3 Steps To Your Best Attitude

By Rich Vosler

Two summers ago my then 8-year-old daughter Sarah was away at camp and was bit by a deer tick. As a result she contracted Lyme Disease. She also experienced severe paralysis on the left side of her face as a side effect, commonly known as Bells Palsy. The condition usually remedies itself but Sarah's took a very long time. Even now, 18 months later, she still has some paralysis and our neurologist is not sure if it will ever be completely healed. Her Lyme Disease was treated successfully with antibiotics.

Several weeks after she got the Palsy and her Lyme Disease treatments were completed, her and I were talking and having fun. We were poking fun at each other and having a really good time. She would laugh and smile her half smile at me and it touched my heart. I said to her, "Just think Sarah, in a few months your smile will be back to normal!" She looked at me confused, and said, "Oh, you mean I'm not going to be like this forever?" I was floored. I couldn't believe that she had accepted that she was never going to get her full smile back but she was content and happy and had a great attitude regardless. I firmly believe that children are given to us as OUR teachers even though we mostly think that we are their teachers.

Sarah gave me the gift of attitude that day. I know how important attitude is but this incident gave me insight on a whole different level. Here are some things you can do right now to get the kind of attitude that will propel you toward your goals:

--Learn To Be Thankful For What You Already Have
One of the best ways to be thankful for what you already have is to start keeping a Gratitude Journal. This is a simple notebook or journal where you spend time daily or several times a week writing down what you're thankful for. If you've never tried it, give it a shot. You'll be shocked at what you are really thankful for. You'll find that little things will bring the most gratitude - a hug, smile or facial expression from one of your children. Or your dog's wonderful attitude (that's a whole separate article!). Or the way your spouse leans their head on your shoulder as you sit together. A journal like this allows you to really appreciate the little things that, in our busyness, we overlook. Resolve that going forward you're not going to let these gems of time slip away unnoticed. Resolve now to spend time remembering them, appreciating them and giving thanks for them. When you know what's important to you and you're thankful for them, you become happier.

--Stop Wasting Idle Time Doing Unimportant Things
This one is a favorite of mine, one that I still struggle with. For some reason, we use this one to avoid what we know we should be doing. And let me clarify what we should be doing. In his excellent book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" Dr. Stephen Covey talks about urgent vs. important things. Urgent things are usually things that are important to others but they need our involvement to complete them and they expect us to make them urgent too. You should never let other people's priorities become your emergencies. You have important things to be done as well. Things like goal setting, dream building and relationships. When we let unimportant urgencies dominate our time we never have time for the important things that really make the difference in our quality of life. Doing the important things in life create in us a great attitude because we know that we're doing what we should be.

--Start Worrying Less And Enjoying Life More
In his "Little Red Book of Selling" Jeffrey Gitomer says, "Resign your position as general manger of the universe. The less time you spend in other people's business, other people's problems, and other people's drama, the more time you'll have for your own success." How true is that?

Especially as salespeople we think we have to fix everything from manufacturing and processing problems to our customer's personal problems. Forget that and start working on yourself. That's the only thing you can affect. This gives you more time to enjoy your life and what you've already accomplished. If you have children, nothing in life will even come close to the love and gratification you get from watching and being with them. We spend all this time chasing other things looking for that certain "something" that's going to make all the difference. If you have children, you already have it. You just haven't realized it or spend enough time with them to realize it. When you continually work on yourself, you improve your attitude because you're making progress in your life.

These are just a sampling of the things that you can do to improve your attitude but I think they are foundational. Getting back in touch with what's important to us aligns us with what's right with the world. I love this quote from author Jack Anthony, "I have never been a millionaire. But I have enjoyed a crackling fire, a glorious sunset, a walk with a friend and a hug from a child. There are plenty of life's tiny delights for all of us." When you're focused on what's important, your life can only improve. I know you can do it and I definitely believe in you!

Rich Vosler is a Sales Success Coach who coaches clients in groups or individually. He was a mortgage professional for 18 years in New York, New Jersey and Georgia. He is also a speaker and author. Rich can be reached at 609-790-8757 or by email at rvosler@verizon.net His website, Sales Training & Motivation, is at http://www.RichVosler.com and is full of sales success tips as well as his brand new blog. He is also running a special on his brand new DVD, Secrets of Sales Power sold there. Call today!

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Adults With ADD - How Did You Sleep Last Night?

By Jennifer Koretsky

Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) often underestimate the importance of sleep. In actuality, getting proper sleep each night is essential to managing adult ADD.

Imagine you are a car, and the amount of sleep you get at night is the amount of gas that gets put in your tank. If you go to bed and get proper rest through solid sleep, your gas tank gets filled. And as anyone who owns a car knows, cars always drive better on a full tank.

If, on the other hand, you go to bed and don't sleep well or don't get enough sleep, then you start your day on half a tank. You're still able to drive, but you don't perform as well, and you hit empty a lot sooner in the day than you'd like to.

Think about it. When you haven't gotten a good night's sleep...

Don't you find yourself running late throughout the day?

Isn't it really difficult to pay attention at work?

Doesn't it seem like more of a chore to eat healthy, exercise, and take care of yourself?

Isn't it harder to motivate yourself to do those household chores, like dishes and laundry?

Don't you find yourself snapping at people who might not deserve it?

If you frequently have trouble getting a good night's sleep, here are a few tips specifically geared towards adults with ADD:

1. Allow yourself adequate time to wind down before bed.

I suggest starting with a bedtime routine. In this case, it's easiest to work backwards:

Determine the best time for you to go to sleep each night. Choose a time that will allow you to get a full night's rest. Let's use an example to demonstrate, and say 11:00pm.

Next, take some time to "get ready for bed." That might mean brushing your teeth, getting your clothes ready for the next day, taking medications, or whatever it is that you do before you go to sleep. If these activities take about 15 minutes, then you would begin getting ready for bed at 10:45pm.

