Lake Tahoe Facts - Useful Information And Facts About Lake Tahoe

By Kris Malviya

Lake Tahoe facts-General knowledge
Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake. It is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains(United States).
The lake has very clean water. The place where Lake Tahoe is located(Sierra Nevada mountains) is a very beautiful place. It is known for its ski resorts. It is a tourist's favourite spot. Lake Tahoe is te second deepest lake in United States. The inhabitants of Lake Tahoe are some Native Americans called the Washoe tribe. Located in Sierra Nevada mountains in the United States, Lake Tahoe is the twelfth deepest lake in the world. It's maximum depth is 1,645 ft. It is about 22 mi long and 12 mi wide and has 72 mi of shoreline and a surface area of 191 square miles 495 km.

Lake Tahoe facts-Ecological Issues
The water is getting unclear at lake Tahoe. The clarity of the lake is decreasing at an average rate of about 0.25 meters/year. Lake Tahoe is a great place to be in. We must save this clear lake from turning unclear. Even though it is still fresh, we must take care. Studies show that the lake has warmed up. It is due to global warming. This might affect the water clarity as the frequency of deep mixing is reduced in the lake. Construction is creating problems for the river.
The results of the constructional activities in the area are shadowing of the lake's blue water.

Lake Tahoe facts-Tourists
Tourists love lake Tahoe. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this place. During summer, this place is full of activites such as water sports and many more activities. There are many restaurants and casinos for tourists. Gambling is considered legal on the Nevada side of the lake.

To know learn about more lake Tahoe facts, visit my website where you will find lots of information on lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe Facts-Learn more on Website

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What In The World Is Social Bookmarking and Why Should You Be Doing It?

By Gregg Hall

Social bookmarking has become an immense force both in online marketing in addition to mainstream culture. The wildly popular Social Networking site MySpace was offed to News Corp last year for $580 million in spite of having no real measurable income. The value placed on the site was from the tremendous traffic it yields and even at over a half billion was believed a bargain. YouTube sold to Google for 1.65 billion with only 20 million in revenue. These high-ticket sales just attest how fashionable and how crucial such sites are.

Okay, enough news. How does one really use these sites to make money? First of all, let me forewarn you that just like broadcasting out B.S. emails and assembling SPAM blogs or SPLOGS as they are known online, mistreating the social bookmarking services will result in getting your internet site banned by them and you will get precisely the opposite outcomes from what you are looking for. With that said, I propose you pay close attention to what I talk about in this article as well as about of the resources that I am going to propose to you.

Like many internet marketers I am forever on the lookout for new methods and methods for driving free traffic to my sites and try to cut back the use of techniques such as PPC (pay-per-click) and co-registration promotions. Whenever you can get plenty of your target keyword pages to show up in the top of the major SEs you more or less have a license to print money
without having to put out any of your own.

There are quite a few bookmarking sites out there but for the aims of employing them for online marketing we are going to concentrate on a few of the more favorites such as, Furl, Digg, Spurl, and the one I genuinely love, Technorati. There are numerous automated tools that I will help you to automate the process of bookmarking your sites.

All of the leading bookmarking sites will help you to get traffic and if you have a blog you will obtain the greatest benefit by delivering constantly updating content that can then be transmitted to the directories when your blog updates. They love new and UNIQUE content.
There are software plugins you can employ that will put buttons on your blogs which make it user-friendly for someone to recommend the articles or content from your internet site or blog.
One of the other bookmarking sites that has become exceedingly popular recently is Digg. The site was started by Kevin Rose for below $1,000 and now with over 400,000 members and 200 million page views is one of the biggest news sites on the web. Just to give you an estimate of how prominent they are, their readership is nearly as massive as the New York Times.

Personally, I like to give my readers numerous options which is why I will put buttons to, Digg, Furl, Reddit, Ask, Blinklist, Blogmarks, Google, Ma.gnolia, Spurl, Yahoo, and another service called Socializer that covers a lot more. This gives me a heavy coverage of all of the major sites. In addition to the buttons that I put on my blogs I will also create “tags” for Technorati and add them to my posts. These tips can help you get much more traffic to your blogs.

Gregg Hall has been a professional internet marketer since 1995 and is currently one of the top authors at He has recently set up a new blog that reviews infoproducts, software and ebooks which includes screen capture demo videos. Stop by and join his community.

He uses the methods he writes about everyday. Learn how to automate social bookmarking and get more Info Product Reviews as well as other software and infoproducts at

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What Is A Honeymoon Registry?

By Cyndie King

Is there a wedding coming up in your family? Have you been invited to a wedding? If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, it is an exciting time in your life as well as the bride and groom. You have been invited to be a participant in one of the most important days in the lives of these two people. If you are like me, you have no idea what you are going to get them. I would like to suggest a visit the Honeymoon Registry.

The Honeymoon Registry is very similar to the gift registry that a couple signs up for at the store. Instead of the bride and groom receiving a crock-pot from you, you can purchase gifts for their honeymoon. The couple has listed their honeymoon wishes and the costs of each experience for their friends and family to purchase as a wedding gift.

If the wedding couple signs up for this registry, they can pre-plan what they’ll be able to do on their honeymoon. They’ll know ahead of time how much they will need to set aside for their trip and can also let their honeymoon organizers book the different things that they would like to do on their honeymoon.

Some of the gifts that the wedding couple might include as a wish might be a hot air balloon ride, and upgrade to their room, couple massage, manicure, swimming with the dolphins, or maybe a bicycle or scooter rental. These are all wishes that you might see. It is your job to pick which gift you might want to purchase for them.

Cyndie King is an active internet network marketer who's a part of the largest and fastest growing network marketing company online. Get your free Deals and Steals! Hot Travel Deals at and check out the honeymoon registry.

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What Type Of Music Helps You To Relax?

By Hong Yie Chong

As mentioned before, music can release stress. Some may ask what type of music that helps in relaxation. Although there are music CD that so call can help to relax, but you don't have to stick to music that is designed specifically as relaxation music. As mentioned, I feel comfortable and relaxing when listening to my favourite artist sings. If you feel more comfortable with pop songs then classical music, it is perfectly alright, it need not be only classical music that can help to relax as many people might think.

To many peoples, it is unlikely that heavy metal can calm one down but surprisingly there are still peoples who are responded positively to heavy metal. Conversely, the relaxation music you use should be composed in a way that makes it easy to listen to and moderately upbeat. It shouldn't just be background music; it should also catch your attention and the focus of your mind.

There is no specific requirement for a location to enjoy relaxing music. However, you will feel more comfortable physiologically if you are at your own premises, in a darkened room, with some aroma from the burning of therapy oil. Make sure the music volume is not too loud; the sound level should be just nice to overwhelm the external noise. In this respect, a headphone can be very useful. Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable.

But one must bear in mind that relaxation is not something that comes naturally to many of us. Pressure in life means that we are robotically finish our office work and go home, then start to worry about tomorrow. This causes anxiety and hence lack of sleep in many cases. These are unlikely to be cured by occasionally listening to just a few minutes of music. Relaxation music has the greatest effect when you listen to it for at least 30 minutes each session.

Great Music, Good Life!

Chong is music enthusiastic. He loves composing and wants to share his view and knowledge with other music lovers in the cyber community. Do drop by for more info.

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A Dress to Impress - In a Less Stressful Way

By Charissa Thames

Oh my gosh-I have nothing to wear!! How many times have you said that famous line? We as women can have a closet full of clothes and still have "nothing to wear". The stress of that statement is magnified when there is a special occasion to attend. Of course, showing up in last year's blue evening gown is not an option. You want a new gown of a different color. The money needed to purchase a great formal dress is usually a problem. There are a lot of online shops that offer discount dresses in a variety of styles without compromising great quality.

Prom is one of the most important (and expensive) events for a teenage female! The gentleman who is escorting you is almost as important as your prom dress! You can be a vision of glamor in a bargain of a dress! To be the belle of the ball is what you are aiming for, so give yourself plenty of time to shop for your ball gown. Whether you decide to be a Cinderella and go with a princess silhouette, or a goddess and choose a fitted sheath formal, you want to be an original. Imagine the horror of wearing the same gown as another girl! If you want a purple dress, you can shop by color. After searching our site and finding the dress of your dreams, you become a bit discouraged because it is wine and "your" color is violet. Don't upset yourself. Change the color!

When you click on your dress for more information, you will see the available colors beneath it and on the pull down menu to the right of the dress. A color chart is available to show the colors available for certain fabrics. The fabric type is mentioned under the details heading. So, go ahead-change the forest green iridescent taffeta to sky blue iridescent taffeta! Remember, always bookmark your favorite stores for easy access when its time to shop for your homecoming dress, because good shops may not necessarily appear on the top in search engines!

