The First Car Buying Tip Is To Remove Your Emotions

By Rand Montgomery

The first car buying tip you need to know when purchasing your next vehicle is to remove your emotions from the buying process. The more emotionally attached you are to the vehicle the more you are going to spend.

Keep in mind your needs in the vehicle that you are purchasing. For example do you need the sunroof that costs and additional $700 and adds another $15 a month to your monthly payment for something that you will only open once a month?

Another thing to consider is Why you are purchasing this vehicle in the first place. Has your family out grown it? Is it currently giving you problems or are you trying to compete with the Jones' down the street? Separating your emotions is as easy as first researching the car you want. If it is a new car, there is a dealer somewhere that has it, and many local Dealer's will do a Dealer Trade for you if they do not have it on the lot.

A dealer trade is when a dealer can log into the factories and see what is going to be built soon. And see where these cars are being sent to. Then they will call the dealer that is expecting that vehicle and trade a car that they have in stock and have someone deliver the car to your dealer.

So, arm yourself with the information, keep your emotions in check and you will get the car that best suits your needs without paying for features that do not benefit you.

Rand Montgomery has spent the last 10 years working in the Automotive Industry. He has worked his way up from sales, sales manager, to Finance Director. He has also worked with one of the largest Automotive Consulting Company's in the U.S. Rand has written a electrifying Minicourse on Discovering The Little Know Secrets Of Buying A Car That The Salesman And The Car Industry Don't Want You To Know! To get you free copy, visit the link below:
Car Buying Tips

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