How Many Blog Contests Should You Enter in One Month?

By Prince John

Does entering blog-contests have any relevance? I feel yes, especially for newbie bloggers looking for all ways to make their mark in the blogosphere.

How many, or what kind of blog contests should a blogger enter? Is it OK to enter every blog contest that comes your way?

Those who conduct blog contests always have one goal, of increasing traffic to their blog.
However, do all types of blogs qualify to conduct blog contests? Leave that point to your own ideas and parameters.

When entering blog contests, you should try to win the contest. Winning a contest can help a blogger, any blogger get some cool traffic to their blogs and hopefully the number of RSS feed subscribers also increase and you get sustainable traffic in the long run.

Many bloggers conduct blog contests and now you can see hundreds of such contests running each day. It is really not possible to find or enter all such contests. For a new blogger, who looks to grab maximum attention from the blogosphere can use such occasions to pull in a steady readership.

Before entering any blog contests, make sure you have a few blog posts worth the exploring and make them visible to first time visitors to your blog. First time readers mostly reach your blog through the contest entry. Catch them from there. Give the first timers more interesting topics and posts to read. The immediate result will be an increase in the number of feed subscribers.

Just as you have a lot of options to track the methodology of blog contests, you also have an option to learn how the contests are promoted. You will also need to conduct your own blog contests. Blog contests, without a difference have a viral nature. Each entry to the contest is also the door to a few other entries.

In normal cases, the contestants leave a note to the contest page, which the readers of the contestant follow. They can in turn choose to enter your competition.

The maximum benefits of blog contests go to the one who conduct it. Others, especially the newbie bloggers benefit from new contacts, a few inbound links, and new readers.

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