Many brides stick to a strict budget for their weddings to become a success. Online bridesmaid dress stores or evening dress stores are an excellent choice for bridesmaid dresses. Not only are they extremely affordable, you can find all the sizes that you need. Sometimes it is difficult to find the same style dress in a plus size. With a size range of 0-32, it simplifies the task of purchasing matching dresses. If need be, some of these stores even offer custom made dresses with their made to measure service. There is a picture to follow and written instructions to guide you through this process. You may also consider scheduling an appointment with a bridal shop to be measured professionally. Brides to be, don't forget about your mom and future mother-in-law. You'll be pleased with the selection of mother of the bride/mother of the groom dresses. They'll be impressed by the affordability!

The mad search for your pageant gown is on and you haven't even filled out your application yet! One of the main things people think of when a pageant is mentioned is an evening gown.
With this being one of the major expenses, it is good to know that online evening shops exist! It is wonderful to have an option to purchase discount gowns that contain the same glitz and glamor of the overpriced equivalent. Pageant girls are expected to show off their figures. This usually limits the styles that a plus size pageant girl has to choose from. It seems the larger the size, the more matronly the dress. With made to measure service as mentioned above, plus sized women can have the choices that thinner women do! As a plus sized pageant queen, I've had as little as two styles to choose from. It is a good feeling to go to eBay and find that I can choose from every formal displayed!

Charissa Thames, loving mother of two, is also a vocalist, actress, full figure model and pageant queen. She considers herself fortunate to be a fashion writer for the rising discount dresses & gowns online store, which offers complete size choices, custom make service, and most importantly affordable prices. Charissa resides with her family in Ohio.

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Great Gifts For The Goth On Your Shopping List

By Hanna Grimly

Whether it is a friend of yours or a close relative in your family, you may find yourself having to shop for a goth at some point in your life. Whatever their level in the goth lifestyle may be, it can be hard to shop for such an individual, especially if you are not familiar with the genre itself.
When a gift card is not always the first thing that you want to shop for, there are some other smart ideas that you can find online that would be great gifts for the goth in your life.

Since goth is both a lifestyle and a state of mind, you may want to look into various accessories that can go along with their wardrobe. For the goth guy, look for great accessories like interchangeable chains for chain wallets or even belts with studs or a flask with engraving on it.
When clothing can be tricky due to sizes, accessories and various goth gifts are always a welcomed treat for birthdays or holidays.

Girl goths are always easy to shop for, especially if she is a fan of fine goth makeup. Keep in mind that it is not always necessary to purchase all kinds of white powder for her face! Many goth women are perfectly happy with red or purple eye shadows or great lipstick and nail polish duos. In addition to that, you can look to other great accessories as a goth gift such as hosiery, purses, jewelry and more.

As long as you keep your eye open for unique gift ideas, you should have no problem finding terrific gifts for that goth on your list. If you still have a hard time shopping, there is no reason why you cannot give the gift of goth with a nice gift card to a stellar online gothic clothing store.

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An Unbalanced Life Equals An Unbalanced Hormones

By Alisa Vitti

As we move from the lazy days of summer into faster-paced autumn - coming back to our "regular lives" after vacation, the longer days of summer, and for many of us, shorter summer work hours - we find ourselves in a perfect space for coming back to ourselves.

This transition period between the seasons - almost like a pause or a feeling of "waiting" - is the time for evaluation. It's time to take stock of what is, what has been, what's working and what you want to carry forward.

If this sounds daunting, try looking at it from a seasonal perspective. Come winter, our energies will be directed inward, toward comfort and home. This is a time when we'll have the space to open up and be creative, moving forward with projects and manifesting ideas. So it makes sense that fall would be the time to take stock, figure out what our next directions are, what we want to be creating for ourselves during the winter months.

Why take stock?
It's important to remember that our health is impacted by every facet of our life, even those that may seem unrelated. Any areas that are neglected, or are out of integrity with who we are (or are just plain not enough fun!) tend to create stresses, which in turn set off a chain reaction in our endocrine system, leading to hormonal imbalances and a host of other health issues.
Building your "life pie"

One of our favorite tools for refocusing on our selves and what's important in our lives is the Wheel of Life. You'll be making a "pie" that represents different areas of your life - it only takes about 10 minutes, and can be remarkably illuminating!

For this exercise, you'll need a blank piece of paper (preferably unlined) and pen or pencil. Feel free to make this exercise even more fun by using colored paper, or colored pens or pencils.

* On your piece of paper, draw a large circle and then divide it into 10 "pieces of pie" by making 10 lines from the center to the outside edge. (If you like, make each line in a different color, for each different category.)

* Next, you're going to label each line with a different area of your life: home environment, relationships, social life, joy, health, career, creativity, finances, education and spirituality.

* Now comes the fun part: For each of the 10 different categories, make a dot on the line that represents your level of involvement with each area – the center of the circle is zero, and the outside of the circle represents areas of most involvement or satisfaction.

* Once you've got a dot for each area, connect the dots and see what your "life pie" looks like!
Your Wheel of Life should give you some good ideas as to which areas of your life need more attention at this time. Keep in mind, this is a process that will last all through the fall – taking the time now to take stock and prepare will set you up for a creative, productive fall and winter!

Cleanse with us!
One of the best ways to re-balance yourself and your body as you transition through the seasons is with a gentle cleanse. Cleansing not only helps your body clear out excess wastes and come back to a place of balance, it also helps clear YOU - removing some of life's clutter and leaving you with a clearer vision of your direction, helping you to balance your "life pie". Many of the cleanses available out there can be very extreme - and therefore hard on the body. We've created our own super-supportive whole foods cleanse, done in the comfort of your own home but with the support and guidance of the LSW counselors, as well as a whole community of women - that you're connected to via our online forums - who are all doing the cleanse at the same time.

We'll be running our Fall Cleanse throughout the month of October. For more information on this transformational event, just fill out this short web form and we’ll be in touch with more details. Or, call us at 212-581-0001 to register now and reserve your spot!

Need more help figuring out your next steps?
One of our popular and powerful group programs may be for you! Metamorphosis, our eight-week telegroup designed especially for women in their 20s and 30s, begins on Monday, October 1st. Also beginning on October 1st is Emerge, our six-week online program designed for the college-age woman. See below for more information, or contact us today at 212-581-0001 to save your space!

Share your "pie"
How'd this exercise go for you? Did any of your areas surprise you? Which areas did you feel were your strongest? Your weakest? Share your results and ask your questions in the comments section below, and an LSW counselor will respond!

LSW recognizes the importance of indulgence, pleasure, and sensuality for every woman's menstrual and sexual health. We help you find the right medicinal foods for healing your condition, and we support you to understand, accept, and enjoy your woman's body and your feminine energy.

About Alisa
Laughing Sage Wellness Group was founded by Alisa Vitti, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor (AADP). Alisa is committed to empowering clients to reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies.
She received degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
She has taught at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and lectures regularly at Beth Israel Medical Practices and Westerly Health Foods in Manhattan. She travels nationally, reaching out to women who are ready to create vibrant health and amazing futures for themselves. She specializes in the areas of reproductive and hormonal health and creating real intimacy in relationships.

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Sleep Problems - 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sleeping Pills to Treat Your Insomnia

By Emma Martin

If you’ve already spent a couple of weeks suffering through sleepless nights, getting some over the counter sleeping pills may seem like the answer to your sleeping problems, but ultimately they won’t satisfactorily resolve your insomnia and may even create more problems than they help. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider other alternatives to over the counter sleeping pills to treat your sleep problems.
  1. Sleeping pills are dangerous if you have certain health conditions - the sleeping pills that can be bought over the counter are basically just anti-histamines and, as such, there are a variety of other conditions for which anti-histamines are contraindicated, including glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers and other stomach problems, and diabetes, among others.
  2. Sleeping pills don’t play well with other drugs - over the counter sleep aids often interact poorly with other drugs, including allergy medications, heart medications and muscle relaxants. While your pharmacist or doctor may indicate issues to be aware of for prescription sleeping aids, most people aren’t aware they need to be careful of over the counter remedies. If you do decide to try over the counter sleeping pills, at least talk to your pharmacist about interactions with any other medication you may be taking.
  3. Sleeping pills often make you drowsy during the day - the residual effects from sleeping pills, especially if you take them late at night, often mean that you spend the following day feeling drowsy and lethargic. In addition, they can affect your driving ability, making you a hazard to both yourself and others on the road, due to dulled reflexes and muzzy thinking.
  4. Sleeping pills only mask symptoms - while over the counter sleep medication may allow you to get to sleep tonight, they don’t treat the root of your insomnia and as soon as you stop taking them you are back to where you started -- lying awake and staring at the ceiling. In order to cure your insomnia, you need to tackle what is causing it, whether it is simply a habit of poor sleep hygiene or anxiety that is keeping you awake every night.
In addition to the problems listed above, over the counter sleep aids just don’t provide a very good quality of sleep. They can also lead to addiction over the long term and if you suffer from chronic insomnia, higher doses are often required in order for you to continue to use them to fall asleep. The best solution to resolving your sleep problem permanently is to tackle the root issues and to re-learn how to fall asleep naturally every night.

