A Dress to Impress - In a Less Stressful Way

By Charissa Thames

Oh my gosh-I have nothing to wear!! How many times have you said that famous line? We as women can have a closet full of clothes and still have "nothing to wear". The stress of that statement is magnified when there is a special occasion to attend. Of course, showing up in last year's blue evening gown is not an option. You want a new gown of a different color. The money needed to purchase a great formal dress is usually a problem. There are a lot of online shops that offer discount dresses in a variety of styles without compromising great quality.

Prom is one of the most important (and expensive) events for a teenage female! The gentleman who is escorting you is almost as important as your prom dress! You can be a vision of glamor in a bargain of a dress! To be the belle of the ball is what you are aiming for, so give yourself plenty of time to shop for your ball gown. Whether you decide to be a Cinderella and go with a princess silhouette, or a goddess and choose a fitted sheath formal, you want to be an original. Imagine the horror of wearing the same gown as another girl! If you want a purple dress, you can shop by color. After searching our site and finding the dress of your dreams, you become a bit discouraged because it is wine and "your" color is violet. Don't upset yourself. Change the color!

When you click on your dress for more information, you will see the available colors beneath it and on the pull down menu to the right of the dress. A color chart is available to show the colors available for certain fabrics. The fabric type is mentioned under the details heading. So, go ahead-change the forest green iridescent taffeta to sky blue iridescent taffeta! Remember, always bookmark your favorite stores for easy access when its time to shop for your homecoming dress, because good shops may not necessarily appear on the top in search engines!

Many brides stick to a strict budget for their weddings to become a success. Online bridesmaid dress stores or evening dress stores are an excellent choice for bridesmaid dresses. Not only are they extremely affordable, you can find all the sizes that you need. Sometimes it is difficult to find the same style dress in a plus size. With a size range of 0-32, it simplifies the task of purchasing matching dresses. If need be, some of these stores even offer custom made dresses with their made to measure service. There is a picture to follow and written instructions to guide you through this process. You may also consider scheduling an appointment with a bridal shop to be measured professionally. Brides to be, don't forget about your mom and future mother-in-law. You'll be pleased with the selection of mother of the bride/mother of the groom dresses. They'll be impressed by the affordability!

The mad search for your pageant gown is on and you haven't even filled out your application yet! One of the main things people think of when a pageant is mentioned is an evening gown.
With this being one of the major expenses, it is good to know that online evening shops exist! It is wonderful to have an option to purchase discount gowns that contain the same glitz and glamor of the overpriced equivalent. Pageant girls are expected to show off their figures. This usually limits the styles that a plus size pageant girl has to choose from. It seems the larger the size, the more matronly the dress. With made to measure service as mentioned above, plus sized women can have the choices that thinner women do! As a plus sized pageant queen, I've had as little as two styles to choose from. It is a good feeling to go to eBay and find that I can choose from every formal displayed!

Charissa Thames, loving mother of two, is also a vocalist, actress, full figure model and pageant queen. She considers herself fortunate to be a fashion writer for the rising discount dresses & gowns online store NextEve.com, which offers complete size choices, custom make service, and most importantly affordable prices. Charissa resides with her family in Ohio. OhioClassicMsGA@hotmail.com

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