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By Alice Erin

Orange is one of the major mobile phone operator as well as Internet service provider in UK. Infact, it is one of the 'Big 5' of the UK mobile service provider that offers more than just voice services in both contract and pay as you go deals. Recently, Orange even ran a huge campaign to advertise their new 3G services to enhance its data services and thereby providing its customers with the advantages latest mobile technology has to offer. In order to give them better services, it is imperative that the users have compatible handsets.

In order to empower their customers, Orange finally have came up with their own series of Orange Mobile Phones that can fully utilize the wide array of services on offer – be it network specific services like 3G or other mobile phone applications like PIM. Orange mobile phones are collectively known as Orange SPV range – a line up of highly functional mobile devices designed keeping in mind the professionals who demand more than just basic voice functions. All Orange mobile phones are generally smartphones with Windows Mobile as their operating system. This makes these handsets extremely useful to professionals and businessmen to continue doing their work even while on the move.

The current crop of Orange Mobile Phones are very popular among the high end mobile phone users in the UK. The Orange SPV E650, for example, works on the latest Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system, includes all high end connectivity options and tools possible, yet retain the 'normal' mobile phone looks. The handset even has a QWERTY keypad up its sleeve – literally.

Similarly, all otherOrange mobile phones , be it the smallest of the lot Orange SPV M500 or the master communicator and highly functional PDA – Orange SPV M3100, offers the best possible ratio of price and functions. All these coupled with a wide range of plans to custom fit your lifestyle makes each and every Orange mobile phone deal irresistible.

Orange Mobile Phones

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