Can Money Buy Happiness?

By Chen Chee Kui

If you ask me this question, I will say, yes, money can buy happiness.

But to be fair with everyone, let us define what is happiness. If your definition for happiness is to buy fast cars or a huge mansion when you have the money, then I think you will never be be happy even if you're a Gazillionaire. Bugatti might be the fastest and expensive car today, but who know if Lamborghini will come up with a new series that's going to beat the price and speed tomorrow?

For me, I am more than happy if I can make an amount of money to enable me spend more time with my family members and do the thing such as recording my own album, skateboarding, just anything that I am passionate about.

While it's true there are people who enjoy their work and passionate about it, there are also another group of people who would be very happy to replace their current salary with an alternative ways. I belong to the latter group. Don't misunderstand, my bosses are good fellas. I guess it's me. I just want to be financially free and not tied up to something routine and earn my money by showing up for work everyday. I said show up for work because, that's what it exactly is.

I have tried a lot of ways to achieve my goal. But most of the ideas and opportunities died a premature death. But, still, I never quit. I move on and continue searching.

I have been in MLM, but due to my job nature, I have to stop doing it, or else, I guess I would already be making a few thousand dollars by now. I know it can be achieved because my mentor was someone who earn at least RM40k every month for the past 5 years, that's about USD11.2k. That's less than what John Chow is earning, but, mind you, that's passive income!

I have lost a few thousands when I was scammed in HYIPs and Ponzis, but I was naive and crazy back then. For me, that was a learning phase, and I learn something from it. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. And it's better to stay away from it. I discover better ways to make money online - thru blogging and affiliate marketing.

The basic principle of making money online is the same like any other real business that is done offline. Learn about the ethical marketing strategies and apply it in your business model. It doesn't matter if you're promoting other people's product as an affiliate or if you're selling your own products, just make sure that you're willing to take calculated risk and be ready to get paid based on your performance. Work smart to achieve it. There's no such thing as free lunch.

So, back to our topic, YES, money can buy happiness. If you've failed miserably in your previous attempt to make money online, just move on and continue searching. Once you've found the method that is suitable with your personal values and able to make the amount of money you desire, congrats! Keep doing it, and don't feel bad about making lots of it.

Chee Kui is a Problogger and he aims to be a millionaire before he is 30 years old. Read his blog to find out how he will achieve his goal and make money online.

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