Making money in the Internet

By Matthew Okeke

Internet business is a very good way to make money from home or from your office. This is how you will do it to get good result.

Search for a niche, that is decide on what catch your interest. Your Internet business will base around your niche or your interest. To get a very good niche (your interest), think about what people need most. Your interest (topic) will help your create business around it.

I will list few topics, interest or niche that are like hot cake in the Internet marketing today.

1. Write or sell ebook with resell right or software. With these you do not have to worry or killing yourself about mailing shipping or stocking.

2. Use your hobby to make money for example, if you enjoying gulf, football, garden, reality show, playing games, cooking and so on and on.

You can create a membership site around your hobby and offer your expert advice to people about what you know.

How to start
You Will need around three to six months to gather information on your topic, interest or niche. Once you are done, create your website and get membership software to protect you site. Once it is online, you need to update it may be once a month.

You can expand your site by creating a blog so people will contribute their opinion, which you will also use as material for your update.

Also create a forum, where people will talk to each other, always analyze their discussions and use their contributions to update your site. For people to be member of your site to get your expert advice, you can easily ask them to pay $19 to $97.Check it out if you have about five (500) members and you are charging say $39 for each member; in one month you are making around $19,500 less or more depends if you have less or more members.

If you offer good content your membership site will always grow. In membership site business, you do not worry about shipping, mailing, or stocking. The first three to six months of setting the site and gathering materials will be the hardest work you will do. Once you finished this, the upgrading as I mentioned above will be once a month. Working about six hours a week and making this type of money, you cannot ask for more.

In next article I will review other two ways to help you gather material. I will also throw light on other possibilities.

I have being in the internet business for more three now.

Also I am a computer technician by profession. To get you ebooks script go to

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