The Password Test - Are You Man Enough To Get Past It?

By Scot McKay

Remember the classic old-school game show? If not, take a few minutes and watch a clip or two on YouTube.

The object of “Password” of course, was to take a simple verbal clue from your partner and correctly guess what the secret answer was. The catch, of course, was that you couldn’t use a form of the word as a clue. If your partner got the “password” right, then you won the round. If not…then the competing duo got a shot.

Popular for literally decades, the intrigue of the show was largely built on the viewer’s anticipation of hearing the right answer vs. the feeling of incredulous frustration when certain contestants failed to get it right even in the face of apparently obvious clues. How could these players be so, well, clueless?

Close your eyes and you can hear host Allan Ludden exclaim for the 10,000th time, “Nooooo!…Back to you, Betty White.”

Well, obviously when we spend time with a woman we’re getting to know the conversations don’t typically take place in single-word increments…hopefully. Nonetheless, it’s important for most women to get a real handle on what kind of guy she’s out with. She wants to know how he thinks. What his attitudes are. Whether or not his persona is compatible with hers. Most of all, she wants to know what kind of character he possesses.

Clearly, she can’t come right out and ask a guy objectively about these things. All she would get are the telegraphed answers he’d guess she wanted to hear. That doesn’t cut it. Instead, a woman needs a more subjective way to figure out whether the guy can “get a clue” or not.

So, essentially, what she does is run her own version of the “Password” show. And make no mistake: this is an ingenious, highly effective thing to do. Here’s an example of how it might go:

Her: “You know, the last time I was on a date we were out late and the guy drove me home. He got to the front gate of my apartment complex and dropped me off there. I walked back to my building from there.”

Him: “Well, you’re a big girl now. He knew you could fend for yourself.”

Allen: “Nooooo!…Back to you, Jack Klugman.”

To the other side the password goes…

Her: “You know, the last time I was on a date we were out late and the guy drove me home. He got to the front gate of my apartment complex and dropped me off. I walked back to my building from there.

Him: “Not on my watch would that happen. My style is to walk you to your front door and drive away only after you are safely inside.”

Allen: “Yes!…You control the board.”

In the given example, the woman is able to learn a lot of what she needs to know about a man by presenting a hypothetical situation and discovering how he would respond. And make no mistake—there are indeed right and wrong answers.

Remember, as always, the Big Four. Women want a man who is masculine, confident, inspires confidence (including a sense of safety in his presence, which was key to the example above) and possesses great character. If you bring a level of excitement to her life that was absent before she met you (not to be confused with the uneasiness of traipsing through the apartment complex’s parking lot at 2am), that’s a bonus.

Women may often use indirect means like The Password Test to find out in a very real way exactly what kind of man you are. This may come in the guise of any number of specific scenarios, but always in a similar format to the example I’ve provided. Keep a vigilant eye out for it.

Get The Password Test right and you may not end up driving away from her front door so soon after all. Get it wrong and she goes to Jack Klugman instead. You don’t want that. So get a clue…and deserve what you want.

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