The Realization Of A Island Culture

By Jeffrey Garrido

In the fast lanes of mainstream society it easier to live a pattern of social acceptance then to research the heritage of a people deep within the confines of ones innate spirit. Easily said then done for most, yet even easier to let go and flow with wherever the mainstream may carry us to.
This is the challenge of our young Chamorro's today. To strive in a career of choice and materialistic ideals and dreams made of Benjamin Franklins rather then Abraham Lincolns.

Culture is only a major concern when preceded by "pop" without the realization of truth of origin and the beauty of a heritage and culture that lies beneath the outside appearances of the most fashionable clothes and latest designer shoes. It is priceless going beyond value and baring the hands of GOD and his ultimate blueprint from the very beginning designing our roots of courage, effort, and spirit which often may be misconstrued as arrogance rather then pride. We are an original people of color a product of thousands of years of courage and creative efficiency. It is because of our substance that we cannot forget our beginning. It is the path behind us that allows us to see the future with clarity and move on with all "ANIMU" the epitome of our spirit as a people and culture.

To date, we have learned to harmonize our lives in sequence with those of western emulation. This is our reality. We cannot change this, however we can remember and give rebirth to our cultural practices within our homes and more importantly our hearts. Our strive to know and understand our lively hoods as Chamorro pride, the innate indigenous life of the island, will undoubtedly trickle an effect to others, so they to may experience our valor in who we are and how we roll.

To those away from home, we have not forgotten the warmth of your presence. Although your chair sits empty in the homeland, your memory will always live on in the etches of the Acho’ Latte. Bearring your mark as Chamorro descent and leaving it for all those behind you to walk with pride and live on forever. With this, I say onto you "Na‘I Animu" Respectfully.

Jeffrey Garrido is an advocate for the Chamorro Culture and Managing Partner for Martec Ventures in Guam. Born and raised in native Guam he is married to Erika and they have five wonderful children.

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