Reciprocal Linking is Dead!" says James Martell, Natural Search Expert!

By Kellie Fowler

As an Online Storefront Owner, Grace Found Out the Hard Way That Most Webmasters Gathering Inbound Links are Simply Wasting Their Time! Natural Search Expert James Martell Tells it Like it is: Reciprocal Linking is Dead! Grace owns her dream business. She makes brides-to-be dreams come true with exquisite wedding gowns that range from the very affordable to the high-end-designer. While Grace enjoys catering to the needs of a growing Santa Barbara, CA clientele, sometime last year she decided to take her business to the Net, in an effort to “grow” her local wedding gown business into a national one, reaching
an even broader audience.
As a small business owner, Grace already understood the importance of outsourcing and worked hand-in-hand with a website developer and graphic artist to create a website that really looked great. She also hired a professional copywriter, did some great keyword research, and had high hopes of getting her wedding website into Google’s top 10 search results.

Grace regularly added pictures of her new inventory and worked with the writer to create sizzling descriptions that sold. She was also sure to naturally sprinkle her keywords throughout, and even added a new article on a different topic she knew would pique her site’s visitor’s interest every week.

In a few months, a disappointed Grace found her site on the eighth page of Google’s search engine results where it seemed to remain no matter what she did.

No bride-to-be would ever find it buried this deep in the search engine results!

Sure, Grace was making enough from the website to cover it’s costs and the time she invested in it each week, but that was it.

Ready to throw in the towel and declare the large amount of time and money she had invested in the beautiful wedding gown website a waste, Grace heard about a FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, which she could have delivered right to her inbox, download and listen to from her iPod on her morning run, not taking up any more of her already dwindling free time.

Grace starts to see the light Frustrated and knowing she truly had nothing to lose (other than her website and the potentially huge online audience and the profits associated with this), Grace signed up for the FREE 5-Day Mini-Course, which a friend had explained was actually five 30-minute informative excerpts and commentary from natural search expert James Martell’s recent workshop where he talked about the finer points of gaining top 10 rankings at the search engines, especially Google.
The friend, who enjoyed consistently good monthly profits from his online business, had told Grace she needed “high quality backlinks” to her site to get it in the top 10 search results and in front of her target audience, where she needed to be to turn a real profit.

But wait a minute! Grace’s webmaster already exchanged links with a number of other websites, and she had links back to her site placed on several other Webmaster’s “link” pages.

She thought this would do the trick.

Not so, her friend had explained. “You see,” he told Grace, “Most reciprocal link pages generally consist of a bunch of off-topic links with poorly created title tags, and no real value to search engines or visitors to that site, and they have no inbound links to the link page itself.”

Admittedly, Grace was confused.
“Grace,” her friend said, “Think about it like this: the search engines, especially Google, determine where each page of your website resides in the search engine results by anal
yzing the backlinks to each page.”
This was starting to make sense to Grace. The reciprocal links to her site were being analyzed by Google and the other search engines, and because they were on pages of little or no value, the search engines simply did not give her site “credit” for these links and they really were doing her no good.

Of course, she did get some traffic from visitors to those sites, but the search engines were not impressed, and neither was she now. She certainly was not going to spend any more of her time chasing down inbound links of no value.

Backlinking: It all becomes crystal clear Grace dutifully checked her email the next day and saw she had received the session number one of the five Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course. She quickly and effortlessly downloaded the file to her iPod and laced-up her running shoes.

Grace smiled. She was on a mission.
Just 30 minutes in length, the first audio mini course was a real opener. In it, successful online publisher, author and speaker James Martell gave an enlightening, entertaining overview of what Grace could expect from the five segments and provided details on how she could implement a successful inbound link campaign, and drive her wedding gown website into the top of the search engine returns.

Was she ever impressed! Martell really cut through the clutter (and the hype) associated with free traffic and provided information she had never heard about on the free traffic that’s available through the search engines.

Then she heard something she really liked: “Once these rankings are achieved, there is minimal maintenance to keep your site there,” Martell said. “In fact, you can usually do your maintenance work on a monthly basis. Then, every time you add a fresh page of content, you can usually see that page ranking at the top of search engines in no time at all.”

Grace was always willing to work hard, but the thought of getting everything done initially and then just performing the ongoing monthly maintenance thrilled her. Now he was talking her language.

And since top results equal higher commissions, Grace was determined to achieve this and just knew that, after listening to the first session of the FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, this was the information she needed to start this process and because it was all delivered in layman’s terms, she found it easy to understand and considered signing up for the full live Backlinks Workshop in Martell’s online conference room, which her friend has recently taken and given rave reviews!

Martell’s free audio summary helps Grace begin to understand what it takes to develop a successful inbound link plan – one that really works! Martell was a great instructor. What a knack he had for this, and Grace found herself anxiously awaiting the next four sessions and listening to each on her morning run. In fact, Martell shared details about his own sites and explained how his sites rank so high with Google for his keywords.

Now, this made for an interesting run and Grace began to finally understand what was needed to catapult her site past her competitors and into the top 10 winner’s circle.

What’s more, Martell explained how to identify her online competitors and answered her most nagging questions on how to for multiple keywords.

Perhaps best of all, Martell explained that links back to Grace’s website had to be high quality to get the search engine’s “vote,” and this meant they had to have:
  • Well-crafted, relevant content
  • Keyword-rich title tags
  • Strong headlines that really pique visitor interest and serve to entice the search engines
  • Strategic keyword-rich text links
  • Good Google PageRank
  • Quality inbound links

No wonder why all those reciprocal links were doing her site (and her bottom-line) no good at all (except for the trickle of traffic her site received from the other sites visitors). As she was learning from Martell’s FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, it’s all about the overall quality of a page that the links reside on and because most reciprocal linking pages are not high-quality, reciprocal linking may as well be dead, for its performance sure is.

Thankfully, as Martell progressed through the free five-day mini course, he detailed a proven solution for getting backlinks, or inbound links, as he often called them, and that is through his PAD (Professional Article Distribution) technique.

And herein is the PAD secret: By providing a quality, interesting, informative article to another webmaster who agreed to post it on their site, Grace learned she could get two to three solid links back to her own product pages.

Thanks to Martell’s FREE Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course, Grace also learned:
  • Three tips Webmasters must know if they are going to have a successful inbound link campaign
  • Some of the steps Martell uses to analyze his competitor’s backlinks
  • Important information on the subject of duplicate content
  • A few tips on how to organize her first backlinks campaign
  • How to contact potential link partners
  • How to approach these webmasters with the idea of publishing content from (that is relevant to their sites) so she can finally get high-quality backlinks for her own website
  • And even about a free service from Google that helps her organize and track this important data

To have Martell’s FREE 5-Day Backlinks *Audio* Mini-Course delivered to your inbox ready to hear right from your desktop or downloaded to your favorite MP3 player, such as an iPod, or even your new iPhone, go to: Enroll today, the tuition is FREE!

Remember, there are absolutely no strings attached and like Grace, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including higher search engine results, more traffic and stronger results!

About the Author
Kellie Fowler is an award-winning freelance writer who enjoys her 2 rescue dogs, kayaking, fly-fishing, reading and writing. She is the owner of, a full-service writing company that provides content packages and ongoing subscriptions for Webmasters worldwide on topics ranging from backlinks to starting a home based business. Kellie currently also freelances for several international groups, Fortune 500 companies, and well-known national magazines and newspapers.

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