Dating Tips And Characters To Avoid

By Mia Sidiro

Day by day singles are boarding the online dating bus with hopes of meeting that special someone. And why not? Internet dating is dating without borders. Suddenly these lonely singles are "traveling" the world meeting people from all walks of life, and their chances of making a connection have grown tremendously. The majority of profiles on dating sites globally are genuine, but not all.

Here are some characters you should be wary of:

Dating sites are open to adults only, however, there are times when a minor slips through, obviously with false identity. If you sense you are communicating with someone immature, you probably stumbled onto a juvenile.

Liars are abound in the real world, but cyberspace is full of them. Why? Well, it's really easy to be deceptive on the internet. There are many married people posing as singles in both worlds but so much more so online thanks to the anonymity the internet provides.

There are numerous profiles that are fabricated, from the pictures right down to the description. Most are not out to harm anyone but nonetheless, it is painful when you have been communicating with someone thinking you know who they are and you find out they're completely different.

Unfortunately, there are the predators that are lurking around in cyberspace just as they would in your neighborhood. All you need to do is follow basic rules without divulging any important personal information.

Just take it slow, use caution and play it smart as you would in the real world, but only more so.
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