Jesus' Parable of the Sower and Network Marketing

By Alastair Harris

In Matthew Chapter 13 you can find Jesus' parable of the sower. He applies it to how people hear the message of the Kingdom and the possible results. Reading it I thought how relevant this parable was to my experience in network marketing.

Basically the story is a sower is out throwing seed around (no tractors back then) and the results of that action. Some fell on the path and the birds came and ate it up straight away. Some fell on rocky ground, some fell among thorn bushes, and some fell on good soil.

The Seed that falls on the path.

As you spread your MLM programs message around some of the message fails to even hit the listeners. They don't open your emails, they don't click your links or they have a mind set against MLM believing its 'pyramid marketing' or 'illegal' or other falsehoods.

The Seed that falls on the rocky ground.

Anyone in MLM has meet these people. They are excited to join the program, sprout quickly, ask a million questions, tell you how good they are going to do but the lack staying power because they don't create deep roots (good daily habits and hard work). As some as the sun comes out - i.e. the meet a couple of hurdles (like loosing a down line member, etc) they give up just as quickly.

The Seed that falls amongst the thorns.

We have all meet these people as well. They get swamped by the number of programs out there, either been choked by doing to many at once or they fail because the jump from program to program to program - no wonder they never experience any success.
The Seed that falls on good ground.

Anyone in MLM knows that one of these people is worth ten to hundred times more than any of the rest. They take a program and grow over time a crop of 30, 60 or hundred times.
When you are in network marketing look for the good soil. Plant your seed there and you will over time harvest a bumper crop.

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