One excellent way to train your brain back into the habits of sleeping is Sleep Tracks. In addition to using brainwave audio technology to help you fall asleep in the short term, it is a complete sleep training course designed to permanently cure your insomnia.

Emma Martin spent most of her life struggling with chronic insomnia, but now she's happily used to sleeping through the night.

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5 Reasons To Create Your Own Small Business Website

By Jay Gumbs

How do you get your name out, further than the boundaries of your small town where your business is based? Are you limiting your reach?

Most likely if you are you are limiting your small business' potential.

The best way to get your name out there is to brand yourself and create a strong internet presence.

To the small business owner this may make perfect sense (and it definitely is) but where should one start? Creating your own small business website is the logical way to go.

You can hire a freelance web designer to do your website for you and pay him a great deal of money. Or you can go with a web design firm. These are just some of the options but they may be out of your reach if you have just launched your small business and haven't even reached the break even point as yet.

There is another option and that is to do it yourself.

Here are 5 reasons why you should create your own small business website.

1. You will save a considerable amount of money by doing your own website and this can be done very easily with the different types of software available today. Even if you don't know complicated coding.

2. You will create bigger opportunity for yourself and your business as the internet can bring you closer to your target market. As a matter of fact it brings your target market closer to you as they find you instead of you having to find them.

3. You will be more in control of the online side of your business even if you do hire someone to maintain your site for you afterwards.

4. You will be able to partner with businesses related to your market allowing for joint ventures that wouldn't have been possible if you had been offline.

5. You will cut advertising costs considerably as it will take less effort and money getting clients.

So you see, creating your own small business website is to your advantage and this is something you should consider in the early planning stages of your business. If your small business is already well established but doesn't have an online presence then now is the time to start.

Creating websites yourself doesn't have to be a hassle. You do not have to learn complicated code since most website builders nowadays are wysiwyg or what-you-see-is-what-you-get editors. Even better are the drag and drop type of website builders where you can just drag your elements such as images and video where you want them to be.

One of the best drag and drop website builders to be released in recent times is Site Rubix, which was created with marketers in mind. The website builder makes it possible to create beautiful and professional looking websites in a matter of minutes. It is definitely something I would recommend for creating your first small business website.

You can get more information on the Site Rubix website builder by visiting this very informative page at

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Uranus - The Farthest Planet That Can be Seen Without a Telescope

By Niel Hudgens

Uranus is the ancient Greek deity of the Heavens, the earliest supreme god. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the third largest (by diameter). Uranus, the first planet discovered in modern times, was discovered by William Herschel while systematically searching the sky with his telescope on March 13, 1781. Uranus is composed primarily of rock and various ices, with only about 15% hydrogen and a little helium (in contrast to Jupiter and Saturn which are mostly hydrogen). Uranus' atmosphere is about 83% hydrogen,15% helium and 2% methane. Uranus' blue color is the result of absorption of red light by methane in the upper atmosphere. Uranus is a large, plain, blue-green planet which can only be seen from the Earth with the unaided eye on a clear, dark night. Uranus has 15 satellites orbiting in nearly circular orbits in the planet's equatorial plane, hence they are also "tilted" about 90 to the ecliptic.

Uranus' core is in many ways similar to the cores of Jupiter and Saturn minus the massive liquid metallic hydrogen surrounding the cores. Uranus's diameter is four times larger than Earth's and its mass is 14. Uranus is best remembered as the "tilted planet," or the "planet that rotates on its side," because of the inclination of its rotation axis with respect to its orbital plane.

The rings of Uranus were discovered from ground-based observations in 1977. Rings of Uranus has a faint planetary ring system, composed of dark particulate matter up to ten meters in diameter. There are 11 known rings, all very faint; the brightest is known as the Epsilon ring.

This was of considerable importance since we now know that rings are a common feature of planets, not a peculiarity of Saturn alone. These rings are very dark and narrow, unlike Saturn's, which are bright. Uranus has 21 known natural satellites (and may have at least 27), both within the rings and outside of the rings.

Orbit around the Sun: Uranus goes around the Sun once every 84 Earth years. Most have nearly circular orbits in the plane of Uranus' equator (and hence at a large angle to the plane of the ecliptic); the outer 4 are much more elliptical.

Uranus is nevertheless hotter at its equator than at its poles. Uranus is no longer the bland boring planet that Voyager saw. Uranus is unique in our solar system because it is tilted 98 degrees. Uranus is the farthest planet that can be seen without a telescope. Uranus has a mass (quantity of matter) 14 1/2 times larger than that of Earth. Uranus seems to radiate as much heat into space as it gets from the sun. Uranus is composed mostly of liquid water, methane and ammonia, surrounded by a thick gas atmosphere of mostly hydrogen and helium. Uranus, like Venus, has a rotation axis that is greatly tilted and sometimes points near the Sun. Uranus is composed mostly of rock and ices, but with a thick hydrogen and helium atmosphere.

Niel Hudgens is a successful Webmaster and publisher of He provides more information about astronomy and astronomy issues that you can research in your pajamas on his website.

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Dating Tips And Characters To Avoid

By Mia Sidiro

Day by day singles are boarding the online dating bus with hopes of meeting that special someone. And why not? Internet dating is dating without borders. Suddenly these lonely singles are "traveling" the world meeting people from all walks of life, and their chances of making a connection have grown tremendously. The majority of profiles on dating sites globally are genuine, but not all.

Here are some characters you should be wary of:

Dating sites are open to adults only, however, there are times when a minor slips through, obviously with false identity. If you sense you are communicating with someone immature, you probably stumbled onto a juvenile.

Liars are abound in the real world, but cyberspace is full of them. Why? Well, it's really easy to be deceptive on the internet. There are many married people posing as singles in both worlds but so much more so online thanks to the anonymity the internet provides.

There are numerous profiles that are fabricated, from the pictures right down to the description. Most are not out to harm anyone but nonetheless, it is painful when you have been communicating with someone thinking you know who they are and you find out they're completely different.

Unfortunately, there are the predators that are lurking around in cyberspace just as they would in your neighborhood. All you need to do is follow basic rules without divulging any important personal information.

Just take it slow, use caution and play it smart as you would in the real world, but only more so.
Visit for a FREE SCAM REPORT and learn how to stay a step ahead of ruthless scammers by learning their a secrets.

For honest reviews of dating sites and tips for safe and fun dating click here We provide the latest news in internet dating and a wonderfully researched collection of articles to inspire and motivate you to move forward.

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Why Blogging Can't Earn Money?

By Kelvin Frank

Are you trying to make money online? One of the most popular ways to make money online lately has been blogging. One of the quickest ways to make money with blogging is to join a blog network, like b5media. When I make money I make them and have a plan for them.

Blogging is an easy way to make money online. One of the current and most popular trends around at the moment is to create your own blog site. Blog readers get to find out other good blogs without leaving the blogs they love the most. Blog growth is and will be huge. However, blogging is not as easy as what it seems, you may have a good knowledge of
computer/html/search engine tweak but without consistency or determination, you will never succeed. If you are not familiar with blogging it's basically the process of keeping an online journal that others can read. Do you visit and read many blogs about making money online? No matter how few back links that your blog will get will still count as votes to your blog for the anchor text that you used. However, if you wish to use hosted services (if setting up your own blog, etc is not something you wish to do), you can use Blogger. Once you have your blog set up, start adding content. They are completely free to set up and use, within minutes you could have your own blog online; with advertisements in place so that you can start making some money from your work.

A niche market is a specialized portion of a large market which normally has its own potential customers. Pick your niche, but make sure it is not too small. Pick a niche for your blog where you have some significant expertise, but make sure it is a big enough niche that you can build significant traffic. Do not pick a niche just because you think it will make you money. But while focusing on your main goal to make money with your blog, it is better if you stay focused on your niche market. Building tightly, laser-focused niche blogs with your affiliate links in -- earn
rewarding commissions for every successful referral sale you make. In other words, a profitable niche market is a market with a large number of Demands. As you may know, selecting a niche market is determined by finding some related keywords and key phrases. While you can do all the research process on your own, there are some great tools and resources which may help you find a profitable niche market. At many times long tail niche is very powerful and can give you a very competitive edge.

Blogging for money might sound easy enough (in some aspects it is) but, like any method make money online, it takes determination, dedication, and a true desire to make some good money. Bloggers never fail to make money online. So do not waste your computer by leaving it when you are moving out of it instead make money online with it. Even with very low traffic Bloggers can make money.