Finally, pick a few "wind down" activities that will help you relax and de-stress. This might include taking a bath, reading, meditating, journaling, or even watching television--provided the shows you choose aren't intense. Spend about an hour winding down and allowing your brain to slow down so that it's not racing when you're trying to fall asleep. In the example provided here, you would start winding down around 9:45 or 10:00pm.

Note: Whatever activities you choose to wind down, make sure they don't involve the computer! Nothing will wake up the ADD brain faster than email or the Internet.

2. Create a comfortable sleeping environment for yourself.
This might include adjusting the temperature in your bedroom, switching to ultra-soft sheets, or investing in light-blocking curtains. Adults with ADD tend to be extremely sensitive, and it's amazing how much little things can make a difference when it comes to your sleeping environment.

3. If all else fails, see your doctor.
There are medical options that you can explore with your doctor, such as taking medication or vitamin/herbal supplements, and testing for sleep disorders.

So here's to a good sleep tonight!

Copyright (c) 2008 Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky is the Founder of the ADD Management Group, Inc. and the author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD. Jennifer and her team work with ADD adults who are overwhelmed with everyday life in order to help them simplify, focus, and succeed. For free resources and information on adult ADD, visit http://www.ADDmanagement.com .

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7 Publicity Tips for Press Release Writers

By Viqi French

I won't say exactly how long, but I've worked in public relations for quite a while. This has given me an interesting perspective on how the Internet is revolutionizing press release writing as well as press release distribution.

What's different is that publicists, public relations consultants and D-I-Y media seekers such as small business bloggers, ezine publishers and ebook authors no longer have to pray that media reps bless them with media coverage. Everyone now has the power to build traffic for their establishment or website without traditional media's consent.

Thanks to the web, you can put your press release directly in front of your targeted audiences.
The Internet makes it increasingly easy for anyone to write a press release and upload it various places in cyberspace, where many potential customers can find it.

But if you want your information taken seriously and actually acted on, you'll want to be much more strategic than just slapping it up...

What follows are 7 key tools, techniques and tips that today's press release writers can use to secure Internet (and other) media coverage.

1. One best practice for press release writers involves SEO (search engine optimization). Little sets the course for making your information findable like the use a keyword search tool such as the one at Google AdWords. It helps you identify which phrases your target audience searches for the most. Choose, say, three or four of your strongest, related terms -- those which your potential customers are likely to search to hire someone like you or shop for what you sell.

2. Write your press release draft plainly, as if you were just talking. One-and-a-half pages long is a good average (approximately 500 words, single spaced). Vary your sentence lengths; some short, some longer. Sprinkle your key terms five or six times throughout your press release, including in your document's title. Include links to your website or blog in at least three different sections -- in your lead paragraph, last paragraph and contact section.

3. Proofread your press release and in the process, add your key terms a few more times. This really helps your SEO strategy, strongly telling Google and other services what your information focuses on. (For example, my main keywords for this article are the terms press release, press releases, press release writers, how to write a press release and press release distribution.)

4. Sorry, but you should proofread it again. This time, you're focusing on writing style. Go for some type of drama in your lead paragraph. You need a compelling angle or sentence upfront that'll engage readers and keep them. Sometimes simply rearranging the order of paragraphs (or sentences) makes a stronger lead-in. Now Spellcheck what you've written to catch any typos.

5. Next, implement your press release distribution. PRWeb.com is one of the best, most affordable paid press release distribution services available. Not only do countless people visit PRWeb to read what's new (and sometimes post those press releases to their blogs or otherwise contact you), the service also has an RSS feed system which delivers press releases to those who've subscribed to your keywords. This includes major media, online and offline.

6. Also take advantage of some of the free press release distribution services online. Work smarter, not harder here... If you're short on time, just pick those offering your social bookmark support for free. Some of the free sites also allow you to include a graphic image or photograph.
Almost all of the sites, for a fee, provide additional visibility for press release writers, though. (Note: We rarely use the free sites that aren't picked up by Google or those which bury new press releases waaay in the back of their listings.)

7. Commit to commenting on a number of sizable websites, zines and blogs. Choose these smartly and on each leave a thoughtful, relevant comment with a link to your press release. If you've used a paid service such as PRWeb, use this as your link in comments, as PRWeb lends more credibility than the free services.

If these steps on how to write a press release and get publicity seem like more work than you have time for, find an affordable PR consultant or freelance ghostwriter to get you on track.
Choose a committed service that will provide you a customized plan designed to meet your budget -- not one that treats you in a run-of-the-mill factory fashion. We're here for you and may be right under your nose!

Viqi French is the principal consultant for PetLeopard.com, an innnovative virtual marketing communications boutique.

Pet Leopard provides affordable publicity, marketing and ghostwriting services that specifically meet the budget needs of today's small business and Internet marketers.

For service details, visit: http://petleopard.com or subscribe to the blog at http://fiercelystrategic.blogspot.com

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Why Bad Credit Isn't the End of the Road

By Elisha Burberry

Bad credit can be bad news if you need to make an expensive purchase that you can't pay for in cash.

Every financial decision you make will have an effect on your own personal credit rating, whether those decisions prove to be good or bad. This means that it's important to try and make sure the good decisions far outweigh the bad.

Of course it's not always that easy. Take the typical credit card bill, for example. If you have a credit card and you make the minimum monthly payment every month, then your ability to pay what's required on time will be noted as a good point. Your overall debt will also be noted, however, and if you should miss a monthly payment for any reason then that will be added to your credit file too.

Your entire way of dealing with and managing money and your various bills and loans - such as your mortgage for example, if you have one - is recorded on your credit report. Obviously we'd all like to make sure that we have a good credit rating, but sometimes circumstances become challenging and our rating suffers as a result.

The good news is that bad credit ratings can be repaired over time, but if you need to get a
loan urgently before you have a chance to do that - let's say you need to buy a new car because your old one no longer runs, for example - then you need to find a solution. If you rely on your car to get to your place of work then you won't have the time to save up for a new one - you need to find the money somehow, and you need to do it right away.

