose weight.

4. Avoid eating meat and bread together because it causes weight gain and stop eating fast foods all together. This includes chips, snacks, cereal (yes I said it), sugar and white flour/bread. Add these into your daily diet: honey, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, fruits and garlic. See which ones help you the most. For example whenever I fry chicken I use coconut oil and then put garlic on it. Very delicious and VERY healthy!

Now these 4 ways aren't unusual but they are very simple and once you try them a couple of times they become very easy and can fit into your daily routine. Just keep at it and you can in fact lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks. It's all about commitment and this isn't a difficult thing to accomplish.

There is another method of weight loss which works even faster. It is called calorie shifting. It is a dieting method that allows you to eat anything you want and lose weight without exercising. Personally it's recommended for people who need to lose weight VERY quickly for special events or are just looking for fast results.

It is safe and very flexible. And ironically it breaks every dieting rule ever invented. There are 2 articles that I highly recommend you take a look at:

1. How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days!

2. Losing Weight Fast By Breaking All The Rules!

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Luxury Vacations On The Opposite Side Of The Hemisphere

By Andrew Vanderman

Isn't it always a little miserable when winter sets in and you have to put on your warm woollies? You sit and dream of summer coming around again when you can throw on the bikinis, grab your surfboard and enjoy the sun, sand and surf.

Well while you do that, there are many people on the other side of the hemisphere getting all geared up to enjoy summer. Wouldn't it make sense to trade your drizzly winter for a luxury escape somewhere warmer?

Movie stars and models are known for trading in the winter blues for a luxurious pampering vacation on the opposite side of the world. They indulge in the best that life has to offer with no limits on their expenses, however a winter escape does not have to cost the earth.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere there are plenty of new destinations you could add to your list.

Australia is a beautiful welcoming country with so many exotic locations to visit. Some of the more popular luxury places for summer time fun is Bondi Beach in Sydney, Noosa Beach in Queensland and Port Douglas just north of Cairns. If you haven't had the chance to see Australia yet, then now might be a good time to consider doing so. At least put it on your must see list for one of the following winters.

New Zealand offers amazing landscapes with breathtaking views. You can travel the full length of New Zealand within two weeks, while still having time to stop and enjoy the places along the way without rushing. It will be a vacation to remember and the best part is that it costs very little to hire a van and tour around. Your life will truly be enriched after seeing this exotic location.

Cape Town in South Africa is also a very popular place to hideout from winter. Bush breakfasts and sunset cocktails just add to the whole luxurious feel of this area. Be amazed at the vast contrast of nature as you take part in guided bush tours and even finish the day with a personal treatment program in one of the many spas.

So you no longer have to tough it out for the whole of winter. Make use of your vacation time and head for the sun.

You deserve a luxury vacation so why not plan one today. A luxurious lifestyle is waiting for you.

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Currency Trading Basics - 10 Errors You Must Avoid to Win at Forex

By Monica Hendrix

Here we are going to give you some currency basics and this involves 10 essential tips you must do and 10 tips on common mistakes which you must avoid to enjoy long term currency trading success.

Let's start with 10 common errors you just avoid.

1. Don't Day Trade
It doesn't work as all short term volatility is random and prices can and do anywhere in a day and you have the odds firmly against you and will lose longer term.

Ever seen a day trader with a long term track record of success? No neither have I avoid it and trade longer term trends where you can get the odds on your side.

2. Don't Try and Predict
Predicting is simply hoping and guessing and won't get you far - trade the reality of price change. No one knows the future and your predictions will end up as accurate as your horoscope!

3. Don't use Science
Don't believe anyone who tells you markets move to a scientific formula they don't - if they did we would all know the price in advance and their would be no market.

Trading is a game of odds - not certainties but you can win if you know and trade the odds. You won't win every trade but over the longer term you can pile up huge FX profits.

4. Don't Trade Scared Money
If you can't afford to lose stay away, forex markets are extremely risky and if you are worried about losing your discipline will break down and you will lose

5. Don't follow a guru blindly
To follow a forex trading system you must have confidence in it and know how it works or you won't be able to follow it with discipline - if you can't follow it with discipline you have no system at all.

6. Don't believe experts
News stories are convincing - but that's all they are stories from journalists and there normally dead wrong about every major market turning point. Don't believe everything you read!

7. Don't buy low and sell high
Great theory - doesn't work, it means you must predict again where highs or lows will form.

The fact is most major market moves start from new market highs NOT market lows. Learn to buy these breaks as the odds are in your favor and you normally see huge trends develop if, the breakout is from a valid resistance level.

8. Complicate your trading system
Simple systems work best, as they are more robust in the face of brutal market conditions - over complicate your forex trading system and it will have to many inputs - which will break.

9. Acquire Knowledge for the sake of it
You will often here people say the more knowledge you have the better - but in forex trading you need just the right knowledge.

You don't get paid for work rate you get paid for being right and that's it.

10. Don't overtrade
Most novice traders simply over trade and lose.

They think the more often they trade with their forex trading system, the more chance they have of winning or if their in the market their bound to catch a major move - dead wrong.
You don't get a reward for trading often so don't - only trade high odds set ups and be patient and wait for them.