I Earned $283,349.69 and Why You Can't?Check this out at

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Why Framing Your Art Is Important

By Edwin Mah

Many people believe that when they choose a frame for an art print, they should pick one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. While aesthetics is important, many overlook the true reason for framing an art piece – protection. A well chosen frame will not only enhance the art work and make it look good; it will also protect the material and increase its lifespan for the years to come.

A beautiful art piece, when left unprotected, can sustain unsightly damage over time, and become an eyesore in your home.

Here are some of the more common damages to your art print:

A decorative art print, when simply stuck on the wall without any form of framing, could start to show damage in as little as a few weeks. The material could tear along the corners or edges. This is because the print has been in a rolled up state for most of its life - when it was in the merchant store before you bought it. When you try to spread the print open to stick on the wall, the paper is still trying to roll into itself. The adhesive tape that you’ll probably use will not be strong enough to prevent the print from creasing in on itself, thus causing the tears.

The other concern you should be worried about is fading or discoloring. If an unprotected art print is exposed to the elements like direct sunlight, the ultraviolet effects could cause the paper to discolor and become brittle, thus tearing easily. Over time, dust and moisture in the air will also cause a great deal of damage to the print.

Here are some things you should do to prevent damage to your art print.

Choose a professional framing service to frame your art print. Note that some framing materials contain acids that may cause damage to the art piece, so make sure the frame shop provides acid free backings, mats and mounting materials so that damage to your art print is avoided.
Choose a UV filtering glass to give the art work extra protection from ultraviolet light. Make sure to use proper hanging materials to mount your art on the wall. Never display your art piece in direct sunlight or near a heat source. UV light, as mentioned, will certainly cause fading and discoloring of your art print.

Maintain your art piece regularly by cleaning it with a soft and damp cloth. Never spray cleaning fluid directly on the glass. The fluid may seep in and cause damage. Get rid of the dust and clean the glass to remove any stains like grease or fingerprints. A simple decision in framing will certainly go a long way in preserving the life of your art print. It truly is a small investment for a lifelong return.

Happy framing!

Copyright 2007 Edwin Mah

Edwin owns, an online art gallery offering more than 20,000 contemporary art prints for home and office decorating. Visit Abstract Prints for your interior decorating needs today!

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How Do You Show You Care?

By Lee Ann Bate

As the population of older Utahans expands, there is an increasing need for quality medical services along the Wasatch front. Rather than seeking treatment in a medical facility such as a nursing home, many older Utahans prefer to remain in their own homes when they require more medical assistance.

Thatcher Brook has recently obtained licensure to provide in-home healthcare and hospice services under Medicare certification to help fill this need. They are providing homecare and hospice services in Weber, Davis and Salt Lake counties.

David Preece, owner and operator, has been in the healthcare industry for seventeen years and has provided hospice services for the last five years in Weber and Davis counties. He has hired an experienced and knowledgeable staff to assist him in providing the best care for those who require medical assistance and would prefer to stay in their own homes.

He and his team are very focused on quality care. “I want to provide the care to others that I would want my own family to receive…I am there to serve the patient," said David Preece.

The medical director is Dr. Shaida Talebreza. Dr. Talebreza received her medical degree from the University of Utah, School of Medicine. She completed her residency in Family Medicine at the St. Marks Family Medicine Residency Program.

During her residency, Dr. Talebreza served as Chief Resident. “We are committed to providing great care and education to the communities along the Wasatch front," said David Preece. "Our commitment reaches beyond the standard."

They are committed to making sure all of their patients needs are met. They want them to know that they truly care for them and will do all they can to make their lives more enjoyable. "It is more than just physical care that people are in need of.

Sometimes it is education, other times it is the comfort of someone to talk to and confide in. "We are focused on meeting the needs of each person placed in our care, no matter the need," said Preece. "This is how We define caring".

Lee Ann BateThatcher BrookSimply Seniors News


Affiliate Marketing - Did You Buy The Book?

By Steve Phipps

Yeah, me too. I bought the book, got the free website and the t-shirt. The only thing I did not get was the $30,000 a month the "guru" promised because everyone is making money online.

As a matter of fact a bought a bunch of the "wealth programs" or online money making e-books.
You know the ones with the fancy software box that gives the appearance that you are getting more than just a downloaded document. I also got the 14 free bonuses that did not seem to help anymore than the piece of paper I downloaded.

Sure I believe there was some information in there on how to make money online but I was brand new and had no idea where to get started.

Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing, whatever you want to call it, is a legitimate way to make a very good amount of money online. When you first get started the "book" you got from the "guru" helped you learn many new cool phrases like:

*PPC / Pay Per Click
*Email Marketing
*Article Marketing
*Long Tail Keywords
*Split Testing
*Opt-In List

It was cool to learn all these new phrases but what the heck was I going to do with this new found knowledge. They showed me how they are used but never said a thing about why I was using them or what to expect when I launched that PPC campaign and did not know to turn off the content network feature. That was a couple hundred dollar lesson right out of the gate.

Maybe I just missed something and I'll just get another program to show me how to make money online. After all I have already spent a few hundred dollars on the first book and the disaster of an adwords campaign. What's another $39.95. Hey cool, another free website that is "fully optimized" for me to make money on "auto pilot". Wish I could figure out how to turn on that auto pilot.

There are thousands of people making money with affiliate marketing and for each one of them there are ten losing there shirts because they "bought the book" and now they know exactly how to make money online. So they jump on that first PPC campaign. Wonder what's going to happen?

If you are interested in getting training on Affiliate Marketing and you're tired of all the "e-books" you can check out this site that provides information about a real online interactive learning site with some one on one support.

Visit This Site For More Information

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The Benefits from Working From Home

By Corey Bergeron

Have you ever considered a career in online marketing, but thought to yourself that it would not be the right thing for you. Here are some of the benefits or perks of starting your own business.

1.) You do not have to drive to work. Your office can be anywhere you put your computer. No more traffic jams or white knuckle driving through a snow storm just to make a honest buck.

2.) Punching a time clock is a thing of the past. You can work when ever you feel like it. You have to stay motivated though. The only way to succeed with your business is to work it everyday. You really have to be your own boss and order yourself to get to work and stop messing around.

3.) You have the potential to become a millionaire. With the proper guidance and steadfast determination. There is no limit to how much money you can make on the internet.

4.) Your money works for you, instead of you working for your money. It is a wonderful feeling when you wake-up $400 richer then the night before. Nothing like making money while you sleep.

5.) You can travel instead of going on vacation. You see the difference between traveling and going on vacation. Is that when you go on vacation you usually have to be back to work in a week or two, but when you travel, you can take as long as you like, because your rich from staring your own business.

6.) You now have extra money to put away for your retirement fund. Which might be next year if you work it hard enough. It would be great to retire before your parents or even your grandparents.

7.) You can get out of debt a lot faster now. No more creditors or IRS harassing you. You can forget about that bankruptcy floating over your head and start building-up that credit score.

8.) That car you always wanted, but could never afford is now affordable. It is a great feeling to buy a car with a check. Financing and interest rates are a thing of the past.

9.) You can give money to your favorite charity. So now you can help people that really need it.

10.) You can buy the house of your dreams or build the house of your dreams. With the money you could make with an at home business, you could have a few houses.

I am sure you really do not care about who I am and how much money I make a day. All you really care about is how much money you can make a day. So if you really want to know how to make tons of money everyday online, then you must decide for yourself. Just listen to your inner voice and follow your heart and you will make the right decision.

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iPod Mp3 Downloads - Total Access

By Adam P Archer

The Downloads
Downloading media to your MP3/iPod has been around for many years, it's just as old as the MP3players them self's. Finding the resource that allows you to get this exciting content is the big issue among iPod/MP3 owners.

Experiencing Excitement
With everyone ranting and raving about their great download service getting them the iPod MP3 Downloads right when they want them exactly when they want them all right under their finger tips, is driving people to find this resource.

iPod MP3 down loads are becoming hugely popular these days, because they allow several songs or pieces of audio to be stored without occupying a large amount of storage space also allowing you to download whatever you want.

The Numbers Are Large
There are about 110 million active iPod/MP3 users world wide. Did you know the average iTunes member down loads a minimum of 300 songs and 20 movies a year. That's $500 a year on just down loads. WOW! Did you also know that iTunes is losing customer's and members by the hundreds each and every year. It won't take you long to figure that one out. These people are exploring their options.

The iPod MP3 Download Resource
You must know that there is no such thing as free iPod MP3 music downloads. You may have seen such sites advertised that way, but the truth is they all want you to purchase a membership fee in order to gain access to the free MP3 down loads. So why advertise FREE when all you have to say is " You Can Get Access To Over 300 Million iPod MP3 Downloads For As Low As $34.95". The price is completely worth the package deal and has been satisfying customer's worldwide.