Luckily there are companies who will help out in this situation. It's quite possible to seek out a company that will supply a car loan to someone with bad credit, whatever the reason may be.

It's important to read the terms of the loan carefully to understand what is being offered, but it does mean that a new car will be within your reach after all.

It's always worth spending an hour or two looking at your finances in this type of situation. By doing so you might well find you can make savings in several areas that will help you to meet your car loan payment every month.

Having a good credit rating can help you to get the best deals on financial products. But even if your credit rating isn't as good as it could be, you'll find that buying items such as a new car can still be within your reach. What's more, keeping on top of your car payments will improve your rating considerably for the future.

Elisha Burberry is an online, freelance journalist and keen traveller and watersports enthusiast. Originally from Scotland, she now resides in London.

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3 Secrets to Promote Your Small Business

By Catherine Perry

There are mainly 3 logo design secrets to promote your small business. Although they are surprisingly simple, you'd be amazed at how few owners use them to promote their business.

1. Have a Logo Design
Your logo. Your letterhead. Your business cards. Your marketing. They all represent you and your small business. Appropriately designed, they will communicate to your customers that your small business is reputable, reliable, and professional. Your business image depends on a quality logo design that is unique and memorable. Your logo is the foundation of your brand. By simply having a one for your small business you are doing better than a majority of other owners and have a head start in marketing your business. Whatever it takes, make sure you have a logo that represents your business.

2. Promote Your Logo
Once you have a professional logo design for your business, you're ready to start branding your new logo. The most essential places to utilize your logo first are on your business cards, letterhead, website, products and business location. These are great places to start using your design to gain recognition from your customers. As time goes on you'll want to utilize your logo in a variety of ways, namely everywhere. By using your it everywhere, you will get your name out faster and better than most other small businesses. Actively using your design on your website, business cards, letterhead, products, business location, apparel and other items you will be achieve a snow ball effect in marketing your business.

3. Don't be Afraid to Revise Your Logo
Finally, as time goes on, don't be afraid to revise your logo. That doesn't mean scratching your logo and starting over (although that may be necessary in some cases), just make slight revisions to improve your identity.

Catherine is an experienced logo designer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years, she has designed literally thousands of logos and is known for her ability to catch the client's vision and turn it into art: cheap logo design

Do you need a cheap logo design? Click here: Logo Design

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Watch Your Profits Reach Past The Stars Through Aerial Advertising

By Michael Arnold

Blue skies are the best backdrop to your message! Aerial Advertising does nothing less than stand your product, service or message far & away beyond your competitions. Any savvy business person knows that you can have the very best product, but if the public doesn't know it exists it might as well not. Sure, you've been sold print ads, internet ads, radio ads and spent hours stuffing envelopes, all in the hopes that the next time someone saw your name they would call, or stop in or buy whatever it is that you are selling. While your dollars are flowing down the drain, your message can be flying in the sky.

From Fortune 500 companies to individually owned businesses, professionals have reaped the rewards of Aerial Advertising for decades. Shouldn't you? Industry statiscs show that audiences remember such advertising more readily than any other form. Stop getting lost in the shuffle, when through airplane advertising you can reach your target audience, tens of thousands of them all at once in a cost-effective manner.

Its one thing to get your message seen, but how about remembered, let alone acted upon.
Televison commericials and print ads all bank on repeat viewership, forcing businesses to shell lots of dollars over long periods of time in the hopes that they will come out ahead past their competition. Airplane advertisement is unique. It makes the view most memorable. When researched, studies illustrate that:

• 88% of respondents remembered seeing airplane banners passing
• 79% remembered the product or service that was being advertised
• 67% remembered at least 1/2 of the content of the ad

Aerial billboards are created and tailored for all your aerial advertising needs and can be used for hundreds of hours of flight. It's the easiest way to target your market with your messages and ensure that your campaigns stay profitable. Whether it is through:

· Airplane Adveriting
· Custom Aerial Billboards
· Beach Aerial Advertisng
· Flyover's at Concerts, Conventions or
· Rush Hour Traffic Aerial Advertising...

bright, vibrant, colorfully designed billboards will let the world know about your business.

Industry leaders will guide you through the process of building an aerial advertising campaign.
Everything from pinpointing the right method of aerial advertising for your specific needs, to designing your custom banner, the selection of logos, and not least of which outlining your specific banner-towing sites, the help is waiting. Your custom designed aerial banners will fly your message in living color against the most brilliant of backdrops with no one else competiting for your audiences attention.

Being a business person takes more than hard work, it takes smart work. You know that creating a niche market for your brand is what sells, yet turning that knowledge into action may have been harder than you expected. The key to your businesses success & secure future lies in your ability to think outside the box. Start implementing cutting edge, targeted, time proven and cost-effective marketing strategies today... Try Aerial Advertising.

Aerial Advertising services are available from many companies that specialize in this type of advertising. The Internet is a good source of information when it comes to choosing aerial advertising services. Arnold Aerial Advertising is one of the many companies that provide such services. Located in New York, Arnold aerial provides nationwide service with affordable rates.

Michael is the Director/Owner/Manager of Anorld Aerial Advertising Inc. Aerial Advertising We under take all forms of Aerial Advertising: Airplane Adveriting, Custom Aerial Billboards, Beach Aerial Advertising, Flyover's at Concerts, Conventions, or Rush Hour Traffic Aerial Advertising, etc.

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Self Esteem Or Selfish Steam?

By Michelle Rigg

Self-esteem. Entitlement. We hear these terms batted about a lot these days. Especially when it comes to our kids. Everyone from parents to teachers to elected officials is terrified of rupturing our children's delicate sense of self. And what has been the result?

