About Commenting on Other Blogs

By Prince John

Do you consider commenting on other blogs is a means of attracting traffic to your blog? You are at wrong end.

I had an email conversation with a fellow blogger, after I saw his post on commenting. My opinion is that commenting is not a worthy tool to generate traffic to your blog. Regular input to other blogs, in the form of some insight, an approval or a different view – all can make your comment valuable.

Other readers, will surely check your blog out, because they see you have something intelligent to tell. You blog can receive traffic via the comment, but it is only a side effect.

There are several commentators, who regularly visit other blogs, only to leave such comments like 'great work dude, keep it up', 'great stuff here, check my blog', etc.

I feel these people keep their comments ready in a text file, even before they start exploring the blogosphere. Their commenting is like grabbing a bunch of darts and throwing them all at once, in the hopes one or more will hit the target. They will throw away their darts, even if they are blindfolded.

Do you think these people attract the kind of response they hope? I thought no.
Every blogger likes to have reader input in their blogs. They also want the input to be something genuine and not some tool for trickery.

Now, do I mean you can't congratulate someone for his or her achievement? No. You should genuinely congratulate a fellow blogger, if you see his or her special achievement from his or her blog. A 'congratulations' or 'good work', or 'greater success awaits you' are OK. If a blogger has announced his or her first $ 100 a day or first million, you can (and should) join the celebration, in the right mood.

If you have a collection of one-size fits all type comment-inventory, delete it.

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