Imagine being able to download anything you want anytime you want. Movies, Music, Games, & everything else. Just imagine the possibilities of unlimited access. You would never have to pay each time you want to download your favorite song, like the hit new single by AKON and definitely never pay month by month. Now that sounds very tempting.

Take Me To The Source
Another thing to keep in mind is there are some MP3 sites out there that offer this very rewarding feature. However, you need to be cautious, as they are illegal and could potentially get you into big trouble. Honestly, you don't want the law knocking down your door because you download some MP3 Downloads, do you?. Of course not. Typically the best way to get around this issue, is to find an MP3 Download review site of your choice. Allowing you to see what's hot, new and exciting in the MP3 down loads world.

Great Lengths
There are some excellent reviews out there that go through a lot of trouble to get the outstanding results that they have by using their own money to see what you would get if it were your money. Most iPod MP3 download review sites even have an editors choice pick or even just their best choice among all their choices. Now that would be they way to go about finding the site you like, because recommendations always rock.

Adam P Archer is a review site webmaster and loves to provide useful information that visitors can use . Visit the iPod MP3 Downloads Center to get the best review about new and the most popular iPod MP3 down loads online. Click Here This article may be republished with author bio intact with all links included.

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Flower Tattoos

By Tom Cruz

Flower tattoos are becoming very popular particularly among women who often see their tattoo as an extra accessory. Many women choose to have a tattoo because they think of it as having a piece of artwork that you can have with you wherever you go. Flowers have their own individual meanings and it is a good idea to find the meaning behind the flower that you choose.

An increasing number of women choose the lotus flower as a tattoo. The Lotus flower has a long history and in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions it is seen as a sign of waking to a spiritual reality. Most tattoo artists feel that the lotus flower is emblematic of life in general because if starts off in mud and turns into something beautiful. Many people who have had a rough time of things will sometimes have a lotus tattoo as a symbol of the fact that they are coming out of the other side of trouble. Lotus flowers are also quite important in Japanese symbolism. Japanese tattoo artists will work with lotus flowers, sometimes combining them with koi fish as the two things are often found together in the ponds in front of Japanese temples.

Flower tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Until recent years many women who had a flower tattoo would have it placed somewhere on the body that was normally covered by clothing.
Nowadays society has a far more open attitude to women with tattoos. A rose can signify eternal love and beauty but if the rose is black or is entangled with barbed wire then it tends to have a darker meaning. Many women start with small flower tattoos and then add to their body art over time. Hawaiian flower tattoos are worn by both women and men they might be a yellow Hibiscus or a flowery orchid. The Hibiscus flower comes in red or yellow and is often accompanied by a rose in body art. Tattoos are extremely popular in Hawaii and it is not unusual to see both men and women sporting tattoos. Women tend towards the floral designs whereas men seem to prefer tribal design tattoos.

One of the biggest attractions of flower tattoos is the fact that they tend not to date and will probably just as popular in twenty years as they are now. Some women have a floral tattoo around the navel or on the ankle bone. Many women like their tattoos custom designed and so they will take an ordinary flower and add their own adornments to it so that they finish up with a tattoo that is uniquely theirs. The beauty and delicate nature of cherry blossom makes it a popular choice for many women who want a tattoo. Cherry blossom is heavy with significance in both Chinese and Japanese cultures. The Chinese regard cherry blossom as a symbol of female power and at the same time as a symbol of love. In Japan on the other hand the cherry blossom signifies the transience of life. It makes sense to try to understand the symbolism behind the tattoo before you have it done.

For lots of great flower tattoo designs visit the Chopper Tattoo Gallery

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Why Are Digital Ballasts Better

By Susan Slobac

Before entering into a discussion as to why digital ballasts are superior to the old-fashioned magnetic core and coil types, it may be helpful to know exactly what a ballast system is in terms of hydroponic gardening and grow lights.

All standard grow lights used in hydroponic gardening – whether some type of metal vapor or fluorescent – employ a ballast system. This consists of a housing, within which is contained electronic components that in essence “prime the pump.” A fluorescent light has its own built-in ballast system; this builds up the energy required to activate the molecules inside the fluorescent tube, which in turn causes them to glow, emitting light. Metal Halide and HPS grow lights have “remote ballasts” which are housed inside a metal container. The components are what make up these lamps’ main power supply. Together, they function as a “pre-heater,” which allows electrical power to build up to the point that the lamp will run.

The drawback of these kinds of ballasts is that they build up the energy required to run the lamp, then sends it on all at once. The cold bulb is literally “slammed” with energy at full force. A good metaphor is the case of someone who puts a car in gear, disengages the clutch, revs the engine up to 4000 RPM then “pops” the clutch. “Pealing out” may be fun and impressive to onlookers (though illegal in most places), but as any automotive technician will tell you, can shorten the car’s engine and drive train considerably.

It is the same with standard ballasts; the sudden surge of electricity tends to shorten bulb life. In addition, standard coil-type ballasts cause the bulb to “strobe,” or flicker.

Digital ballasts eliminate this wear and tear on the bulb by providing a flow of electricity that starts out at a low level, then increases energy flow as the bulb warms up and achieves full brightness. Studies have shown that MH and LPS grow lights used with a digital ballast lost only 20 to 25% of their PAR luminescence (the wavelengths actually used by the plant) after one year; those used with a standard ballast had lost over twice at much over the same period.

It should be noted that digital ballasts vary in terms of quality and reliability. In general, products made in Chinese factories tend to be of inferior quality, and should be avoided. The best digital ballasts will run all types of grow lights, and be able to recognize the difference between metal halide, HPS or LED. If a bulb is defective, damaged or incompatible, or if a short circuit is detected a well-manufactured, U.S.- made digital ballast will automatically shutdown before a safety hazard is created.

Susan Slobac is an expert on hydroponics gardening. She helps to explain how a digital ballast is integrated into a grow system and details how a digital ballast controls the flow of electricity to the grow lights.

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Family Therapy for Happy Families

By Kevin. Smith

What is family therapy?
Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that aims at solving family issues through family counseling. In a family therapy treatment multiple or all family members are involved as this technique considers family as one unit. The emphasis is on the members who are directly related to the problem. Issues like marriage, divorce, children-parent relationships, family conflicts, depression, addictions and similar family issues are generally handled by family therapists. The focus of family therapy is on family relationships and family interaction. Instead of pin pointing the cause family therapists work on solving the issue by emphasizing on the strengths of the family unit.

What does a family therapist do?
Family therapy sessions have helped hundreds of families live together happily and peacefully. A family therapist informs the family members about the family as a unit and the importance of each member performing his/her roles effectively. A family therapist helps the family members to resolve conflicts through effective communication minimizing the gaps. Family members are made to realize the significance of family as a unit. Their behaviors are analyzed and if they need to change their conduct they are explained why and how. Family therapy is a very effective technique to create happy families.

To resolve issues family therapists conduct regular sessions after intervals. They ask the family members to do certain activities or behave in a particular way to resolve issues and to attain the objectives of family therapy sessions. Family therapy works best when people involved understand its importance, are convinced, and willing to participate to resolve issues.

In what areas does family therapy help?
Family therapy for parent-child conflict: Parent-child relational problems are very common and can arise due to indifferent attitude of parents or child, bad company, less time for children, disagreement on various issues, etc. Family therapists work towards achieving a better understanding to resolve conflicts. Family therapy can also help family members solve on-going issues in family life, like problems at work, raising children, social relationships and relationships between family members.

Family therapy for Learning Disabilities: Family therapy can treat children with learning disability (USA) or development disability (UK). Learning disability refers to low general intelligence of the person in comparison to others. Family therapy can develop cognitive-social-emotional competencies in young minds and guide children to control their emotions and enhance their performance.

Family therapy for Marital Issues and Divorce: Family therapy can transform relationships gone sour into happy relationship through therapy session for couples. Family therapists educate both members about handling conflicting situations tactfully. They also try to resolve issues that can lead to happy relationship through in-depth discussions and change in attitude.
They encourage the couple to make a new start.

Family therapy for Chronic Medical Illness: Family therapy also works well in case a family member is suffering from chronic illnesses like AIDS, which can cause mental trauma to the whole family. Family therapy discussion sessions enable families to handle this difficult situation and help the patient overcome illness with a positive attitude.

Apart from the above listed issues, one can also contact a licensed and qualified family therapist to resolve issues related to family violence, child abuse and incest, death in the family, traumatic incidents, etc.

Ackerman Institute for the Family is dedicated to helping families and devoted to train family therapists. For more information, please visit:

Kevin is a freelance writer and has written many informative articles. This time around he has written article on “Family Therapy for Happy Families”.

