Youngevity Business Review

By Vern How Chan

In the year of 1996, the first of the baby boomer's had their 50th birthday celebrations. You certainly can tell that this marks a massive demand for the aging population that yearns to preserve their health and vitality. While Youngevity is a good candidate, I will walk you through in an unbiased review format.

The timing of the Youngevity products are quite precise to take advantage of this trend. However, your knowledge must not only include about it's products but also how does the business really work. You need to know this because your financial future is at stake.

1) A Glimpse Of The Past
It is interesting to unveil Youngevity from it's very beginnings. In every company, there is always a small history that you can discover. A man by the name of Dr. Joe Wallach, DVM, ND studied nutrition for over 40 years.

Through this Wallach developed a passion towards helping others look younger and hopefully live longer. Hence, Youngevity was born and his accompanying best selling book is known as "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie". His book teaches how current farming methods rob nutrients from the soil,

2) The Products And Compensation Plan
In essence, Youngevity supplies products which are focused on mineral benefits for the human body. These same minerals are harvested from the mountains of Utah. You will be given a chance to market these products with the aim to help others in terms of health benefits.

Your compensation plan is based on a network marketing system. That is why your greatest leverage is having people who sign up under you become top producers and recruiters in their own right. For your information, the enrollment kit is about $50.

3) Truth About Youngevity
Of course, with this system it only makes sense that you become a strong product believer. This will make your journey to the top of the ladder as a "Triple Diamond Leader" (top level distributor in Youngevity) easier.

As was mentioned network marketing is based on two essential factors: you and your team. The stronger the people you recruit the faster your income will grow. Its just how it works with a network marketing system.

In closing, our population are becoming increasingly aware of alternative health products such as offered by Youngevity. This is great for you as a consumer. However, online marketing is your best strategy for success.

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