Russ Shining Stars - What are They?

By Mikey Simms

Russ Shining Stars have landed under the radar. Many people have no clue as to what a Shining Star is and Part of that reason is because Webkinz has taken the toy market by storm and has gathered about as much attention as any toy possibly could. Russ Shining Stars are similar to Webkinz in many ways. However at the same time these toys are nothing alike.

Webkinz are a plush pet that allows the buyer to log onto the internet with a secret code that activates a virtual world (much like The Sims but with a pet character instead) where they can play numerous online games and earn prizes. Meanwhile a Shining Star by Russ is a plush pet that looks in many ways much like Webkinz or vice versa. You can also log onto to the Shining Stars Website and play games and win prices etc. The main difference is a unique feature where you can take a code from your Russ Shining Star plush and actually name a star in our real galaxy and is listed by the International Star Registry® which allows the registration. So essentially when your child uses their shining stars plush they are also buying a star of their own. You are then able to print out a star registry map which actually shows where in the universe the star exists.

These two very similar toys are also very similar in price and probably looked at as just as cute from both sides of the spectrum. Russ Shining Stars have not harnessed the arsenal that Webkinz by Ganz has yet as Webkinz have many plush pets that they have retired and are worth in the high Hundreds of dollars. Good however for Shining Stars is that none of their plush so far are even over $20. So if you are having trouble deciding which to buy there are reasons for owning both and reasons to pick one of the other. As far as fun factor it all depends on what your child likes as far as their toy selection. Keep in mind that both sides offer very similar pets in fact some are nearly identical. The choice is always up to you as the parent and what you'd like your child to own. Whether you decide you want a Webkinz or a Russ Shining Star you are sure to bring amusement to your child's life much as video games did for the 80's and 90's.

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