If you want to learn forex trading correctly and get the right forex education to enjoy forex success these are all errors to avoid. When developing your forex trading strategy keep the above points firmly in mind their currency trading basic errors that must be avoided if you want to get on the road to regular profits.

For free 2 x trading Pdf's with 90 of pages of essential info and an exclusive course for
Currency Trading Success visit our website at:

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Uses of Challenge Coins

By Frank Cassidy

Challenge coins are not only for the military-they can represent any organization such as police, schools, fire departments, weddings, colleges, and other groups. Not only can you create your own coin with the design of your choice, but you can even start a collection or trade them.

Challenge coins symbolize the values of your organization. The emblem imprinted on the coin should have a theme that best portrays the hard work and honor that your organization is known for. Mottos and mascots can also be great symbols to include on your coins, as they represent the attitude and individuality of your organization. A unique challenge coin should promote pride and support among the members of the group. It can be a great gift of thanks or a profound symbol for your organization. It is something substantial that your members can dutifully wear to show others the pride they have amongst themselves belonging to the same special group.

Another use for these coins is to add them to a collection. By customizing your own coin it will be unique. Your collection will be much more valuable than if you had purchased it from a store that mass produces them. If you craft your own challenge coin, you may be the first or the only one with that design, making your collection one-of-a-kind. As a collector, your challenge coins will be more valuable when you trade with other collectors because of the unique design you created for it. Share your coins with a friend or family member and get them into the hobby of challenge coin collecting.

Create your own challenge coin-one that displays a slogan, symbol, or quote-to express gratitude for the hardworking members in your organization or to start or add to your collection of valuable, priceless challenge coins.

Frank Cassidy is the owner of your online resourcefor creating and customizing your own Challenge Coins Get a free quote by filling out the request form at:

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Are You Ready for 2008 to be Your Best Year Ever?

By Sandra Martini

The end of 2007 brought on a slew of teleseminars and ezine articles from internet marketers, business coaches, lifestyle coaches, authors, etc. all telling you that 2008 WOULD be your BEST year ever - especially if you purchased A, B or C.

My question. . .is your business ready for you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

Do you have the systems in place to insure that when the phone starts ringing and the emails come in requesting your services that every prospect will be treated the same?

Do you have a standard welcome packet (whether hardcopy or electronic) for every new client?

Is your family prepared for your business to skyrocket and what that will mean to their quality time with you if you don't have systems and processes in place?

Do you have systems in place to ask for client testimonials and referrals rather than when you remember?

It's all very well for everyone to tell you to have a success mindset (critically important) and believe in the law of attraction (also important), but without the consistent action and implementation that established client attraction and retention systems and processes provide you, you'll soon be asking yourself what happened to 2008.

Your Coaching Challenge
Your coaching challenge for this week is to take stock of your business. Look at it with a critical eye, as an outsider would.

Is it set up to function as a business? Are you organized (in YOUR style of organization, whatever that may be)? Do you treat everyone the same or does it depend on how much time you have when they call/email?

And, most importantly, answer the questions in today's article. Not what you WANT the answers to be, but what they are. . .today. By knowing where you are today, you can move forward and upward!

Sandra Martini, the Automatic Business Coach, and award-winning author teaches small business owners how to implement processes and systems designed to take them out of the day-to-day running of their business. For more information and to receive her FREE e-course/audio series, "5 Quick & Easy Ways To Put Your Marketing on Autopilot", visit

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How Does Calorie Cycling Help Me Lose Weight?

By Rachel Jenkins

A brand new way to lose weight has been hitting airwaves all over the United States.
This diet, called "calorie cycling", allows people to effectively lose large amounts of weight in short periods of time. But before you dismiss it as a fad diet, read on.

This way of eating teaches people to switch up the amount of calories that they eat day-to-day. By doing this, their body can never figure out how many calories are coming to it (as is often the case with low calorie or low carbohydrate diets), and therefore it can't adjust... or plateau.

The diet actually enforces cheat days and says that it wouldn't be successful without it.

Rachel Rofe, calorie cycling expert, explains that our bodies are used to this way of eating.
During the cavemen era, our ancestors would have to go hungry for days at a time. Whenever they got the opportunity to eat, they would binge in order to stay satisfied until the next time they had the opportunity to eat.

Cheat days are similar to the days that our ancestors fasted. Because the metabolism never expects these days, it can never adjust to a certain way of eating, and the body is literally forced to continue dropping unwanted pounds.

Because people get to have these cheat days where they can literally eat anything they want, psychologists heartily recommend this diet. They love that dieters don't need to feel deprived of malnourished. Doctors love it because it's a natural way to lose weight without people having to deprive themselves of nutrients, food groups, or even "bad" food.

Because calorie cycling is much easier to stick to than a typical weight loss plan, it has a much larger retention rate than many of the other diets.

Rachel has lost 100 pounds herself, and is passionate about helping other people do it too. She has been featured in Woman's World, among others.

You can check out more about calorie cycling on her website at

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