We seem to have created a generation of children who:
  • Are poor at accepting constructive criticism
  • Don't believe they need to change and grow
  • Have difficulty with the word "no"
  • Have an inflated, unrealistic sense of their own talents
  • Feel entitled to frequent rewards and recognition
  • Have little sense of what it means to make an authentic contribution
  • Have little desire to push themselves beyond their comfort zones
  • Are very defensive and feel "I'm fine just the way I am"
Let's be clear about one thing: self-esteem - an unshakable sense of our own basic worth - is a critically important ingredient for healthy development. But what went awry? Why is that with all of our efforts to raise children with high self-esteem, we seem to have done exactly the opposite? How is it that we have created, instead, a generation of children (often referred to as "Generation Y") who live in protected, delusional bubbles? Why is there so much talk about an "entitlement epidemic"?

It's all about Pain
The problem stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of pain - OUR misunderstanding, not our kids'.

Many (most?) of us were raised with shame. When we did something "wrong" or failed to meet expectations, we were devalued. We may even have been insulted outright, called names. We were given the message that there was something wrong or unworthy about us. As a result we became emotionally wounded. We don't want to do the same thing to our kids. So we overcompensate by shielding them from pain.

But, in fact, pain and shame are two different things. It's WE who have been unable to disentangle them.

When we hear the word "no," when we see a "C-" instead of an "A+," when we look at a losing score in a ball game, we equate it with shame because of the way we were raised. And so, in an effort to spare our children from being wounded, we try to shield them from pain. But pain is not what we should be worried about; only shame.

Because we don't get that distinction, we shield our kids from reality. We shield them from truth. We would rather lie to our kids than allow them to experience their own wonderful, invaluable and instructive pain!

What are some ways we shield our kids?
  • By telling them their work is "amazing," even if it shows little effort or mastery
  • By eliminating most forms of grading or performance measurement
  • By giving prizes and awards to every child in order to spare anyone from being branded a "loser"
  • By removing evaluative language from the classroom, dance floor and ball field
  • By failing to correct flaws in our children's performance in sports, the arts, or recreational skills
  • By faulting the teacher if our child receives less than perfect evaluations
  • By giving "everyone a chance" to play or perform even if they have not earned it
And on and on...

Here is a funny poem about the subject

Selfish Steam (by Andy Wolfendon)
I don't know what it is for sure, this thing called Selfish Steam,I do know that protecting it is the latest grown-up scheme.

"You mustn't tell the boy he failed his weekly spelling test.You mustn't break the news, his pitching's not the nation's best.You mustn't tell the girl she's not the champ, you'll squash her dream.In fact, don't tell kids anything - you'll crush their Selfish Steam."

"No, when we hold a contest we'll give EVERY kid a prize,We'll hand some handsome trophies out to EVERYONE who tries,And when they run a race we'll say that EVERYONE's the winner,Then EVERYONE can be the best, from expert to beginner.And when kids draw a picture, we'll declare it ULTRA-GREAT!Whether it's the Mona Lisa or a figure eight."

But if I get a trophy even when I haven't scored,And every effort, good or bad, receives the same reward,Why should I try? Why do my best? And here's what I can't see - If EVERYBODY's special, what's so special about ME?

When I grow up, is there a crop of which I'll be the cream?I probably won't know much, but I'll have tons of Selfish Steam!

Pain is our FRIEND
The truth is that by shielding our kids from discomfort, embarrassment, criticism, judgment, disappointment - from pain, in all its guises - we deprive them of a crucial opportunity to grow!

Pain is one of life's greatest teachers. Pain is an ally, not an enemy. Pain is a signal that we have come up against a limitation that needs to be transcended. Without that signal making us uncomfortable, we don't transcend. We don't rise. We don't become better than we were yesterday. We stay stuck.

Today's parenting model is all about allowing children to stay stuck and feel good about it, rather than to grow.

Humans do not grow by avoiding pain, but by taking it on, pushing past it, rising above it. As parents, we need to get that. We need to embrace it.

Two Simple Solutions
If parents want to end the false self-esteem/entitlement epidemic, the solution is simple:

1. They must get complete with their OWN pasts. Parents need to heal their own wounds, rather than run away from them. They need to stop living through their children and become whole and complete unto themselves. Only by doing this will they stop pampering their children (who really don't need pampering at all).

2. They must teach their children to be lovers of TRUTH. Parents must encourage their kids to love the truth, even when it stings. The truth is, not everyone can be a major league pitcher, a famous recording artist, or a movie star. Only by letting kids experience the hurt of discovering what they're NOT good at will they discover what they ARE good at (their true and precious design).

Parents have a crucial choice: they can either avoid discomfort and enable their kids to avoid it, OR they can tackle it with gusto, viewing it as a teacher, a gift, a motivator.

It's NOT a question of love

Parents today are not inadequate, nor do we lack in love for our kids. We do love our kids and we are doing our very best, given the way we were raised. It's a matter of results: the results we're getting are not good. We need to correct our approach. We're harming our kids by depriving them of experiencing discomfort and truth, life's greatest teachers.

Pain can be faced with tact, grace and wisdom, in a way that does not insult, devalue or negate anyone. And that's what we, as parents, must start doing!

Copyright 2007 - Michelle Rigg

Personal power expert Michelle Rigg is the author of You Must Be OUT of YOUR MIND: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating More Power in Your Life. Her clients usually see remarkable improvements in income, relationships, communication, focus, and clarity after completing just one workshop or telephone laser session. For a FREE 5-step course that will supercharge your personal power, visit http://www.createpersonalpower.com.

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World of Warcraft - Earn 50 Easy Gold Per Hour for the Alliance or the Horde

By Lee Ruleman

There are many ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft. Some of them are available to the Alliance some only for the Horde. Using this tip you will be able to earn a nice amount of gold regardless of your faction alliance.

To use this tip you will need The Burning Crusade Expansion and be of sufficient level to survive in Shadowmoon Valley. The mobs you will be killing will range in level from 67 to 70.

