Finding Termites In America

By David Faulkner

Termites in America are destructive and annoying insects that we have to contend with to protect our homes and buildings. Although they appear harmless, they can destroy a wood structure in no time if left untreated. Many areas of the United States have horrible infestations and termites have caused millions of dollars in damage. Because people normally do not know they have termites until it has become a bigger problem, termite infestation can cause many buildings to sustain structure damage beyond repair. Some people believe they have white ants, when in reality, they have termites.

If you have more facts about termites, you will have a better understanding of the problem. If this problem does not catch your attention quickly, you will see damage to your home or building that may cost you more money to fix than it costs to rid your building of the termites in America.

Here you will see the four groups of termites in America:

• Dampwood Termites- This breed of termites has the largest population of termites in the United States with a length of one inch for adults. This type of termite is found on the Pacific Coast in places like Florida where they feed on the wet woods such as pilings and poles. This American termite does not tunnel in mud and have oval shaped feces.

• Subterranean Termites- This type of American termite is the most common species that finds its way to buildings and structures made of wood. If the building is in contact with soil, they find their way to the building from their underground nests. When this termite matures, it will grow wings.

• Drywood Termites- This termite infests drywood and are a bit bigger than the
Subterranean termite. These termites have wings and fly from destination to

• Powderpost Termites- This type of termite feeds on floors and furniture along with your woodwork. They are smaller than other termites and are similar to the drywood termite.

Termites in America exist everywhere, but with proper knowledge about the pest and what they look like and what they can do, people can protect themselves from an infestation before they damage your building and belonging. It comes in handy to know the winged typed and the non-winged types of termites. If you do have termites in America, you will want to contact an exterminator promptly before they do so much damage that you will need structure work as well as replacement of your belongings.

You can also find more info on Ground Termites and Termites And Ants. is a comprehensive resource to know more about termites.

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