Why the words you say matter

By Niamh Crowe

Big mouth strikes again! Did your choice of words ever lead you into trouble or a hasty apology? Perhaps like most of us, you’ve learned to keep your mouth shut in some situations if there is nothing positive to say. Likewise a speech stands or falls on many things, but most of all it stands on your choice of words.

They’re only words; what does it matter? Tell that to Shakespeare, Dickens or Joyce. Tell it to Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson. Only words! Some of these writers and thousands more beside them, struggled for hours (and in one or two cases, days!) to find the right words to sum up exactly what they wanted to say in a sentence.

Words are powerful things. Look at it this way: people have died for the lack of them. Likewise, people have been killed for saying too much. Wars have been declared when the expected words were not delivered on time. Nations were galvanized into action and soldiers stirred up for battle by the right, well chosen phrases. The wrong words have ended more than one marriage and they are, in the right hands (or mouths), the very things with which we bind ourselves to each other. Words are dynamite and we had better handle them very carefully.

You may have been asked to say a few words at an event. Already you know it is about far more than a few words. You have been asked to speak because that person wants to hear what you have to say. They have done you a great honor and they wish you to lead the tribute to their special day or make that important presentation. The words you choose now are vital. They are important to you, they are important to the occasion.

Those same words are important to us at speech-writers.com. Words, if you like, are our trade. They are what we do best. It is not just a matter of writing any old words, or having a dictionary open beside us on the desk. When we write words for an occasion, no matter what that occasion is, they are words that are driven by what you need and what we think is appropriate and right.
Of course we observe all the necessary etiquette, the introduction and we can even tell you who to thank and even how to do it. Those speeches, though, are written for you by us. We do not tackle that task lightly. We have to think pretty carefully about what we say and it shows. We stand by every one of our speeches as something we are particularly proud of. We are proud too of every testimony and vote of thanks that comes back to us.

Some of our customers might come to us for a wedding and come back for birthdays, wedding anniversaries or business speeches. Once you have used a speech-writers.com speech, it makes perfect sense to use us again. Being a small (if extremely busy) company, we get to know some of our customers quite well. Others may use us once for just one special occasion. The fact is and you will know this if you have used one of our speeches or even chosen from our packs of pre-prepared speeches: a speech-writers.com speech is written with words that work.

We know what to say and will help you cross all those difficult bridges until you have in your hands the speech that will really mean something. It will be a speech that will make that celebration more than special or make that report to your colleagues seem seamless and effortless.

Because you are relaxed and know that you have made the right choice with speech-writers.com, you already know that half the battle is won.

You know that you will rise and with those words and your delivery, make them entirely your own. If you never get back to us, well fine, although we always like to hear from our customers. Believe it or not, it even makes us feel good to know the right words were used and that we’ve helped make your job a little easier.


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