There is a quest line that starts with "Oronok Torn-Heart." Both factions begin this quest series by speaking with Earthmender Torlok at The Alter of Damnation in Shadowmoon Valley. For those who use coordinates he can be found at 42,45. You do not need to have the quest to use this tip.

To reach Oronok and the area you will be hunting you will need to follow the path that begins at the west end of Coilskar Cistern (48,20).

Due north of Oronok you will find an area with Ravenous Flayers and Domesticated Fel Boars. The flayers are the mobs that you want to kill. These mobs are spaced quite well to allow you to only kill one at a time. The flayers attack the boars on sight and you can use this to your advantage. Engage a flayer while it is attacking a boar and you will be able to kill them very easily. Killing a flayer in 20 seconds or less is normal using this tactic.

Testing revealed that on average the flayers drop 21 Gold, 12 Green items, and 10 stacks of Netherweave cloth per hour. On my server Netherweave sells for 2.5 gold per stack easily. All in all you should easily make 50 gold per hour here.

50 gold per hour may not sound like a fortune and it is not but you have to take into consideration how easy it is to earn. There are not many areas that you can knock down 50 gold per hour and have very little chance of dying.

Use this tip and you will witness your bank account grow steadily. For more tips look for my articles or join my free newsletter.

Lee Ruleman is a 10 year veteran of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) beginning with Ultima Online and continuing on through the present. It is Lee's goal is to assist other players in attaining maximum level, the best equipment, large cash reserves, and advanced gaming knowledge, all in a 100% legal manner.

For a limited time Lee is offering his brand new product "14 Super Gold Earning Secrets" for Free!

Stop by http://www.mmogamepro.com/wow1.htm and grab your Free copy today.

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Green Wedding Favor Ideas

By Erica Tevis

Green as a wedding color is trendy, it pairs well with many other colors and with popular schemes of honeydew and chocolate brown or pink and spring green - it is fabulous for modern weddings. Brides who choose to use this color are very down to earth, fun loving gals. It is highly symbolic for weddings as well; it is said to represent life, fertility, health and prosperity.

Green is complex; with warming properties like yellow and cooling properties like blue, the shade you select for your wedding can make your reception warm and inviting or cool and relaxing. It can also can be warmed up or cooled down depending on the color you pair it with if you are having a duel colored wedding.

Shades of green are popping up everywhere, in wedding magazines and online with favors and accessories. If you choose to use this as your wedding color or accent color, there are now so many choice available to you for your wedding. We have some lovely wedding favor ideas for you in this modern color sceme:

1) Candles - many floral design candles contain green as their accent color. There are also adorable frog candles, "Two Peas in a Pod" candles, and "Perfect Pair" candles. All are perfect for spring, garden or themed weddings.

2) Kitchen Inspired Favors - Items such as "Two Peas in a Pod" salt and pepper shakers, "A Perfect Pair" kitchen timer, "Love Keyboard Magnets" or "The Perfect Pair" fridge magnets make useful favors and are all in this festive color.

3) Place card frames - there are beautiful frames available for your place cards in various shades from sea foam to mint from sage to emerald. Epoxy, pewter and rhinestones accent many of these frames giving them a chic, upscale look and feel.

4) Green Tea Favors - why not give not only a green colored item, but a "green" consumable item? Tea tin canister favors that can be filled with green tea and personalized with your names and dates make a delicious gift. Pair with a jar of personalized honey with a matching label for a soothing after wedding treat.

5) Personalized Edible Favors - personalized beverages, cocktail mixes, Hershey bars, mint tins, or even Mint colored Jordan almonds placed inside an earth friendly box topped with a personalized label makes a fabulous thank you present.

Erica Tevis is the owner of Little Things Wedding Favors, which carries a large supply of green wedding favors in addition to a growing collection of eco-friendly wedding favors. Visit them on the web and check out their large supply of wedding favors, themed favors, invitations, and wedding accessories.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Erica_Tevis

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Online Businesses - The Traps

By Gary Beharie

Making money online, many try it and fail. Weather you are selling a product or service, or growing a team, you need people. No matter what you are doing or plan to do you need to get people to your site. If you are building a team using the internet. Most people don't make it because the business or prospect system is not Duplicated even if they get a few people in their business they quit because they run out of leads or money to buy leads.

Is your business able to be Duplicated? Many businesses out there are not able to be duplicated easily, but we are told they are. Unfortunately I have been fooled into all types of businesses so I am probably the best person to talk to you about the Traps They all have and how to avoid them.

Some will have you making calls to strangers and have you buying their hot leads. The worst have you calling and talking to your family and friends. When it comes to making calls to get prospect this is very difficult and not able to be duplicated for a few reasons. I tried this and had to make the calls and buy the leads but the so called hot leads were really not so hot and the leads were not people looking for what I was offering they were just people that were curious or internet surfers etc.

The leads most of the time have been sold to others companies as a HOT lead, so by the time you call the prospect they have received many calls and are upset with you calling them. So the rejection rate is very High you can get some really nasty people when you call them and you are interrupting Their Dinner, favorite show, family time, etc... This is Not Easy to Duplicate! Even if you get someone in they will most likely not want to go thru what you had to do and go thru all the rejection to get someone interested.

The key is to be in a business that shows you how to generate hot leads that are waiting for you to contact them. There are programs were the leads pay for themselves and you can even make a few dollars even if no one joins your business ore buys your products.

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Gary Beharie CEO of Your Own Success123 wants to share with you Internet Secrets that will help you Make Money Online. Learn about a successful system that will generate cash for you even if no one joins your venture and pays for your advertising to generate endless Red Hot Targeted Leads.

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The Revolutionary Software - Astute

By Helen Cox

It has been stated that the software being brought to us by the company Astute is set to revolutionise the way in which enterprise wide systems are utilized throughout the market place. So just what is Astute software?

