Online Profits Mindset

By Rose Salina

Surfing the net and making money virtually is a revolutionary income stream that millions of internet enthusiast are embarking upon. However earning a residual income via the internet may not be the cups of tea for everybody as the skeptical subconscious mindset are not use to the offline businesses.

Having the right mindset
Online business is easy and the one challenge that I still have now is loosing precious sleep time. Fear should not be the underlying deterrence factor for anybody to embark on this unlimited journey. This sort of negativity is subjective and can be cured. One living proof of a person cured is myself. I use to fearful even to switch on the computer, now looking back, I can't believe I’ve improved so much and think that I should trust and grab this opportunity sooner.

First thing first, the key to overcome any fear is to identify and acknowledge it. Make personal note of all the negativity surrounds your perception. Coming to terms with the fears can be the single most important first step which can change your life. Next think of reasons why such fear exist, example, not knowing if offers or opportunity in a website is a scams or other get rich quick scheme. Well, to manage the skeptical mind is like managing any other doubts, have as much knowledge as possible about the offer. Just get reviews about the particular website that you’ve identified, network with others through forums and blogs or read through reliable testimonials to get assurance.

Let me share with you a method that has helped to change mindsets. Literally hold a smile on your face, take a blank cheque (or a piece of paper) and imagine holding your first cheque and going to the bank with it. Upon seeing the first cheque, how do you feel? Excited, unbelievable and at that point you know that you too can make millions. ...So hold that thought, the next time emotions of fear are overwhelming, just tell your self I have the millions that I want and fear is not stopping me NOW!!

Do this Daily. Imagine the same excitement over and over again, such repetitive affirmations will condition your mind to receive the millions on the internet, hopefully sooner than what you have already imagine.
Good Luck!!

Rose Salina is a work from home enthusiast and has achieved her dream to work full time from home. Find your dream home job at

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