Why Blogging Can't Earn Money?

By Kelvin Frank

Are you trying to make money online? One of the most popular ways to make money online lately has been blogging. One of the quickest ways to make money with blogging is to join a blog network, like b5media. When I make money I make them and have a plan for them.

Blogging is an easy way to make money online. One of the current and most popular trends around at the moment is to create your own blog site. Blog readers get to find out other good blogs without leaving the blogs they love the most. Blog growth is and will be huge. However, blogging is not as easy as what it seems, you may have a good knowledge of
computer/html/search engine tweak but without consistency or determination, you will never succeed. If you are not familiar with blogging it's basically the process of keeping an online journal that others can read. Do you visit and read many blogs about making money online? No matter how few back links that your blog will get will still count as votes to your blog for the anchor text that you used. However, if you wish to use hosted services (if setting up your own blog, etc is not something you wish to do), you can use Blogger. Once you have your blog set up, start adding content. They are completely free to set up and use, within minutes you could have your own blog online; with advertisements in place so that you can start making some money from your work.

A niche market is a specialized portion of a large market which normally has its own potential customers. Pick your niche, but make sure it is not too small. Pick a niche for your blog where you have some significant expertise, but make sure it is a big enough niche that you can build significant traffic. Do not pick a niche just because you think it will make you money. But while focusing on your main goal to make money with your blog, it is better if you stay focused on your niche market. Building tightly, laser-focused niche blogs with your affiliate links in -- earn
rewarding commissions for every successful referral sale you make. In other words, a profitable niche market is a market with a large number of Demands. As you may know, selecting a niche market is determined by finding some related keywords and key phrases. While you can do all the research process on your own, there are some great tools and resources which may help you find a profitable niche market. At many times long tail niche is very powerful and can give you a very competitive edge.

Blogging for money might sound easy enough (in some aspects it is) but, like any method make money online, it takes determination, dedication, and a true desire to make some good money. Bloggers never fail to make money online. So do not waste your computer by leaving it when you are moving out of it instead make money online with it. Even with very low traffic Bloggers can make money.

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