This software giant started back in 1998 when a core development team brought a 30 year track record with them in the development of financial and supply chain software that was made for thousands of international business users. It was based on this experience that Astute realised that there was an ever growing need and opportunity to develop new and advanced products for the global business market whilst incorporating the latest development and deployment technologies from Microsoft.

The software brought to you from Astute is fully scalable meaning it has the option of being used for low level entry or it can cater for an infinite number of users. Astute software is also service orientated and works exclusively within the electronics industry. It seeks to satisfy customer demands and to maximise capital returns for customers whilst minimising any inconvenience in the process.

Astute software has several advantages over its competitors such as it is a component based piece of software which means that you only have to purchase and use the components that are needed for your business. These components make using this piece of software extremely easy.

One of the components that is available is the Astute Financial component. This component supports a unified ledger philosophy enabling full scalability of an enterprise and a simple solution to the many complex issues that organisations face in this rapidly changing global environment. Astute provides a unique range of features enabling greater efficiency and improved control of cash flow. Some of the features included are:

• A unified ledger design that ensures all accounts are always up to date and in balance

• Multi-dimensional enterprise structure enables flexibility for organisations to develop and grow without being inhibited by their current enterprise hierarchy or system

• Multi-currency features allowing all posting, reporting and analysis by multiple base currencies

• Web deployment ensures lower cost of ownership and enhanced customer satisfaction delivering real business advantages.

Within today's fast paced, ever growing and competitive market things are changing and in the business world you need to have access to software that will help you to compete within the market as well as keeping all of your data up-to-date and also accurate. This is why the piece of software has been and still is the optimum choice for businesses who wish to gain maximum functionality and future flexibility from using a business application.

The need for a piece of software with this much capability has been realised and the opportunity to built such a software has been reached. This new software is an advanced product for global businesses and uses the latest development technology from Microsoft. What we see before us in this technology is a prime example of how software can be integrated successfully with not only the Internet but with aspects of Microsoft packages; it could be just what your business has been waiting for.

Helen is the web master of Synergy Technology, home of all your Astute Software needs.
Please feel free to republish this article provided a working hyperlink remains to our site

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Is Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Cheating? Here's The Quick And Easy Way To Find Out

By Doug Timlin

If you have ever wondered whether your spouse or partner is cheating, you probably have your reasons to be suspicious. Obviously you deserve to know the truth about whether they are being faithful to you - here's an easy way to find out.

This method has caught many cheaters in the past, and has also put people's mind at ease by revealing that their partner was being faithful.

There are three steps to this "investigation" - Let's go through them one-by-one.

Step #1
Your first step is to get a hold of your partner's cell phone. You want to be able to have a look at it for about 10-15 minutes, so choose an appropriate time to do this!

A good time to do this is when he or she has just jumped in the shower or has stepped out the store and left their home at phone. Just make sure you have enough time without running the risk of getting caught.

When you have their phone in hand, go through both the "incoming" and "outgoing" call lists.
Grab a pen and paper and write down every phone number on both lists. If you recognize for sure certain phone numbers you can leave them off, but make sure you jot down every other number.

When you are done this, put the phone back where you found it and head over to your computer with your list of numbers.

Step #2
This is when you get to play "detective" and find out exactly who your spouse is talking to. This is the most important step!

There are ways to find out exactly who is the owner of any cell phone. By doing a reverse phone search you can find out someone's name, address, location details and background information.
You will be running a search on each number that you have on your list. You want to know exactly who your spouse is talking to.

Nowadays, over half of active phone numbers are either unlisted or from cell phones. These numbers are not in any phonebook so you can't find any details on them by running a free search.

However, there are specialized investigative companies that pay good money to have access to all phone records. They use this information to compile databases of listed, unlisted and cell phone numbers and let you search through them.

Since these companies have to pay for these records, they charge a fee to use their services. It isn't expensive and the better ones will guarantee their results.

To save some cash, look for a service that only charges a one-time fee for unlimited searches.
Since your list will most likely have more than one number, you don't want to have to pay for each individual search. This way, you will only be billed once and will be able to run as many searches as you want - both now and in the future.

Find out the details on every phone number on your list. Write down what you find for each number as you go through them

Step #3
Now that you have a list of all the numbers that are on your spouse's phone and the names of who these numbers belong to, it's time to look over your results and see if anything looks suspicious.

Many times, there might be someone in particular that you suspect your partner might be cheating on you with. Does their name show up frequently? Are there other names that look suspicious to you?

You have all the details at this point about who your spouse has been talking to and can easily see if there is anything "fishy" going on. This is the step where you are most likely to reveal "the truth" - hopefully you find what you are looking for.

Worrying that you have a cheating girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse can be extremely troubling. This easy "detective work" can give you the answers you need quickly to determine if you are being treated with the respect you deserve.

Go to http://www.easyreversecellphonelookup.com to run a free sample search and get an idea of how this works. Bookmark the page if you don't have your list with you.

Try a free sample Reverse Cell Phone Lookup to get full information on any phone number.
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Why Article Marketing Works So Well With Affiliate Marketing

By Justin N Brown

Article marketing has long been one of my favorite ways to promote websites online. It's free, has several benefits, and will always be effective as it provides the search engines (and people) what they want... content.

When used correctly, article marketing can be one of the best ways to sell a prospect on an affiliate product (or your own product for that matter). Whereas search engine traffic can direct prospects to your website to find out about a service or product you are selling, article marketing can also have this effect, but on many websites at once. Let me explain...

One of the benefits of article marketing is the option for other webmasters to use your article on their website or ezine. Write a single informative article and you can quickly see it picked up by dozens of other websites. Of course, this not only increases the traffic to your website, but also increases your sites link popularity (providing you add a link to your site at the end of the article), helping to increase rankings in the search engines. Article marketing really is a "no lose" promotional method.

It is also a good method for deep linking to inner pages of your website, helping to direct traffic to any page that you want. A further benefit is that some of the best article directories can naturally rank well for some pretty competitive keywords. Being able to target more competitive keywords with higher search engine traffic is an excellent way to drive more visitors to your sales page.

