OK, So Where Do I Start in Internet Marketing?

By Cheree Miller

Starting a new internet Network Marketing business can be exhilarating, confusing and, well let's face it, overwhelming at times.

It is estimated that the internet grows by 7.3 million pages per day. Between 2000 and 2007, internet use has grown by 225%. An October 1999 Business Week article reported an estimated 3 billion-plus email messages sent per day. Current daily internet users are estimated to be 6,574,666,417 -- with 334,538,018 of those in North America. The overall average of internet use per population in the entire world is only approximately 18%, although the North America average is 69%. Some sources say there are 100 new internet users every minute -- that's 1,440 a day. Others report a first-time internet purchaser every 6 seconds. Reported ecommerce revenues in 2005 were $2,400,000,000,000, which represented a 17% increase over 2004.

So, what does this all mean? There is money to be made on the internet, and it doesn't show signs of drying up at any time in the foreseeable future. The question is: how are you going to get your share of the pie?

By this time, you should know why you want to be in network marketing. You should have your dream in Technicolor and surround sound. If not, see my previous article "The Key to Success in Network Marketing."

Chances are you have already signed up with a network marketing business opportunity. If so, they have likely given you some brochures and tasks, invited you to meetings, and your sponsor and her immediate sponsor have given you the company recommended method of recruiting distributors and selling products. If you are reading this article, it is also likely that you have already decided the company recommended method doesn't sound very fun, exciting, or profitable. At this point in time, you may be seriously considering dumping the whole idea and sticking with your safe, secure job that will continue to earn you a paycheck and benefits. But, before you do anything hasty, let me assure you, no matter what opportunity you have signed up with, you can promote it successfully on the internet. Admittedly, some opportunities will be easier to promote than others.

If you haven't signed up for a particular opportunity yet, take your time. There are a lot of them out there. Again, some are better than others. But, they all sound good. Make sure you do your homework and research these companies before signing up and forking over your hard-earned cash. Be especially careful of the free trial offers that ask you for a payment method. Odds are, even if you decide against staying with this company, you will forget to cancel before the free trial period is over and be stuck paying for a month or more of a service you never use. It's just human nature, and that's what they are banking on -- literally.

Next, you need to decide if you are going to jump immediately into promoting your business opportunity, or if you are going to try to generate some alternate income streams first -- or even simultaneously. This step is more important that you might think. If you get started investing time, money and energy in one direction, your website name you carefully investigated, purchased and developed will go on the back burner because it doesn't fit the idea you decide to launch first. Trust me; this is the voice of experience talking! Not that you can't go back to that idea at some point in the future, but you want to get started and keep going without losing momentum and having to start all over again.

If you are not sure what to market first, do some research to try to determine a niche you can easily move into to make some operating capital to fund your business opportunity, or develop other streams of income. What do you know that you could develop a marketable product around? What other similar products are out there? Is there a large demand for this type of product?

Once you have decided what you are going to market (your biz op, a DVD you created, a series of lessons, an e-book, your product line, etc.), you need to do some key word research to find the names that people will likely type into the major search engine when looking for whatever it is you are going to market. Then purchase a domain name with some good key words in it.

Obviously, I'm not going into great detail fleshing out these steps. There is more information available than I can cram into a brief article, but hopefully I'm providing you with enough information so that you can take the ball and run with it.

Now you have a dream, you have a product (or products) and you have a domain name. These are essential first steps. But, you are still a long way from being a successful network marketer. You still have to create your website. But, that's another subject for another day.
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Cheree Miller is leader in internet based MLM Network Marketing. She uses her wealth of experience in the business world to develop training and marketing programs that can be used in virtually any business. She recently left the fast-paced California lifestyle behind, and now lives on 15 beautiful acres in the Arkansas countryside.

For information on how to explode your downline, visit Cheree's website.For information on how to increase traffic to your own personal blog, click here. You can find more articles by Cheree at Magic Lead Generation.

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