Goal Setting And Your Own Peace Of Mind

By Mark McClure

Goal setting turns some people right off! Even people who are serious about personal development and goal setting sometimes voice similar concerns. Why is that? Perhaps the goal is too ambitious for the abilities of the person concerned. And so they begin to stress and worry about never achieving it. That's a clue to what I believe is the root cause behind the avoidance of setting goals, or of dropping them. Your own peace of mind.

Peace of mind is clearly related to happiness and reminds me of that old children's rhyme, "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands". Clearly, happiness is linked with how we experience and perceive life around us. We sometimes talk about balanced or well adjusted people. These people seem to be living in alignment with certain values and beliefs. When these values are disregarded, often peace of mind can begin to fray and unwind.

And this is not just an individual thing. Almost all social organizations depend on it for their smooth running. For example, families, work colleagues and sports teams all function more smoothly when simple courtesy systems and good manners are adopted as a way to interact without upsetting others' peace of mind.

So how does this fit in with your goal setting? The simplest way of looking at it is to appreciate that your own personal peace of mind is a kind of inner compass. When a goal begins to upset your peace of mind to such an extent that you become very unhappy and want to give it up, that is a sign for you to examine how true this goal really is to your own set of values and beliefs. This extra step is one that many people avoid, probably because they have not first made it a habit when goal setting and reviewing.

Here's an effective way to look at goal setting and peace of mind. Assume that your peace of mind is indeed for your highest good. Begin to expect that inner peace and happiness will be with you throughout your life, in addition to the rich tapestry of emotions that life experiences will bring anyway.

Practically speaking, this means that you should examine each goal from the viewpoint of how does it affect your inner peace of mind. If it is in harmony with that peace of mind then it is most likely a worthwhile goal. If something doesn't feel right then perhaps either you or the goal may need to change in some way.

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Mark McClure is a Tokyo-based business owner and coach and gives daily thanks for personal peace of mind.http://www.goalcreationmaps.com/art

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