Distributing articles to promote affiliate products is also a very quick way of generating sales. Whereas a new website can often take several months to rank for the keywords you want, article directories will help you make sales while you promote your own website well enough to rank for itself in search engines.

The low cost of outsourcing also helps in affiliate marketing. Oftentimes, you will find yourself promoting products related to niches you know nothing about. At around $5 per article, outsourcing can really help increase sales through article marketing. Furthermore, this method of promotion isn't likely to decrease in effectiveness any time soon, and lends itself perfectly to promoting niche websites.

Get the free Niche Marketing Primer report to see a simple, yet effective way of profiting from small niches that anyone can put to use today at http://www.onlinewithjustin.com/niche-marketing-primer.html.

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High Ticket Product Selling and Backlinks and SEO

By Sean Mize

Sometimes I get asked about my personal SEO strategy, and how getting backlinks really works for me, so I decided to tackle that question here:

A backlink is basically a link on somebody else's website that comes to your website. From their perspective on the other person's website, it's an outbound link to you. From your perspective it's an inbound link or a backlink.

Yes, if you submit your articles to multiple article directories - you can submit them to blogs and forums - there's lots of places online besides article directories. The reason we use article directories and the reason we teach it is simply because it's so easy. You don't have to get permission. You don't have to ask anybody. That's just the way an article directory works.

But each one of those article directories will give you backlink to your website, and having multiple backlinks with anchor text on the link itself that's optimized for your website will increase your ranking in the search engines.

It won't necessarily get you a lot of direct traffic, but it will increase your ranking, which can increase your search engine traffic. I call that indirect traffic, then I call direct traffic where I write an article, submit it to EzineArticles, it's picked up by Google, Google sends traffic to me, the traffic reads the article and clicks through to me. I call that direct traffic.

So where does this tie into your long run strategy online? I work two different types of strategies with traffic simultaneously - I work to get direct, immediate traffic using ezinearticles, and then I work to get long run SEO traffic via the links I get when the articles are distributed.

Want to learn how to sell high ticket products online? Download my brand new free guide here: "How to Sell High Ticket Products Online"

Sean Mize teaches a powerful, highly advanced system of creating and selling high ticket products online.

Sean Mize is an internet marketing mentor who teaches people to generate over $15,000 per month online via automated systems and product funnels.

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Caught Up In Catanoia - Thinking And Feeling Like God

By Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal you will find the Wisdom of God beautiful to think about. You will value catanoia, or thinking and feeling with the Wisdom of God. But you will not take of any Forbidden Fruit like Adam and Eve did for catanoia. God created the world and what surrounds it in the universe in seven days. On the fifth day He created the first man Adam. He breathed spiritual Life into Adam after shaping him out of the earth.

This is how God will set the Seal upon you. He will shape the Seal out of the earth, because it is the place where a single wheat Seed is sown. That wheat Seed is Jesus Christ. Jesus will be sown in your soul when God sets His Seal upon your forehead. When a wheat seed bears fruit, that fruit can be eaten or sown again to bear more fruit.

So when Jesus bears Fruit from your soul, you will have more seed to sow. You will have the message to sow again and you will also have some left over for people to eat. When that message bears fruit, and the people eat of it, it can also be sown again to grow believers. Jesus will grow into the message and finally into believers in the message. And this is sown upon your forehead. God chose your forehead for a reason, because that is where you think your thoughts.

The devil tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. He asked why she could not eat of every fruit in the Garden. She explained God had prohibited her from eating the Forbidden Fruit and the punishment was death. The devil lied to Eve and told her she would not die as a punishment for eating it. But he told her the truth about the beauty of the knowledge the Forbidden Fruit gave her.

When she ate of the Forbidden Fruit she did have that knowledge. She had the knowledge of the gods. Knowledge that was reserved for the gods and that people did not need to know of. Moral knowledge. Knowledge of good and evil. You will have access to such moral perception when you are sealed. But you will not have to eat any Forbidden Fruit to do it. God will change your thoughts and change your feelings too.

These changes are catanoia. They are your perception altered by God. The devil is fighting to take hold of your thoughts too. So the Holy Spirit is active in changing your feelings along with your thoughts. The devil can influence you with convincing thoughts. But those are rather cold thoughts, devoid of any emotion. When you are sealed the devil will not be able to influence the way you feel much.

So your feelings will accompany your thoughts and you will see things God's way in catanoia. God will share His Pleasure with you when He approves and He will cast you into a deep sleep and reveal it emotionally in you when He disapproves. When you are sealed you will know God's Will for you directly by catanoia. You do not need to understand moral judgment of other people. What you need, and what God shares with you in catanoia, is to know God's Will for you.

When you are sealed you will think and feel what God shares with you of His own Will by catanoia. This is the most precious perception you can possibly have, and you will have it when you receive the Seal.

And now Jason would like to invite you to get your FREE report Are You Making These Mistakes as a Christian? and Get God's 'Seal of Approval' and Get the Victory Over Evil
Jason Witt

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Television - Stupid News Worth Noting

By John Dir

In the course of watching television news broadcasts, it does not take long to find something that stands out as exceptionally idiotic, being passed off as important fact. On a local newscast, I viewed a story that was billed as information to help people protect their job during a recession. During the report, there was a picture of people bustling around a busy office, while the reporter rattled off tips that essentially boiled down to the following advice:

1. Get the boss to notice you, and find ways to become closer to them.

2. Find ways to be responsible for functions that are vital to the success and operation of the business.

3. If sucking up to the boss and actually doing some work fails, be prepared to look for a job in another company.

This report might have been funny if it was aired on Saturday Night Live, but it was intended as actual advice from a "legitimate" television news organization. If this advice is the best one can expect from top notch journalistic research, then I will not have any problem becoming the CEO of Microsoft next week.

