Natural Essential Oils - Miracle Cures

By Anita R Choudhary

Aromatherapy is a therapy which uses essential oils which are extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits and herbs for better health. Through the process of distillation and steaming, the essence of the flowers is locked inside the liquid. However, these liquids are known as Essential oils and are highly volatile. They are available is very small glass vials and are highly concentrated.

The tradition of aromatherapy can be traced back to 6000 years in Egypt, Greece and Italy.
Essential oils have been known to have therapeutic properties. Each plant has its own characteristic aroma and healing properties. Human sense of smell is very powerful and you are able to smell about 10,000 different smells. When the aromas are inhaled, the olfactory nerves and brain are stimulated. The brain’s area of moods and memory are stimulated and release endorphins and neurotransmitters.

Essential oils when released in the air tend to create a fresh, relaxed atmosphere in your home. There are different ways of diffusing these healing oils - oil burners, vaporizers and diffusers are good ways of releasing these therapeutic oils. You can also add essential oils in your bath water and have a fresher, fragrant bath.

Essential oils are added to pure organic oils and used as massage oils. It is very good and helps keep your skin well moisturized and smooth. Dry patches, skin allergies are considerably reduced using essential oils like rose, chamomile, lavender, orange and jasmine. You can even add these plant oils to your face packs and see the difference in your facial skin.

Diluting essential oils are essential as they are highly concentrated and cause itching and burning sensations sometimes. There are many areas where essential oils have proved beneficial. They are being extensively used in areas of pain management, controlling blood pressure, insomnia, aches and injuries, used as massage oil both for therapies and stress release.

These organic essential oils have no chemicals or synthetic agents added and thus tend to be slightly more expensive. However, if you find a product claiming to have essential oils but is very low priced, beware as it may have synthetic fragrances added. These days there are many skin products both for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes that have natural oils added for better absorption. Check out for yourself and see the world of difference in your own skin.

Go to any drugstore or pick up a organic cosmetic cream and you are sure to see organic oils as one of the ingredients. Buy according to your skin type and of a reputed brand only for maximum benefit.

Anita R writes for Onestoptreatment.COM that provides information on all aspects of finding Essential Oils. The information provide by our Aromatherapy SKIN CARE EXPERT! You can find more details and tips about aromatherapy skin care in our education center.

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