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Fantasy Role Playing Builds--The Guardian

By Dustin Schwerman

What separates a guardian from other defensive builds is that it isn't really a defender at all, at least not in the sense that it has significant ability to avoid or absorb attacks. Rather, a guardian is a character designed to make attacking their charges too great a threat. A typical fantasy guardian would be a pikeman or town guard. Although their defenses may not be exceptional (they may even be lacking!) they use reach to make their position too dangerous to attack.

Not all game systems will necessarily support guardian builds. To make an effective guardian, you need abilities that allow you to attack in response to enemy actions. Some guardians, such as the aforementioned pikemen, might use reach to strike foes as they close. Other guardians are more close-range warriors, relying on abilities that allow them to counter-attack their enemies.
Magically inclined guardians may be able to deflect enemy attacks back upon them, backlash the damage they sustain, or even absorb enemy attacks to empower their own actions.

A guardian build rarely stands alone, unless it has abilities to redirect the attacks of enemies.
Otherwise, a guardian will need to have an offensive presence capable of dropping enemies before they get to make their attacks, or potent defenses that will negate enemy assaults and allow the character to reciprocate. The guardian build is paired well with either the protector or crusher builds; the former creates a foe that is not only difficult to attack but also likely to strike back, making such assaults a foolish proposition. The latter may not counter as many attacks, but enemies know that to strike at such an opponent is to invite its powerful offenses.

Just as the method of defense can vary between guardians, so too will you want to decide how to use your abilities. Some guardians, particularly those with a protector bent, specialize in drawing attacks onto themselves by using their guardian abilities to strike back when foes attack their allies. More offensively-minded guardians are just the opposite; they use the threat of a reciprocated offense to keep foes off of themselves, or drop enemies as they approach, freeing them up to focus on their offensive duties.

Since the goal of a guardian is defense through superior offense, abilities that can weaken or neutralize opponents quickly are much favored. The combination of a guardian and neutralizer build can be very effective, allowing the character to significantly debilitate or even dispatch enemies who assault its position. This provides a greater threat, as a neutralizer's powers can leave an enemy too weak to complete its attack even if it doesn't fall.

The guardian is a more difficult build to play than a tank or protector, but can be highly effective when used well. Your goal is to make the enemy not want to attack by turning it against itself. Bear in mind, though, that when battle is joined in an RPG, the enemies will be attacking. Do not assume that the threat alone will be sufficient; focus on obtaining strong abilities that allow you to drop those enemies who test your resolve, or potent defenses that give you the edge in a battle of attrition.

Copyright © 2007 Dustin Schwerman.

Dustin Schwerman is the primary web designer and an article writer at Truly Unique--Affordable Custom Website Design. In his spare time, he enjoys fantasy role playing games, favoring those that offer extensive options for character customization.

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Tracking Your Net Worth

By Aaron Loh

Wealthy people understand the huge distinction between working income and net worth. Working income is important, but is only one of the four factors that determine your net worth. The four net worth factors are:

Income - working income and passive income Savings - if you don't keep any of your income, you will never create wealth Investments - from the money you saved, move to the next stage by investing it Simplification - simplify your lifestyle. What will it take for you to be happy financially?

Visit my blog (url below) to download your free net worth tracking sheet.

Most people know it's important to keep and organize all of your vital financial information. But knowing you should and knowing how are two different things!

Once you know the reasons for being very organized with your financial data (and keeping it all in a very safe place) I hope you will put organization on your net worth building to-do list (at or near the top).

You need to be able to see your financial strengths and weaknesses quickly. If you are an active investor, it's even more important that you do so. Time wasted on missing data and lost tracking information is money lost.

Also, keeping an accurate and up to date personal net worth statement (personal financial statement) can help you get loans or other financing more quickly.

It would be well worth the effort to be able to give your financial institutions information they need at a glance. And your needs for the same ability to query your net worth and data associated with accounts, investments, in and outgoing money, and other important data are very important.

Be sure and carefully consider all portions of your net worth. Often forgotten components of your net worth are listed below in a handy checklist to get your data system in order and on track.
  • Cash on Hand and In Bank
  • Notes Payable
  • Marketable Securities
  • Non-Marketable Securities
  • Securities Held by Brokers
  • Restricted or Control Stocks
  • Partial Real Estate Interests
  • Owned Real Estate
  • Loans Receivable
  • Life Insurance
  • Other Assets
  • Accounts Payable
  • Amount Due to Brokers
  • Unpaid Income
  • Taxes
  • Other Unpaid Taxes/Interest
  • Other Debts
  • Debt on Real Estate Equities
Real Estate MortgagesMake sure you know what you're really worth. The only way to calculate your net worth accurately is if you track everything above. On your road to a high net worth you can make fewer pit stops if you have a plan and the data to support your investment decisions and abilities close at hand.

Make use of spread sheet software and programs (i.e. Quicken) to keep your net growth on track. The reports you can run are invaluable for seeing where you’ve been and how far you’ve come with your portfolios, mortgage, taxes, and other important information.

Aaron LohFounder and Director of Wealth Learning International

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Finishing and Leaving Your Job Interview

By Stephen Whelan

If you are offered the interviewers hand, end with a firm, confident handshake (ensure you don’t grip too hard) and a self-assured smile. Even if you feel you could have improved on some aspects of the interview, a self-confident exit could go some way to salvaging the interview for you. Whether you think it or not you will convey this confidence to the interviewer and you will leave a positive lasting impression.

Remain as professional as possible; remember the job is not yours until you have been offered the post and signed your return copy of the contract! Thank the interviewer for the time that they have afforded to you, say goodbye in a friendly manner and leave the room. Leave the interview as if it was an absolute success.

Whether or not you feel that the interview was a success or not, I suggest that you put it completely out of your mind when you leave the room and only reflect on your performance at a later date. I’ve done this myself and when you occupy your mind too much on what you said or could have said it can have a destructive impact on later job interviews you may have. At the very least you should be confident that it has provided you with tremendous preparation for the next one. Like all interviews I suggest you prepare in exactly the same way for any further interviews to follow.

I suggest that you go back and reflect on the interview a few days later to determine how you performed on the day. I always went over the particular areas where I felt I mentioned the wrong thing, gave an incomplete answer or there were things I wished I had said but left out.

Don’t worry about this, many people do this after the interview and needlessly beat themselves up and over analyze every aspect of what was said, or what was not. Remember you may have mentioned numerous, valid and relevant points and hit on the main acceptable answers and these are the positive aspects that you should dwell upon. Just take a note of the plus points of your interview, for example, how well you prepared, your interview technique, positive answers you delivered and how you could improve in the future. By doing this you have reflected this on paper and ensures that you don’t forget these aspects for any future interviews

Waiting to hear about the job – The long wait

It's all over! All the hard work is completed and any nerves and tension of the whole process begin to drift away. After you have made and received those well wishing calls from your family and friends to find out how it went you begin to relax and you are glad it is all over.

Well it is not. You have one final task to complete and then it’s all over.

Write your thank you note to the employer outlining your thanks for their time and effort. I suggest you do this as quickly as possible for three reasons. It shows you are professional, well mannered and shows that the job is important to you. While these are all admirable qualities that the employer will look for, in most cases, it will not influence the final interview decision, but you never know. On a more practical level the purpose of writing a thank you letter is that you may be the only one who has made the effort to do so and therefore raise your profile within that organization.

In turn, your name will unquestionably leave a long-lasting impact in the interviewers mind and give you a potential competitive edge over others in the future. So, take the time to write a short thank you letter the advantages for you are obvious.

Stephen Whelan is a Senior Manager in the largest Health Trust in Northern Ireland. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the recruitment process.

As part of his remit as a senior manager and in his previous posts leading up to his current appointment he has interviewed hundreds of candidates for innumerable vacancies. In this respect he has invaluable knowledge of the selection and recruitment processes from both sides of the table.

Stephen is also a qualified coach and obtained his Coaching in Work Certificate in 2007 which fits perfectly with helping people achieve their highest potential in the job interview process.

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management he has excellent skills and abilities that develop others in their pursuit of excellence and brings all of this experience to the table in helping people through the job interview process.

Stephen is currently constructing his website and offers amazing resources for job interview success at

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What Should You Eat During Pregnancy?

By Abhinn Gupta

Pregnancy brings lot many changes along with it in female body. During these 9 months many thing change for the pregnant women or say the mother. Your body will change externally and internally. It may cause some problem or discomfort to you, but as it leads a greater gift at the end, so you probably will not min these discomfort. The initial months are crucial because during these months the baby’s growth starts. The nervous system growth and the organ formation also take place during this time. The baby grows physically and mentally and so good nutrition is very important during this time. So here are our tips on what should you eat during pregnancy.

1. Balanced and nutritious diet during pregnancy is very very important after all you are eating for 2 lives. It is very important you don't eat fast and junk food during pregnancy and stick to routine healthy diet. A diet is called nutritious when it contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in needed amount.

