One Magic al Tip to Transform Your Daily Dialogue: Positive Verbal Language Makes All the Difference

By Asma Fayyad

Most of us are victims of negative emotions and that is certainly reflected on our daily communications, the verbal and the non verbal. Every morning we fall prey to food allergies, nightmares, sleeping disorders, pains and aches of the previous night. You see the world through rusty and hazy goggles; you wonder "when will I ever feel better about my life".

You start shouting at your husband, children and start posing a cinched nose towards everyone. You forcibly draw a smile on your face and start pretending that you are getting through the day just fine.

That is when you are in great danger of committing verbal abuse. You will tend to abuse your own verbal skills. Most people mistake being direct and honest with being negative and rude. You can always say the truth in a better way.

A simple example comes from your daily life. Let's assume that you want your husband to place his tooth brush back on the holder, what would you normally say? "Honey, please don't leave your tooth brush on the sink?" or "why do you always leave your tooth brush on the sink, can't you simply put it back on the holder?"

The minute you start your word with “DON'T” the person will stop listening to you, no matter how useful your feedback is.

Instead say something like "it would be a lot more hygienic if you kept your tooth brush away from the sink, it gets messy there. There is a holder on the shelf, you can put it there once you are done brushing"

This will sure take longer to say but note that there is not a single negative word in the sentence. The tip for today is

Start your talk with a positive word and lead your listener to understand rather than command him/her to do something.

Watching your mouth, minding your language not only means to avoid abusive words and expressions, it means "STOP, THINK, CHOOSE, then SHOOT" you hit your target better this way.

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