My Health Wasn't Important Until My Cancer Surgeries!

By Richard Monson

Having been brought up on a farm, food was in plentiful supply, fruits, vegetables and meat products were always available.

In those years of my youth; chemicals to control weeds and insects were sparsely used, even though DDT, 24D and a few others were the mainstay.

Later, more serious chemicals for weed and insect control became prevalent even to the point of overuse and abuse.

With that in mind my research indicates the use of such chemical agents has caused a toxic buildup in humans and plant life as well as animals and insects.

This buildup is considered, by many researchers, the cause of an imbalance that ultimately triggers abnormal cell structure and growth in plants and insects, while resulting many times in blood problems and tumors in humans and animals

Be aware that genetically altered food stocks along with early harvesting of fruits and vegetables (early picked to extend transportation time and shelf life) does not allow food stocks to mature naturally causing a large reduction in the amount and quality of nutrients necessary for good health.

Further exposure by humans to heavy metals and chemicals used in dental work, deodorants, food containers, preservatives and vaccines is a compounding factor. Mercury is used as a preservative in medical vaccines. Consider how many inoculations newborn children and toddlers receive! How about the flu shots promoted every year by our government?

This results in a lifetime buildup of toxins to which everyone is exposed.

I can only speculate as to whether these factors, and/or others, caused my cancer, but I do now believe in continued detoxification and proper diet and nutrition to prevent further complications.

Of extreme importance when confronting a serious health problem is to develop and keep a positive attitude, but by far the greatest help is to immerse yourself in the Grace of our Lord and Savior.

One of the products I believe to be very beneficial in detoxification is ZEOLITE. This natural volcanic ash mineral has been used for centuries. Only recently has a patented process enhanced the effectiveness of this mineral. Read through my website and proceed on to the Waiora website from there.

Thank you

Richard Monson is an entreprenural spirit with many interests. Recent cancer surgery prompted him to research methods and products to prevent and treat health problems.
Exposure to toxic substances and environmental pollution along with lack of concern for a healthy diet lead researchers to believe these are the main causes of health problems (premature aging, cancers and other diseases). Mr. Monson has a website dedicated to inform and direct you to products useful in improving your health.

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