2. Avoid high sugar beverages. They add sugars and calories to your body. When you avoid it, then you are actually cutting calories. This helps in weight loss after pregnancy
3. Eat whole grains; they are better for your body than their “white” counterparts.

4. Lean meats are better for you after delivery to reduce the excess weight.

5. Healthy snacks are better than junk foods. You can take raisins, wheat crackers etc. Remove fast food from the food list. Fast food will increase your weight and will create obstacle in your way to weight loss. Avoid Canned and processed foods, coffee, tea, spicy foods, sugary foods such as cakes, cookies, candies, hot chocolate, sodas and colas and salt etc.

Whether you like it or not but you should eat properly good food during your pregnancy so as to avoid any problem. You have to take care of your health as well the baby’s health. So go for a good well balanced diet during this time.

Abhinn is a content editor who focuses on a wide array of niche health topics.He maintains many health blogs and Medical and Health Information is one of them. The site deals with all kind of medical and health advices and has tons of articles on women's issues like depression,, female hair loss and pregnancy.

Be sure to check out our Pregnancy Articles on the site MedsAvailable to get more such articles.

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Fashion Style Tips for Women - Accessorizing

By Kirsty Semple

On the catwalks this season some distinct and varied styles are apparent. The hardness of the rock look, the futuristic metallic look and the contrasting feminine look are all hot this season and provide women with a wide range of choice to suit their own styles and still be fashionable. Not only are these looks up to date and fresh for 2008, but they carry with them classic retro style with the trends of the season are all reminiscent of the 80s: the rock bands animal print, the neon colours and metallics of the punks and the romantic ruffles and lace.

The great thing about this season is that accessories are huge leaving people free to keep their existing wardrobe and buy only a few small items to refresh it. Whatever accessory you are comfortable wearing is the one to go for because the list of fashionable items it endless:

jewellery, hats, scarves, wraps, watches, belts, gloves, bandanas, headbands, gloves, boots, bags and hair ties with jewels.

The key to accessorising is to draw attention to your best features. In the colder months when low cut tops are left in the wardrobe, the eye can still be drawn to cleavage by wearing a V-shaped medium length necklace, or layering several different lengths of necklace. Large natural beads such as wooden or stone beads are great for earthy autumn. Or contrast away from earthy naturals with mettalics. To enlarge the bust line go for a jewelled necklace.

Earrings draw attention to your face, long dangly earrings accentuate the length of your neck. Bracelets complete an outfit. Belts highlight curvaceous hips and a great pair knee high boots elongate the legs. A chocker creates a sexy collar bone. Work with your own body and place jewellery where it will draw the eye.

For the rock look a flash of animal print on a belt or a scarf, black nail polish or skull earrings. The skull motif, again on a scarf or belt has the same effect. Don’t wear all these things at once and end up looking like a nightmare, the rock look is strong enough to come through with one or two small pieces.

The metallic look is perhaps easiest to achieve with jewellery, choose a colour which suits you and your existing wardrobe from gold, silver, bronze and copper. There are many bags and shoes in these colours available at the moment. For a bold statement red and gold is great, a cooler look silver and purple, have fun and mix your colours.

In contrast to these two harder looks the romantic look is about feminine softness. You can mix in the strong colours from the rock look but with ruffles or lace of embroidery. A large loose ribbon bow, oversized bag or sexy feminine boots. Long leather gloves also appear this season.

Jewellery that is big this season feature pearls, metallics, naturals (eg, wood, shell), heart shapes, discs, hoops, exaggerated facets on stones, bold colours and large natural statements such as butterflies and bold florals.

Most importantly have fun. You can always take something and make your own statement with it. Wear a long necklace as a belt, a scarf round your wrist, brooches as a chocker on a ribbon. Contrast fine jewellery with casual clothes.

Always remember that a small statement offset with neutrals is more effective than many bold statements which will clash and be confusing. Less is more.

Sunshine JewelleryA passion for making jewellery and wearing it!

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Leonardo's Da Vinci's Water Study

By William E. Marks

About 500 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) recorded ideas about vortices based on his experiments with water. In fact, the subject of water, hydrology, and hydraulics made up a large part of Leonardo's lifetime study. As a matter of historic note – more of Da Vinci’s writings were devoted to the subject of water than any other subject. The existence of water and its vortices intrigued Da Vinci, prompting him to speculate about the existence and behavior of vortices in the air and cosmos. The power and meaning of vortices in water also led him to closely study the behavior of water under different conditions.

Da Vinci’s fascination with fluid dynamics and vortices crossed over into his art – with the flowing motions of water and vortices being expressed in his paintings and sculptures.

The existence and behavior of bubbles in water was also of interest to Da Vinci, since he noted from close observation that bubbles rise through water in a spiral motion. In his written notes in the Codex Leicester Folio 23V (now owned by Bill Gates), he observed that the "motions of waters always move in a circle from surface to bottom.”

Da Vinci spent many years in his makeshift laboratory and in the field observing the movements of water and air. To see the fluid dynamics of water at work, he did experiments using glass tanks so he could watch the motion of flowing water under various scenarios. During his field research, he maintained detailed notes and drawings to record his experiences and observations.

To facilitate his research, he invented a water gate that utilized the pressure of water to create a tight seal. Unforseen by DaVinci at the time – his experiments and detailed technical drawings of this water gate would survive through time and eventually be used in designing the lock gate system of the Panama Canal.

At times, Da Vinci's mind would ponder the many realms of water as his observations often triggered writing ideas. As a habit, he would jot down or sketch these thoughts along the margins of his papers while working on other subjects. One such series of notes in the upper right hand corner of one of his papers provides us with his outline for a proposed treatise on water. It was divided into fifteen books, with each book dealing with a different aspect of water:

1. Of Water in Itself
2. Of the Sea
3. Of the Veins
4. Of Rivers
5. Of the Nature of Bottoms
6. Of Objects
7. Of Various Kinds of Gravel
8. Of the Surface of Water
9. Of Things Moving in It
10. Of River Repairs
11. Of Conduits
12. Of Canals
13. Of Machines Turned by Water
14. Of Raising Water
15. Of Things Worn Away by Water

Given the numerous other activities Leonardo was involved in, he never found the time to complete this series of water books. His writings, especially the Codex Leicester, contain many references and brief notes to be included in these books. An example of this can be found in his notes dealing with precipitation: “Write how clouds are formed and how they dissolve, and what it is that causes vapour to rise from the water of the earth into the air, and the cause of mists and of the air becoming thickened, and why it appears more blue or less blue at one time than another. Write in the same way of the regions of the air and the cause of snow and hail, and how water contracts and becomes hard in the form of ice, and of the new shapes that the snow forms in the air.”

Another of Da Vinci's field observations explored the physical expression of the vortex principle on a grand scale. His written observations about a water spout he saw along the seashore were recorded on a page entitled "Of wind twists and eddies involving water." As expressed in Da Vinci’s inimitable words:

It often happens that, when one wind meets another at an obtuse angle, these two
winds circle around together and twine themselves into the shape of a huge
column, and becoming thus condensed, the air acquires weight. I once saw such
winds, raging around together, produce a hollow in the sand of the seashore as
deep as the height of a man, removing from it stones of considerable size, and
carrying sand and seaweed though the air for the space of a mile and dropping
them in the water, whirling them around and transforming them into a dense
column, which formed dark thick clouds as its upper extremity.

Many people will probably never see such a waterspout land on shore in their lifetime, but thanks to Da Vinci and his detailed notes from long ago, we have the opportunity to appreciate the feeling of such an experience.

William E. Marks

Water researcher/speaker since 1970; Editor/Publisher of Water Voices from Around The World (October 2007) - a new tabletop book created in conjunction with the United Nations' decade of water project – contains 400 color photos and over 100 articles; recipient of many awards; founder/owner (14 years) of a State-Certified water testing lab; founder of environmental research institute (17 years); in college had major polluting industry indicted by grand jury in precedent-setting case under the Refuse Act; lived outside for 2 years while traversing 7,000 miles across America from coast-to-coast on horseback for his RIDE FOR NATURE project; founding publisher Martha's Vineyard Magazine and Nantucket Magazine;
author: The Holy Order of Water, Healing Earth's Waters and Ourselves; author: "The History of Wind Power on Martha's Vineyard"; Chair of Greenlands Aquifer Committee to save 400 acres from development on Martha's Vineyard; travels the globe, speaking and playing Native American Flute

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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

By Gloria Hansen

One of the commonest failings of mankind is to live in direct contradiction to the simplest rules of living that will prolong life and make it a healthy one. Mainly, it is the fault of blundering ahead without thinking of the consequences.

Or, we know better but believe there is plenty of time and it is not convenient to make changes right now. “A fool denies his errors, but a wise man learns from his successes, not his errors.”
We must stop and reexamine our way of living.

