The Secret To Success - Choosing The Right Network Marketing Company

By Grace Sapp

How do you choose an MLM company? Obviously it is important to research a company before you decide to market for them. What most people don’t understand is what they call “analyzing” a company really is not adequate. Every major company out there on the market is well established, they’re successful, they have high number of sales, and have a lot of successful marketers in their company.

So then, what makes each company stand out differently from the other? Why would you not find the same amount of success in each company? The answer is that there’s much more going on here. There are many other factors to consider that shockingly, go unnoticed and silent by most people. Most people aren’t aware of the important information about the company they are marketing for. They know about the products, they know the sales numbers, and they’ve read about the comp plan. But they don’t really know about the company itself.

It’s virtually like a home business war for distributors out there. The bottom line is, most people aren’t going to give you the straight scoop because they’re either ignorant or unwilling to let it be known that their opportunity really isn’t that great. There are a lot of great companies, but not a lot of great opportunities. That may seem like a contradiction in terms, but it’s not really.
A company can be a successful, stable company, but it may no longer be growing. Amway is a great company, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone start a business in it today, as it is long past its growth curve.

There are certain key indicators you have to look at. The key indicators you have to look at are the annual growth of sales of the company, and the number of people advancing in ranks on a monthly basis. This tells a person how the average distributor is doing, not just the “hot shots”.

Remember to look at annual data. – Try and evaluate the course the company has been on the
past few years and where it seems to be headed.

It is important to note, however, that most all brand new companies will show a higher rate of growth than others. Statistically though, these companies are more likely than not to go out of business. So typically I would not recommend a start-up company. What you really hope to find is a mature company, something that has at least 5 years of business under their belt that is currently experiencing tremendous growth. This is where the money is made in this industry.
Don’t let anyone kid you, money is made when a company is in a rapid growth curve.

Really analyzing a network marketing company should really be similar to the way an investment analyst would look at various companies in terms of investing in their stock.
However, in your case, you’re not looking at income protection. – You’ve got to grow an income! So any stock that’s just piddling along at 5% a year, you’re never going to grow an income with.

When you want to make money by investing in stocks, you don't invest in Microsoft or Coca Cola. Why? These are both extraordinarily successful companies that're doing very well. - But they are no longer experiencing growth. They're safe, reliable investments if you want to protect your money, and they'll give you a modest amount of growth. But you will never grow a huge nest egg. If however, you could've invested money in Microsoft 25 years ago, when the company was experiencing rapid growth, you'd be a multimillionaire today. Network marketing is very similar, and although they are rare, these opportunities do exist in our field.

Now, there are other factors at work here. In addition, you want a really good product that customers like to take regardless of the money, because eventually the growth curve will stop. At that point, if people were only taking the product just to make money, your business will dry up very quickly because the opportunity has ended. You want a product people love so much that once the growth of the company stops people continue taking the product. This is your residual income.

The bottom line is that there is much more to choosing an MLM company than is being made public. Check out your company, if they are experiencing rapid growth, you’ll know. – They’ll be shouting it to the Heavens! If you’re in a company and they’re not making these numbers clear, than they probably aren’t the best opportunity.

Take a company that’s growing 5% a year. In order to double your income you’d have to work 20 times better than the average distributor for a year, or work for 20 years. - Just to double your income! The truth is, most of us aren’t 20 times better than average. I know I’m not! Because average is just that, the majority. So the trick is getting involved in a company where the majority have successful, continually growing businesses.

God bless!

Grace Sapp

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