Louisville Waterfront Park in Kentucky - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

By Robert Benjamin

The Louisville Waterfront Park in Kentucky is a beautiful patch of green in a very urban atmosphere. The park is located in an area where there are a lot of scrap yards, sand and gravel plants, old rail beds, petroleum and asphalt terminals, and an interstate highway that makes it practically impossible to publicly access the river. The Waterfront Park worked to connect the city and the river again and it has returned to a beautiful place where the community can gather and enjoy a beautiful space. The park offers a 12 acre Great Lawn that slopes smoothly down to the river and it is a great place for families to get together and picnic, play, or do anything else. The Lawn is also a fun gathering place to watch fireworks, play football games, listen to concerts, fly a kite, or just hanging out with friends catching some rays and listening to the river gurgle by.

The Belle of Louisville steamboat lives permanently at the wharf and it also has enough space for visiting riverboats and other boaters in and out of the area. At the festival plaza there are water hook ups and built in utilities so it is easy for festivals, fairs, concerts, and other fun activities. There are even pools of water that run down to the river and water cannons that shoot to the pools. There is a fountain at the entry called Dancing Waters that is a lot of fun to jump in on a hot day to cool off. There is a great place for kids to play including picnic areas, hills and meadows, and even tree groves.

Waterfront Park has a second phase that will consist of 30 acres and is currently under construction. When it is completed it will offer residents and tourists and even bigger oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. If you happen to be in Kentucky in the Louisville area and want a great day of fun and relaxation that doesn't cost a lot then you should definitely check out the Louisville Waterfront Park.

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By Robert W. Benjamin

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