Self Hypnosis - A Higher State of Mind

By Dane Bergen

Self hypnosis is a state of mind that can occur naturally and may be defined as a state of intensely focused concentration also known as a trance and is characterized by the individual’s eagerness to follow suggestions. Self hypnosis is a skill that should be learned properly before experiencing any effects.

Before starting on self hypnosis, you need to know the steps on how to do it properly. You should also be in the right type of environment when doing self hypnosis. Set up a schedule for practice time and keep records of your self hypnosis attempts. You will need a comfortable place to lie or sit down; a quiet and peaceful environment, and the willingness and ability to follow instructions.

The first thing to do when starting self hypnosis is to choose the most important goal. It is recommended to start with a single goal, maybe two at most. These goals should be measurable like counting the number of days you haven’t had a smoke, or the number of pounds you have lost in a week. When starting self hypnosis, try using your own induction process, or if you find it difficult to relax, try using an induction tape and work better on your relaxation.

Here are some simple steps on how to go about self hypnosis:

- Find a comfortable, private, peaceful and quiet place to sit or lie down. Some people may recommend sitting down since lying down may make you more inclined to fall asleep.

- Close your eyes and start the induction process. Rid your mind of any feelings of stress, fear, and anxiety. If you find it difficult to concentrate, do not force your thoughts out, instead, let them go away naturally.

- Starting with your toes, allow the tension in your body to slip away. Visualize the tension leaving your toes, continue through to your calves, thighs, moving up to your face and head.

- Breathe slowly and deeply. Visualize the tension leaving your body as you exhale.

- Once you’ve reached a point of extreme relaxation, start addressing your main concern or goal and use the present tense. Use positive words and repeat your statement as many times as you want.

- As soon as you are done, slowly count up to 10 and ease yourself back into a normal state of relaxation. Allow yourself to have a few minutes before opening your eyes.

Remember, relaxation is an important step when it comes to self hypnosis, so you should practice and find a way to help yourself relax. Come up with the right kind of suggestions and use them during self hypnosis and at any other times of the day. You can also try auto questioning. This can help ease your subconscious into a receptive state of your suggestions.

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