How Do You Show You Care?

By Lee Ann Bate

As the population of older Utahans expands, there is an increasing need for quality medical services along the Wasatch front. Rather than seeking treatment in a medical facility such as a nursing home, many older Utahans prefer to remain in their own homes when they require more medical assistance.

Thatcher Brook has recently obtained licensure to provide in-home healthcare and hospice services under Medicare certification to help fill this need. They are providing homecare and hospice services in Weber, Davis and Salt Lake counties.

David Preece, owner and operator, has been in the healthcare industry for seventeen years and has provided hospice services for the last five years in Weber and Davis counties. He has hired an experienced and knowledgeable staff to assist him in providing the best care for those who require medical assistance and would prefer to stay in their own homes.

He and his team are very focused on quality care. “I want to provide the care to others that I would want my own family to receive…I am there to serve the patient," said David Preece.

The medical director is Dr. Shaida Talebreza. Dr. Talebreza received her medical degree from the University of Utah, School of Medicine. She completed her residency in Family Medicine at the St. Marks Family Medicine Residency Program.

During her residency, Dr. Talebreza served as Chief Resident. “We are committed to providing great care and education to the communities along the Wasatch front," said David Preece. "Our commitment reaches beyond the standard."

They are committed to making sure all of their patients needs are met. They want them to know that they truly care for them and will do all they can to make their lives more enjoyable. "It is more than just physical care that people are in need of.

Sometimes it is education, other times it is the comfort of someone to talk to and confide in. "We are focused on meeting the needs of each person placed in our care, no matter the need," said Preece. "This is how We define caring".

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