No Follow And Blogs – The Wrong Marriage

By Prince John

Do you flag outbound links no follow? You are not a good blogger. Blogs by nature is a networking tool, and you point to the people and ideas you think are important. The pointing, you know is in the form of a link.

Flagging a link no follow is like making a disclaimer. If you flag a link with a no follow attribute, what you literally say is –"I don't believe what I say is true". If you do not believe what you say, who will?

With a no follow, what one does is hiding the link from search engines. Websites that have a number of inbound links have higher value in search engine algorithms. By flagging a link with no follow, you hide the link from the search engine.

If the resource you have pointed to is worthwhile, why should you use a disclaimer?

When linking out to other blogs, you have the advantage of receiving traffic by people who does back link searches on their favorite blogs. Go to, enter any blog URL and hit search. You will see this in action.

Again, linking to some blog is an indication that you find something interesting is there. If you find it interesting and worthwhile for your readers, there is no reason why should hide the link in any way.

Linking is also a means of networking. By flagging the links, you are actually hiding behind a curtain. The people who flag their outbound links are also the people who want links back to their blog. Hypocrisy, or what?

If you link out to someone, be bold enough to make the link visible to humans as well as search engines. If you fear you lose traffic or the receiver of the link gets higher value in search engines, do not link. It is that simple.

Qualified Journalist and Web-Content Writer since Sep. 2005, Prince John writes for businesses and provide them with quality articles, product/service descriptions and sales letters to enrich their websites.

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