Are we our own worst enemies? In too many cases the answer is yes. We must be constantly watchful if we are not to lose the precious gift of health and well-being. At this very moment you may be committing an error that will have an influence on you for the rest of your life.

The Seven Deadly Sins
Are you contributing to future sickness and stealing years from the promised span of your life? The seven deadly sins of modern living are:

1. Are you a tobacco addict? Do you poison your whole system--your lungs, mouth, heart and blood stream--with deadly nicotine?

2. Do you drink? Whether the amount is moderate or excessive, alcohol affects your liver, kidneys and heart. Alcohol’s real effect is to depress not only your brain and blood stream but every organ of your body.

3. Do you overeat? Are some of your organs being required to function at more than their capacity because you will not curb your appetite? Do you deliberately put an extra strain on your muscles and bones by asking them to carry a greater weight than they were intended to bear?

4. Are you addicted to drugs of one sort or another—aspirin, alkalizers, bromides and sleeping pills? Do you reach for a ‘pain killer’ as soon as you feel the smallest ache or pain? If you do, you are not only poisoning your system but upsetting the balance that nature so carefully provided.

5. Do you drink coffee, tea or the cola beverages without thinking that they are undermining your health? They are drugs just as truly as aspirins or sleeping tablets.

6. Are you a faddist? Do you try all the latest pills or take unreasonable exercise or go on diets whose results are damaging to the system and may even bring death?

7. Are you a foam rubber prisoner? Are you a slave to the deep-cushioned arm chair and lazy comfort so that you cannot develop a habit of activity to produce healthful circulation of your blood.

If your answer to even one of these questions is yes, then you are your own worst enemy.
Nothing, not even nature, can replace organs or tissues which have been destroyed by poison or neglect

Hope For A Healthy Life
I called the seven habits sins because they work against health and life. Some of them are little more than legalized murder.

Scientists are constantly turning up evidence that should scare people into living a rational life. People everywhere recognize that these things are dangerous. Sadly, though, the warnings go unheeded. They know but they do not act.

Blundering and short-sightedness are one thing. Sheer stupidity is another, and it can be called nothing else when people reject and ignore facts

There is not one part of the body that does not suffer, directly or indirectly, from overweight.
There is only one thing to do about it. Stop overeating.

Sometimes, we overeat because we have fallen into bad habits or are thoughtless. More often, overeating is not purely physical. Just as we have seen that all diseases are conditions of both the body and the mind, so we see that often overindulgence in food is a psychological state.

What we have are the seeds of degenerative diseases. These diseases are in no way related to bacteria or accident. Heart ailments, arthritis, diseases of the veins and circulatory system are the result of deteriorating tissues.

Many people refer to them as a simple aging of the organism. All people must undergo this aging process. To all people death comes after a slow and steady loss of vitality and strength.

Learn From History
Each age in history is known for its particular disease or ailment. In the middle ages, it was the plague. It was brought on by the poor diet, the long hours of overwork and poor sanitation.

We associate the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with gout. People ate little in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables. Their diets were heavy with fat. Tuberculosis was the scourge of the nineteenth century. Homes and factories were sunless and poorly ventilated. Diets were deficient in vitamins.

Today the killing diseases are degenerative conditions of the heart, blood system and the brain. This breaking-down and wearing-out of the human body is, in all too many cases, brought on by the excesses and abuses of modern civilization.

Prolong Your Life Now
To live in harmony with nature is not simply a high-sounding phrase. It means just that--harmony. There must be no excess, but a blending of all that is good.

It is just as much of a mistake to eat nothing but wheat germ or drink nothing but orange juice as to dose your body with drugs and poisons. People like that are harming the progress of rational living.

Many problems can be traced back to lack of activity. How many people do you know who never stir from their chairs except to eat, sleep or go to the office?

Laziness of the body helps to break down the natural functioning of the system. Exercise is necessary to preserve a good digestion, to make elimination natural and effective, to stir up the circulation of the blood.

Advanced age is not a static, irreversible biological condition of unwavering decrepitude. Rather, it’s a dynamic state that, in most people, can be changed for the better no matter how many years they’ve lived or neglected their body in the past.

You do have a second chance to right the wrongs you’ve committed against your body. Your body can be rejuvenated. Your can regain vigor, vitality, muscular strength, and aerobic endurance you thought was gone forever.

No matter what your age, it’s not too late to turn over a new leaf and start building a lifestyle you can show off with pride, A good place to start is recognizing which of the seven deadly sins apply to you and start a plan to eliminate each one.

Gloria Hansen is an author and educator on consumer issues. She has a B.S. degree in Foods and Nutrition from Iowa State University. Go to her website, to learn about lifestyle changes for optimum health, living life in abundance, feeling and looking great and changing your mind to change your world.

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Online Profits Mindset

By Rose Salina

Surfing the net and making money virtually is a revolutionary income stream that millions of internet enthusiast are embarking upon. However earning a residual income via the internet may not be the cups of tea for everybody as the skeptical subconscious mindset are not use to the offline businesses.

Having the right mindset
Online business is easy and the one challenge that I still have now is loosing precious sleep time. Fear should not be the underlying deterrence factor for anybody to embark on this unlimited journey. This sort of negativity is subjective and can be cured. One living proof of a person cured is myself. I use to fearful even to switch on the computer, now looking back, I can't believe I’ve improved so much and think that I should trust and grab this opportunity sooner.

First thing first, the key to overcome any fear is to identify and acknowledge it. Make personal note of all the negativity surrounds your perception. Coming to terms with the fears can be the single most important first step which can change your life. Next think of reasons why such fear exist, example, not knowing if offers or opportunity in a website is a scams or other get rich quick scheme. Well, to manage the skeptical mind is like managing any other doubts, have as much knowledge as possible about the offer. Just get reviews about the particular website that you’ve identified, network with others through forums and blogs or read through reliable testimonials to get assurance.

Let me share with you a method that has helped to change mindsets. Literally hold a smile on your face, take a blank cheque (or a piece of paper) and imagine holding your first cheque and going to the bank with it. Upon seeing the first cheque, how do you feel? Excited, unbelievable and at that point you know that you too can make millions. ...So hold that thought, the next time emotions of fear are overwhelming, just tell your self I have the millions that I want and fear is not stopping me NOW!!

Do this Daily. Imagine the same excitement over and over again, such repetitive affirmations will condition your mind to receive the millions on the internet, hopefully sooner than what you have already imagine.
Good Luck!!

Rose Salina is a work from home enthusiast and has achieved her dream to work full time from home. Find your dream home job at

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Parental Stress - Coping With Kids

By Margaret Tye

Rearing well adjusted children is a real accomplishment on the part of any parent and with today’s trend and lifestyle it is a hard task. Nowadays training kids begins at birth. There are lots of articles written on dealing with newborn babies or coping with toddlers, particularly for new moms, but surprisingly, there is little guidance on how to deal or cope with parental stress.

Several children under the age of five can be really troublesome and handling them is a tiring task. Parents really have to work hard as the kids at that age demand lot of time and attention.
This really stresses the parent and makes them feel trapped. Parents have to be magically equipped with patience, parental love and mothering instinct.

Growing children wreck a tidy room or scatter toys and cushions around the house. Potty training is other serious issue and you have to be geared to deal with accidents, while washing their hands is like playing in a swimming pool. Kids like to explore everything and they learn from such exploration. Hence stopping them would curb their inquisitiveness. As a parent you should tackle these issues with care and lot of patience, as love and patience builds a strong foundation in the parent and child relationship.

Due to a stressful lifestyle, many relationships break up and hence there are a lot of single parents around. Such single parents find parenting more difficult as compared to a couple.
Managing kids and a career is like walking on two rails. They are usually stressed by running around trying to manage things, and this sometimes leaves the kids neglected. Sometimes parents are not able to pursue their own dreams because they are busy tackling issues related to their kids.

Luckily nowadays there are some voluntary organizations where help can be sought. These organizations offer help for few hours each week like baby-sitting and this help can give the parents some hours of respite. Moms can get free time to mow the lawn, do some home decoration, pursue their passions or even shop. With kids growing and their demands increasing day by day, mothers lose their identity and get hassled under the pressure.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be depressed if you fail, as you are a normal human being. Mistakes can happen as there are limitations, hence accept them and do your best. Clean the rooms one by one and not like a superwoman. If you can, try and reduce the furniture or clear off the carpets as they are the things that delay cleaning.

It doesn't matter if the house isn't spotless. What matters is that you spend time playing and having fun with your kids. You will all benefit and at the end of the day you may feel more cheerful and capable of clearing some of the mess. Then give yourself half an hour to soak in the bath, or even do your nails.

Margaret Tye runs the From Tots 2 Teens - Parental Stress website.

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