Ready To Sell Your Timeshare? - Here Is What to Do

By David Faulkner

Are you ready to rid yourself of the timeshares you bought? Want to feel the freedom of not having them? Continue down the page…

More than once, you have found the desire in your heart, to sell the timeshares for a multitude of reasons. It could be that you just do not like the area anymore or you are ready to move on and freeing up the money will lead to improved ventures. Putting the timeshare up for sale is not as simple as the buying part of it. Realize that location, the resort name, the dimensions of the space, the season and how the ownership is done, are grave factors that influence e your sale. Never the less, the timeshares that are kept up in some of the better and more popular resorts will be an easy task for you to sell. The units being bigger will also be a plus. Ownerships under a deed will be much smoother sailing than other types of limited ownership.

The difference in needing and taking is the middle ground for selling timeshares because the need is far bigger than those taking it are. The amount of money being asked for it is a necessity in the selling power of the unit. These timeshares should be bought for the vacation in mind and not to make extra money on the side. You will have a rude awakening if you try to do this. You might be sorely disappointed when you learn that you are going to lose money on the sale. If you are lucky, you might get half. Do not compare timeshares to that of an apartment because it is very different. Timeshares are everywhere, apartments are centrally located.

It your price is good and falls within the market price, you could follow the rules and know that the past resale and the current resale may be from the same resort property. It will behoove you to advertise in many types of media to gain much exposure. The price for this advertising should be small to make the sale even more profitable for you. Thinking about a resell company?

Make sure they provide you with adequate advertising. Do not venture into deals with any such companies that are expecting you to have an appraisal done for resale value or for demand of the fee. Any good resell company will tell you at the beginning what the timeshare is valued at by the ones around it. Advertising should be done generously on any internet site that will allow it to be. You might even be able to list the timeshare as an auction. You can also try the boards or newsletter from the resort where you hold the timeshare.

My basic vantage point is to make sure you are real with pricing, advertise much, and enjoy the time you have left in your timeshare.
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