Renting a Wedding Gown and Tuxedo in Las Vegas

By Sylvia Jaumann

Want to get married in Vegas but are unsure about traveling with a wedding gown or tuxedo? No problem. Many chapels in Las Vegas provide wedding gown rentals, as well as tuxedo rentals for the groom.

Many of the chapels in Las Vegas provide gown rentals as part of their wedding packages (or slightly extra). Packing and traveling with your wedding attire can inevitably lead to major wrinkles (and major stress).

There’s also the possibility of lost luggage when traveling, so renting your wedding gown and tuxedo is a practical alternative.

Cupid’s Wedding Chapel has a package for under $1000 that includes gown and tuxedo fittings, as well as limo service to and from the fitting and many other wedding amenities, all in one package. Faithful Love Chapel has gown and tuxedo rentals for only $50 as well as many styles and sizes to choose from.

If you’re considering a hotel wedding, only one of the larger hotel resorts provides a wedding gown and tuxedo rental option. The beautiful Venetian Hotel and Resort Casino offers this service and supplies many other wedding services as well in their elegant setting.

In addition, there are bridal gown and tuxedo retail stores in Las Vegas that supply this service, as well. A Gorgeous Gown Bridal Boutique has a huge selection of wedding gowns to choose from and their prices start at $99.

Ilene’s Tux and Gown has over a thousand gowns in their inventory in sizes that range from 1 to 42. For your groom, they have over 450 styles and all the necessary accessories too, such as shoes, socks, cummerbunds, vests, etc.

Getting married in Vegas doesn’t have to mean a wrinkled wedding gown or tuxedo when you have these great rental formal wear options.

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