The story says a lot about the brains behind the television news being served up to the public on a daily basis. If this story represents a look at what it takes to succeed in broadcasting, there are a host of Wal-Mart greeters with a real shot at becoming the next anchor for the nation's network news programs, as long as they give a specially nice "howdy" to a passing network executive. In a true assessment of the information provided, one must consider the possibility that any given business owner may already have enough "yes" men and women to fill all the available slots for that level of performance. If an employee has to wait for a recession to find some vital function to perform for the company, the chances are good that they will be on the street before the recession hits.

If reporting of this caliber can be expected from local television newscasters, how much more disconnected from reality are the people who give us information from the national level? As the Democrat controlled Congress scrambles to decide how much pork barrel spending to add to the bill associated with giving vast numbers of lower income workers a few extra bucks worth of spending money to stimulate the economy, we can rest assured in listening to the news media blame President Bush for why our checks are not already in the mail.

The "new majority" is back in business, ready to thrill us all by the latest round of token television money to keep us hooked up to cable where we belong. If we lose our homes due to lack of jobs and serious economic problems, at least we will have our flat screen televisions bought and paid for with our gift from the hill. If the government leaders answer the call from Kathleen Sebelius to "get to work," they might find themselves asking the same question that is on the lips of many other people in this country, "Doing what?"

LittleTek Center Check out our information channel and free software at http://home.earthlink.net/~jdir/NL.html If you like my articles, email them to a friend!

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Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

By Glen Speckmann

How do I make money with affiliate marketing?

I've tried and tried, but just can't seem to make it happen.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, then you may be falling into one of the biggest traps of not being successful in affiliate marketing. Avoiding this trap is also the key to making affiliate marketing work for you.

What is it, you ask? Well, quite simply, it is staying focused and only choosing one program at a time. This sounds obvious, but when you get down to it, it is not practiced.

When you begin with affiliate marketing, it is very exciting and a bit overwhelming. Just think, You can make money selling someone else's product without dealing with any customers or any expenses. You don't need a new product or an initial outlay on your part. You just find a product that sounds good and run with it.

So you look into these products and there are thousands of them. Chances are that you just want to make money and don't care what you promote, just as long as it adds to your bottom line.
Therefore, you just go with one of the top ranked products and you think that you are
guaranteed to make money. All of these programs have to be good or they wouldn't be ranked so high in Clickbank or Commission Junction or whatever program you may be using. Right?

Everyone else is making money with this product, so why can't I? Right?
This kind of thinking has to stop!

Everyone has different interests and different fields of expertise. What is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. You must find an area that suits you!

Here is where you need to become focused. You need to first decide on a niche. Pick a subject matter that interests you. Something that you are passionate about, that you will be excited to work with, and that will drive you to keep pushing on. This should be something that you are familiar with and hopefully very knowledgeable about. It needs to be something that you enjoy and something that you are going to know how to market.

The hardest part of affiliate marketing is driving the traffic to your affiliate site.

This will be much easier if you are familiar with, and knowledgeable about the niche. You can write articles, post on forums, reply to blogs, write newsletters and reviews, and an infinite number of other choices, as long as you know (or at least appear to know) what you are talking about.

This is the key and the most important factor to making money with affiliate products.

You need to promote the affiliate product as if you are an expert in that field, whether you are or not. The best advice would be to buy that product and learn it inside and out.

If it is indeed a good product then you will actually become an expert and promote it as your own. If you feel that you cannot do that with this product, then drop it and try a new one.

Basically, you need to go with what you know, find a good product in that field, and fly with it. Most importantly, keep with it and never give up. As long as you give it your best effort you will succeed. Failure only comes with not trying or giving up!

Glen Speckmann is a successful Internet Marketer and offers free advice on making money on the internet and personal development. More great articles can be found at http://www.gjsmarketing.com Subscribe to my Free Newsletter to receive a very informative free report. My newsletter is published at least once weekly and covers all aspects of making you a better you!

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Stories From the Grave

By James J. Jones

You might be surprised to know how many people visit cemeteries for recreation. Cemeteries are a very interesting way to learn about the location. If you are familiar with the history of a location, and know some biographies or legends about people buried within a cemetery, you can make a Graveyard Tour.

If you live in, or are close to, an area that has a significant cemetery (even better if the cemetery contains famous or historical people) this could be an extremely profitable business idea to pursue. You can take up to 10 people and charge $100 per hour. The ultimate tour should usually take about 2-hours, but you could also offer 1-hour tours to those that are not able to stand, or walk, a 2-hour tour. Any longer and it could get boring or physically tiresome for the group.

If you have a particularly interesting cemetery to offer tours, you have an option to offer different types of tours also. Each tour could have different themes such as; famous people, well-known politicians, famous mobsters, war veterans, etc. As you can see, depending on where you live and the access you have to cemeteries, these tour themes can vary in what you may decide to offer.

You will need to research the stories, memorize them, and be comfortable with people. Maintaining pleasant speaking skills will help you deliver enjoyable and interesting tours. If you are not sure if you possess the skills needed, many books exist on the subject and speaking classes are usually offered in most community education classes. This skill can determine how successful you are in giving your tours.

You will probably need to get permission from the cemetery's local administrator first. This can be a very important aspect of your business to research, before you put too much work into providing a tour. Find out any rules that the cemetery may want you to follow in showing proper respect for the dead. Include this at the beginning of each of your tours, so you will not irritate the cemetery caretakers.

Of course, you will want to market your service to tourists! Make your touring service available through your local travel agencies. Leaving well-designed printed information about your tours at all of the local hotels and motels in your area is a beneficial idea too. In leaving printed information, you may want to offer it in areas a little further away. Most tourists are willing to drive a couple of hours for an interesting tour. Don't forget the people that live in your area may be interested in touring their own cemeteries to find out who is buried there. Advertise in your local area newspapers and magazines. The investments you make in advertising should be well worth what you will receive in giving tours.

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